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Kathryn "Katie" Ann Peretti Snyder
Who's Who in Oakdale: Katie Peretti | As The World Turns on Soap Central
Actor History
Cori Anne Hansen
February 22, 1989 to February 1, 1994


Born (on-screen) February 22, 1989

Revised to 1979 when she was aged to 19 in 1998


Secret author of "Oakdale Confidential"

Co-host of "Oakdale Now"

Former host of an exercise program at WOAK

Former manager of the Oakdale Downtown Gym

Former nurses aid

Former private investigator

Former video aerobics instructor

Former top assistant to Craig Montgomery

Former anchor for WOAK news

Former student

Former intern at WOAK


At Margo's old house with her son, Jacob and Chris Hughes

Marital Status

Single/Engaged (Chris Hughes)

Past Marriages

Simon Frasier (divorced)

Henry Coleman (divorced)

Mike Kasnoff [Married: May 5, 2006; divorced: May 24, 2007]

Jack Snyder [Married: Sep 24, 2007; annulled: Oct 26, 2007)

Brad Snyder [Married: Apr 17, 2008; widowed: fall 2009]


Casey Peretti (father; deceased)

Lyla Peretti (mother)

Margo Hughes (half-sister)

Cricket Montgomery Ross (half-sister)

Craig Montgomery (half-brother)

Joe Peretti (paternal grandfather)

Maureen Peretti (paternal grandmother)

Rose Peretti (paternal great-grandmother)

Lucy Montgomery (niece)

Bryant Montgomery (nephew; deceased)

Adam Hughes/Munson (nephew)

Casey Hughes (nephew)

William "Billy" Ross (nephew)

Suzanne "Suzie" Ross (niece)

Gabriel Carras (nephew)

John Dustin Munson/Donovan (nephew)

Billy Norbeck (great-nephew; deceased)

Margaret Crawford (aunt)

Loretta last name unknown (aunt)

Michael Peretti (uncle)

Adelaide Peretti last name unknown (great-aunt)

Serafina Peretti last name unknown (great-aunt)

Josef Peretti (first cousin once removed)

Jill Andropoulos (first cousin)

Ernie Ross (brother-in-law)

Tom Hughes (brother-in-law)

Jack Snyder (brother-in-law)


Jacob Bradley Snyder (son with Brad)

Liberty Ciccone (stepdaughter)

Flings & Affairs

Eddie Silva (dated)

Christopher Hughes (dated)

Simon Frasier (lovers)

Bruno Portolano (flirted)

Mike Kasnoff (lovers)

Simon Frasier (one-night stand)

Brad Snyder (engaged)

Christopher Hughes (engaged)

Crimes Committed

Sneaked into Eddie Silva's bedroom [1998]

Took incriminating photos of Molly and Chris for potential blackmail [1999]

Kept quiet about Henry's role in Molly's poisoning [1999]

Lied about being stalked, then fingered Chris Hughes as the culprit [1999]

Kept quiet about the fact that Rose D'Angelo was masquerading as Lily Snyder [2000]

Married Simon Frasier to help him stay in the U.S. [2000]

Aided in the kidnapping of Parker Munson [Apr 2002]

Injured Mike Kasnoff in a hit-and-run [Oct 2003]

Suppressed evidence regarding the hit and run [Oct 14, 2003]

Bullied Russ Terrier to get information from him [Apr 2004]

Bugged Pilar Domingo's room [late Apr 2004}

Accidentally killed a murderous Pilar in an attempt to get away [Jun 25, 2004]

Killed Nick Kasnoff in self defense [Jun 2, 2006]

Broke into Simon's room to steal the diamond necklace [Dec 2006]

Arrested for stealing a bicycle; charges dropped [Apr 2, 2008]

Brief Character History

Katie was born to Casey and Lyla Peretti. Katie's father died when she was very young and she spent most of her childhood touring the country with her mother, a singer. Katie moved back to Oakdale in order to attend Oakdale University. Upon arriving, she fell for Eddie Silva. Though he was initially attracted to her, they never became as close as she'd hoped. Katie tried to get him to notice her, but it was futile and he told her that he was in love with someone else. They remained friends though. Katie spent the next few months attending school and worrying about her best friend, Chris Hughes's problems.

Katie's friendship with Chris, though took a backseat to her ambition. As an intern at WOAK, Katie was anxious to get ahead, and agreed to watch out for Chris in order to gain favor with his mother, Katie's boss. When Katie discovered that Chris was having an affair with Molly Conlan, she decided to keep the affair under wraps for Chris's sake, but nonetheless took pictures in case she could use the affair to her advantage. Fueling Katie's ambitions was Henry, the head of WOAK's news division. Henry was angry that Molly was chosen as the news anchor so he pushed Katie to get ahead. Katie's chance to get ahead happened one day when Molly got sick. Molly was too ill to cover the news, so Katie stepped in as anchor. Katie was shocked to learn that the reason that Molly got sick was because Henry tampered with her sandwich. Though repulsed by what Henry did, Katie kept quiet when studio manager Holden Snyder made Katie Molly's permanent back-up. To Katie's horror, Henry took it further and made sure that Katie's pictures of Chris and Molly were shown on WOAK's monitors. Molly was promptly fired and Katie was made anchor.

