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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 2, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, August 2, 1999

There is an engagement party going on for Hal and Barbara. Brad walks in with Parker and hands him to Hal and tells Hal that he is Parker's real father. All eyes move to Carly. She whispers, "Brad.... no." She runs over to him and begs him to tell everyone that this is just a sick joke. Brad says that it is not a joke and it is time the truth came out. John speaks up and says that he has a lab report that states that he is the father. Brad says that he has an answer for that and he goes out of the room and returns with the lab technician that did the DNA test on Parker. He explains that it was Molly Conlon that paid him off to change the results. Hal asks the lab tech if he is sure that it was Molly? He says that he is sure. Andy blurts out, "Why would Molly want to change the results?" Barbara goes over to Carly and tells her that with each new stunt, she is sinking lower and lower and she has hit rock bottom. Carly looks past Barbara to Jack. Hal walks over to Carly and asks her why? Lisa pipes up and says that it was for greed, that is why. Barbara says that she thought that she cared about Hal. Carly says that she does care about Hal. She says that it was Molly's idea to switch the test, she didn't know about it until later. She goes on to say that she was going to tell them someday. Barbara says to her that Parker is eight months old. She let John get closer and closer to Parker and didn't tell him. John blurts out that he is Parker Dixon and he is going to remain Parker Dixon. Off to the side, Brad is watching. Emma walks up to Brad and asks him if he has known all along? Brad says that he has. Emma says that he is guilty also. John takes Parker and the two go off into a side room. John is playing with Parker and talking to him. Carly walks up to them. She says that she is sorry for doing this to John. She tries to take Parker and John won't let her have him. Carly says that she will let him have some more time with Parker and walks away. Barbara is watching, she goes over to John and tries to console him. John asks her not to ask him to give up his baby. Carly has walked over to Jack and they start to talk, Rosanna comes up and interrupts them. Jack walks away. Rosanna gives Carly a big lecture about how she was so worried about herself and the things that she could buy, she didn't even give one thought as to how this would turn out. The problems that she has caused for Parker. Carly tells her that she is wrong, her first priority is her son. She wanted the money to be able to buy anything for Parker and to send him to the best schools. Carly asks Rosanna not to punish Parker for the things that she has done wrong. Rosanna says that won't punish Parker, she will make new plans for him. There will be a new trust fund created for Parker to be administered by Hal. She tells Carly that her money train has just derailed and she can kiss Fairwinds good-bye along with her jet and her fancy new car she saw parked outside. Rosanna walks away and Carly sees Emma come walking in. Carly says to Emma that Emma hates her and go ahead and kick her while she is down. Emma says that she doesn't hate her, she hates what she has done to her family. Emma says that Carly should learn from this tragedy. It should be a wake-up call. She says that Carly likes to shock people, why doesn't she really shock people by being nice? Jack tells her that she has a nice side, but Emma adds that she hasn't seen it yet. Maybe it is time for her to start to show it?

Barbara is still trying to talk to John. He is resisting. John says that Hal has Barbara, why should he get his baby too? Finally, John listens to Barbara and goes over with Parker to Hal. As he is handing him over to Hal, John introduces them. He stumbles when he says Parker.....Munson. He tells Hal that he will probably have to get a lawyer to get his name changed. John is crying and he starts giving Hal instructions on what Parker likes. John ends it by saying, "That is doctor's orders." John tells Parker that Hal is going to be taking care of him and he kisses him on the head.

Jack walks up to Carly and she says that she would have told him. Jack asks her, "When?" She says that she was not worried about losing the money, she was afraid of losing Parker and Jack. She looks across the room at Hal holding Parker and says that Parker is going to hate her when he grows up for what she has done. She looks at Jack and says that she needs to know if he will forgive her or is it going to be over for them, this time? Jack looks over at Hal holding Parker.

