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Monday, August 16, 1999

Meg and Sara asks Tim to go out to dinner with them, cause the three of them haven't gone out for a long time, he says he can't because he has a date with Tess. Tim asks what is really going on, and says he isn't buying what they are saying, Meg says that she has made a lot of friends, but Tim is her old friend, that they used to have so much fun together, Meg says so tell us about the million dollars, Sara says what million dollars, Meg says I overheard him and Tess saying he was going to get a million dollars. Sara says how are you getting it, Tim is fixing his hair when Meg says stop playing with your hair it's fine. Sara says are you going to rob a bank, he says no you know me better than that, he says he would love to play with them but he has to go. When he leaves Meg and Sara try to figure out why Tim is so secretive, they both agree that Tim and Tess are in cahoots, and then Sara says that Maria is probably in cahoots with them too, Meg gets mad and says it makes no sense, and that she doesn't want to talk about Maria. Sara says okay.

Tess is listening in when Benjy comes downstairs and say that he has something he wants to say, he asks if he should always tell the truth, they say yes. He says the real reason he wanted to come home was that he didn't want to move out and never see daddy. Maria told him that they are staying. Ben takes Benjy back upstairs. When Tess walks in and Maria says oh your home early, she says I am tired and just wanted to go to bed. Maria is about to go upstairs when Tess says that they use to be close, and Maria says you know I don't remember any of that. Tess says I know I just wanted to tell you that, and to apologize for putting my nose in where it didn't belong. Maria doesn't understand. Tess says about trying to get Maria to have her and Ben's will made up, Tess says I know it was none of my business. Maria says I hope you will remember that next time.

Ben comes downstairs and told Ben that she will put Benjy to bed if he and Maria want to take in a movie, he says he will let her know. she went upstairs. Ben is on his way out, when Maria asks where he is going, he says that Tess said she would watch Benjy so you can go out. She told him that Tess said she was going to go to bed. He says she must have gotten a second wind. Maria says she will go see her mom. Ben offers her a ride but she says no. Ben is in the park thinking back on making love to Meg and then Maria. Maria shows up and told Ben that her mom wasn't home, she thought Ben walked the beach, he says most of the time. They both try to leave but end up staying and Ben buys her ice-cream. He says he will take her home, but she says she will walk and that she doesn't need a ride. he offers it to her and she accepts she owes him for the ice-cream.

Olivia is on her way out when Cole sees her and wants to know where she is going, she runs out the door and AJ is there. He says change of plans Olivia. Caitlin comes downstairs and wants to know what is going on. AJ says the driver wanted me to tell you that you should make sure you have both passports, Cole realizes that she was going to take Trey, everyone thinks the worse about her, so she says she isn't going to tell them why she was leaving, Cole told her that she was going to kidnap Trey and take him away from his dad, how could she do that, and that she only thinks about her self and no one else, she yells stop it and slaps him. Olivia explains that she was leaving because she wanted to save Caitlin and Cole's marriage, and save Caitlin's sanity, cause she thought she was turning into her dad. Olivia tells them that AJ and Caitlin that every time they see Trey they think about Olivia and Cole making love and she just wanted to save them. Olivia told Caitlin she loves her and Caitlin says the same back. Cole takes Caitlin for a walk while AJ says he is glad Caitlin forgave her and wants to know if she did leave with Trey would she of ever got in touch with him or would he never of saw his grandson again or the woman he loves. Caitlin told Cole that she drove her mom to almost leave with Trey and he says it's not your fault, she says that maybe she should leave town, by herself.

Sean told Amy that he didn't tell Emily that they slept together. Amy says because you wanted to protect Emily, he says yes and to protect you too. Amy says I now know how you feel about me, he starts to explain that they are only friends, she says that you care about me. she says that's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, he says aren't you taking that a little far, she says no, they are about to kiss when he says he has to leave. Amy talks to herself and say Sean almost kissed me for real. All he needed was a little push. At home Sean hears something and went into her room, she says it is so hot in hear and it's cold out there, he says you were trying to open the window, she says yeah, can you come in here and open it for me.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Meg told Sara that she came to an understanding with Maria. Sara says that she couldn't have been able to come to an understanding with her. Meg told her that she doesn't want anymore enemies. Annie walks in and says yeah she has her hands full with me. Sara told Annie that we are closed. Annie says she will take a hamburger and fries. Sara says like I said before we are closed. Annie says that everything else is closed, Sara says she will go find some scraps. Meg told Annie that she knows about the will and that Gregory never loved her. Annie says well at least I got married, and now Ben is with Maria. Sara comes out and says it will be $5.95. Annie checks in her purse and doesn't have enough money. She starts to leave when Meg says she can have it, Annie doesn't take it cause she doesn't want Meg's pity. So Annie leaves. Meg realizes that she doesn't have her key to the house, Sara says she can have her key. Meg wonders why it is so hard for her, her and Casey are only friends, Sara says how would you feel if I went home to Ben and he had feelings for me. Meg understands. Sara says well at least you have your own place I have to go home to mommy and daddy. Meg says does mom still bring cocoa. Sara says yes, and Meg says I do feel sorry for you. Meg told Sara that I don't know if this helps but if I could go home to Ben I would. Sara starts to get teary eyed and says she has to leave.

