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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 1, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Barbara awoke after "Olympian sex" with Henry, and she found him in his boxers as he carried chocolates and champagne to her in bed. She was pleased that their relationship was "superficial and consensual, with no strings attached." They drank champagne and began to make love again, as Barbara cautioned her lover to "keep it shallow." Someone knocked on Henry's door, and then Katie called out to him. Henry panicked and asked Barbara to hide in the bathroom. Barbara fussed, but Henry sweet-talked her into complying.

Henry donned his robe and answered the door. Katie insisted on entering, and she admitted that Jacob was the real reason for her visit. Then Katie noticed the disheveled bed, and she sniffed the air. She asked Henry what he had been doing, and commented that whatever it was, he hadn't been doing it alone. She claimed that nothing hung in the air as much as a woman's cheap perfume. Katie was horrified that Henry had been squandering his inheritance on booze, chocolate and, evidently, hookers.

Henry defended himself by saying that it was his money and his business if he chose to spend it on "morally challenged women." At that comment, an irate Barbara pounded on the bathroom wall, but Henry sloughed it off as "horrible neighbors." Katie said that she had been reconsidering Henry's offer to fund Jacob's education, but after seeing how he was frittering away his money, she was turning it down again. Katie marched out, as Barbara exploded out of the bathroom, furious at Henry. She read him the riot act and inadvertently slammed his fingers in the door as she left.

Katie went back home and enjoyed watching Reid Oliver sing Jacob to sleep. She said she would miss all of his bad habits when he moved back to Dallas, and Reid said that all depended on the judge at his hearing. He suggested that Katie rethink turning down Henry's offer of a trust fund for her baby. Reid said that it all hinged on five words: Jacob could go to Harvard. Reid soon took off for work.

In great pain, Henry went to Memorial to get treatment for his "throbbing digits." He was less than joyous when Reid Oliver walked in to examine him. Henry requested a "likeable doctor," but Oliver convinced him to drag the injured hand out of the ice bucket Henry had brought with him. Oliver diagnosed a sprain, but he also recommended an x-ray. He also dished out a dose of advice by telling "Hank," as he liked to call Henry, to own up to the fact that he was in love with Katie but could not help screwing it up. Henry countered that he and Katie were "just friends," and Reid said that if his court appearance went well, he would be out of Oakdale before "Hank" could sober up. Reid also challenged Henry to prove him wrong and call Katie.

Katie ran into Barbara in the Lakeview lounge, and she got a whiff of Barbara's perfume. She mentioned it, and Barbara said it was "new and expensive," and Katie joked that she had smelled something up in Henry's room that was probably "Eau de By the Hour." Barbara said that she and Henry had once had a "thing," but it was long over, and she questioned why Katie had turned down the Stenbeck fortune yet again. Katie wondered how Barbara knew that, and the two women agreed to have drinks.

They sat in the lounge, and Barbara said that, from time to time, Henry had confided in her about Katie. Katie said that she hated to see Barbara "use Henry" like that because Barbara obviously wanted the Stenbeck money for herself. Barbara flatly denied that and accused Katie herself of using Henry. Katie got angry and trounced out. She went home and made Reid a giant sandwich since it might be their last night as roommates. Reid said he would miss Katie "and the kid," too.

Barbara continued to sip her drink in the lounge, and Henry walked in. He joined her and said there was no insult intended, and he admitted that he deserved it, as he showed her his left hand, which had a big splint on its middle finger. Barbara chuckled, but she also apologized for overreacting when Katie had arrived. Henry admitted that being with Barbara made him happy, and he asked her if they went public with their relationship if it would ruin everything. Barbara gave Henry's hurt finger a kiss, and then she looked around carefully and planted a big kiss on his lips. They agreed to meet in Henry's room for more sex, and Henry left first. Barbara chugged her drink and then followed.

At Carly's house, she and Jack argued about his relationship with his wife, and finally Carly blurted out that Janet had slept with Dusty Donovan. Jack said that Janet would never have done that, but Carly claimed that Janet had told Carly herself. Jack could not believe Carly had not told him sooner, but she said that Liberty's illness had stopped her. Jack was stunned and remained silent, so Carly offered him coffee and an opportunity to talk more, but Jack said there was nothing to talk about. Carly asked when Jack was going to confront Janet about her cheating, but he said that Carly's revelation did not change anything.

Jack said sadly that Janet was with Dusty not because of him but because Brad had died and Jack had walked out, so she had nowhere else to turn. He said he was responsible for Brad's death; therefore, he owed Liberty. Cary was horrified that Jack was still planning on having a baby with Janet to provide bone marrow for Liberty. She urged Jack to walk away from Janet, but Jack only admitted that he still loved Carly, and he turned and went out.

Jack went to Metro, and was looking for Dusty. He asked the temporary hostess where he was, but she said that Mr. Donovan was "out of town." Jack then realized that, more than likely, Dusty was in Minneapolis with Janet and Liberty.

Craig met with Ellis, his financial advisor, in the Lakeview lounge, and he asked in there was enough money in Parker's trust fund to get Monte Carlo up and running again. Ellis was concerned how Carly would react if she knew that Craig was looting her son's trust fund, but Craig was sure that he could pay it all back, with interest, before anyone was the wiser. Craig gave the go-ahead to Ellis and also told him to pick up the lunch tab.

Carly found Craig in the lounge after Ellis had left, and she told him she was ready to roll on Monte Carlo. She said that she needed to keep busy, as Craig asked what Jack had done lately to make her unsettled. Carly said it had made no difference to Jack that Janet had slept with Dusty, and the news of that affair shocked Craig. He also said that Jack was right, because Liberty was still ill, and Jack was not about to leave his wife. Carly said all she needed from Craig was money, not advice, and she wanted to go to Metro and eat rare steak and figure out how to get rich.

At Metro, Carly asked Craig just exactly how much money their investor, Maurice, had committed, but Craig fudged his answer. He said it was "too sensitive" to discuss openly, and then he suggested where they might have their warehouse in New York. He said if they lived in the warehouse, then they could work around-the-clock. The hostess walked by, and Craig asked to speak with Dusty in order to compliment him on his chef. The woman said that Craig was the second guy that day to ask for Dusty, but the owner was out of town in Minneapolis. Carly immediately excused herself and, on the pretense of "freshening up," she approached the hostess and asked if the other person inquiring about Dusty had been Jack Snyder.

