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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 1, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, March 1, 2010

At the hospital, the doctor revealed that JR was in a coma. Adam demanded that the doctor help JR, but she insisted that they had done everything possible. Adam wasn't satisfied, so he decided to find a doctor who could save JR. Tad and Brooke followed Adam into the hallway. Tad advised Adam that they had to be prepared that JR might not live long enough to have a bone marrow transplant. Adam was visibly shaken at the thought.

Adam argued that JR had his whole life ahead of him and a son who needed him. Adam refused to accept that it was time for JR to die. Brooke pointed out that Adam couldn't do anything to help JR, but Adam could be there for Colby. Adam agreed; he found Colby in a nearby waiting room. Colby was frustrated because she didn't know what to do for JR. Adam advised Colby to talk to JR; he was hopeful that Colby could reach her brother.

Marissa remained at JR's side. Scott watched over Marissa as she softly began to cry.

Annie wondered if Angie could put a rush on Annie's tests to see if Annie was a match for JR. Annie was hopeful because JR had been a match for her brother when Richie had needed a transplant. Angie conceded that even though Annie hadn't been a match for Richie, it was possible that Annie could be a match for JR.

Annie approached Adam a short time later. Adam was curious where Annie had been. Annie lied; she claimed that she had stayed away to give Adam some time alone. Adam admitted that he wouldn't have been at the hospital if it hadn't been for Brooke. Moments later, Adam cell phone rang. Adam quickly answered the call from the lab. Adam's hopes were dashed when he learned that he hadn't been a match for JR.

Scott walked up as Adam disconnected the call. Scott pointed out that the national registry was still an option. Annie cryptically suggested that the answer might appear out of nowhere and surprise everyone.

Nearby, Liza confided to Tad that she regretted all the years that she had kept Colby from JR. Tad glanced up and then spotted Damon in the hallway. Damon explained that he had volunteered to be tested. Tad was touched by Damon's willingness to help. Tad revealed that JR was in a coma; he suggested that Colby could use a friend.

Colby entered JR's room. She told JR that if the coma was JR's way of recharging then JR should take as long as he needed. Colby acknowledged that JR had been right when he had told her that "there are worse things in life than living your own life." Colby realized that not having her brother around was one of those things. Damon found Colby after she left JR's room. Colby told Damon about her visit with JR. She didn't think that she had made a difference.

Damon insisted that JR had heard Colby. Damon confided that when Damon had been eleven years old, his cousin had been in a coma. Damon used to read comic books to his cousin. After Damon's cousin had emerged from the coma, he admitted that he had recalled hearing Damon's voice. Damon urged Colby not to give up on JR. Colby turned away to gather herself. As she turned back to Damon to thank Damon for helping her, Damon was gone.

Adam wondered how Brooke had managed to keep it together after Laura had died. Brooke confided that she had wanted to die after her little girl had been killed in a hit-and-run car accident. Brooke revealed that the pain never went away, but eventually she had learned to carry on despite the grief. Adam appreciated Brooke's honesty. Annie walked up as Adam reached for Brooke's hand.

Annie walked away before Adam and Brooke saw her. Moments later, Annie found Angie. Angie revealed that the results were in; Annie was a partial match and JR's best hope for survival. Annie was curious what happened next. Angie explained that they had to review the process and potential risks. Annie was surprised; she hadn't realized that the procedure required surgery.

Angie admitted that there were always risks when someone was put under with anesthesia; however, Annie could opt to be numbed from the waist down. Angie assured Annie that the risks were minimal and that most people were released from the hospital within 24 hours. Angie advised Annie to discuss it with the family, but Annie refused. Annie insisted that she wanted to go through with the procedure.

Annie went to JR's room to tell him that she was a match. Annie seemed to take delight in informing JR that she was his only hope. JR briefly opened his eyes to growl "Get out, you bitch." Annie was taken aback by JR's vehemence. "Gladly," she responded.

In the hospital's chapel, Adam confessed that he felt as if he didn't have a right to pray to God. Adam was worried that God would take JR as punishment because Adam had killed Stuart. Brooke assured Adam that JR's cancer was not a result of something that Adam had done. Brooke reminded Adam that good people were diagnosed with cancer every day. Brooke believed that Adam's love for JR counted for something.

After Brooke left Adam alone in the chapel, Adam talked to God. Adam realized that it had been awhile since had had confessed his sins; he usually worked to cover them up. Adam begged God not to punish JR for the things that Adam had done. Adam pleaded for God to take him instead of JR.

Damon showed up late for work at ConFusion. Damon promised the manager that it wouldn't happen again, but the manager wasn't interested in Damon's excuses. The manager informed Damon that he had seen Damon's mug shot. The manager made it clear that Damon was fired.

Ryan asked for Erica's help to take down David. Erica didn't seem interested until Ryan mentioned that he knew where Gayle was. Ryan was curious why Erica was reluctant to join forces with him. Erica warned Ryan that he wouldn't like her answer, but Ryan was determined to hear what she had to say. Erica revealed that she wanted to use Gayle as leverage to get rid of Greenlee. Erica was determined to save Fusion for Kendall before Greenlee destroyed the company.

