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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, January 10, 2000

Jennifer takes Abigail to the park so they can see what Chris is up to. Chris comes walking by with Katie and they stop and kiss each other right in front of Abigail. Jennifer tries to get Abigail to leave but she wants to confront Chris. Abigail goes over to Chris and Katie and when Chris looks up from kissing Katie, Abigail asks him what is going on? Chris asks her if it isn't obvious? He tells her that he is with Katie now and they aren't going to be seeing each other anymore. He tells her to deal with it and they walk away leaving Abigail alone. As they are walking away, Katie tells Chris that he didn't say that it was Abigail that he was trying to pull the scheme on. Chris wants to know what the big deal is? Katie says that Abigail is Holden's daughter and Holden is her boss. Abigail goes over to a bench and sits down. Jennifer comes up and asks if she is OK? Abigail says that she doesn't get it, what is wrong with Chris? Jennifer says that some guys are like that. Abigail says that Chris is not that way. Abigail asks Jennifer for Chris' address. Jennifer is reluctant at first then she tells her. Abigail realizes that Chris lives at the same apartment complex as Molly. At Chris' apartment, Katie is telling him that she didn't like pulling this scheme over on Abigail. Chris tells her not to worry, nothing is going to happen to her. Katie leaves and Chris sits and daydreams about Abigail. As he is daydreaming, the doorbell rings and Abigail is standing at the door. Chris wants to know what she is doing there? She asks him why he keeps asking her that, she is his girlfriend. He tells her that it is over. Abigail doesn't believe him. She tells him to look into her eyes and tell him why he loves Katie. He tries but he can't stand it, he grabs Abigail and kisses her. Abigail smiles and says that she knew it, he does love her. They sit on the couch and Abigail tells him about Holden talking to Molly. Their visits will have to be supervised but they will be able to see each other. Chris says that he doesn't care, he just wants to be able to be with her.

At the station, Holden is trying to convince Molly to let Abigail see Chris Hughes. Molly is arguing that Chris is too old for Abigail. Holden tells her that the visits will be at his house and be supervised. Molly brings up what happened to her when she was Abigail's age. Holden says that their daughter has a level head on her shoulders and he thinks that she will be smarter than they were. Molly still won't go for it. She tells Holden about the time that Chris had a party when his parents were away and one of his friends beat up his grandmother and stole from her. She also tells him that she walked in one day when Chris had a girl at his house and she knows what they had been doing. Holden reluctantly agrees that maybe Chris is not the right guy for their daughter. Molly leaves and Abigail comes in. Holden breaks the news to her that she won't be able to see Chris. He and Molly just think that he isn't the guy for her. He tells her that Chris is just more experienced than her first boyfriend should be. Abigail says that she understands and this happened at the right time. Abigail has her back to Holden and you can see that the wheels are turning in her head.

Back at Chris' apartment, Molly pays a visit. As she walks in, she says that she hopes that she isn't interrupting and Chris says that she already has. Chris tells Molly about putting on the show at the river with Katie for Abigail to see. Molly says that she is sorry that her daughter has to be hurt. Chris says, "I bet." Molly asks who the girl was that helped him put on this charade? He tells her that is was Katie Peretti. Molly jumps on Chris and says that she has to work with that girl. Chris tells her to relax, Katie doesn't know that it was Abigail and there will be no connection to himself and Molly.

Denise and Andy are at Java and they are talking about her getting married to Ben and how she will have a little family along with Hope. Denise is beating around the bush, but she is trying to tell Andy about Hope. Andy gets the wrong idea and says that he knows what she is going to say. He tells her that he will keep their one night together a secret. Denise tries to tell him that is not what she was going to say, but Kim walks up and interrupts them. She wants to know why they are looking so intense. Andy makes up a lie that they were talking about Denise working at the station and how she appreciates it. Denise agrees. Andy starts talking about Kim's show on grandparents rights. This doesn't make Denise feel better. Her mind starts to wonder. Andy asks if she was going to talk to him about something else? She says no and she has to be getting home and she leaves Andy and Kim at the table.