Carly returned to the table, and Craig asked what she wanted for dessert. Carly smiled and said what she really wanted was "a trip to Minneapolis," and then she gave a pitch to him about how Minneapolis was the new Mecca for avant-garde designers. Craig ordered the hired jet fueled, and Carly got excited until she realized that Craig was going with her. He explained that he was the one who had to sign the checks to lease the warehouse space.

After the flight to Minneapolis, Carly and Craig went to her room in the hotel she had chosen. Craig had his own room, but he went to Carly's with her. He suggested that he begin calling real estate agents to find suitable warehouse space to rent. Carly asked him to do that from his own room, and Craig suddenly asked her what was going on. He said their hotel was nowhere near the warehouse district, but it was very close to the research hospital where Liberty was a patient. Craig accused Carly of being in Minneapolis for Jack.

In the same hotel, Dusty and Janet were about to kiss, but Janet said she needed to be available for Liberty. Dusty offered to just hold her in his arms until she dozed off, but Janet questioned whether that was enough for him. Dusty said no, and he kissed her, as they stretched out on the bed. Suddenly Janet's phone rang, and a tearful Liberty said that her hair was falling out in clumps. Janet said she was on her way, and she thanked Dusty for everything and told him she would see him back in Oakdale. Dusty refused to let Janet drive to the hospital in such a mental state, and he took her car keys and hustled her out.

They arrived at the hospital, and Dusty refused to leave town. Janet was relieved, and she went in to see her daughter. Liberty apologized for being a "baby" about losing her hair, so Janet handed Liberty a cap she had knitted for the girl. Liberty loved it, and she thanked her mom. They hugged as Dusty watched from outside the room. When Janet rejoined Dusty, she said the doctors had outlined a protocol for Liberty's study. A Dr. Bonner found Janet to see if she had any questions, and he explained that the girl would sleep through her first treatment, and then Liberty would be in isolation. Her family could see and talk with her, but they could not have physical contact with her.

The doctor wrongly assumed that Dusty was Janet's husband, but he agreed with Dusty that Janet should go home and "recharge her batteries," while Liberty slept off the effects of the chemicals. Janet did not want to leave yet, so Dusty went back to the hospital when Janet went in with Liberty. She wanted to hold her daughter while she could. Liberty asked her mother to get some rest, and she put in some good words about Dusty. Janet told her how much she and Jack loved her, as Liberty drifted off.

When Dusty returned to the hotel, he was surprised to find Jack in his room. Jack said he was in his wife's hotel room waiting for her, and he "invited" Dusty to leave. Dusty talked back, and neither man backed down. Jack and Dusty each thought he could offer Janet something the other couldn't, and then Janet called Dusty on his cell phone. Dusty arranged to pick her up at the diner across from the hospital. Jack opened the door and told Dusty to get out. Dusty claimed he was better for Janet than Jack, because he was actually in love with her. Janet stood in the open doorway, listening.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lily read the City Times newspaper, which featured a story and photo called "Deadly Triangle." It was about Lily, Holden, and Damian, and it disturbed Lily. She phoned Faith at boarding school, but fortunately the girl had not seen the paper. Faith said she was busy studying for midterms, and she asked about her father. Lily was hopeful that Holden would not be in jail much longer. Faith did not agree with her mother when Lily pointed out that it would be helpful if Faith returned home to support her dad. The girl was reluctant to bail on her exams since she had arrived halfway through the school year, but she promised instead to be home right after exams.

Faith hung up, and Miss Gibson, the head of school, called out to her. The administrator informed Faith that they had found marijuana in the girl's locker, but Faith denied any involvement. She said she did not smoke pot, and she blamed several other students by name. Miss Gibson said that Faith was very lucky because her father had "intervened" on her behalf, and then Damian walked up behind Faith and provided support.

Damian thanked Miss Gibson and asked to speak to his "daughter" alone. Faith tried to protest that Damian was not her father, but he kept her quiet with a veiled threat. The two of them walked away, and Faith insisted to Damian that he was supposed to be dead because Holden was in jail for his murder. Damian reminded the girl that she was suspended from school for a while automatically because of the drug bust, and therefore she could not stay in the dorm. She had nowhere to go except with him. Faith threatened to call the police, but Damian warned her to cooperate.

Damian put Faith in his car and said that he had helped her out of trouble because he was her stepfather, and he loved her. Faith begged him to go back to Oakdale to free Holden, but Damian said that no one could know that he was still alive. It had to do with a Grimaldi "cousin" who was trying to kill Damian and set up Holden to take the fall. Faith took out her phone, but Damian convinced her that his "cousin" had probably tapped Lily's phone, and a call from Faith would put her mother in jeopardy. He also said he didn't blame her for rebelling against the school, and Faith admitted that she had smoked a little pot.

After that admission, Faith heard Damian say that she would never have to go back to the school, and her parents would never need to know about the drugs. He also advised her that her folks could not know that he was still alive. Just then, Faith's phone rang, and the caller was Molly. Molly said she was calling about Holden and she told Faith that her dad really needed everyone to rally around. Molly offered to pick up Faith at school and take her back to Oakdale, but a flippant Faith said she wouldn't blow off her science exam for her mother, so she certainly wasn't about to do it for her father's girlfriend. Faith said she would get there when she got there and hung up.

At the police station, Molly arrived and kissed Holden. She discussed the strong possibility that the body in Malta was not Damian, and Holden reminded her that Damian had never wanted to live in Oakdale, and since he was officially "dead," he could be anywhere in the world. Holden continued that there was one thing, however, which Damian would not leave without, and Molly said, "Lily." She reasoned that Damian had goaded Holden into attacking him on the docks, because he knew that Holden would not actually kill him. Damian had gambled, but it had paid off.

Holden reckoned that some seaman on the ship had lost his life for Damian's plot, and Molly said that she had a source at the Port Authority who could get her access to personnel files. Holden warned her to be careful, and the two of them began kissing, as Lily walked in and challenged Molly's presence there. Holden said that he needed the two women to work together since Lily knew how Damian thought and Molly had the contacts to verify leads. Lily found it hard to believe that Damian would have killed someone to fake his own death, but Molly disagreed. They began arguing, until Molly left to make some calls.

