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Kevin and Kelly worried that Joey would learn the truth. Skye threatened to divulge the truth about the Buchanan heir. Asa had evidence that Will had been embezzling funds from the Megan Foundation. Cristian proposed to Roseanne.
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Monday, January 10, 2000

Ben and Viki are at the Crossroads after spending the night there together. They talk about their future though Viki is hesitant to leave their "magic castle." Ben assures her that the magic is within them. He has now learned how to deal with everything.

At the Palace restaurant, Asa informs Renee that he found Will with his hands all over Jessica but Renee asks him if Jess was complaining. She tells him that Jess is old enough to make her own decisions and knows how proud he'd be if Jess were a boy. Asa believes he has to look after her since her parents aren't around much and he just has to make sure that the Rappaports get what's coming to them. Renee thinks it's bad enough that Ben will be losing his medical license. After Renee gets up from the table, Thomas, an accountant, stops by to see Asa. He tells him to audit all of the books for Buchanan Enterprises, but most especially the ones for the Megan Foundation. There's something wrong there and this is a high priority. Will is the next one to stop by at Asa's table and he tells the older man that he and Jess love each other and hope to get married one day so he won't be apologizing for his behavior. He has honorable intentions and won't hurt her. They agree they both want her to be safe.

Lindsay is ecstatic over her engagement ring and she promises Bo that she won't make any more mistakes, even though he tells her that it's only normal to do so. They head over to the Palace to eat and Lindsay can't wait to tell everyone about their engagement until she spots Asa. Bo will take care of him. He goes to visit with his father and tells Will to go see Lindsay. Bo tells Asa his good news;he and Lindsay are getting married. Of course, Asa is quite surprised but shows no emotion. He's very calm which makes Bo immediately suspicious. Bo warns him that he'd better not do to him what he did to Kevin or he will come after him. His pager goes off and as he's leaving, Asa tells him he'll send a bottle of champagne over to their table.

Meanwhile, at Lindsay's table, she is breaking her good news to Will who is happy for her and Bo and thinks Bo's a great guy. He will call his sister, Jen, and let her know all about it. Bo is congratulated when he comes over and tells Lindsay he has to leave for some kind of emergency at the courthouse. She says ok and her reaction takes Bo by surprise. "That's it?" he asks and leaves. Renee also offers her congrats to the bride-to-be. Lindsay continues her conversation with her son and tells him how Bo loves her unconditionally, she didn't even have to do anything. Will tells her it's the same with Jess.

Ben and Viki wander in, spot Asa, but decide to stay anyway. Will has left for the office and Lindsay is eager to share her news with the couple. She asks them to share champagne with her but Viki tells her they want to be alone. They each share their engagement news and show off their rings. Lindsay leaves them. Larry is at the Palace for a date and spots Ben. He's been looking all over for him. He regrettably informs them that with Asa's power all of the board members have decided to vote against Ben even though there hasn't been a hearing yet. Ben expected this and tells Viki he won't fight. He walks over to Asa's table and rips up his medical license, placing it on the table and walks out. Asa just smiles.

At the courthouse, Sam tells Nora that they just can't marry yet because she's too panicked and that's not like her. Nora can't wait to marry Sam but he gets her to admit they have the wrong judge(after their past with Judge Fitzgerald) and the wrong people to stand up for them(the hookers and junkies in the courtroom). He wants to do it right with a big wedding. They already live together so there's no rush. Nora feels her life is beginning to spin out of control since her experience with Bo in the warehouse. She confides in Sam that she had a dream the previous night in which she tried to get to Sam to marry him but couldn't. She was with Bo. Sam sugggests that maybe she'd rather be with Bo but she thinks Sam will change his mind about their impending marriage. He will never do that. They can talk and work out their problems because they're not kids any longer. Right now he wants to go home and plan a big wedding. He goes off to the courtroom to apologize and let Judge Fitzwater know. Bo wanders by while Nora waits for Sam to return and they talk and joke about their warehouse experience and what each is doing at the courthouse. Sam is ready to go and encounters the two chatting. Bo informs them of his engagement to Lindsay. Nora's smile freezes and after Bo leaves, Sam asks her what she's thinking.

Kelly lets Joey know that she can't have brunch with him because she's on her way to the Sun. She apologizes for New Year's Eve. The two wonder where Kevin is because he's not been getting up early recently. Just then, he comes in from a run and is sorry to have walked in on them. They need privacy, he's better now and they should move out. Joey suggests the three go to dinner later but Kevin quickly declines and goes off to get ready to go to the Banner.Kevin and Kelly are both in such a rush; Joey thinks there's something going on and questions Kelly on what the real reason was for her not showing at the Palace. Kevin was drinking she says and Joey tells her how good she's been for his brother. Kevin comes back downstairs, ready to leave and again suggests they move out. Joey admits to Kelly that he's jealous of her relationship with his brother but realizes they have a connection because of Grace. He thinks Kevin is upset because they show their love to each other when he's around but he really needs them. Kelly is agitated and tells Joey she wants to move.