Eventually all of Katie's plans to get power at WOAK (and get Holden into bed) came back to haunt her and she was fired from her job and kicked out of her sister, Margo's, house. With nowhere left to go, Katie found a second chance when her older brother, Craig, returned to town. Craig, recognizing Katie's ambitious side, gave her a place to stay and a job as his assistant. Katie also found comfort with Simon Frasier and lost her virginity to him during a drunken one-night stand. When Simon was in danger of being deported, Katie convinced him to marry her. In time, Katie and Simon's marriage of convenience blossomed into love. Though certain that Simon's feelings for her were growing, Katie was continually frustrated at his inability to express his feelings. Finally, she decided that the only way to get him to love her was to be rich and so, remembering that Simon's lost diamond was still out there, she talked Henry into going with her to recover it. However, history repeated itself and Katie and Henry ended up stranded on the same island that Simon was stranded on a year earlier. Though successful in retrieving the diamond, Katie realized that Simon was a lost cause and attempted to throw it back into the ocean.

Luckily, Simon located Katie and brought her home. Though she was now convinced more than ever that Simon loved her, he still wouldn't admit it, and so Katie decided to use jealousy to snare him. Believing that Simon would declare his love, Katie started flirting with a man named Bruno. Though she was only using him to get to Simon, soon Bruno started making threats and calling Katie "his". Scared for her life, Katie ran away and again was rescued by Simon who, by this time, realized that his stubbornness almost cost him the woman he loved. Simon declared his love for Katie and gave her the wedding of her dreams. Afterwards, Katie got in a sticky situation when Craig kidnapped Parker Munson from his Aunt Rosanna when Rosanna announced she was taking custody of the boy. Craig took the boy to the Fraziers and they watched him for a few days. When the police arrived, Katie secretly whisked Parker off to Nancy Hughes. However, it didn't take long for the police to find Parker and both Craig and Katie spent the night in lock up.

Meanwhile, not long after her wedding, Katie was approached by a woman named Dahlia Ventura who offered to help Katie make her very own workout video. Intrigued at the prospect of being a national celebrity, Katie accepted despite Simon's reservations. It was at this time that a dark secret from Simon's past was revealed. After receiving a huge check from the estate of Monique Farrar, Simon became secretive and tried to give the check to charity without Katie knowing. Unfortunately, Katie found out and was surprised when Simon told her that he couldn't use the money because it was tainted. Knowing that he'd have to come clean, Simon told Katie the sordid story of Monique. Apparently Simon married the wealthy Monique years ago just so he could bilk her out of some money. Unfortunately, Monique learned about his past and drunkenly confronted him, kicking him out of the house. The next morning Monique, an excellent sailor, went out on her boat and drowned. Having already known about Simon's torrid past, Katie forgave him and told him that he wasn't at fault for her death. However, soon Katie learned from a reporter that Simon kept something else from her: he was the prime suspect in Monique's murder until the prosecutors realized they had no evidence.

At the same time, Dahlia had been planting doubts in Katie's mind about Simon's honesty. Not long after an argument with Simon, Dahlia (who was actually Monique's sister) disappeared and foul play was suspected with Simon as the prime suspect. In the course of the next several weeks, events occurred that painted Simon as a murderer. A few attempts on Katie's life, the death of Dahlia's lawyer and even Simon himself conspired to poison Katie's mind against her husband. However, soon Katie realized that Simon could have killed her at any opportunity and her trust was restored. Then suddenly Dahlia showed up! Blaming Simon for her sister's death, Dahlia vowed to kill Simon but he startled her by grabbing the gun and when Katie walked in Dahlia inadvertently shot Simon! Claiming that Simon was trying to rape her, Dahlia told Katie that she and Simon conspired to murder her for her money. Unfortunately, by now Katie's trust in Simon was restored and she refused to believe Dahlia's lies and wrestled with her to get the gun. Luckily, Katie was able to get the gun and Dahlia was arrested. Later the Frasiers learned something unsettling: Dahlia murdered her sister!

After a harrowing adventure in Avanya involving Simon's look-a-like, Donovan, Katie returned to Oakdale only to learn that Margo was deathly ill from Hepatitis C. Though Simon was against it, because of the risk, Katie underwent an operation to donate a part of her liver. Luckily, the operation was a success and Margo was saved.

