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Actor History
Sarah Wilson


Born: late 1991 or early 1992


Student at the Fashion Institute of Technology


New York City

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Parker Snyder [Married: Mar 17, 2009; annulled: summer 2009]


Brad Snyder (father; deceased)

Janet Ciccone (mother)

Jacob Snyder (half-brother)

Lorenzo Donovan (half-brother)

Bert Snyder (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Delores Snyder Pierce (paternal grandmother)

Jack Snyder (uncle)

Teri Ciccone (aunt)

Emma Snyder (great-aunt)

Parker Munson/Snyder (adoptive cousin)

J.J. Larrabee Snyder (adoptive cousin)

Sage Snyder (cousin)

Seth Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Iva Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Caleb Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Ellie Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Holden Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Meg Snyder (first cousin once removed)

Abigail Williams (second cousin)

Aaron Snyder (second cousin)

Luke Snyder (second cousin)

Faith Snyder (second cousin)

Natalie Snyder (second cousin)

Ethan Snyder (second cousin)

Eliza Ryan (second cousin)

Katie Peretti Snyder (former stepmother)


Miscarried child (with Tony)

Flings & Affairs

Parker Munson Snyder (kissed)

Dylan (dated)

Parker Munson Snyder (lost virginity to)

Tony (made love)

Crimes Committed

Shoplifted a bracelet [May 1, 2008]

Skipped school [May 2008]

Brief Character History

Liberty Ciccone traveled to Oakdale to meet the father she never knew. Conceived from a one-night stand during prom night, Liberty was raised by her mother, Janet, who opted to raise Liberty alone without help from Liberty's father, Brad Snyder. Eventually, after seeing a live telecast of Brad marrying his television co-host, Katie Peretti, Liberty decided that it was finally time to meet her father. The sixteen year old girl traveled to Oakdale alone and immediately introduced herself to Brad, who was now a local television personality. When Katie suggested a DNA test, Liberty readily agreed since she was certain that she was Brad's daughter. Though it was suggested that Liberty return home until the test results came back, Liberty refused to leave town and stated that she continue to sleep in the park. Katie and Brad scoffed at that suggestion and brought her back home with them. Brad felt an immediate connection to Liberty and had her enrolled in school until they waited for the test results. Liberty proved to be a handful and when she was caught shoplifting, Brad decided to teach her a lesson by letting her stew in the police station for several hours.

Days later, the DNA tests proved that Brad was her father. Not long after, Liberty's mom, Janet arrived in town. Wanting Liberty to get to know her father, Janet allowed her to stay with Brad and Katie and got a job at Al's diner. It didn't take long for Liberty to realize that Janet was interested in Brad, a fact that embarrassed Liberty who had seen her mother through a string of failed relationships. Meanwhile, Brad had asked his adopted nephew, Parker, to look after Liberty, Unbeknownst to everyone, Liberty and Parker had sort of already met---when she first arrived in town, she inadvertently caused Parker to crash his skateboard when she appeared out of nowhere. Though Parker instantly disliked Liberty, she took an instant liking to Parker, who she referred to as "tough guy." It didn't take Parker long to discover that Liberty followed her own rules. Liberty had no interest in attending school and constantly ditched, often convincing Parker to go with her. A risk taker, Liberty jumped in the lake on a dare and shared the money she received with Parker. It also didn't take long for Parker to realize that Liberty was an accomplished liar as she lied to Brad about why she was not in school.

Taking an instant liking to Parker, Liberty constantly asked him to keep her company, often coming up with lies so he'd come over to her room. Finally, One day, while Parker was on a date with another girl, Liberty spotted them and taunted Parker into kissing the girl. Unfortunately, that was a less than stellar moment for Parker. Soon after, Parker shared his first kiss with Liberty, who laughed it off. In the meantime, due to her truancy, Liberty was forced to attend summer school and wasted no time getting Parker to do her homework. Later, Parker kissed Liberty again. Though she definitely seemed to like it, she acted as if nothing happened. Later, on the Fourth of July, Liberty's friend, Dylan, was arrested for stealing cameras from WOAK-TV and Liberty (who knew nothing about the theft) blamed Parker for ratting him out. When Liberty realized that she was mistaken, she apologized and Parker told her that he would not be doing her homework anymore since he never wanted to do it in the first place. When Liberty asked him why he did it, he admitted that he wanted to spend time with her. Touched by his answer, Liberty kissed him. From that point on, Liberty and Parker's relationship turned romantic. Soon after, Liberty figured out that Janet was sleeping with her Uncle Jack, Brad's brother and Parker's adoptive father. Weeks later, Parker was disgusted to learn that his mother had an affair with a married man, Parker confided in Liberty who tried to tell him that his mother's mistakes didn't have anything to do with him. At the same time, Jack had told Janet that he caught Parker and Liberty kissing and Janet's response was to have the sex talk with her daughter and send Liberty to a gynecologist. Immediately after, the teens decided to satisfy their curiosity by having sex.

