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Monday, January 17, 2000

Hope can't sleep, even though Stefano is snoring away. She looks out the window and can feel Shawn D's pain. She tells him to be strong, and to rely on his father until she can get home to them. She vows to find a way home to Bo and Shawn. At the hospital, "Hope" dies, and everyone is devastated. Bo believes that he killed his wife, but Greta says he killed her mother. Bo tells Greta that the woman in that room was Hope, but Greta says she still had her mother's spirit in her. Grandpa Shawn suggests that they all go to the pub, and Lexie releases Shawn into Grandpa Shawn's care. Bo says he will meet everyone at the pub as he wants to say goodbye to "Hope." Bo goes into see "Hope" to say goodbye, but cries that he cannot let her go.

John finds Marlena in her office reflecting upon her sessions with "Hope," how "Hope" told her the events at the wedding were her fault, and Bo's harsh words to her. John asks Marlena what has her so upset? Marlena tells John that she's going to give up her practice. John tells her that he won't let her, and tries to convince her that she did the best she could. Suddenly, Belle shows up and tells her parents that "Hope" has died. Later, Lexie shows up and tells John and Marlena that "Hope" didn't have long to live as she had inoperable lung cancer. John asks her if she told the family, but she hasn't yet because they needed time to grieve. Belle suggests they go to the pub to be with everyone, but Marlena doesn't think that is a good idea because Bo is blaming her for "Hope's" death.

At the pub, everyone is telling stories about Bo and Hope's life together. Doug and Julie offer to arrange for "Hope's" funeral, so Bo tells them that she wanted to be cremated and have her ashes spread out over the water. Bo goes upstairs to see Shawn, who is resting. Bo tells Shawn that they will get through this, and that he loves him. Later, Shawn has a dream that his mother comes to him, tells him that she loves him, and that she will come home to him. He wakes up and wonders about his dream, which seemed so real. Meanwhile, Bo goes to the park, and spots "Hope's" ghost on a swing. She tells him that she loves him, and then disappears. Bo wonders why he can feel her so strongly if she is gone.

Sami is in the park ice skating with Brandon. The two eventually stop to talk. Sami wants Brandon to tell her everything about him. She says she knows he has three sides, the man she is with, the kind and caring councilor, and the brutal and violent fighter. She asks him about his violent side and asks why he is so violent? Brandon tells her that when he was in that ring fighting Austin, he was actually fighting demons from his past. Sami asks him what demons he is fighting? Meanwhile, Eric and Greta show up in the park. They are taking a walk, and Eric is comforting Greta. Eric asks her why she wants to leave, and she says that she feels she has to because she feels guilty about "Hope." She also says that she still feels like she's lost her mother, and she doesn't know how to get over it. Eric has a way, and he suggests they go apartment hunting. Eric tells Greta that he wants her to stay in Salem, so she agrees. They end up running into Sami, and Eric goes to tell her about Hope at the exact moment Brandon was about to spill the beans to her. Sami is shocked, and she says she will go home to get Will and then meet him at the pub. Greta tells Eric that perhaps he should go to the pub by himself, but he tells her no way. Eric tells Greta that from now on they are together forever.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

John and Marlena are driving to the pub to gather with the family, but Marlena still doesn't know if she should be going. John tells her that it is not her fault that "Hope" died, and that he knows she wanted to do more to help her. Marlena asks John to take her to her office because there is something she needs to get.

Bo pays a visit to Victor, who is sitting in the living room with Kate. They have heard the news, so Kate leaves to let Bo and Victor talk. Bo tells Victor that this is DiMera's fault, and he wants him dead! Victor asks Bo where DiMera is? Bo says he doesn't know and nobody has seen or heard from him since before Christmas. They then talk about the funeral, and Bo asks Victor to come. Victor tells Bo that he could never refuse his son anything, so he will honor his request, and he'll also come to the funeral! Bo thanks him, and then leaves. Kate returns, and she tells Victor that Bo's losing Hope has made her realize that they should marry ASAP. Victor tells Kate that her behavior at Tuscany makes him think otherwise, and he accuses Kate of only accepting his proposal to spite Vivian.

Kate says that might have been part of the reason she accepted when and where she did, but she loves him and wants to marry him. Victor asks if that is so, why did she wait so long to answer? Kate becomes angry and tells him that he was the one who told her to think long and hard before answering, and she says that all he has done lately is criticize her and tell her what a failure she is. Victor stands up, hugs Kate, and tells her that he's sorry and he loves her. He realizes that he's been feeling sorry for himself lately, and has been punishing her. He tells her that he wants to make things right between them, and the first order of business is for him to move back into their bedroom.