Katie's world came crashing down with the arrival of Bartleby Spears, who claimed to be an old friend of Simon's. Immediately upon Bartleby's arrival, Simon started acting distant and pushing Katie away. Though they had planned on starting a family, Simon told Katie he never wanted children and was suffocating in Oakdale. Disturbed, Katie was determined to find out why Simon was acting strangely. Finding him with another woman, Katie confronted Simon who told her that he wanted to leave Oakdale to start running cons again. Katie refused to believe him and was convinced that something else was going on. Figuring out that Bartleby must be threatening Simon, Katie had him arrested. Though she thought that news would make things better, it only made Simon storm out never to return again. Heartsick, Katie couldn't eat and ended up in the hospital suffering from dehydration.

Still distraught over Simon's desertion, Katie decided she needed a change and got a job as a nurse's aid at Memorial. In addition to her new job, she also formed a new friendship with Mike Kasnoff. Being with Mike helped ease her loneliness and gave her a sense of purpose since she helped him deal with his frustration over whether or not Carly Tenney was carrying his child. Knowing how much the child meant to him, Katie was on hand to give him support when he learned that a very pregnant Carly was in Montana and she dropped everything to go with him. Knowing that Carly would want her husband at the birth, Katie distracted Mike and witnessed the remarriage of Carly and Jack. She also comforted a devastated Mike when he learned the child was not his. Soon after, Katie finally learned the truth about Simon's disappearance--he was on the run after killing Bartleby in self defense! Despite pleas from Henry to not look for Simon since her life would be in danger, Katie decided to set out for Australia. Though she initially accepted Mike's offer to go with her, she changed her mind after realizing that he was developing romantic feelings toward her and tried to sneak out of Oakdale without him. However, due to a delay at the airport, she was unsuccessful and, despite her objections, Mike went with her. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the Frasier ranch, the pair was captured by Mordecai, Bartleby's brother, and held hostage. Mordecai then told them his plan--he was using them as bait to lure Simon out of hiding so he could get revenge for Simon killing his brother. Though they tried to escape, with Katie even trying to send a message to Margo, all their attempts were fruitless, and finally, Mordecai took Katie away to be rescued by Simon.

Tied to a chair that had a bomb tied to it, Katie suddenly heard Simon's voice and tried to warn him that it was a trap. Then came Katie's rescuer--but this time, it wasn't Simon; it was Mike! Having freed himself from the basement where they had been held captive, Mike succeeded in untying Katie, but ended up engaging the bomb's timer. Though Katie insisted that they look for Simon, Mike knew they only had a few minutes left and dragged Katie out of the building seconds before the bomb went off! Realizing that she'd lost Simon forever, Katie blamed Mike and told him she'd never forgive him for denying her the chance to see her husband again. Soon after, Katie was told that the remains of a man were found in the rubble; the DNA was a match for Simon. In addition, his bracelet was also found. Filled with anger and guilt for her role in his death, a depressed Katie continued to blame Mike for saving her life and told him she'd never forgive him. Still suffering, Katie suddenly became ill and was taken to Memorial where she was diagnosed with a disorder caused by insects native to Australia. Luckily, the condition was treatable with medication and Katie was able to go back to Margo's.

However, Katie was still furious at Mike and rebuffed his attempts at friendship, even telling him she wished he was dead. Then one night, Katie left Margo's house after arguing with Mike who had confessed his love for her. Under medication, she hit something but didn't remember anything. Later, she learned that Mike was in critical condition from being struck by a car and Katie suddenly remembered, she was the hit and run driver! Deeply concerned that she may have almost killed one of her best friends, a guilty Katie resolved to tell Mike the truth about the accident. Her anger toward him completely gone, Katie confessed the truth to Mike who surprisingly forgave her and told the police nothing. Realizing that she'd been hurtful and unfair to Mike, and finally realizing that she did have feelings for him, Katie opened herself to a relationship with him.

After accepting Mike's marriage proposal, who else but Simon would return to Oakdale alive! Pleading his undying love for Katie, Simon tried to get her to leave with him. Telling Katie that he couldn't live without her, Simon warned her that his life was still in danger (a claim substantiated when some goons shot at him and Katie) and he wanted them to go on the run together. Though Katie was confused as to whether to stay in Oakdale or go on the run with Simon, Simon pressured her into giving him an immediate answer since time was of the essence. Having made her decision, Katie went to Mike to tell him she loved him and then set out to leave with Simon. Hiding out at the docks, before setting out to leave everything behind, Simon confessed that he set up the gunfire incident in order to prove that the danger was real. Even though Simon's feelings for Katie hadn't changed, it was clear that Katie wasn't the same person Simon left behind, yet she was determined to stick by her husband. Even thought Katie agreed to leave town with Simon she was still confused and conflicted about leaving her life in Oakdale for life on the run with Simon but, after a spending the night in the train car talking with Simon and making love to her husband, she was convinced that she had made the right choice even after Simon's contact who was suppose to get them out of the country got killed. Katie thought she had convinced Mike to help get them out of the country but instead he plotted behind her back and convinced Simon to leave Katie behind in Oakdale for her own protection. Once Katie realized she'd been duped, she followed Simon to the dock where they shared a tearful goodbye through the locked fence before he disappeared into the fog.

