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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 22, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Lily asked Holden to meet her on "neutral territory," so she chose Java. She apologized for asking him so many questions about his last encounter with Damian. Lily said she realized that Holden didn't know any more about what happened than she did. Lily also admitted that she had changed her mind because Damian had sent her his wedding ring and a note. The important thing, Lily asserted, was that Damian was alive and out there somewhere.

It comforted Lily to know that Damian was finally out of their lives, and Holden looked relieved. Molly walked in, and Holden gave her the news that Damian was still alive. She hugged Holden, while Lily watched with a sour expression. Lily was suddenly eager to leave, but Holden reminded her that their lunch hadn't arrived yet. Lily looked at him and said she was sure that Molly didn't mind her "leftovers."

Molly and Holden went to the Lakeview, and Holden opened a bottle of champagne in the room. He poured two glasses and toasted to Damian because Holden was so grateful that "the S.O.B. was alive." He also thanked Molly for advising him not to go to the police, and they began to kiss. They made love, and Molly said that she had dreams about making love to Holden again. Holden thought it was a good idea for the two of them to visit their daughter, Abigail, in California.

At Lily's, Noah had packed his belongings and was waiting for a van to pick him up and take him to his new place with Maddie. Luke was sad, but Noah reiterated that he needed to know that he could survive on his own. Luke promised to leave Noah alone if only he would stay, but Noah knew that would not work. Margo rang the bell and asked for Lily, but when Luke told her his mother was not at home, Margo broke the news that the Maltese authorities had recovered a body that had been positively identified as Damian Grimaldi.

Luke asked if the police were sure, and Margo said yes. The body had been in the water for some time, and the Maltese authorities were handling the investigation. The coroner was fairly certain that foul play was involved, and that upset Luke even more. He told Margo that Damian had left him in charge of the shipping company just before he left, but then Luke broke down. Margo asked him to bring Lily to the station when she returned, and Margo walked out. Noah offered to stay with Luke, but then the two argued. Luke urged Noah to make his decision: either Noah was with Luke or he was not.

Lily went home and found a gloomy Luke waiting for her. Before Luke could blurt out the bad news about Damian, Lily surprised him by saying that she had "good news" for him. She showed her son Damian's ring, which Luke instantly recognized, and the note, but then Luke blurted out that Margo had brought them news that Damian was dead in Malta. Lily was confused and asked her son if he thought Damian was really dead, and then she called Margo to get to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, Margo walked on the docks and spotted a small boy, Arthur, who sat with his sailboat. He was the boy who had spoken to Molly on the day Damian had disappeared. Margo talked with Arthur, and gave him a deputy's badge for being a good observer. He told her that he had been very frightened that day, and he had spoken to "the other lady" about the men who were fighting. Margo asked what exactly the boy had seen, and he replied that the man who was bleeding was on the freighter deck, and the "other man ran away."

Margo took the call from Lily, who claimed that Damian was alive and had sent her his wedding ring and a note in an envelope. She also mentioned that Holden swore he had seen Damian get on a ship that afternoon, and then Margo realized that "the other man" had been Holden. Margo asked Lily to take the envelope and its contents to the police station, and they agreed to meet there.

At the Snyder farm, Carly hemmed and hawed, trying to tell Jack what she knew about Janet's affair with Dusty. She was just about to tell him outside the front door when Janet joined them, and Carly had to back down. Janet told Carly it was not a good time for them, and Jack filled in that Liberty was running a fever and was back in the hospital. Because chicken pox was rampant in the high school, the doctor had admitted Liberty to be safe. Carly offered to stay and talk privately with Jack if Janet had to go to Liberty, but over Jack's protests, Janet said that in order to provide a bone marrow match for Liberty, she and Jack were going to have a baby.

Carly was gobsmacked and looked at Jack for an explanation. When he offered none, Carly asked if Janet was already pregnant, and she answered no. Jack backpedaled and said there were still a lot that he and Janet needed to discuss, but Janet was obviously convinced that a Ciccone/Snyder child would save Liberty's life. Carly excused herself and left in a hurry, as Jack and Janet went inside. Jack demanded to know why Janet had told Carly that, and Janet said that Carly would have found out soon enough, and besides, Janet was convinced that Liberty's life depended on it.

Jack disagreed and was not willing to make such a life-changing decision without input from the doctors and perhaps even Janet's priest. Janet said that having a baby was a huge commitment, and she had seen how Jack and Carly looked at one another. Janet said it appeared that Jack was willing to do anything that would save Liberty's life except commit to his wife. Jack said that he knew Janet was terrified, and he asked for some time to think about it. Janet left to take some books to her daughter at the hospital.

At the Lakeview bar, Craig discussed the lack of investors for Monte Carlo with Ellis, his financial advisor. He asked how much he could pull together on his own if he liquidated all of his assets, and Ellis answered that it would be enough to justify a numbered account in the Cayman Islands. Craig decided that he would back the new startup company himself, because Carly only needed enough capital to get the company on its feet. Ellis chuckled and said that Craig probably meant "off her feet," but Craig said he drew no distinction between business and pleasure in some endeavors.

Craig returned to his room, where Carly paid him a surprise visit. She dashed in, full of frenetic energy, and she invited him to supper so that they could "fiddle" with the Monte Carlo business plan. Craig agreed and offered to call down to the dining room for a reservation, but Carly was all over the place with her thoughts. Craig asked her what was going on, and finally Carly confessed that she wanted a drink so badly that she was "crawling out of her skin." Craig asked what he could do, and Carly asked to stay with him, "as the lesser of two evils." She maintained that Craig's "slimy self" was better than a drinking binge.

Craig asked what had brought on the crisis, and Carly announced that Janet and Jack were going to have a baby so that Liberty would have a blood marrow match. "How do you trump a dying kid?" asked Carly, and Craig answered, "You don't. You shut up and take it." On the other hand, Craig offered, it might be the best thing that had happened to Carly because she needed to realize that things never worked out for her and Jack. If he and Janet had a baby, Carly would have to wait another 18 years for her lover. Craig thought it was obvious that, for whatever reason, Jack was devoted to Janet, and he would never leave her. Craig put his arm around Carly and kissed the top of her head, but she went ballistic. She proclaimed that was "completely inappropriate," and she dashed out the door.

Margo stopped by the farm on her way back to the station to meet Lily and Luke. She interrupted Holden and Molly, who were kissing again after their return from the Lakeview. Margo told them about Damian's body in Malta, and she said that she understood that Holden was the last person to see Damian alive. Holden said that Lily had proof that Damian was still alive, but Margo was not at all convinced. Molly began to get aggressive with Margo, until Holden asked her to back off.