At the pub, the Bradys and the Hortons gather to celebrate "Hope's" life and give their condolences to Bo and Shawn D. Bo returns to the pub, and soon John shows up, but Marlena stays outside. Bo feels he should be the one to go get Marlena, but the two only end up in another huge fight. MArlena had brought Bo a book on dealing with the loss of a loved one, but he throws it into the distance and says reading a book won't help him. He continues to blame Marlena for "Hope's" death. Marlena tells Bo that she was considering giving up her practice because of what happened, but she has decided not to do that. She tells Bo that none of them knew how far gone "Hope" was, and she thinks they never really got her back. Bo thinks she's just making excuses and trying to put the blame elsewhere, but he doesn't think he can ever forgive her for what happened to his "Hope." Bo and Marlena eventually go into the pub, and Marlena tells John that Bo is still holding onto his anger for her.

Upstairs of the Brady Pub, Shawn calls Belle to talk to her. They talk about grown- ups and how they always are trying to protect them as if they aren't mature enough to handle things. Shawn opens up to Belle and tells her that in a way, he feels like the woman who died wasn't his mom. After the call ends, Shawn prays to God and asks him why he took his mom from him and caused his dad all this pain? Bo shows up and tells Shawn instead of asking God why he took his mom from them, they should be thanking him for all the wonderful years they had together, and hope that she has found peace. Over at the Horton house, Alice tells Tom how much she loves him, and that she knows their "Hope" is with him now. She asks Tom to take good care of her, and one day they will all be reunited. The show ends with Alice breaking into tears.

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Philip invites Mimi and Belle to have coffee with him before school. He asks Belle if she's going to school today? Belle says she's going to Hope's memorial service later, and Philip says he will be too with his dad. They then talk about the "ghoul" going to Salem High, but Jason says that she's actually going to Salem Academy. Belle is angry when she realizes that they are talking about Chloe. Belle scolds Mimi, who says she knows it is wrong to call people names, but it makes her feel good at the times. Mimi admits that she feels sorry for Chloe because the girls at Salem Academy are going to be so cruel to her. Jason asks where Shawn is? Mimi asks him if he really thinks he'd be here? Belle says Shawn's mom died, and Jason apologizes for not knowing. Jason's girlfriend says that they should have the goth girl from embalm the body. Belle tells them that she is appalled by their behavior. They go to school, and Philip apologizes to Belle.

Chloe meets with the principal at Salem High, but refuses to take any music classes. The principal says that colleges like well rounded students, but Chloe says colleges look at grades and SATs first, so she will get into college. The principals yells at Chloe for having an attitude and says that the students here are very nice and won't like her if she keeps this up. Chloe tells him that if he really wants to see how nice the students here are than he should stand out in the hall or the parking lot sometime. Chloe leaves for home room, and the principal asks his secretary to set up an appointment with Nancy and Craig about Chloe.

The kids go to history class, and when Chloe comes in, they all make ghoulish noises. The teacher scolds them and then introduces Chloe Lane to the class, who continue to make fun of her. The teacher tells Chloe that there are good people who attend Salem High, and she thinks she'll make friends quickly. Chloe sits down, and one of the kids says they are studying the Salem Witch Trials, and maybe she could conjure up an ancestor.

John shows up to see his wife. She asks him what is wrong? He says that she left before he could tell her good morning and that he loved her, so he came her to do so. He also tells her that there is no blame to be had here, and Bo is just using her as a scapegoat. Marlena knows that he's just trying to console her, but she still has conflicted feelings about what happened. John then changes the subject and says now that "Hope" is gone, he wants to know what she told her during their therapy sessions about Princess Gina. Marlena says that she still can't break confidentiality unless she posses a threat to someone, and she no longer poses a threat to anyone. John says they are talking about DiMera, but Marlena tells him that "Hope" never mentioned Stefano.

Marlena says that as much as she grieves the loss of a wonderful woman like Hope, she's glad he's put his past behind him. John remembers the sub-sex and says he wishes that was true. Marlena sees the look on John's face and asks him if he's having more memories of Gina? John tells her that certain things are still unresolved in his mind, and there are things he has to know. Marlena asks him what things? John sits Marlena down and says that when "Hope" came back to Salem this last time, she claimed that she had no memories of being Princess Gina. John knows that is not true, and that she shared those memories with her. Marlena tells John to let go of this because what happened in the past doesn't matter, all that matters is now. There is a knock at the door, and Marlena's assistant tells her that the records room can't find a file she is looking for, so she thought she'd go downstairs to find it. John suggests they get some coffee, so Marlena goes to get some from the doctors lounge. While she's gone, John breaks into her file cabinet and steals "Hope's" file! Marlena returns later with the coffee, and the two talk about "Hope" for a bit. John decides to take off and let her get back to work. After John leaves, Cynthia, Marlena's assistant, brings Marlena the file she requested. Marlena can't stop thinking about "Hope" and decides to go over her file again to look for something to tell John. Marlena looks for the file, and panics when she finds it is full of blank paper!