Not long after, Mike was shocked when his old girlfriend, Pilar Domingo, arrived on his doorstep, apparently the victim of a mugging. Concerned, Mike got Pilar to a hospital and, upon her release, he asked her to stay with him since she'd confessed that she'd been beaten by her abusive lover who was threatening her life. Very concerned, Mike offered to protect Pilar and let her stay at his place. While Mike truly believed that Pilar was in danger, Katie was very suspicious and was certain that Pilar was out to hurt Mike. While Katie tried to convince Mike that Pilar was lying and out to hurt him, Pilar succeeded in playing the innocent and put-upon victim. However, unbeknownst to everyone, Katie was right--Pilar's abusive past was a ruse to get Mike. Conspiring with a man named Russ Terrier, Pilar tried to set it up to look as if he was stalking her. However, Katie was certain that Russ and Pilar were working together, and with help from a somewhat reluctant Henry, she proceeded to follow Pilar in an attempt to prove she was lying.

Unfortunately, Pilar was always one step ahead and all Katie succeeded in doing was to get Mike, and Margo, concerned about her mental state. Desperate to prove that Pilar was dangerous, Katie had her room bugged. Unfortunately, Pilar found out about it and conned Katie into believing she was out to kill Mike and then, during a confrontation with Katie, she was able to stage it so Mike would think Katie was attacking her. Her credibility gone, Katie was sent to a mental hospital, where she was drugged in an attempt to cure her of her "delusions," Luckily for Katie, Henry (who'd committed himself to the hospital in an effort to look after Katie) was able to alert Simon to Katie's plight, and after spending weeks in the hospital, she was finally rescued. It was then that Simon informed Katie that the danger was over; he'd turned informant and the men after him in Australia were all safely put away. He then asked Katie, again, to go away with him. However this time, instead of being on the run, they could settle down in Australia as a family.

Again willing to leave her family to be with Simon, Katie made plans to leave. However, her departure was cut short when a truly demented Pilar decided murder Katie! Kidnapping her to the boathouse near Mike's home, Pilar threatened to kill Katie and taunted her about her feelings for Simon, acting as if she knew him. Unfortunately for Pilar, she made a fatal error by giving Mike (who'd called her cell phone) a clue as to their whereabouts. Mike's arrival was all the distraction Katie needed to wrap Pilar in a fisherman's net as a means to get away. Unfortunately for Pilar, Katie's efforts caused her to fall on her own knife. The ordeal over, Katie was confused by Simon's sudden turnaround that they didn't have to go to Australia right away. Wondering at the coincidence that Simon had a change of heart right after Pilar died, Katie asked him if there was indeed a connection. Although he tried to deny it, when Katie found a note to Simon from Pilar (written just before she kidnapped Katie), Simon was forced to confess that he met Pilar in Spain and hired to keep Mike away from Katie. Shocked to the core, Katie left Oakdale to clear her head.

Months later, she returned, having had divorced Simon. Although she imagined a reunion with Mike, she was shocked to see that he'd just started a relationship with Jennifer Munson. Determined not to ruin Mike's happiness, Katie kept her divorce from Simon a secret from Mike. By the time she decided to tell Mike that she was divorced, he was invested in his relationship with Jennifer and decided to stay with her instead of reliving the drama with Katie. Not willing to just let Mike go, Katie settled on a plan to reel him back into her life--she announced her engagement to Henry! Although Henry was reluctant, Katie convinced him to go along with the plan, hoping that Mike would stop the engagement by declaring his love for Katie. To Katie's disappointment, Mike didn't take the bait. Meanwhile, in the course of their engagement, Henry seemed unusually quiet and serious; after a while, Katie figured out why--he was in love with her. When confronted, Henry finally admitted that he'd long had feelings for her but realized that she didn't reciprocate. He then told her that all he wanted was for her to be happy, and that's why he wanted her to be with Mike, since he knew that's what she wanted. Touched by Henry's declaration of love, Katie decided, despite her feelings, to marry Henry, whom she already considered her best friend. However, the Coleman marriage couldn't escape the specter of Mike, no matter anyone's best efforts.

