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Ramona and Victor slept together. Larry's parole officer wanted to know if he was Victoria's harasser. Tricia tried to stop Megan and Tony's wedding, and she hit Tony on his motorcycle.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 10, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, January 10, 2000

Jack assumes that Victor and Ramona are lovers. Ramona is insulted and wants him to leave. He hopes to see her again under different circumstances. Chris looks over Victor's land deal and wonders if he is doing this just for Ramona. He admits he owes her a great deal. Victor goes to see Ramona. He tells her that he has secured her land and he believes she can now get on with her career in New Mexico. Ramona thinks this is Victor's way of saying good-bye. Tomas leaves so Nina can talk to Ryan alone. Ryan tells Nina everything that has been going on with Tricia. Nina is more certain than ever that Tricia needs a therapist. Tricia is desperate to get Megan away from Tony. She tells Megan that the two of them should go to London to visit their father. Both Megan and Tony think it's very short notice. When Tricia finally gives up and leaves, Tony surprises Megan with an engagement ring. Mac gives Billy hell for treating Raul like an outsider. When Jill arrives to have dinner with Billy, he is no longer hungry and leaves. Jill blames Mac. Callie continues to dance her way around Malcolm's proposal.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

While on a plane home, Brad and Nikki discuss what will happen when they get there. They are worried about seeing Victor. Brad asks Nikki to move in with him so that she won't have to be at the ranch around her ex. In the meantime, Victor goes to see Ramona and tells her that he is leaving New Mexico the next day. She tries to hide her disappointment and offers to make him a farewell dinner. She contemplates putting one of her potions in Victor's meal, but instead talks to him about Nikki. He admits to Ramona that he is attracted to her, which is exactly why he must leave. He feels he has to give his relationship with Nikki a chance...they have too much of history together to let it go. Ramona asks him if she is really worth it. Back at home, Jack and Ashley discuss the objects of their affections. Jack says he feels a connection to Ramona and is worried that Victor will break her heart. Ashley admits that she doesn't know what it is about Victor that makes women want's just there. Christine and Paul share a romantic evening at home and discuss her burgeoning career. Paul is worried that his wife will forget about him the more her career takes off. Christine assures him there's nothing to worry about...the one thing that will never change is how much she loves him. Brock and Mac discuss her troubled relationship with Jill. She tells her Dad that Jill is the least of her problems right's her son Billy that's really bothering her. Mac leaves in anger when Brock suggests that his daughter's feelings for Billy may be the exact opposite of what she says. At the coffee shop, Billy, still upset from his confrontation with Mac, meets up with Brittany. Once J.T. arrives, the three teens start drinking. Eventually, Raul shows up and argues with Billy about Mac. Billy thinks that Raul is choosing Mac over their friendship, while Brittany takes notice of her boyfriend's preoccupation with Mac. Tricia tells Nina that she is afraid she's losing it. She's thinks that Tony is evil and that he's possessing her. Later, Nina tells Ryan about her visit with his wife. She tells him he needs to get her professional help....soon! Megan accepts Tony's wedding proposal. They decide to get married the next day and Megan wants Tricia there. Tony says no...he's worried that she will try to stop it. They agree to get married and then tell her family. If they approve, they will have another wedding in a church with everyone there. Tony leaves, telling Megan he'll see her tomorrow....

Wednesday, January 12, 2000

Ramona's House in New Mexico:
Ramona is in the kitchen grinding tealeaves and perhaps a little something else, to make tea for Victor and her. Victor asks why she had asked if he thought Nikki was being entirely honest with him. She says she just thought that there might be more going on than he thought there was. He asks her what she is trying to tell him.

At the Ranch:
Nikki walks in the front door and Miguel welcomes her home. She asks if the children are home and Miguel tells her that they aren't. Then Brad walks in the front door and Miguel says hello to him, but has a very disturbed look on his face. He asks if they would like anything and they say no and he exits to the kitchen or somewhere. Brad then tells Nikki to get her things together and they can get out of there.

Ashley is asking Jack about his trip to New Mexico and he tells her that he went to see Ramona. He asks her about her cruise and she says she had a really great time. Jack gets the impression that she had a romantic interlude and questions her about it.

Crimson Lights:
Bill, Brittany, J.T. and Rianna are sitting around a table finishing off the coffee that they had spiked earlier. They are wondering what to do next and J. T. says there's not much to do and besides they haven't got any booze left. Billy pipes up that he can score some booze. They all think this is a good idea and they designate Rianna as the D.D.

Sharon and Nick's:
Sharon is tidying up and Cassie comes down the stairs. Sharon wants to know why she is up at this time of the night. Evidently, Victoria is sleeping there and Sharon asks Cassie if Victoria woke her up. Cassie says no; she couldn't sleep because she's confused. She wants to know where Grampa Victor and Nikki are. Sharon says she doesn't know. Cassie asks if they are together, and Sharon can't answer that one either. Cassie asks if they are having a fight. Sharon tells her that sometimes adults need some time apart from each other. Cassie asks if she and Sharon are going to spend any more time apart. Nick comes in from another room and tells her absolutely not. Cassie asks about the wedding and if she is still going to be flower girl. They tell her they just don't know. They scoot her off to bed and Sharon says to Nick that she just didn't know how to answer Cassie's questions.