Sami ask Austin if he wants to take Will ice skating with her, but he has to train for another fight. Sami can't believe he's going to fight again. Austin says that boxing is his passion and he thought she respected that. Sami asks how she can respect something that almost cost him his life? Austin experiences Deja Vous and says that he thought she was Carrie for a second. Sami tells him not to compare her to Carrie. Austin gets angry and says the next time he steps in the ring it will be different because he is going to know everything about his opponent. He apologizes and tells her not to worry about him, and he doesn't know when he'll be home from the gym. Sami wonders what she's going to do all day, so she calls up a guy and asks him if he's free for lunch?

Inside the mansion, Brandon stops Nicole from getting plastered because he wants her to have lunch with him and mom. Nicole refuses and can't believe he is asking her to do this. Brandon asks her to do it for him. Nicole tells Brandon that she'll do anything for him, but that. Austin shows up in his workout outfit and Brandon tells him that he's glad he didn't derail his career. Nicole thinks Austin is crazy, but he thinks she is for not wanting to see her mother. Nicole tells Austin not to tell her how to run his life, and to back off. Sami shows up and starts picking on Nicole about being an alcoholic. Nicole tells them all to go to hell, and she leaves. Sami can't wait until she gets full custody of Will so she can move out of this hell house, but Austin doesn't think that Nicole is a threat. He tells Sami that if they were a little more nicer to Nicole, maybe things wouldn't be so bad around here. Sami can't believe what she is hearing. Austin eventually says forget it, and then he leaves. Brandon then asks Sami out to lunch, but Sami says she has a date with someone else. Brandon wants to know who, so she agrees to tell him if he tells her who or what is haunting him. Brandon doesn't know if telling her is such a good idea, so Sami's not about to confide in him.

Nicole goes to Titan and runs into Greta, who came with Eric. She sees Greta looking for an apartment ads and jokes that she and Eric can't let Mrs. Horton find them in the nude. Greta says that she and Eric would never do anything to embarrass Mrs. Horton. She then starts telling Greta how Eric goes crazy if he doesn't have sex for awhile, and starts telling her how amazing Eric is in bed, in the shower, in the kitchen . . . Greta says she really doesn't want to hear any of this, and she doesn't want to talk with someone she barely knows about sex. Nicole tells her that women nowadays always talk about sex with one another. Greta admits that she and Eric aren't having sex, and Nicole realizes that she is the one holding out. Nicole wants to know why she is holding out?

Greta says she's not dating Eric for sex, they are friends and enjoy each other's company. Nicole is shocked and says that if she keeps holding out, Eric might move on to another woman. Nicole says that Eric is a stud who likes action, and lots of it. Later, Nicole gets an idea and suggests Greta move into an apartment at the river terrace because she knows a model who is looking to lease her apartment. Greta says she'll have to see when Eric is free to look at it with her, but Nicole says that Eric would be much more impressed if she went ahead and did it on her own. Greta says she'll think about it, and leaves. Nicole doesn't tell Greta that the apartment is actually hers! Eric looks at a picture of Nicole and remembers their last photo session.

Austin runs into Roman while he's training, and Roman wonders how his going back to boxing will affect Sami and Will. Austin knows where this is going and he tells Roman that he and Sami are together because they love one another, or are they just together because they both love Will? Austin says that he and Sami are just trying to take things slowly. Austin leaves, and Sami shows up for her lunch date, with her dad.

Thursday, January 20, 2000

At .COM the teens are once again making fun of Chloe. Belle comes along and she is very unhappy with what she hears. She goes outside with Mimi and they discuss it. Belle asks Mimi to stop teasing Chloe. Mimi reminds Belle that when they were in junior high that Belle used to be the one doing the teasing and that the person she teased was her. Mimi tells Belle that it really hurt her when she got picked on. She says Belle certainly didn't mind doing the teasing back then. Belle is sorry that she hurt Mimi when they were younger. By the end of their conversation Belle leaves feeling like Mimi is her friend only because she is popular. She doesn't feel very good about herself at this point. She goes to see her mother and they talk about what is going on. She tells her mom that it really bothers her that her friends are so mean and immature. Marlena tells Belle that the reason she is upset with her friends actions is because she has become a very caring young lady. She says that she too believes that Belle's friends are wrong for the way they are treating Chloe. She tells Belle that Chloe's feelings are more than likely being hurt it's just that Chloe has a different "coping mechanism" than others dealing with this type of situation. She says that Chloe may be bottling up her feelings. Belle tells Marlena that

she doesn't understand why Mimi has resorted to teasing after being hurt by the very same thing. Marlena doesn't have an answer for her. Belle says that she isn't sure she knows Mimi as well as she thought she did. Belle leaves to go get ready for "Hope's" memorial service. Marlena realizes that John took her file on "Hope" so she decides to go look for him.

