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Passions Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on PS
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Monday, January 10, 2000

Tabitha and Timmy are outside Charity's window. Tabitha needs to draw Charity over to the dark side. She tells Timmy that they need to sprinkle herbs on Charity's bed. Timmy doesn't want to be the one to do it. Tabitha starts sprinkling something on Timmy. When he asks her what it is, she tells him that it is catnip. She also stated that Fluffy would be really happy and would probably want to play with him even more. Timmy is afraid of Fluffy so he decides to put the herbs in Charity's bed. He climbs the trellis to her room.

Kay shows up in Miguel's room and finds Charity in bed with him. Kay assumes that they made love, but they explain that Charity came over to comfort Miguel, and she fell asleep and he tucked her in. Miguel wonders what Kay is doing there.Before Kay can speak, Charity says that Kay must have gotten her note telling them where she was. Kay says that she was right.Charity thanks Kay for coming over to get her. Miguel offers to walk both girls home, after making sure that his mother was okay.

Grace is in bed thinking about what happened on New Year's Eve. Sam walks in and naturally assumes that Grace is upset about Martin's death. They discuss the impact of Martin's death on Pilar and the children. Grace leads Sam to believe that it is the reason that she can't sleep.Sam leaves the room and Grace hears a noise. She thinks that it is coming from Charity's room. Timmy is in Charity's room sprinkling the herbs and saying a chant. When he hears Grace, he gets under the covers. Grace doesn't find anything in the room, and assumes that Charity is asleep. As Grace leaves, she says that she smells catnip. When Grace returns to the bedroom, Sam says that he thought that he would have found her asleep. Grace tells Sam that she had never lied to him and didn't want to start now. She tells him that she was upset about Ivy being in his arms at midnight. She said that Kay had read that whoever arms are around you at midnight will be yours all year. Sam tells her that he knows a way to fix that. He tells Grace that he was only comforting Ivy because she was upset about Martin's death. Grace says that she understands that. When Sam hugs her, she says that he smells of Ivy's perfume. Sam goes to take a shower, and when he returns he says that he now wants to smell like Grace.

AT the mansion, Ivy is demanding that Julian tell her the truth about Martin. She even wonders if that was really Martin Fitzgerald because only Julian was able to recognize him. She wants to know why he had Julian's private number. Julian said that he came there to blackmail them. Ivy says that she hopes that Luis doesn't find out the truth about Martin's connection to the Crane family because if he knew something he would never let it rest. Julian tells Ivy that if she has any more questions, she should just bring them up with Alastair. Ivy lets the matter drop. He then asks Ivy how it felt to have Sam's arms around her, since it had been so long since she had a man. He then says that maybe she has a secret lover. He then drops the subject saying that she wouldn't be stupid enough to be unfaithful to him. When Julian leaves, Ivy looks at her locket and says that she intends to be with Sam this year.

Sheridan and Luis are at the youth center. Luis is still upset that he let his father die. Sheridan says that maybe he should have let her die, instead. Luis says that he didn't want her to die, either. He just wishes that he could have saved his father. Sheridan tries to get him not to blame himself. She asks him when he ate last. He said that he had not eaten since breakfast. She offers to go and get something for him to eat, but he says that everything is closed. She says that she knows of a place that is not closed, and she tells him to come with her. They arrive at her gate house. She offers to cook him some eggs. He asks her why she is doing this for him. She says that it is the least that she can do since he did save her life. Sheridan says I guess that I can't cook after all, since Luis barely ate any eggs at all. Sheridan takes the dishes into the kitchen and when she returns, Luis is asleep on the couch.