Kevin goes to the Banner and first apologizes to Zach for past events and he tells Kevin he's working on the MacKenzie Bribery Story. When Joey comes in, Kev asks him to do a photo shoot on it. Just then, Kev answers his phone - it's Kelly.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

the Banner

Kevin is talking to Kelly on the phone. Kevin is covering (by repeating Jessica's name) that he is talking to Kelly since Joey is nearby. Kelly tells Kevin they have to talk, Joey is suspicious. She wants Kevin to come to the Sun right away so they can talk. Suddenly Joey picks up the extension to talk to Jess. Kelly, on the other line, is speechless.

Lindsay's Gallery

Jessica comes into the gallery and runs into Cris. She turns to leave and Cris stops her. Cris tells her he's gotten her message, she's out of his life. Jess is glad, but wants to know why Cris is there. Cris explains that he's there for a class assignment, gets flustered and goes to leave the gallery. Jess stops him this time and tells him that they're bound to run into each other, they have family in the same town.

The Palace Restaurant

Max is watching Skye eat. Skye wants to know whether she's to pretend that Max is having a lucid moment. (Writer's note: For someone who just had a major craniotomy, Max's hair has grown in quite evenly and he's even using hair gel!) Max tells Skye that her wish to have Ben Davidson destroyed is being granted.

Crossroads Bar

Ben enters the bar and Viki of course isn't far behind. Ben tells Viki that Asa did him a favor by getting his license revoked. Viki doesn't believe it. Ben says he's glad, he can reopen the bar. Viki isn't buying it. Ben goes on, he wants to remodel the bar and begins throwing chairs. (Viki picked a real winner).

The Banner

Kelly hangs up suddenly leaving Joey puzzled by "Jessica's" behavior. Kevin blames it on a bad connection. Joey asks if Kevin wants to go to lunch. Kevin covers with yet another story and they blather on about on a story. Joey is still suspicious, he's worried about Kevin. Kevin tells him not to worry, he's distracted. Joey apologizes for his behavior but Kevin says that everything has been his fault and he going to make up for it. Joey thanks Kevin before he leaves for "giving him his brother back."

The Palace Restaurant

Sophia and Sykes have a meaningless conversation. Skye and Max continue on and are interrupted by Larry. Max pretends not to know Larry and tries to come on to Larry's companion. Skye and Max continue on with their meaningless conversation about his fake condition. Skye tells Max that he wants Ben to lose everything, including Viki. Max doesn't think that Skye will get Ben back.

Crossroads Bar

Ben apologizes for his behavior. Viki is confused and doesn't know what to say. Ben wants Viki to say something, he can take it. Viki tells Ben that she has just as much power as Asa if not more, but she doesn't want to use it for fear that Ben would think she was "mothering" him (if the shoe fits...). Ben is sorry he ever mentioned that term in Viki's presence. Viki says that she wishes that she were 25, but Ben says he wants "Blondie and nothing else." Viki does not look convinced ( have you noticed the young nail polish and attempts to look younger?)

The Gallery

Cris and Jessica talk about how hard it was to make it in New York. Jess tells Cris he's an incredible artist. Cris tells her that there are a lot of incredible artists in New York and that he's rethinking everything. Will walks in and sees Jess and Cris together.

Will's Office

Lindsay comes in looking for Will and finds a man sitting at his desk. She suddenly remembers that Will is at the gallery but not before she shows the uninterested man her engagement ring. Lindsay apologizes for bothering him and then asks him what he's doing? The man tells her that he's an accountant; Lindsay tells him that Will doesn't need his books audited, Will is honest. The accountant tells Lindsay that Asa likes to spring surprise audits on the senior management, it keeps them on their toes. Lindsay looks concerned.

Crossroads Bar

Ben tries to reassure Viki but the old girl is having none of it. Ben tells her that the thoughts he has about her are un-mother like (yuck) and tells her that he has to fight his own battles. He wants somebody to help him make sense of the world. Viki asks if she does that for him and they begin to make out (yuck, again). Viki and Ben don't notice that Blair has entered the room. Blair asks for medical advice for Max but Ben doesn't want to hear it.