When Katie accidentally informed Craig that Jennifer was pregnant with his (and not Mike's) baby, Henry wondered if it was truly an accident--or was it an intentional ploy to break up Mike and Jennifer? Although Katie assured him her feelings for Mike were over, Henry wasn't so sure, especially when Katie offered to plan Mike and Jen's wedding. Insecure as to where Katie's feelings really laid, Henry gave her a choice--attend the wedding or go to Hawaii with him. Though Katie agreed to go with him, when Henry was stopped for speeding, Katie impulsively bolted out of the car and made a mad dash for the wedding. Arriving just in time for the minister to ask if there were any objections, Katie stood speechless with all eyes on her. After a few seconds, Katie mumbled an apology about being late and sat down. Later, Mike had a feeling something was up and confronted her. As Henry secretly listened in, Katie tried to reassure Mike that all she wanted was his happiness. Neither man was fully convinced, and Henry stepped out of hiding to tell Katie that their marriage was over. Although Katie was able to convince him to give them another try, it was obvious that her feelings for Mike weren't going away. The final nail in the coffin of the Coleman marriage began with the arrival of Henry's teenaged sister, Maddie. Noticing the closeness between Katie and Mike, Maddie schemed to save her brother's marriage. When her attitude toward Mike caused her to be forced to leave, she arranged to fake an injury, only to have Henry accidentally get hurt. Later, when Katie discovered that Henry was exaggerating the extent of his injury, and believing he was the secret admirer sending her gifts to make Mike jealous (that was Maddie), Katie decided to end her marriage and reunite with Mike.

At the same time, thanks to Maddie, a mysterious person named B.J. Green showed up in Oakdale, acting as Katie's benefactor. Although Katie couldn't figure out why this stranger was being so nice to her, Henry finally figured out that B.J. Green was Katie's old classmate Byron Glass! Suspicious as to why B.J. (who had lost a lot of weight since high school) would hide his identity from Katie, Henry confronted him. Although B.J. tried to come up with an excuse, Henry was still unsure of his motives. B.J. seemed more and more dangerous despite his best efforts. When Henry discovered that B.J. was obsessed with Katie, he tried to go to the police but ended up being captured by Greene. In the end, Henry escaped captivity and B.J. ran off after attempting to murder Katie and Mike.

Months later, trouble began with the newly-published book--"Oakdale Confidential". The book revealed secrets of many of Oakdale's citizens and made Mike very nervous. Mike was furious when he found out Katie had written it. Finally, Mike confessed his dark secret to Katie: right after he got out of prison years ago, he met a woman who handed him a hot bag of rubies and split. Now with the book talking about Mike's criminal past, he was worried someone might find out about the rubies. When Katie asked what he did with the rubies, he admitted that he buried them. In the basement of what was now Carly Tenney's house. Although Mike wanted to confess all to the police, Katie convinced him to just dig up the rubies and return them - anonymously. Unfortunately, instead of finding the rubies in the basement, Mike found a skeleton! The dead body was identified as Maya Gold--the woman who gave Mike the rubies earlier. Immediately after Mike married Katie, he was arrested for murder. Mike's cousin Detective Nick Kasnoff (who'd been staying with Katie and Mike for months) took drastic measures to clear Mike by stealing evidence--a St. Christopher medallion with Mike's DNA that was found in the dead girl's hand. However, when Katie found another medallion she started wondering if Nick was covering for himself, not Mike. As both Katie and Carly got closer to the truth, Nick got even more desperate and ended up holding both women hostage. Luckily, Mike and Jack Snyder were able to track them down. While Jack went off to find Carly, Mike pleaded with Nick to turn himself in. Cornered, Nick attacked Mike in order to escape. To keep him from killing Mike, Katie grabbed Nick's gun which was on the ground and fatally shot Nick.

Weeks later, Katie and Mike finally went on their honeymoon--a cruise. There, an unsuspecting Katie enjoyed a massage and was shocked to see the masseuse was none other than Simon! Katie accused Simon of following her but he explained that his presence was just a coincidence. Katie wasn't quite sure if she believed that and warned Simon to stay away from her and Mike. Unfortunately, Simon didn't listen and approached Mike and Katie at dinner, earning a punch from Mike in the process. Later, upon learning that Simon was on board with a wealthy young woman, Mike and Katie theorized that Simon was after her diamonds. That same night, alone in a bar with Katie, Simon tried to soften Katie up by apologizing and telling her that he never got over her. Believing Simon was his own selfish self; Katie remained cold and told him she was in love with Mike. Meanwhile, Simon's lover, Vienna, informed Mike that Simon didn't need her diamonds--he was already a wealthy man. Later, while the waters were rocky, Simon and Katie met up again on the deck. Simon's flirtations rankled Katie and she insisted that he leave her alone. Then she tumbled overboard! Simon rushed to save her and they both drifted to shore on a life preserver. The next day, the pair found themselves alone on a deserted island, just like the old days. It didn't take long, though for Simon to learn that the island wasn't so deserted--there was a golf resort on the other side. However, Simon was hoping to rekindle old feelings and kept this a secret.