Margo said that her witness described a violent physical confrontation between Holden and Damian that ended with an unconscious and bloodied Damian on the deck of a freighter. Holden admitted that, so Margo said she had to take him in to the station. As Holden put on his coat, Lily and Luke entered. They were on their way to the station to meet Margo, so she explained what was going on.

Jack took some of the kids' books to Carly's house, but no one was home. He took them inside, and suddenly Craig pounded on the door. The two of them traded barbs, and Craig said "Congratulations" to Jack on his expected "bouncy bundle of joy." Jack told him to mind his own business and called Craig "toxic." Then Jack told him that Carly would never be Craig's again.

Carly dropped off some magazines and sketching exercises for Liberty at the hospital, but Janet saw her as she was leaving. Liberty was asleep, so Carly said she had left the material with a nurse. Janet thanked her and said Carly had "done enough." Then she asked Carly to leave her family alone. Janet said that Carly was spending too much time with Janet's husband, and Janet wanted it to stop. Carly reminded Janet that she had asked Carly to be part of Liberty's team, but Janet said that was before she knew that Carly would use Liberty to get closer to Jack.

Janet then raised her voice and warned Carly to stay away from Jack. Carly got really angry and lowered her voice, telling Janet to save her speech for the person who really needed to hear it. When Janet looked puzzled, Carly said, "Your boyfriend, Dusty Donovan."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In the Oakdale Police Station, Lily, Molly, and Luke worried, while Margo interrogated Holden. Lily and Luke comforted one another by remembering that Damian had to be alive because he had sent Lily the note and his wedding ring. Molly, however, appeared anxious about what Lily was sure would exonerate Holden, and that was tracing the ring back to Damian. Molly asked where the ring was, and Lily said she had given it to Margo. Molly looked upset and grumbled about how long it was taking Margo to question Holden. She said she needed a cup of real coffee, and she took off in a hurry for Java.

Inside the interrogation room, Margo told Holden that, despite Damian's long list of transgressions, she could not turn a blind eye to "vigilante justice." Holden claimed that he had only been defending himself against Damian's attack, and Margo told him that he needn't worry about that any longer because Damian was dead. She also said that the authorities in Malta wanted to crucify his killer. Holden admitted readily that he and Damian had fought, but he was positive that Damian was alive when he had boarded the freighter.

Holden also relied on the note and ring to Lily as further evidence, but just then, an officer joined them and handed Margo a paper, which she read. She looked at Holden and declared that the interview was over, and Holden should seek legal representation immediately. Then she notified Holden that Damian had not sent the ring to Lily; a local jeweler had made it for someone who wanted it to appear that Damian was still alive. Margo said that changed everything, and she needed to place Holden under arrest.

Margo walked out to get the necessary paperwork, and Luke joined Holden. The boy wanted some answers, but Holden said he didn't have them. Luke wanted to know if Holden had killed Damian, and Holden's answer was, "I don't know." He explained about the fight on the dock and that Damian had jumped him first. Holden was positive that Damian had been alive, because Holden had carried him on board the ship and left him. The man was unconscious, but certainly alive. Luke was upset that Holden had lied to them, and he went out and asked Margo for a copy of the coroner's report on Damian. Margo said it was against regulations to give it to him.

In Java, Molly was talking on her phone to someone about not having the ring traced back to her when Lily joined her. Lily accused Molly of duplicating Damian's ring so that Lily would think that he was still alive. Molly denied that, but Lily told her that the cops knew that the ring was a fake and would soon trace it back to Molly. Lily was concerned because Holden was in more trouble than ever because of Molly's dumb stunt. The women walked outside, and Molly asked Lily to listen, but Lily was too angry.

Lily reminded Molly that she had lied her way into Lily's house the other day, had faked a coughing fit to steal a photo and set up her hoax, and she had forged Damian's handwriting and signature. Molly, in turn, accused Lily of doing nothing to protect Holden except to whine, moan, and accuse him of hurting a despicable man who had turned her life upside down. Finally Molly walked away, but Lily followed her back to the police station, where they learned that Margo had arrested Holden.

Holden began talking about the "fake ring," and he said that Tom would be arriving soon to represent him. He told Lily that Luke was not happy, and he had walked out. Holden asked to speak with Molly alone, and Margo sent them into the interrogation room. Holden asked why Molly had sent a copy of Damian's ring, but then he realized that she was only trying to get him off the hook. He asked her not to mention her involvement to Margo, but Molly said that Lily was on the warpath, and she had probably already told Margo herself.

Holden next asked Lily to join them in the room, but the two women began to argue instantly. Holden asked Molly to step outside, and he told Lily that, sadly, he had stopped trusting her the day she had remarried Damian. He asked her if she wanted to help him clear his name, or if she was more interested in finding out what had happened to Damian. Lily cried that she wanted to help Holden. Margo and Molly entered, and Margo said that the Maltese police had contacted them and wanted Holden extradited to Malta to stand trial for Damian's murder.

Luke acquired photos of the body identified by the Malta authorities, and he went to Memorial to look for Dr. Bob Hughes. He literally ran into Dr. Reid Oliver instead, and he dropped his file of pictures. Reid helped Luke retrieve his photos after slinging several barbs his way, and Reid glanced at some of the postmortem pictures. Luke explained that they were shots of Damian's body, and Dr. Oliver said, "Ouch!" Luke shared that he was hoping to show them to Bob so he could tell him exactly how his father had died. Oliver offered to take a better look at the file, but Luke turned him down.

Dr. Oliver asked Luke just how stupid Luke was to not let a world-famous neurologist look at the pictures, and he took the file. He looked at the pictures carefully and then remarked that it must have been very difficult dealing with Damian's "condition" before he died. Luke was confused and mentioned that Damian had been in perfect health. Dr. Oliver said that the person whose photos he was examining had advanced Huntington's disease, and he could no longer walk or talk. Luke said Damian had nothing like that, so Reid said that "the poor bastard in the photos" was not Luke's father.

Jack was at Memorial, but he talked to Liberty by phone because he still had to stay away from her since he had never had chicken pox as a child. He took her a DVD player and some movies, and he asked Liberty to send out Janet to take them to her. Liberty said her mother wasn't there, and she asked him to send the movies in with a nurse because she was really bored. When Jack hung up, Dusty walked up, and when Jack found out Dusty had "the pox" as a child, he asked Dusty to take the player and films in to Liberty and to set it up. Dusty agreed, and he went into the girl's room.

