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Victor accused Jill of betraying him. Brad continued to play with Nikki's mind. Grace enlisted Tricia's help to keep Tony and Megan apart. Malcolm convinced Callie to stay in town. Paul located Brock.
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Monday, August 23, 1999

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Judy Hanna.

Vicki's Office

Victor is reading from a file folder when Ryan walks in. Ryan starts to tell Victor about some companies he has been researching as possible acquisitions, when his beeper goes off. He leaves the report with Victor and goes back to his office. Ryan comes back by Vicki's office again, still no Vicki, but Victor is reading Ryan's research. He's interested in the company that produces and distributes homeopathic and herbal remedies. Victor knows someone who is an expert on alternative medicine; maybe he should give her a call. Ryan leaves again and Victor asks Connie to get Ramona on the phone and put the call through to Vicki's office.

New Mexico

Helena drops by the clinic with lunch to visit Ramona. Ramona seems down, but claims she's fine. Ramona begs off going to a movie that night with the girls. The phone rings and Ramona lights up when she hears Victor's voice. Ramona asks about his leg and tells him she thinks about him often. In the background, Helena is watching with a knowing look on her face. Victor tells Ramona about the company and wonders if she'd give him her opinion if he sent her some info to look over. As she's been talking to Victor, Ramona has perked up considerably. Ramona is smiling to herself when she notices the look Helena is giving her. Ramona asks if something is wrong. Ramona says it was a business call. She thinks Helena is letting her imagination run away with her. Helena just says, "Am I?" and leaves.

Elsewhere at NE

Nick tells his secretary he's expecting an important call (about the coffeehouse). She tells him that the ad agency called while he was out but they will call again. Vicki strolls in and says she has a new plan. Vicki rants about Brad some. Then Vicki tells Nick she is going to go see Mal. Nick wonders if her rush to judgment is to prove more to Brad than to herself. Vicki says Nick is wrong; Brad was all for her being spokesperson. Nick tells Vicki to follow Dad's advice, don't let emotion dictate her judgment; it's bad business. Vicki gets defensive and walks out.

Sharon's place

Cassie asks Alice if Sharon knew she was coming. No. Alice wants to know how long everyone will be gone on their little walk. Cassie wonders if Alice would like her to go get them. Alice says no, and they chit chat a little. Alice tells Cassie this is the best talk they've ever had. Cassie guesses it's because Alice isn't her mother, so now she doesn't have to be afraid. Alice apologizes for frightening Cassie. Alice thinks it would be wonderful if they could spend more time together. Cassie asks why Alice came. Alice suggests they go find Sharon and the others. Alice holds out her hand and asks Cassie to take it. After a little hesitation, Cassie takes her hand. Alice and Cassie are heading for the door when Sharon's threesome returns. Sharon immediately gets paranoid. Millie takes both kids outside and Sharon demands an explanation. Alice tells Sharon she just dropped by. Sharon is sure she planned to take Cassie and threatens to call the police. Sharon angrily tells Alice she should have called. Alice apologizes. Alice tells Sharon she came to see her mother. Sharon finds that hard to believe and Alice accuses her of not believing that anyone can change. Alice gets upset and starts to leave, but Sharon asks her to stay and see Millie. Sharon brings the others back in. Millie is surprised Alice came to see her. Alice and Millie both just stand there awkwardly. Sharon asks them to talk; it could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

The search for Callie

Mal stops by Gina's looking for Callie. Gina suggests he check the coffeehouse. Mal comes in Crimson Lights and Mac says Callie came by earlier to get her last check. She tells Mal that Callie said since the place was closing, it was just one more reason not to stick around. Mal doesn't know where else to look for Cal.

Paul's office

Paul is giving Lynn more work when Kay comes in. Kay has remembered another possible lead on where Brock might be. Kay tells Paul and Lynn that finding Brock might be the only way she can get Mac to stay. Lynn suggests Kay tell Mac what she's up to, and Paul agrees, but Kay disagrees. Then Lynn asks about Mac's mother. Kay thinks that would open up a whole assortment of problems. That would be a last resort; Kay says; she is afraid the mother would take Mac away. Kay doesn't want to do anything that would disappoint Mac. Lynn has called the number Kay gave them, but the people that could help are out. Just then, Paul's phone rings.


