One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 23, 1999 on OLTL

Skye was hired at the Banner, and Sophia was given the job as Rae's assistant. Will decided to sue Dorian. The rapist stalked Kelly. Dorian continued to find toys around the house that either cried like babies or played lullabies.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 23, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, August 23, 1999

Lindsay was sitting at the bar in the Palace Hotel, looking sad and lonely, especially after calling and finding out that Bo had checked out of his hotel at the conference three days ago and must be back in town by now. Rae happened by and the two women introduced themselves to each other. Lindsay complimented Rae on her column and had her own question to ask, what does it mean when a man won't return your calls and doesn't even tell you he's back in town. Rae just looks and her and says that she thinks Lindsay already knows the answer to that. I do, Lindsay replies, I just didn't want to admit it to myself.

Rae sits down at a table and is joined by John Sykes. He gives her the report that the police profiler did and asks for her opinion. She thinks the profiler has it all wrong. Rape is a crime of anger, of power, not sex, she says. The rapist is not just someone who isn't comfortable with women, he's not comfortable with himself as a human being. She agreed to work with the police to help catch the rapist. Little did she know that she'd already made contact with the rapist, she'd answered his letter in the Banner. She advised him that the right woman was out there for him, he just had to find her. Reading the reply, Brian looks like he's going to take that advice.

At The Sun, Grace decides that she's going to try to find the rapist herself and puts on a dark wig, figuring that since the rapist attacked Roseanne that he likes brunettes. When Kelly finds out her plan, she refuses to let her go through with it. Grace appears to agree to let the plan go. Kevin walks in a sees her with the wig on and figures out what she's up to. He's furious with Kelly for allowing Grace to put herself in such danger. Grace leaves despite his protests and when Kelly enters soon after, he yells at her for allowing Grace to go ahead with this plan. I told her not to do it, she tells him and, looking worried, asks him to after Grace and stop her.

At the Banner, Ben stopped by with a bouquet of flowers to make a date with Viki for dinner. After he left, Kevin and Viki discussed hiring Skye and while they had some reservations about her being Adam Chandler's daughter, they decided to give it a try. Viki called Skye to the Banner office and offered her the job. Skye was, of course, happy to accept the position.

At the hospital, the doctor absolutely refused to operate on Max until he woke up and the doctor could talk to him. Of course, when Max woke up he was absolutely furious with Blair and refused the operation. He did tell Blair that he loves her too much to keep their marriage a secret, he wants to spend what time he had left together with her. He decides if he can get Will right where Asa wants him, Asa will let him have anything he wants.

Sam came over to the carrriage house to once again try to make amends with Will, but Will still wasn't willing to forgive Sam or Nora. Sam asked him to come with him for a few days to a cabin he'd rented, but Will refuses, even after Sam promised to leave his cell phone behind and concentrate totally on Will. As Sam was leaving, Lindsay arrived and gave Will hell for treating his father this way. She almost convinced him to go meet Sam at the cabin, but in the end he wouldn't go. Lindsay wanted him to at least call his father and tell him he wasn't coming, but Will pointed out that he couldn't because Sam had left his cell phone behind. Lindsay decided to go up to the cabin to tell Sam herself that Will wasn't coming and to bring him his cell phone, which she did.

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

The show opened with Will at the Carriage House, playing with his fishing pole. Jessica came in and they talked about her feelings for Cristian and for Will. She said that she still cannot forgive Cris for sleeping with Roseanne, but she's unsure about their future. She told him that she just wants to get on with her life, and that he shouldn't sue Dorian. Cristian came over right after he had seen Jess leave. He and Will got into a heated argument over Jess. Will said that he knew what Jessica needed, and Cris said that if they fight over her... he will win. After Cris left, Will grabbed the lawsuit papers and promised to make Dorian pay for killing Megan.

Lindsay and Sam settled in for the evening. Lindsay bought gin and tonic, and they proceeded to get drunk and remember their past. They talked about when they used to go camping with Will and Jen. They also talked about their relationships going through hard times. Lindsay told him that she had told Bo the truth and it didn't help them stay together. Sam admitted to being angry at lots of people but Lindsay wasn't one of them. When Sam was showing Lindsay how to play the bugle that Will used to play, they ended up kissing.

