The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 17, 2000 on B&B

Under duress from Tawny, Becky left Venice. Thorne walked in on Brooke and Ridge kissing. Kimberly told Rick that it was time to end her modeling career.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 17, 2000 on B&B
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Monday, January 17, 2000

Amber is in her hotel room waiting for Tawny to return to babysit little Eric. Tawny meanwhile is at the Bell Tower threatening Becky. She tells Becky that she instructed her to stay in Paris and away from Amber. She says that Amber is there on her honeymoon and that she is happy for the first time in her life. Becky says that she is not trying to destroy Amber's life, she just wants to see her baby and that there was nothing that Tawny could do to stop her. Tawny said that she wouldn't bet on that. She said that if she is pushed, she will push back.Becky then decides to leave, but she said that she wasn't doing it for Tawny, but was doing what she thought was best for her son.

Thorne is meeting with a man named Guido, who has some lace samples for the Forrester Bedroom Line. Guido remarks that Brooke is a great asset to them, and Thorne agrees that she is.

Ridge is in Brooke's suite discussing his marital problems. He tells Brooke that Taylor is leaving. Brooke assumes that he meant that she was leaving Venice, but he says that she is leaving him. Brooke tells him that Taylor adores him. Ridge says that Taylor is not happy. He says that the problem is not going to go away. He said that he is tired of living by standards that he can't measure up to. Brooke told him that the only thing that he did wrong was to come to Venice to try to break up her and Thorne. She tells him that he needs to go to Taylor and explain, and she'll understand. Ridge says that she already understands. He said that Taylor may know him better than he knows himself.He says that he loves Taylor, but that is not the issue. He says that she is not happy. Brooke asks him if Taylor is insecure. Ridge explains that it is not Taylor's insecurity, but the reasons behind it. He said that it is because of the feelings that he still has for Brooke. Brooke explains that the feelings he may have for her are irrevalent. Ridge says that he thinks about his kids all the time. Everything that he does, he does for them. He said that Taylor accuses him of putting Brooke's needs before theirs. Brooke tells him that he needs to make Taylor know how important she is to him, not just the kids. Ridge seems reluctant to go and Brooke asks him why he is stalling. Ridge doesn't think that it will do any good to run after Taylor. He said that Taylor accuses him of not putting her first. He thinks that Taylor wanted to have more kids to help save their marriage. Brooke doesn't believe this, but Ridge tells her that she is the one that told him this a while back. Brooke said that she was wrong. She tells Ridge to tell Taylor that he doesn't have feelings for her. Ridge said that he couldn't do that because he thinks that Taylor is right.

Taylor comes into the lobby carrying a suitcase. Thorne comes up to Taylor and asks her what she is doing. She said that she was leaving Venice. Thorne asks her to sit down and talk with him. She said that she didn't want to talk. She just wanted to go home to her children. She said that she should not have come there in the first place. Thorne does agree with her about that. Taylor says that if it had not happened in Venice, it would have happened at Big bear or the lab. Thorne doesn't seem to know what she is talking about.She says that she is talking about Brooke and Ridge, and she doesn't understand how he doesn't see it. She tells him that it is not all one sided, and that he had better get out now, before it's too late. She starts crying and Thorne hugs her to comfort her.

Tawny arrives at the hotel to keep Little Eric, so that Amber and Rick can go on a Gondola Ride. As they get in the boat, Becky tries to catch them, but she is too late. She says to herself that Tawny may not understand her need to see the baby, but she is sure that Amber will.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Taylor tells Thorne she convinced herself that it was over between Ridge and Brooke, and Thorne is doing the same thing. Thorne insists that Brooke is over Ridge. Ridge tells Brooke that Taylor is braver than both of them because she's willing to face the truth - their marriage is breaking up because Ridge can't get over Brooke. He reminds Brooke about the chemistry between them. Brooke says it's too late for them, but Ridge responds that it will never be too late. Ridge recalls his marriage proposal the last time they were in Italy together. He tells Brooke it was a mistake to ever leave her. Brooke pulls away from Ridge and orders him out, reminding him that she's engaged. Ridge kisses her and she finally gives in to her feelings. They sink to the bed as Thorne lets himself into the room and sees them. On the gondola, Rick kisses Amber and thanks her for his son and his family. They agree to put all of their problems behind them and make a fresh start with their marriage. When they return to the hotel, Amber heads off to buy some postcards and is surprised by Becky.

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Becky tells Amber that she is here to see the baby. Amber gently tells her that this is a risk that she just can not take at this time and tells Becky that she needs to go back to Paris. Becky pleads with her, and Amber finally agrees to let her see the baby when Rick goes out.

Amber asks Tawny to leave for an hour, then lets an excited Becky in. Rick tells Tawny that Amber seems to be at peace with herself for the first time in quite a long time.

In the hallway, Thorne is in shock over what he has just seen. Brooke fights her feelings of passion, but Ridge insists that Thorne is not enough for her. Brooke is stunned to see Taylor standing by the bed. Taylor says that it is clear that Brooke still has a strong attachment to Ridge. Brooke is mystified that Taylor doesn't seem upset.

Taylor explains that they have something to tell her. They explain that what has happened today proves that Brooke is still in love with Ridge and that her feelings for Thorne are just a dream.

Brooke realizes that what has just happened was all an act. Ridge apologizes, but says that he had to do it. Brooke tells Ridge that she hates him. Taylor stops Brooke from slapping Ridge, and tells her that Thorne saw everything. Thorne, meanwhile, is devastated.

Thursday, January 20, 2000

Eric notices Stephanie's mood. She asks him if Thorne and Brooke are involved again. Eric assures her that Brooke and Thorne will not come back from Italy together. Brooke tells Ridge that this only proves that Thorne is more of a man than he is. She can't believe Ridge betrayed her trust this way. Brooke ads that maybe this is Taylor's way of getting back at Brooke because Ridge is obviously still obsessed with her. Brooke can't stand the thought of Ridge even touching her now.

Brooke tells Ridge and Taylor that she despises both of them and never wants to see either of them again. Thorne goes back to the spot where he proposed and wonders how Brooke could have done this to him. It was always Ridge that she wanted.

With tears on her cheeks, Becky clings to Little Eric. Amber is taken aback when Becky encourages the baby to say 'Mama' the way he did on the phone. Becky covers, but when Amber tells Becky that it is time to leave, she refuses to give Amber the baby.

Kimberly admits that she saw Rick and Amber on the gondola. Giovanni advises Rick that if he wants to help Kimberly get over him, he should stay away from her. Ridge tells Eric he hated every minute of it, but that his plan worked after all. Thorne and Brooke are finished. Brooke goes searching for Thorne.

Friday, January 21, 2000

Giovanni notices Kimberly's mood and tells her that Rick is a fool. Kimberly responds that she is the fool. Becky tells Amber that the baby needs to be with his mother, and Becky needs to be with him. Amber tries to convince her that the baby needs a home with two loving parents which Amber and Rick can and are providing for him right now.

Becky is happy that things are working out for Rick and Amber. She suggests that they have their own baby now because this one is hers. Amber insists that the baby belongs to her, and warns Becky that she would die before she let anyone take him away.

As the photo shoot goes on, Kimberly spots Rick watching her from a distance and then she tells Giovanni that she needs to stop.

Adam tells Sally that he hopes Kimberly comes home and is away from the Forresters soon. Kimberly tells Giovanni and Rick that this is her last photo shoot. After she returns home, she's not going to model for Forrester or anyone else. Rick says he can't let her do this, and tells her that he never should have come to Venice with Amber. Kimberly counters that it's good that they came because it gave her a wake up call.

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