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Passions Recaps: The week of January 17, 2000 on PS
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Monday, January 17, 2000

Whitney is listening to music in the kitchen when Simone walks in. Simone asks if that is the song that Chad always plays. Whitney remarked that she wouldn't know. Simone says that she always thinks of Chad when she hears that song. Whitney said that she better not let their Mom hear her talking like that since she doesn't want them hanging around Chad. Simone says that she will just have to accidentally run into Chad from now on.Eve walks into the kitchen as Simone is saying this. Eve tells her that she had better not, she told them to stay away from Chad and she meant it. Simone wants to know why Eve gets upset when she hears Chad's name. Eve tells her that she is just trying to protect her from a boy who could bring her a great deal of harm.Simone says that she only wants to be his friend, but Eve thinks that she wants a little bit more than that. Simone tries to get TC to talk to Eve about Chad, but TC agrees with Eve. He then tells the girls to get their things so that they could go to the funeral. Whitney tells Simone that Eve was right. Simone tells Whitney that she just doesn't like Chad the way that she does, and that Chad said that he could never like Whitney because she is too stuck-up.

At the Cranes, Ethan and Ivy are discussing the funeral. Ethan said that the Lopez-Fitzgeralds were a close family. Ethan said that he was really looking forward to meeting Theresa's boyfriend. He then leaves to go get Sheridan at the cottage. Julian decides that he is going to the funeral. Ivy can't understand why he is going. He said that he wanted to watch that body leave the church and then be burned. He would even supply the matches. Ivy wonders if it is even the real Martin since Julian seems to be in a great hurry to get rid of the body. Gwen shows up to meet Ethan for the funeral. Julian is wondering why she is going since she didn't know Martin, and she is not particularly close to the other members of the family. Gwen said that her future depended on what happened at the funeral. Julian says that he hoped that Gwen wasn't too upset about Theresa being in Ethan's arms at midnight. Theresa said that she was at first, but is not anymore. She said that she wanted to meet Theresa's boyfriend, then they could go on with their lives.

Grace is at home in her kitchen talking to Sam. They talk about what they can do to help Pilar. Sam said that Pilar doesn't even think that it is Martin, but Luis was having a DNA test performed. Grace said that she didn't know if she could ever except losing him. They hug and she then flashes back to when Sam hugged Ivy at the shop. Sam tells Grace that she will never lose him. Charity comes in and asks if she could use the ironing board. Grace tells her that she doesn't have to ask. Grace tells Charity that it is a beautiful dress to wear on such a sad occasion. Charity said that she and Kay would be there for Miguel. Charity then talks to Grace about Miguel. She tells her that they shared their first kiss. Grace tells her that a first love is special, but told her not to rush things.

Tabitha is telling Timmy that she had been up all night trying to think of a way to keep Miguel and Charity apart. Kay shows up at Tabitha's. She tells Tabitha that she has lost the boy she loves, forever. She said that the other girl is using his father's death to get closer to him. She wants Tabitha's help. Tabitha tells Kay that she knows that she wouldn't go to the extremes that she did. She brings out some crushed herbs and tells Kay how she sprinkled them in her rival's dress. She said that the girl broke out into a horrid rash and was unable to go outside for a week, and that it gave her a chance to get closer to the guy once again.. She said that she knew that Kay would never go to such extremes. When Tabitha turns away, Kay puts the bottle of herbs in her pocket. Timmy said Kay stole the herbs, and needed to be stopped. Tabitha said that she meant for Kay to take the herbs. She said that when Kay sprinkles the herbs in Charity's dress, Charity will be out of commission for a least a week. She said that it would give her the time that she needed to lure Charity to the dark side.

Miguel and Theresa are discussing their father's death. Miguel tells her that Luis told him that Pilar was having second thoughts and didn't think that the man was Martin. Pilar comes into the kitchen and says that she is not sure, but that Luis was having DNA tests done. She was hoping that they would find out test results before the funeral. Meanwhile, Luis shows up at the Russells and asks Eve to put a rush on the tests. Luis then returns home and tells his mother that she may just have to accept the fact that Martin is dead. He tells them that he will meet them at the Church. Theresa and Miguel discuss Ethan. Miguel tells her that she can't make someone love her. He tells her that she needs to tell Ethan the truth at the funeral. She says that she can't because then he would know that Gwen was right all along. She doesn't want Ethan to hate her. Miguel tells her that Ethan will suspect something when no boyfriend shows up with her.

