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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 23, 1999 on GH
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Monday August 23, 1999

In the park, Jax helps a hurt Chloe. When she attempts to stand, Chloe discovers that her ankle is sprained. She and Jax are forced to spend the night in the country.

On the island, Sonny and Hannah enjoy a tropical vacation. Sonny explains to his lover how he came into his business. He tells Hannah about the Paradise Lounge and how he owns the entire island. Sonny then describes how he returned to Port Charles to find something. He tells Hannah that he has been looking for her for a long time and that he is glad that he can trust her.

At the Port Charles Grill, a representative of a music company meets with Ned, who is very concerned that Chloe is running late. When Fred, the executive, expresses dismay at Chloe's tardiness, Ned grabs Alexis and introduces her to Fred as his wife, Chloe Morgan. Alexis must think quickly when Fred decides to discuss the fashion aspects of the collaboration and fortunately, Fred is impressed with "Chloe's" ideas. When Ned notices Edward and Gertrude in the corner of the Grille, he abruptly ends the evening. Ned then tells his suspicious grandfather that Alexis just negotiated a terrific deal for L&B.

At the Spencer home, Laura and Lesley prepare for their trip to North Carolina. Laura tries hard to convince her mother that Stefan is not pressuring her to have a relationship. When Lesley questions her daughter about Luke, Laura declares that she is leaving Port Charles because if Luke were in town, he would tell her to take Lulu away so that he could safely confront Faison. After Lesley goes upstairs to help Lulu, Nikolas arrives to take his family to the airport. Laura tells her son about Faison and asks if he will accompany her to North Carolina. He denies her request and urges her to tell Stefan the complexities of her situation. Laura does not want Stefan to be drawn into her latest problem, but admits that Nikolas should alert his father if Faison attempts to contact him.

At Kelly's, Felicia and Bobbie worry about Faison's appearance in Port Charles and Luke's continued absence. Felicia is scared because Robert and Mac have many similarities that might make Mac attractive to Faison. Bobbie believes that Felicia is putting herself in danger by playing Faison's mind games. When Bobbie leaves to answer the telephone, Faison enters the restaurant and sits down with Felicia. He also receives a phone call, which he answers with the name of Herr Krieg. When Bobbie returns, she demands that Faison leave immediately. Felicia is extremely upset when she realizes that Herr Krieg is the alias that Faison uses when he works with Luke.

Hannah's mystery man finds a photograph of her with Sonny.

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Ned, Alexis, Jax and Chloe
Ned is looking for Chloe as Alexis is for Jax. They met up and find out that neither has made it back or has contacted them. Alexis is worried that Jax's family will think he is cheating on her.
Chloe is dreaming about the dancing at the Nurses Ball. Jax and her wake up in each other's arms. Chloe tries to stand and cries out as she falls again. Jax is right there to help her. She says to hold her and she could make it back to the road, Jax says they are not going anywhere without breakfast...offers her some water and chocolate. He tells her about Brenda dying...on how she said she would be back before he could miss her and then her car went over the cliff and he couldn't get there to save her. One minute out of nowhere and she was gone just like that. Chloe tells him about her father leaving and her realizing then that the roads in your life can change at any time and usually do.
She gets on his back and they start to make their way towards the road.
Ned and Alexis get to the barn and talk to the groom...just as they are going to get horses and go looking for Jax and they come...with Chloe still on his back. Ned is upset and blaming Jax for everything...Alexis is trying to defend him. They go to leave and Jax goes to let Chloe on his back again, but Ned picks her up and carries her.

Faison, Helena and Stefan
Faison is visiting with Helena again and tells her that she won't be seeing him for awhile but don't worry about it, everything will be just fine.
Tony gives Helena an exam and then tells Stefan that there is no change, and she really should be in a full time nursing home. He tells him he will think about it.
Stefan is going over the places that Helena could go...mentions Texas and then Switzerland. Says that she could go to the same place that her cure is, but then says no...she will stay right here with him. Unknown is that Faison has been listening in and knows everything now. He picks up the phone and books a flight to Switzerland.

Bobbie and Felicia
Bobbie gives Felicia a rough time about not telling Mac that Luke is doing business with Faison. Bobbie thinks Mac should be told because he could find Luke. Felicia says that Luke is out there alone and she wants to watch his back. Bobbie says that he has been having these adventures for 20 years, he may know who Faison is and is setting him up. Bobbie tells Felicia that Luke can't be saved...she has tried. Felicia goes to leave Kelly's and runs into Faison. She asks him what he has done to Luke? He says he just came to say good bye...puts on his sun glasses and leaves.

