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Passions Recaps: The week of August 9, 1999 on PS
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Monday, August 9, 1999

Monday, August 9, 1999

Theresa was ready to call Ivy Crane and decline the job offer to be Ivy's personal secretary. When Ethan answered and told her how much his mother was looking forward to working with her and how he, too, looked forward to seeing her, she again could not manage to say no. She went the next morning to the country club with Whitney and that, too, only fueled her fire to become a part of the rich and famous lifestyle. Theresa bumped into her mother at Grace's store and told her mother that she just had to work for Ivy Crane. Her mother was not approving but saw that Theresa was determined to take the job. She agreed not to interfere and gave her blessing.

Miguel spent the morning on the fishing boat, remembering the night before when he had finally found the girl of his dreams and saved her life on the pier. Miguel was in deep thought about Charity when Simone and Kay approached him. Kay, who was sure that her plan to keep Charity and Miguel apart, offered her insincere condolences to Miguel for not being able to help him find his dream girl. Timmy could have knocked her over with a feather when Miguel informed her that he had indeed found the girl and knew her name: Charity.

Miguel told Kay of how he had saved Charity from the hole in the pier, and they had walked around for a while before Charity had needed to leave. Kay was dumbfounded and more determined than ever to keep the two lovebirds apart. She then offered to cook him breakfast at her house and do some group planning to devise a smart search plan to find Charity. Of course, she could not cook, nor did she have any intention of helping Miguel find Charity.

Grace told Pilar of how she was trying to remember her past. Charity and her mother talked of her special powers, and Faith tried to prove to Charity that she was a channel of goodness. Faith attempted to get Charity to use her powers to levitate a table, but nothing happened. Faith told Charity to pack her things that they would be moving from their home by sundown. Charity made a call to check on bus runs and devised a plan to sneak back to Harmony to see Miguel one last time.

Ethan and Gwen sat on the couch, discussing the stalker. Gwen was thinking about what Sheridan had told her about reconsidering Ethan's proposal. Just as she was about to say something, Ethan again started talking about the girl whom he just had to find. He later talked to a private investigator who was going to track down the psycho girl.

Meanwhile, Timmy and Tabitha were trying to find out how to locate Charity when she returned. Tabitha's cards revealed that the girl would be back in town. Timmy's day did not get off to a good start. He was still damp from the night before and was preparing himself a batch of his famous martimmy's, warm this time. Timmy was sent to find the spirit board and had yet another round with Fluffy, who used Timmy as a scratching post.

Tabitha killed a rooster that had been waking her up early and made rooster sausages out of him. After eating his fowl breakfast, Timmy was still complaining about being wet. Tabitha promptly stuffed him in the dryer, but she gave a public service announcement to not try this at home and even admitted that she had done something naughty. Timmy was removed from the dryer, sporting a nice Keith Richards hairdo, but was no worse for the wear, although he was concerned that he might have shrunk a few inches. Tabitha and Timmy discussed the importance of finding Charity before the sisters found one another and used their powers to destroy the two of them.

There was a flashback of Miguel and Charity remembering the near fatal accident and thinking of the night before.

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Theresa was determined to take her new job without Ethan recognizing her. She spent most of the morning trying out new clothes, wigs, and hairstyles. She finally found the perfect disguise that made her appear completely different, as well as homely. She pulled her hair up and wore a short styled wig. The clothes she wore made her look like a librarian, and she wore dark, large-rimmed glasses.

Ivy Crane did not recognize Theresa upon her arrival at the Crane mansion. Ivy obviously did not care for Theresa's new look but patronized her anyway. Ethan was busy with the sketch artist when she arrived and did not even see her. Frank, the detective/artist drew a portrait, which bore a great likeness to Theresa, but Ivy did not see the drawing. Theresa went upstairs to do Ivy's correspondence, but was shocked to run into her mother, who also did not recognize her daughter's new appearance.

