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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 23, 1999 on GL
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Monday, August 23, 1999

At the Clinic:
Blake comes out upset, she didn't go through the procedure. Harley is happy and Blake admits that she really wants this baby. She will tell Ross.

At Company:
Ross and Max are talking and Ross invites Max to a Cubs game that he is taking Kevin and Jason to next week. Max is happy. Drew thanks Ross and she and Selena sit and discuss the possibility of finding her father. Selena has her "book of names" with her, but before they can look through it, Buzz comes up and grabs it and flips through it. He tries to act like it doesn't matter but Selena thinks it did. Ross goes over to Harley and Blake's table and they greet each other and Drew tells everyone the news about Ross representing Max. Blake takes Ross aside and asks him for lunch the next day. She intends on telling him everything about the baby then.

At the Santo's House in San Cristobel:
The police bring all the gang into the Santos mansion and tells them that they must go through all of the baggage. She also tells them that Cassie has no passport which is also illegal. Michelle sweet talks the guards into letting them go, saying that they had no intention of docking so they didn't think Cassie would need her passport. She also informed them of their friendship with the Royal's and after a little while the police said not to let it happen again and they left.
The guys (Matt, Jim, Josh and Danny) went over their plan in great detail while Michelle and Cassie got into their swimsuits. Jim came up to talk with Cassie and when he left, Michelle told Cassie that she thinks Jim has a thing for her. Jim came back and scared Cassie who struggled for her balance and grabbed Jim and they both fell into the pool. They talked and Cassie convinced Jim he would feel better if he would call Susan. He did and Beth got on the phone. He was hanging up and Beth heard Cassie in the background and got all ticked off. She found out that the call originated In San Cristobel and reserved a seat on the next flight out.

At the palace In San Cristobel:
Olivia came in behind Reva and it scared her. She fought with Olivia and locked her in the closet. She ran out to find Edmund who was right at her door. She told him she saw Olivia and he grabbed her wanting her to tell him where. Reva flashed back to her past and remembered that Edmund was the attempted assassin of her and baby Jon. She covered by saying it was all a dream and pushed him out the door. She got Olivia out of the closet and they talked. Olivia gave Reva a picture of Jon and Reva rediscovered her old friend. Olivia told her everything, that she had given Jon to her sister because Reva never told her who was trying to kill Jon, so she didn't know who to trust at the palace, so she trusted no one. Reva agreed to help Olivia expose Edmund tomorrow night at the masked ball. The plan is for Olivia to get Richard into Edmund's office, (the room with the video surveillance of Reva's room). Reva was going to get Edmund into her room and confront him with what she remembered and Olivia and Richard were going to get to see the whole thing. Reva told Olivia until then she would hide her from the others.

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

This will be Lisa's final GL summary for Soap Opera Central. On behalf of everyone on GL Online, I'd like to thank her for her many months of helping out on the site.

Cassie, donning yet another new, tiny bikini, walks along the beach from the Santos house to the palace. As she gazes up at the estate, she is surprised by Prince Richard who is out for a morning ride on his stallion. Cassie seems quite entranced, however, not wanting to reveal the rescue plan, she introduces herself as "Tammy LaMay", the wife of a business associate of Danny Santos. She also tells the prince that she will be attending the masked ball that evening.

In her room, Reva lets Olivia out of the closet for some air and they discuss their plan to expose evil Edmund at the ball. Reva insists on seeing Jonathan before the party, fearing that the plan might go awry and she would never see him again. Olivia initially refuses, thinking it would be to dangerous but she is eventually persuaded by Reva to change her mind. Later, Richard drops by to see Reva and discovers a recent photo of Jonathan, who he assumes is Reva's other son, Shayne.

Meanwhile, outside of the palace, Josh crawls through the underbrush with his binoculars to try to catch a glimpse of Reva. He is surprised to see Reva and Richard on the balcony in what appears to be an intimate moment. Back in Springfield, Harley worries about Cassie and wonders if she is really on a secret vacation with Jim. Blake panics about her lunch date with Ross and, after 45 minutes of obsessing, ends up canceling the luncheon, fearing she might be coming between her mother and Ross.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

At the Spaulding Mansion:
India, Lizzie, Harley and Phillip and Vicky are having a welcome home party for Alan. They receive a giant goodie basket filled with things including a card from Ben Warren with the news that he and SanCorp had won the bid on Cyberlink. Alan got really ticked off and went off on everyone. He thinks he should have handle it before he turned the reins over to Phillip. Phillip feels he let his father down and runs to confront Ben. Vicky leaves when David gives her a call.

