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Passions Recaps: The week of August 2, 1999 on PS
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Monday, August 2, 1999

Faith and Charity found their way to the Lobster Shack where they were seated less than fifty feet from Sam and Grace. The twins never saw each other, but they both began to experience the feelings of happiness that they did before at the carnival when unknowingly they were very close.

Miguel, Reese, and Kay all sat together as Kay realized in horror that Jessica had set her up for a date with Reese. Reese was very excited and Kay knew that if she objected that Miguel would be upset with her for hurting her friend's feelings. Kay endured the date fine as long as Miguel was seated next to her. Miguel was searching for his mystery date, whom he was sure was Charity. He still did not know her name, nor anything about her. Kay pretended that she had indeed made the date with Charity as she could see this meant a lot to Miguel. She did not tell him that it was actually her that he had won his dinner date with. Miguel tried to look around the restaurant for Charity, but Kay insisted that she would search for him. Little did he realize that Charity, the girl of his dreams, was seated right behind him? The two never saw one another.

Sam and Grace were trying to keep Jessica away from rescuing in the lobsters as well as away from her sister and her date. Grace told him that she was experiencing those happy feelings again. Charity and Faith were also discussing her feelings for her lost sister. Faith is certain that Grace is happy wherever she may be and she hopes to find her soon. She tells Charity of the special bond she and her twin have always shared.

Theresa is still wandering around the Crane mansion trying to get out before she runs straight into Ethan. She had already told him of her feelings and how all the horrible things that had happened were accidents. But Ethan was behind the door taking a shower and heard nothing Theresa had said. He thought it was Gwen who was talking to him. Theresa hid under the bed while Gwen and Ethan were discussing the crazy girl that had been stalking him. This upset Theresa even more but made her realize that she did need to meet him right now. She needed to be as far away from him as possible. However, Gwen stopped her as she came down the stairs and asked her what she was doing.

Sheridan was on the plane flying home from Paris. She talked with Ethan and told him of Jean Luc and how their affair was over. He told Sheridan of the crazy girl that had been stalking him. Sheridan did not know that Jean Luc's car had been blown up with him and Mimi. Nor did she know that Roger and Pierre are after her and trying to kill her.

Timmy and Tabitha are desperately trying to prevent Charity, Faith, and Grace from meeting as the forces of Good will overcome the dark side and kill Tabitha and Timmy. Timmy is scared as Tabitha sees the twins in the Lobster Shack and faints only to rise up and spin in the air. Timmy screams and fears for his life.

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Sheridan and Ethan still talk about her lost love, Jean Luc and how she is determined not to ever let another man hurt her again. Ethan tells her of the stalker girl and how all poor people are after the Crane fortune. Theresa overhears Ethan talk about hating poor people and how greedy they all are and how he plans to make the crazy girl pay for what she has done. Sheridan tells him perhaps the stalker girl is really harmless and in love with him. He finds that idea absurd. Theresa fakes an allergy attack and leaves the Crane mansion.

Luis and Whitney discuss Theresa's obsession with Ethan and his family. Luis tells her that he suspects that the Crane family somehow has something to do with the disappearance of his father. He can't prove it, but he just knows it. She tells him the truth about Theresa loosing her job at the Cannery and how she dumped fish guts all over Ethan by accident.

Theresa arrives home to find everyone gone except Whitney. She tells Whitney of her misfortune in the Crane mansion from spilling her guts out to Ethan, who never heard her, to overhearing his hatred remarks about his rich family being bothered by stalkers and people who are only after their money. She tells Whitney that she is going to swear off loving Ethan Crane and forget the fantasy of marrying him once and for all.

At the Lobster Shack, Tabitha is spinning around like a top in the air. She is stirring up quite a wind as Timmy hangs onto the lamppost for dear life. Everyone in the restaurant is getting nervous and Sam Bennett the Police Chief is trying to get everyone to gather together in the back room of the restaurant. Miguel spots Charity as the lights dim and tries to find her. Kay tries to stop him, but Reese offers to hold her during the windstorm. Kay jerks away from him and tries to hold on to Miguel, but he insists on looking for his "mystery date." Kay reluctantly goes to the back with Resse and the others. Faith tells Charity that the wind is Evil and they must leave. They get out of the door just as Miguel reaches for her hand. He gets Kay's hand instead. Miguel is disappointed that he did not find Charity. Outside, Tabitha finally stops spinning and falls to the ground. Timmy is very happy to see that she is not dead and offers her a hug. She pushes him away and tells him that they are safe for now and that she has managed to keep the twin sisters apart for now. Timmy pretends that he was not scared at all during her "spin cycle", but she knows of course that he was. But she tells Timmy that they are going to top off the evening by killing the mother and daughter.

Luis is on his shift playing with the radar gun and griping about the Crane family as usual. A car goes flying past him doing about 98 miles an hour in the 45 mile an hour zone. He chases after the speeder unaware that the driver is none other than Sheridan Crane. Just when she thinks that she has outrun 'Deputy Dooright" she sees the red flashing lights ahead of her as she hits her brakes and heads right for the jeep that the officer Lopez-Fitzgerald is sitting in, waiting for her.

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

The Crane Game
Louis brings Sheridan to the police station and she uses her one phone call to summon Ethan. Ethan call the mayor and the fix is on. Ethan and Sheridan cockily inform Louis that he has messed with the wrong family. However, when the mayor calls the station Sam doesn't take the his suggestion that they turn Sheri loose, Ms. Crane, to her annoyance, will be the guest of the Harmony PD for the night, Louis gleefully escorts her to her cell. Though her cellmate is taken by Louis' appearance Sheridan isn't impressed.