Pilar is in the kitchen sitting at the table, when Hank arrives. He offers to do whatever she needs him to do to get through it all. Pilar explains how hard Martin's death has been on the children, especially Luis, since he feels that he is responsible. She says that Luis made the right decision in saving Sheridan. She tells Hank that she is not even sure that the man who died was actually Martin. She said that they only had Julian's word for it. She said that she couldn't really tell with all the blood and hair. She said that he had a scar behind his ear, She said that she needed to view the body to see if the scar was there. She said that if it was then she would know that it was Martin, but if it wasn't there would be a lot of unanswered questions. Meanwhile at the Crane Mansion, Julian is speaking with Alastair on the phone. Alastair tells Julian that he needed to make sure that the body was cremated before anyone saw it.

Miguel walks Charity and Kay home. When Timmy hears Charity, he hides under the bed. Kay and Charity are talking in the hallway. Kay tells Charity that her parents would be upset if they found out that Charity was in bed with Miguel. Charity said that she did not want to do anything to upset Grace. She also says that she knew what Miguel was going through because she had lost a parent , too. Charity hears noises coming from her room, and she thinks that someone is in there. She hears something at the window and it is Miguel throwing rocks. He was just checking to make sure that she was okay. Kay says to herself that she is not going to let Charity take Miguel away from her. Charity closes and locks the window. Timmy realizes that he is trapped under her bed for the night. He now wonders how Tabitha will save him.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

  • Timmy: Timmy was hiding under Charity's bed and said that Tabitha is probably at home working on a plan to get him out of there. The scene cuts to Tabby snoring on the couch. Timmy decides to call her to see what was taking so long. He gets the phone and goes into the closet so Charity wouldn't hear him. He calls Tabitha and he realizes that she's been sleeping. Timmy asks her how she could sleep at a time like this. She told him she just needed a few winks so she could think. Timmy told her he sprinkled the herbs and said all of her mumbo jumbo and this is the thanks he gets. He says if Sam Bennett finds him, she won't have a Timmy to kick around anymore. He hangs the phone up and hides under the bed again as Charity is waking up. She wakes up and literally says "good morning world." She gets on her knees and prays for God taking care of her mother in heaven, her new family, Miguel and even her strange neighbor, Tabitha. She also asks God to bless the little doll Tabitha carries with her. Timmy smiles under the bed and sees Charity taking off her pj's. Timmy covers his eyes and says he shouldn't be watching this. He manages to get out of the room and hides in a chest downstairs before Kay could find him.

    Kay & Simone: Kay is telling Simone how she found Charity in bed with Miguel last night. Simone says she is lying and doesn't believe her. Kay says she swears on everything sacred that she saw them with her own eyes. She also tells Simone that Charity has everyone snowed with the goody-goody act and she's not buying it anymore. Simone tells Kay she's crazy and that Charity is genuinely good and sweet. She asks Kay what she was doing at Miguel's in the first place and Kay tells her she went over there to comfort him but Simone says she knew that Kay would have had an ulterior motives for going over there. Kay brushes this off and goes back to badmouthing Charity. They hear the stairs creak and Kay thinks that Charity is eavesdropping. It's actually Timmy, but he manages to hide in the trunk by the stairs. Charity comes down and Kay is snooty to her asking how long she's been there. Charity says she just came downstairs and that there are some strange leaves on the floor and goes to get the vacuum. Kay makes another comment about her and Simone thinks she's nuts. Kay says the best scheme the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. There is a knock at the door and it's Tabitha. She tells Kay she came over after she read about Miguel's father. Tabby spots Timmy in the trunk and asks for a drink. Kay and Simone go into the kitchen and she gets Timmy out. Tabitha hears the vacuum upstairs and tells Timmy he was supposed to put the herbs where Charity wouldn't find them. Kay comes back in and asks where the doll came from because she didn't have it when she came in. Tabitha says she did and Kay must not be herself today. She leaves and Kay says she could've sworn she didn't have the doll with her.

    Timmy Part 2:
    Back at Tabitha's house, Timmy says he's not going to do anything like that for Tabitha again and he needs a martini. Tabitha laughs and says she couldn't get anymore herbs anyway, but she doesn't need them for her new plan to lure Charity to the dark side. She says they will have so much fun once Charity is on their side.