Ben sees the paper of Gregory's will hearing and Tess says she has something important to talk to him about, and Maria says well you can tell me too, it that's okay with you. Tess says she just wanted to take four days of, Maria says when, Tess says I don't know, the phone rings and Tess says it's for me, she says you two think about what I said and let me know. Tim says he needs to see her right away, she says okay.

Tim told Tess that Sara and Meg know he is up to something, he told her that Meg knows the plan that we are getting a million dollars. Tess says she knows about Maria giving us the money, he says no I told her it was for lottery tickets, but she won't buy that. Tess says we just have to be more careful, Tim says that they are determined to find out what he is up to. She says it's okay. They start to kiss, but she says she has to leave, he says why, Maria is keeping close tabs on me I got to go. She told him to keep an eye on the Cummings girls. When Tim leaves she says what a sap, if he only knew what I was really up to.

AJ told Olivia that if she has gotten away with leaving with Trey, would he of ever seen his grandson or the woman he loves again, she told him to stop being so melodramatic. He went to leave and Olivia says look who's leaving now. He told her that he has loved her for a long time and let her be with who she wanted, but now that the found each other again he wanted them to be together. He leaves. Cole told Caitlin that he is sorry for not realizing how she was feeling because of Trey. Caitlin says it's her fault that she was being selfish. He says no and that he wants to make it up to her. AJ comes out mad, Cole says he needs to talk to him. Cole says Caitlin will you excuse us, she says ok, she overhears them talking and hears AJ yell no I won't do that. Caitlin went inside and talks with her mom. Olivia says I know every time you see Trey you see Cole and me together, she says yes I do, but I couldn't live without you or Trey, they hug, Cole comes in and says Caitlin we are leaving Sunset Beach, he told Olivia no not for ever, he just wants to spend time with his wife, he looks at her starting now, Olivia says oh and leaves the room. Cole told Caitlin that they are going away, she says we don't have to, he says I know but he wants to, she says what should I pack, he says nothing and he carries her out.

AJ comes in the house and AJ give Rose the maid his bag and says he will be staying, Olivia says no he won't, he says yes I will just put it in an empty room. AJ told her she is on house arrest. She says she doesn't need a baby-sitter. He said that he doesn't really want to be their either, that he is still mad. She says he doesn't have to be their, that she won't take Trey again, he says he is there just to make sure of that.

Cole and Caitlin are in Santa Barbara, in a really nice hotel room, Caitlin sees a ring box, and says someone left there ring box behind, he says yes and says she should open it, she sees a ring and he say do you like it, she says what is this for, he takes the ring gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him.

Emily asks Sean to open her window that it's hot in here and it's cool outside, he comes in and opens it and says you need to workout, she says the closet is stuck too, and he says I hope it's harder than it was for me to open up the window. He has a hard time opening up the closet door and says this is really stuck she says yeah I know he opens it, and sees a little Christmas tree, he says what's this, he says I helped you move in I didn't see this here before, she says it was from her dads house. He says he wants to hear a story, she says you want to know a story about me, he says yes, she tells him that on one Christmas that her parents went on a stupid trip, and they didn't set her up with a Christmas tree, so the maids felt bad for her, one maid brought her up breakfast in bed and a little Christmas tree. She says do you think I am a looser for keeping it, he says after hearing that story you would be a looser for throwing it away, He leaves, and she starts crying.