Unfortunately, about a day later, Mike rescued the paired and exposed Simon's deception. Mike and Katie returned to Oakdale, and with nothing better to do, Simon followed. Though Katie was certain he was there to either break up her marriage or con some woman out of her money, Simon denied it. He also surprised her by stating that he struck oil in Australia and was now a very wealthy man. Katie was then disturbed to learn that Simon was setting up roots in Oakdale and bought a building. Not only that, he hired Carly (who became close to Katie over the Maya Gold mystery) to decorate it. Katie was certain that Simon's motive was to ruin her marriage and she insisted that Carly refuse to work for Simon. Carly refused to give up a good job because of Katie's paranoia. Meanwhile, as hard as she tried, Katie could not get past her obsession with Simon and Carly. Finally, Katie had an argument with Simon about his relationship with Carly. Suddenly, their confrontation turned passionate and the two made love. After her one-night stand with Simon, Katie wrote her thoughts about their tryst in her blog. Unfortunately, Mike accidentally saw it and left her. Blaming them for ruining her marriage, a vengeful Katie vowed to stop at nothing to get back at Carly for "making her life a living hell". Katie got her revenge by writing spiteful tell-all book stating that Simon and Carly were jewel thieves, which coincidently happen to parallel reality. Simon and Carly ended up going on the run to avoid being sent to a Leonean prison while Katie's marriage to Mike crumbled when he found a letter from Simon (forgiving her) hidden in a book, Disgusted, Mike packed his bag and left town.

Afterwards, Katie and Jack bonded over their respective failed marriages. Meanwhile, Katie met Jack's brother, Brad, who Katie pegged as a lowlife the minute she met him. One morning, Katie was shocked to see Brad (who was hired to work at WOAK for the night) in a post-lovemaking position in her office with Vienna. Brad continued their argument as Katie was on the air of her show, Oakdale Now. Though Katie was certain Brad would be fired, Kim was so impressed by his and Katie's chemistry that Brad was made co-host. As Brad was making a splash as co-host, to Katie's surprise, Vienna got tired of Brad and found love with Henry. As Katie and Brad continued to clash, Jack and Katie's friendship was deepening. Later, Katie was shocked when Henry announced his engagement to Vienna. Later, when Henry caught Brad and Vienna in a seemingly compromising position, he canceled the wedding. In the meantime, when Katie lamented to Jack about her love life, he unexpectedly kissed her. Though Jack wanted to discuss it, Katie opted to ignore it. In the meantime, as Jack was beginning to look on Katie as more than a friend, so had Brad who made no secret to Jack that Katie was becoming close to him. Finally, Katie set the record straight that that that was a lie and Jack responded by kissing her. This time, Katie did not ignore it and agreed to go on a date with Jack. As Katie and Jack's relationship was progressing who should show up but Carly. Carly informed Jack that she and Simon were through; she wanted to come back for her kids. At the same time, the jewels of Leonia were returned and the prince decided not to press charges. However, Jack was far less forgiving and warned Carly that OPD still had her up on charges. However, for his kids' sake, Jack took pity on Carly and told her that he could get the DA to drop the charges if she claimed that Simon coerced her. Carly balked about lying at first, and then agreed, to gain her freedom.

At the same time, Katie was convinced that Jack and Carly would reunite. Jack assured her that he and Carly were over for good and made love to Katie. Not long after, Katie was infuriated that Brad told Carly about her and Jack and told him to stay out of her business. As Jack and Carly dealt with how her return affected the kids—especially Parker who was acting out, Katie warned Jack that Carly was plotting to get him back. Jack assured Katie that he would not fall for Carly's tricks, while Brad worked on Katie's fears. Later, the same night that Carly made a move on Jack, Jack found out about Brad's scheme to ruin things with him and Katie by leading her to believe that Jack was going to propose. Deciding it wasn't a bad idea, Jack did end up asking Katie to marry him. Though he and Carly did bond when they went on to Idaho to rescue a kidnapped JJ, Jack ultimately chose to stay with Katie. Not only that, but he decided to marry her ASAP. Shortly after the wedding, Jack was shocked to learn that Carly was dying of a neurological disease. Jack strove to make Carly's final days as comfortable as possible and finally agreed to go with her to Montana. When he returned home, he confessed to Katie that he and Carly had make love. Though he tried to explain the lovemaking was merely a way to say goodbye, a disturbed Katie immediately sought an annulment. Shortly after, Jack asked Carly to marry him. The day of the wedding, Katie happened to talk to an attorney who spoke about handling a settlement in which a woman was misdiagnosed with a brain tumor. Katie immediately realized that he was talking about Carly and went to the church to inform Jack since he clearly had no idea. However, at the last minute, she had a change of heart. Later, at the altar, Carly broke the news of her charade to Jack who walked out on her.