    Julian is thinking about what Alistair told him to do with Martin's body and makes a call to the morgue. He tells they guy he needs to see him at the Crane mansion right away and that it concerns Martin Fitzgerald. He gets upset and yells for that guy to get over to the house now! He hangs up and sees Ethan standing in the doorway. Ethan says he didn't hear what he was talking about but he sounded upset. Julian says that sometimes in the business world, you have to be forceful to get what you want. Julian tells Ethan he saw his arms around Theresa last night and Ethan tells him not to start. Julian says that he did want Ethan to have a fling with Theresa, but he doesn't want anything to harm the business deal between the Cranes and the Hotchkiss'. Ethan says he's not marrying Gwen for business, he's marrying her because he loves her. The topic turns to Sheridan, and Julian asks Ethan how close she is to Luis. Ethan says she's grateful to him because he saved her life and nothing more.

    Sheridan & Luis:
    Luis is still asleep on the couch and having a dream about his father because he kept saying "Martin, no." Sheridan comes out in her nightgown and watches him sleep. She is playing with his hair and says she's so grateful that he saved her life. The next scene, Sheridan is dressed and sitting on the couch. Luis is still asleep and wakes up after Sheridan runs her fingers through his hair. He wakes up and asks where he is. Sheridan tells him her cottage---he fell asleep after she fed him. Luis asks her why she didn't wake him up and she tells him he was exhausted and just needed to sleep. He thanks her for putting him up for the night and she tells him it's the least she could do. Ethan knocks on the door and comes in. He's shocked needless to say to see Luis there. Luis is using the phone to call his mother and Ethan asks what is going on. Sheridan tells him Luis fell asleep on the couch and not to read anything into it. Pilar tells Luis on the phone that she wants to see Martin's body again and Sheridan and Ethan overhear this. Luis says he needs to get home. The next scene Sheridan and Ethan are in the main house discussing Luis' visit and Julian inquires about this. Sheridan tells him to lay off and she was just helping him out because he was upset and it was the very least she could do. Julian, being Julian, asks if that was really all she could do. Ethan jumps to her defense and tells him to stop with the sexual innuendoes. Julian learns from the two that Pilar wants to see Martin's body again and he gets nervous. Sheridan says she's going to go over there to see if Pilar needs anything. Ethan says he will go too and Julian tells them to try to persuade Pilar to not see Martin's body again because she's been through so much. They leave and the guy from the funeral home shows up. Julian tells him to cremate Martin's body ASAP.

    The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
    Theresa, Miguel, and Pilar are talking and Theresa says she's going to give up on Ethan because she realizes now there is no future there. Miguel and Pilar are glad to hear this and Miguel tells her he hopes she really means it. Theresa says she does and she and Miguel leave for a walk. Later, Luis is asking Pilar why she wants to see the body and she tells him she doesn't truly believe that it was Martin, but there is a way to find out. She tells Luis about the scar and Luis says he will call the morgue so they can go see it. Theresa and Miguel are outside talking and she tells him she really means it that she wants to move on with her life without Ethan. She says it's time to grow up and join reality. She says she's going to call Mrs. Crane and quit her job so she won't even see Ethan again. Theresa does say that if their paths cross, she will tell him the truth. Miguel says he'll always be there for her and Theresa says the same thing. He leaves to go see Charity and tells Theresa that she will find someone else to love that will love her back. She says that she'll never love anyone but Ethan. Inside, Sheridan asks Pilar if there is anything she needs. She says no and Sheridan asks if she is really going to see Martin's body. She says yes. Ethan excuses himself to go outside. He finds Theresa and asks if she's okay. She says under her breath that fate meant for them to meet up again. Theresa says she's been better but there is something she needs to tell him. The phone rings inside and Luis answers. Someone on the other end informs him that there was an order to cremate Martin's body. He says that no one authorized that. He tells his mother that someone ordered a cremation and the body is gone.