Kay is remembering when Brock told her he had found the Lord and asked her to forgive him for what he had done in the past, when Nikki walks up. Kay tells Nikki she has Paul on the search for Brock, but there isn't much in the way of leads she could give him. Nikki tells Kay to have faith. Kay asks Nikki about Brad. Nikki claims she has tried to avoid contact with Brad, but Victor kept him on. She even told Brad she was just using him. Kay asks if Nikki's upset that Victor is keeping Brad on after what he did to Victor or what he may do to her. Kay wonders if Nikki can handle Brad, honestly. Nikki admits Brad has a way of getting under her skin. Nikki mentions Ramona and her trip to NM to check her out. Kay is concerned about Nikki. Nikki replies things with Victor are much too solid; nothing could drive a wedge between them.

Photo studio

Mal is at the photo studio when Vicki drops in. Vicki asks Mal how committed he is to Jabot. Mal says he's freelance, first come first served. Vicki wants to do some preliminary shots. Mal wants to know who has final approval and Vicki says she does. Mal starts the shoot and guesses that Vicki has done this before. Vicki admits she did when she was young and stupid. Mal wants to know more, but Vicki says maybe when she knows him better. Mal is shooting away when the camera fades to pictures of Vicki from magazines and newspapers posted all over the wall. A man reaches out and strokes one of the pictures. The magazine appears to be the one that Vicki posed nude for a few years ago.

Tuesday, August 24

Sharon, Cassie and Noah leave and let Millie and Alice have some private time. When they are alone, all they can do is stare at each other. When they find it difficult to talk to each other, Alice says that this was a mistake and starts to leave the house. However, Millie stops her and asks if she really came to see her and not Sharon. Alice tells her that she has been thinking a lot while she was alone in Madison. She regrets a lot of what has happened between them and takes the blame to herself. Millie disagrees. She says that she could have handled things a lot differently; she is especially sorry that she wasn't more patient with her. Alice then says that they both are at fault. She proudly tells her mother about her new job and Millie tells her that she is proud of her. They agree that Millie should go back home to Madison but Alice warns her mother that she has changed but essentially, she is still herself. Millie thinks that she can manage that. When Sharon and the children come back in, they share their good news. Cassie is happy for both Millie and Alice; she hugs both of them goodbye. Sharon invites both of them to come back and visit. Alice and Sharon shake hands in friendship. Alice goes up to help Millie pack.

Victor goes to Nick's office to be sure that he is straight on who is giving the orders around NE. Nick says that he understands that his dad will run the business the way he wants to so he is fine with it. He warns his dad that he was serious about how he felt about the business; he isn't going to allow the business to be the be-all-end-all in his life. So, as long as they understand each other, everything is fine between them. Sherry interrupts to say that the caller he was waiting for is on the line. Nick tells her to tell him he will call back. She questions his orders and he jumps on her about it. She leaves and Victor asks if this is about some important Newman deal. He replies that it was of no importance and gets back to their business. Victor says that he wishes Victoria would take Nick's attitude and allow him to do things the way he knows is best. He reminds Nick that he has to be on top of this Brash and Sassy deal for his sister; she will need his undivided attention. Nick says that he told Vicki he would be there for her and he will. Victor leaves and Nick rushes to the phone to get his business friend on the phone again.

Lynn tells Paul that she reached the last place where Brock worked and he is no longer there. But they told him that they heard that he was in Calcutta. She has tried to reach that agency but couldn't get through. Paul tells her to keep trying; this could be the break they were looking for.

Kay goes to Crimson lights after seeing Paul. Mac tells her that she doesn't have to pick her up; she can find her way to work and home again. Kay is sorry for "smothering" her and agrees that Mac is capable of taking care of herself. She just wants to help. Her purse begins ringing and it is Paul. He tells Kay to stop back by the office before going back home; there could be some news. She asks Mac if she would mind taking the bus home and Mac looks disgusted and asks if she really has to ride that smelly old bus home. Kay looks uncomfortable until Mac laughs and tells her that it is okay.

