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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on GL
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Monday, January 10, 2000

In Olivia's Room:
Olivia and Josh made love. Afterwards, Olivia is smiling wants to know what Josh is thinking about. He tells her that he hopes she is okay with what happened between them and that she knows how much he cares about her. Olivia says, "Gee, I couldn't tell." She tells Josh that she hates living in that little room but Josh says right now he loves that room. Olivia jokes around with Josh and tells him that they can get an apartment and set up house together. Josh laughed. Olivia tells him that they shouldn't "think this to death." Josh says, "Well, I am your boss." Olivia doesn't want there to be any problems with Billy or Matt." Olivia thinks that Josh is saying that he wants to pretend that this never happened and gets a little upset. She gets up. Josh doesn't want her to misunderstand and tells her that he thinks it may be best to be discrete about their relationship for now, "Reva and I just split up, and if she heard about this, it would kill her." "Of course not, let's not make a big deal out of it, it' just one of those things." "I don't want you to think that I'm taking this lightly." He kisses her...she smiles.... he says, "I'll call you!."..She laughs and playfully hits him with a pillow. Josh asks if they can have dinner tomorrow night and Olivia agrees, as long as he is sure. Josh tells her, "I am most definitely sure." The phone rings and Olivia answers. It's Reva. "Olivia? Its Reva...we HAVE to talk!" Olivia looks around at Josh, but doesn't let on that it is Reva on the line. Olivia tells Reva that it is a bad time. Reva asks her about tomorrow night and Olivia tells her that she has a business meeting. Reva says, " sound busy, so I'll check my appointment book and get back to you." Olivia says fine and hangs up. Josh is ready to leave and asks who was on the phone. Olivia tells him that it was someone she knew in San Cristobel. They confirm their date for tomorrow night and kiss goodbye. He grabs his stuff and walks out the door.

At the Church:
Bill comes in and talks to Ray. He wants to know what's up with Pilar. He knows that she loves him but wants to know what is up with this guy that she was telling him about. Ray tells Bill that it isn't his place to say anything. Pilar comes in and Ray leaves. She tells Bill that the truth is that she wants to devote her life to God and become a nun. She tells him that she got the calling and that she hasn't said anything to her mom yet. Bill thinks its great that she wants to devote her life to God but isn't sure that she knows what she really wants. Pilar tells him that she is sure. Bill gets a call from Matt and finds out that Vanessa is awake from her coma. He tells Pilar and tells her how her mom has been there supporting his mom everyday and that he couldn't believe it but it seems that she has changed as well and is capable of caring for someone other than herself. He leaves. Pilar asks God for help, she prays for Michelle to get out of trouble without her help and for help staying away from Bill, the guy she is so in love with.

At the Hospital:
Vanessa wakes up and Carmen stops her from saying anything about Ben's murder. Rick and Matt leave and Carmen started to put a sedative into Vanessa's IV. She is interrupted by Edmund, who wants to know what Carmen is up to. She tells him that she just wanted to help Vanessa. After a little chat, they are interrupted by Matt and Rick again. Rick wants to know what Edmund is doing there. Edmund tells him that he came in to see Carmen, who was standing at Vanessa's bedside giving her a pep talk. He tells Rick that he should realize how much of a friend they have in Carmen, she really cares about Vanessa. Vanessa struggled to tell them everything, but only gets out "I was there." Carmen finally started yelling out acting so overcome with grief that Vanessa thought she was going to confess, but it was just a scheme to stop her from talking. Rick left, and Matt escorted a "distraught" Carmen out of the room and down the hall. While he was out, Edmund snuck back in and put the sedative into the IV. He left and soon after, Bill comes in. He tries to talk to his mom but she isn't responding. Rick came in with Matt and Bill tells them that something is wrong. Rick checks her out and tells Matt the bad news; Vanessa is back in a coma. Carmen is pacing back and forth in the hallway she goes up to Edmund and says, "You gave her that sedative, didn't you? You were alone with her and now the syringe is gone." Edmund said, "Well, that would be a pretty wonderful thing for a 'friend' to do now wouldn't it? And I expect to see gratitude next time I need a favor." Carmen- "Sure, understood.", Edmund-"But first....I want answers..", Carmen-"I can't", Edmund- "The WHOLE story Carmen! And don't leave ANYTHING out! I'm a stickler for details." and he escorts her down the hall.