Ryan wondered if Kendall knew what was going on. Erica explained that Kendall was out of the loop because Kendall was trying to focus on working things out with Zach. Ryan suggested that David was influencing Greenlee. Ryan believed that if they got rid of David then Greenlee wouldn't pose a problem for anyone. Erica confessed that she knew that David intended to break the promises that he had made to Erica.

Ryan was surprised that Erica hesitated to accept Ryan's offer even though David had lied to her. Erica explained that she wanted Ryan to be happy, but she didn't want to do anything that would benefit Greenlee. However, Erica refused to allow David to double-cross her, so she agreed to help Ryan and Jake.

Outside of the turret room, Jake wondered why Greenlee was not spending her wedding night with her new husband. Greenlee explained that she was trying to close a chapter on her life with Ryan. Jake didn't buy Greenlee's excuse of closure. Greenlee insisted that Ryan was her past while David was her future. Jake didn't think that Greenlee was very convincing, which annoyed Greenlee. She decided that she was through trying to explain herself to Jake.

Greenlee entered the turret room before Jake could stop her. Greenlee admitted that Jake was one of her closest friends, but she didn't feel as if she could talk to him. Jake assured Greenlee that he was listening. Greenlee insisted that she was happy with the choices that she had made. Greenlee wanted Jake to trust her to know what was best for her; she believed that it was David.

As Greenlee headed to the door, Jake wondered if Greenlee planned to say goodbye to him. "I have," she responded and then left. Gayle emerged from the back room. "That bitch doesn't deserve to be happy. Neither does David," Gayle remarked. Jake assured Gayle that David would pay for what he had done; Jake and Ryan intended to make certain of it.

Later, Jake explained that Gayle was the only person who knew everything that David had done, including drugging Adam, switching Greenlee's DNA, and faking Greenlee's death. Jake was confident that they could put David away for a very long time. He wanted to know what he could do to convince Gayle to help them. Gayle assured Jake that he had already convinced her. Gayle had overheard Jake's conversation when he had called Amanda. Gayle realized that she wanted the kind of relationship that Jake and Amanda had. Gayle knew that she would never find that kind of love with David.

Erica and Ryan arrived a short time later. Gayle was surprised that Erica wasn't angry for the way that Gayle had left. Erica realized that Gayle had been understandably upset; she promised Gayle that they would work together to make certain that David paid for every rotten thing that David had ever done. Gayle confessed that she was completely disillusioned with David.

Jake pulled Ryan into the hallway to tell him about Greenlee's visit. Jake suspected that Greenlee had hoped to see Ryan. Jake also believed that Greenlee regretted marrying David. Jake urged Ryan to go after Greenlee. Ryan refused; he explained that Greenlee knew where to find him. Ryan was confident that Greenlee would find him when she was ready. Ryan promised to be waiting when that day arrived.

Ryan returned to the turret room while Jake headed home. Erica suggested that Gayle take a bath to relax. After Gayle left the room, Ryan admitted that Greenlee was on his mind. He explained that all he could do was to give Greenlee the space that she needed. Gayle returned to the room after her bath. Gayle admitted that she was concerned about the warrant for her arrest; she didn't want to go to jail.

Erica and Ryan promised that they would take steps to protect Gayle. Ryan assured Gayle that he knew someone who could give Gayle the guarantee that she needed, in order to step forward with information about David.

As soon as David entered Wildwind, he called Gayle on his cell phone. David was annoyed when Gayle didn't answer her phone. David spotted something on the patio. He marched to the doors, opened them, and then ordered the person to step forward before David called the police. Amanda appeared moments later. She claimed that she had been looking for Trevor's stuffed bear. David didn't believe Amanda; he pointed out that it was unlikely that she would have waited several weeks to search for Trevor's favorite toy. David also doubted that the stuffed bear would have been in the bushes.

Amanda stuck to her story, so David invited her to search throughout the house. He suggested that if Amanda ran into Jake that she ask Jake to keep it down, so that they didn't wake up Greenlee. Amanda didn't think that Greenlee had any idea what she had gotten herself into. Amanda believed that marrying David had been the worst mistake of Greenlee's life. David accused Amanda of being bored with her marriage to Jake. He suggested that Amanda was making excuses to see David.

Amanda argued that just because David was incapable of being happy didn't mean that everyone else was miserable. David insisted that he was quite happy with his new wife. Amanda doubted it since Greenlee was in love with someone else. Amanda and David continued to bicker back and forth until Amanda's phone rang. It was Jake. Jake wanted Amanda to know that he would be home soon. After the call, Amanda gloated that David would never have the kind of relationship that she had with Jake.

Jake arrived home moments after Amanda finally managed to get Trevor to sleep. Jake explained that he had been busy helping a friend with a "rat problem." Amanda continued asking questions, but Jake deftly managed to answer truthfully without giving away any information.

Greenlee entered Wildwind to find David in the living room. Greenlee initially told David that she had gone for a walk, but then she realized that their marriage would never work if they couldn't be honest with each other. As Greenlee talked about her reasons for going, David realized that Greenlee was still in love with Ryan.

Greenlee argued that David was the person whom she could trust. David decided to follow Greenlee's lead. He confessed that he had been lying about Erica. David explained that Gayle was angry and ready to reveal all of his secrets, which could land him to jail for a long time. Erica had threatened to use that information against David if David didn't help Erica gain control of Fusion. Greenlee was furious, but her anger quickly diminished when David explained that he had only agreed to Erica's terms to bide them some time.