Dusty and Liberty chatted about the fun they had throwing rocks at the windows of a building in Detroit during Sage's pageant, and Dusty reminded her how good it had felt to blow off steam. Liberty hoped that Dusty had smuggled in more rocks, but he said he had something even better. He went outside and carried in a child's punching bag that had CANCER written on it in bright red letters. Dusty held it on Liberty's bedside table and invited her to take a swing.

In Old Town, Carly shadowed Janet, who was irritated that Carly had made a nasty accusation about Janet and Dusty right outside Liberty's room. Carly claimed that she was "just bringing the truth to light," but Janet scolded her and said Dusty was not her boyfriend. She called him "just a friend," but Carly teased that he was more like "a friend with benefits." Then Carly got serious and claimed that Janet had cheated on Jack. Janet denied that, but Carly wanted to know what else Janet would call sleeping with another man behind Jack's back. Janet still maintained her innocence, but Carly said that Teri had confirmed it; Janet didn't believe that. Carly said Teri hadn't meant to, but Carly had bluffed her sister, and Teri had fallen for it.

Janet was stunned, but she asserted that she was not having an affair since she had only slept with Dusty one time on New Year's Eve when Carly was wrapped up with Jack in a lousy cabin. Janet called her liaison with Dusty a "stupid, foolish mistake," but Carly said that was baloney. She said she had seen the two of them kissing at Metro the other day, and Carly demanded that Janet tell Jack the truth, or Carly would tell him herself.

Then Carly asked if Janet was only hanging on to Jack in order to have a baby to provide bone marrow for Liberty, and Janet was horrified. She said she loved Jack because he was her husband. Carly urged Janet to "do the right thing" and let him go, but Janet got in Carly's face and yelled how ironic it was that Carly Tenney was lecturing her on morality. Carly accused Janet of hiding behind her faith and her daughter's illness, which devastated Janet. She argued that she was committed to doing whatever it took to save Liberty.

Carly snarled that Janet's marriage to Jack had ended the moment she "hit the sheets with Dusty." Janet told Carly to use the information against her any way she wanted, but she should remember that Janet was "sitting vigil" by Liberty's bedside. Janet said she knew she couldn't stop Carly, and she walked away. Carly let Janet go, and she realized she was right outside Yo's Bar. She stood there thinking for a moment, and then started to go in, but Jack caught her. She claimed she was only there to use the restroom, and she promised that she was not going to drink.

Jack apologized for Janet's blurting out that they were trying to get pregnant, and Carly suggested that he tell Janet that she was premature in her announcement. Then she asked Jack straight out if he was seriously considering having a child with Janet. Jack replied that it was hard to find a reason not to. Carly said that Jack needed to look at all the factors before he committed to such a step, but he said that he had already done that. He didn't know what else he could do. He lamented that Brad was not there, but Carly said she knew that Jack would do the right thing, as he always did.

Janet walked into Liberty's room and saw her smacking the punching bag. The girl got a bit dizzy, so Janet told her to stop, and she asked to speak to Dusty outside. Janet asked Dusty for a favor: he needed to call her before he visited Liberty at the hospital because of Jack's feelings. Dusty said that Jack didn't care, and Dusty was tired of pretending. He wanted to be with Janet, but she asked him to stop talking. Dusty called Jack a "part-time husband, at best," and he promised to be there for Janet because he didn't want to be anywhere else. He said he needed to know how she really felt, but Janet did not know. Dusty asked her to let him into her heart so he could help.

Carly ended up drinking club soda at the Lakeview bar, and Dusty joined her. She told him that she knew he had slept with Janet, and that Janet knew that she knew. Dusty only said, "Okay," but they continued to converse. Dusty said that he was the solution for Janet, and he hoped that she realized that. Carly, however, guaranteed that Janet would stick with Jack because of the baby. Dusty asked, "What baby?" and Carly broke the news that Janet and Jack were considering having a baby to get a bone marrow match for Liberty.

At the farm, Jack drank coffee, as Janet returned. She was in poor spirits, and she said that she was exhausted. Jack put his arms around her and said, "Let's do it." When Janet asked what, Jack said, "The baby. Let's have one." Janet was ecstatic, and they went upstairs and sat on opposite sides of their bed. Janet said they were about to share the greatest act of love that Jack could give her, and Jack said that after they had started a baby, there would be no turning back. They began to kiss, and then lay back on the bed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Paul and Emily arrived for lunch at Metro, and Emily remarked that a cozy lunch for two was what "normal married people" did, but then Henry joined them. Emily told him to scram, but Henry said that Paul had invited him. Emily looked at Paul, who explained that in order to achieve the "normal life" that Emily so craved, they had to take care of some business first. Paul told his "little brother" that Henry was paying for lunch, but he could well afford it. "Dad's blood money is yours," Paul said to Henry. Both Henry and Emily were amazed, so Paul declared that taking the Stenbeck money had led to nothing but trouble for him, so now it was all Henry's.

Henry argued that he had been cursed by it, as well: Vienna was gone, Brad was dead, and Katie was miserable. Henry did not want the fortune, either, but Paul said it was too late because the money was already in Henry's account. Paul and Emily said goodbye and left, leaving Henry mopping his sweaty face with his tie and staring at a ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne that he had to pay for.

At Katie's, she watched Reid Oliver devour a giant Dagwood sandwich. She asked him what the AMA would say about a doctor's eating like that, and, with his mouth crammed full, Reid replied, "Bon appetit!" Katie said that she doubted that, because his lunch was a heart attack waiting to happen. Reid handed Katie his share of the rent, but she said that he had paid her for two months instead of one. The good doctor said that was fair since he was not staying in Oakdale much longer. Katie reminded him that he had to remain until his court hearing, but Reid said that since he had recently saved both Kim and Bob's lives at the wedding from hell, he figured that Dr. Bob would put in a good word for him with Bob's golfing buddy, the judge.

Katie got angry and began slamming food back into the refrigerator. "Holy codependency!" shouted Dr. Oliver. "You don't want me to leave." Katie said she wouldn't miss cleaning up after him, but Reid was surprised that she was not as eager as the rest of Oakdale to get rid of him. Henry bounded into the room, and he and Reid traded barbs. Then Henry said that he had very expensive champagne, and he was brimming with news. He reported that Paul Ryan had wired James Stenbeck's entire fortune into Henry's account. Katie looked at him and called it "blood money," but Henry assured her that he wasn't keeping it.