Jessica is visiting Ben, who is at Denise's apartment watching Hope. She tells him that she can see how happy he is with Hope and Denise. Jessica asks about Denise and Ben tells her that she is talking with Andy about being the father of Hope. Jessica asks if she is going to tell him about being a daddy and spring the parental rights agreement all at once. Ben says that she is doing it that way because their wedding date is coming up and they want to have the loose ends all tied up before the marriage takes place. Jessica shakes her head and says that she isn't sure she would want to be in Denise's shoes. Jessica leaves and a little while later Denise comes home. Ben tells her that they have been waiting on her so they could celebrate. Denise says that it is past Hope's bedtime and she will put her to bed. Ben tells her to relax and he will put Hope down for the night. While Ben is out of the room, Denise picks up a piece of paper that has a drawing on it. Ben comes out and says that their daughter did the art work. He points out that it is a picture of Hope and the mommy, that would be Denise and a daddy, that would be him. Denise is not looking happy. She tells Ben that she did not tell Andy about Hope. She tells him about Kim interrupting them and with the show that Kim did today about grandparents rights, she just couldn't tell them. Ben tells her that they are running out of time. Denise is almost in tears and she says that she has decided that maybe she shouldn't tell Andy about his daughter. Ben knows how Denise has been feeling torn about the issue with Andy and he puts his arms around her and hugs her.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Abigail gets home from school and calls out for Lily. Lily is no where to be found. She gets on the phone and calls Chris. She tells him that she will be over shortly. Lily walks in as she is talking to Chris. Abigail acts like it is Jennifer and says that she will be over to study. Chris follows along and says that Lily must have gotten home. Abigail tells him yes and she hangs up. Abigail is in a hurry to leave, but Lily has something that she wants to talk to Abigail about. Lily tells her that she and Holden have an anniversary coming up. Abigail is happy for her. Lily says that they want to take a trip. Abigail thinks that is great. Lily wants the whole family to go on the trip. Abigail starts to back peddle. She starts making up excuses about missing school. Lily tells her that there will be a problem because she will need a place to stay while they are gone. Abigail says that she can stay with Molly. Lily says that her mother won't go for that, for that long. Lily suggests Barbara and Abigail is happy with that. She and Jennifer can study together that way. Lily says that she will talk to Holden first. Lily has to leave and as she is going out the door, the phone rings. She asks Abigail to answer it and if it is Emma, tell her that she is on her way. Abigail answers the phone and it is Holden. Abigail tells him that he just missed Lily. He says that he called to talk to her. He asks if she is OK with the decision that she would not be going out with Chris Hughes. She lies and says that she is OK with it. She is in a hurry to see Chris and she tries to hang up the phone. Holden has one more thing for her. They are going to be doing a news piece on horses and asks her if she would be interested in being their young equestrian? She says that she would love it, but she isn't sure about the reporting. He tells her that Katie will be doing the reporting, they just need her to try out the equipment. She says that it sounds great and they hang up. Katie walks up to Holden and asks if Abigail was up for helping them out with the news piece. He tells her yes. She tells him that everything is set and nothing can be changed with the dates. Holden checks his calendar and says that the week is clear. Holden walks away and Henry walks up and says that it looks like Katie has the boss right where she wants him. Katie sees Molly come in and she says that she has to get madam's tea and she walks away.

At Chris's apartment, he is cleaning up and he turns on the TV to see if Molly is doing the news. That way, he and Abigail will know that Molly won't come home and catch them. The doorbell rings and Chris answers the door. His grandmother Nancy is there with flowers to brighten his apartment. She notices that his apartment is cleaned up. She asks him if he is expecting a visitor. He says that he can clean his apartment for visitors like his grandmother. She asks if "Daisy" is coming to see him. He tells her that her name isn't "Daisy", it is Abigail Williams. Nancy remembers meeting Abigail and that she is Holden and Molly's daughter. Chris tells her about Holden and Molly saying that they can't see each other. Nancy says that she will have a talk with Holden. Chris asks her not to do that, he will take care of it himself. Nancy says that she will go before his girl gets there, but if she can be of assistance, just let her know. Chris walks out with her and as she leaves he sees Abigail hiding around the corner. Abigail comes into the apartment and she is freezing. Chris tries to warm her up with a kiss and then he gets her something hot to drink. She tells him about the equestrian show that Holden is planning and how she is going to be involved. Chris says that it is great how she and Holden have the connection with horses. He says that his father had thought that their connection was going to be medicine. He says that he wants to take some classes on writing, but he can hear his father saying that writing is just a hobby. Abigail encourages to pursue the writing career. He says that it is expensive to take classes and he doesn't have the extra money. She shows him the story that he had e-mailed to her last night. She had put it in a binder instead of a folder. She says that the story is good and needed to be put somewhere special. He asks her if she thinks that he is a good writer? She says that she doesn't think, she knows that he is a good writer. He asks her how does she know. She doesn't answer him and he says that she doesn't know what she is talking about. She tells him about the time her class took a field trip to the museum of art. She had asked her teacher what made the artwork good? Her teacher said that if it made you laugh or cry or feel in any way, then it was good. She tells him that his work is good. He says that is the best thing anyone has ever said to him.

