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Monday, August 9, 1999

Carly calls Kevin at Fairwinds and asks him if the gruesome twosome is still there. They are and she says that she will have to call him back later because her cell phone has been cut off. She goes into the lobby and flops down on a sofa. She looks down at the floor and there is a wallet laying on the floor full of money. She picks it up and thinks about keeping the money for about two seconds and then mumbles that she hasn't sunk that low. She gets up to go turn the wallet in and a man stops her a says that she stole it out of his pocket. She is denying it and Lisa comes up and wants to know what Carly has done this time. The guy tells her that Carly stole his wallet and Carly starts denying it, but Lisa doesn't believe her.

Hal is at his house with Parker and Barbara comes in. She tells him that she is sorry for letting Carly take Parker yesterday. She tells him that with their wedding coming up, she thought Carly could help out and take some responsibility for her son. The phone rings and it is Lisa calling Hal to tell him that the bad penny has shown up. He says that he doesn't need to talk to her anymore because she brought Parker back to him. Lisa tells Hal that he had better come and get Carly because she is in trouble and the OPD is going to take her away.

Carly is trying to convince Lisa that she is innocent. Hal walks up behind her and says that it is getting harder and harder to believe her. Hal takes Lisa aside and asks her not to press charges against Carly. He tells her that he would rather not have his son visiting his mother behind bars. He says that he will take full responsibility for Carly. Lisa says OK and then tells Carly that she is one lucky cookie and she leaves. Hal asks Carly what was she doing there? She tells him that she was going to get a room, but the way that she has been treated, she is going to the Yardley to get a room. Hal says that the Yardley takes money too. Hal tells Carly that he has an idea to run past her, he would like her to come and stay at his house and take care of Parker while he and Barbara are getting married. Then after they are married, she can continue to stay in his house if she will concentrate on her son and taking care of him. She agrees.

When Hal gets back home, there are lit candles everywhere. Barbara comes downstairs in a negligée. Hal tries to tell her about Carly but Barbara is kissing him and trying to tell him that she is sorry about yesterday. The door opens and Carly steps in and says, "there's no place like home." Barbara whirls around and asks Hal, "What is she doing here?" Carly says that she is there to see her son. Barbara says that he is upstairs napping. Carly heads upstairs to see him and give Hal and Barbara some privacy. As she gets to the steps, she turns and says that three is a crowd. After she is upstairs, Barbara wants Hal to explain. He tries to tell her that with Carly here with Parker she won't be dragging him all over Oakdale. Barbara says that maybe they should invite all his ex wives over for tea with machetes and she knows where she wants to bury hers. She goes upstairs to get dressed. When she comes back downstairs she tells him that she was upset with him for wanting to postpone their honeymoon, but she can understand now, because without the vows, you can't have a honeymoon. She says that she will take her vows the day after never and she stomps out. Carly comes downstairs with Parker as Barbara is going out the door.

Holden is talking to Molly on the phone. She is reassuring him that everything is going to be OK. Holden asks if the baby is with her. She looks across the isle at the baby and then Reid walks up and asks her who she is talking with. She acts like she is talking to Andy. She hangs up the phone and Reid gets upset with her for talking to Andy again. He asks her if she is keeping her knight in shining armor in the wings in case things didn't work out with them. She denies that is what she is doing. She gets Reid to calm down and tells him that she has been waiting so long for him to come back to her. He does calm down and the flight attendant comes by and tells them that they will be landing in Calgary. When they are on the ground, Reid tells Molly that they are getting off there. She says that she thought that they were going to Vancouver? He says that he hopes the authorities think so too. Reid takes the baby and tells Molly to wait and walk off after they get off. That way it won't look like they are a threesome.

Holden finds out that Reid had purchased tickets in his own name to Vancouver, Canada. He tells Lily that he is going to catch the next flight that leaves in an hour. Lily wants to go with him. He tells her that she has to stay there and take care of the kids. She begs him to let her go, if he finds their daughter tonight, she wants to be there to help bring her back home. Holden says that his mother could take Luc and Lily says that Denise wants to spend more time with Hope, so they can take her there.

