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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 15, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, March 15, 2010

While walking through the Lakeview lobby, Barbara was stunned to see Henry and Vienna locked in an embrace and kissing. She started to retreat, but then she talked herself into confronting it head-on. Barbara walked up and yelled, "Vienna! What an unexpected surprise!" The three of them decided to have champagne together in the lounge, and Vienna explained that she just wanted to be "home" with her Henry. "How wonderful," gushed Barbara, biting her tongue. Vienna went on to say that when Katie called to say that Henry was donating his entire inheritance to build a new wing at Memorial, she couldn't stay away.

Barbara looked amazed, while Henry stuttered and stammered. Vienna said she had let go of her anger and had forgiven Henry for sleeping with Barbara. She also said it was obvious that Henry's mother, Audrey, had forced him to do it. Barbara remarked that Henry hadn't exactly needed "a road map," but Vienna said it was obvious that he had, because otherwise he would have "never ended up on top" of Barbara. Henry closed his eyes, as if in prayer, as Vienna raised her glass in a toast to "new beginnings."

Henry said that Katie probably had exaggerated how much money he was giving away, and besides, it was the only thing he had left from his father. Vienna decided that it was time to get settled in her room with Henry, so they stood to leave. Barbara mentioned that Henry had thought that Vienna was gone forever, and she asked the young woman if she thought a "desirable man like Henry" was just going to wait for her. She asked if Vienna wasn't a tad bit curious as to who might have been spending time in Henry's room while Vienna was gone.

Vienna pressed for details, but Barbara backed down and said that what she and Henry had was "nothing." Barbara walked out, and Vienna said she was eager to "rechristen" their suite upstairs. Henry gave her his room key card and told her to start without him while he arranged for a perfect bottle of wine. Henry ran out of the hotel after Barbara and caught up with her in Old Town. He said the recent arrival of Vienna was a complete surprise to him, and he thanked Barbara for being "so classy." Barbara said she realized that Vienna was "beautiful, exotic, stunning, and young," as Henry's phone rang.

Vienna was on the phone, and Henry promised to be right there. He looked at Barbara sadly, and she announced that they were done. She suggested that they not pretend that their "dalliance" was anything more than it really was, and she walked away proudly. In Henry's bed, Vienna waited for him and found a lovely diamond earring under a pillow. She played with it until Henry returned, and Vienna asked about the wine he had gone to fetch. Henry appeared confused, so then she asked him for the match to the diamond earring she had found in the bed.

Henry was befuddled, but Vienna said that Henry had every right to "play the field," and she grabbed him and pulled him on top of her. They kissed, but then Henry pulled away. He said a lot had happened since Vienna had been gone, but she interrupted and said the old Henry would never have agreed to build a new wing at the hospital. Vienna said she only needed him, not his fancy things. They both agreed that it was best to follow one's heart, and Henry jumped up and said he was going back to the wine cellar. He dashed out and grabbed his phone and called Barbara, and prayed that she would answer.

Barbara returned the red dress that Henry had bought for her to Lisa at Fashions. Lisa asked who Barbara was trying to fool, and Lisa reminded Barbara that nothing happened in Oakdale that Lisa didn't know about. Barbara assumed that someone had told her about Barbara and Henry, so she mentioned Henry by name, and Lisa was shocked. Lisa begged Barbara to give Henry a second chance, because she said Barbara had been happy while they were an "item." Barbara said that their age difference made the whole thing ludicrous, but Lisa said Barbara should think of it as "unexpected" instead. Barbara's phone rang, but she refused to pick up when she saw that Henry was the caller.

When Henry returned to his room, Vienna was dressed as a no-nonsense secretary, complete with hair in a bun, notepad, and horn-rimmed glasses. She announced that she was ready to take "dic-tation," and Vienna began laughing as she dropped her pen and bent over to retrieve it. Outside the door, Barbara had been ready to knock, but she heard Vienna's laughter and walked away. Vienna let down her hair and lost the glasses, and she began to seduce Henry, but he pushed her away and said, "No."

