All My Children Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on AMC

Janet killed Sophie in self-defense. Trevor disappeared after confessing to Sophie's murder. Mateo rescued Hayley from a burning building. Erica learned that Alex had once been in a Welsh mental institution. Adam tried to convince Gillian to tell Jake the truth about Colby's paternity.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, January 10, 2000

Jake and Gillian met at the Valley Inn and Jake was still amazed that Gillian had answered yes to his proposal so quickly. You're a good man and will make me happy, Gillian told him. They agreed to keep their engagement a secret until Valentines Day, Gillian suggested they throw a party and invite all of their friends. Jake got a message from Marian that Liza would be away longer than planned and Jake headed over to Marian's to find out what was going on. Just as Gillian is leaving, too, Janet stops her and asks her if she's seen Adam. Gillian hasn't and Janet rushes off, seemingly desperate to find him. Gillian watches her go and is even more puzzled when she sees Trevor following Janet.

Ryan and Greenlee arrive at his apartment and upon finding a note from Scott that says he will be gone for the day, they make love on the couch. They are still lying there when there's a knock on the door. Greenlee gathers up all her clothes and hides in the bedroom while Ryan answers the door to find Gillian standing there. She wanted to tell him the news herself, that she and Jake are getting married. Ryan is obviously devastated by the news, but tries to put on a good front and wishes them all the best. He asks about the details, if they've set a date (which they haven't) while Greenlee listens from the bedroom. Gillian leaves and Greenlee emerges, willing to carry on with their "fun", despite Ryan's feelings for Gillian.

Mateo and Hayley talk on the beach, admitting that they still love each other and apologizing for hurting each other in the past. Mateo wants to give their relationship another shot, but Hayley says that's what their problem it. They still love each other but they can't seem to make it work and Hayley doesn't want to cause Mateo any more pain. She then asks him why he came there and he almost pulls out the ring box, but then shoves it back in his pocket. Mateo tells her he still loves her and insists that he will never give up on her, no matter what.

At Marian and Stuart's house, Stuart is confused when Marian just watches the phone ring, but doesn't answer it. She's hiding out from Adam, she tells him, she's certain he's going to do something awful to get revenge. Stuart tries to reassure her that Adam would never hurt his own brother's wife and then leaves. A little while later, Adam shows up and threatens Marian with prison if she doesn't tell him where Liza and Colby are. Marian doesn't know, and threatens back that he'll be the one going to jail because of the sperm switch. The phone rings and Adam picks it up, pretending to be Stuart. It's Liza, but she hears Marian yelling in the background that it's really Adam on the phone and hangs up on him.

Jake arrives to find out what Marian's note meant and isn't happy when Marian can't provide any more information. She tells him that Liza is doing some work for the TV studio while she's over in Europe and will be in touch soon. Jake's suspicious, especially since Adam is standing there, but finally leaves with the promise that Marian will call him the second she hears from Liza. Marian's surprised that Adam didn't tell Jake the truth, but Adam knows from the letter Liza left that if he tells Jake, he'll never see Colby again. They have one more interruption, this time it's Janet coming to beg Adam for a million dollars. Not only does he refuse to give it to her, he demands the last $50,000 he gave her back. Janet leaves in a panic, muttering to herself about what is she going to do now. Adam tells Marian that if Liza calls, to tell her that he's willing to do anything she asks. Marian is suspicious, but he insists he's sincere, he'll do anything to get Colby back. Adam leaves, but as soon as the door shuts behind him, he makes a vow that once he gets Liza and Colby back, he'll take away from Marian everything that she loves.

Janet goes home and has a frantic conversation with "Mirror Janet", she's running out of time to get the money. The only solution is to kill Sophie, "Mirror Janet" tells her for about the thousandth time. Suddenly, Trevor bursts through the door and asks "What the hell is going on!?."

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Becca sat in an office at WRCW working on the invitation list for Scott's surprise party. Leo dropped by with another plea for Becca to "save [his] soul." Becca remarked that Leo might be beyond help and returned to her task at hand. Leo continued to sit across the table from her. Becca looked up and gave Leo a chance to redeem himself. She asked him what he thinks the biggest problem is facing the world. Leo's responses were all shallow, once of which was "velour sweatsuits." Becca rolled her eyes and belittled Leo's self-absorbed take on the world. She asked him if he ever thinks about anyone other than himself. After a few seconds of pause, she asked Leo if he was free later that night. Leo's face lit up. He assumed that Becca was inviting him to dinner. He was in for the shock of his life. Becca, still smiling broadly, informed Leo that she wanted him to help out at her church's soup kitchen. The look of horror on Leo's face was immeasurable. He professed an allergy to kitchens as the reason he could not join her. Becca turned the screws as she accused Leo of not being serious about his intended reformation. Leo knew that he had to go through with helping out at the soup kitchen if his plan to seduce Becca was to succeed. He had yet another heart-stopping moment when Becca told him to change out of his "dry clean only" clothing because they'd also be cleaning up afterwards.