Holden is in Reid's apartment. Reid yells at Holden and tells him that he is a cold blooded killer and he should be put behind bars for the rest of his life. Julia is listening outside the door. Reid grabs Holden and shoves him, Julia comes running into the apartment and yells at Reid to stop. She asks him what he is doing? Reid says that he is tired of keeping his secret. Reid says that he is going to have Holden arrested. Julia tells him that if he has Holden arrested, he will have to have her arrested also. She also reminds Reid that she and Holden buried David's body, but Reid burned the body. Reid says that he won't turn him in. Holden tells Julia that he will wait for her outside and he leaves. After Holden is gone, Reid turns to Julia and asks if she forgives him. She wants to know why he did that? He tells her that he must be burned out or something. He tells her that she means the world to him and Melinda needs her. The phone rings and Molly is on the other end. Reid tells her that it is not a good time. She tells him that she is in his office. He hangs up and tells Julia that a patient needs him. He kisses her and leaves. Julia walks out after Reid is gone. Holden comes up to her and says that her fiancée' went running out of there. He adds, "Why in hell are you engaged to that guy?" She says that she owes him a lot and things were different when he gave her the ring. Holden asks her why a single, childless man would have a need for a nanny service. Julia gets a worried look on her face. She tells Holden that there are some things that she can't tell him about. Holden begs her to tell him something. Julia finally tells him that Reid has had a hard life and he is from Toronto and some of the things that Reid has told her does not add up. Holden asks, "Like?" Julia says that she is not ready to talk about it.

Lily answers her door and Denise is standing there. Lily asks her to come in. Denise has the parental rights papers in her hand. They are unsigned. Denise asks Lily to put the papers aside for a minute and talk with her. Denise says that Lily and Holden are the best parents to Hope and it blows her away the way that they have cared for her. Lily says that she has to be up front with her, she saw Denise with Hope at the hospital in the solarium and she heard her say that Hope is a part of her and it will be hard to give her up. Denise says that she has been thinking about what Hope's life is going to be like. Lily talks about her adoption and reassures her that she will know who her birth mother is. Denise says that Hope is a biracial baby and she wants her to know about her roots, about her heritage and about being a Maynard. Lily says that she doesn't know what it is to be black, but she has friends that can instill that pride in Hope. She has Jessica and Ben, don't forget Ben. Denise looks at Lily and asks her to hand her the papers. Denise signs the papers and she and Lily hug. As Denise is leaving, Holden walks in. He tells Denise that she doesn't have to leave because he came in and Denise says that she has some stuff to do and leaves. Holden tells Lily about his confrontation with Reid. Lily says that she had a run in with him also. Lily tells Holden that she heard Reid trying to convince Denise to keep Hope. They both wonder why he would do that?

Reid walks into his office and Molly is leisurely laying on the couch. He asks her what is it that she wants from him? She stands up and her shirt is open in front and she says, "Do you have to ask?" Reid says that they are committed to other people. She says that they have unfinished business. They start to kiss. Back at Reid's apartment, Julia is calling his service and asks if they now where he is and they don't know. She hangs up and says that she will go to his office and check there. Back at Reid's office, he and Molly are kissing, heavily and he picks her up and carries her to the couch.

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Most of the guest have left Hal and Barbara's engagement party. Hal is holding Parker and he still can't believe that Parker is really his son. Hal tells Parker that he will get the "Dad" down real quick, just to hang in there with him. The baby smiles at Hal and Hal tells Barbara that Parker smiled at him. Hal asks Barbara about John and how he is taking things. Barbara says that it has been a blow to him, but he is with Andy and that is the best thing for right now. Hal says that he really feels for him and he doesn't understand how Carly could do this to him. Carly is trying to talk with Jack and tell him how sorry she is about what has happened. Jack tells her that it is always about her, what she can get out of a situation. She never thinks about other people. She tells him that is not true, she was afraid of losing her son and Jack, not the money. Jack says he doesn't believe her and he walks away from her. She tries to stop him but Parker starts to cry and she goes to see what is wrong with him. Barbara won't let Carly get to Parker. She tells Carly that she has had Parker for eight months, now let Hal have him for a minute. Barbara gets Parker's diaper bag and finds a bottle for him. Hal starts to give the baby his bottle and Carly tells Hal to let her do it, she has a special way that he likes his bottle to be held. Hal tells her that he has fed a baby before. He gives the baby the bottle and he starts to drink his milk. Hal says, "See, everything is going to be all right." Barbara turns to Carly and says that Hal is doing fine and she can leave and go to Jack, since that is all that matters to her anyway. Carly tells Barbara that she doesn't know her, she doesn't know her life. Barbara says that she should just leave, nobody wants her there. Carly goes over to Hal and asks him what she can do to fix what has happened. Hal says that there is nothing she can do and he is taking Parker home with him. Carly says that isn't right, she is his mother. She goes on to say that he won't know where he is and he will be frightened. Hal says that they will be all right. Carly says that she will bring Parker to him tomorrow. Hal tells her that is not going to happen because if he lets her and Parker go, she will disappear with the baby. Carly tells him to call her tomorrow and they will set up visitation, like she and John had. Hal says that they will talk about that later and he tells Parker that they are getting out of there. He starts to leave and Carly yells for them to wait. Hal turns and asks, "What is it now?" Carly goes over to them and has a tearful good-bye with Parker. Hal walks out with Parker. Barbara is hanging back and after Hal leaves, she goes over to Carly and says that it looks like she lost all her boys. Carly says, "Thank you, for your sympathy." Barbara says that she could have some sympathy for Carly if it wasn't all her own doing. Barbara leaves Carly standing alone.