Henry explained that he was setting up a trust fund for baby Jacob, but Katie refused to even consider it. Reid piped up and cried, "Hell, I'll take it!" Katie claimed the money was cursed, but Henry swore that if he gave it to someone really deserving, the curse was reversed. Katie still declined, but Oliver urged her to take it. Henry was delighted to learn that the doctor would be leaving town soon, and he said farewell as Oliver left for rounds.

Henry suggested that he and Katie consider all the "cool things" they could do with Reid's room once he left. Katie said she liked living with Reid because he made Jacob smile. She also liked the fact that she didn't know him well and that meant they didn't share any painful history. Katie admitted that Henry reminded her of Brad, and that was hurtful. She also scolded that the "old" Henry would have understood that she couldn't accept the Stenbeck money, but the "new" Henry didn't get it. Henry was hurt, so he grabbed his coat, abandoned his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, without crusts, and stormed out.

In her room at the Lakeview, Barbara was just about finished wrapping a dozen presents. She ran out of tape, so she searched through her desk drawers for another roll. Instead, she found the photo Mick had given her of James, Barbara, and a very young Paul. Barbara had her scissors in her hand already, so she carefully cut James out of the picture.

Emily and Paul went home to Fairwinds, and she made her husband rest after their busy morning. She reminded him that he was still recovering from a gunshot wound to his leg, courtesy of Mick Dante. Paul said he felt great since the weight of the Stenbeck fortune was off his shoulders. He and Emily began kissing, as Barbara walked in with her arms full of presents and a huge stuffed panda bear. She announced that she was attempting to "lighten the mood," and she began passing out presents. Both Paul and Emily refused them, but Barbara tried to talk Emily into letting her back into their lives. Emily let her mother-in-law have a verbal barrage, and Paul added that Barbara ought to give her "peace offerings" to charity.

Paul also told Barbara that he had given James's money to Henry, and Barbara immediately put her coat back on and congratulated her son on finally growing up. She shouted that she was through "mothering, smothering, and bailing out" her son, and she turned to Emily and said, "He's all yours." Barbara made her exit, and Emily proclaimed that they were without Paul's mother and his father's money, so they were free. They began kissing until the phone interrupted them.

Henry sat in the Lakeview lounge and contemplated his very expensive bottle of bubbly. Barbara returned from Fairwinds and joined him at his table. Henry opened the bottle and poured two glasses. They downed the champagne quickly, and then had more. Barbara said that she and her son had just agreed to stay out of one another's lives. She also prattled that she had only befriended Mick Dante so that Paul could have a "relationship" with the father he had always hated. Henry burst out laughing and asked how Barbara could say that with a straight face. He said Barbara didn't do much that didn't benefit her in some way, and that irritated her.

Henry and Barbara finished the champagne and began arguing back and forth. Their voices got louder until they were hurling insults one after another. Finally they both yelled, "You're full of it!" and made a beeline for Barbara's room. They ripped off their clothes and Henry carried Barbara to the bed. With passion spent, they began the insults again, but they did agree on one issue: they were "ridiculously good at the sex."

At Memorial, Dr. Bob called for a nurse, and he got Alison. It was awkward for both of them, and finally Alison apologized again for how her non-wedding to Casey had gone. Bob was surprised that Alison was back to work so soon, but she explained that she was going crazy sitting around her mother's house. Bob asked if that was the real reason, or if it might be that Mick Dante was a patient in the room across the hall.

Bob took a break and walked through Old Town where he ran into Casey. His grandson said he was on his way to the hospital because he couldn't bear to stay at home. Bob mentioned that Alison felt the same way, and he cautioned Casey that Alison was back on duty. Casey said he wasn't going to the hospital to see her or to work; he was going because he had heard that Mick Dante was not dead yet.

Bob reminded his grandson that revenge was not the answer, but Casey said that Mick had terrorized all their loved ones, and Casey was mortified that he had found out on his wedding day that the love of his life was cheating on him. Bob said that everyone was fine, except perhaps for Alison. He advised Casey to make sure how he and Alison felt before he closed any doors.

At Memorial, Alison looked in Mick's room and then went in. Mick was asleep, so Alison turned to leave, but he called to her. Alison warned him not to talk since he had just recently been taken off the ventilator. Mick had pain in his broken ribs, but Alison said she couldn't be his nurse. She offered to find someone else, but Mick said he wanted her to get him out of there and up to the roof.

Mick said that he no longer felt James's presence in his head, and he was convinced that the devil was gone for good. Alison was skeptical about getting Mick out of the room because of the policeman on guard outside, but Mick said that he wanted to see the sky and smell the air without having James ruin it for him. Alison was fearful that Mick was pulling another trick, but she decided to trust him, so she promised him a look at the sky.

Alison bundled up Mick and got him into a wheelchair. She put a blanket over him and took a peek outside to look for the cop. No one was there, so Alison pushed the chair into the hall and headed for the elevator. They were almost out of sight when Casey walked around the corner and spotted them. Out on the rooftop, Mick let the sun beat on his face, and he thanked Alison for helping him. Suddenly Alison heard a noise, and she worried that the police had discovered that her patient was gone. Alison hid the wheelchair behind some air conditioning equipment, as Casey stepped out on the roof.

Casey called out to Alison, so she left Mick and ran out. She lied and told Casey that she didn't know where Mick was, so Casey screamed at her that she was helping Mick escape. He was furious that "the creep" had opened his eyes and "sucked" her back in. Mick listened to Casey's passionate words, but when Casey grabbed Alison by her arms, Mick wheeled himself out in the open. He ordered Casey to take his hands off the girl and not to take out his anger on her. Casey said that Mick should have died when the van hit him, but Mick countered by accusing Casey of wanting to marry Alison to make him a better man. He chided Casey for not ever considering what Alison might want or need.

Mick finally declared that Alison deserved better than both of them, and Casey made a move on him. Alison pushed Casey away and asked to take her patient back to his room. Instead, Casey pulled out his phone and said he was calling the police. Mick taunted him by saying Casey couldn't stand the thought that Alison still had feelings for Mick. Casey closed his phone and told Mick that he deserved to die, and he grabbed the wheelchair and raced straight to the edge of the roof.

In the hospital, Dr. Oliver spotted Dr. Bob looking at a chart, so he popped in and was very sociable. Bob asked him if he had "been in a pharmacy" because he looked "happy." Reid said he knew that Bob felt he owed Reid something for rescuing Bob and Kim at the "sham of a wedding." Then he asked Bob to call up his "golfing buddy," the judge, and get him to drop the charges against Reid. Bob said that Oliver's legal problems were none of his concern, and he wouldn't "dream of interfering." Dr. Oliver called Bob "an ungrateful old man," but Bob snookered him into reading a chart of a puzzling patient. After reading it, Dr. Oliver declared himself the only neurosurgeon competent enough to do the required surgery, and agreed to perform it. He also claimed that he had seen right through Bob's trick, but Bob just grinned.