David vowed that he would do anything to help Greenlee, including going to prison. Greenlee decided that they needed to find a way to beat Erica at her own game. Greenlee wanted Erica to suffer.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

of staff, but David didn't bat an eye. She dared him to try to make things worse for her. "You just made me an offer I can't refuse," David replied and left.

Angie saw Frankie again at the nurses' station, and he still insisted that he take responsibility for Wheeler's death. Angie argued that no one would run her out of her hospital. She said that they'd be fine, and Frankie needed to just concentrate on getting back into the operating room. Angie left, and Frankie tried to pick up a surgical instrument. Wincing in pain, he finally succumbed to taking a pill. David smiled as he looked on.

Liza met Ryan for breakfast, and he requested that she help take down David Hayward. Ryan mentioned that he had a witness, and she guessed that he'd located Nurse Gayle.

In the turret room with Gayle, Erica asserted that they'd make David pay for choosing "that brat" Greenlee over Gayle. As they ate breakfast, Ryan arrived with Liza,, and Erica quipped that he could have found a lawyer over the Internet. Gayle wasn't sure that she should trust Liza, or any of them. Gayle felt that she needed to just disappear for good. Erica said that she'd made a promise to help Gayle, and Erica always kept her promises.

Liza, Ryan, and Erica convinced Gayle to take her hurt and turn it into power. They reasoned that they'd do it for all the people that David had hurt. Ryan inserted that Liza would keep Gayle legally protected, and Gayle agreed to work with them. Erica took off for work.

Gayle went to dress, and Liza told Ryan that Gayle was a ticking time bomb. Liza doubted that Gayle would hold up under cross-examination. Liza asked how Ryan was doing, and he said he felt better because they'd found Gayle. Liza assumed that Ryan's motive was to get David away from Greenlee. Ryan claimed that it wasn't just about Greenlee; it was also about all the women that David had hurt. Liza wondered why Ryan wasn't fighting for Greenlee, and he said that it was because Greenlee needed to reach the decision on her own. Liza remarked that he was one patient man.

Later, Liza interviewed Gayle, who stated that David often asked her to bend the law a little. Gayle grew upset and refused to talk specifically about anything she'd done. Liza stated that she had a legal obligation to keep Gayle's confidence. Ryan turned the topic to the DNA switch. Gayle explained that David had used a Jane Doe that had washed up a few miles from Greenlee's crash site, and he'd bribed a coroner technician in Connecticut to say that the Jane Doe's DNA matched Greenlee's.

Liza felt that they'd get David for bribery, evidence tampering, fraud, and abuse of a corpse. Ryan and Liza grew excited until Gayle said that David had never revealed the name of the technician that he'd bribed. Liza stated that hearsay wasn't enough to nail David. A frightened Gayle shrieked that she needed to get out of town before David pinned it all on her. Ryan promised that they'd find the technician, but Gayle quipped that they were crazy to think that David would just hand himself over to them.

At Wildwind, Greenlee told David that she'd dreamed of torturing Erica. David warned that Greenlee should go after Erica with a scalpel, not a meat cleaver. Greenlee didn't seem worried, but David reminded her that she was still recovering. Greenlee wondered if he worried because he was her doctor, or because he was her husband. "Both," David replied. He realized, though, that he couldn't stop Greenlee even if he tried.

At Fusion later, Greenlee found Madison working alone and asked for a status report. Madison mumbled Erica's name, and Greenlee demanded that Madison zip it, if she valued her job. Madison reported that the company was at a standstill because the employees didn't know who to follow, Erica or Greenlee. Greenlee asserted that she was in charge, not Erica.

Greenlee noted that Madison looked familiar, and Madison explained that they'd attended the same boarding school, though Madison had been younger. As Madison and Greenlee recalled Greenlee's misdeeds at the school, Randi entered and greeted Greenlee. Greenlee understood that the employees were confused, but she stated that she was in control. She said that they could follow her lead, or pack their desks. "Or they could just swat you away like the annoying, little gnat you are," Erica said upon entering the room.

Greenlee ordered Erica to step aside while Greenlee fixed the mess that Erica had made, but Erica retorted that Greenlee had been the one to destroy the company. As the women bickered, Greenlee decided to clean out Erica's desk. Erica remarked that in it, Greenlee would find a proxy that Kendall had assigned to Erica. Greenlee said that it was time to "toodle," and Erica warned Greenlee not to let the door hit Greenlee on the way out.

Erica sent Randi and Madison from the room, and Greenlee gave them busy work to do. Erica and Greenlee continued to bicker about the company, and Greenlee sneered and said that Erica loved picking up Kendall's leftovers. "Bitter is not an attractive color on you," Erica quipped. Greenlee griped about Erica sleeping with Ryan, the man that Kendall had cheated on her husband with, and Erica called Greenlee a "bitch."