Denise is packing, she and Ben are going on a trip together. The doorbell rings and she thinks that it is Ben. She opens the door and Lily and Holden are there. They tell her that they are going out of town for a few days and asks if they can leave Hope with her. Denise is delighted to have Hope stay with her overnight. Ben comes in with a suitcase and Lily realizes that they had plans to go away. Lily apologizes and says that they can make other plans. Denise says that they can change their plans, she wants to take care of Hope. Holden tells them that they have a lead on Reid Hamilton and their baby and they are going to check it out. Lily and Holden leave and Denise apologizes to Ben for changing their plans. Ben says that he understands.

Reid and Molly are in their hotel suite. Reid tells Molly to open the package that was waiting for them at the desk. Molly opens it and finds three passports with different names on them. Molly asks Reid where they are headed. Reid tells her to stop trying to find out where they are going, it isn't going to work. He takes Melinda in the next room to settle her in and Molly finds her cell phone and starts to make a call. Reid comes up behind her and takes it away from her. He wants to know who she is about to call. She lies and says that it was on and she was going to turn it off. He tells her that he will do that for her and then he puts the phone in one of his bags. The baby starts to cry and Reid goes to see about her. Molly looks over at her phone sticking out of the bag. Molly tells Reid that Melinda is probably hungry and she will go and find something for her to eat. She grabs her purse and her jacket and opens the door. Reid tells her to stop and close the door and she had better never do that again. She slams the door and he apologizes for yelling. He reminds her that there is a warrant out for her arrest and somebody my recognize her. He says that he will go and get something for Melinda and she can stay there and get better acquainted with Melinda. He walks out the door and Molly looks at her cell phone again. Reid pops back into the room and says that he forgot something. He walks over to her and gives her a big kiss. He leaves again. Molly looks at the phone then she says that she can do this herself.

Lily and Holden are on the plane and it is headed to Vancouver. They are talking about getting their daughter back. Lily talks about if she can remember how she looks and she can smell her smell, that fresh baby smell. Holden talks about that she was right under their nose the whole time. Lily remembers the day there was a bomb scare at the hospital and Julia had a baby with her at the coffee shop and Lily held her and that was their child. The flight attendant comes by and tells them that they will be landing in Calgary for about twenty-five minutes and if they would like to get out and stretch their legs, they can. Holden starts to think about landing in Calgary. He calls the flight attendant back over and asks if that is their normal scheduled landing. She tells him that they always land in Calgary before going on to Vancouver. Holden tells Lily that maybe Reid and Molly got off in Calgary to give anyone who would follow them the slip. He asks the flight attendant about a man and a woman and shows her Reid and Molly's picture. She doesn't remember them. He then asks her about a man with a baby. She does remember a man with a baby, but they didn't have a woman with them. Holden and Lily decide to get off the plane in Calgary.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Andy surprises Denise and baby Hope on their patio. He tells Denise that Molly has flown the coop and seems to be in trouble. He is stunned to hear that Molly has a connection to Lily and Holden's missing baby. Why does everyone know what is going on but Andy?

Julia pays a visit to the Snyder farm, and Emma welcomes her with great enthusiasm. Jack shows up; he is trying to locate Lily and Holden in Canada. Julia defends Reid to Jack, but Jack is not buying it.

Lily and Holden have gotten off the plane in Calgary and are systematically checking the hotels near the airport. In one of those hotels, Molly and Reid/David are discussing their future. Reid calls down to the desk and requests milk and baby food for Melinda. Just as the clerk is taking the order, Holden walks up!

Molly reminds Reid that just one year ago they were scheduled to marry. As they discuss this, Holden bribes the desk clerk to tell him which couples have checked in with year old infants. The clerk identifies a Mr. and Mrs. Stevens in room 207 who have a daughter approximately that age.

Back in Oakdale, Denise cannot help acting oddly around Andy. Andy notices her behavior and tells her that she can confide anything in him. Denise dismisses him.

Holden uses the hotel house phone and calls room 207. He confirms the order for baby food and recognizes Reid's voice.

Ben arrives at Denise's condo and she tells him that seeing Andy holding baby Hope is just tearing her up. Should she tell him that he is her father? Ben is reluctant to give an opinion because he says he does not want to become her conscience.

In the hotel, Molly tells Reid that she cannot believe they are together again. The only way they can be truly happy, she says, is for Reid to surrender Melinda to her natural parents. Reid insists that the three of them can be a family, but Molly pushes her point and Reid retaliates by making unkind comments about her and Holden and Abigail, the daughter the two of them produced.