He went immediately to Katie's and begged her to take him back but Katie refused. At the same time, she continued to accept Brad's friendship. Soon after, Katie learned that Brad knew about Carly's deception. Katie was furious until Carly told her that Brad tried his best to get her to tell the truth and reminded Katie what a good friend Brad was to her. Katie quickly forgave Brad while continually rejecting Jack's desperate pleas for a reunion. Finally, Brad offered to give Katie what she always wanted: a baby. Though Jack accused Katie of using Brad to get closer to him, Katie was determined to go through with it. Though Katie seemed to think better of it, Brad's sweet gesture of placing balloons in her room got to her and they fell into bed together. The pair quickly set out to make a baby by making love several times. However, it wasn't all about sex as the pair did bond over other interests such as video games. Finally, Jack's jealousy over Katie and Brad finally got the best of him when he kicked down Katie's door when he believed they were having sex---which they weren't. Again, Katie made it perfectly clear to Jack that it was over between them. This time, Jack finally got it through his head that it was over. At the same time, Katie realized that this was not the right time to bring a baby into the world and she and Brad scrapped the baby making plan. However, it was becoming obvious that Brad's feelings had grown. Though Katie's had also, she still had serious doubts. Katie was convinced that she should be with a man like Jack. Though Katie kept insisting to Brad that there was nothing between them, she couldn't help herself from feeling jealous when he was around other women or pining for him when he was gone. Seeing that Katie still had unresolved issues with Jack, Brad finally told Katie to talk to Jack and see if they had a future together. Katie followed his advice but Jack couldn't make any promises. Afterwards, Brad put his heart on the line again and asked Katie to marry him. This time, she surprised him by saying that she'd think about it. To help his case, Brad made a video declaring his love for Katie. Touched, she accepted his proposal.

At that point, who should return to town but Mike? Mike apologized for walking out on their marriage and asked her to give their relationship another chance. Katie, however, was committed to Brad and refused. Though Katie insisted that she had moved on after he left, Mike didn't listen and pressured Katie by suggesting that she wasn't really over him. If that weren't enough, Margo also doubted that Brad was the right man for Katie. Brad though was convinced that they were right for each other and wanted to marry right away. When their plan to elope went sour, the pair decided to marry on a live segment of Oakdale Now—where their relationship began. When Katie passed out during the ceremony, Brad suspected that it was because she had doubts and offered her an easy out. She could back out of the ceremony and he'd tell everyone that it was his decision. No pressure. At that moment, Katie realized that Brad was the one she should be with and the two married.

Immediately after, while still on their honeymoon, the couple was shocked when a teenage girl approached Brad and told him that she was his daughter. The girl's mother was Janet Ciccone and, after some quick math, Brad told Katie that it was entirely possible that she was his daughter since he and Janet had a fling on the night of their junior prom. When Katie insisted that a DNA test be done, the girl, whose name was Liberty, was happy to oblige. Though it was suggested that Liberty return home until the test results came back, Liberty refused to leave town. Katie and Brad scoffed at Liberty's suggestion that she sleep in the park and they brought her back home with them. Brad felt an immediate connection to Liberty and when the test results came back a week later, they verified what he already suspected----he was Liberty's father. At this point, who should pop into town but Liberty's mom—Juicy Janet, herself! Janet's arrival fueled Katie's jealousy, which wasn't unfounded since Janet made any attempt to be near Brad. For his part, Brad was enjoying the attention. At the same time, Katie surprised Brad with a house, which included a room for Liberty. Almost immediately after, Liberty's mother, Janet, arrived. The boisterous Janet wasted no time getting close to Brad, which fueled Katie's jealousy. Making things even more aggravating was the fact that Brad claimed not to see that Janet was making advances at him. As the summer progressed, Brad's every thought focused on being a father to Liberty. As the summer progressed, Liberty became close to Parker and the two teens ultimately lost their virginity to each other. When Brad discovered what happened he became enraged and angrily warned Parker away from Liberty, He even went as far as to hire a body guard for Liberty. To no avail, Katie tried to reason with Brad and warned him that if he kept trying to control Liberty, he would lose her.