At the Jail:
Abigail goes to visit Michelle in jail and they hit on the target of having babies. Michelle tells Abigail to be honest with Rick and to think about having children. She tells her what ever she decides she will support her. She also tells her that having children isn't the end of her life, and that she can pursue her work and seminars even with kids.

At the Firehouse:
Reva comes to see Selena and gives her emotional support for her walking exercises. Reva begins to ask about Selena and Buzz. Selena tells her that she is nervous because Buzz wants to make love and she is worried that he will be disgusted by the thought of all the men she has been with in her past. Selena says, "No man wants to know where you've been" Reva gives her advice and tells her how Buzz loves her. Reva starts talking about her past with Richard and tells Selena how she wants to find Jonathan. Reva talks to Selena about what she is going to do regarding Josh and such and admits that she is going to a shrink." She tells her that she has to correct a mistake. Reva tells Selena the whole story about Jon and San Cristobel and how she had sent Jon away. Selena asked her how she could have done that and Reva tells her that Josh was forcing her to leave and she had to make sure that Jon would be okay. Selena is a bit upset about the whole thing and tells her what she went through with Drew and how she can't comprehend what Reva did. Selena tells her "This is the most horrible terrible thing you could do to a human being" Reva says," I'm sure that's what Richard is thinking and feeling now. That's why I need to find Jon now. I want to see make sure he is ok." Selena-"What self respecting parent would walk away from a child like that?" Reva- "I know! I know! And that's the problem; Jonathan as far as he is concerned is with his parents. I just can't disrupt his life like that! What if Richard wanted to take him back to the palace, away from those people? That would kill Jon. I couldn't do that. I wouldn't do that." Selena thinks that Richard would definitely want to recover his son if given the opportunity and wants to know why Reva doesn't want him to, Reva tells her, "Because that's not the best thing for MY son! He needs to be with those people. Those people who love him...he needs to be with his family...and Richard is going to have to understand this...that's why I have to do this. To get together and figure this out so we can come to some kind of agreement. I played God once. I tried to take that decision out of everyone's hands and I put Richard through hell doing that. So I have to get back to that point and undo it. I have to find Jon, so that Richard can see him. So I can take Richard to him." Selena-"How do you do that?" "Olivia"
Reva tells Selena about the package she got from Jon and how it didn't have postage. "I went to Olivia who was no help at all but I know better." She tells her when she was over there she asked Olivia and she denied knowing anything but that she was sure fast to get on the phone after Reva left. Reva grabs her coat and tells Selena that Olivia is going to be out tomorrow night and she is going to go through her room and find some clue to where Jon is. Selena tells her that Buzz owns that building and that he put very expensive locks on the doors in the boarding house, but that he had given her master keys to the locks. She hands it to Reva who is thrilled. She thanks Selena and leaves.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

At the Firehouse:
Selena woke up from a bad dream that she just couldn't shake. Buzz came in and asked her if he could help her. She told him that she had a nightmare and it upset her. He held her and told her that when Coop has nightmares he holds him and talks to him until he gets through it. A knock at the door brings Drew and Jesse. Drew tells Selena and Buzz about Michelle getting another bail hearing and even though she is not as convinced that Michelle is guilty as she was at first, she is still confused and doesn't want to make any judgments, so she will not be attending the hearing. Jesse and Buzz go out to get some dinner and Drew gets Selena to open up and tell her about her nightmare. Selena dreamed that she and Buzz made love and he had repulsion and disgust all over his face. He couldn't get over all the men she had been with and neither can she. Drew told her that Buzz loves her and wouldn't be thinking of that. Selena tells Drew that because of that she can't make love to Buzz. Drew asks Selena if she is afraid of being too experienced for Buzz and that she is afraid that it would somehow embarrass him. Selena says that was part of it. Drew told her to fake it, to act stiff and inexperienced. Selena doesn't want to talk about it with Drew. She tells her about her conversation with Reva and how it brought back bad memories and that also upset her.
Meanwhile, outside, Jesse and Buzz are back and are talking in the hall about things. They talk about Drew and Michelle but the conversation quickly turns to Buzz being bothered by Selena's past. He tells Jesse that as much as he wished it didn't bother him, it did. He is bothered by how much Selena was hurt in the past, not that she was a hooker. He lives life for today, not for the past. He has made lots of mistakes himself and cannot judge someone else. Buzz asks Jesse's to babysit the boys so he can make a perfect night for Selena the next evening. Jesse agreed to help out. They go in, Drew and Jesse leave and Buzz asks Selena to go to the inn the next night to help him pick out things for the diner. Jesse, now in the hall, tells Drew about Buzz's plan and tells her that they are supposed to babysit for them.