Lily told Holden that she had taken the kids to visit him, and that bothered him. He asked about Faith, and Lily said she was pleased that their daughter was taking her studies so seriously. Holden played with Natalie and Ethan for a bit, and then he sent them out and told Lily to take the kids immediately and leave town. He said that Damian was dangerous and was not about to give Lily up. Lily refused to go as far away as Montega to visit Sierra, and she vowed they were going to stick together.

In the hotel in Minneapolis, Craig scolded Carly for misleading him into thinking that she was serious about relocating Monte Carlo to that city. He protested that he had better things to do than be duped, as Carly phoned the front desk and asked what room Janet Snyder was in. Carly also reminded Craig that he had invited himself along on the junket, and she agreed with his scenario that Jack would discover Dusty in a room with Janet, and then Jack would invite Carly back into his arms. Carly claimed that she and Jack loved each other too much for it to play out any other way. "Well, good for you," grumbled Craig.

Then Craig reminded Carly that Jack was still married to Janet, and her answer was to head for the door, but Craig stopped her. Carly said she really needed to know what was going on, and particularly if Janet was "playing the leukemia card again." Craig said that Janet needed Jack, "who already had one foot out the door." Carly claimed that she had backed off from Jack and had "respected his marriage," but Craig said that truce obviously was over.

Janet returned from the hospital and found a verbal sparring match between Jack and Dusty going on in her hotel room. Jack ordered Dusty out of the room, but Dusty refused. Janet spoke up, but Jack cut her off by declaring that he "knew" everything. Janet asked Dusty to go call the hospital to check on Liberty's status, and she assured him that she would be fine with Jack. Dusty walked out, and Janet began to speak badly of Carly, but Jack wasn't hearing it. Finally Janet admitted that she had slept with Dusty only one night, and that was the very night that Jack was "holed up in a cabin with Carly." They continued to argue, as Janet maintained that there had always been three people in their marriage from the beginning.

Jack said that he knew Dusty was in love with Janet, but he wanted to know how she felt about Dusty. He wondered where he and Janet stood, and he said he was there because Brad couldn't be. Janet said she couldn't worry about Jack's feelings while her daughter was fighting for her life, and she considered Dusty "a caring friend."

Carly started out the door of her hotel room, but she stopped instantly when she saw Dusty at the end of her hall on his cell phone. Craig peeked around her and said, "Hmmmm, the gang's all here." Dusty moved on, and Carly returned to her room. Craig told her that Jack would never leave Janet, and Carly was afraid that Jack would throw away the rest of his life out of obligation. Craig told Carly to "move on," but instead she grabbed her overnight bag and disappeared into the bathroom. Craig saw Carly's cell phone on the desk, so he pocketed it. Then he disconnected the room phone, and stole the cord before he walked out the door. He got some plastic rope from the maid's cart in the hall and rigged Carly's door so that she could not open it from the inside.

Carly emerged from the bathroom wearing a sexy red dress, but she could not open the door into the hall. She hollered for Craig and then tried to use the "cordless" phone. Lastly, she dived into her purse for her cell, but she realized that Craig had been very thorough. Carly pounded on the door and screamed.

Craig went down to the bar and found Dusty drowning his sorrows there. He asked the bartender to serve Dusty a beer so he would have "something to cry in." Dusty asked why Craig was there, so Craig explained that he was there to "facilitate reconciliation between Janet and Jack." Dusty told him to mind his own business, but Craig said the outcome of the fiasco affected him greatly. Craig called Dusty "the sideshow, not the main event," as Dusty finished his drink and continued to insult Craig. Finally, Dusty walked out, with Craig on his heels.

When someone knocked on Janet's door, Jack assumed it was Dusty and said, "Right on cue." He was stunned to open the door and find Carly in her red dress. Jack asked her for time alone with Janet, but Carly said, "Sorry, Jack, but that's not happening." Carly walked in and said that she had run out of patience waiting for Jack to "work things out." She also claimed that she had every right to be part of the discussion, to which Janet replied, "I don't think so." Dusty and Craig arrived, and Janet asked if she was the only one who remembered why they were all in Minneapolis. Carly said it was not helping Liberty or any of them to "pretend." She declared that "the situation" had to end.

Dusty agreed that it was appropriate "to clear the air," since they were all there. Carly said that Janet didn't know that she and Jack had put aside their feelings because of Liberty's illness and because she thought Janet was a "loyal and honest" person. It turned out, however, that Janet was more Dusty's lover than Jack's wife. Janet was shocked to learn that Jack had been on his way to tell her that he and Carly were back together and that he wanted a divorce when Janet had announced Liberty's cancer. "Oh, my God," exclaimed Janet, looking at Dusty, "everybody knew except me!"

Carly thought it was good that everything was out in the open; Dusty loved Janet, and Jack wanted Carly, so they could just "shift." Craig spoke up, but Jack shut him down. Janet asked everyone to leave, and Jack informed Carly that included her, as well. Dusty, Craig, and Carly filed out into the hall, as Craig quipped, "That went well."

Jack apologized to Janet for Carly's bursting in, but Janet only wanted to know if what Carly had said was true. Janet then called Jack "an even bigger liar," but Jack answered that he had chosen to be with Janet and had wanted their marriage to work. Janet was crushed that her husband had returned to her because her daughter was in crisis and out of guilt for causing Brad's death. Janet said she didn't know how she felt about Dusty, and she asked Jack if he was in love with Carly. Jack answered yes, and Janet began to weep. She asked Jack for an annulment and asked him to go. As he was leaving, Janet stood up and stated that they were going to have a baby for a bone marrow match for Liberty, no matter what.

Out in the hall, Dusty declared he was getting a drink, as Carly asked why Craig was still there. Craig said he still wanted to look at warehouses, but Carly said she was going to her room because Jack would be looking for her after he ended it with Janet. Carly waited impatiently in her room, and finally she opened the mini-bar, but she took out a chocolate bar instead of something alcoholic.

Janet packed her bag and sadly took off her wedding ring. She put it in the bag and began sobbing.