Holden returns to his car where Lily is anxiously waiting. He tells her that he has found Reid and Molly and the baby and that he plans to sneak in and snatch the baby.

Emma asks Julia to stay with Luke while she keeps a dental appointment. She is not too subtle in trying to throw Julia and Jack together. She refers to the old porch swing that Jack fixed up for Julia, and that sets the two of them to reminiscing. Jack has to leave for the station and Emma joins Julia for tea. Julia confesses that she still loves Jack.

Kim arrives at Andy's place, worried that she could not reach him last night. He reassures her that he has stayed sober. Kim rationalizes that Molly may be helping Lily and Holden find their baby to make up for the hurt she caused John and Hal by switching the paternity test results on Carly's baby. Denise and Hope show up to return Andy's sunglasses, and Andy again senses that something is going on that he doesn't know about.

Lily agonizes in the car, waiting for Holden to return with Melinda. Holden approaches the suite where Molly and Reid are staying and listens at the door. He overhears an argument about returning the baby. He sneaks into an adjoining room and continues to listen. Reid says he cannot give up Melinda, even for a life with Molly, and it is up to Molly to choose whether she can live with him and the baby. Reid leaves to make departure arrangements, and Molly goes to get some ice, leaving Melinda alone in the porta-crib. Holden enters and sees his natural daughter for the first time. Holden picks her up just as Molly returns.

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

Barbara hands Hal half of the guest list and instructs him to tell them the wedding is off. Hal cajoles her to continue with the wedding tonight as scheduled but to no avail--she's no good at the ménage à trois, she realizes. Carly tells Hal she'll move out--she's got other things lined up. Hal is surprised when Jack shows up on his doorstep.

At church Ben intuits that Denise wants to confide in Andy about his fatherhood. John barrels into Andy's apartment, comparing Molly to the plague. When Reid returns, Molly hides Holden in the other room and tells Reid she has a surprise for him. What surprise? Reid asks. Molly slithers out of her dress in response. Lily is stunned to see a tearful Holden approaching the car with the baby.

Jack pleads his case with Hal as he asks for official permission to fly to Calgary. When he argues that it's for a child, Hal reluctantly agrees. As Jack's leaving he spots the purse on the table and Hal confirms it--Carly is staying with him for a while. John portrays Molly as seeing Andy as her "ticket to respectability" and wishes for his old life back. He laments being able to only play "Uncle Johnny" to Parker and tells Andy he's better pray the cops find his fiancé before his father does.

Molly drags Reid into the bathroom and urges him to get into the shower with her. Lily cradles the baby between herself and Holden, whispering to her, "I'm your mommy, and he's your daddy."

Adam is surprised to find Jennifer in the kitchen preparing a romantic dinner for Hal and Barbara and urges her to let their parents reconcile in their own time, citing his own attempt to bring Margo and Tom back together. But Jennifer is stubborn, believing that Adam failed because he didn't try as hard as she is doing. Barbara is wry about her daughter's efforts, suggesting Jen take a plate over to Hal's house since that's where he'll be. She then cries in Jen's arms.

Jack approves of Hal's realization that Parker needs his mother, but refuses the opportunity to see her when Hal offers it. When Carly makes a noise Jack strides over to the closet and finds her there. Carly owns up to eavesdropping on them. Holden curses when he can't get the car to start. Reid believes he hears the baby and leaves the shower, despite Molly's best efforts to stop him.

Jack tells Carly he's "sadder and wiser." When Carly confesses to being greedy when it comes to him, an impatient Jack tells her he's got more important things to do and urges her to stop talking about change and just doing it, to prove to everybody she can.

Denise asks God why Andy has to be alone and in so much pain. Reid brushes past Molly and finds the empty crib. Holden fixes the car but just as he's pulling away a (clothed) Reid runs out and blocks the car, with Molly but a step behind.

Hal is a reluctant counselor to Carly about Jack. Carly refuses Hal's offer of a loan, insisting she's going to claim some money she had hidden. Carly calls Kevin and upon learning Brad and Rosanna have left Fairwinds, promises him a thousand dollars if he'll help her reclaim something that Brad took from her.