At Tower's:
Beth, Jim, and Susan are having dinner. Jim and Beth break the news about the house being postponed and asked Susan how she felt about it. She said that it was fine, even though she didn't think it was and Beth went off to share the good news with Lizzie. Jim asked Susan about it and she told him that she just wants him to be happy, and she realizes that Beth makes him happy. She said since the accident she realizes so much more and she just understands more so it is okay to share a room with Lizzie, for now. Carmen and Edmund come in. Edmund wants to know what is going on, what Vanessa has on her. Carmen wants him to drop it, she tells him how hard things have been for her since Ben died, especially the guilt. Edmund figures it all out and accused Carmen of killing Ben and Vanessa knowing about it. Carmen told him that they both were guilty and told him the whole sorted mess. Edmund tells Carmen that she has nothing to worry about because Vanessa will have to incriminate herself if she rats on Carmen. Carmen tells him that she would do it to save Michelle because they have always been so close. Carmen wanted to know why Edmund helped her with the sedative. He told her that he wants all his money and her help in getting SC back. Carmen of course wants to know what is in it for her and he promises her a lot of money, more than she could ever think of. He tells her that his plan to destroy the Spaulding deal in SC and swoop in to save the day and the people would put him in charge. Carmen offers to have Richard killed but Edmund got very upset about that idea and refused it right away. Carmen gets called away for a phone call and Beth comes over to Edmund. She tells him that "Carmen is a mob boss" and that he should stay away. Edmund thanks her for the information. Carmen comes back and agrees to help Edmund.
Rick and Abby come into Towers. Rick is a very happy man. He's going to have a baby and his sister is being released soon. He notices that Abby is not as happy and asks her what was up. She tried to explain her feelings but things were coming out right. She tells him that she talk to Michelle and realized that she was being selfish and not thinking of him. She tells him that she is willing to have a baby to make him happy but Rick says he could never ask her to do.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie and Richard laughing and recalling the great time they had that night. There is a little tension but they part after Richard kisses her on the hand. Cassie is floating on air and feels the need to talk to Harley. She tries a few buttons on the phone but couldn't get an outside line. Richard rushes in asking what is wrong. Cassie had inadvertently pushed the emergency button and it buzzed Richard. She told him that she was trying to get an outside line to call Harley but couldn't figure out the phone. He offers her some help. He shows her what the different buttons were for but cant help but stare at her and feel awkward being that close to each other with Cassie only in her negligee. Richard tries to move away but they fall all over each other. Right then, Cassie's assistant comes in and asks if Cassie buzzed her. She notices the prince and their position and leaves. Richard begins to leave. Cassie tells him goodnight and he leaves. He goes outside the door and breathes a heavy sigh.

At the Bauer Home:
Rick and Abby are at home talking more about kids. Abby just doesn't think she has the nurturing instinct and it bothers her. She just doesn't think that she will be a good mother. They go to bed. Rick tells her that he sees things in her that she doesn't. He knows that she always has been afraid at first and backs off. But in the end she does it and has more courage than most people he has ever known. If it is only fear that it keeping her from having a child she should let that go. They begin to make love.