  • Wednesday, January 12, 2000

    Home with his family, Luis has his knickers twisted in a knot when he finds out that Martin's body has been removed from the hospital and sent to a mortuary for cremation. To make matters worse the hospital has no idea how, or to whom the body was released. A distraught Pilar insists that they have to find Martin's body so she can identify it and be sure it's really him. Pilar glances out of the window and sees Theresa talking to Ethan with that intense I have a confession to make look.

    In the yard Theresa tries to tell Ethan why she knows she is responsible for her fathers death, but before she can get the words out Pilar comes out to tell her that Martin's body has gone AWOL. Theresa nearly faints and Ethan catches her in his (manly) arms. Ethan goes inside the house to help Luis and Sheridan try to find which mortuary has the body and Pilar tells Theresa that she shouldn't blame herself for Martin's death. In fact, there is a chance that the dead man wasn't her father after all. Theresa realizes that if the man who died isn't her father, than her quest to get Ethan isn't behind her father's death. When Ethan returns he starts to talk to Theresa but is interrupted by a call from Gwen asking him to meet her for lunch. Before leaving, he asks Theresa what she was going to say about fate. Theresa says that fate is a funny thing, one minute you know what was meant to be, and the next minute everything changes. When Ethan leaves Theresa decides that if her father really isn't the dead man then she and Ethan are meant to be.

    At the coffeehouse, Chad and Whitney are talking. Chad says he doesn't think the people who raised and abandoned him where really his parents now that he has the mystery birth certificate. At first Whitney tries to help decipher the crossed out name on the certificate, but of course she and Chad end up arguing, about Eve when Chad calls Dr. Russell, Mommy Dearest. He tells Whitney about seeing Eve at Orville's last night looking for something, and that Eve wouldn't let him look around, so he's going. Whitney asks him to tell her what he finds.

    Eve tries to question Orville, but he is dead asleep. The hospitals social services representative Carol comes to speak to Eve and Eve gives her a song and dance about how found she's become over Orville. It seems as though Eve would like her to go beyond normal hospital procedure and see to it that Orville's house is protected from nasty vandalize. Carol trots of to do the sweet doctors bidding. After Carol is gone Orville gives Eve a round of applause for her role as the concerned physician. He's got her number, she doesn't want anyone going through his stuff to protect herself, not him. Eve's afraid of secrets leaking out. Orville tells her that he does have info on her in his apartment, but he's a little fuzzy on exactly where he put it. It's in a red envelope though he cheerfully informs her. When Eve asks him why he warned her to keep her daughters away from Chad Orville just repeats the warning and falls back asleep. Later Eve gets the keys to Orville's place from Carol and goes off on a red envelope seek and destroy mission.

    At the crematorium an anxious Henry calls up Julian. Julian tells Henry that it will all be taken care of if he just follows orders. Later Alistair decides that Henry's word that it's being done isn't good enough and insists his son go down and deal with it personally. Luis calls the crematorium and demands that nothing be done to his fathers body, they don't have the family's permission. Henry, now totally frantic, orders the cremator to do it immediately. Luis, Pilar, and Sheridan show up at the last minute. When Luis blast Henry and demands to know who authorized the cremation, Julian appears, and says "I authorized it!"

    Ethan meets up with Gwen and tells her that he and Sheridan were at the Lopez-Fitzgerald house giving their condolences. She asks Ethan if Theresa's boyfriend wasn't there. When Ethan says he wasn't Gwen launches into her same Theresa is in love with him, there is no boyfriend, tirade. (So what if she's right, she doesn't have to sound so smug about it). Gwen asks Ethan that if when she proves that Theresa is in love wit him, will he fire her? Ethan is a bit taken back by Gwen's request and reminds her that Theresa's position with his mother isn't just is important to Theresa, but that she uses the money to help her family. Gwen says that of course she'd want him to get her a new job at comparable pay, but that having Theresa around is bad for their relationship. Ethan gives in and tells Gwen that he will go along with her plan, but that now isn't the time to be grilling Theresa about a boyfriend since she is grieving for her father.