A ski trip to Gestad was the perfect way for Erica and Bianca to spend some time together. David told his lover that he'd miss her terribly while she was gone. Erica smiled broadly and handed him a knitted black hat. "I want you to come," she said softly. David was surprised. This was the first time that she did not want to hide their relationship from Bianca. "Bianca adores you," Erica beamed. "You've inspired a case of hero worship." Flattered as David was, he was unable to accept the invitation. He told Erica that his work at the Andrassy Foundation did not allow him to take time off. Erica was certain that the foundation would hold up while he was gone. David nodded; it was actually Alex that he was worried about. He told Erica that Alex had called him "Geoffrey" during a conversation they had at Wildwind. That, Erica stated, was further proof that Alex was a dangerous woman. She vowed to take care of Alex, but David asked that she not get involved. Palmer and Vanessa appeared by the side of the table and the argument quickly came to an end. Vanessa looked around and mused that it was not wise to bicker in a public place such as The Valley Inn. Erica asked to speak to Palmer in private, the topic of the conversation would be Alex Devane. David demanded that Erica not mention anything about Alex. David and his mother journeyed to the other side of the room. There, Vanessa took pleasure in exaggerating the argument she'd walked in on. She took joys in pointing out that Leo was involved in a very happy relationship with Greenlee. Back across the room, Erica told Palmer that she was concerned that Alex was a bit unstable. She pleaded with Palmer to use his authority at the hospital to find a way to give Alex the boot. Palmer stopped short of saying that he would use his leverage. Instead, he told Erica that he'd take it under advisement. David and Vanessa returned to the table just as Palmer was mentioning Alex's name. After Palmer and Vanessa went on their way to another table, David unleashed his anger at Erica. "What part of 'keep out of this' don't you understand?" he asked angrily. Erica told David that she was concerned about his safety. David again thanked her for her concern, but he assured her that he could fight his own battles. David was paged away before the two could return to normal conversation. Leo, meanwhile, made an appearance at his mother's table and told her of his plans to go to the soup kitchen. Vanessa smiled from ear to ear and commented that she her "bon vivant son" had once again found a club that she hadn't heard of. Leo bit his lower lip and bashfully informed his mother that he was actually going to a real soup kitchen. Vanessa looked equally as mortified as Leo had been upon first receiving Becca's invitation. She told her son that Palmer would write him a check so that he wouldn't have to go through the drudgery of working in the soup kitchen. Leo laughed slightly and told his mother that he had to work there as part of a bet. Shortly after David left, Erica received a phone call on her cellular phone. The phone call, from her informant in Europe, yielded some surprising results. "I couldn't have made up anything better myself," she said with a slight gasp. "It is my duty to expose this---tonight."

"I swear Trevor, nothing's going on," Janet proclaimed in a very panicked voice. She claimed that she was still "stressed out" from the holidays. Trevor asked Janet why she'd gone to visit Adam. Janet's eyes widened as she asked her husband if he's been following her. Trevor put two and two together and figured out that Janet must need money. He asked his wife if she was sick or if someone was blackmailing her. "It's nothing like that," Janet replied softly. Trevor asked Janet if she loved him. Janet sat down on the sofa and assured her husband that she loved him. That said, Trevor asked her why wouldn't allow him to help her. He asked once again if her peculiar behavior had anything to do with Sophie. Finally, Janet opened up. She told Trevor that she was troubled by something from her past. She seemed ready to admit that Sophie was back in her life. Before she spilled the beans, Janet noticed Sophie's eyes peering through the window. She suddenly lost her nerve and made up a bogus story about her mother, Wilma. Janet claimed that Wilma had been calling her day and night demanding money for a new condo in Pine Valley. Trevor nearly hit the ceiling. "The only thing [Wilma] is getting from me is a one-way ticket to the Bermuda Triangle," Trevor snapped. Amanda returned home in the middle of her parents' raised-voice conversation. She feared that they were arguing, but both Trevor and Janet insisted that that was not the case. Amanda reminded her dad that they were scheduled to attend a father-daughter event. Trevor nodded his head and told Amanda to make sure that her things were packed. A little while later, Hayley returned home. She came through the door chattering spring fashion tips into a voice-activated tape recorder. She set the recorder down on a nearby table and chatted it up with her Uncle Trevor. With Janet out of the room, Trevor filled his niece in on Janet's problems with Wilma. Hayley could relate to mother troubles and agreed to stick around the house to see if she could help cheer up Janet. Amanda scampered into the room and shrieked that she'd forgotten to get cups for her getaway. Hayley walked towards the phone and announced that she'd call Mateo to see if he could help. As she did, she put her finger in the air and urged Trevor to withhold any comments he might have. Mateo was up to the challenge and told Hayley that he had plenty of cups for Amanda. He asked Hayley if she'd drop by, but Hayley said that she had a lot of work to do. Mateo turned on the charm and informed Hayley that one of the bands's she'd signed was slated to make their debut performance at the club. Hayley pursed her lips together and agreed to stop by later. With all of Amanda's belongings packed, it was time for Trevor and Amanda to be on their way. Hayley headed upstairs to get in a little work and Trevor gave his wife a final kiss. Janet was by herself for all of a few minutes before Sophie barged into the house. "Okay, Mommy Warbucks. It's time to get with the program. I want the money now," Sophie grumbled. A look of horror swept over Janet's face as she reminded Sophie that her twenty-four hours wasn't up yet. "My game---my rules!" Sophie shouted. Janet warned Sophie to keep her voice down because Hayley was upstairs. Sophie told Janet that the police were starting to poke around the Pine Cone --- and she was beginning to get nervous. When Sophie threatened to have her partner in crime stick it to Trevor and Janet, Mirror Janet once again reared her head. Mirror Janet reckoned that Sophie's claim of having an accomplice was nothing more than hot air. If there was someone else, surely she would have seen him by now. Janet pleaded for one more hour to get the money for Sophie. Sophie relented and agreed. Mirror Janet chirped that Janet should have Sophie meet her at an abandoned warehouse on the East Side of town. Janet relayed the message and again Sophie agreed. After Sophie left, Hayley wandered downstairs. She asked Janet to join her at SOS, but Janet said that she wanted to enjoy her time alone. Hayley reluctantly agreed. On her way, she stopped to grab the tape recorder she'd left on the table. Alone, Janet was beginning to fear that she'd run out of time. Mirror Janet shook her head and told Janet that she needed to put an end to Sophie. Failure to do so, and Janet might was well kill Trevor herself.