Pilar demands that Theresa goes back to the Crane mansion and politely tell Ivy that she will have to decline the job. A reluctant Theresa heads off to the Cranes. Upon her arrival she is invited in by Ivy. Before Theresa can decline, Ivy paints a picture of the job that leads Theresa to fantasize about travel, fashion shows and parties. Theresa agrees to start the next day. She calls Whitney, her grand plan is to simply avoid Ethan indefinitely. Unfortunately as Theresa rushes to leave the house before Ethan returns she walks right into him.

The Young And The Senseless
Miguel Kay Reese and Jessica and Simone leave the Lobster Shack to go looking for Miguel's mystery girl. Kay repeatedly tries to get Reese to go home, but he feel's it will be ungentlemanly to leave his date behind. After a fruitless search, the kids all head to the Bennett house. Miguel thanks his good pal Kay for attempting to hook him up with his dream girl. Though Reese wants to stay and coo at Kay, she pleads a headache and gets him to leave. When the sisters and Simone are alone, Kay chases after Jessica with murder in her eyes.

By The Prickling Of My Thumbs
Faith leads Charity to sanctuary in a church with Tabitha and Timmy right at their heels. They arrive at the church safely and Timmy and Tabitha can't follow them in. As far as Faith is concerned they are in for the night. While Faith is praying Tabitha attempts to lure Charity out of the church by calling to her in the voice of a lost child. Charity, in an act of sheer brilliance, falls for Tabitha's plot and heads towards the door. Grace tells Sam that she is worried since she has a feeling of foreboding that someone's soul is in jeopardy. After Sam leaves for the police station Grace decides she has to go to the church. As Charity searches around for the "child" Grace enters. Faith is bent over the altar in prayer, and Grace goes to pray herself.

Thursday, August 5, 1999

The show began with Tabitha and Timmy continuing their quest to lure Charity from the safety of the church that she and her mother took refuge in. Tabitha disguised her voice to sound like a small child that was crying, she then appeared to Charity as a distraught grandmother searching for a lost child. Charity agreed at once to find the child before she became lost in the fog and wandered off of the edge of the pier.Timmy then worked quickly to loosen a board and Charity plunging to her death.

Ethan happened upon Theresa as she was leaving the Crane mansion, he immediatly recognized his stalker and attempted to detain her in order to call the police. Theresa pleaded with Ethan to consider the pain that her arrest would cause her family if they knew what had been happening, but he was determined to make her pay for targeting the Cranes. Theresa quickly escaped from the mansion as Ethan chased her and Ivy called out the dogs to catch the stalker. Alot of time was also devoted to hinting that Julian may not be Ethan's biological father.

Gwen visited Sheridan in Harmony's jail and assured her that the man of her dreams was out there somewhere and he wasn't interested in the Crane fortune. At the same time Luis was vowing to Miguel that he had no time for love; not while there were still Cranes to be arrested.

Friday, August 6, 1999

As Luis is driving Miguel home he gets radioed from the station that there is a problem on the Crane estate. The silent alarm has been tripped. Miguel offers to just walk home and Luis speeds off to deal with those pesky Cranes.

Theresa has had a rough night and looks it as she hides on the Crane estate. Ethan orders the guards to call off the dogs and continues to search for his "Stalker" without them. He is convinced that the stalker is troubled and he vows to get her the help, that she desperately needs. When Luis arrives Ethan is immediately hostile to him. The guards have told Luis about the stalker, but Ethan won't give him any information. While Luis and Ethan are talking Theresa manages to get into the back of Luis' car. As Luis drives off he is amused by the thought of Ethan having a stalker, until he starts to think about his own sister's obsession with young Mr. Crane.

Theresa listens as Luis puts two and two together and realizes that she might be the person who's been stalking Ethan. When he arrives home Luis storms upstairs to get some answers from his errant sister. At first he suspects that she isn't home which only confirms his suspicions, but Theresa swings open the bedroom door dressed in a bathrobe with a towel around her hair. Luis asks her if she broke into the Crane house that night, and Theresa honestly answers no. Luis accepts what she says and leaves. Theresa has had it with the ducking and dodging, she decides to call Ivy Crane and say she cannot take the job.

Gwen expresses regrets that she didn't accept Ethan's proposal. She tells Sheridan that the only reason she had been reluctant was because she felt Ethan was unsure, and she wanted him to choose her because he loved her and wanted to be with her, not because it was the easy thing to do. Sheridan assures Gwen that Ethan's heart belongs only to her. When she arrives home she tries to arrange a vacation with Ethan he declines.

Charity wanders out on the pier looking for the "little lost girl" and falls through, just like Tabitha planned. Making his way home Miguel fantasizes about Charity while she hangs off the pier swinging above a very nasty drop. Miguel hears Charity's screams and goes to investigate. He finds her hanging off the pier and pulls her to safety. The two lovebirds coo at each other for an extended period of time and exchange names. Each thinking that this is a very special moment in their lives.

Tabitha isn't pleased with Miguel's intervention. She vows she will get Charity and keep Faith and Grace apart. Faith is powerless without her daughter or her sister.

Grace watches as Faith talks to the priest. Since Faith's back is too her the two do not recognize each other, and Grace idly wonders what has the other woman so troubled. After praying with the priest Faith realizes Charity is missing and runs out looking to find her. The priest tells Grace to follow her, he senses that Grace and the woman must meet. As Faith looks for Charity Grace looks for Faith

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