Back at the station, Molly calls Barbara's house to talk to Abigail. Jennifer answers and says that Abigail is unavailable. Molly wants to know where she is? Jennifer lies and says that Abigail went to the store to get some supplies, school supplies. Jennifer says that she will have Abigail call her as soon as she returns. Molly says to forget it, she will be over there and wait for her.

Eddie brings in a bag of health food for Georgia. Jack asks if he wants to give the food to Georgia himself. He says no, he doesn't have time. Margo comes around the corner. She tries to encourage Eddie to go see Georgia. She tries to tell him what would have happened if Georgia had not shot Alec first. She tries to get him to see that his father was not a good guy. Jessica comes in and announces that the DA office has decided not to prosecute Georgia. Jack goes downstairs and gets Georgia and brings her up. Lucinda has started to give Jessica a hard time about keeping her niece in jail when she did not belong there. Jessica reminds Lucinda that Georgia is lucky to be having the charges dropped. Lucinda decides to shut-up. Georgia is very thankful to everyone. She thanks Jessica. She grabs Tom and hugs and thanks him. Margo comes out of one of the rooms and Georgia hugs her. Lucinda tells her it is time to go home. As Georgia turns to leave, Eddie comes out of the room that he and Margo had been having a talk in. Georgia is surprised. They go to the park to talk. Georgia thinks that this good-bye for Eddie. Eddie tells her that if she had not met Alec, she would not have been put in the situation that she was in. She tells him that she can't be with him because every time he would look at her, he would remember what she had done to his father. He says that if Alec had not come into their life, they would be married. She looks at him with wide eyes. He says that was his intent all along. He pops the question, he asks her to marry him. She starts to cry but is laughing, too. She covers her face with her hands, then she says, "Yes!" and they hug.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000

At Java Holden savors an "adults-only" night out with Lily, believing it to be her anniversary surprise. Carly is unnerved when she finds an anonymous package postmarked from Hong Kong containing a wedding dress. Jennifer is unable to dissuade Molly from coming over and has to call Chris to tell him to bring Abigail home. Abigail panics when Chris's taxi won't start immediately and thinks to come clean to Molly, but the engine eventually comes to life and he races her home.

Holden is thrilled when Lily places a lei around his neck and announces they're taking the kids and going to Maui for a week. Adam tells Tom he blames Georgia for the suffering she put Margo through, as well as the effect it had on their family. Abigail runs in as Jennifer is covering for her to Barbara and Molly.

Katie guilt-trips Chris into accompanying her to Java. A desperate Carly tells Jack she wants to elope that night with just Parker in attendance. Katie goes over to Holden and Lily's table and tells Holden he can't go to Hawaii.

Jack quizzes Carly about her sudden change of heart and she admits she's scared he's going to be taken away from her. He finally relents and agrees to her plan to go to a justice of the peace.

Barbara sees through the lies and Abigail admits Jennifer was just covering for her. Molly tells Abigail she knows it's because she just didn't want to be around knowing Molly was coming--Abigail's still upset about not being able to see Chris, Molly concludes.

Lily is peeved when she learns Holden committed himself to covering a horse show at the same time as their anniversary trip. Katie then insinuates that Abigail would be disappointed with Holden if they had to reschedule the story.

Emma offers to throw an old-fashioned Snyder wedding on the farm for Jack. Jack is touched, but begins to turn her down when Carly intervenes and says they'll accept. Abigail tells Jennifer she's tired of sneaking around and only getting to see Chris for a few minutes at a time, and Jennifer comes up with the idea to fake a boyfriend for Abigail so she can run into Chris in public.

Lily reluctantly agrees to Holden's plan for her to go to Hawaii by herself and have him join her once the horse show is over. She's touched when he then gives her the bracelet as her anniversary present.

Chris deduces that Katie came to Java knowing Holden would be there. Katie doesn't deny it and insists she's about to get her big break and nothing is going to get in her way. Jack agrees to Carly's request to move up the wedding date. When Carly gets an order for her line that's postmarked from Hong Kong, Jack believes it must be from someone who was a fan of her designs.

Jennifer enlists Adam's help and after swearing him to secrecy, he agrees to pose as Abigail's boyfriend, but only for Chris's sake.