Alex and Edmund dropped by Sounds of Salsa for a few drinks. Edmund remarked that he didn't figure the salsa club as Alex's typical haunt. Alex explained that Dimitri had told her all about the club and that she'd decided it was time to check it out. Alex mentioned her run-in with David and how she'd called him "Geoffrey" by accident. Edmund wondered who Geoffrey was, but the problem was that Alex had no idea who he was either. Edmund rattled off a series of possibilities---a co-worker, a family member, or perhaps the name of "a friend of a friend's dog." The only thing that seemed to jog her memory was the mention that it was a male family member. Trevor and Amanda stopped by to pick up their cups. Mateo had one-upped himself by tossing in some chips and pretzels. Amanda worried that her parents were fighting, but Trevor once again assured her that everything was fine. They were not arguing, he claimed, they were just "talking loud." Mateo, meanwhile, asked Edmund and Alex to stick around for the debut of a new band. He couldn't help but smile when he announced that Hayley would be stopping by. Alex looked at Edmund and told him that she'd stay --- but only if he danced with her. She took one more sip of her margarita and scurried off to the dance floor. There, she rhumbaed it up with the best of them. A surprised Edmund look off his jacket before joining her.

At WRCW, Hayley sat down at her desk to take some notes from her tape recorder. In the middle of her notes, she caught portions of Janet's conversation with Sophie --- and her request for Sophie to meet her at the warehouse.

On the other side of town, Janet rigged two sandbags with a tripwire so that the next person to walk through the door would get walloped. With no mirrors in sight, Janet was on her own. She plotted Sophie's demise, but she seemed less than sure of her plan. "She'll never know what hit her," Janet smiled nervously.

Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Alex and Edmund finished their dance at Sounds of Salsa. Edmund offered to do some more dancing, but Alex was ready to sit down and rest. Edmund laughed and thanked Alex for the fun, saying it have given both of them a chance to exercise their "alternate personalities." Alex realized that this was the first time since Dimitri's death that she's actually had a chance to relax and have some fun. Across the bar, Mateo told Adrian that Hayley would be dropping by to hear the band she'd signed. Adrian asked Mateo if he'd popped the question to Hayley yet. Mateo shook his head and explained that he was waiting for the right time. Gillian and Jake walked arm-in-arm into the club and immediately set up shop at Edmund and Alex's table. Alex was overjoyed that Gillian looked so well. Erica placed an urgent call to Edmund and asked that they meet immediately. Edmund was enjoying his night out and asked Erica to call him in the morning. Erica told him that she couldn't wait and that he had to get away from whatever it was he was doing. "Look Erica," Edmund replied with a slight grumble. "If this so urgent, why don't you just tell me now." Erica explained that she couldn't reveal her urgent news over the phone. Edmund reluctantly agreed to go. Alex smiled and mused that Edmund should not feel badly about leaving him. "You should go," she stated. "How else will I find out if I should expect the police at my door." Gillian wasn't sure what Alex was talking about. Jake explained that Erica had the misconception that Alex was responsible for David's tumble down the steps. Later, Alex noticed that Jake and Gillian were particularly chummy. She asked them what was going on. "You'll be the first to know," Gillian replied with a smile. Alex decided that she should be going because she had to get up early in the morning.

Hayley replayed Janet's cryptic conversation several times. Ryan slowly entered the room on crutches, his ankle twisted from a basketball game. Since Hayley didn't recognize the second voice on the tape recorder, she began to worry. Ryan didn't see any reason for Hayley to get worked up and urged her to rewind and tape over Janet's mystery conversation. Hayley remembered that Trevor had mentioned that Janet was becoming "unglued," and placed a phone call to alert her uncle to Janet's secret meeting at the warehouse. Trevor and his cell phone were out of range, so Hayley left him a message to tell him what Janet was up to. Hayley decided to check out the warehouse, completely disregarding Ryan's warnings. He offered to tag along, but Hayley assured him that she'd be okay. On her way out of the office, Greenlee strolled in offering to get to work on the style show. Hayley left without giving Greenlee any work to do --- and that meant that Greenlee had free time to think about her relationship with Ryan. Ryan was less than interested in thinking about sex. He thought about his past two years in Pine Valley. He'd never thought that he'd end up selling ad space. He contemplated sailing off into the sunset, but Greenlee told him that she'd never let him do that. Greenlee high-tailed it out of the office when Scott strolled in. That prompted Scott to asked Ryan what was going on between him and Greenlee. In the corridor, Greenlee bumped into Leo, who was wearing a flannel shirt for his gig at the soup kitchen. Leo referred to his new garb as "charity chic" and caused Greenlee to burst into laughter when he revealed that he'd be volunteering at the soup kitchen. Ryan told Scott that he and Greenlee were only about having a good time --- nothing more. Leo, meanwhile, was asking Greenlee about her feelings for Scott. He was surprised to see that Greenlee was developing feelings for Ryan. Becca showed up and was mildly amused by Leo's getup. Greenlee looked on with a frown. "I didn't realize there was so many homeless people in Pine Valley," she remarked, her voice dripping with sarcasm. Becca headed off to get ready for work. Greenlee put her ear against the office door and listened in on Ryan and Scott's conversation. She was surprised to hear Scott warn Ryan about the dangers of getting involved with her. "She's clingy," Scott said seriously. When Scott and Ryan filed out of the office, Greenlee asked the men if anyone wanted to join her for a bite to eat. Scott coldly replied that he had other plans. Ryan also commented that he was busy. Leo had been hoping to spend time alone with Becca. So when Scott appeared by Becca's side and announced that he, too, was going to the soup kitchen, Leo feared that his hard work would go unrewarded.