Bo was at the police station, working on the rapist case, when Bernie was brought in for trespassing on the roof of the Palace Hotel. They talked about Lindsay and Bernie told Bo that he shouldn't be afraid of taking a chance on love. Bo admitted to missing Lindsay while he was gone. He gave Bernie some money and told him to stay off the roof.

Rae and Viki were working at the Banner when Dorian showed up, wanting Viki to publish her apology. Viki refused to accept it and made Dorian leave the building. Dorian left the letter on a desk and went home. Viki went to see Andrew at the Community Center. She told him about her anger toward Dorian and he said that it was normal to have those feelings. Jessica came in to help and also talked with Andrew about her problems with Cris.

Once Dorian got home, Rae went there to settle their old score. Dorian was very surprised that Rae had held the grudge for so long. Rae called her a liar, cheat, and a killer. She also said that Herb Callison deserved better than Dorian. After she left, Dorian found a toy on the stairs that was playing "Rock-a -Bye Baby" as if the battery was running low. Dorian yelled, but nobody answered.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Rappaport Reunion

Lindsay and Sam relax together at the cabin and reminisce about their past good times. As he tries to teach her to play the trumpet, Sam tells Lindsay to pucker her lips and blow... she puckered her lips all right, but they landed on Sam and the two fell to the floor in heated passion! It doesn't last too long though and they break apart making excuses for themselves, and then admit they knew what they were doing. They decide to return to Llanview, but just as they separate to pack up, Will arrives and informs them that he is planning to sue Dorian.

While Lindsay agrees that Dorian should pay for Megan's death, she tries to reason with Will that he not use his pain to his own destruction. She points to herself and Sam as an example, telling him that their pain has brought them closer. Sam tells Will to do what he thinks is right. They reconcile and embrace and Lindsay happily looks on.

Bo's Worries

Bo tries to call Lindsay at the Gallery, but gets the answering machine. He leaves a message for her to call him back, because he is worried about her after not hearing from her or seeing her since he went away.

Kevin and Grace arrive at the station and Kevin is begging Grace to give up her plan to trap the rapist. When Bo comes out of his office, Kevin asks him to lock Grace up in jail to protect her from using herself as bait. Bo takes Grace into his office and tells her she is interfering in an investigation and warns her to back off with her crazy plan. She agrees and returns to the squad room to talk to Kevin who asks her to go home with him. She refuses, believing they would just end up in bed together.

Bo then asks an officer to drive by the Gallery to make sure Lindsay is ok. He phones Sam, hoping Lindsay is with him, but gets another answering machine.

A few minutes later, Ben arrives to talk to Bo about helping him get his Nevada license reinstated. Before he goes into the office, he encourages Kevin not to give up on Grace. In the office, Bo gives Ben a written statement that clears him of all wrongdoing in Hugo Munro's death. Ben then tells Bo that he believes Asa is the person responsible for his having had his license revoked. Bo is not surprised.

Is Dorian Losing Her Mind?

Dorian hears a lullaby playing out near her staircase and finds a toy clock there playing the tune. It has obviously been there for awhile because the batteries are dying and the song soon stops. She approaches it as if she isn't sure she is really seeing it, and makes a grab for it. R.J. arrives in time to comfort her and calm her down, advising her to ignore the incidents that have been plaguing her. After he leaves her alone again, she stares at the clock and remembers the accident, including all the sounds of the brakes and Jessica's reaction, and gets really spooked.

Danger Lurks For Kelly

Kelly arrives at the carriage house and is unknowingly followed by the rapist. He looks on as she knocks on the door and Joey answers. She and Joey agree to have a ‘no talking about Dorian' night and discover they have both rented the same video to watch that night.

Later, they are in a passionate embrace when Kelly's cell phone rings and she answers it against Joey's wishes. It's Dorian begging her to come home. Joey tries to talk her out of it, but she insists on going.

The rapist watches as she leaves and Joey follows. He then removes his mask and throws it down revealing he is Brian.

Bo, Ben and Kevin arrive at the Carriage House looking for Joey who is still out. As they leave, Kevin finds the mask and calls out to Bo. Joey arrives just then and realizes that the rapist has been following Kelly.

Over at Dorian's, Kelly hugs Dorian and sends her off to bed. When she goes into the living room and lays back on the sofa, Brian approaches the patio doors and stares at her.