At Barbara's house, Barbara, Hal and all the kids walk into the kitchen. Barbara is barking out orders to everyone about going to the grocery store and where Parker is going to sleep. Jennifer tells Parker that he can be her roommate. Hal tells Jennifer that she is thoughtful, but he thinks that Parker should stay with he and Barbara. Barbara flashes him a look that he doesn't see. Barbara tells Jennifer that her old crib is in the attic, it needs to be put together. Hal says that he will get it and he asks Barbara to hold Parker. She tells him to put him in the stroller. Hal looks at her with a question look on his face and then he asks the kids to leave him a Barbara alone for a minute. After the kids are gone, Hal apologizes to Barbara for bringing this on so fast. She says that it OK. He says that it is not OK, he can tell that something is not right. Then he asks, "Is it Johnny?" She says that she is not ready to hold him yet. Hal says that before tonight, he hadn't given Parker a second thought. Hal picks the baby up. He goes on to say that he has a chance to be a dad to Parker and the kids have a chance to be brothers and sister to Parker. He walks over to Barbara and says that she has a chance to raise this baby. He hands the baby to Barbara and she takes him with tears in her eyes. She puts her cheek on his head and holds him close to her.

Carly goes running into the boathouse looking for Jack. He is not there. She walks over to the boat and touches the side of the boat that says "true love." She has some flashbacks of the day that she and Jack were there and then the night they spent making love in the boat together. Jack walks in and breaks her out of her daydream. He says that he didn't think that she would be there. She once again tries to explain to him why she didn't tell him the truth. He doesn't take her excuses. He tells her that she messed with other peoples lives. He tells her that she goes around and lies and then she has a hundred excuses why she did the things that she did. She tells him that after tonight, she swears, there will be no more lies between them. Brad walks in and says that there is one more lie, Carly.

Andy is trying to console John. John tells Andy to thank Molly for him, for inflicting all the pain. He tells Andy to tell Molly to watch her back. Then John says that there is no time like the present to report a crime and he takes out his cell phone. Andy wrestles the phone away from him and says that this is not going to help, it won't make Parker his again. Andy says that he can't do this to Molly, he loves her. John says that he doesn't love her, he is a fool to love her and he knows what he is talking about. Andy says that he is going to talk to Molly and find out why she did what she did. John tells him to do that and tell her that she will get the same pain inflicted on her. John leaves and Andy calls WOAK to try to find Molly. They don't know where she is or when she will be back. Andy hangs up and says that the only story that she has been interested in is Reid Hamilton. Andy leaves.

