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Bradley "Brad" Carter Snyder
Who's Who in Oakdale: Brad Snyder | As The World Turns on Soap Central
Actor History
Nick Kokotakis
June 2, 1998 to early March 1999

Roy Eudon
March 8, 1999 to April 1999

John Loprieno
April 1999 to August 12, 1999


Born 1973 or 1974

Died of a gunshot wound, on October 27, 2009, after being accidentally shot by his brother during a hostage crisis


Co-host of Oakdale 411

Co-host of "Oakdale Now"

Formerly worked in construction


At time of death, his house with Katie

Marital Status

At time of death, Married to Katie Peretti [Married: Apr 17, 2008)

Past Marriages

Carly Tenney (divorced)


Bert Snyder (father; deceased)

Dolores Snyder Pierce (mother)

Jack Snyder (brother)

Sage Snyder (niece)

Parker Joe (Munson) Snyder (nephew)

J.J. Larrabee Snyder (nephew)

Harvey Snyder (uncle; deceased)

Emma Snyder (aunt)

Henry Snyder (uncle; deceased)

Elizabeth Snyder (aunt)

Seth Snyder (cousin)

Iva Snyder Benedict (adopted cousin)

Holden Snyder (cousin)

Caleb Snyder (cousin)

Ellie Snyder (cousin)

Meg Snyder (cousin)

Josh (Snyder) Stricklyn (adopted cousin)

Matthew John Dixon (first cousin once removed)

Lily Walsh Snyder (adopted first cousin once removed)

Rose D'Angelo (adopted first cousin once removed)

Abigail Williams (first cousin once removed)

Aaron Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Luke Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Faith Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Natalie Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Ethan Walsh Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Eliza Ryan (first cousin once removed)

Lyla Peretti (mother-in-law)

Margo Hughes (sister-in-law)

Cricket Montgomery Ross (sister-in-law)

Craig Montgomery (brother-in-law)


Liberty Ciccone (with Janet)

Jacob Bradley Snyder (with Katie)

Flings & Affairs

Janet Ciccone (lovers)

Lucinda Walsh (brief fling)

Camille Bennet (lovers)

Rosanna Cabot (one-night stand)

Vienna Hyatt (dated)

Katie Peretti (engaged)

Bonnie McKechnie (dated)

Health and Vitals

Broke his leg in early 2008 after he fell down a snow bank looking for Katie Peretti

Crimes Committed

Covered for his mother by claiming that it was he who caused his father's death by drunk driving [Sometime prior to 1998)

Con artist (scammed wealthy women out of money) [Prior to 1998]

With Molly Conlan, found, and kept for themselves, the $ 2 million that David Stenbeck extorted from Holden Snyder ;caught and stopped by Brad's brother, Jack) [Nov 10 - Nov 23, 1998]

Blackmailed Carly Tenney into marriage [mid Apr 1999]

Arrested for stealing a bicycle (charges dropped) [Apr 2, 2008]

Kidnapped and assaulted Leo Morrisey by throwing him in the reservoir [Aug 28, 2008]

Brief Character History

The first Oakdale citizen Brad Carter ran into, he almost ran into quite literally. While speeding along the highway, Brad almost struck Camille Bennett who had rushed out on the street without looking. Luckily, Brad stopped the car in time and Camille wasn't hurt. However, she was extremely upset and he offered to drive her wherever she wanted to go. She didn't have a destination; all she wanted to do was get far away from Oakdale. The two quickly bonded on the road and Camille confessed that she just found out she had cancer and was scared of the surgery. Soon, she realized that she had to face her fears and had Brad take her to Oakdale. For his part, Brad decided to stay in town to see how it all worked out and ended up helping to repair the old church that had recently been destroyed in a fire. Upon meeting him, Camille's fiancée, Ben Harris, nor the wealthy Lucinda Walsh knew what to make of Brad since he gave the air of someone with a shady past. Soon after, Brad was shocked to hear Lucinda mention the name "Snyder" but, upon being questioned, denied knowing the family. However, Brad didn't just know the Snyders, he was a Snyder. Having gone by the name Brad Carter for years, Brad returned to the Snyder farm and introduced himself to Julia Lindsay, who was dating Brad's brother, Jack.

