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Janet Ciccone
Who's Who in Oakdale: Janet Ciccone | As The World Turns on Soap Central
Actor History


Former hostess at Metro

Former waitress at Al's Diner

Former waitress

Former line cook at My Cousin Gino's

Claimed to have been an assistant to an Illinois Senator (told Vienna that didn't end up so well)


Her home with Dusty and her children

Marital Status

Single/Engaged (Dusty Donovan)

Past Marriages

Jack Snyder (divorced)


Rocco Ciccone (father; deceased)

Terri Ciccone (sister)

Rosalie last name unknown (aunt)

Vinny last name unknown (uncle)


Liberty Ciccone (with Brad)

Lorenzo Dustin Donovan (with Dusty)

Flings & Affairs

Bradley "Brad" Snyder (one-night stand; deceased)

Bud last name unknown (one date)

Jack Snyder (engaged)

Dusty Donovan (affair)

Crimes Committed

Destroyed the police file which implicated Brad in the assault of Leo Morissey {mid September 2008]

Brief Character History

Janet Ciccone, nicknamed "Juicy" in high school, became pregnant at the age of 17 by a one-night stand with Brad Snyder at their junior prom. Janet's parents sent her away to live with her aunt and wanted her to give her baby up. Janet refused and, since Brad moved on to another girl immediately after their tryst, Janet opted to raise her child, a daughter she named Liberty, alone. However, she made no secret about who Liberty's father was. Sixteen years later, after seeing a live telecast of Brad marrying his television co-host, Katie Peretti, Liberty decided that it was finally time to meet her father. The teenaged girl traveled to Oakdale alone and immediately introduced herself to Brad, who was now a local television personality. Brad contacted Janet who confirmed that Liberty was indeed his and had no problem with her staying in Oakdale to get to know Brad. After a DNA test confirmed it was well, Janet traveled to Oakdale as well and told Brad her story. She also confessed that she never stopped loving him. Although Brad was married, Janet wasted no time lavishing him with attention.

It didn't take long for Liberty to realize that Janet was interested in Brad, a fact that embarrassed Liberty who had seen her mother through a string of failed relationships. Janet eventually got a job as a waitress at Al's Diner while staying at the Lakeview Hotel—with Brad and Katie paying her bill. Later, Janet met Brad's older brother Jack. After a rocky beginning, the two quickly bonded over being the parents of teenagers. Then one day, both Jack and Janet wound up at Yo's bar for 80's night and they enjoyed a fun filled evening dancing in front of Brad and Katie. It didn't take Jack long to figure out that Janet was trying to make Brad jealous and he warned her not to play games with him. Jack made it clear that he liked Janet and suggested that she get Brad out of her system. Soon after, Janet made a play for Brad who made it perfectly clear that he never did nor never would love her. Afterwards, Jack found Janet at her place in tears and she confided in him about her humiliating rejection.

Their friendship deepened as Jack complimented Janet on what a refreshingly open woman she was. Touched, a few days later, on Independence Day, Janet surprised Jack with a picnic lunch. After a day of Janet following Jack around while he tried to locate missing cameras for WOAK, the pair had the picnic at Janet's place. After dinner, Janet left Jack speechless by asking when the last time he had sex was. Jack made it clear that he wasn't looking for a girlfriend but Janet made it clear that all she wanted was no strings sex. After some prodding by Janet, Jack lowered his guard and the two made love. The following morning they did it again and Jack agreed to Janet's suggestion that they become "friends with benefits." Soon after, Brad, who objected to Jack sleeping with Janet, stopped paying for Janet's room at the Lakeview. With nowhere to go, Janet was set to leave Oakdale until Jack suggested that she stay at the Snyder farm. In the meantime, Liberty had quickly formed a friendship with Jack's adopted son, Parker, which was leading to something more. When Jack had told Janet that he caught Parker and Liberty kissing, her response was to have the sex talk with her daughter and send Liberty to a gynecologist.

Immediately after, the teens decided to satisfy their curiosity by having sex. Though Janet, who talked to her daughter about it afterward, assured the Snyders that this was not that big of a deal, both brothers blamed Janet for what happened. After a few heated discussions, the adults eventually formed a united front and told the teens that it might be best if they not see each other for a while—with Brad going to the extreme of hiring a body guard for Liberty. When Liberty slipped out to see Parker, Brad decided he had enough and dragged her off to an impromptu fishing trip where Liberty truly bonded with her father. At the camp ground, Liberty was shocked to see Parker who found out her whereabouts. Unsettled by Parker's suggestion that they run away together, a worried Liberty told Jack where Parker was. Rattled, Jack questioned his ability as a parent until Janet assured him that he was a great father. As the weeks went by, Liberty tried to obey her parents and stay away from Parker but he kept seeking her out. Things finally came to a head when Katie and Brad set up Parker to see Liberty on a date with another guy. When they guy they paid, Leo, started getting rough with Liberty, Parker was on hand to save her. After this, the adults permitted Liberty and Parker to see each other under supervision.