Skye ‘Goes to Work' on Viki at the Banner

Viki forbids staff at the Banner to allow Dorian to have any contact with them. She approaches Ben, who is working at a desk there, and they talk about their relationship. Skye watches and listens as Ben tells Viki she is his future, and then kisses her.

Later Skye is told that Dorian Lord is Viki's greatest enemy. She approaches Viki and tells her she agrees with her order that the staff not talk to Dorian, eliciting Viki's trust. She then tells Viki she saw her with Ben and that they seemed close. Viki confirms that they are. Without identifying Ben as the man in her past, she tells Viki that she had that once, until he fell in love with someone else. She went on to say that she would take him back and she thinks she just might.

Thursday, August 26, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

The Banner

Viki and Rae are "working" late - but Viki is distracted worrying about Jessica. It seems like everyone in town is on edge because of the rapist and Viki doesn't know where Jessica is so she assumes the worst. Rae tries to get Viki to help her with her column to take her mind off her worries, but to no avail. Viki just wants "her family gathered around her" but Rae tells her that she "can't control everything." Later, Jessica shows up and explains to her mother that she has been driving around alone because she has a lot to think about. Rae intervenes and turns a possible mother and daughter head-butting into a bonding moment. Rae tells Jessica that her mother blames herself for not being able to protect Jessica and save her from the things that have hurt her. "Your mother just wants to keep you safe." But she tells Viki that she needs to stop smothering Jessica because her "child is an adult now". As Viki and Jessica leave for home, a bedraggled Sophia comes in to talk to Rae. When Rae tells her she shouldn't be out alone, Sophia answers, "I could dance naked in Angel Square and nobody would care."

Llanview Police Department

John Sykes is upset to find out that Téa has left the hospital without telling him and that news, combined with the stress of trying to catch the rapist, causes him to yell at Grace when she comes to the station alone to inquire about the rapist case. John tells Grace she is not immune to the "sicko" and asks her if her track record is so good that she doesn't need someone watching over her.

Outside the Carriage House

This scene picks up from yesterday with Joey, Kevin, Ben and Bo outside with the mask. Joey tries to call Kelly to warn her about the rapist while Bo calls for two police cars to go to Dorian's so that they "might catch the rapist."


Also picked up from yesterday, as Kelly is trying to call Joey, the doorbell rings and Kelly opens the door to Brian. He tells Kelly that he has something for her and then asks if she lost anything at work. Kelly doesn't think so, but when he offers her the bracelet Joey gave her, Kelly is very appreciative and asks Brian in for a drink. Upstairs, Dorian is sleeping but awakens when she hears a baby crying. She gets up to check out where the sound is coming from and can't find anything. Later, downstairs, while Kelly and Brian are drinking seltzer water, Kelly asks Brian how he knew where she lived. He covers by saying that the Sun keeps a "very complete contact list." He gets nervous and tells Kelly that he is working a double shift and must leave. This starts a conversation about "not much luck in the girlfriend department" and Kelly advises Brian to "be patient." He says he will "try not to blow it." Kelly tells Brian he has a "good attitude" and to "feel free" to talk to her anytime. Brian tells Kelly she's a good boss and Kelly replies that Brian is a good maintenance man but he "could be more" if he wanted. Brian says, "The job is not important if you're with the right person." He leaves before the police burst through the front door followed by Joey professing to Kelly that all he could think about was how much he loved her and hoped she wasn't hurt. Kelly is confused and defends Brian while Bo sends his officers to pick up Brian at the Sun. She tells Bo that Brian is a "shy, quiet, awkward guy...a gentleman." Bo wants the mask checked for hair, fibers, etc. and asks Kelly if she has seen a tattoo on Brian's wrist. Dorian comes down the stairs asking if she is the only one who hears a baby crying. Kelly tries to comfort her but says that there is no baby crying. Dorian demands that Bo find whoever is planting the crying sounds and make them stop.

The Banner

Sophia tells Rae that her "life is a wreck" and while living at the shelter someone stole her good clothes so now she can't get a job and besides she can't type or file, etc. Rae tells Sophia that she is "too resourceful" to let this get her down. She suggests that Sophia needs guidance as well as money, but that she will have to earn both. "We'll make sure that people get help who need it" she tells Sophia and later we see Sophia sitting near Rae trying to read the Banner. Rae tells her that her job is not to read the paper, but to read Rae's emails. Sophia says she found one "kind of sad" email from someone named "Lonely Heart" and Rae tells her "he's a regular." Rae instructs Sophia to take the emails home, read them and come back tomorrow to talk. Sophia "scams" Rae into getting her a room for the night --- and most likely a job, too.