Julia is looking for Reid at the hospital. She stops one of the nurses and asks if she has seen Dr. Hamilton this evening. The nurse says that the last time she saw him, he was headed toward his office. Julia thanks her and walks off. Reid and Molly are in Reid's office on top of his desk and most of their clothes are off. They are kissing and groping. Molly runs her hand down Reid's side and she feels something. She looks and it is a scar. She asks him if it is a bullet wound? He tells her to pay no attention to it, it is ancient history. He rolls over on top of her and they start to make love. When they are finished, Reid rolls off her and she looks at him and says that it is true, she knows who he is. Reid asks her what she said and at that moment the door flies open and Julia is standing there. Julia's mouth flies open as she looks at the two naked people in front of her. She says that when Molly goes after a story, she really goes after a story and she tells Molly to scoop away and she runs out the door. Reid scrambles to put his clothes on. Molly asks him where he is going and he says after Julia. Molly asks, "What about us?" Then she adds that he doesn't care about her or Julia all he wants is Julia's money and to become Mr. Lindsey. Reid pushes her aside and runs out the door. Molly, through her tears, say that Reid is David. Julia is still in the waiting room. Reid tries to beg with her and she doesn't want to hear it. He tries to play on sympathy by saying that when she came to him she could hardly speak from trembling so much. She sees what he is doing and she says that she told him that there could be no more lies between them or they were through. She takes off her ring and hands it to Reid and says good-bye. Reid tries to stop her and she tells him to go see about Molly, she might need him. She leaves and Reid takes the ring and throws it. Reid goes back into the office. Molly is standing there in her underwear. Reid starts slamming things around and says that she is gone. He yells at Molly, "What am I supposed to do now?" She says that he will think of something, he always does, right, David?

Andy walks up to the nurse and asks if Reid Hamilton is in tonight and she tells him that she saw him earlier going to his office. She asks if he has an appointment and Andy says, "Yes, and it is long overdue."

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Under Jack's stare, Carly acknowledges that Brad is correct--she did sleep with him. Jack is disillusioned--she was lying every minute they were together, he bursts out. Brad also fills in his brother on Carly's paying him off to grant the divorce. Holden and Lily arrive at Julia's room prepared to grill her about Reid, but are surprised by her sudden willingness to talk. Seeing her fiancé having sex with another woman has changed her mind, she admits.

When an irate Andy knocks insistently on Reid's door, looking for Molly, Reid goes outside to waylay him. Andy barges past him into his office, but fails to see a scantily-clad Molly hiding behind the door. Ben comments on the doll Denise bought for Hope's first birthday and she cries in his arms as she confesses she signed the papers today, giving the Snyders parental rights.

Carly pleads her case with Jack, agreeing that she should've confessed all, but she was scared. Jack is a silent observer as Brad and Carly trade verbal jabs, with Carly accusing Brad of being evil and using her for her money. Jack finally intercedes, shoving his brother away and then surprising Carly by asking her to leave. Julia expresses doubts about all of the "stories" Reid has told her. When Reid refuses to own up to being David, Molly threatens to go to the police, only to be stopped by him.

Denise discloses to Ben that she feels like she's "given half my heart away," but that she must've done something right to have him in her life. An inspired Ben says it feels like the right time for his surprise. Denise surmises he wants to ask "The Big Question" and reveals that her answer is yes. Ben momentarily rejoices, but insists on having a romantic proposal to remember.

Jack rebukes Brad for waiting to get Carly into bed before exposing her lies and accuses his brother of telling all because deep down he resented the life Jack built when Brad was still being blamed for the death of their father. Brad corrects his brother's assumption--he fell in love with Carly.

Carly goes to Hal's and finds him still awake and with Parker. She asks him for reassurance that she won't drag her and Parker into court. A stone-faced Hal agrees that once was enough and informs her that he doesn't think a custody battle won't be necessary, considering the charges and jail time she's going to face.

A bitter Andy expresses to Margo how he wants Molly to have been blackmailed, that blackmail would be easier to accept as a motive for the hurt she's caused John and Hal. Margo declares that she just wants her brother to be happy, and there's no way Molly can give that to him now.

Julia admits to a stunned Holden and Lily that Reid has a baby girl named Melinda. Molly taunts Reid that he won't kill her, because she means too much to him--plus Reid would be a prime suspect in her murder because Julia saw them together. When he asks if she would turn him in if he didn't admit to being David, Molly is uncertain. Reid kisses her and finally says, "Yes, I am David."

Brad explains to "Jackie" how he fell in love with Carly's vulnerable side, and that blackmailing her was a way of getting her to on terms she understood. He compares Carly to a hurricane that will leave Jack as so much wreckage, and urges his brother to get away while he still can.

Carly insists to Hal that he "must" use his influence to help her avoid charges, for their son's sake. A bitter Hal lauds her audacity. When Barbara comes downstairs and demands that Carly get out of her house, Carly insists she's leaving with her son. Barbara slams the French doors in Carly's face and Carly slowly walks away.