Not long afterward, Bob discovered that Mick Dante was missing from his room. He called Paul to warn him, since Mick had gone after Paul so violently. Paul retrieved his gun from the safe, but Emily argued that Paul was again looking for trouble, and she began to seduce him. Finally, Paul replaced the gun in the safe and began kissing his wife.

Later that night, Reid helped Katie fold baby clothes, and she was pleased to hear that he was going to be around for a couple of weeks longer. She told him how she felt, but Reid cautioned her that she didn't know that much about him yet. Katie looked at him and said, "So tell me what there is to know."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the hospital roof, Alison ran after Casey, who was pushing Mick Dante in a wheelchair to the edge of the roof at full speed. Mick thrust out his leg against the low wall on the edge and stopped his forward motion. Casey yelled that he was finishing what he had started, while Mick taunted him and told him to "do it."

Casey demanded to know if the "psychopath" was the guy Alison wanted to be with, but she pleaded with him to let Mick go. Casey told her to answer the question, so an agonized Alison said that she didn't love Mick because she was still in love with Casey.

Mick encouraged Casey to shove him to the pavement because that beat "spending 20 years in a cell." Casey yanked the wheelchair away from the edge, and he got in Mick's face to shout that he knew prison was worse than dying. He said he wanted to make sure that Mick spent every miserable day there for the rest of his life. Mick swung and punched Casey in the face, and Casey fell back and cut his hand badly on something on the roof. Alison ran to Casey to help him, as Mick wheeled himself away and across the roof.

Alison said to forget Mick because he couldn't get off the roof, and she insisted that she help Casey downstairs for medical treatment. Alison put Casey in an exam room and hurriedly checked her messages. She saw that Dr. Bob had already alerted the police and the staff that Mick was loose, so she concentrated on Casey's wound. She cleaned it as well as possible, but she told him that he needed stitches and a tetanus shot. Alison also chewed Casey out for putting her on the spot by asking her whom she loved. They talked about whether either one of them had been ready for marriage, and Casey apologized for springing his proposal on her. He also admitted that he still loved her.

Alison left to send a doctor to Casey, and then she went into the hospital stairwell and found Mick Dante sitting there. He asked if she was going to call the cops, but Alison said that the police were already on their way. She recommended that Mick turn himself in, and she was hopeful that he would receive medical help rather than a prison term. She offered to help in any way she could, and Mick said he was sorry that he had hurt her. He was also thankful that James was dead inside him. A police officer arrived with gun drawn, and Mick gave up peaceably. They left Alison in tears on the stairs.

The doctor finished stitching up Casey's hand, as Tom showed up at Memorial looking for his father. He noticed his son's bandaged hand, and Casey explained that he'd gotten into fight with a "guy in a wheelchair." He said that Alison was all right, however, and had said she was still in love with him. Tom was encouraged that the young people could work things out when he learned that Casey still loved Alison, too. Tom remarked what a different person Casey was from the punk who had committed earlier crimes. He suggested that they work on getting Casey's record expunged so that Casey would not have to explain anything on his law school applications. Casey was pleased that his dad had renewed faith in him.

Later, Alison surprised Casey at home alone, and she told him that the police had taken Mick for a psych evaluation at Margo's suggestion. Alison noticed that Casey was reading "Law School for Dummies," and she encouraged him to go for it. Casey asked if she thought he was a lost cause, but Alison was very supportive.

At the police station, Tom spoke with Holden and Molly about the Maltese authorities' request for Holden's extradition. He was hopeful that since Holden had committed the alleged act in the United States, any federal judge would rule that Malta had no jurisdiction over him. Molly was upset and said that she could not sit quietly by while the wheels of justice ground to a halt. Holden asked her to arrange for Lily to visit him as soon as possible, and then Tom told them that he would speak with the US Attorney who would be arguing for the government at the hearing. Molly offered to "dig up some dirt" on him, but Tom preferred to talk to him first. Tom left, and Holden again urged Molly to find Lily so that he could work out arrangements if he had to go to Malta. Molly hugged him and promised not to give up.

At Memorial, Luke explained to Lily that Dr. Oliver had said that there was no way the body in the Maltese report could be Damian. He began looking for Oliver, but the doctor was in consultation with a patient. The patient, Jillian, was the one Bob had tricked Reid into agreeing to operate on earlier, and Reid told her immodestly that he was the only neurosurgeon around who could give her a shot at not being in a vegetative state for the rest of her life. Luke saw Dr. Oliver in the exam room, and he opened the door and apologized for interrupting. Oliver turned to Luke and told him to "get lost." Luke was upset at the brush-off, but Lily said she was sure Dr. Oliver would speak with them when he was finished with his consult.

Reid Oliver exited the room and threatened that if Luke ever interrupted one of his conferences again, he would let Noah stay blind forever. Lily challenged Oliver's attitude and asked him to please explain why the Maltese body could not be her husband. They all started to move into the exam room, but Molly caught up with Lily and gave her Holden's message that he needed to see her right away. Lily was shocked when Molly said the Maltese government wanted to extradite Holden immediately, and she agreed to go to the police station.

In the room, Luke explained to Reid that Holden would be on his way to Malta unless Dr. Oliver explained in court what he had seen in the autopsy report and photos. Luke begged Reid to go right away to the police station, but Dr. Oliver said he had patients to see. Luke railed at Reid that Luke could lose both his fathers because of the doctor's stubbornness, and he stormed out.

At the station, Tom argued to the US Attorney that Malta had no jurisdiction in the case, and Molly and Lily barged in. Holden asked for time alone with Lily, so Tom took the federal attorney outside "to explain all the ways he was violating the Constitution of the United States." Holden thanked Lily for helping, and she told him that the body in the Maltese photo could not be Damian because it had shown signs of advanced Huntington's disease. Luke joined them and he was discouraged that Dr. Oliver was "too busy" to put in an appearance. He also explained that the doctor was a "selfish, self-absorbed little jerk," because he wouldn't give a statement to the police.

Tom walked in and gave them all the news that the US Attorney was going strictly by the book and had found a judge who was probably willing to grant the extradition order. Holden went out to calm down Molly, who was shouting at full voice at the federal attorney. Luke told Tom what Dr. Oliver had discovered about the photos, as Molly rejoined them and promised to find an even better neurologist that Reid Oliver.