The Palace Restaurant

Skye doesn't want Ben back she says, she just wants revenge. Max blathers on about Skye's charade. Now they have an uninteresting conversation about Max's charade. Skye wants Max to encourage Asa to file a civil suit against Ben for every cent he has. Max wants to call Skye's bluff. Skye continues to threaten to blackmail Max, she'll tell Blair about his "episode" the other night, she'll tell Asa that he's not his son, she'll tell Renee who really IS her son.

Crossroads Bar

Ben tells Blair that his license has been pulled. Blair wants unofficial advice, then. Viki tells Ben she'll see him later and still looks confused and unsure as she leaves. Ben asks Blair what she needs to know. She wants to know how long Max's condition will last? Blair says he's mistaken someone else for her, will his condition be permanent?

The Palace Restaurant

Max wants to know what Skye knows about Renee's son? Max grabs Skye and Sykes asks if everything is okay? Max plays the game and Sykes leaves. Max presses on, what does she know about Renee's son? Skye looks at Sykes and says that he's very sexy.

Sophia spies Joey and Sykes invites him to sit with him and Sophia for a drink. Joey agrees, he's waiting for Kelly.

The Sun

Kelly is talking to Grace's picture and apologizes, but then blames Grace for not being there when Kevin needed her. There's alot of blathering conversation in this episode as it's Kelly's turn to blather on to Grace's picture. Kevin comes in and Kelly says she's sorry for having him to lie to Joey. Kelly tells Kevin about her conversation with Joey--her absence at New Year's Eve and the tension between Kelly and Kevin. More meaningless conversation ensues as they try to ignore their attraction to each other. Kevin tells Kelly that they have to move out of the Mill house, but Kelly tells him that Joey wants to stay for Kevin. They commiserate over their Joey guilt.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000

At the Palace, Lindsay goes over to Sam and Nora's table to invite them to her and Bo's wedding, but ends up getting into an argument with Nora instead. Later, Lindsay and Dorian toasted themselves on "getting away with things" just as Nora walks up. Although Dorian covers for Lindsay, Nora is still suspicious. Dorian reminds Lindsay that Bo won't put up with a jealous wife.

At the diner, R.J. asks Carlotta to leave with Téa because he thinks someone is following him and he intends to confront him. Téa and Carlotta leave out the back door of the diner, but come rushing back in when they hear R.J. attacking the man who has been trailing him. The man turns out to be an undercover cop who Hank put on R.J.'s tail to protect him. R.J. doesn't appreciate Hank's interference and wants everyone to back off!

Viki is worried about Ben because he won't answer the phone at the Crossroads. Sam decides to go talk to Ben because he doesn't want to give up on Ben's medical license. At the Crossroads, Sam finds Ben's gun and begs him not to throw his life away by using the gun for revenge. Ben brushes off Sam's warning and convinces him it is only for protection at the bar.

Will confronts Cristian at Lindsay's art gallery. Will wants to hear from Cristian that his feelings for Jessica are through. Cristian won't say it because he wasn't the one who wanted it to be over with Jess, "you got what you wanted, now stay the hell out of my life!" he shouts at Will. Later, out of guilt Cristian proposes to Roseanne who accepts.

Thursday, January 13, 2000

The Banner

Viki is troubled as she reads an article about Ben in her morning edition, "Sidelined Doctor Faces Charges: May Loose License. [She should be troubled about the misspelling of "Lose" by someone on the staff, but I digress] However, realizing it is both "true" and "news" she moves on to the classifieds and is pleased to read a certain ad: "Blondie, Clear skies from here on out. Meet me at Crossroads. High noon." Jessica comes in to see her mother grinning as if she had "just won top prize on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire'" [a shameless plug] and pronounces the ad "pretty romantic." They discuss Ben and his anger with Asa, Viki's rescheduled doctor's appointment, Will and his feelings for Jessica, and Jessica's feelings for Cristian. As Jess assures her mother that "every day is easier," Roseanne enters the newsroom to "place an announcement." Jessica offers to "show her where to go" and bids her mother adieu. [Viki is off to Crossroads and Jess is supposed to be going on the snowboarding trip with Will] Jessica wants to explain to Roseanne that she "had nothing to do with the roadtrip to Maryland...I don't want to cause anybody trouble, not you, not and Cristian OK?" Roseanne is thrilled to tell Jess how OK she and Cristian are: "Things worked out...I want to put an announcement in the engagement section...I owe it all to you...on New Year's Eve he realized you're just a little tease who strung him along all these years until you got that rich boy you really're way too spoiled..." Jessica can't believe what Roseanne is telling her and strikes back. "You're deluded...if you had even a shred of self respect, you would never let yourself be used like this...he kidnapped me a week ago...he told me that we were soulmates...that we belonged together and that you meant nothing to him...if you think you're more than a second choice, you're even more pathetic than I thought."