A tearful and angry Reid relates to Molly how it felt to be buried alive, insisting that he clawed his way to freedom so that he could be reunited with her. Ben returns with a bouquet of flowers and an eloquent speech for Denise, who's touched. When he presents her with the ring, Denise has to be reminded to parrot her earlier answer.

Julia recounts how she had suspicions about Melinda because of Lily's baby photos, but that the DNA test didn't match theirs. Holden and Lily ask to see a photo of her and are stunned by the resemblance.

When Molly expresses doubts about Reid's motives and chastises him for taking Julia away from Jack, Reid maintains that Jack can have Julia back--he knows now that neither he nor Molly can "settle" for anyone else. They'll never be finished, he vows.

Ben and Denise toast to their happiness with her homemade lemonade, with Denise praising him for his stubbornness in tracking her down when she left the clinic back when they first met.

Carly returns to the now-empty boathouse and asks herself why Jack couldn't have lived up to his promise not to leave her no matter what. Newly determined, she rises and reminds herself that she's Carly Tenney, that she'll survive because she has to. She vows not to lose Parker, and to make Jack love her again.

Reid counsels Molly to give in to her feelings, to give him and Melinda a second chance. At the mention of the name, Molly draws back, realizing aloud that if Reid is David, then Melinda must be Holden and Lily's daughter. Holden asks Julia to take them to Melinda.

Thursday, August 5, 1999

Carly commiserates about her situation in her bedroom at Fairwinds. She finds the safe open with Brad's pay-off money in it, but before she can take it, Brad and Rosanna arrive. They tell her that she is trespassing and must vacate the premises. Also, her assets are all frozen and she must pay back everything she spent that was not specifically for Parker. They taunt Carly about Jack, and then Rosanna demands Carly clothes and jewelry. Carly calls Rosanna the "ugliest stepsister of them all," and warns her about turning into a toad.

Margo is at Andy and Molly's house discussing Molly with her brother. Margo tells Andy that the District Attorney is pressing charges against Carly and Molly for fraud.

Meanwhile, in his office, Reid still denies Melinda's true parentage to Molly. Molly does not believe him and argues that he must return the baby to Lily and Holden. Molly tries to call Holden, but Reid/David stops her. He says that the Snyders do not deserve to have the baby. He tells Molly that she will be Melinda's new mother, but Molly says that cannot be. David reminds her that they are destined to be together. Molly takes a call on her cell phone, and it is Andy.

Julia tells Lily and Holden about Reid's home in Groverton. They make the connection to Rita and realize that it is a strong possibility that Melinda is their daughter. Julia takes them to the hotel room where Reid was keeping the baby and the nanny, but they are gone. They find instead a note saying that the child was running a fever and that the nanny was taking her to Memorial Hospital. They also snatch up a baby blanket.

Jack is feeling down at Java. Carly calls him on his cell phone, but he hangs up on her.

On the phone, Molly apologizes to Andy and lies about where she is. Andy tells her that the news is out about Parker's true father and that there is a warrant out for her arrest. Andy asks Molly if she really did switch the results. When Molly does not answer, he tells her to drop everything and turn herself in. He declares his love for her, but Molly hangs up suddenly.

Molly tells Reid/David about the paternity test switch, and they argue about which of them committed the greater sin! Molly says she is thinking of turning herself in, but Reid tells her to forget it. All of Oakdale will make her pay, he says. He suggests he, Molly and Melinda all run off together.

At Memorial, the nanny arrives with Melinda and has a conversation with Kim and Dr. Bob. Kim is quite taken with the baby and thinks she looks vaguely familiar. As soon as the nanny takes the baby to see the pediatrician, Lily, Holden and Julia arrive at the hospital.

Ben and Denise, along with Andy, are having coffee at Java. Carly arrives and tries to take money out of the cash register, but the manager tells her that, on Rosanna's orders, Carly is no longer the owner. Carly does not even have enough cash to buy a sandwich and a coffee. Andy confronts her and then leaves to search for Molly. John arrives and greets Carly by saying, "Hello, Worthless."

Reid looks out his office door and sees the nanny with Melinda. He also spots Jack arriving, so he makes a fast exit with Molly. Lily, Holden and Julia cannot find the baby anywhere, and Dr. Bob initiates a security check of the hospital. Suddenly they see the nanny with an empty stroller: no Melinda. The nanny tells them that she has returned the baby to her father, Dr. Hamilton.