Sheridan is at the cottage having dreams about Luis. They are making love and Luis tells her how much he loves her. She is calling out Luis's name in her sleep. Ethan wakes her up and tells her that she lied to him. He says that she has fallen for Luis. She says that she hasn't. She says that they have spent a lot of time together. She says that she doesn't even remember the dream. She says that it doesn't matter what she wants, because Luis doesn't believe that a rich woman and a poor man can make it. They head to the Crane mansion. Ethan tells Gwen that he doesn't want her to pick a fight with Theresa. Julian makes a toast to new beginnings. Sheridan doesn't understand how he can do this before a funeral.

Kay returns home. She goes into Charity's room, and sprinkles the herbs into the dress. Charity enters the room and puts on the dress. she asks Kay to zip her up.She then starts to itch. She then breaks out into a rash.

Chad shows up at the hospital to talk to Orville. He tells Orville that his place is sealed up so now he may never find out what he needs to know. Orville tells him where to find an extra key. Eve enters the room and wants to know where he has hidden the information that he has on her. She gets beeped and leaves. Orville then remembers that he hid the information in the bird. Chad heads over to Orville's and finds the key. He is searching, but doesn't find anything. He then picks up the bird and wonders if anything could be hidden in the bird.

At the Church, most of the residents of Harmony show up to pay their last respects to Martin. When the Bennetts arrive, Jessica and Charity are not with them. They explain that Jessica has the flu, and that Charity suddenly broke out in a rash. Miguel decides to go to Charity. Kay is upset about this. As the funeral get underway, Luis starts to say a few words about his father. Eve then comes in and talks to Luis. Miguel and Charity show up. They explain that Miguel thought that she was allergic to the chemicals that the dry cleaners use. They said that Pilar uses baking soda for poison ivy, and when they did that the rash did disappear. Luis announces that the man that they are about to bury is not Martin Fitzgerald. Sam wonders who the man is , and thinks that Julian possibly knows. Sheridan now thinks that she may have killed the real Martin when she was a child.

Tabitha is furious that Miguel saved Charity yet again. She wonders what the book will say about her getting Charity over to the dark side. Before she can get the book, Timmy grabs it and says that he won't let Tabitha hurt Charity.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

Timmy & Tabitha:
Tabitha is chasing Timmy around the house trying to get back the missing page from the tome. He tells her he won't give it back because he doesn't want to see Charity get hurt. Tabitha chases him around until he only has two ways to go: through Fluffy or through Tabby. Tabitha tells him she'll forget about the whole thing if he just gives her the page. He gets away from her and scurries up the chimney. She begs him to come out of there and he tells her he won't. Tabitha says she'll take Fluffy up on the roof and drop her on Timmy's head. Timmy gets freaked out and Tabitha says she wouldn't do that to Fluffy because it would scare her too much. She starts crumpling up newspaper and lights a match. Timmy asks what she is doing and she says there's a nip in the air and she's going to build a roaring fire. Timmy tells her he's not stupid...if she sets Timmy on fire, the page goes up in smoke with him...Check mate, Princess. Tabitha agrees and says she'll go with her original plan and drop Fluffy on him. Timmy finally gives in and gives her the page. He comes out covered in soot and Fluffy chases him around while Tabitha tries to decode the words on the page. When she does figure it out, she tells Timmy the only way to lure Charity over to the dark side is if Miguel dies at her hand. She says she has the perfect plan that will allow Charity to kill her

Chad, Orville, & Eve:
Chad is looking around Orville's apartment for some answers to his past, but he's not having too much luck. He's holding the bird in his hands, but doesn't find the red envelope. Orville is in his room at the hospital and he thinks that Eve needs to find that envelope before anyone else does or it could be disastrous. Orville pages Eve and tells her to get over to his apartment. While Chad is looking around, he hears someone trying to come in. He goes out the window and hides. It was a neighbor of Orville's and a cop that she called. She tells the officer that Orville owes her money and doesn't want anything to happen that would keep her from getting the money back. Eve shows up and the lady hides the bird in her coat. Eve tells the officer who she is and that she is there to pick up something for Orville. She looks around for the bird, but can't find it.