Jill and Billy discuss his punishment. He wonders how long he will be grounded at the estate and she asks if he has been giving the reason for his punishment any thought. He says that that is all that he can think about. He gripes about being treated like a child. He can't see what he did that was so wrong. She reminds him that what he did could have had serious consequences but he reminds her that it didn't. "You haven't learned a thing, have you?" she yells. Just then, Raul arrives and Jill leaves for work. Billy grabs the whisky (or brandy?) decanter and they go out to the pool.

Malcolm shows Victoria the proofs for the modeling session and she is pleased with his work. During his free time, Malcolm is still calling around trying to find Callie. Meanwhile, the stranger is still caressing Vicki's cover shot for the magazine.

Sharon meets Nick in the coffeehouse and wonders what was so important that he had to see her right away. Her wanted to give her the good news right here in the coffeehouse that THEY OWN! He has just got off the phone after closing the deal. All that remains is to sign the necessary papers but essentially, the place is theirs. They are both thrilled at the prospect of owning the place.

When Kay returns to Paul's office, she learns that Brock has been tracked to a small village just outside of Calcutta. Lynn is trying to call him at that time. She finally gets through but the line goes dead.

Mac arrives home and, hearing voices from the pool, goes out there to find Billy and Raul. Billy has gone to the pool house but Mac seems glad to see Raul until she notices the bottle of booze on the table. She tells Raul that he and Billy disgust her. She grabs up the bottle and glass and starts in with it when Billy comes up demanding to know what she is doing with it. She tells him that she is putting it up and Billy lets it slide. However, when she goes into the house, she is confronted by an angry Jill accuses her of drinking.

Malcolm finds the notepad at home where Callie wrote down the telephone number of the bus station. He calls the number and when they answer, he realizes that she is leaving town. "NO! Callie," he yells as he rushes out of the house.

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Wednesday, August 25, 1999

by Soap Central

Jack is on the phone talking to a fellow "anti Victor" businessman from Australia when Leanna Love walks in to the office. She flirts outrageously and asks Jack what he is up to. He remarks how good she looks and she suggests that it is time Jack took some "R and R." When she finally gets to the real reason that she is in town, Leanna admits that she is looking for financial backing for her own television show. She wants Jack to commit Newman Enterprises funds and become a "silent partner" for her new show. In return, she will do what she can to make Victor look bad in the media. Jack loves the idea but explains that he doesn't have that power anymore and that he is looking for funds himself for his Jabot deal with Victor. She is sorry to hear this but tells Jack that if he ever needs anything at all....

Paul, Kay, and Lynn are in his office on the speakerphone trying to call Brock in India. A woman on the other end tells them that he is there, just not now. He is in town getting medical supplies. Before they can leave a message for him, the line goes dead. Kay is disappointed, but Paul reminds her that at least they know where Brock is now.

Jill doesn't believe Mac's story that she found the scotch bottle out by the pool and wants to smell her breath. Mac tells Jill that SHE is the drinker! Jill orders her to leave her house. Mac reminds Jill that it is her grandmother's house too and she will stay! She accuses Jill of being mean to Kay and Billy and adds that Jill doesn't show Billy any love because she is too mean and too drunk half the time! "You think I'm mean now, you haven't seen anything yet!" Jill shouts. With her hands on her hips, Mac looks Jill straight in the face and says "I've had experience with drunks...lots of threats and they only end up hurting themselves!" Jill storms out of the room. Kay enters and asks Mac what is bothering her...Jill? Mac calls Jill a witch and tells Kay that Jill accused her of drinking. She has had enough fighting and can't be in the house with Jill another minute!

Callie is at the bus station waiting for her bus to Nashville to board when Malcolm bursts through the door to the station, sees Callie, and asks, "going somewhere?" He tells her that she's not leaving and takes her bags away from her. "I want you" he tells her. Callie informs him that she doesn't want to be "Plan B" when "Plan A" falls through!"