Will's Office

Asa stops in at Will's request. Will asks Asa to drop the charges against Ben. "You started the whole can stop it." Will reminds Asa that Ben saved Max's life but that doesn't sit well with Asa. "What kind of life does Max have?...Is he the same man?" Will agrees with the assessment, but reminds Asa that it was the aneurysm, not Ben, that changed Max. Asa, trying hard to hold himself in check, assures Will that some of the board members are "the best doctors in the state...they will tell us what did it." When Will asks if the hearing will be fair, Asa informs him "it would have been" but that Ben "gave up" and he doesn't understand why. "I'd never give up...unless I was guilty."

Later, after Will has left, Asa meets with the accountant doing the audit of Will's books. Asa does a masterful job of acting shocked and disbelieving at Thomas's disclosure: "I've discovered what I believe is a gross misuse of Megan Foundation funds...documented misappropriation...someone is stealing money from the foundation...more than one-half million dollars...the paper trail is not very well hidden...when you review the will agree that we will have to refer it to the police." Asa orders Thomas out of the office and smirks, "I got you now you little worm."

Sam and Nora's New House

It's moving day and Ben stops by with a housewarming gift and stays to help Sam unpack boxes and give his brother "a hard time." Ben advises Sam that "today looks a lot better than it did last night" and although he didn't get rid of the gun (since he "needs it for protection") he did "put it away." With "a willing bride and a best man with an open calendar" Ben wants to know the new date for Sam and Nora's wedding. Sam squirms and pronounces it "kinda complicated." Later, while Sam is outside with the movers, Will stops by to talk to Ben about the medical board. When Ben dismisses the hearing as a "rigged game" that he won't take part in, Will naively tells his uncle that Asa "doesn't have that kind of clout...he's upset...he wants to know what happened to Max." Will is upset that Ben won't defend himself because "this way you just look guilty." However, Ben wants to know if Will is "trying to convince yourself that the man you work for has a conscience?" Will is very defensive about the belief that Asa is "using him" and refuses to quit his job at the foundation. Ben reminds Will of the "insane vendetta Asa has against your's driven everything the man has done...why would he go after every member of your father's family but you - are you exempt?...I want you to see the big picture before he drops the next bomb on you." Will explodes at Ben, "You're just like my think you know everything." Of course, Sam overhears this and the anger builds between father and son, each accusing the other of not listening, etc. Sam allows that "there is no explanation for what you're doing with Asa Buchanan..." and Will counters that "I don't even know why I bother trying..." Sam wants Will to know "the next time you're thinking of explain to yourself why you're turning your back on your family and if you have a reasonable explanation for you, then maybe you and I will have something to talk about...until then you are wasting my time and you are wasting your understand me?" While Sam stops short of using the words, Will infers that Sam is telling him to "get out" and he leaves. And when Sam informs Ben to "stay out of it", he also leaves.

Llanview PD

Sophia is busy answering the telephone when Nora stops by for a case file. When Bo brings Sophia a cup of coffee, Nora notices how happy he looks. He advises her that his "great mood" is due to the fact he told Asa he was getting married and "he didn't have a stroke!" Bo thanks Nora "for getting me through New Year's may have helped save my life...and turned it around...when I saw how you've moved on with your life...I realized it was time I did the same if it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't have asked Lindsay to marry me." Nora swallows hard before answering, "If I'm responsible, you're welcome...I want you to be happy." Bo wants "us both to be happy" and gives Nora the swing dance contest 1st place ribbon he had "tucked away" so that she will "remember the good times." They both agree that neither of them will forget the good times and are "glad we can be friends." Bo offers that "situations change...people don't" and when they share a hug, they are caught by Asa who wants to know if the hug means "you two have come to your senses?" Bo informs him that "we're both still crazy" and as Nora leaves she offers to have Asa's invitation to her wedding to that "low life" (Asa's term for Sam) printed on "flash paper so it will be easier for you to burn."

Asa, the consummate actor, informs Bo he has "come by because I just got terrible news...real's about somebody I treated as family...I have strong evidence about a crime...and if it's true, it's a horrible crime...Will Rappaport is a thief..."