The Church:
Luis announces to everyone that the man is not Martin Fitzgerald. The Lopez-Fitzgerald clan is ecstatic and the Crane clan looks like their world is about to unravel. Julian goes to the back of the church and Sheridan tells Ethan that if it wasn't Martin in that coffin, she may have killed the real Martin all those years ago. He tells her to get that out of her head and that until they get concrete evidence, she didn't kill anyone. Sam and Luis have their own suspicions and go to question Julian about the body. Ivy is talking to Julian saying he made a mess of things now and Alistair won't be happy about it. Sam asks Ivy to excuse them while they ask Julian some questions. Julian has a solid defense, so they don't have any ground to detain him any longer and Sam excuses him. Luis gets mad at Sam, but Sam tells him they will get him, but they have to have solid evidence first. They are thinking of ways to get inside the Crane mansion to look for answers or an insider to give them some information. Sam tells Luis that none of the Cranes will talk when Sheridan comes over and asks to speak to Luis privately.

Kay is livid seeing Charity and Miguel together. Simone tells her to give up and Kay tells her that the magazine article said that she will be with Miguel all year since she was in his arms at midnight. Ivy overhears this and asks Kay what she was talking about. Kay explains and Ivy thinks about being with Sam. She tells Kay that she does believe the magazine and Simone freaks out saying the whole thing is stupid. Sam comes over and ask if everything is OK and Ivy tells him he has a lovely daughter. Sam talks to Ivy alone and tells her to stay away from his family and that he's married to Grace. Ivy says she knows that, but he was hers once. He walks away and Ivy vows to get him back.

Miguel and Charity are talking with Pilar and she tells her how amazing it was that she knew it wasn't her husband. She says that kind of love is a miracle and the people that do find it are blessed. Miguel looks dreamy-eyed at her and Kay looks on about to spit nails.

Theresa is talking with Whitney about, what else, FATE, and how it saved her yet again. Whitney tells her that Gwen is not going to back off and she needs to be careful. Gwen comes over to them and says she's waited long enough and she needs to speak with Theresa. Whitney leaves them alone. Theresa starts hightailing it to the back of the church and Gwen is following right behind her. Theresa plays stupid about what Gwen wants to talk about. Gwen is being really mean and says that she knows exactly what she wants to talk about and it's her fictional boyfriend. Gwen says that she's tired of playing her games and that Theresa messed with the wrong person. She wants Theresa to admit that there is no boyfriend and that she's in love with Ethan. Theresa starts to say something but Gwen continues on with her rampage. She tells Theresa that she tried to play in the major leagues but she couldn't hack it and she will always be in the minors. Ethan comes up to her and asks what is going on between them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2000

Eve, Chad, & Orville:
Eve is in Orville's apartment and she can't find the bird statue that contains all her secrets. Orville's neighbor is seen with it and wonders why he would keep something like this for so many years. She thinks it must contain secrets. Eve talks to Orville and asks if he's sure the statue is in the apartment. He says he's positive but she can't find it. Chad comes in the room so Orville hangs up the phone with Eve. Chad wants to know what he's hiding and Orville tells him he's not hiding anything. Chad gets upset and yells at him. He says he may not deserve much in life but everyone deserves to know who they are. Orville starts to say something but goes loopy. The nurse comes in and tells Chad to leave Orville alone so he can rest. Simone ran into Chad when he returned from Orville's and he told her what he was trying to do. She was there to see Eve, but couldn't find her anywhere. She calls her mom and tells her she was looking for her. Simone also tells her that she ran into Chad but she didn't do it on purpose. Eve tells her she's not mad at her. She tells Eve that Chad was in Orville's apartment and he thinks he may have found some answers to his past. Eve flips out and tells Simone she'll talk to her later. Eve is paranoid about her secrets coming out and since she can't find the statue, there is only one thing left to do...she sets his apartment on fire.

Julian is on the phone with Daddy Alistair and getting yelled at for messing up. Julian tells him he did his best and he should be thanking him for it was his idea to put the matching scar on the impostor's body. Alistair tells him they have to keep their secrets covered up because it would destroy the family if the truth came out. He also tells Julian to keep an eye on Sheridan because she is the weak link in the family and not to let her get to close to Luis. Julian says he will do whatever it takes.