Nikki is at home and remembers her last conversation with Brad about how he would love to have a child with her. Victor enters the room and he tells her that he has "trouble all around him...Jack, Jill, and his own children. Seems like the only person he can rely on is Brad! He can't believe that Victoria is so opposed to Brad working with them. Doesn't his family realize that he is only using Brad and he knows "what a treacherous S.O.B. that Brad is?" Victor asks Nikki how she feels about Brad. She hedges the question and changes the subject. She wants the two of them to take a trip someplace. "Don't you remember what happen the last trip?" Victor asks. Nikki then asks Victor if he ever thinks about quitting the business all together. "You must be kidding!" he replies. He promises to spend more time with her after the deal with Jack is over. He heads upstairs and! Nikki promises to join him in a few minutes. She thinks about their "baby" conversation and his reminding her of the vasectomy that he had at HER urging. Nikki gets a number from the phone book and makes a call to a 24-hour clinic information service. She asks whether a vasectomy can ever be reversed.

Diane is at Gina's alone and lonely. She calls Marisa to join her, saying that it is important! Marisa has plans of her own and refuses to drop everything for another one of Diane's so called "important" meetings and hangs up on her. Feeling rejected, Diane looks up and sees Brad coming into the restaurant. "We must stop meeting like this!" she tells him. She invites him to join her to cheer her up. They commiserate over Jack until she changes the subject and asks Brad who this mystery woman in his life is. He denies that there is such a person. She wonders what is his reason for the secrecy. "Is she married?" Again, Brad denies all; he makes excuses and leaves. Diane speculates on the woman's identity...could it possibly be Nikki? "Oh, Bradley, are you crazy enough to play with that kind of fire?"

Billy and Raul are still out by the pool after Mac has left with the scotch bottle that Billy was drinking from. He is giving Raul advice on how to pick up girls...specifically Mac! Raul asks Billy if he has know! Billy claims that "living in NYC, you have to be a complete jerk if you aren't getting any action!" He adds that he can't wait to get back there and away from Genoa City! Jill overhears this comment as she walks up to the pool. She announces that she needs to talk to Billy alone, so Raul leaves them to make a phone call home. Jill says that she is unhappy and Billy retorts with a smart remark. She lets him know that it isn't necessary for him to tell everyone how much he hates being with his mom. "Whatever!" he tosses back at her. She smells his breath; "You've been drinking!"

Mac and Kay discuss Jill. Mac wants Kay and her to "get out together." Kay tells her that her father grew up in this house. Mac asks what he was like. Kay tells her he was much like her and gives her some of the details of their rocky relationship while he was growing up and how he had changed when he came back after leaving for several years. She credits Brock with saving her live by helping her to give up drinking. Mac wonders that if her father was this changed, caring person, why didn't he write to his own mother in the last ten years. Mac is tired and goes up to bed. Kay tries to reach Brock in India again, but gets nowhere. Jill bursts into the room and accuses Mac of corrupting Billy by giving him liquor. Kay defends Mac and warns Jill that if she pushes Mac out of the house that she will make Jill's life miserable! Jill wants to go upstairs and "have it out" with Mac right now! Kay warns Jill once more, "hassle her again and you will live to regret it!"

Callie tells Malcolm that he isn't ready to "cut Liv loose." He asks for her ticket because he is going to rip it up! Malcolm tells Callie that he and Liv are from "different planets" and that he is not the man for her. He feels comfortable with Callie; he needs her and doesn't want to lose her. He puts the necklace around her neck and whispers "please don't go." They embrace and kiss.

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Thursday, August 26, 1999

by Soap Central

Ryan surprises Tricia by preparing her a large breakfast, which he urges her to eat. She tries to tell him that while she lives him for making breakfast, she isn't hungry, but he insists. With the first bite, however, she rushes to the bathroom with a bout of morning sickness. While she is out of the room, Megan arrives. He says that he is leaving before he makes his wife any sicker. But Tricia comes back out and tells him that he could never make her sick. After Ryan leaves, Tricia tells Megan about the wonderful experience at the doctor's office the day before. Now, she says, she isn't worried about Ryan or their marriage. She mentions that he is going to see Nina right now but she isn't worried about it at all.