Holden instructs Lily to stay in the car, then confronts Reid with the DNA results. He demands to know when Reid started working for David. Hal arrives at Barbara's house with Parker in tow and announces that Carly is moving out. When he is forced to admit Carly left Parker with him because she doesn't have her own place to live yet, Barbara stalks out and Hal has to chase after her.

With regret, Jen turns down Adam's offer to go to the Barenaked Ladies concert with him--she has to take care of Parker. Andy is incensed when Denise reveals Holden and Lily were chasing Reid, recalling to himself how Molly was always with Reid, despite her protestations. He questions how "the Holdens and Lilys of the world" survive such couple-breaking times.

Molly is quick to tell Holden there is no connection between Reid and David. When Reid makes a move toward the car, Holden collars him and declares Reid won't go near Holden's daughter again.

Carly revels when she finds Brad's money still in the safe in the master bedroom and stuffs it all into an empty bag. Andy spots the rock on Denise's finger and congratulates her when she confirms she's doing "the shoes and rice thing."

While Holden and Reid grapple, Lily tires to escape. Reid wrests the baby away from her and clutching Melinda to his chest, announces they'll have to kill him to get him away from her.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

Julia runs into Jack in the hotel coffee shop. Jack is discouraged because his flight to Calgary has been grounded by bad weather. He is eager to get there to help Holden and Lily look for their daughter. Julia, remembering Emma's advice, attempts to tell Jack that she still cares for him. Jack, however, completely misunderstands and thinks she is talking about his relationship with Carly. He does suggest that he and Julia have dinner together some time soon.

At Fairwinds, Carly empties the safe of the money she paid Brad for the divorce while Kevin, her houseman, stands guard. Brad returns and finds the money in a sack under the bed and suspects there is some in Carly's clothing. He suggests they have a reunion for "old times' sake" there in the bedroom, and Carly cannot believe it. Actually, Brad wants to explore the lumps in her clothing because he knows it is his money! He tells her that today he is leaving town for good.

In Calgary, Reid grabs baby Melinda and will not relinquish her to Holden and Lily. They are at a standoff until Molly intervenes. She takes charge and promises Holden that Reid will do the right thing and give back the baby. She tells Reid that he cannot keep on running and asks for a chance to speak with him alone.

Molly threatens to tell everyone that Reid is really David unless he gives up the baby. Reid is torn, but will his sense of survival be stronger than his bond for the baby? Molly begins to blurt out the truth and says, "Don't make me tell them what I know."

Camille joins Julia in the coffee shop and correctly reads from Julia's face the fact that she has man troubles. Camille commiserates over her loss of Ben, and the two women drown their combined sorrows in several gooey desserts.

Brad and Carly struggle over the money which spills all over the floor. As they are each grabbing wads of cash, Jack suddenly walks in. What are they doing? he asks, playing "Diving for Dollars?" He hollers at both of them and then asks Brad to loan him the jet so that he can get up to Canada to help Holden. Brad tells him that the jet has been repossessed by the bank, and says goodbye to his brother.

Lily, worried that they cannot handle Reid alone, calls 911 for help. Reid continues to consider his options, but Molly is deadly serious about blowing his cover. He tearfully hands the baby to Lily. Holden tackles Reid and takes him down just as the police arrive. They handcuff Reid and prepare to take him away. Lily suddenly realizes how hot the baby is and that she is running a high fever. They leave hurriedly for the nearest emergency room.

At the hospital, Melinda has a fever of 103.4 degrees. Lily and Holden wait anxiously for the pediatrician to tell them what is wrong. Molly is there too, and unexpectedly Reid, still handcuffed and with a policeman, arrives and suggests that the doctor test for a reaction to an antibiotic the baby has been taking for an ear infection. This indeed turns out to be the case, and the doctors are able to treat Melinda successfully. In gratitude, Lily tells the police that she does not want to press charges against Reid. Holden is not happy about this.

In another hospital, a doctor and nurse are discussing a "special" patient of theirs. The patient's name on the door is "L. Walsh."

Carly and Jack talk about whether Carly could ever change. Jack tells her to get a job and start supporting her child, just like millions of other single moms. Jack's cell phone rings and he learns that the weather has cleared and he can now resume his travels to Canada. "How about us?" asks Carly, "can we ever resume?" Jack thinks about this and then answers "no."