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis asks Sheridan what she wanted to talk to him about and she tells him she's happy for him that it wasn't his father. He tells her she already said that but Sheridan says she knows how hard he was taking the whole thing and now he can stop blaming himself. She says she owes him her life and that's a debt she intends to repay. He tells her she doesn't have to and she insists that she does. Luis asks her if she knows anything about the time his father disappeared and Sheridan of course flashes to "that night." Luis says by her facial expressions she knows something. Sheridan says she was very young and she was prone to nightmares as a child....then she went to boarding school in Europe. Luis says okay and she says she'll talk to him later. Pilar comes over to him after Sheridan left and thanked Luis for believing her. He says he's glad he did listen to her. He also tells her he's going to investigate the Cranes and find out the truth. Pilar begs him not to do it because Julian and Alistair are ruthless men and she doesn't want him to get hurt. Luis is reluctant, but finally agrees. She then says she saw him talking to Sheridan. He says she's been great through this whole thing. Pilar tells him that she and Ethan are the kindest people in that family. Luis says he doesn't know about Ethan, but Sheridan is a very nice person and he was wrong about her. Pilar says she's glad and leaves.

Sheridan & Julian:
Sheridan runs into Julian and asks why he's still there. He says he was just about to leave and he was waiting for his ride. He asks her why she's there and she says she needs time alone. Julian says he saw her with Luis and wants to know what that was all about. She says she was thanking him for saving her life and telling him she's glad that it wasn't his father that died. She also asks Julian to give her answers about the real Martin, but he doesn't say anything. He taunts her and says he hope she's not having nightmares again. Sheridan tells him she was concerned since that wasn't the real Martin, but Ethan keeps trying to convince her that it was just a dream. Julian agrees and says she never killed anyone. He tells her once her ludicrous community service is over, she is not to have anything to do with the local yokel officer, Luis. She tells him she can see whomever she wants whenever she wants and he can't tell her what to do because she's not a child. Julian asks her if she was considering him for a dating partner and tells her she already has a track record with losers. Sheridan says it's none of his business, but it's not like Luis would ever date her because of her family. She says she can't blame him and tells Julian he's a pompous ass! They argue some more and he tells her he means it and to stay away from Luis. He leaves and Sheridan is about to go back into the church and runs into Luis. She apologizes and says she wasn't looking where she was going. He teases her and says at least she wasn't driving. He then says he doesn't know what she's doing tonight but asks her if she'd like to have dinner with him. She says yes and he says it's a date.

Theresa, Ethan, & Gwen:
Ethan asks Gwen what is going on and she tells him she's trying to get Theresa to admit that she has been lying to them. Ethan and Gwen argue about it and Theresa just stands there. Gwen tells Ethan he's a lawyer and asks why he can't see all the evidence. Whitney is watching on and wonders if there is anything she can do to help her out. Gwen tells her it's time to fess up and Theresa is about to speak when Father Lonigan tells her he's been looking for her. He says her boyfriend called twice to let her know he couldn't make it because of car trouble. Gwen looks like she's going to spit nails and Ethan tells her she owes Theresa an apology. They leave and Whitney shows up and tells Theresa what she did. They are jumping up and down when Father Lonigan comes up to them and gives them a lecture about lying. He says he expects to hear from them in confession tomorrow. Gwen and Ethan get into an argument and she tells him she still doesn't buy Theresa's "boyfriend." Ethan tells her he doesn't know why. Gwen then accuses him of being in love with her and until they get things straightened out she needs time away from him.