Ben wants to know if Maria and Annie are friends again after telling Meg about them sleeping together, she says she is still mad, She says I never should have told Annie, Ben says he doesn't blame her, Annie comes in and says Ben English, he told her not to call him that, she says that was Maria's favorite name for you. She sees the pizza and helps herself, Ben asks her if she wants a drink, she says yes, he leaves them alone to talk, Annie is so upset that she breaks a glass, Maria helps her with her cut, Maria says that She forgives Annie for telling Meg that Maria and Ben slept together. Maria says that she knows about Gregory and her getting nothing, Annie says yeah everyone knows, it even made it to the Internet. Maria says that people will like you if you don't have any money, Maria asks Annie is she needs money, Annie says yeah who doesn't, Maria suggests that Annie get a job, Annie says no. Annie leaves, and Maria looks at a picture of Ben. Ben is walking and sees Meg and looks in the window and she looks back at him.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Meg is closing up when she sees Ben she opens the door, and asks what he is doing, he says he was just taking a walk, he asks how she is doing, she says good, he says and your parents, she says they are good too. He says goodnight, she says good night, and he went to leave but she told him to wait. She told him she is thinking of resigning from Liberty Corporation, she says I know you wanted me to wait, he says it might be a good idea, she can't believe he is okay with it. He says maybe it is best if she leaves for her and him. He says he should go, Meg says yeah you got to get home to your wife. He says that when there is passion and Meg says I don't want to hear about Maria, he says I am talking about you. He says I did meet and fall in love with you, and I won't apologize for that. He leaves. Meg puts her head down and thinks what Ben just said, I won't apologize for meeting and falling in love with you. Then she hears Ben saying I love you Meg a few times, then saying I love Maria.

In Santa Barbara Caitlin sees a ring box, and Cole told her to open it, it is a ring, he says so what do you think, she says I don't understand, he takes the ring, gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Caitlin says we already are married. Cole told her that he has something else for her, it's a beautiful white dress. Cole says that so many things have been awful lately, that there will still be Trey when they get home. They talk about the lies, that now they know everything there eyes are wide open. Cole says we don't need a church or a priest. Cole told her how much he loves her, that she was the one even before either one of them was born. Caitlin told him that she loves him and that will never change, and she doesn't have a fancy way of telling him that like he does, he put the ring on her finger, and he say I now pronounce us husband and wife, and they kiss. He says may I have this dance, she says yes. After they go in the bathtub with bubbles and kiss romantically. Later on they make love.

Gabi told Ricardo it is there first night together in there home. She tells him that he should try to use his muscles in his hand to get better. She gives him the stress ball, Antonio comes in and he throws it out of his hand, Antonio says he just stopped by he wants Gabi to help him bring the groceries in, she says she doesn't want to leave Ricardo. Antonio says it won't take long. She told Ricardo she will be right back. When they go outside Antonio says that Maria is coming over and we need to go out and talk. She says can't we do this tomorrow, this is Ricardo's first night home. Antonio says now would be best. They go back inside and Antonio says I thought you needed some real food. I bet you are sick of that hospital food. Maria comes in and says hi. Antonio says Gabi and I are going out for a little while to see Carmen she has a gift for you and Gabi. Maria says she was there and the lights were all out. Antonio says she will probably be back by the time we get there, Antonio says is that ok with you Ricardo. Ricardo says to himself yeah sure you lying bastard. They leave. Ricardo utters the word I trust you. He also says he wants to talk to Maria alone tomorrow. Antonio told Gabi that Ricardo doesn't know about them. Gabi says she isn't so sure. He says that isn't why Ricardo got sick. He says that guilt won't help either. He tells her that he doesn't feel guilt like she does because of his praying and absolution, she won't do that, get absolution, she does pray that Ricardo will get better, that's all she wants, he says he will take her home. Antonio and Gabi come back and Maria says she will go home now, and will see Ricardo tomorrow. Antonio says he will walk her out that he is leaving too, he asks Maria if Ricardo said anything, she says yes. He asks what. Maria says nothing important, and they say goodnight.

Benjy told Maria that he want her to draw her picture with the picture she gave Benjy of Ben, she takes the picture and says she will do it in the morning if he went to bed, he says will you tuck me in? She says yes in a minute. Ben comes home and Maria asks where he has been he says for a walk. He says I haven't seen you, she says she was with Ricardo and that he is getting better. Ben asks what she has in her hand, she says it's a picture for Benjy, she is going to tuck him in now. He says he can do it, she says no, he will just be hyper if he sees you. Ben says then goodnight. She says it back.