    Theresa meets Whitney at the coffeehouse and tells her the news about the dead man possibly not being her father, and this meaning that she won't have to stop loving Ethan. Whitney reminds her about Gwen. Theresa figures that even Gwen wouldn't be cold enough to grill her about a boyfriend at a time like this. Soon after Ethan and Gwen arrive and Gwen gives Theresa her condolences. When Theresa tells them that it might not be her father after all Gwen is delighted. She says that if it wasn't her father who died, then they could all go out and celebrate, and finally meet Theresa's boyfriend. An irritated Chad comes in and tells Whitney about how her mother got social services to sea Orville's apartment.

    Thursday, January 13, 2000

    All About Eve:
    Eve is in her bedroom and thinking about what Orville has been telling her. She is afraid that she will lose her family if her secrets come out. She goes to the closet and pulls out a small trunk-like box. Eve unlocks the box and pulls out some pictures which we don't see. She looks at them and begins to cry. T.C. calls to her informing her that he's home. She quickly locks the box and hides it in the closet before T.C. comes in. T.C. says he wants to spend his vacation with his beautiful wife and not working all the time. He notices that Eve has been crying and asks her what is wrong. She lies and says that nothing is wrong but he doesn't believe her. He goes to the closet and pulls out another box and says she was going down memory lane. He pulls out a pair of baby shoes and Eve says those were Whitney's. She said you can tell because the heel is worn down. T.C. pulls out another pair and she said those were Simone's because of the crayon marks. They reminisce about the past saying it seemed like yesterday when the girls were little. Eve says she just wants what is best for the girls and that means staying away from Chad Harris. T.C. asks what her crusade against Chad is, and she says she knows guys like him and she wants better for their daughters. T.C. says he may be a little rough around the edges, but he's a good kid. T.C. asks if there is something in her past she is hiding that is related to this but she brushes it off. He says he supports her decisions where the girls are concerned. He tells her she is the perfect mother and Eve gets upset saying she is not perfect.

    Sheridan, Julian, Luis & Pilar:
    Sheridan asks what Julian is doing there and Luis wants to know why he ordered Martin's body to be cremated. Julian makes up some BS story about how he feels terrible for their loss and wanted to help with the expenses. He also says they must be going through a lot considering Luis chose to save Sheridan over his father. Sheridan yells at him saying that was an insensitive thing to say. Julian says he is grateful that Luis saved his dear sister's life. Pilar says that the Lopez-Fitzgerald's take care of their own...that is if he is really their own. Julian says that it is Martin, but Luis says they need to be sure. He asks Julian again why he would order Martin's body to be cremated and he says that is what Martin wanted. Luis asks why Julian would be conversing with a lowly factory worker. Julian makes up this whole song and dance about how he lost his dear Uncle Thaddeus and that Martin was there to listen to him and made him feel better. He said that he and Uncle Thad were very close...he taught him everything he knows about brandy. Anyway, Julian says that they got to talking about how they wanted to be buried, and he says Martin told him he wanted to be cremated to keep the expense down on his family. Pilar says Martin never told her any of this and they never talked about funeral plans. Luis orders Henry to open the casket so they can see the body. Pilar looks at it but the beard is covering the scar and they get the mortician to shave the area. They look again and Pilar breaks down and buries her face against Luis. The scar was there and that confirms that it is Martin Fitzgerald. Sheridan and Julian walk away and she asks him what he is really up to. Julian says nothing and Sheridan tells him she doesn't believe him. Julian then asks her what is going on with Luis and she says nothing...she is just being there for their family. He says that he doesn't really believe her. Sheridan walks over to Pilar and Luis saying they are going to leave and tells them if they need anything at all, not to hesitate to let her know. She tells them both how very, very sorry she is for their loss. On the way out the door, Julian looks at them and says it's terrible what Pilar and the family are going through. He is very sincere and Sheridan says to him that maybe she was wrong about him. She leaves and a Cheshire grin breaks out on his face. Pilar says that something isn't right with this because she is still unsure if that is Martin. Luis says that all the evidence points to it and Pilar says her heart doesn't believe it. She asks Luis to please help her prove if it really is. Luis says he can't say no to her and he will, he just doesn't know how.