A reluctant Greenlee stated that they were both too "flipping stubborn," but the company wouldn't survive unless they found a way to work things out together. Greenlee asked Erica to think about it and strode off. "Oh, don't worry. I'll think about it," Erica deviously uttered.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At the Martin house, Opal warned Damon that her house wouldn't be his crime-spree headquarters. He promised that he wouldn't cause trouble. Kathy entered with a broken clock, and Damon offered to fix it for her. Later, Kathy bounced away with a working clock, and Opal remarked that Damon had a way with children. Damon said that he'd hated them until he'd taken to Stuart. Damon felt that Stuart had taught Damon that he had to be in a good position before becoming a good father. He worried that when he next saw Stuart, Stuart would be Kathy's age.

At the hospital, Colby slipped into JR's room to talk to him, as Damon had suggested. She said that JR might not hear her words, but hopefully, he felt her love. She rested her head on his chest. In the waiting area later, Opal and Damon arrived, and Colby thanked Damon for his encouragement the other day. They discussed his "little housing issue," and he remarked that Tad had been really great. Damon mentioned that he'd been tested, but he wasn't a match for JR.

In JR's room, Tad regretted not "babysitting" Miguel all the way to Pine Valley. He asked a sleeping JR to hold on long enough for Tad to drag Miguel to town. On Tad's way to the chapel, Krystal hugged him. Liza arrived to give Marissa the finalized adoption papers, and Krystal directed Liza toward the chapel to find Tad. Marissa took AJ into JR's room, and as AJ read to his father, Marissa sadly touched a sleeping JR.

Liza found Tad alone in the chapel. He said that he felt as if it were happening all over again. Tad felt just as helpless as he'd felt while watching Dixie slip away. Tad received a text message, and upon reading it, he uttered that there might be some hope left. Tad returned to the waiting area and presented Adam with Sonia Reyes' new number. Adam went to call her.

Aside, Tad told Liza that he'd found Damon sleeping on a hospital gurney after Damon had lost his job and hotel room. Tad continued that he'd offered Damon a place to stay in exchange for labor, and Liza asked why Damon hadn't appealed to his parents. Tad replied that Damon hated his father and didn't want to burden Hillary, his mother. Damon reminded Tad of himself at Damon's age. Liza noted that Tad had broken the heart of a past love named Hillary, and Liza murmured that, at that same time, he'd broken Liza's heart, too.

As Tad and Liza remembered the bad things that they'd done when they were young and stupid, Tad saw a tearful Marissa jerk away from Krystal. He strode over to see what was wrong. Liza looked on, as across the room, Krystal worried that she was too emotional to adequately support Marissa. Krystal didn't think that she could keep it together much longer. Tad hugged her and suggested that they go somewhere quiet. Liza grabbed her purse and left.

Aside, Angie asked if Annie had decided to be JR's donor. Annie stared at a sullen Adam, and Angie said that Annie didn't have long to decide. Brooke entered to show the family a feature that she'd writen for the magazine. It was a worldwide plea for a bone marrow donor for JR. Adam called Brooke's work a stunning effort, and he sat down to read it. After watching Adam and Brooke, Annie asked if she and Angie could talk privately.

In Angie's office, Annie said that JR and she didn't like each other, and JR didn't want her bone marrow. Angie replied that Annie could donate anonymously, but Annie wondered why she should go through the trouble at all, considering JR's hatred of her. Angie stated that Annie was the only match. "Partial match," Annie corrected. Angie replied that she couldn't make up Annie's mind, but Angie asked if Annie could live with it if JR died.

Later, Annie reluctantly sat down with Brooke and complimented Brooke's powerful article. Annie hoped that Brooke could teach Annie to write that way. Brooke replied that she hadn't realized that Annie had already read it. Brooke suggested that they not think about work until JR pulled through. Adam entered, upset that Sonia had no idea where Miguel was. Brooke immediately hugged him, and Annie frowned.

As Brooke assured Adam that the family would take care of AJ, Annie rushed off to JR's room. Inside, she dared the sleeping JR to call her a "bitch" again, because that would make her decision easier. Annie ranted that the thought of taking a medical risk for him made her sick. She didn't want to do it, but she felt that Brooke was closing in her. Annie said that Angie had asked if Annie could live with JR's death. "And you know what?" Annie asked.

Annie didn't finish her statement. Instead, she returned to the waiting area. Scott remarked that it was nice of her to visit JR. "That's me. Florence-Friggin-Nightingale," Annie quipped. She watched as Brooke escorted Adam in to see JR.

In JR's room, Adam told JR that he was sorry to have ever made JR feel as if he'd been a disappointment. Adam said that he'd do anything to prove how much JR meant to Adam. Adam sobbed, and Brooke caressed his back. Annie looked in the window, and Scott slipped up behind her. He said it wasn't a competition; there was someone dying. Annie silently strode off.

Later, Adam wordlessly passed Annie as she tried to offer him some encouragement. She stepped away and dialed her own phone number. She reentered the waiting area, and her phone rang. Annie pretended to get good news from the caller, and she pulled Adam into the corridor to tell him that she was a partial match for JR. Annie hugged Adam and said it was good news for all of them. Meanwhile, in JR's room, his hand lit up when Dixie's ghost touched it.

At Wildwind, Greenlee arrived home and cooed that she'd rattled Erica into considering a compromise. David warned Greenlee not to underestimate Erica. Greenlee reiterated the warning to him, but he said he'd eliminate Erica as a threat to him with one phone call.