Thursday, January 20, 2000

Chad, Simone, Orville & Eve:
Chad and Simone are talking at the hospital and he informs her of the time he found her "moms" snooping in Orville's apartment She said she had no idea. Chad says the cop outside his apartment should be gone by now, so he's going to see if he can get back inside. Simone tells him she'll go with him to help, but he says no because he doesn't want her getting into trouble with her mom. He tells her she's the best and thanks her for all of her help. He leaves and she of course decides to follow him. Eve in watching the fire blaze at Orville's and is talking to herself about how no one will find out her secrets now. She tries to leave but she can't get the door open. Eve starts to panic but makes her way over to the window and leaves that way. Chad gets to Orville's and Simone makes her presence known. He asks her what she's doing there and she says she just wants to help. Chad smells the smoke and realizes it's Orville's apartment that is on fire. He tells Simone to go call the fire department and warn the neighbors. He is trying to bust open the door and is very upset that the secrets about his past are up in smoke. Eve goes to the hospital and Orville asks why she smells like smoke. She starts crying and says she didn't have any other choice and she had to set his place on fire. At first he's upset but realizes it's for the best and no one will find out the secrets to her past or Chad's. She asks what secrets are related to Chad and Orville says it's a secret as big as hers. Chad comes in and Eve says he should let Orville get some rest. He tells him that his apartment is destroyed because of a fire. Orville feigns his shock and goes into a little song about "stuff." Eve tells Orville she's sorry about his apartment. Chad says it was so intense that he can still smell smoke. He's giving Eve the eye and she tells him it must be his own clothes he is smelling. Throughout the show, Orville's flighty neighbor keeps saying "why would Orville have such a piece of junk? And I can sell this for money" about the bird.

Tabitha, Timmy, Charity & Miguel:
Tabitha is rummaging through a trunk looking for something that will allow Charity to kill Miguel. Timmy tells her it's a lost cause because he hasn't seen two people more in love since Romeo and Juliet. Tabitha tells him she's surprised he knows about them. She goes on about how great Shakespeare was and she wishes she could have met him...alas the three witches from Macbeth always go on and on about him. Timmy asks her if she's just name dropping or if she really knew those people. Tabitha tells him he has given her the perfect plan and she will have Charity poison Miguel. Timmy begs her not to do it and says he will let Fluffy use him as a scratching post if she promises not to kill Miguel. She tells him she's sorry but she has to do it. Over at the Bennett's, Charity and Miguel are talking about death and how she lost her mom and he thought he lost his father. She says if she ever lost him, she doesn't know what she would do and she thinks that she would die too. Miguel promises that nothing bad is going to happen. Charity says she has a bad feeling that someone is going to die tonight. Tabitha makes the poison in the kitchen and calls Charity and invites her and Miguel over for tea and petit-fours. They agree and say they'll be right over. Tabitha poisons one of the petit-fours and places it on a red doily so she'll know which one Charity has to give Miguel. The doorbell rings and Tabby tells Timmy to make the tea. She invites them in and says she'll be right back. Miguel asks her if she is still feeling weird, and she says the feeling about someone dying tonight is stronger than ever.

Sheridan & Luis:
Sheridan is in her cottage and clothes are scattered everywhere. She's really nervous about her date with Luis and says she just wants to look perfect. Sheridan asks herself why she's getting all worked's just a man. Then she says Luis is unlike any man she's ever met. The phone rings and she puts it on speaker. It's Alistair and she says she's pleasantly surprised by his call and that it has been too long since they've spoken. He tells her to stay away from Luis and she comments on how Julian has been keeping him informed. Alistair assures her that they had nothing to do with the real Martin Fitzgerald disappearing and to be careful of Luis because he will use her like all the rest. Sheridan tries to argue and he tells her he knows all about the losers she's prone to dating and she's destined to have people use her. She's about to tell him how Luis isn't like any other man, but he says he has to go and hangs up. Luis is in the kitchen writing a note when Pilar comes in. She asks him if he's going out and he says that he is taking a lady to dinner. Pilar tells him to say hi to Beth for her and he tells her he's taking Sheridan out, not Beth. Pilar looks happy and tells him again how fond of Sheridan she is and tells him to have a good time. Luis says she's getting the wrong's not a romantic date, he's going to ask for her help investigating Julian and Alistair. She asks if Sheridan is aware of that and Luis says why else would she want to go out with me? He leaves and Pilar gets the "I know more than you think about your feelings for Sheridan" look. Sheridan and Luis are at the Lobster Shack. They are talking about how much they've changed towards one another since they met. Luis teases her about how they collided. Sheridan apologizes for that and tells him how she had just gotten out of a bad relationship with Jean Luc and she was looking to take out her rage on anything. She admits that it was wrong and Luis agrees with her. She teases him and says that most men would disagree with the woman and say it wasn't her fault. He tells her he's not like most men and he's sorry if that upsets her. She says it's just the opposite of that. Luis says he was wrong about her, she's a nice person and she's tough. Sheridan asks him if he wants to know the truth and he says yes because it always comes out eventually anyway. She tells him she just pretends to be tough and she's learned it. She said maybe it was growing up Crane, but when men like Jean Luc use her or anyone uses her for that matter, she falls apart and cries. They talk some more and Luis asks her if she is ready to hear why he asked her out. Sheridan looks really excited and says she's been waiting to hear him say it. Luis then lowers the boom that he wants her help investigating her brother and father and find out if they have any connection to his father's disappearance. Sheridan takes a big swig of her wine and asks if that's why he invited her. He asks her what else she thought and she is LIVID. Sheridan tells him he's just like Jean Luc and all of those other men who just want to use her. He tries to tell her he's not and she says he just wants to use her to get to her family. She remembers Alistair's warning to stay away from Luis and she says she will. Luis asks her if she's saying she will help him. She stands up, tells him to go to hell and throws her wine in his face and storms out of the restaurant! Luis just sits there shocked and wipes his face. Sheridan storms into her cottage and scolds herself for believing that Luis was different and he wasn't going to use her. She picks up all of the clothes and says she wasted all this time trying to look good and Luis didn't even care he just wanted her help in bringing down her own family. She sits on the couch and says "I hate you Luis I LOATHE you and I never want to see you again." There is a knock on the door and she yells whoever it is, Ethan, Ivy or Julian to go away and leave her alone. They knock again and she gets up and says "what part of go away and leave me alone don't you understand?" She opens the door and finds Luis standing there.