    The Book Cafe:
    Chad and Whitney are at the Book Cafe still and arguing about Eve. Chad says that Orville's apartment was sealed off and she ordered it to be done in the first place. Whitney doesn't want to believe him, but thinks that if she did do it, she had a good reason. She says that her mother is an honest and noble person who would never lie to her family. Chad asks Whitney if she knows her mother as well as she thinks she does. Whitney gets angry and makes a comment about Chad's family. Later, Chad puts on a song (by Melissa Etheridge I believe, but I couldn't tell which song it was). He looked directly at her implying that the song was for her and she looks annoyed. Elsewhere in the Book Cafe, Gwen and Theresa are having a chat and Gwen is inquiring about her boyfriend. She is trying to be sneaky saying she is sorry for Theresa's loss and she hopes that she has someone to comfort her. Theresa says she has her family and Whitney has been terrific. Gwen asks about her boyfriend and if he is there to hold her and comfort her. Theresa thinks about when Ethan caught her in her yard after she learned Martin's body was going to be cremated. Theresa says yes and that he has been wonderful. Gwen says he sounds like someone she knows quite well. Ethan walks up at this time and hands Gwen her coffee and gives her a "lay off" look. He says to Theresa that she must have a lot of stuff to take care of and she agrees. She goes to sit with Whitney. Ethan asks Gwen what that was all about and Gwen says she was just talking to Theresa and asking about her boyfriend. She says there is no boyfriend and that he is the man she is in love with. Ethan says if that's true, she is still going through a terrible time right now and Gwen shouldn't give her a hard time. Theresa comes over to Whitney and is upset about Gwen. She tells Whitney how Gwen was asking her all these questions about her boyfriend and how insensitive that was. Whitney reminds Theresa that she doesn't have a boyfriend. Theresa says she knows, but Gwen was out of line and Theresa calls her an insensitive bitch! Whitney is shocked to hear Theresa say that, and Theresa says Gwen is acting the innocent, but she is really manipulative and doesn't deserve Ethan. Theresa says she hopes that the man that died wasn't really her father and she wouldn't have to produce a boyfriend. She asks Whitney for her phone and Whit inquires about it. Theresa says she is pretending to call her boyfriend. Theresa says that no matter who you are or how you feel about a person, you should always be a little more sensitive to their feelings...especially if they lost a parent. Whitney looks over in Chad's direction and agrees with Theresa. Theresa goes over to Gwen and Ethan saying she just got off the phone with her boyfriend and he is coming to the funeral. Gwen says if it's not her father, they can all go out and celebrate. Just then, Sheridan comes in and tells Theresa the bad news about her father. She starts to cry and sits down on the couch saying "Papa's dead." Ethan asks if she needs anything and Theresa says she needs to be by herself and gets up to leave. Gwen hurriedly tells Ethan she has to get back to the office and kisses him and leaves. She catches up to Theresa outside and says she is looking forward to meeting her boyfriend! Theresa just looks at her. Whitney apologizes to Chad about what she said and that she doesn't know what he's going through because her mother and father have always been there. Chad says he's not too upset about it because his family gave up on him so long ago so they must not have been too keen on him anyway. They are talking when Eve and T.C. walk in and see their daughter consorting with the enemy.