While Jake and Ryan conferred outside the turret room, Gayle received a phone call from David. Gayle didn't want to hear what he had to say, but he insisted that he'd realized how deep his feeling for her were. David implored her to meet with him just once more. He said that if Gayle couldn't see in person how he felt for her, then he'd stay out of her life for good.

Gayle argued that she'd heard how David felt about her from his own mouth. David claimed that he'd said what he'd had to say, because Erica had tied him up. He regretted that Gayle had heard him lie about his feelings for her, and he was sorry that it had hurt her. Gayle revealed that she was in a turret room at some "fairy-book" castle and ended the call when Ryan and Jake entered the room.

Ryan and Jake saw the phone in her hand and realized that she'd talked to David. They each reminded her that David was a manipulator. Gayle agreed, but she looked unconvinced. Meanwhile, on the Internet at Wildwind, David looked up castle-like hotels in the area.

Jake took Gayle to his house, and Amanda couldn't believe that he'd been serious about spending the other night with some woman. "Well, I don't lie to you," Jake reasoned. He asked Amanda to keep an eye on Gayle until they could put a stop to David. Amanda reluctantly agreed, and Jake took off to find Ryan. Gayle paced around, calling herself an idiot for being hooked by David. Amanda said that David was a bottomless pit that devoured everything.

Later, David arrived in the turret room to find Ryan there alone. Ryan claimed that he'd rented the whole place out, and David remarked that it hadn't been a stellar idea to lock Greenlee up there. Ryan retorted that taking Greenlee's soul as payment for saving her life was worse. Ryan believed that she'd find her wits and leave David, but David replied that her wit was what had drawn them together.

Ryan and David continued to debate about what was best for Greenlee, and Ryan touted that she loved him, not David. "Trust outlasts love," David replied. Ryan said that he was patient enough to wait for Greenlee to see through David. Ryan left, and David sighed.

Ryan went to ConFusion and encountered Greenlee working at a table. He congratulated her on her marriage. He said that Jake had mentioned that she'd been at the castle on her wedding night, but Greenlee insisted that she'd been there only to say goodbye to the past. Ryan remarked that no matter how many times she said goodbye, it wouldn't just go away.

Greenlee asked if Ryan had enough influence to persuade Erica into a truce for Fusion's sake, but Ryan didn't give a straight answer. David entered, and Greenlee gathered her things. She retrieved a notepad from the patio, and Ryan watched David and Greenlee leave together.

Jake arrived, and Ryan said that he'd thought of a way to get David to reveal the name of the technician at the coroner's office. Ryan said it could be dangerous, and Jake wondered how so. "Life or death," Ryan responded.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

At Wildwind, David kept calling Gayle, to no avail. Natalia arrived to hit David with $2,500 worth of parking tickets for parking in the chief-of-staff space at the hospital. She'd also had his car towed. Natalia said that if he took on Angie, he took on the whole Hubbard family. David paid the fine and derided Natalia for being a snot-nosed rookie. She left and called Ryan to say that everything was set.

At Erica's loft, Erica and Opal discussed Greenlee's jealousy and gall. Greenlee arrived to propose that Erica and she fight the competition, not each other. Erica doubted that they could collaborate, but Greenlee said they could at least stay out of each other's way for Fusion's sake. They discussed Erica's projects, and Greenlee revealed her plan to start a new cosmetics line. Erica offered to at least confer with her attorney. Greenlee countered that she'd talk to Jack.

Greenlee left, and Opal felt that Greenlee had sounded sincere. Erica stated that she hadn't readily accepted the Fusion partnership, because Greenlee was trying to play Erica. Erica figured that procrastinating on the agreement would make her change of heart seem believable. "Two can play at this game," Erica said.

At ConFusion with Jake, Ryan displayed a written confession. Ryan figured that once they forced David to sign it, he'd be admitting to bribery. Erica joined them, and they filled her in on their mysterious plan. Jake left, and Ryan advised Erica to stay out of it, because it was dangerous. Erica retorted that she'd beaten a grizzly bear, so David wouldn't be a problem.

Greenlee saw Erica with Ryan and strode over to make polite conversation. Once Ryan left, Erica noted that Jack had called her. Erica quipped that Greenlee was siccing him on Erica. Erica agreed to hear Jack and Greenlee out, but Erica wouldn't promise anything.

Jake went home and asked Amanda to keep Greenlee away from Wildwind for about an hour. Amanda jokingly balked at being involved in his "crazy-ass" plan, but she agreed to do it. Amanda left with Trevor, and as Jake slid a clip into a gun, he told Gayle that it was her chance to take control of her life. Handing her the gun, Jake said, "Show time."

Later, Amanda and Trevor found Greenlee working at a ConFusion table. Amanda pretended that she wanted a part-time job at Fusion, and Greenlee said it'd be great to have Amanda back. Greenlee said that their talk was the longest one that she'd had without someone warning her off David. "Unless you're going to start now," Greenlee added.

Amanda confided in Greenlee about what had happened with Trevor's paternity, and the women discussed true love. Greenlee grew uncomfortable when the subject turned to Ryan, and she tried to leave. Amanda offered to buy Greenlee a drink, and Greenlee surmised that Amanda was purposely detaining her. "I should have known," Greenlee quipped and took off. Amanda hastily called Jake to say that Greenlee was headed to Wildwind, and Jake left his apartment.