The Diner

As Cristian packs for his return to NYC, Carlotta frets over her "baby all alone in the big city." Cristian wants her to sit down so he can share his news that he won't be alone because he has asked Roseanne to marry him and of course she accepted. Carlotta is shocked, but Cristian tries to convince his mother (and himself) that he loves Roseanne. "She's been good to me...I don't know where I'd be without her...try to be happy for me..." When Carlotta asks about Jessica, Cristian admits that "it's over...she made it clear...she's in love with Will...I gotta get over it." Carlotta begs Cristian not to do something he "will regret" and asks if he is in love with Roseanne the way he was with Jessica. He realizes that "Jessica was the first girl I ever loved...nothing could ever be the same...but I can't turn my back on Rosie...she made sacrifices...I can't ignore." Carlotta advises that marriage is "not like returning a favor" and wants Cristian to "give your heart a chance to heal...if you spend the rest of your life lying to yourself, you will end up unhappy." Cristian threatens to "never forgive" Carlotta if she tries to talk to Roseanne. He wants his "Mommy" to understand that "life didn't turn out the way I accept it and go on...she deserves to be happy...I will be happy."

The Banner, later

Will comes in and breaks up Jessica and Roseanne's heated discussion. Jess storms off and Roseanne enjoys telling Will that she was "pushing her buttons" by telling Jessica about her engagement to Cristian. "We both finally got what we wanted." Later, Jessica returns after Roseanne has departed and tells a "little surprised" Will that if Cristian "can do something like this, he's not the person I thought he was...I love you...nothing will ever change that."


Ben shares with Viki that watching Sam and Will "made me realize how easy it is to lose what's important to you...for me, that's you." Viki assures him that "we won't let that happen." Ben confesses that "I almost completely destroyed everything...I almost went after Asa...then I realized it wouldn't change what's happened...I'd only end up losing what I had left...and that's exactly what Asa would want...I'm not going to let Asa Buchanan or anyone else tear us apart."

Sam & Nora's New House

Nora wonders "what happened to that happy, smiling man" she left earlier and Sam confesses that "Will came by" and changed his mood. "Will decided to align himself with the man who destroyed his family...he's old enough to father a a foundation...and turn his back on his father...I know because I did the same thing...I hurt my father so was my words coming out of his mouth...when I told my father I'd never see him again, it was the truth...I never saw him again...and what really scares me is that Matthew will turn out the same way..." Nora assures Sam that he had "very good reasons" for leaving his family and that "you live your life differently than your father...I won't let it happen with Matthew...and it's not over with Will..." Sam stiffens at Nora's comparison of his situation to Bo and Drew's, but agrees with her when she tells him "as long as there's life, there's hope." "You're right; I should know...I hoped I would be with you for 20 years, and look what happened..." Nora is touched and amused by the framed newspaper clipping Sam shows her of their "big win" 20 years earlier in Chicago. It reads, "Gannon and Rappaport Battle Corruption" and Nora laughs at their "hideous hair" in the photo. Sam wants Nora to know that "I kept this for 20 years just to remind me where we started out...I can't believe where we're ending up..." Nora corrects him, "This isn't an ending, OK? It's a new beginning."

Llanview PD

Bo is reluctant to believe Asa's assessment of Will: "This is crazy...I know Will pretty well...he's no thief." An uncharacteristically calm Asa assures Bo that after having his "experts" look at the evidence, "I just hope the hell you can come to me and say my accountants are wrong...there is no money trail from Will Rappaport's pocket to that little baby's grave..." Asa's voice is heard over montages of the people in Will's life: [Sam and Nora cuddling in their new house, Ben and Viki kissing on the pool table at Crossroads, Will and Jessica kissing at the Banner] "I know what this kind of news can do to a parent...and everyone else who knows Will...they're all going to be blown away by the news...but the one I feel the worst for is poor Jessie...I just hate the thought of her finding this see I just want to make sure that it's true...because if Will did this, if Will romanced Jessie, if he took my help, and if he stole from his baby's foundation, I want you and Hank to throw the damn book at him...I want Will Rappaport to pay for what he did."

Friday, January 14, 2000

With a peace offering in hand, Lindsay announced to Nora and Sam that she and Bo were going to get married around Valentine's Day. Later, Nora surprised Sam with her own special wedding plans in Tahiti and they agreed to leave in the morning. Bo was reluctant to believe Asa's claim that Will embezzled money from the Megan Foundation, but he had Hank check things out. Asa fantasized that Sam and Lindsay left town after Will got carted off to jail.

Bo later broke the news to Lindsay about Will's misdeeds and advised her to go find Sam. Meanwhile, Jessica and Will were prevented from leaving for their ski trip when Bo arrived at their door. Roseanne told Carlotta that she and Cristian were getting married in New York as soon as possible. Carlotta begged Téa to talk Roseanne out of the marriage, but Téa staunchly refused and invited R.J. to New York for the wedding.

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