    Julian is on the phone with Alistair and says they have nothing to worry about. The family believes that it is the real Marty Fitz. Alistair says to make sure the body is cremated as soon as the funeral is over so they will have NOTHING to worry about. Julian says okay and takes a drink of his brandy. I wish that you could have seen the look on his face when he did this because he did it like he was about to get caught by Daddy, and when he didn't the look he gave the telephone was PRICELESS!

    Friday, January 14, 2000

    Kay & Simone:
    Kay and Simone are in the park (that's my guess) spying on Charity and Miguel. Kay is talking about how she and Miguel belong together...not him and Charity. Simone says if she had a nickel for every time she heard that... They talk about New Year's Eve and Kay says she was in Miguel's arms so they will be together. Simone says she hopes that prediction isn't true because Whitney and Chad were together. Kay asks if Whitney is interested in Chad and Simone says no. She says they are like Ike and Tina...they just DON'T get along! Kay says that they can be the one exception to the rule, but she will get Miguel. Simone tells her to give up, but Kay says she won't because Miguel and Charity aren't an official couple yet. Simone looks over at them and says they seem pretty official to her. Kay tells her that they haven't kissed yet and until they do, she still has time. Kay does pull out her broach and tells Simone to look at it because that is her proof. Simone says that thing is evil and to keep it away from her. Kay looks at the broach but can't see Miguel's face. She says that something is wrong with it and she needs to take care of something.

    Book Cafe:
    Eve comes over and starts in on Whitney and Chad being together. Chad says he has a few things to say. He apologizes for speaking out of turn but says he needs to get a few things straight. Chad says that he doesn't understand why she insists on keeping Whitney and Simone away from him. He says that he is suspicious of a lot of people, but he usually has good reason, and asks Dr. Russell what hers is. Eve says that she doesn't trust him because she doesn't know anything about his background or upbringing. Chad says he doesn't either and he's trying to figure it out. Chad also tells her she took that away from him by sealing off Orville's apartment. Eve says she was just trying to protect her's hospital policy. Whitney asks if she does that with every patient. Eve says no, but his is a special case. Eve gives Chad this little spiel about how she wishes him the best of luck for the future, but his future cannot include Whitney and Simone. Chad goes back to work and the Russell's leave the Book Cafe. Whitney tells Eve that she didn't purposely seek out Chad, she just ran into him. Eve says she understands, but she wants to know how she feels towards Chad when she does run into him. Whitney tells her parents that she couldn't care less about him and she wishes he wouldn't have come to Harmony. Eve hugs her and tells her she's proud of her and she and T.C. leave. Simone comes in through the back door of the Book Cafe and tells Chad she did that because she saw her family there and didn't need to be interrogated. Chad says that Eve did plenty of interrogating since she saw him and Whitney together. Simone asks him why she was there and if he likes her. Chad has some flashbacks of Whitney and the camera switches to Whitney thinking about Chad.

    Sam & Luis:
    Sam and Luis are talking at the police station and Luis is telling him how his mother doesn't believe that the man is really Martin. Sam asks about all the evidence and Luis says it makes sense to everyone but her. He tells Sam he has to prove without a shadow of doubt that the man really is his father for his mother's sake. Sam says they will. He asks about fingerprints, but Luis says he was never arrested, so they aren't on file. He asks about the military and Luis says that his father never enlisted. The only option left is DNA testing and it is expensive. Luis says that if it is the only way, then he will do it. Sam tells him to talk to Eve Russell. Sam tells Luis that he is doing the right thing. He would do anything for his family and Grace. Luis tells Sam he has a good life. Luis says that when he was younger and thought about getting married, he wanted it to be like his parents, but he says that is a joke now. He says that he wants to be like Sam. Luis says that he has seen how quickly marriages fall apart. He had a case awhile back where a woman stabbed her husband because she found him with another woman. Apparently the woman was an old girlfriend who came back into the picture and the man couldn't stay away. Luis tells Sam he's lucky and Sam snaps saying that isn't going to happen to him. Luis says he wasn't talking about him and Sam apologizes and says he is just stressed. He asks Luis if he is okay because he is going to go to Grace's shop and surprise her. Luis says yes and he's going to get the tests run.