Jack walked down a residential street and attempted to remove his wedding band, but it was stuck and he couldn't budge it.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Molly paid Holden a visit at the police station, and she learned that Tom was having difficulty getting the murder charge reduced. Holden asked Molly to "reach out" to Faith, but Molly said she had already tried on the phone without success. Molly thought the girl was scared and confused, but she said it meant a lot to her that Holden had trusted her with his daughter.

Faith was heading home when Damian intercepted her on the street. He told her that if she received a text message from "Max," it was from him. Faith hated lying, but Damian insisted that he would let her know when it was safe for Lily to know the truth. Damian reminded Faith that her loyalty to him was extremely important, and he sent her on her way.

Lily spoke with Emma on the phone, and she was shocked when Faith walked through the door at home. Lily was delighted to see her, and Faith asked why there was a security officer outside the house. Lily explained that Lucinda had arranged it as a precaution because of Holden's trial. She also said that there was a chance that Damian was still alive, and Faith muttered, "Damn him," to herself. Lily heard her daughter, so Faith covered herself by saying that even dead, Damian was messing up their lives.

Lily promised that they would figure out a way to get Holden out of jail. Faith was eager to see her dad, so they decided to visit him right away. After they left the house, however, Damian evaded the security guard, took out his key, and was about to enter the house. The guard returned, however, and Damian went back into hiding.

Lily walked in on Holden and Molly, who were about to kiss, and Faith followed. The girl told Molly that Molly was right; they did need to be a family during times of trouble. Lily was upset that Molly had called Faith, but Holden jumped in and said it had been his idea. Molly left, and Faith got upset seeing her dad in custody. She told her parents that they didn't "get it," and everything was "messed up." Lily and Holden were concerned, but Faith's cell phone pinged with a text message. Faith saw that the message was from "Max," and Lily observed that it affected the girl greatly.

Faith lied and said that she needed to go home and take her English literature exam over the phone. She convinced her parents that she preferred to walk there to clear her head, so she said goodbye and took off. She was almost at the meeting place with Damian when she bumped into Molly on the street. Molly could tell that the girl was stressed, but Faith said it was just the shock of seeing her father in jail. Molly offered to walk Faith home, but Faith said she wanted to be alone, and she mentioned having to do a chemistry exam over the phone. Molly left, and Faith got into Damian's car with him.

Damian asked about Molly, but Faith said she had just run into her by chance. Damian wanted to know how "she" was, and Faith knew that he meant Lily. The girl described her mother as "a mess," and she scolded Damian for keeping Holden in jail. She begged Damian to tell the world that he was alive, but Damian said he would not reveal himself until it was "safe." Faith said her parents already thought Damian might be alive, and he was shocked.

Damian said he needed to see Lily and talk to her in person to warn her, but he still needed Faith's help. He told her to distract the security guard at home, so that Damian could get into the house. Faith continued to argue for her dad's freedom, but Damian screamed, "That is not an option!" Faith admitted she was "freaked out," and Damian apologized for being so flustered. He again promised that he would protect Lily.

Back at the station, Holden told Lily that Damian was not the person Lily thought he was, and he would do anything to get his way. Lily did not want to fight, but Holden warned that anything could happen when it involved Damian. Lily went home, and Molly returned to the interview room. She told Holden that she had seen a very rattled Faith on her way home, and she asked him if anything had happened after she left earlier. Holden said that Faith had headed home to take her English lit exam over the phone, but Molly swore that his daughter had mentioned a chemistry test. Molly also had a sense that Faith wanted to get away from her, and Holden pleaded with her to keep trying. Molly assured him she was "on the case."

Faith arrived home and struck up a conversation with the guard by the front door. She asked him to help her find a valuable earring in the garden, and he waffled but eventually agreed to help her for five minutes. They walked around to the garden, while inside, Lily spoke with Lucinda on the phone. She finished the call and sat on the couch to go through her mail, while Damian looked at her through the shutters on the window.

Luke went to Java, and Noah recognized the scent of his aftershave. Luke asked about Maddie, and Noah said that she had gone back to school at Weslyan in order to qualify for a study abroad program the next semester. Luke wanted Noah to move back in with his family, but Noah refused. Luke said he understood that his family life was a wreck at the moment, but Noah said that was not the reason. He said that Luke had more than enough on his plate without worrying about a blind friend. Noah insisted he needed a friend, not a lover at that point of his life. Without Maddie, Noah said it gave him a chance to build his independence and confidence. Luke agreed to give Noah the time and space he needed, and he hurried to the courthouse.

At the courthouse, Katie prompted Reid Oliver to mind his manners with the judge at his hearing and not to "act like a bonehead." Reid promised to "practice being humble" in front of a mirror, so Katie went into the courtroom. She was very surprised to see Henry there; Henry explained that he was present to make sure that "the menace to society" got what he deserved. Henry called Oliver a "slob" and "full of himself," neither of which, Katie said, were crimes. Henry finally declared that the doctor was just plain trouble, and he was prepared to do whatever had to be done to get the guy out of town.

Kim told Bob that there was no way she would perjure herself in front of a judge no matter how much the worldly doctor had softened up Bob. She knew that Reid Oliver had stolen Luke's car and smacked into hers, and she had yet to hear an apology or see the doctor take responsibility for his actions. The two of them walked into the courthouse and ran into Dr. Oliver, who was convinced that he would be headed south almost within the hour. Kim did not take Oliver's bait about his saving their lives at Casey and Alison's "wedding fiasco," and he hurled insults at them about Bob's "pathetic little excuse of a hospital."

Bob chuckled and told Kim that he loved to see Reid squirm. They entered the courtroom, and the judge arrived to begin the proceedings. Kim testified first, and she said that the car collision had been an accident, and Dr. Bob added that Oliver had been remanded into his custody at Memorial Hospital, where he said that the doctor was a fine physician, even though he was obnoxious and overbearing. After some other laudatory comments, Bob sat down.

Luke testified next, and his first statement was that he couldn't stand Dr. Oliver, but the truth was that he had bullied the doctor and forced him to take a plane to Oakdale. Luke said Dr. Oliver had almost missed his return flight because of Luke, so he let the doctor "borrow" his car. The judge stated that if the car was not stolen, the case was not a criminal matter, and he picked up his gavel. Henry shot to his feet, crying," You want criminal? I'll give you criminal!" He began calling Oliver a "dangerous kidnapper," and he described how the physician had quarantined him after falsely diagnosing him with TB. Henry also accused the doctor of doing unspeakable things to him while he was isolated.