"Edmund, I have vital information," Erica said upon Edmund's arrival at The Valley Inn bar. "It seems that Alex is far more unstable then I ever knew," she continued. Edmund rolled eyes. "I have learned that Alex spent several years as a patient in a mental hospital," Erica said with a twinge of shock in her voice. Edmund sighed deeply and accused Erica of spreading gossip. A few feet behind Erica's back, David looked on in concern. Edmund accused David of being responsible for the latest news on Alex. Erica assured Edmund that she'd acted on her own. She explained that a very reliable source had learned of Alex's time in the hospital in Wales. The reason the secret was kept, said Erica, was that no one wanted to jeopardize Alex's career as a physician. Edmund didn't want to believe what Erica was saying. Then he recalled the dossier that Brooke had put together on Alex and the peculiar gap in her employment history. Erica worried that Alex's "mentally unstable" condition would compromise her work for The Andrassy Foundation. Edmund defended Alex's mental state. Erica, though, asked him if he'd feel so confident the next time Alex was alone with his children. Edmund warned Erica not to spread her story to anyone for any reason. He stormed out of the bar. When he did, David once again lashed out at Erica for sticking her nose into other people's business. David told Erica that she should use her time in Europe to free her mind of the notion that she has to watch over him. David was paged away once again. While he was gone, Erica phoned Bianca to tell her that David would not be joining them. After skiing, though, Erica had an idea for "an extra special adventure --- a side trip to this really interesting place---Wales."

Edmund returned to the club and seemed particular dismayed that Alex had left. At Wildwind, Alex's sleep was once again haunted by imagery of Geoffrey.

Her trap for Sophie set, Janet began to second-guess herself. Flashbacks of Sophie's numerous threats played over and over in her mind, but Janet seemed determined to fight off the demons of her past. Janet hid behind a large crate when footsteps sounded from outside the warehouse. A drunk stumbled into the warehouse and nearly tipped the tripwire. Fortunately, he fell backwards before setting off the trap. The encounter gave Janet a new determination to stick to her guns and stick it to Sophie. Janet raced out of the warehouse. A short time later, Hayley showed up at the warehouse looking for Janet. She unwittingly tripped the tripwire as she poked around. The sandbags hurtled towards her and she was unable to get out of the way in time. The impact from the collision sent Hayley flying backwards into the wall. She straggled forward in a daze before collapsing to ground in a heap.

Sophie sashayed into the old warehouse seemingly without a care in the world. "Well if it isn't Trevie Poo's little Tinkerbell," Sophie groaned upon coming across Hayley's lifeless body. Sophie prodded Hayley with her foot, but Hayley didn't budge. Sophie looked up and realized that the sandbags swinging from the ceiling had been meant for her. She cursed Janet and vowed revenge. Revenge, though, could not be served with Hayley sprawled out in the middle of the floor. Sophie grabbed Hayley's arms and dragged her off to the far side of the warehouse.

Janet returned home and immediately headed towards the livingroom mirror. Mirror Janet was nowhere in sight. She dashed off to the kitchen unaware that Trevor and Amanda were about to return home. Trevor carefully carried in a birdhouse Amanda had made out of popsicle sticks. Janet strolled into the room and told her loved ones how happy she was to see them at home. Amanda headed off to bed, but not before telling her mother that she and Trevor were going to teach her how to line dance in the morning. Trevor has noticed Hayley's car in the driveway and asked Janet if Hayley was home. Janet shrugged and said that she had no idea. Trevor asked for the latest on her troubles with Wilma. Janet claimed that Wilma had called and that she'd offered to send her her Christmas bonus in order to keep her at sea. Trevor didn't like the idea of Janet giving away her hard-earned money, but he accepted his wife's decision. Trevor wanted to head upstairs to cuddle with Janet, but Janet said that she wanted to take the dog out for one last walk. She raced out of the house --- leaving the dog's leash and the dog. Trevor wandered downstairs to tell Janet that the dog was asleep in their bed. He noticed that he had a voicemail message on his cellular phone. He checked the message and received Hayley's call about Janet's trip to the warehouse. "She's lying to me," Trevor mumbled.

Janet returned to the warehouse and found Sophie lying on the floor. Janet assumed that Sophie had set off the trap. She fell to her knees beside Sophie's body and apologized profusely for having had to kill her. "[You're] Not sorry enough, toots!" Sophie screamed as she suddenly sat up. He hands reached out and tightly closed around Janet's neck. Janet managed to squirm free, but she didn't get far. "I warned you never to cross me," Sophie snarled. Janet flailed some jugs at Sophie and managed to buy herself a few more minutes. Sophie, though, regained her composure and chased after Janet. She pushed over some scaffolding and cans of turpentine and old rags flew everywhere. The flammable liquid spilled everywhere and inched ever so closer to a smoldering cigarette butt --- and a still-unconscious Hayley.