At Company, David's Apartment:
David tells Frank he wants out because he doesn't want to hurt Vicky. Vicky comes over and tells David what she did for SanCorp with the bidding on Cyberlink. David tells her that was illegal, corporate espionage...Vicky doesn't care, they treated her badly. David calls frank back and tells him that he is going ahead with the plan because Vicky is in to deep and he has to be there to protect her.

At Towers:
Ben and Carmen are having lunch talking over the Cyberlink deal. Bill and Pilar go out on to the terrace to have some property. Pilar tells Bill the truth about why she came on to him in his room the other night and Bill felt used and walked out. Carmen and Ben were confronted by Phillip who was ready to fight. Harley came in and tried to calm him down but he said he has to do this. Ben heads for the elevator and runs into Blake who is obviously upset.

At the Jessup Farm:
Sam is talking to Holly who is inquiring as to why he did not try to fight for himself in court. He doesn't want to talk. He tells her that all he has to say he left at her daughters house with a gift. He would love to date her but because of their conflicting probation's they can't.

At the Carriage House:
Blake is reading over Sam's letter to Holly, still convinced that it is from Ross. Ross comes over and Blake and tried to get her to tell him what is up. She wouldn't tell him saying that she was sick. Finally after a good bit of talking Blake told him that she was seeing someone new and that she wanted him to go on with his life as well. Blake leaves and heads for the towers. Holly came home and talks to Ross, who thinks that what Blake said makes perfect sense and that she really has meet someone new. Holly tries to tell him that she knows that can't be, she knows Blake loves him. Ross doesn't believe it.

Thursday, August 26, 1999

Ben tries to find out what is wrong with Blake. Ross and Holly arrive and Blake asks Ben to sneak her out. They go to Ben's apartment and Blake tells Ben that Ross is in love with Holly. Ben thinks that is ridiculous. Ben asks about the bathtub night but Blake doesn't want to talk about it. She nearly tells him that she is pregnant but the phone rings. Meanwhile, Ross tells Holly that he knew that Blake would run to Ben. Holly suggests he go to Ben's and talk to him about it. Ross arrives at Ben's apartment and Blake hides.

Bill is upset with Pilar and she tries to explain. Carmen comes out and overhears them. She gets angry with Bill but Pilar tries to explain to her what they were discussing. Bill leaves angry. Pilar goes off on Carmen about her and Ben. Carmen tells her that Danny told her all about what happened with Bill and the bonds. Carmen begs her to not rush into anything. Danny calls Carmen on her cell phone and says that he is getting rid of the bonds tonight. Carmen says that something will go wrong if he changes the plan. He reluctantly agrees and hangs up. Carmen looks and Pilar is gone. She calls home but Pilar isn't there. Pilar goes to Bill's and tells him that she wants him. Bill says he doesn't want her if she is just trying to prove something and he tells her to leave.

Josh, Jim, Matt and Danny get ready for the ball and discuss the bomb. Josh makes sure that no one wants out. He thanks them all for their help. Josh tells Matt about seeing Reva and Richard on the terrace and Matt tries to reassure him. Josh worries that she won't want to leave and says that this is his worst nightmare. Josh, Matt, and Jim board the raft to go to shore. They evade the searchlights and Jim goes to plant the bomb and then heads back to go to the ball with Cassie. Josh and Matt reach shore and Matt gives Josh a tranquilizer to knock Reva out in case she won't go with him. Josh scales the outer wall and can see the palace. At the Santos house, Michelle and Cassie look for something for Cassie to wear to the ball. Cassie worries that she will screw up and hurt Reva. She finds a costume and Michelle thinks she looks great. Michelle gets dressed and Danny tells her that she looks wonderful. They agree to relive their honeymoon when this is over. He asks her to go ahead with Cassie to the ball because he has some business to do. Cassie comes back in and asks where Jim is. Meanwhile, Beth arrives at the hotel in San Cristobel. She drinks in the lobby while she waits on her room. She pays the clerk to find Jim and Cassie. She reads in the newspaper that James Lemay and his wife will be guests at the ball. Beth is crushed and thinks that Cassie and Jim are there on their honeymoon. She decides that she will go to the ball herself and asks the clerk to find her a ball gown.