When Parker assumed that the very forward Liberty had already been sexually active, a hurt Liberty pointed out that this was her first time as well.It didn't take long for Janet to realize that her daughter lost her virginity and when the other parents caught wind of what happened, Parker and Liberty were forbidden from seeing each other—with Brad going to the extreme of hiring a body guard. When Liberty slipped out to see Parker, Brad decided he had enough and dragged her off to an impromptu fishing trip where Liberty truly bonded with her father. At the camp ground, Liberty was shocked to see Parker who found out her whereabouts. Proclaiming his love for her, Parker tried to convince Liberty to run away with him. Unsettled by Parker's attitude, a worried Liberty told Jack where Parker was. As the weeks went by, Liberty tried to obey her parents and stay away from Parker but he kept seeking her out. Things finally came to a head when Katie and Brad set up Parker to see Liberty on a date with another guy. When they guy they paid, started getting rough with Liberty, Parker was on hand to save her. After this, the adults permitted Liberty and Parker to see each other under supervision.

Later, Parker and Liberty began dating again. Unfortunately, Parker became neglectful of his studies and other responsibilities. When Parker began defiantly acting out, Jack decided to send him away to boarding school using Parker's trust money. Not willing to accept Jack's decision, Parker talked Liberty into marrying him so that he could be legally emancipated from his parents. Though Parker successfully got a judge to marry them by painting Carly a bad mother, Parker was still not guaranteed to get his trust fund. Furious at what Parker had done, Jack angrily threw the newlyweds out into the street. The pair went to Craig who agreed to set them up in a room at the Lakeview. Afterwards, a judge named Craig as the trustee of Parker's trust fund. To Parker's dismay and Jack's surprise, Craig was unwilling to just hand over the money. Craig also successfully planted a wedge in Parker and Liberty's relationship by arranging for an internship in New York City for Liberty. As expected, Parker's jealousy got the best of him and the marriage soon imploded.

Afterwards, Liberty had a one night stand with a boy and found herself pregnant. Though Liberty wanted to get an abortion, when Janet found out about the pregnancy she made it clear that she'd never forgive Liberty if she aborted the baby. Janet tried to pressure Liberty into giving the baby to her and Jack to raise but Liberty was still conflicted. While she did consider giving the baby up, she wanted the child to be adopted outside of the family. While Janet applied pressure on Liberty, Parker and Brad promised to support her no matter what decision she made. The situation resolved itself with Liberty suffering a miscarriage. Afterwards, Liberty was devastated when Brad was killed in an accidental shooting.

Several months later, Liberty was diagnosed with leukemia. Liberty's chemotherapy was sidetracked by her low blood cell count, and, desperate to locate a bone marrow donor, Janet's new beau, Dusty, convinced Janet's father, Rocco, to get tested. Unfortunately, his heart condition disqualified him as a donor. Though her marriage to Jack was essentially over, Janet asked him to conceive a baby with her so that the child's bone marrow could be used to save Liberty. However, Liberty insisted that Jack not go through with it, regardless of Janet's feelings. The point became moot though, when Janet found herself pregnant. Upon hearing Dusty's declaration of love for her mother, Liberty urged Janet to marry Dusty. Meanwhile, Parker stayed at Liberty's side through her treatment and finally professed his love for her. However, Liberty felt that they worked better as friends. Soon after, Liberty learned that her cancer was in remission. Later, Liberty planned to decline her acceptance to the Fashion Institute of Technology until Faith ratted her out to Janet, who insisted that Liberty follow her dreams. Before she left, Liberty attended Jack's wedding to Carly and welcomed the newest addition to her family—her new brother, Lorenzo.

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