    Grace & Ivy:
    Grace is putting stuff away in her shop and flashes back to seeing Ivy and Sam kissing at the Christmas party. Grace puts on this hat and says that Sam likes her in this hat. She is looking in the mirror and Ivy comes in and says she likes the hat. Grace asks what she is doing there and Ivy says she needs a favor. Ivy tells her how badly she feel for Pilar and her family and wants to help them out financially, but Pilar is too proud to take the money from her. She asks if Grace could maybe arrange for Father Lonigan to give it to her so she won't know it is from the Cranes. Grace tells her she is very generous and goes to call him. Ivy tries on the hat and wonders if Sam would like her in the hat. Sam is outside looking in holding some flowers and sees who he thinks is Grace. He walks in and wraps his arms around Ivy saying "hello beautiful" just as Grace walks in. Sam tells them he thought she was Grace because he saw the hat. Grace says she understands and Ivy leaves. Sam apologizes to Grace again and she says she's not the jealous type and understands. Sam hugs her and sees Ivy watching them from outside. Ivy says that Grace can have him now, but she had him first and she will get him back.

    Timmy & Tabitha:
    Tabitha is reading in one of her books, but is having trouble making out what it says because the words are faded. Timmy comes in wearing his lounging robe and says he holds in his hand the greatest martini ever made. Tabitha grabs it out of his hands saying this will be perfect and pours it on the book hoping it would make the ink show up. Timmy says she just dumped out his liquid gold! Tabitha was trying to see if it worked and Timmy was trying to salvage any remains of the drink and started licking the glass. Tabitha says it didn't work and there has to be a way to get Charity and Miguel apart. The angel comes in and tells Tabitha she won't succeed in luring Charity to their side. Tabitha reminds her of what she said on New year's Eve and the angel says she said it was possible Charity could turn evil, not definite. Tabitha says she just needs a lock of her hair and that would be the perfect ingredient to get Charity to turn. Tabby goes for her but she vanishes. There is a knock at the door and it is Kay. She tells Tabitha the broach doesn't work and asks if it is real or she just made up a story. Tabitha tells her that if she can't see the boy she loves in there, he is closer to becoming someone else's boyfriend. Kay says that can't happen and Tabitha shakes her telling her not to give up. Kay gets freaked out but Tabby makes up a story about her fingers locking up. She says it's due to old age. She tells Kay to be confident, and Tabitha will come up with something. She scoots Kay out of her house and Timmy says that he doesn't think Kay has a prayer of coming between Charity and Miguel.

    Charity & Miguel:
    Charity and Miguel are in the park walking and they are talking about his father's death. She says she'll be there for him anyway she can. They are looking through one of those telescopes that you put quarters in and Miguel tells her a story about the island out there. He says that his father always dreamed about buying the island and fixing up the house. He tells Charity his dream is to own that island himself one day and spend his days there with the person he loves. Charity tells him she is sure he will get his dream one day and asks if she can be a part of it. Miguel says there is no one he would rather be with. He says they can build a big log cabin with a big stone fireplace, and they can swim during the summers and snuggle under a blanket together during the winter. Luis comes up to them and apologizes for interrupting, but he has something to tell Miguel. He tells Miguel that he is going to have DNA tests run on the body to prove to Mama that it really is their father. Miguel says that all the evidence already points to it being their father. Luis agrees with him, but he says that Mama can't believe it. Charity says they should listen to her because you have to trust your heart on matters of love. Miguel says that Charity is right. Luis leaves and Charity reiterates to Miguel that if he is ever in doubt, he needs to stop and listen to his heart. Miguel leans in and kisses Charity just as Kay returns and witnesses the whole thing. She has tears running down her face and turns away so she won't have to watch.

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