Back at the hospital, Reid dictated notes from Jillian's case and then picked up the autopsy file that Luke had left on his desk. He asked himself why he even bothered to be concerned about a "Maltese corpse." Noah arrived, and they discussed when it would be appropriate to do his actual surgery. Dr. Oliver was distracted, however, and Noah questioned him about it. Reid said that, once again, it was Noah's boyfriend who was the cause of his consternation. Noah asked him to cut Luke some slack because Luke's birth father had just died, but Oliver said that was "open to interpretation."

He told Noah what he had seen in the autopsy and photos, and unless Damian Grimaldi was physically and mentally incapacitated before he died, the dead man in Malta was not Luke's father. Noah could not believe that Oliver had blown off Luke's request to make a statement to the police. Reid claimed his job was to "help sick people, not wrongly accused people." Noah blasted him about his arrogance until Oliver declared that they were done, and he walked out on Noah.

The mood was glum at the police station until Dr. Oliver walked in. Luke was greatly relieved as the doctor began to explain why the body could not be that of Damian Grimaldi. Tom suggested that Oliver call his father to confirm that, and Oliver asked who that was. Tom said he was Dr. Bob Hughes's son, and Oliver, in his typical cavalier manner, said that he had forgotten more neurology than Dr. Bob ever knew, but he also agreed to do it.

Tom left to talk to his dad, as Molly hugged Holden. Luke thanked Dr. Oliver and acknowledged that he "owed him." Reid said he knew exactly how Luke could pay him back: Luke could tell the judge at Oliver's hearing that the doctor had not stolen his car, only "borrowed it." Luke refused to lie, but Oliver promised that he would take care of Noah's surgery no matter where he was practicing.

The US Attorney returned and announced that he was not dropping the extradition charges against Holden, and Molly had a tantrum. She screamed at him and followed him out like a woman possessed. Holden wanted to be helpful, but he felt even more urgency to speak with Lily and Luke while he still had time. Lily was panicky that Holden was so worried, and he made it clear that Lily knew that he did not want the children to ever see him in a Maltese prison. He also asked her to remind the kids every day that he loved them.

Molly raced to the WOAK studio and told her supervisor that she had "breaking news" and needed to "go live" right away. She said that Kim Hughes had okayed her copy, so the crew put Molly on a set.

An officer walked into the interrogation room and told Holden that it was time for him to go to the courthouse for his extradition hearing. Luke was pleased to see that Dr. Oliver was still in the station and that he was prepared to go to the hearing to testify to the medical evidence. Oliver, however, was glued to the television set in the station, and he mentioned that he doubted that he would need to testify after all. Everyone stopped to look and listen, as Molly began her broadcast by saying that WOAK had just learned that the United States government was planning to send a US citizen to stand trial in a foreign country for a murder that might not have even happened. She gave details, including mention of available testimony by Dr. Reid Oliver, and cited the clear violation of Holden Snyder's right to due process.

The US Attorney then took a call on his cell phone from the Attorney General, as Molly promised later updates. She signed off, and her supervisor informed her that the network had asked for the feed for the national nightly news.

Tom arrived with the news that the Attorney General had suspended the extradition hearing pending an investigation, so Holden was all right for the moment. Lily hugged him, and Luke thanked Reid for his help. The good doctor said he would soon be collecting his due from Luke, and he also asked Luke where he supposed Damian really was.

Somewhere in an ornate office, a very much alive Damian Grimaldi received a text saying EXTRADITION HEARING POSTPONED, and he hurled his phone across the room and knocked everything off his deck in a fit of temper.

Friday, February 26, 2010

As Carly cleaned the living room like a wild woman, Parker walked in and called her name. Carly didn't hear because she was listening to a portable music player, so when Parker tapped her on the shoulder, he startled her. Parker told Carly that he was leaving for school but reminded her that he only had one class that day, since he wasn't planning to attend the field trip that was scheduled. Carly was distracted and waved him off to school.

After Parker left, Carly thought about Jack and about her discovery that Janet and Dusty had engaged in an affair. Just the thought of Janet with Dusty while Carly couldn't be with Jack was enough to put Carly in a foul mood; she proceeded to indulge herself in the bad mood by beating a small area rug on the porch.

Craig walked up, and Carly immediately tried to get him to leave. Craig told Carly that he had a feeling he wasn't the person she wanted to beat up, but she retorted, "Want to bet?" Craig insisted that he had the answer to Carly's problems with Jack, because work was "the antidote to the poison that is Jack Snyder." He then told Carly that their client, Morris, was "blown away" by Carly's designs. Craig thought that it would be easier to launch Carly's new line and make a bigger statement about how serious they were about being in business if they moved to New York.

Carly was stunned and told Craig that she wouldn't move to New York with him. Craig said that he wasn't asking Carly to live with him, although he'd be okay with that idea. Carly said it was never going to happen, but Craig gave her a list of reasons why it would make sense, including the fact that the best fabrics and seamstresses were in New York, and the runway shows were there, too. Carly reminded Craig that she had run a successful fashion business from Oakdale before, but Craig thought that would make things harder than necessary. Carly then pointed out that her children had friends, school, and family in Oakdale, and that her life was in Oakdale, too.

Craig told Carly that as his business partner, she needed to be focused, and he thought that in order to do that, Carly would need to put some distance between herself and Jack, Janet, and their soon-to-be baby. Carly replied that she didn't need to run away from Jack and Janet. Her phone rang, and Carly checked the caller ID and saw that it was Jack. Craig told her to answer it and prove that she was dealing with her situation well, but Carly let her answering machine pick up the call.

Jack left a brief message and said that Carly didn't need to return his call. Craig told Carly that he didn't like to see her so upset. Carly suggested that Craig leave. Craig asked Carly to think about the New York idea, and he left. When Craig got back to his suite at the Lakeview, he called his business contact, Ellis, to let Ellis know that he thought Monte Carlo should relocate to New York and to find out how much he could afford to put into Monte Carlo. Ellis informed Craig that Craig didn't have enough funds to finance a line of socks, let alone fancy dresses.

At the farm, Janet entered the kitchen and was carrying groceries. Jack offered to put them away so that Janet could go to the hospital to make sure Liberty ate a good breakfast. Janet asked Jack if he was going to visit Holden, but Jack informed her that Holden didn't want him to get involved in the mess with Damian. Janet then told Jack that it had been nice to be with him again, and Jack agreed, saying it had been a long time. Janet asked if Jack was planning to work late, but Jack said no. Janet smiled and told Jack, "At this rate, I'll be pregnant before you know it." Jack replied, "That's the plan." Janet kissed Jack, but when she turned to leave, Jack wiped his mouth off with his hand.