Janet asked Carly to leave the Snyder farmhouse, but Carly said that she was there to make sure that Janet took proper care of herself during her pregnancy. Carly asked if she had taken her prenatal vitamins, and Janet had forgotten, so Carly poured her a glass of milk and told her to "Drink up." Janet claimed that she would not take advice on motherhood from a woman who could hardly care for herself. Carly said, like it or not, Jack was with her, so she was involved in the pregnancy. Janet's phone rang, and the caller was Liberty, who said she was sick of being "the girl in the plastic bubble." She informed Janet that the doctor needed a consultation with them all as soon as possible.

Janet asked Carly to give her some privacy to talk to her daughter, so Carly walked out. Liberty said there was a lot to explain, so Parker picked up the extension phone in the outside part of Liberty's room. He said the doctor would explain it all, as a very weary Liberty hung up. Parker said that the medication was wearing Liberty down, and he asked Janet to get there quickly.

At the police station, Dusty told Jack that he was free to be with Carly because Dusty was going to marry Janet as soon as they got through all "the red tape." He said Janet had the right to move on with her life, and then Dusty announced that he also wanted to adopt the baby Janet was carrying. Jack said Dusty was not getting his hands on his kid, so Dusty accused Jack of looking at the baby as strictly a bone marrow donor for Liberty. Jack reminded Dusty that they were discussing Jack's son or daughter, but Dusty raised his voice and declared that he and Janet were going to raise the child. Jack shouted at Dusty and called him "crazy."

Dusty then accused Jack of wanting his "cake and Carly, too," as Carly walked in, just in time to hear Jack fire another salvo at Dusty. Janet ran in and told Dusty that they needed to get to Minneapolis right away because Liberty was in trouble. Dusty offered his jet, and Jack said he and Carly would go, as well, and when they knew Liberty was all right, they would take Parker home with them.

Janet and Dusty ran into Liberty's room at the hospital, and Janet was shocked to see her daughter behind plastic and not able to touch anyone. Out in the hall, the doctor explained to Dusty, Jack, Carly, and Parker that Liberty was extremely fragile and had to make a difficult decision whether to stop the painful and debilitating treatments or to go forward, which would be very hard on her physically. Parker was upset and shouted that someone had to tell the girl that she had to keep going. Carly patiently explained that Liberty was 18 and was entitled to make her own choices. A desperate Parker demanded that his folks tell Liberty what they thought she should do.

Inside Liberty's room, Janet quietly told Liberty that Liberty had to decide what she wanted to do, and Liberty said that Parker would never forgive her if she died on him. Her choice was to continue with the treatments because she would not give up. Dusty said how proud he was of her for being able to make tough decisions, and Janet thanked God. Dusty walked out and told the rest of the family that Liberty was continuing to fight, so Carly and Parker left to get Parker's things from the hotel. Jack went into Liberty's room just in time to hear Janet tell her daughter that she was pregnant, and that upset the girl.

Liberty scolded her mother for allowing that to happen, and she said her fears were that if the baby was not a bone marrow match for her, that they would hate the baby. Both Janet and Jack reassured Liberty that a new baby was a cause for celebration, but Liberty wanted Dusty's opinion. Dusty said if the baby was anything like Liberty, the world would have another winner. Everyone left except Dusty, who continued to chat with Liberty. She was disappointed that Jack would be in her mother's life forever when Janet deserved someone who really loved her. Dusty admitted that he was in love with Janet and wanted to marry her. Liberty thought about that, grinned, and admitted that would be "kinda cool."

Liberty called her mother back into her room and ordered her to say "yes" to Dusty's proposal. Janet looked questioningly at her daughter, and the girl nodded, so Janet said to Dusty, "Yes, I'll marry you." Dusty kissed her and then put his ring on her finger. Jack walked in and realized what had just happened. Jack said he was glad that Janet was happy, and they agreed to work on their annulment. Jack left, after promising Liberty that he would get Parker back to the hospital to say goodbye. Jack seemed sad, and he removed his wedding band and slipped it into his pocket.