Thursday, January 13, 2000

The show opens with Denise having a nightmare about telling Andy that he is Hope's father. All of Andy's family is there, telling Denise that they have a court order to take Hope away from her. Denise awakes to find Hope safe in her playpen. There is a knock at the door, and it is Ben. Denise tells him that she won't do it, and no one can make her.

Camille is home alone, relaxing and writing in her journal, when John knocks at the door. He has wonderful news for her. She aced the test, which means she has the first step completed in order to start medical school. Camille is thrilled, but has doubts that she was what it takes to be a doctor. As John is building her up, there is another knock at Camille's door. It is Sara Ruth, her mother, fresh from her singing tour. Camille is happy to see her. Camille introduces John to Sara Ruth, and John tells her about Camille's recent medical successes. Sara Ruth has no idea that Camille was trying to get into medical school. She tells John that encouraging Camille in these "fantasies" will only end up hurting her. John is shocked and tells Sara Ruth that she has a lot to learn about her daughter.

Adam, Casey and Tom surprise Margo with waffles for brunch. Eddie and Georgia show up to tell all of them they are heading out of town. They spring the news on them that they just got their marriage license, and they are planning to hit the justice of the peace before they leave town. Margo insists that she won't let them do that. She wants to throw them a nice wedding. Georgia didn't think that anyone would want to celebrate with them, considering what she just put everyone through. Margo and Tom insist that it is the right thing to do. Eddie tells them that there will not be enough time, because they are leaving town that night. Margo plans for the wedding to take place at 5:00 that afternoon, and the family begins to call all their family and friends to help out. They call Rev. Dansby to officiate, Lisa to book the Mona Lisa, Barbara for the dress, and Lucinda for the flowers. Margo tells them she is going to give them a wedding to remember.

Ben tries to understand why Denise is so freaked out about telling Andy the truth. Ben believes that once they tell Andy, everything will work out OK. Andy's lifestyle is just not conducive to taking care of a toddler full time. Denise is still upset, and takes Hope to get some air. She leaves with the baby, forgetting the diaper bag. Ben takes the bag and goes after her.

John tries to convince a livid Sara Ruth that Camille is a big girl and can make her own choices. Sara Ruth believes that Camille is getting in way over her head. Camille thanks John for bringing over the test results in person, and that she never would have had the courage to take the test if he hadn't pushed her along. She tells John that she can handle "this" with her mother, and John leaves. Sara Ruth wonders why Camille would want to waste the best years of her life in medical school. Camille says that she wants to contribute something, and that John believes in her. Sara Ruth hints that John's motives may be because he wants a relationship with her. Camille scoffs at the idea. She doesn't understand why John can constantly build her up, while her mother keeps pushing her down.

At the Mona Lisa, all the wedding plans are in full force. A last minute cancellation for a wedding has happened, and Georgia and Eddie reap the benefits of the decorations, and the cake. Barbara arrives with the dress, and Lucinda offers to give Georgia away. She tells Georgia and Eddie that there is always a place for them with her, but Eddie tells her that he plans on taking care of Georgia, SOMEWHERE ELSE. Barbara whisks Georgia away to get ready. Tom and Margo arrive, and Lisa thanks Margo for forgiving her for doubting her. Bob and Chris discuss his wanting to go back to college. Chris tells him that he wants to go back to study writing, and Bob is very happy for him, surprising Chris. During the exchange, Abigail and Chris get in a few stolen glances. They manage to arrange a liaison at Java Underground after the ceremony.

While Camille makes tea, Sara Ruth glances through Camille's journal. Camille comes back into the room and snatches it out of her hands. Sara Ruth thinks that John is filling Camille's head with all these grand ideas, and when it fails, John will be there to pick up the pieces. Camille tells her that she has absolutely no romantic interest in John whatsoever, and that she has no romance in her life right now at all. Just then Isaac knocks at the door, with a gift for Camille.