As Brad was talking to Julia, who else but Jack should arrive? Jack's hatred of his brother was evident. A disgusted Jack told Brad that he knew all about his history of conning wealthy woman and demanded that he stay away from Julia. The reason behind Jack's hostility became known—years earlier, Brad had struck and killed their father while drunk driving. Soon after, Brad began keeping company with Lucinda, who was in trouble thanks to a video showing her dancing with criminal James Stenbeck. To take suspicion of her, Brad gave her the idea of them posing as a couple. The plan worked and the pair enjoyed a brief flirtation and a fling. He also ended up bonding with Camille and they enjoyed a fling. Meanwhile, Brad and his friend, Molly Conlan, came across some money buried near a building site. The duo quickly decided to keep the money but knew they had to be smart about it since it was stolen. So, they went to the Caribbean and began laundering the money. Unfortunately, Molly accidentally spent some of the money before it was laundered and the pair was caught. Luckily, Camille bailed Brad out. She then admitted to Jack what Brad had told her—he wasn't the one driving drunk when their father was killed; it was their mother. Jack refused to believe it though while Brad blasted Camille for revealing what she had no right to and saying it was a lie. Soon after, their mother, Delores, arrived. Upon seeing his mother's tendency to drink, Jack wondered if it was true after all but Brad urged him not to confront her. Meanwhile, the charges against Brad and Molly were dropped. That same day, Brad thought he overheard Jack pumping their mother for information and barged in, only to have his mother finally confess that she was the one who was behind the wheel. Brad confessed to the crime years earlier when he believed she had no memory of what happened. Throughout all of this, Brad's feelings for Camille were growing and finally he asked her to marry him. Though she loved him, she refused since she wanted to be on her own.

Afterward, Brad began flirting with Molly's cousin, Carly. Carly was a woman after Brad's own heart because she loved money as much as he did. However, what he loved about her, she detested about him. Though she was in love with Jack, Carly was working to get pregnant and married before the end of the year in order to collect $ 50 million dollars from her sister. She seemed to have succeeded when she married John Dixon right before the birth of their son, Parker. However, not long after, Brad overheard Molly mention that John was not Parker's father. After Carly divorced John, Brad immediately took advantage and blackmailed her into marrying him in exchange for him keeping the secret of Parker's paternity. Carly told Brad, in no uncertain terms, that she didn't love him and was only marrying him to ensure she didn't lose her fortune. While married to Brad, Carly came this close to having a one-night stand with Jack. Soon, Carly decided to divorce Brad and pursue Jack; she promised Brad $5 million to agree to the divorce. Brad agreed on one condition—she sleep with him. Although she initially scoffed, Carly agreed. Later, when Brad proclaimed his love for Carly, she made it clear that it wasn't mutual. Bitter at losing Carly, a vengeful Brad showed up with Parker at Hal and Barbara Munson's wedding and informed everyone that Parker was Hal's son, not John's. Then, after having a one-night stand with Carly's sister, Rosanna, Brad skipped town.

Several years later, a jobless Brad returned to town and made himself at home at the Snyder farm. Also staying there was the wealthy Vienna Hyatt and Brad didn't waste any time getting into her good graces. Brad wooed Vienna by passing himself off as wealthy businessman while freeloading off Jack. This got old for Jack after a few weeks and, when Kim Hughes told Jack she needed some manual help at WOAK, Jack volunteered Brad. However, Brad lied to Vienna that he was an important TV executive and, instead of working, invited Vienna to "his" office where they made love. The next morning, they were discovered by Katie Peretti--a friend of Jack's whom Brad had already clashed with. Brad continued their argument as Katie was on the air of her show, Oakdale Now. Though Katie was certain Brad would be fired, Kim was so impressed by his and Katie's chemistry that Brad was made co-host. As Brad was making a splash as co-host, Vienna got tired of Brad and found love with Henry Coleman, who incidentally was Katie's ex-husband and best friend. When Vienna and Henry became engaged, Brad's ego was bruised. Later, when Henry caught Brad and Vienna in a seemingly compromising position, he canceled the wedding. Despite everyone's assurances that nothing happened, Henry's insecurities got the best of him and he decided that it was best to cancel the wedding before he ultimately got hurt. Feeling badly, Brad tried to convince Henry to at least talk to Vienna but he wouldn't. Dejected, Vienna tried to seduce Brad but he turned her away since he didn't want to hurt her.

Meanwhile, as Jack was beginning to look on Katie as more than a friend, so was Brad. Brad made no secret to Jack that he was becoming close to Katie was well. Finally, Katie set the record straight that that was a lie. Later, Brad told Katie that his interest in her was genuine but Katie chose Jack. As Katie and Jack's relationship was progressing, who should show up but Carly. Though Jack was willing to let Carly go to jail for evading the police, for his kids' sake he persuaded the DA to drop the charges (which Brad thought was a crazy thing to do). Shortly after, Carly was shocked to discover that Brad was back in town. Even more shocking was Brad's revelation that Jack was now dating Katie. Katie's involvement with Jack made Carly see red and Katie later blasted Brad and told him to stay out of her business. In the meantime, Carly accepted Brad's invitation to go on to a gala with him. While Carly recognized that Brad had feelings for Katie and wanted to make her jealous, Brad obviously knew Carly wanted Jack as well and the two worked to each other's advantage. Part of the plan was for Brad to work on Katie's fears that Jack and Carly would reunite. Later, the same night that Carly made a move on Jack, Jack found out about Brad's scheme to ruin things with him and Katie by leading her to believe that Jack was going to propose. Deciding that it wasn't a bad idea, Jack did end up asking Katie to marry him. Soon after, he and Carly were forced to go to Idaho to rescue a kidnapped JJ. While they were gone, Brad distracted an unnerved Katie. When Carly returned, Brad reconsidered hurting Katie and spoiled Carly's plans to be alone with Jack.