Janet told Liberty that she and Dusty would not get married until Liberty was well enough to dance at their wedding. The girl said how lucky Dusty was: he got to marry a fat pregnant woman and got a bald stepdaughter as part of the package. They laughed, and Janet and Dusty kissed.

At Parker's hotel, Carly discussed the new baby with her son, and Parker was excited that another avenue of hope for Liberty had opened up. Then he asked if Janet's baby "messed things up" for Carly and Jack, but Carly said that things would be difficult, but she could handle it. Parker said he was relieved that his mother was "finally growing up," and they laughed. Jack showed up, and Parker said he wanted to visit Liberty one more time and asked his folks to pick him up at the hospital. They agreed, and Parker took off on foot.

Jack told Carly that Liberty was upset about Janet's pregnancy until she saw Janet's ring from Dusty. Carly said she was pleased that Janet was not going to be alone. Jack was unsure about how he felt about Dusty Donovan's raising his child, but Carly told him that he could handle it, and she kissed him.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luke was at home reading, when he heard something crash on the front patio. He ran outside and found Noah on all fours searching for his cane. Luke retrieved it for him, and then he asked his boyfriend why he wasn't on his way to Dallas. Noah said that Dr. Oliver was not going back to Texas because he might have a permanent position at Memorial. Luke was delighted and threw his arms around Noah. He asked when Noah was going to move back in. Noah extricated himself from Luke's embrace and said he was only there to pick up some CDs he had left. He also made it clear that he still needed to be by himself.

Luke offered to get the CDs, but before going inside, he turned to Noah and asked where the two of them went from there. Luke said they would run into one another often in Oakdale, and Noah said that was all right because they were still friends. Luke looked pained, and he asked what would happen six months down the road, but Noah said he couldn't make predictions. Luke kissed him, and Noah responded, but then Noah apologized for sending mixed messages. Luke said it felt as if Noah was pushing him away, and that made him sad.

Noah said he needed to be by himself so that he didn't feel resentment for Luke. He said that Luke's help was the last thing he wanted at that point, but Luke didn't get it. Noah explained that he would never be the Noah Mayer he was before, and finally Luke understood that Noah was saying something more. Noah said he was sorry he had to be selfish, but he had to go it alone. Luke tearfully admitted that he needed more from Noah, and if Noah could not give it to him, then Luke could not be with Noah anymore. Noah expressed sadness that their love had not lasted forever.

Noah's cab honked out front, and the boys hugged tearfully, and Noah walked off. He ended up at Java, and Alison joined him. She noticed his gloomy mood and asked if Noah had "relationship problems," but Noah answered, "Not anymore." Alison realized that Luke and Noah had split, but Noah didn't want to talk about it. Instead, he said that he was looking for a new place to live, since Dr. Oliver was staying in Oakdale to run a new neurology wing. Maddie had gone back to school in the East, so Noah couldn't afford his apartment alone. Alison offered to be his roommate, and Noah was delighted. They shook hands on it.

In his room at the Lakeview, Henry wasn't interested in role-playing with Vienna, and she suspected that it had to do with the diamond earring she had found in Henry's bed. Henry saw the earring and flashed back to being in bed with Barbara. Vienna said she had not expected Henry to "save himself" for her, but she could not understand why he wasn't particularly interested in making love to her. After an invitation from Vienna to "dictate" her, Henry suggested that they "go slow," and Vienna felt rejected. After some thought, however, she decided that a slow courtship might build up some enticing anticipation.

In her own room in the hotel, Barbara took a long, hard look at herself in a mirror. She chided herself for thinking that she could ever give the gorgeous Vienna a run for her money with Henry.

At Katie's, Reid Oliver was amazed that she had convinced "Hank" to put up the money to build a new neurosurgery wing at Memorial. Katie reminded him that Henry had not yet agreed, but she was sure he would because Vienna wanted him to. Reid was pleased about the new neurosurgery unit that the wing would house, but he reminded Katie that Dr. Bob had not yet offered to let Reid run it. Reid said he would stay only if he was in charge.