Dr. Oliver stood in his own defense and said that Henry had been quarantined as a precaution, and the "unspeakable things" amounted to one blood draw. The judge asked Dr. Bob to straighten out the gripes, so Bob said that Mr. Coleman had exaggerated. The judge banged his gavel and said, "Case dismissed."

Katie hugged Reid, as Henry appeared morose, and he followed the doctor out of the courtroom and taunted him. Reid started in on Henry, and called him "Hank," but then he cut it short to intercept Luke as Luke left the courtroom. Oliver put out his hand to shake Luke's, but Luke refused and reminded Oliver to keep his end of their bargain. Bob and Kim joined them, and Bob asked what it would take to get Reid to stay on in Oakdale. The physician set forth several impossible requirements, including a state-of-the-art neurosurgery unit and an obscene salary. Bob was disappointed, and he said that Memorial didn't have that kind of money available.

Katie, however, shot Henry a meaningful look, and then asked what if that kind of money could be available. "No, no, no!" protested Henry, as he made his escape. Katie followed him to the diner, where Henry chewed her out for thinking that he would even consider spending the Stenbeck fortune on "Dr. Jekyll." He also accused her of playing "the Vienna card" when Katie remarked how such a donation would impress his former love.

Henry assumed that Oliver had planted that idea in Katie's head, and he was furious at the manipulation. He told her how disappointed he was in her, and he marched out the door. Katie ran into Kim and Bob outside Al's, and they thanked her for trying to convince Henry to donate his fortune to Memorial. Katie said she had another idea, and she took out her phone and called Vienna's voicemail.

Luke went to find Dr. Oliver at Memorial, and Reid thanked him for his testimony. Oliver said that he would be on a plane in the next day or two for Dallas, but Luke was worried about the plans for Noah's surgery. Oliver said not to be concerned, and that Noah would see again because Noah would be on the plane to Texas with him. Luke found Noah getting dressed in an exam room, and Luke criticized him for going away to have his surgery.

Luke thought Dr. Oliver had "played" him in order to get favorable testimony from Luke. Noah got angry, as Dr. Oliver joined them. Luke followed the doctor out and begged him to operate on Noah in Oakdale and then leave for Texas. Oliver told Luke to "step back" and let him handle Noah's care.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Carly entered the police station and apologized to Jack for making such a scene in Minneapolis. They both agreed that she was out of line, but Carly wondered what they needed to do next. Jack took a break, and he and Carly went to the diner, as Carly wanted to talk about their future. Jack explained haltingly that Janet still had it in her mind that the only way to save Liberty was to have a baby with him. Carly got upset, but Jack said he could not walk away if there was even a chance he could save Liberty.

Carly, using her best sarcasm, asked Jack if he was planning on moving in with her and visiting Janet when she was ovulating. Jack assured Carly that he only wanted to be with her, but she said that Jack could not be with Janet and still say that Carly was the one he loved. Jack asked for time to figure it all out, and he walked out, as Carly appeared to get an idea. She got out her phone and called her doctor, to ask for about five minutes of her time to find out more about in vitro fertilization.

Dusty called on Janet at the farm because he was worried about her. Janet was packing up some clothes to send to Liberty in Minneapolis, and Dusty offered to deliver them, but Janet said there was nothing more he could do for her daughter. Dusty told Janet that she could not have a baby with Jack, but Janet explained that she was trying to save her child's life. Dusty continued to try to persuade Janet not to have Jack's baby, and he asked, "What about us?" Janet answered, "There is no us."

Dusty asked Janet to think about what she needed, but her only answer was a baby who could match Liberty's bone marrow and save the girl. Dusty didn't believe her, so Janet asked him to leave because she was tired of discussing it. Dusty warned her that staying with Jack for the sake of a child was not a good idea. Janet only wanted to keep her daughter alive, and a sibling for Liberty was the only answer. Dusty asked her to please not do it, and he reached for her, but Janet turned her back, and Dusty walked out.

When Jack returned to the police station, he found Dusty waiting for him. Dusty said that Janet was so worried about Liberty that she couldn't think straight, so Dusty asked Jack to "be a man and do it for her." He wanted Jack to tell his wife that having a baby was not a viable option. Jack laughed and told Dusty that if Dusty really knew Janet, he would realize that no man told Janet what to do. Secondly, he said, he didn't take direction well, either, especially from Dusty. Dusty said the difference between the two of them was that Dusty loved Janet, but Jack didn't.

The two men argued more about the proposed baby until Jack called Dusty "just a guy who sleeps with other guys' wives." Dusty asked whether, if Jack's child with Janet did not match, they would continue to have children until one did. Jack walked out on that, but Dusty followed him to Old Town. Finally Jack stopped and pointed out that Dusty wanted Janet because he had lost Jennifer and his son, and Janet could restore a family to him. Jack ordered Dusty to stay out of his business with Janet.

Carly went to the farm and walked right in. She stunned Janet by saying that she fully supported the idea of Janet and Jack's having a baby to save Liberty. Carly said, however, that the best way to achieve that was with in vitro fertilization. Janet told Carly to mind her own business, but Carly said that the focus was to "create" a blood marrow donor for Liberty. She explained that if Janet went that route, the doctors could test the embryos before they were implanted, so they would be sure that they had a match. Janet could not believe that Carly had asked her doctor for all that information, but Carly insisted that IVF solved all their problems.

Janet asked what happened to the embryos not used, and Carly shrugged her shoulders and said they probably just "got rid of them." Janet protested that was against her beliefs, but Carly laughed and asked where Janet's "belief system" was when she slept with Dusty. "How dare you!" screamed Janet, and the women argued until Jack appeared and asked what was going on. Carly said that she had presented Janet with an idea that would get Liberty the sibling she needed, while at the same time "preserving" their boundaries. Janet explained Carly's point about implanting embryos that matched Liberty, however she was troubled about what happened to the other ones. Jack asked Carly to go home, and she reluctantly agreed. Janet shook her head and said she couldn't even see straight.