Thursday, January 13, 2000

Still at Sounds of Salsa, Jake was becoming increasingly bothered by the fact that he did not know where Liza had taken Colby. Gillian assured her fiancÚ that Liza was safe in Monaco and that Colby was probably enjoying the beautiful countryside. Ryan hobbled into the bar and sat down at the bar. Adrian greeted him, but warned him that Hayley was going to be meeting Mateo later in the night. Ryan swore that he wasn't there to cause trouble. As Adrian walked away, Mateo appeared by Ryan's side. "Are you here for the band?" he asked Ryan. Ryan nodded. Mateo told Ryan that he'd have Tina start a tab for him and asked only that he enjoy the show. Ryan wanted to clear the air with Mateo and asked that they talk about how their friendship had soured. "The past is what you make it," Mateo replied. "Let's just move on." Ryan smiled warmly and slowly made his way to Jake and Gillian's table. There, he extended his hand and congratulated Jake on their engagement. Jake waited until Ryan left before asking Gillian why she'd told Ryan of their engagement. "I haven't even told my parents yet," Jake remarked. "I felt I owed it to him," Gillian explained. Jake was puzzled, saying that Gillian didn't own Ryan anything. Gillian rationalized that once a couple is married, they will always have a special bond. This was her way of telling Ryan that she'd moved on and also a chance to tell him that she wanted him to find his own happiness without her. The couple shared a kiss, unaware that a heartbroken Ryan was looking on. Tina walked over to Mateo and asked him if he'd like to join her at a movie premiere. Mateo smiled slightly and told Tina that he needed to be "straight" with her. "I'm trying to work things out with Hayley," he said softly. In the same breath, he urged Tina to explore her relationship with Adrian. Tina, though, was sure that Adrian was not interested in her. Mateo placed a call to Hayley's cellphone to find out where she was, but there was no answer. Adrian stepped forward and assured Mateo that Hayley would show up in time. Mateo couldn't shake loose the fear that Hayley was having second thoughts. Back at their table, Jake placed a call to Marian to see if she had been in contact with Liza. He got no answer and expressed his concern that something might be wrong. Gillian stepped in and offered to phone her friend in Monaco, a friend who just happened to work for the tourism department. She phoned her friend and asked about the television conference that Liza was supposedly attending. It was then that she learned that there was no such conference. Now Jake was frantic. He told Gillian that he wanted to leave so that he could talk to someone who might know exactly where Liza had gone. Back at the bar, Mateo placed another call to Hayley's cellular phone. Ryan happened to overhear Mateo telling Adrian that Hayley was still unaccounted for. He told Mateo that Hayley had gone to a warehouse on the East Side of town to meet Janet. That was enough to rouse Mateo's suspicious. He asked Adrian to hold down the fort and raced off to find Hayley.

Tad sat in the livingroom working on his laptop computer. He was quietly coming up with ideas on how best to convert Chandler Mansion into a shelter. Dixie wandered into the room and asked Tad if he thought that Jake and Gillian might tie the knot. They got a bit distracted and soon their thoughts turned to their own relationship. Dixie headed upstairs to "get the bed warm." Tad, meanwhile, locked up the house. From out of nowhere, Tad realized that Stuart had let himself into the house through the back door. "Stuart," he chuckled after he regained his breath. "You nearly scared me half to death." The scowl on Stuart's face should have tipped Tad off --- this was not Stuart. "If only it were that easy," Adam grumbled. Tad blasted Adam for breaking into his house. Adam had little concern for his trespassing. "Where is my daughter?" he asked frantically. Tad reminded Adam that Colby was Jake's daughter. Tad wanted to know where Adam had been for so long. He mused that Liza must have locked him in a wine cellar. Dixie returned downstairs and asked the two men what they were talking about. After hearing the answer, Dixie wondered if Liza had left Adam. Adam denied that Liza had left him and accused Tad and Dixie of hiding Liza from him. He threatened to rough up Tad, but that approach didn't work. "Except for your son, there's no one here who's afraid of you," Tad responded. Tad did, however, offer to let Adam get in a free shot. He warned him that if he took him up on his offer, he'd better make sure that he knocked him out. Adam lashed out at Tad and Dixie for knowingly allowing Stuart to sign over money that was not his. That, he pointed out, made them accomplices. Tad told Adam that he should be thanking him, not faulting him, for what he'd done. Adam's public opinion rating had skyrocketed --- his stock had soared. Adam refused to thank Tad for what he'd done. In fact, he wanted more than anything to tell Tad that Colby was not Jake's daughter. He knew that if he opened his mouth, he might never see Liza or Colby again. As an added twist of the screws, Adam told Tad that he'd been at Joe and Ruth's house on Christmas Eve and heard the remarks he'd made about him. Tad and Dixie was both stunned that Adam had been pretending to be Stuart. Tad knew that Adam couldn't do anything for fear that Liza would never return. "You've had your stinger plucked," he mused. Adam agreed to leave, but part of him still believed that Tad knew where Liza had gone. Outside, Adam muttered under his breath that he would soon stick it to the entire Martin clan. "I'll have you begging for mercy soon enough," he mumbled.
Later, Gillian and Jake showed up at the house. Jake, too, wanted to know if Tad knew where Liza had gone. Tad swore that he had no clue and that didn't sit well with Jake. Gillian listened helplessly as Tad and Dixie wondered what Liza was holding over Adam. Gillian told Jake that they should go back to Myrtle's just in case Liza had phoned in a message. Her idea had to have been fueled in part by a desire to get out before Tad and Dixie figured anything out. On the patio, though, Jake asked Gillian if she was sure that she wanted to get involved in family problems. He told her that he planned to sue for custody of Colby and that he wanted to have her support. Gillian agreed to stand by him, but she knew that suing for custody could have disastrous consequences for him.