Katie took Reid to the Lakeview to meet Vienna, and he was stunned that she was with "Hank." Henry verbally agreed to make the large donation, and Katie immediately asked for the check and said she would love to announce the donation on her television show. Katie also said the wing was going to be named for Brad, and that was news to both Henry and Vienna. Henry voted for anonymity, but Vienna wanted the whole world to know how amazing her Henry was. Henry painfully wrote the check for his whole inheritance.

Chris Hughes continued his conversation with his parents at Al's diner, and he said he just wanted to quietly practice medicine after his years in Africa. Kim asked if he had a plan or even a direction he wanted to move, but Chris put her questions off. His main goal, he said, was to "avoid complications." At that moment, Alison prepared to enter the diner, but she spotted Chris inside with his parents. Chris called out to her, but Alison turned and hurried away. Chris excused himself and ran after his former girlfriend. Kim said, "So much for avoiding complications."

Chris caught up with Alison, and instead of giving him a hug, she put out her hand to shake his. Chris asked why Alison had turned away from the diner when she saw him, but Alison said she changed her mind when she saw Kim and Bob, because she knew they blamed her for what had happened at her wedding. Chris denied that, and he told her she had broken his heart years before, but he had gotten over it. They had a laugh about her chasing him off to Africa, and then he said it was ancient history. Alison excused herself to go to work, and Chris said that he would see her very soon because he was picking up some shifts at the hospital.

Chris returned to the diner to find that Barbara had joined the party, and then Katie and Reid Oliver walked in. Katie handed Bob the check from Henry, and Bob told Dr. Oliver how pleased he was that Reid was staying to run the new program. Reid demanded final approval on all decisions; total autonomy once the unit opened, including staff, supplies and budgets; and a hefty salary raise. Bob cited his fiduciary responsibility to the hospital board and casually threw out the name of another neurosurgeon who was interested in the job. Reid finally told Bob to give him a decent contract and he would consider it. The doctors shook hands on it, and Katie mentioned that there wasn't anything Henry wouldn't do for Vienna.

Barbara looked crestfallen, and then Kim agreed to the immediate announcement of the donation on Katie's show. Katie and Reid left for the station, and Kim took Barbara aside and asked if she was okay. Barbara said she had nothing to say, but she asked to tag along to WOAK with the rest of the group.

Vienna told Henry that she had always loved him, but because of his recent generosity, she also loved all his choices. Henry had his mind on Barbara, but he and Vienna went to the television station for the official presentation of the check. Everyone was there, and Henry and Barbara had their first chance to chat. Barbara mentioned that Henry was doing a great thing, and it was obvious that Henry was still drawn to her. Barbara asked if he was glad that Vienna was back, but before Henry could answer, Kim called for "places." Vienna dragged Henry away from Barbara, as Kim urged her niece to tell Henry how she felt about him. Barbara said she hadn't gotten a chance to do that yet.

They went on the air live, and Katie made introductions. She said that Mr. Henry Coleman of Oakdale had endowed a new wing at Memorial dedicated to advanced neurosurgical research and innovation, and the wing was to be named after her late husband, Bradley Snyder. Drs. Hughes and Oliver joined Katie on-camera, and Henry presented the check to Bob in memory of his dear friend, Brad. Bob accepted Henry's "incredibly generous gift," and they concluded the segment. Katie took a message from her sitter that Jacob was sick and had a rash, so she left the station, and Kim promised to fill in. Vienna hugged Henry, who couldn't take his eyes off Barbara.

At the hospital, Chris ran into Alison, who said she would stay out of his way. Chris explained that was not necessary, and Alison haltingly admitted that she had done the same thing to Casey that she had done to Aaron with Chris. Chris made it clear that he held no grudge against her. Katie walked in with Jacob, and Chris took the baby from her and led her into an exam room. Chris checked out Jacob and declared that the rash was just that: a minor rash. He prescribed some cream for it, as Katie took a good look at Chris and then asked if he had ever been on TV.