Janet and Jack talked, and Janet was trying to work out the fate of the other embryos. She said if they gave them to a deserving couple, it would be like an adoption. Before she went upstairs, Janet said they had to make a decision soon. Jack walked out for some air, and Carly was still outside, waiting. He couldn't believe she was still there, and Carly pressured Jack for information on which way the wind was blowing. Jack said he wanted to be with her, but he had to figure out how to "do right" by his family, also. Jack went back inside, and a very gloomy Carly walked to her car.

Dusty sat in his hotel room and talked to a photo of his late wife, Jennifer. He asked her to please let him know if it was all right for him to move on with his live.

Lucinda went to the police station to see Holden, and she was disturbed that the police were not taking seriously the proof they had provided through Dr. Oliver's statement that the Maltese body was not Damian. If Damian were still alive, then Holden was not guilty of murder. She suggested that they "smoke out Damian" from wherever he was hiding, and Holden was positive that Damian would do anything to be near Lily again. Lucinda questioned Holden about the possibility that Damian was still in Oakdale, and he said he was not even sure that Damian had ever left.

Holden suspected that Damian knew that Holden was in custody and was not in a position to protect Lily and the children. Lucinda waggled her finger at Holden, however, and said that he had to take some of the blame for not telling Lily that he still loved her. Holden reminded his ex-mother-in-law that Lily had married Damian "about three seconds" after Holden was declared dead. He wanted most for Lucinda to convince Lily to take the children and leave town.

At Lily's house, Faith kept the security guard busy looking for a diamond earring and flirted outrageously with him. Damian watched Lily through a window, but he heard someone approaching, so he hid again. The visitor was Molly, not a welcome presence in Lily's eyes. Lily said that the guard usually escorted visitors to the door, but Molly had seen no guard. Molly asked to see Faith, who was anxious, Molly said, when she had run into her on the street. Lily was very defensive and said she could take care of her own daughter. Molly said she just wanted to see if Faith would like to go to a movie, but Lily called that "imposing" on her kids' lives.

Besides, said Lily, Faith was upstairs taking an oral exam from school, but Molly called her attention to Faith and the guard, who were deep in discussion outside the door. Lily opened the door and asked what was going on, as Damian continued to watch. Faith lied and said that she had finished her telephone exam and had gone outside for some air. She also got the guard off the hook for not spotting Molly's arrival, as Lily pulled Faith inside.

Molly asked Faith how her chemistry exam had gone, but Faith said it was an English lit test. Molly mentioned that it was odd that a "fancy-schmantzy school" like Faith's would not have its exams online for students who needed them. Lily opened the door and asked the guard to escort Molly to her car. Molly left with the guard, as Damian stepped out of the bushes. When Faith returned from getting a soda, Lily asked if everything was okay at school. Faith said yes, but then she said that she thought she should leave the boarding school because her family was breaking apart. Lily wanted to speak with Holden again, so she left for the police station. As soon as her mom was gone, Faith grabbed her coat and headed out the back door.

Lily walked into the interrogation room at the police station and scowled at Holden. She demanded that he get his "girlfriend" off her back, and she said Molly had shown up at the house and hassled her about Faith. Holden refused to tell Molly to stay away from their family, as Lucinda spoke up and suggested that they focus on one another. Lily warned her mother not to interfere, so Lucinda said her goodbyes and left.

Holden asked exactly what Molly had done, and Lily said that Molly had told Lily that she didn't know how to look after her own children. Holden said he had asked Molly to go to Lily's to speak with Faith. Lily got angry, as Holden explained that he hoped an adult other than her parents might be able to get through to their daughter. Lily felt insulted, however, and thought Holden was making a "power play." Lily cited Molly's lapse in judgment in sending the fake wedding ring and note to the house, and said that had certainly complicated Holden's legal situation.

Holden raised his voice and reminded Lily that he was in jail because of Damian, not Molly. He said Lucinda had acknowledged the same thing, so Lily suggested that she send a message to Damian that she knew he was alive and wanted to see him. Holden said he would not let Lily use herself as "bait," and he was adamant about that.

Faith and Molly both ended up by chance in Java. Faith accused Molly of stalking her, but Molly laughed and sat with the girl. She also said that perhaps she could relate to what Faith was going through better than her mom and dad. She offered to listen and help without sharing everything with Holden and Lily. Just then, Faith received a text message from "Max," Damian's code name, so she left in a hurry.

Faith met Damian in his car, and he bullied her that she had let him down. He yelled that he wanted the girl to get her mother away from the house and somewhere private where he could talk to her. Damian said he would let Faith know the details, and she had better do what he said. He threatened to reveal her troubles at school, but Faith was angry, and she talked about how much her parents loved her, and she knew they would forgive her. Damian reminded her that the police would not be nearly so forgiving, and a troubled Faith got out of the car.

Molly placed a call to Miss Gibson at Faith's school. She identified herself as "Faith Snyder's aunt," and she asked if something had happened recently at school. Miss Gibson referred to an "incident," so Molly asked why Faith's parents had not been notified. The woman said that Faith's father was told all about it when he had picked her up at school.

Friday, March 5, 2010

At home, Parker used his laptop to place a video call to Liberty. Liberty told Parker about the isolation "bubble" the doctors had put her in and said that she didn't want him to visit her. Liberty suggested that Parker find a girlfriend he could actually touch, but he responded that with all the grief he got from Liberty and his sister, Sage, he didn't need a girlfriend.

Downstairs, Jack arrived, hoping to see Parker before Parker headed to Minnesota. Carly asked whether Jack and Janet had made a decision about having a baby together to try to save Liberty. Jack said nothing had been decided yet and reminded Carly that if he did agree to it, then he and Janet would have a child together, and that would tie him to Janet forever. Carly acknowledged that fact, and Jack protested that he couldn't believe Carly would want that. Carly said that, of course, she didn't want that, because what she wanted was for Jack to tell Janet "no," and for him to end his marriage in order to be with Carly instead of Janet. But Carly said she also knew that Jack wanted to do the right thing to help Liberty, and, because Carly loved Jack, she would deal with that. Carly pointed out that at least with in vitro fertilization, Jack wouldn't have to have sex with Janet. She told Jack, "At least when it comes to that, I know you're all mine."