Meanwhile, Jack told Katie he wanted to marry her ASAP. At about this time, Brad walked in on a collapsed Carly. He rushed her to the hospital and was shocked to learn that Carly was dying of a neurological disease. Carly swore Brad to secrecy, but immediately following Jack's wedding to Katie, Brad admitted the truth to Jack who strove to make Carly's final days as comfortable as possible. Later, Brad found out from her doctor that Carly had been misdiagnosed—she was not terminal. Though Brad insisted that Jack had a right to know the truth, Carly convinced him to keep her secret. She then got Jack to accompany her to Montana. When Jack returned home, he confessed to Katie that he and Carly had made love. Though he tried to explain the lovemaking was merely a way to say goodbye, a disturbed Katie immediately sought an annulment. At the same time, Carly told Brad about her scheme to get Jack to marry her again. Again, Brad objected but Carly convinced him that it would behoove him to keep quiet. After all, with Jack gone, Brad could get closer to Katie. Brad reluctantly kept quiet. Soon after, things went a step further when Jack asked Carly to marry him. For Brad, this was crossing the line and he continually urged Carly to tell Jack the truth. Unfortunately, Carly refused since everything Jack had done proved to her that he still loved her. Brad continued up until the wedding day to convince Carly but to no avail. Finally, came the day of the wedding which Brad couldn't even bare to attend. At the altar, Carly confessed the truth to Jack who reacted exactly as Brad predicted---he walked out. Though Jack went immediately to Katie's and begged her to take him back, Katie refused. At the same time, she continued to accept Brad's friendship. Soon, Katie learned that Brad knew about Carly's deception. Katie was furious until Carly told her that Brad tried his best to get her to tell the truth and reminded Katie what a good friend Brad was to her. Katie quickly forgave Brad while continually rejecting Jack's desperate pleas for a reunion.

Meanwhile, wanting to make Katie happy, Brad offered to give her what she always wanted: a baby. Though Jack tried to convince both Katie and Brad that this was a lousy idea, Katie was determined to go through with it. Though Katie seemed to think better of it, later, Brad's sweet gesture of placing balloons in her room got to her and they fell into bed together. The pair quickly set out to make a baby by making love several times. However, it wasn't all about sex as the pair did bond over other interests such as video games. Finally, Katie realized that this was not the right time to bring a baby into the world and she and Brad scrapped the baby making plan. However, it was becoming obvious that Brad's feelings had grown. Though Katie's had also, she still had serious doubts. Katie was convinced that she should be with a man like Jack. Though Katie kept insisting to Brad that there was nothing between them, she couldn't help herself from feeling jealous when he was around other women or pining for him when he was gone. Seeing that Katie still had unresolved issues with Jack, Brad finally told Katie to talk to Jack and see if they had a future together. Katie followed his advice but Jack couldn't make any promises. Afterwards, Brad put his heart on the line again and asked Katie to marry him. This time, she surprised him by saying that she'd think about it. To help his case, Brad made a video declaring his love for Katie. Touched, she accepted his proposal.

At that point, who should return to town but Katie's third husband, Mike? Mike apologized for walking out on their marriage and asked her to give their relationship another chance. Katie, however, was committed to Brad and refused. Though Katie insisted that she had moved on after he left, Mike didn't listen and pressured Katie by suggesting that she wasn't really over him. If that weren't enough, Margo also doubted that Brad was the right man for Katie. Brad though was convinced that they were right for each other and wanted to marry right away. When their plan to elope went sour, the pair decided to marry on a live segment of Oakdale Now—where their relationship began. When Katie passed out during the ceremony, Brad suspected that it was because she had doubts and offered her an easy out: she could back out of the ceremony and he'd tell everyone that it was his decision. No pressure. At that moment, Katie realized that Brad was the one she should be with and the two married.