Katie wanted Chris to appear on her show for new mothers, but he waffled. He finally agreed to try it one time to see how it went. He asked Katie why she was involved in so many projects, and Katie said she was afraid if she stopped moving, she would fall apart. Chris assured her that she would not, and then Alison walked in but made a fast exit when she saw Chris. Katie asked a few questions, including whether Chris still had a "thing" for Alison. He said no.

The WOAK group adjourned to the Lakeview for some celebratory toasts of champagne. Bob saluted Henry, and then Vienna spoke of him as a "decent, caring, and kind man." They drank again, but Barbara couldn't take any more, so she turned her back and left the room. Kim noticed her niece leave, so she asked Vienna to tell Bob all about her adventures during her last absence, and that freed up Henry to go after Barbara. He caught her in the elevator, and he said they had "unfinished business."

Barbara reminded Henry that Vienna was gorgeous, but Henry said Vienna was looking for a fantasy hero, but Barbara saw him for the man he really was. Henry confessed that he could not stop thinking about her, but he needed her to tell him how she felt about him. Barbara finally said that she cared about Henry more than was good for either of them, and she was proud of him for wanting to be a better person. Henry said he loved Vienna, but she was in love with some "idolized" version of him, and that guy did not exist. Henry said he liked who he was with Barbara, and then the elevator dinged and the doors opened. "We're here," said Barbara. "Where?" asked Henry. "You tell me," replied Barbara.

They headed down the hall, and Henry walked in the direction of Barbara's room. She stopped him, however, and said that she didn't think they should be together until Henry had resolved things with Vienna. "You drive a hard bargain," groaned Henry, and they split and went down their respective halls. Henry heard Vienna calling him from outside his room, so he ducked around the corner. Vienna went into the room and shut the door, so Henry reappeared. He considered going in, but finally he went back around the corner and was gone.

Luke went to the front desk of the Lakeview, and Reid Oliver approached and told him to go ahead and tell him what a "sellout" he was. Luke was not in the mood for Oliver's sarcasm, so he walked away, as a stranger approached Dr. Oliver. The man called Oliver a "son of a bitch," but the doctor did not know how to react. He asked who the man was, as Luke stopped to watch. The man walked right up to Oliver and called him "a murderer."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At Deerbrook Sanitarium, Meg declined a trip into town because she felt she was not ready to face certain people or circumstances. Her counselor assured her that it was all part of the healing process, and she urged Meg to try to handle a visit to Oakdale. Meg reluctantly agreed.

Emily and Paul strolled baby Eliza through Old Town, and they paused at Fashions. Emily suggested that they buy the baby an Easter dress, so Paul told her to do it while he picked up some books at the bookstore. Emily went into Fashions and began looking at outfits until Paul joined her. Because it was such a nice day, Emily suggested a picnic, so she went to the diner to order some sandwiches, while Paul settled the bill at Fashions. Outside Al's, Emily was surprised to bump into Meg.

Emily began a tirade against Meg; Emily yelled that Meg should not have escaped again and that she had to return to Deerbrook. Meg was flustered and denied doing anything wrong. She explained that she was on a "group outing" with some other Deerbrook residents, and she pointed out their group leader. Emily apologized, and Meg asked about Eliza. Just then, Paul wheeled Eliza's stroller to the diner, and he took out the baby and handed her to Meg. Meg held her daughter, as Emily looked crushed and went in to order the food. Paul offered to get Meg coffee, and he left her holding Eliza.

Paul changed his mind and returned to take Meg and Eliza to Java. He encouraged his ex-wife to keep getting therapy and to continue getting stronger. The group leader called Meg, so she said goodbye to the baby and thanked Paul.

Paul and Emily went home to Fairwinds, but Emily seemed depressed. She said that it was important that Eliza and Meg keep their bond, but Emily pointed out that, for all practical purposes, she was Eliza's mother. Paul thought for a moment and then said that his job was to protect his daughter from too deep an attachment to Emily. Emily was shocked at that and asked him to explain what he meant. Paul said he just wanted Eliza to know that Meg was her mother. Emily asked for Paul's trust and support, and he kissed her.

