Not so fast -- Evans is staying at ATWT

Posted Thursday, August 26, 2004 11:03:08 PM
Evans staying at ATWT

Mary Beth Evans (Sierra Montgomery) appears to have had a change of heart about setting up shop in One Life to Live's Llanview. Just two weeks after the announcement that the veteran soap star was going to appear on the ABC soap comes words that Evans will remain in place on CBS's As the World Turns.

For the past four years, Evans has been appearing off-and-on in the recurring role of Sierra Montgomery on As the World Turns. The actress has just wrapped up what were to have been her final episodes with the show. It was widely rumored that Evans was to have been prominently featured in a future storyline pitched to CBS executives by Hogan Sheffer, the Emmy-winning head writer of As the World Turns. According to insiders, that storyline was scrapped.

A show insider now tells Soap Central that CBS execs have offered Evans a contract in order to keep the actress from jumping ship. In all of the time that Evans appeared on As the World Turns she was never under contract.

Evans is no stranger to long-running roles on daytime television. From 1993 through October 1999, Evans played Katherine Bell on ABC's General Hospital. However, Evans may be best known to daytime viewers for her six-year run as Kayla Brady on NBC's Days of our Lives.

NBC execs had reportedly approached Evans about a short-term gig on Days of our Lives slated for later this year. However, the actress passed on the offer and then apparently agreed to a recurring role on One Life to Live.

A spokesperson for As the World Turns declined to comment on Evans' status with the show, saying only that Evans is "staying with the show." Meanwhile, a spokesperson for ABC did not return requests for a statement about Evans' "exit" from the One Life to Live role.

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