At the Mona Lisa, Abigail and Jennifer discuss their plans about using Adam as a decoy for her. They agree that as long as Adam is game, they can get Abigail to Java Underground without raising any suspicion in Molly and Holden. Meanwhile, Lucinda is a bit upset to find out Lily is going to Hawaii alone. Lily tells her that Holden will meet her there later, but that he has an important news segment to produce involving Abigail. Lucinda is full of "I told you So.'s" where Abigail is concerned. Abigail overhears some of their conversation, and tells Lily that she doesn't want to ruin their vacation. Lily tells her that she is all right with it, but Abigail goes to talk to Holden anyway. Lily berates Lucinda for sticking her nose in Lily's business, but Lucinda tells her that she needs to be completely truthful with Holden on her feelings, or it will blow up in her face. Jennifer and Adam discuss the plan for Java later, and it is a go. Abigail talks to Holden about the Horse show, but is distracted by Chris. Bob later comes up to Holden and comments about how pretty Abigail is. Holden tells him that there may have been a potential romance budding between Abby and Chris, but that he and Molly had to squash it because of the kids age difference. Meanwhile, Jennifer fills in Abby that all systems are go with their plan later. Eddie comes out in his tuxedo, and he and Margo discuss the fact that Deena is probably present in the room. He asks Margo to be his "best man", and tells her that if it wasn't for her, none of this would be happening. John and Kim discuss the fact that Andy is late, and Kim tells him not to worry. Andy is in a "good place" right now.

Ben finds Denise in the park with Hope. She apologizes for her behavior, and Ben apologizes for pushing her. Just then, Andy enters taking a shortcut to the wedding. Ben thinks it is a sign. Denise buckles, but Ben tells him that he wants to adopt Hope after he and Denise get married. Andy says that sounds great, and wonders if there is a problem. Ben says, "Yes, there is a problem. You.." Andy is confused.

Reverend Dansby arrives at the Mona Lisa. Barbara enters to tell them that the bride is ready, and to get the show on the road. Eddie realizes that he does not have a ring, and Lucinda steps in giving him a ring that once belonged to Georgia's mother, Samantha. Eddie agrees that it is perfect. The wedding march begins...

Isaac and Camille begin conversing, when Sara Ruth interrupts, saying that Camille has not introduced them yet. Isaac introduces himself, and begins filling Sara Ruth's head with a bunch of half-truths like "We spent the night together on Christmas" and "Dr. Dixon had some ulterior motives for locking Camille in his office". Camille realizes that Isaac is just stirring up trouble, and tells them both that John does not have any designs on her. Camille tells them both that she is a "big girl" and can watch her own back. Isaac picks up Camille's journal, and she snatches it from him, saying that it is none of his business.

When Ben encouraging her, Denise "round-aboutly" tries to tell Andy the truth. Andy continues to become more confused. He tells her to "just say it". Denise tells him that she didn't mean to keep this from him, and starts to back down, but Ben tells her that she owes it to Hope. Andy becomes incredulous, and begins to realize what they are talking about. He asks Denise if Hope is his baby. Denise admits that it is true. Andy begins to put it together, and that is why Kim's bone marrow matched Hope's. Andy can't believe it. Denise asks him what he plans to do, and Andy tells her he will take full responsibility. Denise tells him that it is not necessary, that they don't want anything from him, but Ben tells him that they do need to have his signature on the parental rights papers. Andy tells him that he needs some time to let it all sink in, and asks them if they can discuss it more tomorrow. He leaves for the wedding, and Ben and Denise sigh in relief that the word is finally out.

Georgia walks down the aisle, and Reverend Dansby begins the ceremony. Eddie says his own vows. He tells Georgia he loves her with all her heart, and that he promises to give her a safe happy home. Georgia tells him that he is everything she has ever wanted, a best friend that completely understands her, and even though they have been through a lot, she will never stop loving him. Reverend Dansby pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss emphatically, while the congregation claps.

Camille and Isaac discuss "getting together", and their heated exchange raises Sara Ruth's eyebrows. After he leaves, Camille tells her mother that she "doesn't feel like discussing him right now". Sara Ruth realizes that she has not unpacked from her trip yet. She leaves Camille with a few thoughts. "It's OK to use your mother as a scapegoat, but in time you will have to take responsibility for your own shortcomings". Camille is upset, and decides to go out.

Georgia throws her bouquet, and Abigail catches it. Bob tells Kim that Chris seems to be getting his life in order. Kim wonders where Andy is, and he arrives just then. Abigail tells Lily and Holden that she is going to Java Underground after the reception. Georgia and Lucinda say their good-byes and Margo and Eddie do the same. They say goodbye to everybody, and leave for their honeymoon.

Camille shows up at Java Underground, dressed in a slinky leather dress. She sidles up to Isaac and they share a close, sexy dance. He asks her if she wants a drink, and she tells him that she just came to dance, and leaves Isaac smoldering.