In the Lakeview lobby, the stranger who had accosted Reid Oliver continued to harass him. Luke stopped to watch the action, and he was shocked to hear the man refer to Oliver as "a murderer." The man also called him "a smug bastard," and claimed that the doctor had killed his daughter. Luke attempted to intervene, but Reid stopped him, and the stranger knocked Oliver down with one punch. He continued to pummel the doctor, but Oliver did not fight back or defend himself verbally. Luke tackled the assailant, who then backed off and said that he thought beating up the doctor would make him feel better, but it didn't. The man cried that beating up Reid did not bring back his "Annie."

The stranger walked away, as Reid struggled to his feet. He staggered off, but Luke ran after him. He caught up and asked Oliver what had just happened, but Reid said, "None of your business." Luke said that because he was responsible for the doctor's being in Oakdale, he felt it was his business. Reid said he was in no trouble, and the man was a grieving father of a little girl who had died. He then declared that he did not discuss his patients with outsiders. He told Luke to "Get lost," but Luke shouted that Oliver had a real problem answering to people and got very defensive when his back was to a wall. Oliver said his back was not to a wall; it was to Luke, and he walked away.

At Memorial, a nurse noticed abrasions on Dr. Oliver's face, and she asked him if he was all right. Reid insulted her and told her to pretend to do her job somewhere else. Then the doctor left the hospital and drove to Lily's house to see Luke. Luke was by himself, and when he answered the door, he asked Oliver what he was doing there. Reid walked in and asked Luke to forget what he had seen that day at the Lakeview. Luke answered that, in the vein of Dr. Oliver's sick humor, that Noah was the "blind guy" in the group, not he. Oliver said that Luke should keep what he witnessed to himself, because false accusations could reflect poorly on the hospital.

Luke said he would keep his mouth shut on one condition: Reid had to tell him the truth about what had happened to the angry man's daughter. Oliver said the girl was six years old, and she had a terminal brain tumor. He had operated on her and given her another year of life before she had succumbed. Luke couldn't understand why the man had been so violent, or why Oliver had not defended himself. The doctor explained that the guy would not have heard anything he said, and he did not want to jeopardize the hands he used to operate by defending himself physically. Luke said he thought that Oliver felt he had failed, and he couldn't handle it; but that was what made him such a great doctor.

Reid Oliver agreed that he was a great physician and said that humility was overrated. He also mentioned that he promised not to kill Luke's boyfriend when he cracked his skull open for surgery. Luke said that Noah was no longer his boyfriend, and Reid said that he wasn't surprised because Luke's guilt overwhelmed Noah. Luke took offense to that, and he declared that the breakup was his decision, and he shoved Dr. Oliver backwards towards the door. Reid got right in Luke's face and declared that he had been pushed around enough for one day, and he advised "Mr. Snyder" to take one very large step back. Luke did, and Reid turned and walked out.

Earlier in the day, Lily told her mother that she was going to get Holden from jail, since all the charges had been dropped. Lucinda was happy to stay with the children, and she looked forward to a celebration with cake afterwards. Lucinda was especially excited that Holden was returning home, but Lily reminded her that Holden was no longer her husband. Lily left for the police station, and Lucinda talked to the kids about how wonderful it was to all be back together.

Faith, however, threw a damper on the celebration by asking who had said anything about her parents getting back together. Lucinda sent the younger children on an errand to find balloons in their room, and she asked Faith why she was so gloomy. The girl said they both knew the family would never be the same again. Lucinda lectured Faith about giving her mother the respect she was due, but the teenager said she was afraid her mother didn't love her father anymore.

Lily arrived at the police station but was shocked to learn that another woman had picked up Holden already. She hurried to the farm, where she walked in on a big smooch between Holden and Molly. Holden had just invited Molly to move back in with him at the farm, and Molly had agreed. Lily apologized for interrupting, and asked if Holden was ready to go to her house to see the kids. Holden looked at Molly and said, "I'm ready if you are," but Molly glanced at a scowling Lily and said she would join them later.