Jessica tells Viki that she is thinking of Cristian and all the good times they had. She wishes she could "stay angry" at him so "it wouldn't hurt so much." Viki asks Jessica if she can't forgive Cristian, then what are her feelings for Will. Jessica says she "cares" for Will, but that he is "not the one, not like Ben is for you." Jessica says she wants to "get the picture of Cristian and Roseanne out" of her head but that Roseanne will still be around and she doesn't think Cristian will be able to walk away from her because he is a "good guy." Viki advises Jessica to "go back to basics" and "find the love you had for each other" but Jessica says she needs to stop thinking about it and leaves for the kitchen. Viki hears noises on the terrace and moves to the phone to call the police but it's just Cristian trying to talk to Jessica. He tells Viki, "I need to see her; I need to try one more time to get her back." As Viki tells Cristian not to give up trying, Jessica comes into the room. When Cristian asks her for another chance, Jessica tells him, "No, it hurts too much... if I could tell my feelings what to feel, I would, but after what I've done and what you've done, it hurts too much." Cristian quietly replies, "I'm making it worse. I won't come back again. I love you."


Bo and Ben are reluctantly checking out Dorian's bedroom for "tapes" of a baby crying, etc. Bo opines that "trying to blame it on someone else never works." There is a short discussion of whether Lindsay is with Sam at the cabin; Bo hopes she is because then he "knows she is safe." Ben agrees that if they're together they "don't have to worry about those two." Hah! When they don't find anything, Ben asks Bo if it is "all in Dorian's own nightmare." Bo tells him, "There's no law against Dorian having nightmares." Downstairs, Joey is upset with Dorian for "managing to come between" Kelly and him again. Joey tells Kelly she is "too trusting" about "people" which makes Kelly upset at Joey for "being jealous" and she decides to be at the police station when Brian is brought in. Bo tells Dorian he didn't find anything so Dorian assumes he believes she is "crazy" and tells Bo and Ben, "You and Lindsay can have a big laugh about it and you and Viki can find it all terribly amusing. You'll all be delighted that I'm finally going to get what I deserve." Later, Dorian goes back to her bedroom and all is quiet. Just to make sure, she puts earplugs in her ears before getting into bed. She closes her eyes - and hears crying again.


Viki pours two glasses of wine and meets Ben at the door when he comes home. He tells her that his "addiction isn't in a bottle" before they head upstairs, arms around each other.

Llanview Police Department

Grace and Kevin have a disagreement about Grace not making it easy for Kevin to care about her. He tells her, "You're in my head. All I do is think about you." Grace advises that she "can take care of myself" and Kevin agrees that "you don't let anyone else do it." Later, Kelly and Joey arrive to wait for Brian to be brought in. When he is, Sykes tells Bo that he seemed "pretty shaken up, like a lost kid more than a rapist." Brian asks Kelly if they "really think I could have done this?" Brian says he doesn't need a lawyer because he "didn't do anything" so Bo asks him to roll up his sleeves. When he does, there is no tattoo and Kelly is victorious, "I knew it wasn't him!" Bo told Brian he was "free to go."

Friday, August 27, 1999

Kelly continued to stand by Brian even after Joey warned her that he might be dangerous. Kelly inadvertently asked Brian out for a lunch date and later upset him when she canceled to spend time with Joey. Bo became more suspicious of Brian after witnessing his rage. Joey was less than thrilled to find out that Sophia was working for Rae at the Banner. Sophia read a creepy letter written to Rae signed by "The Man In The Moon." At the same time, Brian applied a temporary tattoo of a moon on his wrist. Dorian insisted to Bo that someone was harassing her, but Bo paid little heed to her claims. Dorian quickly accused Lindsay of harassing her and vowed to prove it. Later, Dorian found a tape player with a tape of a baby's cry hidden in her house. Sam and Lindsay argued about their recent kiss, but it was very clear that they were both pining for their absent loves. Lindsay got the wrong impression of Bo's relationship with a female officer and left him a message that she never wanted to see him again. Following Asa's orders, Max tried to persuade Will to file a lawsuit against Dorian. Will eventually agreed, but he decided against Asa's help.

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