Tuesday, January 12, 2000

At Company: Olivia's Room:
Olivia is getting dressed for her date with Josh. She is remembering what had happened between them the night before. She hopes the night will end up as nice as the previous one did. She settles on a little black dress and leaves for her "meeting."
Meanwhile, Reva is downstairs talking to Selena about Richard and about how she had made all the decisions in both of their lives concerning Jonathan. She asked Selena if Olivia had left yet, but she hadn't. They talk about her idea about breaking into Olivia's room to search for information on Jonathan's whereabouts. Reva is sure she is doing the right thing for once. They see Olivia walk out and Reva heads up to her room.
In the room, Reva begins ransacking the place; she looks threw the drawers and in the closet and finally finds a Christmas card from Jon. That verified to Reva that she had been in touch with Jon. She looks in the trashcan and discovers a torn phone bill. She checks the long distance calls and finds several calls to the same number. She calls it. Jon answers the phone. Reva pretends to be calling for information since they are new in town and asks Jon how he likes it in his new home. He doesn't like it as much as his old home. Reva asks him to verify their address and writes it down while he recites it. Reva hangs up and says she is going to make things right for everyone. She starts to leave but drops a vase and has to clean up. She cleans and then goes into the bathroom to refill the vase with water. While she is in there, Olivia comes in. She had sent Josh to get her gloves out of the car. But she see's the gloves on her table and runs after Josh to let him know. Reva puts the plant on the table and sneaks out of the room. Josh and Olivia see her when she leaves company but doesn't think anything about it. They kiss and say goodbye. Reva calls the airport and reserves a roundtrip ticket to San Cristobel.

At the Cemetery:
Drew is visiting Ben's grave. She tells him about Michelle's bail hearing and that she may be released. She tells him that she hopes that Ross and Jesse are right about her innocence but she wishes Ben could tell her what really happened. She tells him that she misses him and wishes he could be there to walk her down the aisle and to see Selena walk again. "All I wanted is for someone to call me there little girl." She promises Justice for her dad and tells him if Michelle did kill him, and gets off without having to go to jail, she isn't sure what she will do to her.
Michelle shows up and wants to talk to Drew.
Drew at grave saying she loves her father and misses him. Michelle shows up and tries to talk to Drew. Drew is angry that Michelle is there and out of jail. Michelle says they have to work things out, they were best friends and she thinks they need each other right now. Drew doesn't know if Michelle is innocent or not and just doesn't know what she should do. Michelle told her about Len and his testimony and promised Drew that she didn't kill her father. After a while, Drew's doubts weakened and the two hugged. Drew apologized for not believing Michelle. Michelle says now they have their friendship back, everything will be fine.

At the Courthouse:
The judge, the DA, Michelle, Ross, Danny and Jesse are in the Judges quarters. They have requested a new bail hearing since Len showed up with an alibi.
Ross Says that testimony of Len will prove that Michelle could not of committed the crime.
They bring Len in and he tells the Judge about seeing Michelle and about his leaving on vacation and about the delivery he had taken right before Michelle had gotten there. Ross provides a copy of the delivery with time, day and signature on it. The Judge tells Len that she has heard enough and dismisses him. She turns to Michelle and asks her why she lied about the other alibi. Michelle tells her that she was scared but that she truly believed in the truth. The Judge says she is ready to rule and ultimately grants bail. Michelle hugs Danny tells him there is something she has to do and will meet him later. She thanks Jesse for believing in her and she and Ross leave. Jesse stays behind to talk to Len and tricks him into telling him the truth. Jesse thanked Len for his help and then waited on Danny to get back from posting bail. Jesse confronts Danny telling him that Michelle should know the truth. Danny says he isn't going to tell her. Danny and Jesse argue some more and Jesse tells him if Michelle or Drew ever find out the truth. Michelle will be in jail and will never get out because her credibility would be ruined.

At Tower's:
Olivia wants to talk frankly about last night. She tells Josh not to worry about her feelings, just be honest with her. Josh says he has no regrets and he had a great time with her. Olivia brought up Reva and asked him if there was any guilt or thought of problems because of Reva. She says that she realizes that he is super protective of Reva but Josh assures her that they are handling things in there own way.
They talk about their families growing up. Olivia had the role of caretaker in the family after her parents died. Josh says that Olivia has a great story telling ability and is similar to his father, HB. Olivia has a special bond with her father and talked about him a while. She asked Josh about H.B but Josh promises to tell her about him on another night. Olivia apologizes for talking about Reva but Josh tells her that she made it rather nice instead of an awkward situation. They finish eating and Josh asks her if they could go back to her place.

Thursday, January 13, 2000

Before we begin, a personal note: Happy Birthday Dad!

At the Bauer's:
Michelle and Danny are at home. She is so happy to see the place and finally has some hope that everything will turn out the way it should. She didn't think she would get bail and is very happy about that. She said that miracles do happen and that she thanked God for Len coming out of nowhere like he did. Danny agrees that the bail is a good sign. They leave for the lighthouse where Danny has a big evening planned. He has all the trimmings for a New Years Celebration and he suggests to Michelle that they celebrate New Years right then. They made love, drank champagne and celebrated the belated holiday. They eventually fall asleep and Michelle has a nightmare. She dreams of two officers coming in and telling her that her bail was resented and she had to be taken off to the state prison. She woke up and told Danny and he comforted her.