Though the adults told Parker and Liberty to stay away from each other, Parker couldn't resist and continually sought her out. Finally, Katie came up with what she thought was the perfect plan—pay a man to go on a date with Liberty and set it up so Parker would see. Unfortunately, the guy, Leo, started getting rough with Liberty. Luckily, Parker was on hand to save her. Soon after, Brad got an anonymous phone call stating that Liberty and Parker went into the woods during a picnic. Brad and Katie arrived to find a dazed Liberty with her clothes ripped. When asked what happened, all Liberty could remember was that Parker was with her. Fully convinced that Parker tried to hurt his daughter, Brad literally dragged him to the police station and insisted that he be arrested for rape. Though Jack, Carly and Katie tried to argue that Parker had to be innocent, Brad was convinced that Parker took his interest in Liberty too far and let things get out of hand. Before the day was over, Liberty finally remembered what happened—it wasn't Parker who went after her, it was Leo. Apparently, he gave her some drug laced brownies and attempted to rape her before she fought him off. Though an irate Brad wanted to go after Leo, Katie talked him out of it. Or so she thought. Later, Jack reported that an unconscious Leo had been dragged out of the reservoir and asked Brad about it. Brad denied having seen Leo that afternoon. Katie immediately knew that he was lying and confronted him. Brad admitted that he did throw Leo in the reservoir to teach him a lesson. When Leo failed to come up out of the water, Brad dove in after and resuscitated him. A guilty Brad assured Katie that he never meant to hurt Leo who was now left in a coma. Terrified of what kind of trouble he'd be in, Katie went to Jack for help. Jack told Brad that his best bet would be to confess and informed him that if he didn't do it quickly, Jack would be forced to arrest him. That same day, Leo came out of his coma with no memory of what Brad did. Believing that he was in the clear, and not wanting to lose his freedom, Brad decided against confessing and asked Jack to cover for him.

Later, Brad and Katie decided to try for a baby. After months of trying, which included attempting to use Vienna as a surrogate, the couple was elated when Katie did become pregnant. Unfortunately, at the end of Katie's pregnancy, things took a tragic turn when Henry became involved in a money laundering scheme with a mobster named Ralph. When the mobster threatened Henry, Katie foolishly stepped in to help her friend. After Katie warned Ralph to stay away from Henry, Ralph captured Katie and held her hostage. At that point, Katie went into labor! Scared and alone, thoughts of Brad gave Katie the strenghh to deliver her own baby. At the same time, Brad rushed to save Katie and was caught in the crossfire between Ralph and the officer on the scene, Jack. Though Katie was rescued, Brad died soon after without ever getting to see his newborn son. An old note written by Brad revealed that he wanted his firstborn son named Jacob, after Jack.

Months later, Simon returned to town. Simon got a job at Al's and refused to run a scam with Clarissa when, on a date with Katie, he remembered that being poor with Katie had been fun. Henry convinced Clarissa that he could substitute for Simon in her real estate scam. However, Barbara inadvertently foiled the scheme, and Katie and Simon, pretending to be undercover officers, "arrested" Henry and Clarissa to save them from real jail time. Katie decided that she needed to start her life over in New York, and asked Simon to go with her. However, when Emma presented Katie with the Snyder family bible, Katie decided that she couldn't raise Jacob as a drifter. Realizing that Simon wouldn't truly be happy with a normal life in Oakdale, Katie asked Simon to leave.

Soon afterward, Katie met a young doctor named Reid Oliver and, upon learning that he had no place to stay, she let him stay with her and Jacob. Though the abrasive doctor irked Henry to no end, Katie admitted that she liked him since he had no connection to Brad. At the same time, Chris Hughes returned to town. Katie wasted no time playing matchmaker and attempted to reunite Chris and Alison. Unfortunately, when Katie tried to trap Chris in a room with Ali, she got trapped with him instead. Chris and Katie bonded as she shared her grief about Brad. Later, Katie became rattled by what she thought was Chris and Alison kissing in a parking lot and accidentally hit Chris with her car. As Chris recovered at her place, she opened up to him about her feelings but clammed up upon glancing at a picture of Brad. As the weeks went by, Katie and Chris continued to get closer. Afterwards, Alison asked Katie to stop matchmaking, because Chris wanted Katie, not Alison. Later, when Katie tried to avoid Chris's professions of love, he accused her of being afraid to let Brad go. A few weeks later, Chris asked Katie for a reason to decline a mission in Haiti, and she persuaded him to stay in town, even though she still wasn't ready to progress their relationship. However, weeks later, Katie finally let go of Brad and made love to Chris.

Soon afterward, Chris confided in Katie that he was suffering from a rare and possibly fatal condition. Soon, it was discovered that Chris's heart was failing fast and needed a transplant. Though Katie feared facing the death of another lover, advice from Reid and Henry empowered her to be there for Chris. Later, the same day that Chris collapsed, Reid was involved in a fatal car crash. Before dying, Reid requested that Chris be given his heart. Later, Chris awakened, anxious to see Reid. Upon overhearing someone in the hall discussing Reid's death, Chris confronted Katie about the donated heart. Katie revealed that he'd received Reid's heart during the transplant operation. A guilt-ridden Chris refused to accept that Reid had died because of him, but Katie demanded that Chris repay Reid with life-long joy and happiness. Chris took her advice and asked Katie to marry him. Wanting to make a fresh start with Chris, Katie moved out of the house she shared with Brad and moved into Tom and Margo's house with Chris.

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