Adam returned to Chandler Mansion and immediately summoned Barry to appear before him. Barry got there as fast as he could, going through two stoplights and a stop sign on his way. The attorney seemed slightly amused that Liza's disappearance was troubling Adam so much. "You once told me [Liza] was more like you than any other woman," Barry remarked. "You wife is beating you at your own game." Adam refused to admit that he'd been outsmarted. Instead, he asked Barry to come up with a way to get Stuart to come to the house. Stuart, he knew, would have to tell him if he knew where Liza had gone.

Janet managed to break free from Sophie's grasp. Sophie grabbed her trusty crowbar and flailed it around in the air. It smashed against a wooden crate, barely missing Janet. Janet scurried away, but Sophie eventually caught up to her. She dropped her crowbar and again wrapped her hands around Janet's throat. Janet wriggled free and grabbed hold of the crowbar and managed to muster up enough strength to thwap Sophie across the head with the metal bar. Sophie collapsed the ground just as Trevor arrived at the warehouse. He embraced his wife and asked her what had happened. A frantic Janet told Trevor that she was "just trying to stop her." Trevor had mistakenly assumed that Sophie had set up the tripwire. When he learned that Janet had set the trap, his face became serious. He asked Janet if anyone had seen her arrive at the warehouse. Janet shook her head. Trevor ordered his wife to get in her car and drive home --- slowly and carefully. When she got there, he asked her not to talk to anyone or to make any phone calls. "I can't believe this is happening to me," Janet sobbed hysterically. Trevor promised Janet that everything would be okay. Trevor slowly walked Janet to the door as the fire continued to grow in intensity. Janet took a deep breath and left. There was a noise at the back door and Trevor decided to investigate. Before he did, though, he picked up the crowbar and wiped it free of fingerprints. Another noise sounded and Trevor dropped the crowbar on the ground. Trevor headed out the back door. He walked away from the building having no idea that a bum was watching him from behind a dumpster.

Janet was still in tears when she walked through the front door of her home. She found Tiffany and Amanda sitting on the sofa reading a book. Amanda told Janet that she was scared because she'd run off so suddenly. Trevor arrived a few minutes later and asked Tiffany to take Amanda upstairs. Once alone, Janet broke down in tears. She told Trevor that she was sure that someone had seen her coming from the warehouse. Trevor wanted to know how long Sophie had been harassing her. "I wanted to tell you the truth," Janet insisted. She explained that Sophie had threatened to kill him and Amanda if she squealed. As the story unfolded, Trevor finally found out why Janet had been obsessed with getting her hands on money. Janet told Trevor that she'd gotten $50,000 from Adam, but that Sophie wouldn't leave town. Trevor assured Janet that he believed her story. Janet wasn't relieved. She figured that her husband had to believe what she was saying. "The State will want to send me to the electric chair!" Janet cried. Trevor asked Janet to take a deep breath so that they could get their stories straight. "The crowbar killer's back," Janet sobbed. "Only this time she acted in self-defense." Janet told Trevor that she had to return to the warehouse so clean up the evidence. Trevor flashed an eerie smile and told Janet that she should stay put. He said that he'd return to the warehouse and make sure that there was no evidence to be found. Janet pleaded with Trevor not to leave, but Trevor was determined to protect what his wife had worked so hard to get --- her new life.

At the warehouse, the fire continued to burn. Hayley's cellphone rang several times, but Hayley was unable to answer it. She did cough several times and stir slightly, but she was pinned to the ground by one of the scaffolding devices that Sophie had tipped over. Trevor returned to the warehouse and cut down the sandbags from the ceiling. He again wiped the prints off of the crowbar before turning his attention to Sophie's body. She hadn't moved --- so she was definitely dead. Trevor put some old mattresses over the body so that she wouldn't be seen. Convinced that the fire would burn all of the evidence, Trevor picked p the crowbar and headed for the back door. Trevor walked into the back alley and was immediately confronted by the drunk that had spotted him leaving earlier. By the man's side were Derek and a pair of police officers. The man, who Trevor recognized from his days as a cop, claimed that he'd seen Trevor running away from the warehouse earlier. One of the officers headed inside the warehouse as Trevor explained that he'd dropped by because he saw smoke. The officer returned a few moments later and told Derek that there was a body inside the building. Trevor immediately told Derek that the woman, Sophie, was dead when he got there. Derek knew who Sophie was and he knew of her connection to Janet. Derek grabbed Trevor by the lapels and pulled him a side. "Did Janet do this?" he asked pointedly. On the other wise of the building, Mateo arrived and asked an officer staked outside the front door if Hayley was inside. The officer shook his head and said that the body had been identified as an escaped convict. Mateo was sure that Hayley was inside because her car was in the parking lot. The officer blocked his path, but Mateo wasn't about to be kept away. He tossed the officer out of his way and pushed his way into the building. Inside, the fire had spread to the roof and several burning beams fell down near Hayley. Back in the alley, Trevor denied that Janet had anything to do with Sophie's desk. "No, Derek," he said. "I whacked the Malinowski broad." Derek looked angrily at his former partner and told him the he wanted the truth --- the whole truth.