They have dreams of there loved ones. Maria dreams of her and Ben making love and her telling Ben that she loves him, that she loves him so much. Meg dreams of her and Ben making love and her saying to Ben that I love you, I love you so much. Gabi dreams of Ricardo getting out of bed and saying I forgot to say goodnight to you and they start making love, then she wakes up upset.

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Cole woke up and call home Rose answered the phone and Cole told her that he wanted to speak to Trey. He did and the turned around to realize that Caitlin was awake. he told her that he was talking to Trey and she said that she understood.

Gabi was making apple sauce for Ricardo and then Maria came over and her remembered that Ricardo told her that he trusted her and wanted her to come over in the morning. Maria told Gabi that she would feed Ricardo and Gabi told her that she didn't mind doing it. So, Maria told her that she would like to spend some time alone with her Big Brother. Gabi agreed and said that she had to go see Antonio any way at the mission.( Gabi left). Maria made an attempt to feed him and Ricardo flung it out of her hand. Maria told him that it was not her favorite either and asked him if he would like something else. Ricardo tried to tell her that something "Gabi loves, Gabi loves" just then the phone rang and it was Carmen saying that she wanted to come over and see Ricardo and Ricardo tried to get her attention and Maria told Carmen that she wanted to spend some time alone with Ricardo. She hanged up and Maria asked if it was about Gabi and himself and then she asked him if he didn't like Gabi anymore and he said "NO." Then he said that Gabi love Antonio.

Antonio had a meeting with children in his office and he told him to say the ten commandments in order, they could not do that so he told him to just say them. one girl said that thou shall not kill and he said that it was right and a boy said that thou shall not covet thy brother's wife and he started thinking about in the cave with Gabi. one child asked what it meant and Antonio told him that it means that you must respect your brother and your neighbor's marriage. Then he told them that the session was over and Carmen came through the door and started talking about her card readings. Then Gabi came in and Carmen left she told him that Ricardo's car was outside and she wanted him to help her wash it. they went down to the car and opened the glove compartment and saw that a tape was there.

Olivia was down stairs drinking tea when AJ came down and Olivia told him that she did not need a watch dog and AJ told her that she does and Olivia pointed out to him that she is still there and Trey is not gone, AJ said "but what would happen if I was not here?". Then he told her that he would like a good breakfast and she said that they usually keep all the food in the kitchen then Sean came in and Olivia realized that something was wrong and told him that he can tell her anything and then Sean asked her Why she slept with Cole in the first place? Olivia told him that it was stress and his father. just then Bette came in and said hello to everyone and told Olivia that she was hungry. Sean left. Bette told her that it looked like she did not have any sleep then AJ came out of the kitchen saying to Olivia that his back hurts from her mattress discovering that Bette was there. Bette assumed that they slept together and Olivia quickly told her that he slept in the guest room. AJ told Olivia to tell her what he was doing there and she tried to cover it up but then AJ told Bette that Olivia tried to kidnap Trey. Cole and Caitlin walked in. Bette and AJ left. Rose brought Trey down stairs and Cole took him. they both noticed that he was hungry and Cole said that he was going to feed him and Olivia said that Cole does not know what he eats, So Cole told her to come and show what he eats so that Caitlin and himself would know.

Amy waited for Emily to arrive at the lifeguard station and when she did Amy told Emily that she Amy had been a bad friend. Mean while Brad eased dropped. Amy told her that she was the reason why Sean didn't call her. Then Emily left Brad and came out of hiding and told Amy that what she was doing is wrong and that in the end Emily is the one that will end up getting hurt. Amy realized hat Brad had a crush on Emily and told him that when she gets Sean, Brad can have Emily. Sean met up with Emily on the beach and they were kissing then Sean started thinking about himself and Amy, so he stopped and Emily realized that there was something wrong. Sean left and Emily sat on the beach by herself thinking and then she said that she knows what is wrong with Sean. Sean told Cole that he slept with Amy. Cole asked if Emily knew and he said "NO." Emily told Amy that she thinks Sean is so upset because of their sex life.

Friday, August 20, 1999

Sean told Cole that he slept with Amy. Cole asks why. He says he doesn't know why. Cole asks Sean if he is attracted to Amy, he says no, yes, I don't know, he told Cole I just can't stop thinking about her. Cole says so you are attracted to her, Sean told him but I love Emily. Cole told Sean that he needs to tell Emily before someone else does. Cole says it will be harder on you if you wait. Cole told him that he needs to tell Emily right away, Brad hears this and leaves.