Friday, January 21, 2000

Theresa, Ethan, & Gwen:
Ethan calls Gwen and she asks if he's come to his senses and is calling to tell her he believes that Theresa doesn't have a boyfriend. Ethan tells her that he believes Theresa and he is calling to invite her to dinner. She told him she's serious about this whole situation and Ethan tells her he is as well. Gwen asks him if he wants Theresa to have a boyfriend and he asks why he wouldn't want her to. Gwen tells him if she did have a boyfriend, she would be off limits, and maybe he wants to be with Theresa. He tells her that's crazy and Gwen tells him she doesn't think it is and until they get to the truth, she doesn't want to see him and hangs up the phone. Ivy catches the tail end of this conversation and asks Ethan if his problems have to do with Theresa. He tells her that Gwen in misconstruing the whole situation and Theresa is not the one to blame. Ivy tells him that Julian planted the seeds of doubt in Gwen's head when she overheard him telling Ethan to sow his wild oats with Theresa. Ivy tells him that if she does find out that Theresa was lying, she will make sure she doesn't come near Ethan again. Theresa and Whitney are in Theresa's room and she is spouting off about her best friend, fate! Whitney tells her that she was the one who saved her butt this time and fate had nothing to do with it. Theresa says something about fate again and Whitney tells her to quit using that word! Theresa says that she and Ethan are meant to be and she just needs to make him see that. Whitney reminds her that he's in love with Gwen and wants to marry her, but Theresa says it's only because he hasn't seen the nasty side of Gwen yet. Once he does, he won't want to be with her any longer. Whitney tells her she's being foolish and is getting tired of hearing all of this. Ethan calls her and asks if he can come over to talk to her and she asks what this is about. He tells her it's about Gwen and she says that he can come over. She gets all fancied up in a dress that most people, other than Ivy Crane, wouldn't just lounge around the house in. When he shows up, he tells her he needs her help getting Gwen to understand everything. She tells him okay and she just needs her phone number. She calls Gwen and asks her and Ethan to meet her at the Lobster Shack tomorrow and they can finally meet her boyfriend. Gwen seems suspicious, but agrees. When she hangs up, Ethan tells her she's a great friend and hugs her. He leaves and Whitney tells her she's playing with fire, but Theresa thinks that her best pal Fate will save her again!