Nikolas, Liz and Katherine
Nikolas is looking in the wanted ads for a job. He tells Liz that he is starting to believe that Katherine is pregnant with his child. Liz says that is the oldest trick in the book. He tells her that is why she believes it...because she would not lie if she would get caught and his father would do every DNA test in the book so it has to be his child. He says he wants to set a good example for the child, not fall back on his family's money but to show you have to work. He also says that he grew up with only one parent and he wants to be there for his child.
Katherine meets with the doctor, she tells him everything is a go, she was to get pregnant as soon as posible. The doctor tells Katherine that the eggs are already fertilized and just has to be harvested now. That they should be able to do that by the end of the week.
Nikolas comes back to Kelly's to see Liz, he is down about the job interview. She offers to look over his resume and to do some test interviews with him.

Edward and Gertude
The two of them are talking about Chloe and Ned's marriage. Edward says Ned is using Chloe and her company to build an empire for himself and turn his back on ELQ and he is not going to let that happen. He says the four of them...meaning Ned, Chloe, Jax and Alexis all married people when they actually love another.
Gertude comes in and tells Edward that Chloe and Jax never made it back last night. Edward is upset that Chloe is with Jax, but Gertude thinks that they are playing right into their hands.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Emily was thrilled when Alan and Monica agreed to let her see Juan on a limited basis. Later, Emily, Juan, Liz and Nikolas made plans to see Morley perform at Jake's. Nikolas told Liz that he had decided to stop fighting Katherine in order to try to make the situation work. Hannah suggested to Sonny that he start being honest with his feelings towards Juan. Hannah enjoyed Sonny's casino and suspected that he had arranged for her to win big at the tables. Later, Sonny and Hannah made love. Tony gave Katherine an update on Helena's condition. Felicia attempted to reach Luke through Jason, who decided to start investigating Faison. A concerned Felicia asked Taggert to keep an eye on Mac. Morley's concert at Jake's was a smashing success.

Thursday, August 26

Ned and Chloe
Ned is listening to music and Chloe comes down the stairs just getting up and it is noon. Chloe thinks they have a problem because Alexis played her...Ned told her they would handle whatever problem it cause when they have to. Ned and Chloe get back from a meeting and he is rubbing her ankle, you can tell they are growing closer. She tells Ned that at first she thought Jax was all gloss, a playboy, but he is not like that at all. They leave to go for dinner. We see a man enter there gatehouse to put in the surveillance equipment for Edward.

Jason, Edward and AJ
Jason walks in on Edward talking to Gertude on the phone. He overheads him saying he has a fool proof plan to show up Ned's marriage for what it really is. He turns to Jason and tells him that when he cut off ties with the family that he lost his eavesdropping privileges and also the freedom to come and go as he wants. Jason tells him that it is not his fault he is here, he got a message marked urgent. Edward says it was not from him. AJ comes in and thanks Jason for ruining his honeymoon. AJ and Edward start to give Jason a hard time about the slow down at ELQ. Jason says he has nothing to do with it, but tells them he has a plan to help. Edward asks to see it and AJ is unhappy. Edward tells Jason that he is on the board he will lose money if he doesn't help them, talk to an union friend, but Jason says no....but gives him a plan to negotiate. Edward tries to play Michael against Jason, but Jason sees threw it, he says he gave Michael up so they could not use him as a pawn and he hopes Michael learns early about what Edward is really like. Lila tells Edward that he has to stop bothering Ned and Chloe or he will drive Ned away for good. Gertude comes in and he says he has changed his mind and thinks they should just let nature take it's course, she gets him to tell her the plan he had and convinces him to follow it. AJ leaves to go back to Carly and Michael.

Liz is watching Emily and Juan dancing and she thinks back to her and Lucky looks like she is going to cry. She ask Bobbie if she can leave and is told sure go ahead. She goes up to her room, puts on Lucky's shirt and then lies on the bed and cries. She starts looking at all the things that she has from her life with Lucky and starts to cry again. Then she gets all dressed up and goes out to a bar.

  • Sonny and Juan
    Sonny tries to talk to Juan but Juan is not making it easy. Emily convinces him to go with Sonny and talk. They go to Lily's grave. Juan said he didn't have to bring him here...he knows his mother is dead. Sonny starts by telling Juan how much Lilly love him and never wanted to give him up. Then Sonny tells him the true story about why he married Lily and why Lily got killed. Juan looks at him and says My mother died because of you.

    Felicia and Mac and Faison
    Bobbie wants Felicia to tell Mac that they think Luke is doing business with Faison, so they can find Luke and tell him. Felicia asks Bobbie what would Luke think if he heard that Bobbie wanted to turn him over to the police. Mac comes in and tells Felicia that Faison has left Bay City, Felicia that must be why he said good bye to her a couple of days ago. Mac is upset that she never told him that she saw Faison again. They talk about the situation and the fact that he is just waiting for them to make a mistake. Mac tells her that when they got married he got everything he wanted in life and he is not going to give that up. Faison is in Switzerland and gets in to where the cure for Helena is. He gets left alone with the computer and gets the information he needs, he says that this will kill her or cure her either way it will solve her problem.

  • Friday, August 27, 1999

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