Bob asks if they have anything of the baby's so that they can run another DNA test, and Lily remembers the blanket they took from the hotel room. They find a strand of hair on it and begin the DNA test.

Carly meets with a lawyer named Thompson who refuses to represent her without cash up front.

Jack and Julia run into each other in Reid's office. Carly calls Jack again, but he hangs up on her. Julia apologizes to Jack for not listening to his warnings about Reid. Jack says he will put out an All Points Bulletin for the missing doctor and baby.

Kim tells Lily that she saw the baby and they tearfully embrace. Now they just have to wait for the results of the DNA test.

Reid, Molly and the baby are at the airport. Reid knows they are searching the hospital for him and he is determined to get Melinda out of the country. They are heading for Vancouver, Canada. He pressures Molly to come with them. The flight is called and Reid and the baby leave. At the last minute, Molly runs down the jetway after them

Margo, tipped off by John, arrives at Java and arrests Carly and puts her in handcuffs. Back at the hospital, the results are in. Melinda Reid is indeed the natural child of Lily and Holden Snyder!

Friday, August 6, 1999

Margo apprises Carly that Jack won't be coming in, so she shouldn't rely on him to post bail. Carly uses her allotted call to contact Lisa, begging her to help. When she learns of the test results, Julia castigates herself for not trusting her instincts.

Reid thanks Molly for agreeing to come with him and Melinda. Molly calls Andy from the plane. Ignoring his pleas to surrender, she informs him she's leaving Oakdale for something important.

Barbara is nonplussed when she comes home to find Parker still there. When Hal proposes they postpone their Hawaiian honeymoon because of all the upheaval, Barbara can only agree. Lisa explains to Carly that she only came down to the station to make sure Carly wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else--now she'll get to feel what it's like to be hurt.

When an incredulous Margo has to tell Carly she made bail, Carly assumes Jack is responsible but Margo corrects her--it's Hal. Holden and Lily are staggered when Julia apprises them of Molly's connection to Reid.

Barbara mocks herself about diaper-changing as a pre-wedding activity. Carly asks Barbara for her son back so she can take him to a doctor's appointment. After Carly cajoles her about giving her some time on the eve of her wedding, as well as threatening to camp out in her living room, Barbara reluctantly hands Parker over.

When Holden and Julia quiz Andy about Molly's whereabouts, he gives them Molly's cell phone number, but when Holden dials it it's out of her calling area. Reid is full of plans for the future.

Julia is a reluctant observer as Carly is denied a room and food for Parker at the Lakeview. Holden worries about Molly--"if she can fall for David, she can fall for anybody"--while Lily is doubtful that Molly was really helping them in the search.

Reid tries to convince an uncertain Molly through words, painting the pair of them as outsiders. He assures her all trace of them will vanish once they land in Vancouver. When Margo won't relent about tracking down Molly, Andy chides her, reminding her that hiding a child from Hal is something she did for years. For her part, Margo resents being asked to put her career on the line for Molly.

Hal is furious with Barbara for letting Carly take Parker. Carly spots some leftover milk on a tray and stridently rejects Julia's offer to take the adjoining suite that Reid left. Hal discloses that he bailed out Carly because he didn't want the mother of his child in jail, not because he trusts her, and suggests that maybe Barbara has a problem with Parker.

Julia learns of Jack's leaving Carly from a bitter Ms. Tenney and insists to Carly she's concerned for the child, no matter what her problems are with its mother. Carly insists she's teaching her son a valuable lesson--not to take any handouts.

Carly calls Kevin and learns Brad and Rosanna are still there. Carly plots to get back inside the mansion and bitterly abides when asked to leave the lobby of the Lakeview. Lily gets no clues from contacting the references listed in Reid's file. Holden succeeds in getting through to Molly's cell phone.

Carly shows up at Hal's doorstep just as Hal is about to put out an APB on her. She hands Parker over, admitting to Hal that taking care of him is harder than she thought it'd be, and agrees that maybe it's best Hal takes care of him--for now. Holden relates to Molly the results of the definitive DNA tests, and asks Molly to tell him where she is.



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