Back at Wildwind, David was calling a cab when Gayle burst through the front door. David started to say that he'd been worried sick, but he cut himself off when she aimed a gun at him. He reasoned that she didn't need a gun, but she ordered him to shut up. As David started to talk her down, Ryan rushed in. Ryan asked what Gayle was doing with the gun, and David implored Ryan to do something. Instead of helping, Ryan resolved to watch the events unfold.

Gayle shoved the confession at David and urged him to sign it. David asked what he was confessing to, and Gayle said that he'd admit to manipulating her into breaking the law by making the body look like Greenlee. David claimed that Gayle and he had been a team, but he'd never turn on her. She balked that if he worried about her so much, he'd sign the paper and tell her whom he'd bribed at the coroner's office.

David asked why she needed to know that, and Gayle claimed that she wanted to tie up loose ends. David pondered the situation, and she threatened to shoot. Ryan stood idly by as Erica strode in. Upon assessing the scene, Erica asked Gayle to hand over the gun. David burst into laughter at how the three of them had coincidentally waltzed into there with a confession in hand. "I'm not signing anything. You want to shoot me, sweetheart, go ahead," he dared.

Gayle whined that it wasn't supposed to work that way. She said that everyone had promised that David would confess. David sat down and enjoyed the theatrics as Gayle seemed to turn on Ryan and Erica. David's smile disappeared when Gayle took Erica hostage. "If I don't get what I want, I swear I'll shoot her!" Gayle raged, aiming the weapon at Erica.

At the hospital, Adam lauded Annie for anonymously saving JR, even though JR wanted nothing to do with her. The couple went to Angie's office to discuss the bone marrow transplant procedure, and when Angie remarked that the decision had been hard for Annie, Adam asked how long Annie had known that she was a match. Annie explained it away by saying that she hadn't wanted to get Adam's hopes up in case a partial match wasn't good enough.

Because she'd have to be hospitalized but tell no one about it, Annie figured that they had to make up an excuse to explain why she'd leave Adam while JR was suffering. Annie stated that she knew just how to do it.

Later, Adam interrupted Marissa as she watched a sleeping JR. Adam said that he needed a moment to tell JR something important. Marissa muttered that she'd been talking to JR nonstop, but he'd been nonresponsive. Marissa left, and Adam told JR that there was good news. Adam grasped JR's hand and said, "We've found you a donor - even if only a partial match."

In the chapel, Brooke approached a pensive Tad, who didn't know why he kept gravitating to the chapel. Brooke realized that Tad was like a father to JR. Tad figured that Jamie must have felt helpless, because he was way over on the other side of the world at that time. Tad fondly recalled teaching Jamie and JR things when they'd been boys. Brooke figured that Tad must have also been thinking of Dixie.

Tad and Brooke commiserated over the losses of Dixie and Laura. Brooke wished that she could help Adam to remember Stuart without the guilt. Tad said that as much as Adam and Tad hated each other, their loved ones bound them together. "Stuart, JR, AJ, and you," Tad said.

Brooke and Tad left the chapel, and Annie confronted them in the corridor. As Scott and Colby looked on, Annie asked why Brooke was still hanging around. Brooke looked wounded, but Annie wasn't buying the patient and kind act. "You're the outsider here, not me!" Annie asserted. Annie accused Brooke of stealing the editing job and glomming all over Adam. Scott and Tad tried to intervene, but Annie claimed that she was onto Brooke.

Brooke was sorry that Annie felt that way. Annie insisted that if Brooke were so sorry, then she'd leave. Colby began bickering with Annie, and Marissa walked up. Marissa ordered Annie and Colby to stop before JR heard them. Colby rasped that she and JR wanted Annie gone for good. After more bickering, Annie figured that since everyone seemed to hate her, she'd just go away for a few days. Marissa corrected that everyone didn't hate Annie, but Annie continued that she'd go to a spa. "Nothing like a good, hot stone massage," she quipped, striding away.

Angie arrived to tell the family that they had an anonymous donor for JR. She suggested that the family go home, because JR had to go into isolation until the procedure ended. Colby insisted upon staying, but Angie asked her to leave JR in the hands of the hospital and God.

The family entered JR's room to say final words to JR before his surgery. Marissa held him to their date in Rio, and Adam reminded JR that no one fought harder than a Chandler. Tad encouraged JR to return to them.

As JR slept, Ghost Dixie touched his hand and asked him to go with her. JR followed his mother to a house with a colorful garden, and he asked if it were heaven. Dixie called it her heaven, and JR realized that they were in Pigeon Hollow. He saw a craft that he'd made as a child, and he hugged her. Smiling, JR said he'd never thought he'd feel that way again. Dixie was glad that he could visit her.

Dixie explained that she'd been sad to go, but she'd taken the love of her family with her. JR and she reminisced about the past, and he saw the first book that he'd ever read sitting near the porch. He grinned, looking at page in the book on which he'd used a crayon to cross out the "D" in Dad and replaced it with a "T." He chuckled, "Mom and Tad; that's the way I wanted it." Dixie said that the past had been wonderful, but JR had a future to think about. He responded that he had no future, and he wasn't just visiting. "I'm dying," he uttered.