At Bo's boat he and Greta are talking and she tells him that she feels responsible for "Hope's" death. He tells her she isn't to blame. He blames Marlena. He says that if she had told them what was going on with "Hope" then she would still be alive. Greta tells him that everything that "Hope" did right up until her death reminded her of things her mother would've done and said. She said that she really believed that "Hope" was her mother. Greta has a flashback of "Hope" telling her who her father is. She starts to tell Bo about it but he interrupts her. He tells her that everything that "Hope" had been saying to everyone was lies. He just wants everything to be over with. John meets up with them at the boat. Greta leaves after saying she is going to meet Nicole. They are going to look at an apartment she says. After John has a flashback of him and Gina on the submarine he asks Bo when he started noticing a change in "Hope." Bo says that it was only a day or two after he and "Hope" returned from Paris. He says he doesn't know what triggered the change in her. Bo asks John why he is so curious about this now. John said the change is different because she wanted Bo instead of him and he wonders why that is. Bo says he doesn't want to hear anymore...that part of his life is over. John leaves to go to .COM to make copies of "Hope's" file. After he goes Bo has a vision of Hope asking him to bring her back to him safely. He turns to the sky and talks to God. He asks Him why He would give him hope for a future together with Hope and then turn around and take her away. Bo asks Him to help him say goodbye to "Hope" today.

At Salem Place Nicole tells Eric that all she wants is for him to be happy. She tells him that she realizes that he and Greta are getting closer. He asks her why she is saying these things and she says that he just seems to be happier without her. She says she hopes they can be friends someday. He tells her that maybe they could if she would start telling him the truth. She feigns innocence. He wants Nicole to tell him the real reason why she broke up with him. He knows it wasn't just for Lucas's money. She says she can't tell him. He leaves but as he goes he asks himself "Damn, why does she still get to me?" Nicole smugly realizes that she still has a hold on him. Greta arrives and the two women leave to go look at the apartment. Greta loves the apartment but she is beginning to question Nicole's sincerity. She asks Nicole why she is being so nice to her all of a sudden. Nicole says that she has decided to be nice because she wants Eric to be happy. She says she wants all of them to be friends. Greta tells Nicole that she will think about the apartment. Nicole tells her that she should bring Eric back there after "Hope's" memorial service so the two of them can relax. After Greta leaves Nicole remembers that this apartment is where her and Eric made love for the first time. Talking to herself she says that they made many memories here and that those memories will always come between him and Greta. She is very pleased with herself.

In Europe Hope and Stefano are still bickering. He is still trying to get a response to his SOS. He doesn't. They aren't eating and they haven't slept. Hope tells Stefano that she isn't feeling well. Kurt brings them food. Hope pleads with him to let them out. He refuses. Regardless of her pleas he tells her this is the way it has to be. He closes the trap door. He has been unable to contact the Princess therefore he is unsure of what to do next.

Back at .COM Philip asks an employee what Chloe was listening to on the head phones. When she tells him he doesn't know what she is talking about. After discussing it with his friends they are all perplexed. Nobody has heard of it before. The employee tells them it was a CD of aria's. "Aria's?" Jason asks. Philip tells him that it is opera music. Mimi is disgusted. John is there making copies of "Hope's" file. He runs into Eric and they discuss Greta. John tells Eric that when he ran into her earlier that she looked to be in need of some TLC. He agrees saying that she has been having a really hard time with the situation especially since she was convinced that "Hope" was her mother. Eric decides to go and find her. Belle is on her way back inside to talk to Mimi to try to straighten things out. Eric sees that she is upset and instead the two of them decide to go somewhere for something to drink. He says that she looks like she could use a conversation with her big brother right now. She agrees.

John returns to Marlena's office to return "Hope's" file. As he is picking the lock with her letter opener she hands him the key. "BUSTED!" he says. After bantering back and forth about whether or not she should call the police and have him handcuffed and taken away she tells him she is happy he took the file. He is stunned! She says that because it is unethical they can not discuss the file but she is glad that they are now on the same page. He says he hopes they can solve this mystery and put it all behind them soon.

Friday, January 21, 2000

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