Meanwhile, Janet decided that it was time to move out of the farm. Realizing that he'd miss her, Jack suggested that they find a place together. That same day, their relationship hit a rough patch when Jack's ex-wife, Carly, barged in and announced that Brad dragged Parker to the police station on the accusation of rape. Apparently, Brad and Katie found a dazed Liberty with her clothes ripped. When asked what happened, all Liberty could remember was that Parker was with her. Investigating, Jack discovered that Liberty had eaten drug laced brownies; however, both Brad and Janet accused him of making up the story in order to save Parker. Before the day was over, Liberty finally remembered what happened—it wasn't Parker who went after her, it was Leo. Apparently, he gave her some drug laced brownies and attempted to rape her before she fought him off. Though Janet apologized for accusing Parker, Jack was hurt that she didn't trust him enough. Soon after, an unconscious Leo was found near the reservoir—apparently pulled out of the water by a mysterious person. Leo was taken to Memorial but remained in a coma. Jack questioned the one person who had motive—Brad, but he denied having seen Leo that afternoon.

That same day, Katie approached Jack and informed him that Brad lied to him. Brad threw Leo in the reservoir to teach him a lesson but dove in after and resuscitated him when Leo failed to come up out of the water. Janet overheard the conversation and confirmed that when Brad arrived home, he was soaked and wet. Terrified of what kind of trouble he'd be in, Katie pleaded with Jack to help. Jack told Brad that his best bet would be to confess and informed him that if he didn't do it quickly, Jack would be forced to arrest him. That same day, Leo came out of his coma with no memory of what Brad did. Believing that he was in the clear, and not wanting to lose his freedom, Brad decided against confessing and asked Jack to cover for him. Though Jack agreed, the guilt became too much for him and he had a change of heart. When Jack learned that Janet and Brad destroyed the evidence, he briefly resigned from the police force. By years end, Jack and Janet got married.

Several months later, Jack learned that Katie was being held hostage by a mobster Henry was attempting to pay off. Jack raced to the scene and returned fire after being shot at. Unbeknownst to Jack, the mobster was using Brad as a shield in the darkened warehouse. Tragically, Brad died mere hours later. Unfortunately, Jack couldn't get past the notion that he'd killed his own brother. Though Janet tried to be supportive, a part of her blamed Jack since she knew he had had two drinks before he went to the warehouse. While Jack went off to fight his demons, Janet formed an easy friendship with Dusty Donovan. Their friendship soon turned to something more and the pair made love. Not long after, Liberty was diagnosed with cancer. When Janet refused to go to her estranged father and ask him to be tested for a bone marrow transplant. Dusty took it upon himself to locate Rocco Ciccone and convinced him to help the daughter he'd disowned decades earlier. Desperate to save her daughter, Janet decided to have a baby with Jack, believing that the baby would be a viable match. Meanwhile, Carly learned about Janet and Dusty's affair and informed Jack. Jack told Janet that he couldn't conceive a baby with her. The same day that Dusty proposed to Janet, Janet discovered that she was pregnant. Janet accepted Dusty's proposal while a sonogram concluded that the baby was Jack's. With Jack's help, Dusty secured the home of Janet's dreams. As for Liberty, thanfully, her cancer went into remission.

When Janet reunited with her father, but failed to tell him about her divorce. Dusty did it for her. Rocco badmouthed Janet to Dusty, and Dusty threatened to expose Rocco's ties to mobster Ralph Manzo. Later, after an armed man went after Dusty, Dusty used himself as bait to catch his shooter. Rocco wrenched a gun from the shooter, who'd targeted Dusty again, but when Rocco entered Metro with the gun, Dusty grabbed it, and pressed it to Rocco's head. Rocco had a heart attack, and Janet was livid that Dusty had suspected her father of hiring a hit man. Rocco left the hospital to track down the shooter, and he suffered another heart attack as Dusty wrestled with the hit man. Devastated at Dusty's role in her father's death, Janet broke off the engagement.

However, Janet couldn't deny that she still loved Dusty and the pair decided to start their relationship over. Unfortunately, things got rocky when Dusty had a fling with Lucy. However, when Dusty's life was in danger thanks to Ralph Manzo he and Janet reunited. Several weeks later, Janet gave birth to son that she named Lorenzo Dustin. Afterwards, it revealed that Dusty was, indeed, the baby's father. With Liberty on her way to New York, Janet settled into her new life with Dusty and their baby.

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Who's Who in Oakdale

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