JR asked Dixie how she'd managed to say goodbye, and she explained that she hadn't wanted to let her family go; however, once she'd done it, she'd felt immeasurable peace. JR was weary from fighting for everything his whole life. He'd made a good life for himself and his son, but then the cancer had happened along. JR thought that peace sounded good.

JR told Dixie that he wanted the peace that he could never find on earth. Dixie warned that obtaining peace wasn't easy. She said that every time things had gotten difficult, JR had run; however, he didn't get to run that time. "So I have to go back?" JR asked.

Friday, March 5, 2010

David caught on to Ryan, Erica, and Gayle's plan to send him to prison. David dared a pistol-wielding Gayle to shoot him as she threatened. Instead, Gayle grabbed Erica and shoved the gun into the former talk show diva's back. Gayle demanded that David tell her the name of the coroner he bribed in conjunction with Greenlee's "death."

David swore he couldn't remember the name and said he didn't know why Gayle needed that information. Gayle said that the coroner's name would be her only bargaining chip if charges were filed against her in the future. David started to believe that Gayle was serious as he took in the panicked look on Erica's face. Erica yelped in pain as Gayle pushed the gun more firmly into Erica's back. Erica pleaded with David to tell Gayle the coroner's name. When David hesitated, Erica boldly began to struggle for the gun. It went off, and Erica fell to the floor.

Horrified, David threw out a name, and Gayle demanded that Ryan call the coroner's office to check. As blood began to stain a larger part of Erica's shirt, Ryan found out that there was no one in the coroner's office with the name that David had given. David begged Gayle to let him tend to Erica but Gayle refused. Gayle showed no remorse for what she'd done, and instead focused on getting the correct information from David.

David finally confessed the real name of the coroner, and Ryan verified that the man worked in the coroner's office. Gayle forced David to sign the confession at gunpoint. Once he did, Erica popped up from the floor and snatched the paper from David's hands. The realization that he'd been successfully conned slowly dawned on David.

David gave the trio kudos for their success and asked what they really wanted. Erica said that the signed confession was all they needed from him. Greenlee arrived home and demanded to know what happened. David gave Greenlee the briefest sketch of the night's events and revealed that Greenlee's old friends wanted to put her new husband in jail.

Greenlee went on the warpath and blasted Erica for stooping to a new low because she couldn't succeed in business. Greenlee moved on to Gayle and tore into the nurse for acting like a jealous teenager. Greenlee saved her most bitter words for Ryan. Greenlee laid into the man who claimed to love her, but went from the bed with Greenlee's best friend to the floor with her worst enemy. Ryan insisted that the con had nothing to do with Greenlee, and everything to do with making David pay for his crimes. Greenlee expressed her anger by shoving Ryan, the force of which caused a severe pain in Greenlee's back.

Jake showed up and immediately sprang into action when he saw that Greenlee was in pain. They all hovered over Greenlee until Erica noticed that David was missing. They tried to decide who would go find David when Greenlee sprung to her feet, pain free, and announced that they would never find David. The group realized that they'd been conned, as well, and splintered to take care of a few things before they regrouped. Ryan was left behind with Greenlee, and Greenlee said it felt like old times. Ryan realized that Greenlee had used something he had taught her to pull her own con.

Greenlee berated Ryan for his choice to team up against her. Ryan told her that his choice had nothing to do with her, and that he knew the stunt wouldn't win her back. Ryan asserted that he'd done the right thing, even though he knew that he risked losing Greenlee for good.

Erica arrived at the house being constructed for her and was surprised to find David there. With a sinister tone in his voice, David asked if Erica really believed he would let her get away with what she'd done.

Adam escorted Annie home and they talked about how they would conceal the truth about Annie's bone marrow donation from everyone. Annie told Adam that if anything happened to her during the procedure, she wanted him to know how much she loved him. She also mentioned that she'd written a note for Emma and asked that he give it to Emma if she didn't survive. Adam categorized Annie's fears as nonsense and told her that she would be fine. He thanked her profusely for her generosity. Annie told him that she had made the same decision that any woman would for the man she loved.

Colby returned to the Chandler house and happened upon Annie alone in the living room. Colby wasted no time in blasting her stepmother for choosing an extended spa treatment over staying close by for JR. Adam reentered the living room and heard the tail end of Colby's rampage. Adam interrupted and reminded Colby that Annie had been by his side since the beginning and needed a respite. Furious, Colby went upstairs to get Emma before heading over to the Martin house. Once alone, Annie told Adam not to be angry at Colby since Colby was unaware of Annie's true plans.

Annie prepared to go to the hospital, and told Adam that she was worried about leaving him alone. Brooke, luggage in hand, walked into the house before Adam had the chance to insist that he would be okay. Adam told Annie that he'd invited Brooke to stay with them until she found a place of her own. Annie watched uncomfortably as Brooke took her things to the guest room.

Annie tried to change the established plan so that Adam would be at the hospital with her instead of in the house alone with Brooke. Adam assured Annie that things would be better if they stuck to the plan. Adam ushered Annie out of the house to the waiting limo and closed the door quickly behind her. Brooke returned to the living room moments later, and Adam opened up about how the living room served as a constant reminder of how much he missed Stuart.