Denise thanks Ben for giving her a push into telling Andy. Now there are no more lies, and everyone can now know the whole story. They both try to be optimistic. Meanwhile, back the Mona Lisa, John and Andy wonder why Tom was so insistent that the two of them be at the wedding. Abigail and Chris secretly meet outside, and they plan on meeting at Java. Tom surprises Margo with a "remarriage proposal" in front of their family and friends. Margo is thrilled, and so is Casey.

Friday, January 14, 2000

The band Tonic performs at Java Underground. Chris and Abigail, though ostensibly dancing with their respective dates Jennifer and Adam, manage to dance against each other. When Molly finds out neither Abigail nor Chris is at home, she suspects he went after her.

Reverend Dansby agrees to officiate at the second half of the marriage "doubleheader" and Casey serves as Tom's best man. During his vows, Tom tells Margo they've passed the test and declares he's fallen in love with her more deeply than ever. We aren't perfect, but we are perfect for each other, he vows. Margo is stunned and begins to kiss him, then realizes she has something of her own to say.

Margo promises to hold the lessons she's learned close to her heart. Emily walks in as Reverend Dansby pronounces them husband and wife. Ben and Denise celebrate having told Andy about his fatherhood and look forward to being a family with Hope.

Katie spies Chris and Abigail holding hands under the table. Molly arrives at Java and is surprised when Jennifer tells her Abigail is there with Adam. Chris spots Molly across the room and warns Abigail before disappearing. When Molly reaches the table, Adam is sitting next to Abigail and Molly chides her daughter about her secret love life.

At the wedding John senses Andy's preoccupation and Andy informs him he just found out he's Hope's father. John is shocked and then happy and insists Andy can't sign the parental relinquishment papers.

Molly approves of Abigail's dating someone other than Chris and tells her she doesn't have to sneak around to see him. John reminds Andy that Hope is as much a Dixon as a Maynard, and she's not a Harris yet. Andy would be a fool to give her up, John declares--Hope is the best thing he's ever done in his life.

Tom and Margo cut the remaining half of Eddie and Georgia's wedding cake. Emily strolls over and announces she has a toast to make--"to a triumphant return of this dreary establishment you two call marriage." Tom tries to stop her but Margo tells him to let Emily finish. Emily's venomous tirade continues and Nancy tries to stop her from saying anything more but Emily tells her grandmother she won't. Emily proclaims she deserves better than Tom and she's going to get it.

Holden and Lily sneak out after Tom and Margo's wedding and head home. There, they each remember the progression of their relationship from the early days in the stables. Smiling, they walk into each other's arms and embrace.

Katie quizzes Chris about what she saw and why he wants her to help him get rid of Molly but he refuses to answer and demands she keep quiet about his being with Abigail. Katie tells Chris he asks too much of his friends, then goes over to Molly and says there's something she's wanted to ask her.

Katie asks Molly to help her with the segment on the horse show, so she can make Abigail look her best, and Molly agrees. Katie then covers for Chris when Molly asks her if she's seen Chris at the party.

John recounts to Andy how he had to fight to see him when Andy was growing up and regrets that he wasn't able to raise any of his children from the beginning--he never got the chance to do that with Johnny. Andy remains firm--he's not ready to be a father and he doesn't feel that connection to Hope. John tells Andy that he's still in shock and counsels him to think hard before signing away all rights to his daughter.

Margo admits to Emily that she neglected Tom and left him vulnerable, then attacks Emily for taking advantage by making Tom believe she was sleeping with Eddie and had aborted Tom's child as well. Emily takes offense when Margo won't let her leave and warns her not to threaten her. Margo twists Emily's arm behind her back and pushes her face first into the wedding cake.

Emily is comforted by her mother as she swipes frosting away from her mouth. Margo can't help laughing, and a nonplussed Tom advises "Mrs. Hughes" it's time they leave. In bed, Holden and Lily each express guilt over wanting to be away from their kids and only with each other, regretting they are about to go their separate ways. Holden says he's considering canceling the story but feels guilty about Abigail and Lily tells him she's not going to be the evil stepmother that took something important away from her.

Abigail is enthused when Katie suggests coming to Holden's stables to acquaint herself with horses--they'll be all by themselves, Abigail reveals. Margo learns Tom's proposal wasn't so spontaneous--he arranged for them to have the house all to themselves.

John pulls Bob and Kim aside and tells them they have a new family member to fight for. He then explains that Kim's being a bone marrow match for Hope was no miracle--Hope is her biological granddaughter. Andy goes to Denise's apartment and tells them he needs to see Hope.

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