Emily told Amy that she thinks she knows why Sean hasn't told her what is bothering her. Amy asks why do you think is troubling him. Emily says sex. Amy's like what sex. Emily told Amy that she is going to have sex with Sean. Amy says no you can't. All men want is sex. they will drop you. Emily says Sean is different. Emily asks Amy if she would have sex with Sean if she was in her shoes. Amy says she can't answer that. Brad comes in all nervous and tells Amy he needs to talk to her. Emily leaves. Amy went thanks Brad I was trying to talk Emily out of having sex with Sean. Brad told her that he heard something from the horse's mouth. She says what horse's mouth. He told her that Cole knows about them having sex and that Sean is going to tell Emily.

Caitlin told Olivia that she wants more of a role in Trey's life. Olivia says you do as his sister. Caitlin says that isn't enough I want more. Caitlin told her that being his step mother isn't enough either. Olivia says what do you expect me to do hand Trey over to you for you and Cole to raise. Olivia says I don't think so. Olivia is holding Trey when Cole comes in. Cole wants to take Trey to the Beach. Olivia says okay, but make sure he is home for his nap time. Cole thinks he interrupted something between Caitlin and Olivia but Caitlin says it was nothing.

Bette thanks AJ for driving her home. AJ told Bette that he is thinking of leaving Sunset Beach cause he has waited 20 years for Olivia but nothing is happening. AJ says he was glad that he ran into Olivia again a year ago, but maybe past memories should just stay in the past. Bette told him that she doesn't want him to leave just because things aren't working out with Olivia and that he has family here. Emily comes in and AJ says he will leave and let them talk. Emily apologizes for interrupting, Bette says it's okay. Emily tells Bette that Sean is slipping away, Bette says she has noticed that Sean isn't himself, she tell Emily to give Sean time and don't give up.

Sean is daydreaming that he told Emily that he slept with Amy, and Emily is okay with it because she knows that Sean love her and not Amy. Brad yells his name and says he needs to talk to him. Sean says he has to find Emily. Brad says that he saw Amy and she was acting weird. Sean leaves. Brad says I am good.

Amy looks at the love potion in her drawer and says that it worked once maybe I should use it again at nighttime. Sean knocks on the door and Amy says go away. He comes in and sees that she is packing her bags. She told him that she is leaving.

Cole, Caitlin, and Trey are playing at the beach having fun when Cole decides to wash the sand of Trey in the water. A woman told Caitlin that she is really lucky to have a beautiful kid and husband. Caitlin says thank you.

Ricardo told Maria that Gabi loves Antonio, and says he knows. Maria says what. Ricardo realizes that Maria knows cause what he told her she didn't look shocked at all. He realizes that they are all in on it. Ricardo told Gabi that he doesn't want Gabi and Antonio to fight. She told him that she will make sure they stay good friends. She went to make him some breakfast, and he has a vision of Gabi and Ricardo making out. While Maria told Ricardo I kept the truth from you cause Gabi and Antonio belong together. Carmen says you know because you saw the tape, I tried to tell you. Gabi says I tried to tell you too but you never listen. Antonio says now we can be together, Gabi says she is the martyr and Antonio says he is still the priest, Gabi says yeah by day.

Gabi told Antonio to lift the hood it's in the glove compartment box, so they can clean the truck. Antonio opens the compartment box, where the tape of Gabi and Antonio making love is, he says what's this, it's a stale donut. Gabi told him to never mind. Lets clean the outside first. She says the hose won't come on, he asks if she turned it on from the garage she isn't sure. She told him I know what your thinking a girl can't do anything, he says no. She told him I can fix a tire. He says you can, she says yeah I call a tow truck. Antonio says he will go in the garage to turn it on, she gets the hose to work she chases him around the car and they both get wet by the hose, they are looking at each other and decide to not clean the car now, she wants to get home to her husband. Maria went to give Ricardo eggs and he knocks them out of her hand, while she is picking them up, Gabi and Antonio come in, they explain why they are wet cause the hose acted up. Ricardo remembers being in the house spraying the hose with Gabi and knows that's what happened with Gabi and Antonio. Maria told them that Ricardo spoke in sentences. Antonio and Maria go outside and she told him what Ricardo said that he doesn't want Antonio and Gabi to fight. Maria leaves and Antonio returned in. Gabi asks why Ricardo hasn't talked to her at all, she looks in his eyes and stands up and says you hate me.

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