As Jack put away the groceries, he found a pregnancy test in one of the bags and sighed. Parker walked in and asked whether anyone else was at the farm. Jack said no and asked Parker what was wrong. Parker told Jack that he was worried about Carly, and he explained Carly's manic cleaning. Jack told Parker that Carly wasn't drinking again, but Parker asked if Jack knew what had gotten Carly into such a strange mood.

Jack suggested that perhaps Carly was stressed about her new business venture with Craig, and then he changed the subject by asking why Parker wasn't in school yet. Parker told Jack that he had some time before he had to be in school and that he was planning to visit Liberty. Jack told Parker that Liberty was lucky to have him, but Parker simply said, "When you love someone, it's easy to be there for them," and he left.

At Memorial Hospital, Dusty spoke with someone on the phone about the possibility of enrolling Liberty in a cancer study. After Dusty hung up, Liberty, who had been standing outside her hospital room, told Dusty that she'd heard him talking about her, and she asked him what he'd been talking about. Dusty told Liberty that he had found a study in Minneapolis involving young adults with cancer that was having incredible success, but he thought they should talk to Janet about it first. Liberty was adamant that she wanted to go to Minneapolis to join the study.

Janet approached and shooed Liberty back into the hospital room. Liberty told Dusty that no matter what her mom might say, she wanted to go. With Liberty back in her room, Janet turned to Dusty and reminded him that she didn't want him to be at the hospital. Dusty replied, "Well, I want you." Janet told Dusty, "I can't do this now," so Dusty told her to meet him in the waiting room right away.

When Janet followed Dusty into the waiting room, she told him he had no right to demand that she talk to him. Dusty told Janet he was just trying to help, and he said that she didn't have to have a baby with Jack, because there was another way to help Liberty. Janet asked who had told Dusty that she was trying to get pregnant, but Dusty said it didn't matter and told Janet about the Minneapolis study. When Janet said that having a baby with Jack was the only option, Dusty insisted that it would only make things worse. Janet stopped and said, "I don't believe this ... You're jealous that I'm having a baby to save Liberty's life!"

Janet told Dusty that he of all people should understand why she was doing everything possible to keep her daughter from dying of cancer. Dusty responded that he did understand, but he didn't think it was the best time for Janet and Jack to introduce a baby into their lives. Janet insisted it was the only way to save Liberty, but Dusty reminded her that the study could offer hope for a cure. Dusty gave Janet some information about the study. Janet said, "What I said before, about being jealous ..." and Dusty responded, "I'm jealous of Jack." Janet shook her head and said that Dusty could have anybody he wanted, but Dusty answered, "I'm looking at who I want." Janet left the room.

Parker walked into Liberty's hospital room and saw Liberty sitting on the bed with her hands on her temples. Parker asked if Liberty was okay, and Liberty answered that she was fine. Parker was doubtful and asked if Liberty was sure. Liberty confessed that her head was itchy, and because a nurse had told her that that was a sign that her hair might be about to fall out, Liberty was trying not to scratch her head, to prevent that from happening.

Parker then told Liberty that he had snacks for her, and he offered her a chocolate bar, but she told him that her taste buds seemed dead to her, so that things didn't taste the same, although popcorn still tasted amazingly good. Parker promised to bring tons of popcorn for "movie night." Liberty asked what he meant, and Parker told her that he planned to download four or five really bad movies that they could watch together that weekend, and he would even bring a pillow so that he could sleep in the chair in Liberty's room.

Liberty told Parker that she hoped not to be in the hospital that weekend, and she filled him in on the study in Minnesota. She said that she had called Dr. Hearn to ask him about the study, and he had directed her to a Web site that had information on it. Liberty pointed to her laptop, and Parker looked at the screen, then said worriedly that there seemed to be a lot of details about the side effects. Liberty agreed but said that didn't matter if it made her better, and she told Parker she planned to go to Minnesota for the study whether her mom wanted her to or not. Parker offered to accompany Liberty, but Liberty said she didn't want him to do that.

Parker pulled his laptop computer out of his backpack and showed Liberty that he had set it up for video calling, so that he and Liberty could speak to and see one another whenever they wanted to. Liberty was touched but told Parker that she probably wouldn't be looking very good after her treatments. Parker assured Liberty that at the worst, she might be downgraded from "beautiful" to merely "pretty."

Janet walked in and greeted Parker. Parker said he had to get to school, and he told them both goodbye. Liberty asked her mother where Dusty was, and Janet replied that she had sent him home because he had been pressuring Liberty about the study. Liberty assured her mother that she really wanted to participate in the study, and she asked if Janet would go with her to Minnesota. Janet said, "You just try and stop me," and they embraced.

Janet met with Jack in Old Town and told him about the study and the fact that a bed was available for Liberty, but they had to leave that day to drive to Minnesota. Jack offered to take a day off from work to drive Janet and Liberty, but Janet reminded Jack that he couldn't accompany them, since he'd never had the chicken pox. Janet assured Jack that she could drive Liberty herself. When Jack asked how long they would be gone, Janet said it was hard to tell, but she would drive back and forth to Oakdale so that she could keep working on the pregnancy. Jack suggested that the pregnancy could wait, but Janet didn't want to give up on the idea in case the leukemia study didn't work out well.

Hoping to speak to Lisa about Monte Carlo, Carly went to Fashions. When the salesgirl told Carly that Lisa would be back soon, Carly said she would take a few minutes to look around and scope out the competition. She found a little black dress to try on, and as she walked through the store in the dress, she glanced out of the storefront window and saw Jack and Janet talking. As she watched, Jack and Janet kissed. Carly stepped away from the window and accidentally knocked over a rack of clothes, which made a very loud noise that Jack and Janet heard from outside the store. Carly made a beeline for the exit, over the salesgirl's objections, as Jack told Janet that he would find out what the ruckus was about.

When Jack entered the store, he asked the salesgirl what had happened, and she told him that a woman had just left the store while wearing one of the store's dresses. Jack asked for a description of the woman, but the salesgirl told him that she knew the woman's name, because Carly had left her business card for Lisa. When Jack heard that the woman was Carly, he appeared surprised.