Timmy, Tabitha, Charity, & Miguel:
Miguel asks Charity if she's okay and she tells him that her premonition of death is even stronger and she thinks that he's going to die. Miguel tells her nothing will happen to him. Timmy is in the kitchen with Tabitha and begs her to not go through with her plan. She tells him sorry, but she has to. She carries in the tray of tea and petit fours and Timmy under her arm into the living room. She apologizes for taking so long, she was having an argument with her doll. They just look at her and she says she was joking and asks if she can pour them a cup of tea. Miguel apologizes to Tabitha and says they can't stay as Charity isn't feeling well. She asks her what is wrong and Charity tells her she's having strange feelings about someone dying. Tabitha fakes a spell and Charity and Miguel ask if there is anything they can do...she tells them to get her pills from the kitchen. She lays her head down on the table and Timmy yells that she's dead. She sits up and tells him to be quiet and she's just pretending. Charity and Miguel return w/her pills and she takes one and thanks them for saving her life. Charity thinks this is what her premonition was about...Tabitha. They sit down and she pours them some tea. Tabitha takes a petit four and tells Charity to have one and then pass on the plate to Miguel. She takes one but Miguel declines as he's not hungry. Tabitha takes a big bite of hers and tells Miguel that he's had a hard day and this will make him feel better. He says okay and takes the one from the middle and eats it. Tabitha smiles and then Miguel says he isn't feeling very well and needs some air. He and Charity go outside and Tabitha tells Timmy it's just a matter of time before he keels over. She goes into the living room and finishes off the petit fours. Timmy comes in and tells her he has a confession to make...he couldn't bare to see Miguel die, so he switched the petit fours and the poisoned one is still on the plate. Tabitha looks at the empty plate and then tells Timmy she just ate it. Timmy asks her if she's fake dying again and she says she isn't. He asks what happens to witches when they die and she says they melt. She said "I'm melting Timmy, I'm melting." Timmy says that it's gross and he killed his princess!

Sheridan & Luis:
Luis tells Sheridan he knows she's angry. She tells him she's more than angry. He says it was pretty obvious how angry she was when she threw the wine in his face. She tells him he used her to bring down her own family and if she didn't make herself clear at the restaurant, her answer is no. She tries to shut the door on him but he stops her and tells her he's there to apologize. Sheridan says that'll be the day. Luis says he knows he hurt her and she feels like he used her, but he would never do that and he's very sorry. He would never be like that guy Jean Luc. She tells him that he couldn't be that rotten, no man could and walks towards the couch. He walks in after her and picks up her coat and purse off the floor. Luis says she must have dropped these but she says she threw them. He says she really was mad at him. She tells him not to push it because she hasn't calmed down completely. She gets them both a glass of wine and they sit on the couch. He tells her this case is driving him nuts and he just figured that she would want to help him since they talked about how important the truth was. He keeps telling her how sorry he is and that he would never use her like that. She tells him she believes him. Sheridan apologizes for throwing the wine in his face and she hopes it wasn't too embarrassing. He tells her the waiter figured he must have propositioned her. Luis says he could live with that, but not knowing that he hurt her like that. He tells her that he has to know why the impostor was posing as his father and how Julian knows him. Sheridan says maybe Julian was a victim in this as well and this might be one mystery he won't solve. He tells her that the truth will come out and he will find it because his life and his family's are on the line. Sheridan tells him since he's been so honest, it's her turn. She tells him that she doesn't have the greatest relationship with her brother or her father. They are both very demanding and secretive men. He asks what they are secretive about and she says anything and everything...things have a tendency to be hushed up in her family. He asks her to do him a favor and just forget this whole night ever happened. She tells him she can't do that after listening to him speak so openly about his family. Sheridan says she can't imagine her own family trying to destroy another one...especially his as his mother means so much to them. She says she wants to help him prove that her family didn't have anything to do with his father's disappearance and she will find a way because she owes him for saving her life. He tells her she doesn't have to and she tells him if it's answers he's looking for, she will get him into the mansion to look around. Luis tells her he won't get her involved and thanks but no thanks. Sheridan asks him why and he says he doesn't want her to feel like he's using her because he would never treat her or any other woman that way. He thanks her for hearing him out and starts to leave. He tells her not to put herself down because she's been involved with losers. Luis says he learned how special she was in Santa Fe and when they were up on the roof New Year's Eve. He tells her she deserves the best and a guy that will treat her that way. He says a guy like Hank. She seemed disappointed and so did he when he said that. He says that Hank jokes about marrying a rich woman but deep down he's salt to the earth. They say their goodnights and he leaves. Sheridan sees his scarf and goes to the door and Luis is standing there. He thanks her and she tells him she has one more thing to say about her family. She tells him if they feel threatened, they take no prisoners and to please be careful. He tells her he will.

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