Holden and Lily arrived at Lily's home, and the children and Lucinda greeted them. Faith, still in a funk, said she didn't think they could pretend that everything would go back to the way it was. Natalie asked her father if he was going to live with them again, but Holden said he was going to stay at the farm. Lily asked Faith what was bothering her, but the girl refused to say. Lucinda spoke up and said that Faith was "conflicted" about going back to boarding school, so Holden questioned his daughter. Faith said that she did not even want to finish the final semester there, and she claimed she just didn't "fit in." The girl begged to stay home.

Molly took a call at the farm from Miss Gibson at Faith's former school, and she learned of the girl's suspension for smoking pot. Molly left immediately for Lily's house and rang the doorbell. Holden let her in, as Lucinda let loose some stinging verbal barbs Molly's way. Holden told Lucinda that he was with Molly, and he asked his former mother-in-law to "ease up."

Natalie announced it was time for cake, and Molly snagged Faith aside and told her about the headmistress' call. Faith tried to make excuses, and Molly realized that the suspension was what Damian had used to manipulate the girl. Molly said she was Faith's friend, and she promised not to tell Faith's parents if Faith would tell them herself. It was Faith's call.

When Holden and Lily and the others joined Molly and Faith, Molly asked the girl if she had anything to tell her parents. Faith thought fast and said that Holden and Lily were right; she would finish the year at the boarding school. Molly turned away in disgust, as Holden hugged his daughter. Faith said she wanted to go right back to school that afternoon, and Holden offered to drive her. Lucinda butted in and suggested that Lily and Holden together take Faith to school, as Molly whispered to Faith to ask what the girl was doing. Faith promised that she would tell her folks the truth on the way to school, but she couldn't do it in front of everyone else. Holden and Lily left with Faith, but Molly was concerned.

They arrived at the school and got out of the car. Faith told her parents she had something to tell them. She said she needed to apologize for messing up badly with Damian, and then she tried to talk about school, but Lily interrupted and urged the girl to give the school "a few more months." Holden and Lilly hugged Faith and said again how proud they were of her. Holden wanted to check in with Miss Gibson, but Faith lied and put him off. They said goodbye, and Lily and Holden drove away. Lily said she hoped they were doing the right thing by returning Faith to school.

Lucinda felt the need to meddle, so she took the younger children to the farm and let them play in the barn with the horses. Then she called on Molly because she had something to say. Molly knew exactly what Lucinda's rhetoric would be; she paraphrased it well, so Lucinda only had to ask her how fast she could pack and get out of Holden's life. Lucinda even offered to close her eyes and write a whopping big check, but Molly said, "Save your zeroes, old lady." Lucinda was horrified that Holden had asked Molly to move back to the farm, and reminded her that Holden's heart would always belong to Lily. Molly mentioned that the farm belonged to the Snyders, and therefore she could ask Lucinda to get out.

Holden and Lily stopped for coffee at Java, and Holden suggested that they focus on the future and consider Damian's invasion into their lives a bad detour. Lily was concerned about Faith, but Holden was sure the girl would be fine. He got a text from Molly asking how they had taken the news about Faith, so they took off in a rush for the farm. They found Molly there, and they asked what she was referring to. Molly said she should have known that Faith wouldn't tell them that she had been suspended from school for drugs. Molly asked if Holden had spoken with Miss Gibson, and she explained that the woman had called earlier. Molly said she had spoken to Faith about it, and the girl had promised that she would tell her folks. Holden was upset with Molly, and he promised Lily they would find their daughter.

Back at Deerbrook, Meg told her counselor that going to town had been a good idea. She asked if she could have a chance to spend more time with her daughter, perhaps with an overnight visit.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, today's entire lineup of your favorite CBS Daytime soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and As the World Turns -- was preempted. This scheduling change has been planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the sports coverage.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 22, and pick up where Wednesday, March 17's episodes concluded.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" college basketball tournament, today's entire lineup of your favorite CBS Daytime soap operas -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, and As the World Turns -- was preempted. This scheduling change has been planned for, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the sports coverage.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 22, and pick up where Wednesday, March 17's episodes concluded.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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