As he stood outside the hospital chapel, Tad was certain that he heard a woman singing inside. When he opened the doors, Tad saw that the chapel was empty. He spotted an open hymnal and when he picked it up, he realized that it was open to a song that Dixie used to sing. Tad sat down on a pew and soon wondered if he was feeling Dixie's hand on his shoulder. However, when he turned, he saw that Krystal had joined him.

Krystal apologized for startling Tad, and they both agreed that everyone was somewhat on edge. Krystal thanked Tad for all he had done to help her earlier when she had her meltdown. She offered to be the same kind of friend to Tad. Tad told her that he was fine, but Krystal knew that wasn't necessarily true. She held her hand out and, with some prompting, they walked out of the chapel together.

As his body lay unconscious in the hospital, JR's mind took him to a place beyond Pine Valley, a place where he saw his mother again. Dixie told her son that she hadn't visited to make JR's death easier; rather, she wanted to show him how much he still had to live for. JR pointed out that he had disappointed many people and failed at many things in his life. He told Dixie that he was tired of trying. Dixie accused him of doing what he'd always done -- running away when things got difficult. JR rebuffed her claim and said that she couldn't make him go back.

JR felt that if he could be with his mother, he would be happy. Dixie told JR that if he didn't face himself and all of the things he'd failed to complete in life, his afterlife would never be a happy place. At that moment, JR spotted the door to his mother's cottage. He noted aloud, in more of a statement than a question, that if he walked through that door, there would be no turning back. JR knew he was right when his mother refused to confirm or deny his words. Before JR could approach the door, it opened, and JR was delighted to see Stuart.

JR and Stuart embraced each other, and JR reveled in how good it felt to see his uncle again. Stuart revealed that he was at peace with how his life had ended, and said that he had been doing what he could to help Adam find peace as well. JR felt that staying with his mother and uncle was the best option. Dixie said that JR wasn't in the same place emotionally as Dixie and Stuart. Dixie insisted that her son needed to return to Pine Valley to tie up the loose ends there. JR begged Stuart to help sway Dixie to JR's way of thinking. Stuart told his nephew that he actually agreed with Dixie.

Stuart disappeared and JR wanted to know why. Dixie noted that Stuart had said all he needed to say. JR was distressed because he didn't feel like his mother was giving him a clear reason why he couldn't stay. JR instinctively said that he needed a drink. Dixie used that statement to illustrate why JR needed to go back to his life.

JR accused his mother of trying to get rid of him, but Dixie insisted that she had to be brutally honest. JR told her that he was tired of all of the bad things that had been pervasive in his life. Dixie told JR that eventually he needed to deal with his problems instead of using death as an excuse in the same way that he used alcohol.

Dixie asked JR to look back over his life. JR said he'd done that many times before and always found himself at a dead end. Dixie resumed her statement and asked JR to compare where he'd been to where he could go. JR thought that he didn't have a future, but Dixie said the future would only be what JR made of it. Dixie disappeared through the door to the other side and closed it behind her. JR tried to follow but found that the door wouldn't open. Despondent, JR called out for his mother repeatedly.

Colby arrived at the Martin household and sent Emma upstairs to play with the other children. Colby was mildly surprised to see Damon, but then remembered that Tad had gifted the young man room and board. Damon asked about JR's health, but after a few moments, Colby couldn't handle talking about it. Damon attempted to change the subject and talked about the possibility of his upcoming stint in jail.

Liza showed up at the Martin residence to discuss Damon's trial for the burglaries he'd committed. Damon excused himself briefly to clean up in the basement. Colby took the opportunity to tell her mother that she thought Damon was a good guy that needed a break. When Damon returned, Liza said that she might have found a way for Damon to perform community service instead of serving jail time. After Liza ran down the list of victims, she noted how each either couldn't or wouldn't speak out against Damon.

Liza quickly wrapped up her business with Damon. When Damon left to check on the children, Liza asked Colby why she was so eager to help Damon. Colby explained how Damon had been very considerate of her feelings as JR's health had worsened.

Tad and Krystal went to ConFusion and Tad talked about how much he regretted not being JR's biological father. He also confessed that he'd been beating himself up because he'd let Adam's illegitimate son, Miguel, slip away from them. Tad said that he felt like a failure, but Krystal assured Tad that he'd saved JR repeatedly over the years.

Tad didn't believe he'd been as much of a hero to JR as Krystal thought. Krystal pointed out how pivotal Tad had been when he got Dixie out of Oak Haven, when he helped JR fight against alcoholism, and when Babe died. Krystal asserted that without Tad, JR would not be the man he'd finally grown up to be. Tears welled in Tad's eyes and he thanked Krystal for helping him to see his station in life more clearly.

Annie lay on a hospital bed as the doctors prepared to extract her bone marrow. Annie envisioned a scenario in which Adam divorced her to be with Brooke. The vision cause Annie to panic, and she refused to let the doctors begin the procedure.

Tad and Krystal went home and checked in with everyone. After a few moments, without taking notice of Liza's jealous gaze, Tad and Krystal went upstairs to see the children. Colby said that she needed to go back to the hospital and made a quick exit. Alone with Damon, Liza questioned the young man's intentions. Damon insisted that he and Colby were just friends and that he only wanted to be there for her as she dealt with JR's illness. Because of how fragile Colby was, Liza made it clear that she would be watching Damon closely.



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