Jack went back outside to speak to Janet, and he told her there wasn't anything to worry about. Janet became upset and told Jack that she would be lonely without him while she was in Minnesota, but she had to be strong for Liberty. Jack assured Janet that she would be strong, and he said that when she couldn't be, she could call him. They embraced, and Janet told Jack that she would call him as soon as she and Liberty got to the hospital in Minnesota.

When Liberty and Janet arrived at the hospital in Minnesota, a nurse met them and suggested that they both get some rest. Dusty then appeared, much to Janet's surprise, and offered to give Janet a ride to her hotel room. Liberty thanked Dusty for arranging for her to get into the leukemia study, but when she told him she felt tired, he said he would leave. Liberty asked him to do her a favor and take Janet with him, and he agreed.

Dusty told Janet that he had felt he needed to make sure the hospital was a good one, since it had been his idea for Liberty to try the study. Janet thanked him profusely. Dusty asked if all Janet wanted was to thank him for helping Liberty, but Janet replied that she didn't know what she wanted. Janet became uncomfortable and told Dusty that she wanted to return to the hospital, in case Liberty needed her. Dusty pointed out that the nurse had suggested that both Janet and Liberty get some rest, and he steered Janet to the bed, where she sat down. Dusty stroked Janet's cheek and told her that he would take care of her, and that he wasn't giving her any choice in the matter.

As Liberty lay down on the hospital bed in Minneapolis, she noticed some of her hair on the pillow. She then put her hands to her head and saw even more hair in her hands. At that moment, her laptop rang, and she could see Parker, who was calling her from Java. Liberty put her finger over the camera on her laptop so that it wouldn't broadcast her image. Parker asked what was wrong with her camera, but Liberty said she wasn't sure, and she was too tired to figure it out, so she asked Parker if they could talk later. When Parker tried to narrow down a time when he could call her back, Liberty was evasive and said she had to hang up.

Parker went to the Lakeview to ask Craig to release some of his trust fund to him so that he could visit Liberty in Minneapolis. Parker made his case eloquently by telling Craig that he couldn't let Liberty go through the cancer treatments alone. Craig pointed out that Janet would be with Liberty, but Parker said Liberty couldn't talk to Janet the way she could talk to him. He explained that he wasn't trying to blow his money on something stupid, and Craig agreed. Craig told Parker that Parker had inspired him, because "when you love someone, there's just nothing you won't do and no amount of money you won't spend to make them happy."

Later, Craig met with Ellis in the restaurant at the Lakeview and told Ellis that he thought he'd found a solution to his money problems. When Craig told Ellis that he would use Parker's trust fund to finance Monte Carlo, Ellis was concerned about Craig not getting Parker's permission to do so. Craig said that because Parker loved Carly, Parker wouldn't be upset if Craig used Parker's money to make Carly happy. Ellis asked whether Craig was sure he could pull it off, and Craig replied, "I have no doubt."

Carly rushed back home, where she sat on the sofa and shook her head at the idea that she had just stolen a dress from Fashions in order to avoid seeing Jack. As she sat there, she fantasized about Jack's potential future baby boy, Jack Jr. In Carly's fantasy, Jack and Janet were at the farm, celebrating Jack Jr.'s birthday, and were soon joined by Parker and Liberty. Carly watched the happy family from the porch of the Snyder farm, wine glass in hand, until Jack spotted her and went to ask her to leave. In the fantasy, Craig appeared and apologized for having let Carly get away from him, and Craig tried to get Carly to leave by telling her that she should have listened to him when he'd suggested that she leave Oakdale.

Jack arrived and knocked on Carly's door. She let him in, and he asked her about the dress she was wearing, which still had the security tag on it. Carly said she was going to return it, and Jack asked what had happened at Fashions. Carly said that unless he was going to arrest her, she didn't have to answer his questions. Jack told Carly that both he and Parker were worried about her. When Carly asked why Parker was worried, Jack let her know that Parker had told him she'd been "turbo cleaning." Carly chuckled and admitted that was true, then she told Jack that he should enjoy that and just move back into the house with Janet and his future bundle of joy. Jack asked where Carly planned to be, and she told him she was moving to New York.

Jack was shocked and told Carly that there was no way he would let her take his kids to New York to live. Carly pointed out that they were her kids, too, and that the fashion business was based in New York. Jack asked why Carly was acting that way, and she said it was because of him and the promises he'd made to her that he was unable to keep. She told him that he had no idea how hard it had been for her, and then she asked him to leave before she said something that she didn't want to say.

Jack said he would leave, but he again stated there was no way Carly was going to take the kids to New York. Carly implored Jack to let her go; she told him she was "tired of trying to do the right thing. I'm not good at it, and I don't want to be good at it." Jack then said he wouldn't leave until Carly told him what was really the matter. Carly became exasperated and told Jack that he could stay if he wanted to, but she began to take off the dress she was wearing.

Jack was caught by surprise when Carly asked him to help her unzip the dress, but he unzipped it for her. As she turned to face him, Carly looked into Jack's eyes, and they began to kiss. Jack stopped himself and told Carly that as much as he wanted to be with her, he couldn't betray Janet like that. Carly laughed and told Jack that Janet had beaten him to it. When Jack asked what Carly meant, Carly told him that Janet had slept with Dusty.

/* **** Y&R | CHRISTIAN LEBLANC OPENS UP ABOUT HIS BATTLE WITH CANCER AND HIS GRATITUDE FOR OBSERVANT FANS **** */ if (date("ymd") <= 999999) { $sub = $sub+1; $sub="0".$sub; if ((date("s") % 2 != 0)) { ${'ix_sub_url_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/news/2023/1025-christian-leblanc-opens-up-about-his-battle-with-cancer-and-his-gratitude-for-observant-fans.php"; } else { ${'ix_sub_url_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/news/2023/1025-christian-leblanc-opens-up-about-his-battle-with-cancer-and-his-gratitude-for-observant-fans.php"; } if ((date("s") % 2 != 0)) { ${'ix_sub_img_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/images/rect/sm/leblanc_christianj_04.jpg"; } else { ${'ix_sub_img_' . $sub}="/young-and-restless/images/rect/sm/leblanc_christianj_04.jpg"; } if ((date("s") % 2 != 0)) { ${'ix_sub_txt_' . $sub}="Christian LeBlanc opens up about his battle with cancer and his gratitude for observant fans"; } else { ${'ix_sub_txt_' . $sub}="Life imitates art: Christian LeBlanc opens up about his battle with cancer"; } $christian_leblanc_opens_up_about_his_battle_with_cancer_and_his_gratitude_for_observant_fans_1025="yes"; }


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