At the ranch, Victor and Victoria get into a heated discussion when Victor finds out that Victoria went to Malcolm for some test shots without letting Brad know. They argue about Brad's participation in Brash and Sassy. Victor insists that she needs Brad and his expertise while she insists that he is a traitor and she can't work with him. She says that she hates that every time they get together these days, they are fighting. She asks him to look at the tests shots and he does. He says that she is a beautiful woman. She says that Malcolm did a good job with the shots and he says that any photographer could do the job just as well with her as the subject. As she is leaving, he tells her to show the pictures to Brad.

Ashley and Cole return from New York with Cole complaining that she didn't have any time for him at all. She answers that she warned him before leaving that she would be very busy. Cole still can't understand why she allowed business to monopolize her time. She reminds him that when she accompanied him to New York to see his editor, she was left all alone but she didn't complain. As they are arguing, Jack comes in and makes a sarcastic remark about the lovebirds. Ashley goes upstairs but Cole remains downstairs. He bitterly turns on Jack and tells him that he will not allow him and the company to take over his life. When Jack tells him that this is a very important project that he and his sister are working on, Cole rubs the fact into Jack's nose that he is trying to take back what he lost to Victor Newman. They are ready to start swinging when Ashley comes in and separates them. Cole storms out of the house, leaving Jack and Ashley to talk about Ashley's trip. She tells him that they don't have the support that they need and it is time they talked to Jill about helping them. Jack says he isn't that desperate yet.

Sweating from the heat, Grace fantasizes about making love with Tony. Things really heat up until Tony asks her to move away from the window so that the breeze can come in to the room. She tries to come on to him but he just wants to keep her as a friend. He mentions that he is thinking of moving to his own place. He pays her back for the loan she gave him to buy tools so that he could work freelance.

Ryan arrives at Nina's apartment and finds her in a blue mood. She tells him that she and Bret broke up the night before. She says that she had considered living with him, but she just didn't have the feeling that it was right. Bret has been offered a new job and he has left. She asks Ryan if he can go with her when she picks Phillip up from camp. He wants to have a bigger role in Phillip's life. He tells her about the experience the day before when he saw his baby on the ultrasound. He thinks that it is time to tell Phillip about the new baby.

Home alone, Tricia hears a knock at the door. When she opens it, Grace is standing there. She says that it is time for them to have a progress report. Tricia isn't interested, saying that Megan and Tony aren't seeing each other any longer so it isn't a problem for her. Grace asks if she is sure. She says that she lives with Tony and she doesn't know what he is doing or with whom he is doing it.

Gina shows Nikki to a table. Nikki remembers the call she made the night before. She then takes out her cell phone and makes a call to the Urologist's office. She wants to see the doctor as soon as possible about her husband. The office manager asks her if this is an emergency. When she says that it isn't, she is told that it will be weeks before she can give her an appointment. She says that if there were a cancellation, she would like to be notified. Just then, Brad comes up and hears her talking about the doctor's appointment. He is terrified that something is wrong with her. He joins her at the table and asks her what the problem is. She tells him that it is not anything she would care to discuss with him and he assumes it is a gynecological problem. He begins talking to her about what they once had and what he believes they still have. She tells him that he is wrong; the appointment she was making was about getting pregnant with Victor's child!

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Friday, August 27

Jill visits Victor at the ranch and pleads her case to him. She feels that they are treating her unfairly and she is very upset about it. Victor won't listen. He tells her that she gave Jack a handful of aces and now he is playing a high stakes poker game because of her. She tries to explain that Jack saw that she was having a hard time with her personal life and took advantage of it and set her up with the quorum deal. Victor doesn't care, he says it was unforgivable that she could make a mistake like that. He doesn't give a damn about her personal life and he has also heard rumors that she is drinking heavily these days. She'd better get herself together. He then asks her to show herself out, he is done talking to her.