Brad finds Camille and says a poignant good-bye to her. They share a tender kiss and Brad leaves.

At the Snyder farm, Emma, wearing bright yellow socks, is dancing wildly in her kitchen. Julia surprises her at the door and Emma explains she is "waxing to the Oldies." She convinces Julia to don some socks and help her buff the floor as she cranks up the music. Julia tells Emma that she tried to talk to Jack about her feelings but that he completely misunderstood. Emma is encouraged, however, by the fact that Jack asked Julia to have dinner sometime soon. The two women decide to go to a scary movie.

The police release Reid, and Molly thanks Lily. Holden calls Jack and tells him to get up there fast. He still thinks something is fishy with Reid and he wants Jack to keep an eye on him. Molly assumes she will continue to have future with Reid, but he warns her that everyone, including her, will pay.

In that other hospital, we finally see the "special" patient. Welcome back, Lucinda!

Friday, August 13, 1999

Jennifer goes to the station but is unable to persuade Hal to come to dinner. When Hal confides that Barbara sees Parker as a constant reminder of his ex-wife, Margo says she can understand where Barbara is coming from. Tom arrives at Emily's with Daniel's blanket, which she purposely "forgot," and suggests Daniel move back in with him. Lucinda upends the bowl of rice pudding that her nurse gives her.

Holden is unable to share in Lily's joy, telling his wife he has to be sure that Reid won't harm his family--that's why he called Jack. Reid refuses to hear Molly's denials about helping Holden and states that the only person who ever truly loved him was Melinda. Holden is incensed when Reid insists they can't leave yet and gives them her favorite pacifier. When Reid declares he's the only family Melinda's ever known, Jack arrives and tells Reid he WILL stay away from her--or else rot in prison.

Margo finds a large bouquet of flowers and Alec tells her it's an incentive to accept his proposal--his job proposal, that is. Jake introduces himself to Hal and compares dealing with Alec to driving on black ice. He shows the lieutenant a photo of Alec and several men who have worked with him--almost all of them have turned up missing or dead, Jake says.

Lucinda drums her fingers and wiggles her toes in her wheelchair, but listens in silence as the nurse styles her hair and wonders how Oakdale has managed to get along without Lucinda in its midst. We're over, a ferocious Reid declares to Molly, and walks out.

At Java Adam commiserates with Jen until he spots his mother drinking coffee with Alec. Adam uses a fake phone call to lure Margo away and then confronts Alec. Emily tries to get Tom to move on, telling him Margo is already lost and he should focus his energy on someone else. Tom puts Emily in her place when he apprises her that his life outside of Daniel is none of her business.

Molly chases after Reid, trying to convince him of her love, but he makes his feelings towards her clear--I've never hated anyone as much as I hate you, he spits. After the doctor gives the Snyders medical clearance to fly home with Melinda, Reid talks to the doctor on his own about her health, before Jack overhears and pulls the psychiatrist away.

Adam warns Alec not to mess with his mother's mind and is later comforted by Jen. Margo informs Alec she has to turn down his job offer. Holden finds a despondent Molly and tells her he's in her debt. Reid taunts Jack about Julia having chosen him but Jack walks away after insisting Dr. Hamilton will have no more contact with the baby.

Alec rejoices when Margo explains she doesn't want the person she's dating to be her boss. Hal gives Jake help on tracking down Alec's business cohorts by giving him the contact information for Gary. He makes Jake promise to come to the lieutenant first if he finds out anything that implicates Alec--he doesn't want to read about it in the newspaper, Hal growls.

Lily comments on the "new father look" she sees in Holden's eyes and Jack tells Holden that Reid is getting the message. Lily hopes for another miracle when she calls Lucinda's nurse. Tom walks into the station in time to witness Margo and Alec's closeness. He laments the "takeover" to Hal and Hal tells Tom there's still time to fight. Emily is inspired and makes a reservation for two at the Mona Lisa.

The nurse looks to Lucinda for assistance and then instructs Lily to call Lucinda's doctor. After she hangs up, she chides Lucinda for keeping her daughter and the rest of the family in the dark. Lucinda finally breaks her silence, insisting she'll tell them when she wants to. Alone, Lucinda revels in her health, announcing she's "ready to pitch a no-hitter."



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