Friday, January 14, 2000

In the hallway at the boarding house, Rae, wrapped in her bathrobe, apologized to Jake and Gillian for having used up all of the hot water. Jake told Gillian that Rae was broadcasting her show from Pine Valley. In fact, she was using Myrtle's "radio room." Jake and Gillian headed into Gillian's bedroom. Jake was still fuming over the fact that Liza had taken Colby somewhere without telling him. Gillian was certain that as long as Colby was with Liza, she'd be fine. Jake explained that he liked the idea of having the three of them --- Gillian, Colby, and him --- living together as a family. Gillian turned her back and walked away. Jake remarked that she seemed "underwhelmed" by the prospect of them all living under one roof. Gillian didn't hear a word that Jake was saying. Her mind wandered back to the night David had told her that Adam was really Colby's biological father. When she drifted back to the present, Gillian confessed that she hadn't really given motherhood much thought. Jake apologized for seemingly rushing their relationship along, but he explained that his daughter's welfare was his utmost concern. Gillian wanted desperately to tell Jake the truth, but she knew that the truth would break his heart. In a surprising move, she grabbed her coat and bolted out of the room. Jake took up the chase, but he was unable to catch up to her. Myrtle, who was systematically replacing all of the lightbulbs in the house, looked on with a look of concern. "I will screw in every lightbulb in the house three times if you tell me how I screwed up --- again," Jake grumbled. Myrtle took the young doctor by the hand and led him back into the room. She listened as Jake described the conversation he and Gillian had had. "I can't read Gillian's mind," Myrtle stated. She paused momentarily before adding a disclaimer. "Although, mind you, I could --- but she'd have to be wearing a red cap and I'd have to be in a trance," she said. Jake's face wrinkled up and he fought the urge to laugh. Myrtle told Jake that Gillian might feel as though their relationship was moving too fast too soon. Jake understood what Myrtle was saying and promised that he'd make things up to Gillian. He dashed out of the room. Rae poked her head into the room and praised Myrtle for the way she'd handled Jake's troubles. Myrtle smiled slightly and said that she probably should have sent Jake her way since she's the licensed therapist. There are some things, Rae said, that a degree cannot help with. "I learned by hanging around with wise women like you," she smiled. Rae asked Myrtle how many of her many stories were actually true. Myrtle broke into laughter and admitted that she's been telling so many stories for so long --- that she isn't sure any more which are true and which are made up. Rae asked Myrtle if she'd ever tell her a true story, one that she's never told to anyone else. Myrtle looked up at Rae and grinned slightly. Maybe one day, she replied. Jake returned to the house with an idea that he was sure would win over Gillian. Rae and Myrtle went to check on what he was up to and voiced their approval with his plan.

Stuart arrived at Chandler Mansion looking for Marian. He wandered into Adam's office and froze upon seeing his brother. "Marian didn't write that note you found on your pillow," Adam stated. "Barry did. It seems we're all pretending to be someone else these days." Stuart forced a smile and told his brother that he was looking well. He knew that Adam was going to lash out at him for his role in giving away his money. He hoped to intercept that tirade by professing his love for his brother. "You have a peculiar way of showing it!" Adam groused. Stuart admitted that keeping Adam locked in the safe room was a hard thing for him to do. He explained that giving away Adam's money was sort of a way for him to atone for his brother's evil deeds over the years. "I don't give a damn about the money," Adam snapped. What really bothered him was being kept away from Colby. Adam told his brother that he'd never forget what he'd done. He would, however, be willing to forgive him if only he'd tell him where Liza had gone. Stuart explained that he had no idea where Liza was because he'd asked not to be told. He claimed that he was afraid that he'd feel sorry for Adam and spill the beans. As for Adam's sudden need to get back what he believed he'd lost, Stuart had a few words of wisdom. "All the things you say you want you already had," Stuart said softly. Adam looked at his brother with sad eyes and begged him to help him. "I wouldn't know where to begin," Stuart replied softly. He bowed his head and slowly walked out of Adam's office.

Adam sat back behind his desk and stared out the window. He overheard Gillian squabbling with one of the housekeepers via one of the security cameras. A few seconds later, Gillian burst into the room. "No wonder everyone in the world hates you," Gillian growled. "I've already been told I'm a hopeless case," Adam barked back. "Now get the hell out of my house." Gillian didn't budge. She accused Adam of enjoying the pain that would be caused by telling Jake the truth about Colby. "Other than the thrill you're getting from insulting me, you're wasting your time," Adam said. "I have no intention of telling Jake the truth." He explained that if he told Jake about Colby, Liza would never return to him --- and he'd never see Colby again. Gillian didn't buy it. If that were true, then Adam would never have sent Barry to give a revealing letter to Jake. Adam explained that that came before Liza had given him the ultimatum. Though Adam remained committed to keeping the secret, he told Gillian that it would be only a matter of time before someone told Jake the truth. What if he and Liza were to get into an argument? How could either of them be certain that Liza wouldn't reveal the truth in a moment of rage? David and Marian also posed possible threats. That could all be circumvented, he said calmly, if Jake was told the truth by "someone who really cares for him." Gillian knew that Adam was talking about her. Gillian closed the to the office. She told Adam that she could never tell Jake the truth because she knows that it would devastate him. Adam asked her what would happen when Jake did learn the truth and then found out that she knew the truth all along. Gillian shrugged her shoulders slightly and said that she'd have to pretend that she didn't know. "So you'll keep on lying to him," Adam said with a bit of amazement. "We have a lot more in common that I ever realized." Being compared to the likes of Adam Chandler was a bit too much for Gillian to take. "I have met a lot of evil people in my life, but you are the worst," Gillian replied icily. "Aren't you scared of dying and going to hell?"