Ashley and Jack discuss whether or not to include Jill in the purchase of Jabot. They could use her 20% of the company as collateral, but Jack doesn't want her involved. Ashley thinks it is their only option but Jack does not trust Jill. The phone rings and it is Billy. He asks Jack when their father is expected back and tells him that he wants to know when his "sentence in the dungeon" will be over. Jack tells him one more week. After they hang up Jack mentions that Billy could be their key to dealing with Jill. Ashley says to stick to business and don't involve Billy.

Nina is surprised to learn that Ryan is ready to tell Phillip about the baby. She asks about his sudden decision and he tells her about seeing the heartbeat on the ultrasound. He admits that it has changed his whole attitude toward having the baby. He asks if Nina is worried about how Phillip will react. She is worried, because Phillip will also have to learn that she and Brett broke up. He was close to Brett and he will be disappointed. Phillip will also feel like the baby is a challenge to his relationship with Ryan. Ryan insists that his feelings for Phillip will not change once the baby comes. Nina agrees to do all she can to help Phillip deal with it. Ryan hugs her and leaves. After he closes the door she looks sad and whispers "Goodbye Ryan."

Megan walks into the coffee house and sees a male classmate from school. They talk for a minute about the new classes they will start. Tony comes in and notices them so he goes to the bar. When Megan's friend leaves she calls Tony over and asks why he is at the bar. He says he didn't want to interrupt or anything. She explains that it is a friend from school. Tony tells her he didn't have any work lined up today and he was hoping he would find her there. He confides that he needs to get a steady job now that the charges have been dropped. Meg says that he is a "doctor" of cars and he says he likes the sound of Dr. Viscardi. She starts to say "Mrs. Visc..." but stops before she gets it all out. They are embarrassed for a moment. He then says he also needs to get out of Graces apartment and Meg starts to suggest something but again stops herself. She apologizes for being such a blabbermouth and he says he likes to talk to her and that she has a beautiful smile.

At Tricia's apartment Grace tries to convince Tricia that they need to make a plan to keep Megan and Tony apart. Tricia is sure that they are not going to get back together, but Grace is sure they are. Grace tells Tricia that she is naive if she believes that Megan will stay away from Tony. Tricia says that Grace is paranoid. Tricia is reluctant to do anything right now but says that Grace should be the one who is in the perfect position to keep them apart since she is living with Tony. When she figures out that Tony must not be interested in Grace anymore, she realizes why Grace needs her help.

Billy is going insane hanging around the Chancellor Estate. He decides he has got to get out of there and tries to get Esther to tell him where the car keys are. She won't tell him and says she won't lie for him either. He decides to take the bus and rushes out the door before Esther can try to stop him.

Raul is watching Mac while she works. He finally goes to her for a refill as a way to start talking to her. They talk about the coffee house closing and she tells him it doesn't really matter to her. He asks if she is thinking about leaving town and she says that she can't stand living with Jill anymore. She tells him about what happened when Jill saw her with the scotch bottle. As they are talking about it Billy walks in. He comes over and Mac freaks out because he is out of the house. While she is off helping some people, Billy asks Raul if he has asked Mac out yet. He had better make his move or he will end up being her "best bud" and nothing more. Another friend comes over and tells Billy and Raul that his plan to have a Labor Day party is out the window. He then tries to talk Billy into having the party at his house.

Jill is wandering around the lab looking at everything when Ashley comes in . Ashley tells her to get away from her experiments. Jill says she had better come down from her high horse because she has a deal for her and she had better listen.

Brad is shocked to hear Nikki say that she wants to have another baby with Victor . She has a doctor appointment this afternoon to talk about it. Brad cannot believe it. He demands to know why at this stage in her life she would want to do that. He thinks it is a ploy to get Victors attention away from work and to fight her feelings for Brad. She denies this and says that she had already discussed it with Victor. Brad asks if Victor was thrilled at the idea. He doesn't think so. It is his guess that Victor doesn't even know she is pursuing it. As they are glaring at each other Victor walks in. He talks to Gina for a moment and then sees them.

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