At the Hospital:
Vanessa is still in a coma. Matt is devastated. He wants to know why she woke up and just to go back under. Rick said it is very odd for patients to do that but that they are running extensive tests and hope to have the answer soon. Carmen comes in and talks to Matt. He tells her that there are no signs of Vanessa getting better. Carmen acts so upset about the news and apologizes to Matt. She fishes around until she is sure that Vanessa didn't spill any secrets and then she starts to leave. Matt asks her to stay, hoping that she may stir Vanessa again by reading and talking to her. Matt leaves to get some more coffee and Edmund walks in. He had to come in for a physical (for Spaulding). He asks Carmen how Vanessa is and she says, "Terrible. She is still alive." Edmund talks to Carmen about a poison that could kill Vanessa and be undetected if Carmen is serious about the death of her "friend." Carmen defends her actions and says that she wouldn't be committing murder because it would be doing Vanessa a favor, letting her die and stopping the pain. Edmund leaves telling Carmen that it's up to her. Carmen tells Vanessa she is sorry but this is the way it will have to be. Rick and Matt talking about Abby and Vanessa. Rick says that Abby has had a rough year and she is scared to have kids. Matt tells him that it is never a perfect time to have a baby and that he should enjoy the time they have together because there will come a time they won't be able to because of all the children running around. Rick leaves and comes back a bit later. He has Vanessa's test results and he tells Matt that he now knows what happened to Vanessa.

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Cassie are in her suite talking about their wedding. She talks of the people she wants to invite and Richard tells her that he has no family outside of Edmund and maybe they should make it a small affair. Cassie tells him not to worry, that they will have their own little family soon. Richard talks about the public wanting a Big, Royal wedding and that they may expect it. The same with the honeymoon. Cassie thinks the people will understand if they have a private honeymoon. Since, it is supposed to be a real honeymoon, even though they both know it wont be. J Dax interrupts them and Cassie checks on kids. Richard tells Dax he is in big trouble and it is his fault. He says that it is Dax's fault that he uprooted Cassie and took her away from her home and family and now he will end up messing up her life. Dax doesn't understand. Richard told him that the marriage is supposed to be a business arrangement and he is finding himself totally attracted to Cassie and she has no reciprocating feelings towards him. Dax told him not to bet on it and leaves the Prince with a piece of advice. "If you have doubts, don't marry her." Dax leaves and Richard daydreams about Cassie, smelling her perfume and thinking of her in her negligee. He spills the perfume all over his shirt and takes it off. Meanwhile, Cassie is on phone with Harley she tells her that something is happening between her and Richard and that she truly thinks it is possible for him to fall for her. Dax comes up to her and they begin to head back in her suite. They open the door to find Richard, shirtless, beating his shirt on a chair to get the smell out. Dax interrupts him and announces Cassie is in the room. Richard is a little embarrassed. Dax leaves and comes back with a wedding present, some sort of silver tray. Cassie opens the card. It says something about hoping their love will grow strong. Richard says his people have high hopes for them. Cassie leaves the room and Reva comes in. She gives Richard a sheet of paper and lets him know that it is the address where Jonathan is living.

At Company:
Bill and Pilar are talking. Pilar didn't want to meet will Bill but Bill convinces her that one night with him won't change anything if she really wants to be a nun. He tells her he thinks she is running away from something. He feels nothing has changed with them and that they both love each other still. He tells Pilar that if she can say what they had is over then he will walk away and never bother her. Pilar admits that she cares and still thinks of him as her best friend but she has made her decision. Bill says they are more then friends. Pilar tells him that Ben's death really effected her. They kiss and Pilar admits that she still loves him. She wants to go somewhere quiet because she has a lot to tell him.