Reva and Olivia go over their plan to trap Edmund. Edmund appears at the door and Olivia hides. Reva tells him that she was busy on the phone to her family. He asks about Olivia and tells her that he will be protecting her tonight then he leaves. Olivia comes out and Reva shows her a dagger that she plans to use on Edmund if the plan goes wrong. Reva says that she intends to go home to her family. Olivia puts on her mask and Richard arrives wanting to talk to Reva. Olivia leaves. Richard apologizes for their argument earlier and asks her to be Katherine for this one night. She hesitates and he is crushed. She explains that she is going back to her real life but if he will promise to never speak of it again then she will be his Katherine for just a little while. Richard kisses her and then apologizes. Edmund watches them and gets very angry. He tells the guards that Olivia called and made threats to Reva. He says that a gun has been stolen also. Edmund vows to himself that tonight will be historic. Richard goes and brings Reva her crown. He leaves her to get dressed. In the ballroom, Edmund tells Richard that he know that he is thinking of Katherine. Reva arrives and Richard vows that the night will be magical. She tells him that it will be a night to remember. Edmund agrees and checks on the gun in his pocket.

Friday, August 27, 1999

In San Cristobel:
The ball is starting. Jim, Cassie and Michelle show up. Michelle decides to duck out to see what is keeping Danny. Cassie acts sick so that they would not have to be announced at the party. They sneak in and spot Reva. Cassie and Jim see Reva and wonder why she is acting like she is having such a great time. Cassie gets another woman at the party to go occupy Reva while she talks to Richard so that she will be alone and they can snatch her easier. Beth comes in and yells at Cassie and Jim while in the company of Richard. Jim took Beth outside and listened to her yell, she was very drunk. The only way to shut her up was to kiss her. So he did. Jim explained that he and Cassie were not an item but that she had to trust him. He tells him that he only wants her not Cassie and that he loves her.
Olivia and Reva meet and go over the plan again. Reva sees Edmund and turns to show Olivia that dagger.
Edmund tells Reva that he has given the guard orders to "shoot to kill" if they see Olivia and Reva tells him "no."
Josh is hiding outside the palace all dressed in black. He goes in and changes into a tux. Jim calls and tells him to get inside and he will set off explosives in 5 minutes. They call Matt and he says that he will get the boat ready. Josh puts on his mask and goes into the palace.
Reva invites Edmund to her room to talk about Richard. Olivia tries to get to Richard but he had walked out with Cassie. Edmund comes in and locks the door. Reva confronts him with his trying to smother Jon with a pillow. Edmund congratulates Reva on remembering everything. He said that he did it because she is nothing but trash and that she did not deserve his brother. He blamed her for making Richard a shell of his once self. He tells her that Jon was a half-breed and not worthy of reigning in San Cristobel . Edmund spills everything to Reva about the switched epees and the guard's murder. He then pulls a gun on her. Reva tells Edmund about the camera. He doesn't believe her and waits. No one comes.
Olivia finds Josh outside and kisses him because a guard comes up. Josh and Olivia go to help Reva but when they arrived at her room, she was gone. All that was there was a bloody dagger.
The explosions went off and everyone went crazy. Richard frantically looks for "his wife."
Danny finds the barer bonds in Michelle's suitcase and assumes that he put them in the wrong case. Michelle walks in and questions him. She wants to know if he is laundering money. She gets ill and they argue. He tells her that she knew what he did for a living. Michelle thinks that he was trying to set up her friends. He tried to explain that he planned the bond exchange after the rescue was planned. The police knock on the door.

At Towers:
In Ben's room: Blake hides while Ben tries to get Ross out of the way. Ross leaves and Blake confides in Ben that she is pregnant after he tries to pressures her into having a drink with him.
Outside the room, Ross meets Holly at the elevator. They leave. Blake asks Ben to tell Ross that he is the father of her baby but he refuses and tells her to leave.

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