Charity was dreaming of Miguel and decided to catch the bus to Harmony. She attempted to make the table in her room rise with her special powers. When nothing happened, she said that if her mother were wrong about that then she might also be wrong about Harmony. Charity left to catch the bus. As she left the room, the table shook violently, and one of the angels fell to the floor and broke. She rode the bus, thinking of Miguel, and even spoke to an old lady about finding her friend.

Kay worked desperately to keep Miguel from finding Charity. She tried to detain him as long as possible and offered little encouragement of his finding his dream girl. Jessica was the highlight of the scene as she continued to offer tips to Miguel on finding Charity. She suggested the bus depot as Miguel remembered Charity saying that she had needed to ride the bus to Harmony on the day of the carnival. He became very excited about Jessica's idea and was ready to race off to look for Charity.

Kay stopped Miguel by reminding him of the ball game that was scheduled for that day. He almost decided to play ball, but upon Jessica's pushing, he chose to look for Charity. Kay was very annoyed at her sister's interference with her plan to keep Miguel far away from Charity. Her plan failed as Miguel and Jessica planned to search the depot. Not being outdone, Kay and Simone joined them, along with Reese, in the search. As usual, Miguel and Charity were within a few feet of one another without seeing each other.

Luis went around checking on his inmates when he discovered Sheridan having a bad dream. He entered her cell and gently tried to awaken her from her dream. She rose up, thinking that she had found the man that had saved her from Jean Luc, and wrapped her arms around Luis. He sat there dumbfounded at her, and finally she opened her eyes. Realizing what she was doing and with whom, she jumped back and became defensive to Luis. He, too, became agitated at her attitude, and he left her in the cell.

Sam later confronted Luis about his dealings with her and accused him of having an affair with Sheridan. He protested, and Sam played the video surveillance tape that showed the hug. Luis explained what had happened and told Sam of his and Sheridan's mutual hatred of each other. Sam had to take Luis' word for it because the tape ran out before the two of them pulled apart in disgust. Sam almost slipped and told Luis of what his deep-rooted hatred for the Crane family was before he caught himself. Luis was relieved to know that he was not the only one in town who hated the Cranes.

Ethan arrived to pick up his aunt, and Luis went to open her cell. He handed her package of belongings to her and dropped the picture of Jean Luc on the floor. As the two of them both bent down to pick it up, he asked her if that was whom she thought she was hugging earlier. She became upset with Luis and told him it was none of his "damn business." Then, as he started to leave, she called out to him and offered to tell him exactly who Jean Luc was and what he meant to her.

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

The search for Charity appeared to be a bust, and Miguel, Kay, Simone, and Reese headed back to the Bennett house for lunch. Jessica was left trailing behind and bumped right into a young blonde girl. After the girl mentioned she was in to town to look for a boy she had just met whose last name she didn't know, Jessica figured out the girl was none other than Charity. Jessica chased after the group and proudly informed Miguel that she'd found what he was looking for. To Kay's annoyance, Charity and Miguel shared a tender reunion, but then Kay's spirits were lifted when Charity told Miguel she was there to see him one last time, because her mother wanted them to move. Reese and Jessica talked Charity into staying later so she could spend the one last day with Miguel. Kay was not happy with her sisters' interference

As Tabitha continued to ask the spirit board for assistance in finding Charity, she amused herself by dropping Timmy into the washer and the dryer for a little soul cleansing. When Timmy was "Downy fresh," she told him that she had to get rid of Tabitha -- and soon -- since if Charity either got older, or fell in love and became a woman, her powers would be even stronger, and she would be impossible to defeat. The board told Tabitha that Charity was at the bus station.

Sheridan was released from the big house, after one last run-in with Luis, and headed home with Ethan. Upon their arrival, they greeted Ivy. At the Crane house, Ivy asked Pilar how Sheridan was. Pilar commented that Sheridan had seemed completely recovered from her car accident. Ivy said that was not what she'd meant. She wanted to know how Sheridan had reacted to being in the living room. Pilar had no idea. They speculated that Sheridan might have avoided the room entirely. They went on to talk about "that night," hoping that Sheridan had put it behind her over the past years, and Ivy thanked Pilar for never having told anyone about "that night" and the events that could ruin Sheridan.