Parker entered the room and asked what was going on. Carly and Jack told him it was nothing, and they asked if Parker was ready to leave for Minneapolis. Parker said he was, although Liberty didn't want him to make the trip because of how ill she felt and the fact that she was in isolation. Parker expressed his frustration that there was nothing more he could do for Liberty, but Jack assured Parker that he was being a great friend. After Parker said goodbye, Jack turned to Carly and remarked that Parker had turned out to be "one hell of a kid," so they must have "accidentally" done something right with him.

Carly pointed out how much it would devastate Parker if Liberty didn't survive, and Carly also expressed her concern for Liberty, because Liberty was only 18 and deserved to live a full life. Those were reasons Carly could accept the idea of Jack and Janet having a baby. Jack told Carly that he wasn't the only person who had doubts about the in vitro fertilization attempt, because Janet was concerned about the morality of bringing a child into the world in order to save another child, as well as about the fate of the extra eggs that would be fertilized. Jack also pointed out that if he married Carly but had a child with Janet, it could put tremendous tension in their relationship, as his parenting relationship with Carly had done in his marriage to Janet. Carly assured Jack that she could handle it.

Carly told Jack that she understood why he felt a debt to Brad, and she said she didn't want to stand in the way of Liberty getting well. However, Carly wasn't happy about the situation. Jack said he wasn't happy about it, either, because he wanted to be Carly's husband and the father of her kids and nobody else's. Carly told Jack about her nightmarish fantasy about "Jack Junior" and the birthday party, and Jack said it might not even prove necessary to try to have a baby, because Liberty's cancer treatments might work. Carly asked whether Janet was willing to wait long enough to find out, but Jack didn't know, because Janet was scared. Jack told Carly, "I love you. That's the only thing that matters."

In his room at the Lakeview Hotel, Craig asked his business associate, Mr. Ellis, whether everything was finalized and Parker's trust fund was "completely liquid." Ellis indicated it was, but then he said he felt compelled to point out that what Craig was doing was actually illegal. Craig said that Ellis worried too much, and Craig told him to think of the money as a "bridge loan" for Monte Carlo that would be repaid once Carly's designs began selling. Ellis raised the possibility, however remote, that the business wouldn't be as successful as Craig anticipated, but Craig assured Ellis that wouldn't happen.

As Craig showed Ellis the door, Parker arrived and walked into the room. Parker told Craig that he was on his way to Minnesota and needed the money from his trust fund. Craig told Parker that his timing was perfect. Craig handed Parker a debit card and told him it was attached to his trust fund. Parker thanked Craig, and Craig asked Parker what his parents had said after Parker told them that he'd gotten access to his trust fund. Parker admitted that he hadn't actually told Jack and Carly yet, because they had seemed to be in the middle of something when he left the house. Craig reminded Parker that he had only agreed to grant Parker access to the trust fund if Parker told his parents about it. Parker said he needed to hurry to get to the airport, and he asked Craig if Craig would talk to Carly and Jack for him. Craig agreed, and Parker thanked him.

When Craig arrived at Carly's house, Jack told him it was a bad time to interrupt them, but Craig said he needed to talk to them about Parker. Craig let them know about his arrangement with Parker and the trust fund and said that Parker had intended to discuss it with them that morning. Craig said he thought it was probably for the best if Parker had easier access to his trust fund, in case Parker encountered unexpected expenses on his trips to Minnesota to visit Liberty, and Carly and Jack agreed. Craig then promised to keep a close eye on the trust fund account, and Jack said that would be a good idea. Craig said that Parker was an impressive kid, and Carly agreed.

Jack said he needed to check in with Janet, and Carly asked him to let her know what he and Janet decided to do. After Jack left, Craig asked Carly what decision Janet and Jack had to make, but Carly said it was nothing that concerned Craig. Craig wondered aloud just how complicated it could be for Jack and Carly to be together if Dusty and Janet wanted to be together. Carly reluctantly told Craig that Janet still wanted to have a baby as a possible bone marrow donor for Liberty, and Carly had suggested that Janet consider in vitro fertilization to accomplish that.

Craig couldn't believe Carly would even think of such a thing, because a baby, no matter how it was conceived, would tie Jack to Janet permanently. Carly said she knew that, but it was for Liberty's sake. Craig tried to tell Carly that with Jack's "guilty hero" personality, Jack would never leave Janet if they had a baby together. He told Carly she should gather up her dignity and walk away from the whole situation.

Carly asked how he expected her to do that, and Craig suggested that she throw herself into her work at Monte Carlo. Carly brushed off the idea and said she couldn't do that until things with Jack were resolved. Craig said they would never be resolved, but Carly insisted that Jack loved her. Craig responded, "If he loved you, he wouldn't be having a child, and I don't care the reason, with someone else."

At the Snyder farm, Teri talked to Janet about Janet's plan to conceive a child with Jack. When Janet asked what Teri would do in the same situation, Teri answered that she wouldn't have the same religious reservations that Janet had, so her decision would be easier. Janet told Teri that if Jack agreed to it, Janet and Jack would proceed with the in vitro fertilization.

Teri asked Janet what that decision would mean with regard to Dusty. Janet said she couldn't think about Dusty, and beyond that, she believed she'd already lost Dusty. Teri didn't think Dusty had given up on Janet. When Teri said that Janet deserved to be happy, Janet said she didn't deserve anything. Janet reminded Teri that she had kept Liberty from knowing her father for most of her life, and then Brad had died, and then Liberty had gotten leukemia, and Janet felt that wasn't a coincidence. Teri assured Janet that people got sick all the time for no reason. Janet complained that Liberty had had nothing for all of her life, but Teri replied, "You're wrong. She had you, and that's a lot more than most people."

Dusty knocked on the door, and Teri let him in. Teri tried to leave, but Janet insisted that she stay. When Janet asked what Dusty wanted, Dusty got down on one knee and showed Janet an engagement ring in a box. Janet asked, "Are you out of your mind? Get away from me with that!" She reminded Dusty, "This is my husband's family's home! What were you thinking?"

Dusty told Janet that he loved her and Liberty and that he wanted to marry Janet. When Janet said, "I can't!" Dusty responded, "Yes, you can! You deserve to be happy. You turned my life around; please let me do the same for you. I love you." He again got down on one knee, but Janet just stared at him, and then she fainted and fell into his arms.