Gillian returned to the boarding house and found a trail of pink rose petals leading from the front door to her bedroom. She hesitantly entered her room and found Jake standing at the foot of her bed holding a single long-stemmed rose.

Mateo continued to search the warehouse for signs of Hayley. The smoke became thicker and thicker and visibility --- and the hopes of finding Hayley --- grew less and less. Finally, Mateo heard a faint noise and zeroed in on Hayley's location. Mateo tried to free the debris that had fallen on Hayley, but it was extremely difficult. Hayley, in her weakened state, was unable to provide any assistance. Eventually, Mateo was able to free Hayley. Upon doing so, he hoisted Hayley into the air and carried her across the warehouse to a table. He set her down momentarily to rest up his strength, but those few seconds nearly cost both of them their lives. The fire-weakened roof collapsed down around them, but fortunately none of the burning debris hit them directly. Now, however, they were trapped --- surrounded by a wall of fire. Mateo thought quickly and grabbed two blankets that had been lying nearby. He wrapped both of their bodies with the blanket and carefully dragged Hayley beneath a burning rafter. Once free of the fire field, Mateo again picked up Hayley, but this time he carried her all the way out of the building. Mateo performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on his former lover. A welcomed cough signaled that Hayley was going to be okay. Sirens wailed in the background and Hayley was taken away by ambulance. Mateo placed a frantic call to Adam to tell him about Hayley's condition. Before Adam could get any answers, Mateo hung up. Under his breath, Adam cursed Mateo as the reason for Hayley's latest brush with death.

Soon after Trevor left, Janet covered the livingroom mirror with a piece of fabric. She'd hoped that blocking her reflecting would keep Mirror Janet away. "What kind of moron are you?" Mirror Janet squawked from behind the cover. "Shut up," Janet blubbered. "Tiffany and Amanda are right upstairs!" There was brief chuckle before Mirror Janet offered her response. "You're the only one who can hear me," Mirror Janet laughed. "I'm in your head. If inner voices were that hard to get rid of, Joan of Arc would never have saved France." Janet feared that it would be only a matter of time before she and her alter ego were back in Statesville. Mirror Janet complained that they'd never be in their current predicament if Janet had killed Sophie when she first had the chance. A knock sounded on the front door and the conversation abruptly ended. At the door, Jack told Janet that he stopped by to break some terrible news to her; Trevor had been taken to the police station to be questioned about Sophie's death.

Trevor was taken to the police station for further questioning. He urged Derek to do everything by the book --- and taking him to the station uncuffed reeked of favoritism. Derek remained unconvinced that Trevor was responsible for Sophie's death. Derek told Trevor a more likely scenario, a scenario in which he was covering for Janet. Both men knew that if Janet were to be charged with the crime, she could face a long, long time in jail. Trevor reminded Derek that a witness placed him at the scene of the crime. Derek nodded and stated that the witness, a drunk and former money launderer, was hardly a reliable source. Janet raced into the station and asked her husband what he was doing. "Don't believe him, Derek," Janet said determinedly. "I killed Sophie." Trevor let out a little chuckle and told Derek that Janet had seen an old movie where a husband and wife both confess to a crime and are both cleared of any wrongdoing. Janet claimed that she'd lied when Derek had asked her if she'd been in contact with Sophie. Trevor looked at Derek and asked him how he could know if Janet was lying now or lying then. Trevor told Derek that he'd tried to pay Sophie off, but that it didn't work. When all of his legal avenues were shot, Trevor said that he opted for violence. Janet's eyes welled with tears and she mouthed the word "no" to her husband. Derek decided that the only way to get the true story was to question Trevor and Janet separated. Trevor had a few moments alone with Janet and urged her to stick to his account of what transpired. While Derek was away questioning Janet, Trevor sat down for a one-on-one discussion with Jack. To say that Jack was furious with Trevor would be an understatement. He told Jack a supposed tale of a man who was married to a woman with a list of "messy" priors. That woman, he said, killed another woman in self-defense, but considering the woman's past it was unlikely that anyone would ever believe her. Hypothetically, Jack said that he'd have an easier time defending someone in a self-defense situation that someone falsely claiming to have committed a murder. The wife, said Trevor was "hanging on by a thread" to her sanity. And there was a little girl who desperately needed her mother. Jack wondered how this man would deal with a murder trial. Trevor smiled and said that there would never be a trial. After confessing to the murder, the man would simply disappear. He would hopefully get a chance to return home when he was assured of getting a fair trial. Of course by now Jack knew that Trevor wasn't talking about a make-believe case. Jack mentioned that he'd stick around and keep a close eye on "the man's" family. Trevor nodded and asked that he make sure that the family knows that he loves them and will one day return to them. The two men embraced just as a frustrated Derek returned to his desk. He grumbled that Janet had clammed up and said nothing during her questioning. Trevor rolled his eyes and told the detective that Janet had said nothing because she knew nothing. He then demanded that he be given a pad of paper so that he could give his statement. Derek forcefully pushed the notepad into Trevor's chest and waited as his former partner scrawled his confession. Afterwards, Derek warned Trevor that his confession came with serious consequences. Nevertheless, Trevor insisted that Jack and Derek sign the confession to make it legal. Jack signed as a witness and Derek added his signature as well. He looked up and angrily grumbled, "I hope you're satisfied." Derek looked around --- but Trevor was nowhere to be found.



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