Immediately after, while still on their honeymoon, the couple was shocked when a teenage girl approached Brad and told him that she was his daughter. The girl's mother was Janet Ciccone and, after some quick math, Brad told Katie that it was entirely possible that she was his daughter since he and Janet had a fling on the night of their junior prom. When Katie insisted that a DNA test be done, the girl, whose name was Liberty, was happy to oblige. Though it was suggested that Liberty return home until the test results came back, Liberty refused to leave town. Katie and Brad scoffed at Liberty's suggestion that she sleep in the park and they brought her back home with them. Brad felt an immediate connection to Liberty and when the test results came back a week later, they verified what he already suspected----he was Liberty's father. At this point, who should pop into town but Liberty's mom—Juicy Janet, herself! Janet's arrival fueled Katie's jealousy, which wasn't unfounded since Janet made any attempt to be near Brad. For his part, Brad was enjoying the attention. At the same time, Katie surprised Brad with a house, which included a room for Liberty. Though Brad continually defended Janet to Katie, he eventually realized that her fears were grounded when Janet impulsively kissed him. Janet admitted to Brad that she never stopped loving him but he made it clear that he never did, and never would love her. Immediately after, Janet began seeing Jack, which made Brad jealous.

Weeks later, Brad was incensed to find Parker and Liberty making out on the couch and warned Parker to stay away from Liberty. Unfortunately, Parker didn't listen and he and Liberty ended up making love. When everyone caught wind of what happened, Parker and Liberty were forbidden from seeing each other—with Brad going to the extreme of hiring a body guard for Liberty. When Liberty slipped out to see Parker, Brad decided he had enough and dragged her off to an impromptu fishing trip where Liberty truly bonded with her father. At the camp ground, Liberty was shocked to see Parker who found out her whereabouts. Unsettled by Parker's suggestion that they run away together, a worried Liberty told Jack where Parker was. As the weeks went by, Liberty tried to obey her parents and stay away from Parker but he kept seeking her out. Things finally came to a head when Katie and Brad set up Parker to see Liberty on a date with another guy. When they guy they paid, Leo, started getting rough with Liberty, Parker was on hand to save her. After this, the adults permitted Liberty and Parker to see each other under supervision.

Soon after, Brad got an anonymous phone call stating that Liberty and Parker went into the woods during a picnic. Brad and Katie arrived to find a dazed Liberty with her clothes ripped. When asked what happened, all Liberty could remember was that Parker was with her. Fully convinced that Parker tried to hurt his daughter, Brad literally dragged him to the police station and insisted that he be arrested for rape. Though Jack, Carly and Katie tried to argue that Parker had to be innocent, Brad was convinced that Parker took his interest in Liberty too far and let things get out of hand. Before the day was over, Liberty finally remembered what happened—it wasn't Parker who went after her, it was Leo. Apparently, he gave her some drug laced brownies and attempted to rape her before she fought him off. Against Katie's advice, an angry Brad tracked down Leo, kidnapped him and threw him into the Oakdale reservoir to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately, Leo never surfaced and Brad was forced to jump in after him. Luckily, Brad was able to retrieve and resuscitate Leo. After calling 911 for help, Brad hid when the authorities arrived and then went home. Leo was taken to Memorial where he remained in a coma. Meanwhile the police investigated. It didn't take long for Jack to seek out Brad but Brad denied having any idea what happened. Katie immediately knew that Brad was lying and, when confronted, Brad admitted to what happened. Terrified of what kind of trouble he'd be in, Katie went to Jack for help. Jack told Brad that his best bet would be to confess and informed him that if he didn't do it quickly, Jack would be forced to arrest him. That same day, Leo came out of his coma with no memory of what Brad did. Believing that he was in the clear, and not wanting to lose his freedom, Brad decided against confessing and asked Jack to cover for him.

Later, Brad and Katie decided to try for a baby. After months of trying, which included attempting to use Vienna as a surrogate, the couple was elated when Katie did become pregnant. Unfortunately, at the end of Katie's pregnancy, things took a tragic turn when Henry became involved in a money laundering scheme with a mobster named Ralph. When the mobster threatened Henry, Katie foolishly stepped in to help her friend. After Katie warned Ralph to stay away from Henry, Ralph captured Katie and held her hostage. When Brad demanded to know where Katie was, Henry was forced to confess the sordid details of his involvement with Ralph. Almost immediately after, Henry went to the police as well. Brad arrived at the scene to rescue Katie and was caught in the cross fire between Ralph and the arriving officer—Jack! Sadly, Brad died soon after without ever getting to see his newborn son, Jacob.

However, Brad still had unfinished business here on earth—namely making sure Katie and their son, Jacob were alight. Using Henry as a conduit, Brad was able to say goodbye to all of the people that he loved before passing over to the other side on Christmas Eve.

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