Chancellor Estate:
Katherine comes into the living room where Brock is reading. She asks him where Mac is and he tells her she was there a while ago, but she left. Kay asks him if he spent some quality time with her and he tells her about Mac getting upset with him and telling him he didn't know how to be a father. Kay says that raising children is one of life's biggest challenges. Brock says he is going to be the best dad he can be. He says he is totally committed to Mac, and where there is lover, there is hope. He tells Kay that he truly believes that they have been blessed. Kay tells him that they have had many a nightmare getting to where they are today.

Gina's Restaurant:
John Abbott sits down at a table. Gina comes up and welcomes him, saying she hasn't seen him in there in a long time. She is holding a catalogue and he asks her what she is reading. She shows him and tells him that she's thinking of making some changes to the restaurant and asks him if he has any suggestions. He tells her that maybe some more light would be good and has she thought about putting in some skylights.

The Ranch:
Nikki and Brad come down from upstairs -- Brad is carrying a suitcase. He asks her if she's sure she has everything she needs. She looks upset and a little teary-eyed. He says that it's best for her to be leaving the ranch. She's concerned about the children and how they will feel if she doesn't speak to them before she leaves. And then she says that she's just not ready to make the move yet.

Jack is asking Ashley when he will get to meet this romance of hers. She says probably never. He says he can't believe that she of all people would have a one-nighter. It's just not her style. She says, "what can I say -- I was wrapped up in the moment and it happened. It's not about romance, it's about putting the past to rest and looking to the future."

Jill walks up to John's table and Gina says, "table for one Jill?" She has this great smirky little smile on her face. Jill in her usual snarky manner invites herself to sit at John's table and tells Gina to pour her a glass of whatever John is drinking. Gina leaves. Jill immediately starts bitching to John about that "dreadful Mackenzie" and how she's sure she is at the bottom of whatever is bothering Billy. John tells her not to be so hard on Mac. Jill says that she's thinking of getting Paul Williams to do a background check on Mac and secretly get a DNA sample to prove that she's not Brock's daughter.

The Abbott House:
Billy is pouring drinks for the crew. J.T. and Rianna are scared that somebody's going to come home and catch them drinking. They finish their drinks and leave. Then Billy and Brittany start making out.

Ramona's House:
Victor wants to know if Ramona knows something that he doesn't. She says the only thing she knows more about than him is herbs and plants. She thanks him for buying the land and building a plant on it for her. She pours a cup of tea and he says it doesn't smell like the usual tea she has. She tells him it's a tea that she brews to make her relax and sleep well at night. He asks her to pour him a cup. She brings him a cup and tells him she hopes his likes it. He says he hopes it makes them both sleep better. They sip their tea, eyes flashing at each other over the rims of the cups.

Crimson Lights:
Raul is looking for Billy. Mac comes in and tells him about the run-in she had with Billy earlier. She explains that she sort of put some words in Raul's mouth and he tells her he already heard about it from Billy. He tells her about Billy and the bunch spiking their coffee with booze. He says that Billy is really acting weird lately and that Billy thinks Raul is choosing sides. He tells Mac that if it comes down to choosing between her and Billy ....

John is telling Jill to think about what she is about to do. He says she is finally getting her relationship with Billy on solid ground and she shouldn't do anything to upset that. She thinks about it for a minute and then agrees with John.

Sharon & Nick's:
Sharon says that it's so sad about Nick's parents. She hopes that they can iron things out and get back on track. Nick says that it won't happen unless his dad stops throwing fits every time someone does something he doesn't like. Sharon wonders what happens to people who start out so in love and then love dies. She says, "you give your life to someone and then it doesn't last. What happens to love?" Nick questions, "this is about my parents and not you and me?" He tells her that they are NOT his parents, and that they communicate with each other. He says that their love won't die like Nikki and Victor's. Sharon wonders if they will find their way back to each other and Nick says he doesn't know.

Abbott House:
Billy and Brittany are in a clinch and Billy wants to move this relationship along a bit. She's not sure. She says she doesn't like being taken for granted. He says he knows that and he wants to prove to her that he won't do that and they start necking again. Papa John comes in the front door and they jump up off the floor looking just a tad sheepish. They say hello and Brittany says she was just leaving. John sees what's going on and suggests that Billy take his car and drive Brittany home. Billy says he's too tire and he will call her a cab. The cab comes and Brittany leaves. John starts in on Billy for drinking. Billy says he had a couple of drinks. John says that under no circumstances will he drink until he is an adult. And when he is an adult John hopes he will have the smarts not to abuse liquor. Billy says he can't stand being treated like a two-year-old and goes upstairs.