Parker arrived at the hospital in Minneapolis and took balloons and stuffed animals into Liberty's room. Although Liberty couldn't touch them because of the isolation screening, she could at least see them and see Parker. Parker asked Liberty where she'd gotten the "really cool hat" she was wearing, and Liberty laughed and told him that her mom had made it for her. Parker said it did remind him of the sweater that Janet had knitted for him for Christmas. Liberty asked whether Parker had seen Janet before he left, but he said he hadn't. Liberty was worried about how Janet was really doing, because she could tell that Janet was terrified. Liberty told Parker that the treatment she was undergoing was her last chance, but Parker replied that he thought his dad and Liberty's mom were "cooking up a Plan B."

Jack went to the farm to find Janet, but instead, he found Teri. Teri told Jack that Janet had fainted and that Dusty, who had been there at the time, had driven her to the hospital to be examined by a doctor. Jack seemed perturbed and pointed out that he was still Janet's husband, but Teri said he wasn't acting like it, and she demanded to know where Jack stood when it came to Janet. Jack said he would do whatever it took to make sure Janet was okay, and Teri asked whether that included having a baby with Janet. Jack told Teri that he was considering it, and Teri pleaded with him not to do it solely out of guilt, because that would kill Janet.

Jack turned to leave, but his cell phone rang. It was Liberty, and she asked Jack "whose whacked out idea" the baby was. Jack said he and Janet were just discussing it as an option, and he apologized that Liberty had found out about it from Parker. Liberty said Parker would never have kept a secret like that from her, and she was glad, because it gave her a chance to tell Jack what a horrible idea she thought it was. Liberty pointed out that the baby might not even be a match for her bone marrow, and then she would have a little brother or sister who would grow up knowing he or she had been conceived not out of love but out of a need to try to cure Liberty. Liberty thought that was a terrible way to bring a child into the world, and she begged Jack to try to talk Janet out of it.

Liberty then told Jack that if he and Janet went through with it, and the baby was a match, Liberty would refuse to have the bone marrow transplant. Liberty said, "This is wrong on so many levels, I can't even count them. This is too much." She then said that although it would be hard for her, she would fight the cancer. Liberty insisted, "I'm not giving in. I'm done with being scared, I'm done with being weak; I'm fighting this thing, starting today. And I'm going to win!" Jack replied, "I know you will, honey; I know you will," and hung up.

Parker and Liberty then tried to make light of the situation by joking about what they might call a little brother or sister, with Parker suggesting names like "Little Bonehead," or "Osso Bucco" after a veal dish that Janet liked to make. Parker then took out a bag of gifts from the kids at Liberty's school. He told Liberty the kids had bought hats for Liberty to wear, and he had collected them to give to her. Liberty insisted that Parker model the hats for her, since she couldn't try them on yet, and Parker reluctantly did so. Liberty laughed at Parker, but when she began coughing, Parker decided it was time to let her rest. He got up to leave, and Liberty thanked him for ignoring her request to stay in Oakdale. She put her hand up against her isolation tenting, and Parker placed his hand against hers from the other side.

At the hospital, Dusty waited with Janet for her test results. Dusty told Janet that he wanted to take care of her while she was taking care of Liberty. Janet shook her head but thanked Dusty for having offered her everything she'd ever wanted. Dusty told her that she should say "yes," but Janet said she couldn't because she was still married to Jack. Dusty replied, "Get unmarried! ... Jack will be thrilled." Dusty again told Janet that he loved her. Janet eventually responded by telling him that she loved him, too, but she felt it was selfish to want to be with him when Liberty was so sick. Dusty tried to get Janet to see that Liberty was worried about her, too, and he thought that it would help Liberty get better if Liberty knew that Janet was happy.

They kissed, and as they pulled away, Jack arrived. Jack thanked Dusty for taking Janet to the hospital but asked if Dusty could give them some privacy for a few minutes. Dusty left, and Jack asked Janet how she was feeling. Janet assured him that she was fine. Janet could see that Jack looked upset, so she asked what was wrong. Jack told her he had to talk to her about having a baby, and he said, "You know I would do anything I can to help Liberty, but I'm sorry: I can't do that." Jack said it wasn't fair to bring a baby into the world for any reason except love, and he and Janet hadn't really been a family for a while.

Janet told Jack that she didn't know what else to do, but Jack said the treatments Liberty was undergoing might work, or another donor might be found, or stem cell research might yield a new treatment. Janet told Jack that he was right about not bringing a child into the world if they no longer loved one another. Jack said, "I'll always love you," but Janet told him not to lie.

Janet said their marriage was over, and she thought they should have the marriage annulled so they could move on with their lives. Jack asked if Janet was sure that was what she wanted, and she told him yes, that she was releasing him so that he could do what he wanted to do and be with whomever he wanted. Jack promised not to desert Liberty and to continue to do whatever he could to help her. Janet thanked him, and Jack kissed her on the cheek and walked out of the room. As he passed Dusty, who had been joined by Teri, Jack told Dusty, "Take care of her."

Jack returned to Carly's house, and Carly asked Craig to leave. Jack then filled Carly in on his conversation with Janet, and he also explained about Liberty's objections to the idea of Janet and Jack having a baby to try to find a bone marrow donor. Jack told Carly that he hadn't mentioned his conversation with Liberty to Janet, but it had helped him make his decision about what to do. Jack said his marriage was over, so he and Carly could be together if that was what Carly wanted. Carly asked if it was what Jack wanted, and he replied, "More than anything."

Jack and Carly kissed, but then Carly reminded Jack that they had been at the same point in their lives before, and it hadn't worked out for them. Jack insisted that wasn't going to happen again. Carly told Jack, "You are my true north, you know?" He smiled and replied, "And you're mine. We were put on this earth to be together, lady!" They kissed again and fell down together on the couch.

Dusty entered Janet's hospital room and asked Janet what had happened with Jack. She told him, and Dusty said there was no longer anything to keep Janet from accepting his proposal. Janet's doctor approached and told Dusty that he needed to examine Janet to confirm some of the test results. Dusty left the room, but when the door opened again, he asked the doctor what was wrong with Janet. The doctor, assuming that Dusty was Janet's husband, replied that nothing was wrong and said, "Congratulations! Your wife is pregnant!"

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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