Friday, January 14, 2000

At the Hospital:
Rick tells Matt that a sedative was found in Vanessa's blood. Carmen overhears and accuses the hospital of negligence and tells Matt that he has grounds for a lawsuit. Rick asks Carmen what she is doing there since she doesn't really know Vanessa. Carmen apologizes to Rick for the outburst but Rick doesn't let up that easy and asks her again, why she is so interested in Vanessa all of the sudden. She evades the question and tries to change the subject. Rick asks to talk to Matt alone and Carmen leaves. Rick tells Matt that he suspects Carmen is behind Vanessa's relapse but Matt defends her. Rick asks him why Carmen would spend all her time with someone she doesn't know. Matt questions Rick and asks him if he could have messed up somehow and the wrong medications were given to Vanessa. Rick says it didn't happen that way, he is sure of it. Matt thinks someone messed up big time and wants Rick to find out who and make sure it never happens again. He also tells him not to blame Carmen. Rick asked Matt to restrict visitors to family only and if he is wrong, at least Vanessa will be safe. Carmen comes in with flowers and Rick leaves. Carmen tells Matt that she will be happy to read to Vanessa but Matt tells her that Rick has restricted visitors to family only.
Meanwhile, outside the room, Carmen ran into Edmund, she fills him in on everything that happened and asks him for his help. He tells her that he had already done his part and that he knows she will turn everything around to please her. They talk about a plan to kill Vanessa. Carmen wants Edmunds help. Says she will go to jail if they catch her. Edmund assures her that if she goes to jail he will bring her a hairbrush and some spending money but it won't happen.

At the Inn:
Buzz takes Selena to this little Inn where he tells her they are to pick up supplies. Selena is sure that this is the wrong place. Buzz opens the door to a beautiful suite with candlelight and a meal waiting on them. Selena gets nervous about the surprise seduction and tells Buzz that they need to go home, that she can't stay because she has no dental floss. Selena tells him that she loves him but can't do what he wants her to do. He says he wants to wine and dine his girl. Selena begins to sneeze and cough, apparently allergic to his cologne. Buzz gets her a Kleenex and opens the door for air. There is a violinist playing outside the door and Buzz slams the door shut on him. He and Selena have some champagne until a fire breaks out on the mantle. Then a couple comes in and tells Buzz and Selena that they were in their room. Buzz told him that the room was theirs and since they were there first, the couple would have to leave. The man asked him to step outside and when Buzz did and Selena followed, the man shut and locked the door on them. Buzz tried to get the door back open, but no luck. The violinist was still there playing and Buzz ends up yelling at him and finally sends him away. He is upset by now but Selena is laughing. She knows now that they can be together, that they can face anything. The door opens and the couple says that they are sorry, they called the manager and they are the ones with the wrong room. Selena and Buzz go back in.

In San Cristobel:
Cassie calls Harley and asks her to come to her wedding. Harley agrees. Cassie goes back into her room where Tammy is being fitted for her dress. Tammy is a little down because she is afraid that their Fairy tale life will come to an end. Cassie tells Tammy that everything is going to be okay and that this will be one fairytale that will never end. She is getting her prince. The women who is doing Tammy's dress, shows Cassie some pictures of wedding dresses. Cassie sees a sketch of a suit for Richard and fades into another daydream of their wedding night where they both proclaim their love to each other and make love.

Meanwhile, in Richard's suite, Reva is there telling him that she knows where Jonathan is. She tells him that she is sorry for all the mistakes that she had made in the past and she hopes she can change a few. Richard asks Reva what she wants from him but she only says that she feels they both need to find out how they feel about each other. Reva then asks him if he can love Cassie for herself. Reva tells Richard that they can undo her decision. They can go and see Jon together and decide together what to do about him. Richard yells at Reva, he is mad at everything she did to him. She broke his heart over and over again. He threatens to see Jon without her. Richard tells her that he has no idea how he feels about her but he has to see their son and decide what to do about him. He agrees they have unfinished business. They hug each other and Cassie walks in to see them in each other's arms.

At Company:
Pilar and Bill are talking. Pilar tells Bill how much she misses him. Bill asks what she wanted to talk to him about. Pilar says she wants to talk about her mom and Ben. Pilar tells Bill that she tried to seduce Ben. Bill interrupts her and tells her about the witness (Len) and that Michelle is out on Bail. Pilar is pleased and Bill asks what she was going to say about Ben. Pilar says it doesn't matter. She is overjoyed and hugs him. Bill tells her that they are going to reopen the investigation. Pilar is worried. Pilar comes on to him and asks him to take her to his room.

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