Jack thinks Ashley is being awfully casual about having a one-night fling with a guy. He says that maybe she'll be in for a surprise one day, when this guy comes looking for her. She changes the subject to Jack going to New Mexico to look for Ramona. He vents about trying to warn her about Victor. He says he just couldn't stand it if Victor got his hooks into Ramona.

Ramona gives Victor a pillow and a blanket (for the couch) and tells him to have a good sleep and then goes to her bedroom. Victor has a troubled look on his face. Can it be that Victor, for once in his life, is not in total control of this situation? Very interesting.

The Ranch:
Brad tells Nikki that she's just getting cold feet. He says they should have gone straight to his place from the airport. She says she can't leave like this, not now, it's too soon. He says that if it's just been a fling, for her to tell him now. She says no, it's been much more than that. He says then lets go now and she says not tonight. He tells her if she needs to stay to have closure, then ok. He tells her he loves her and that the best is yet to come. He picks up his coat to leave and says, "tomorrow night -- my place." He leaves and Nikki doesn't look too terribly sure of herself.

We see Victor asleep on the couch. He is dreaming ... fade to dream. (He's dreaming that he comes home after his trip to New Mexico and Nikki is standing there. She accepts a hug and a kiss from him, but then tells him that they are only fooling themselves. There is nothing left in their marriage. She says the only reason he married her was to give her peace before she died, but she didn't die. She says she's been living a fantasy for a long time, but it's over. There's nothing left.) Fade back to reality and Victor is shouting out "No!" Ramona comes rushing out of her bedroom (dressed in a little weenie, tight T-shirt and skimpy little briefs) and wakes him up. He tells her he was having a dream and that he's sorry that he woke her. She says it doesn't matter as long as he is ok. He says he is and she says she'd better get back to bed. He says he thinks she should too. She leans over and kisses him goodnight on the cheek. They stare into each other's eyes and he brushes her hair from her face and then draws her gently to him and they kiss -- softly at first and then with great passion .... and the credits roll

Thursday, January 13, 2000

Victor feels as if he took advantage of Ramona, but she assures him that she has no regrets. As he leaves to go home to straighten things out with Nikki, Ramona tells him she will never forget him. Kay questions Nikki's relationship with Brad. Nikki defends herself, telling Kay that Victor left long before she did. Brad arrives at the ranch to take Nikki home with him. Victoria calls a meeting with her staff and Ross and Gary from the ad agency. Brash & Sassy sales are falling behind Jabot and she suggests that they go back to the old ad campaign. She feels safe now that she has a bodyguard. Leo questions Warton about "the fan" letters. Warton says that the Newmans deserve what's happening to them. Ryan finally talks Tricia into seeing a therapist. He wants to go with her, but ends up attending the meeting that Victoria called. Nina takes Megan a wedding dress. Megan feels bad about not telling Tricia. Tony leaves to ask Sharon to stand up for him. Nina suggests he take her car because it's so cold outside, but he insists on riding his bike. He leaves the ring behind.

Friday, January 14, 2000

Katherine continues her attempt to make Nikki give Victor another chance. She tells Brad that Nikki's home is at the ranch and not somewhere else with him. As Katherine leaves, she begs her friend to think very hard before leaving Victor...after all, he is her true love. Brad tells Nikki that he is worried about Katherine's influence over her. She assures him that everything is fine and that Katherine is just looking out for her. Brad tells her he is going to quit Newman Enterprises rather than wait for Victor to fire him. All he wants is to be with her and the money doesn't mean anything to him anymore. She agrees to finish packing her stuff and meet up with him at Gina's for dinner. Afterwards, they will continue on to his place and she will move her stuff in. While she is preparing to leave the ranch, she is surprised by Victor's arrival. He tells her he wants to give their marriage another chance. Upon noticing her packed bags, he asks her where she is going. Back in New Mexico, a distraught Ramona confesses to Elena that she had slept with Victor and that she doesn't know how she'll ever get over him. Over at the Brash & Sassy offices, everyone is concerned over the fact that sales have declined since removing the advertisements featuring Victoria's image. Vicki says she wants to go back to running the ads. She and Nick explain to Neil their theory that the stalker is Warton and that he is out to get the Newman family...not just Vicki. He's not going to stop just because the ads aren't running. Gary suggests running less provocative ads. Everyone agrees to give it a shot. In the meantime, Warton continues to swear that he is not the once stalking Vicki. In fact, he thinks that the Newman's are making the whole thing up just so that they can point the blame at him and get him sent back to prison. Tony tells Sharon about his wedding to Megan and asks Cassie to be the flower girl. Realizing that he left the wedding bands at Megan's house, Tony tells the girls that he will meet them at the Justice of The Peace after he goes back to get the rings. Despite advice to the contrary from Nina, Megan decides to call Tricia and leave her a message about the wedding. She hopes that she will understand and try to be happy for them. Tricia gets the message and heads straight to Megan's in hopes of stopping her. When she realizes that her sister has already left, she finds the address of where they are and takes off. While speeding out of the driveway, she hits something. When she gets out of the car, she is horrified to discover Tony's lifeless body laying on the ground!

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