As a disguised Theresa worked away in Ivy's room, Ethan went up to speak to his mother when he saw Theresa there instead. He was happy to finally have a chance to meet Pilar's daughter. Theresa nervously sat with her back to Ethan, and Sheridan tried to work up the courage to turn around. Theresa tried to scoot passed Ethan and go directly to Sheridan. She turned and tripped as she went to shake Sheridan's hand. A few minutes later, Ethan announced that he recognized Theresa. He called in Pilar.

Theresa began to panic, but was calmed when Ethan revealed that he recognized her strong resemblance to her mother. As Pilar stood there, Ethan went on to ask Theresa if she knew a girl he was looking for, his stalker. Theresa talked about the fact that there were many girls in Harmony who met the description. Sheridan tried to force herself to face the living room, but she froze at the foot of the steps and couldn't walk into the room. Ivy greeted Sheridan and tried to talk Sheridan into going into the living room. Ivy asked if Sheridan was over what had happened, and asked her to, for the good of the family, not cause a scene.

Lomax went to the station with the sketch of Theresa. He showed it Luis, who wouldn't even look at it once he realized that in doing so, he could be helping Ethan Crane. Lomax reminded Luis that he was making dangerous enemies, adding, "The Cranes own this town." Luis remained unimpressed.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

As she tried to slip out of the mansion unnoticed, Theresa ran straight into Ethan. Certain she was hearing a frightened little girl calling out for help, Charity wandered out of the church to look for the child. Meanwhile, Grace approached the priest for advice about dealing with her re-emerging past. An angry Sheridan paced her jail cell, muttering about how Luis had ruined her homecoming. Recognizing his "stalker," Ethan accused a flustered Theresa of trying to break into his home.

Miguel told his brother about the weird wind that had driven the girl of his dreams away from the Lobster Shack. Tabitha played hardball with Timmy when the doll balked at helping her destroy Charity. Later, posing as a frantic grandmother, Tabitha enticed Charity to help her search through the fog for the "lost" child.

Julian decided to fire Pilar as punishment for her police officer son's misconduct, but Ivy icily warned him to lay off her friend. Still oblivious to her sister's presence, Faith turned to the same sightless priest for help. Theresa wrenched away from Ethan's grasp and fled through the estate with the Cranes' attack dogs in hot pursuit. Gwen explained to an astonished Sheridan why she had put Ethan's marriage proposal on hold.

Friday, August 13, 1999

Due to not warming up before her practices, Whitney had a slight case of tendonitis, which caused T.C. to rail at her, because he felt nothing should stop her from making the Olympic tennis team. Eve told T.C. that his pushing Whitney so hard might damage their relationship.

Luis and Sheridan were at it again when she accidentally aimed for his new patrol car, and he gave her a ticket for reckless driving. Later, Sheridan decided to head off to sunny Brazil, but Ethan got her to reconsider her rash decision. They both headed to Pilar's house to present her with a gift. At the party, a blindfolded Luis reached out to embrace his mother during the piñata game but instead was embarrassed when he realizes he had kissed Sheridan instead.

When Kay asked Miguel to teach her some Latin dance moves, Jessica countered by saying that Miguel should dance with Charity and then everyone could learn by watching them. Kay was not pleased with her sister's suggestion and even less pleased that she was stuck with Reese.

When Theresa spotted Ethan at the party, she scrambled far away to keep him from recognizing her. She ended up going face-first into the birthday cake.

Time wasn't on Charity's side, but for Grace, tardiness proved to be fateful. If she hadn't been late for Pilar's, she might have missed the momentous phone call -- from her sister. Faith and Grace were only a telephone line away.

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