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Monday, August 23, 1999

Sara walks into Shockwave and Tim says we are not open till dinner time. Sara says good I want to talk to you, I want you to tell me what you are up to with Tess. He told her nothing. Meg comes in and Sara says Meg help me with this. Tim leaves and Meg doesn't want to help Sara anymore cause it will lead to Maria, and she doesn't want to deal with that. Sara asks what's wrong that she was fine last night. Meg told Sara that she quit her job. Sara says it was the right thing to do. Meg says it is, Sara says yeah it is easier not to have to see Ben all day, like she doesn't have to see Casey. Hank and Joan come in and tell them that Shockwave is closed till dinner. Then know Meg tells them that she needs to tell them something. Sara says she will leave them alone and told Meg to hang in there, Meg says the same thing back to her. When Sara is outside of the Shockwave she told herself to bad I can't count on Meg but I will find out what Tim and Tess are up to or die trying. Meg told them that she quit working with Ben. They agree that it's best too. Meg told them she is thinking of opening her own business but will help work at Shockwave when they need her. Meg told them that she would like to be alone to think. They leave.

Tess sees Ben and Benjy playing toss football and says what a sweet view. Tess says this is the perfect time to talk to Ben about making sure Benjy is in the will, that Maria isn't home and if something were to happen to Ben that Benjy would get Ben's estate. Ben is throwing the ball at Benjy when Casey catches it. Benjy asks Casey to play, Casey says all right, but Ben says we don't have time, remember you are going school shopping with Tess and your mom. Benjy went inside to see Tess. Ben told Casey that they have something to settle concerning Meg. Casey says there is nothing to settle you slept with Maria. Ben told Casey I just want her to be happy. Ben says make sure she is happy. Casey says he will. Ben leaves. Casey says outloud Meg will be happy when she gets over you.

While Benjy is upstairs getting something. Tess told Ben that she knows he wouldn't do what Gregory did to his son by leaving him out of the will. Ben says that he and Gregory go way back and that wasn't like him at all. Tess just wants to make sure that Benjy is covered, Ben told her it's not her place. She apologizes and Benjy comes downstairs he couldn't find what he was looking for she says it's okay and they leave to go shopping. Ben says I don't trust her, I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

Sara catches up with Tim and pesters him more about telling him what he is up to with Tess. He told her that there is nothing going on and that she better back off or, and Casey says or what Tim. Tim told him to just make sure she backs off. Sara told Casey that he didn't have to do that, he says he knows but he was just trying to help. Sara told him your not my night in shining armor anymore, your Megs. He tries to stop her from leaving and she says we said good-bye lets leave it at that.

Meg is at Shockwave and she has a fantasy that Ben runs into Shockwave and that it was a mistake that he never slept with Maria he loves Meg not Maria and they kiss. Meg wakes up from her fantasy. and the door opens she calls out Ben but it isn't Ben it's Casey.

Gabi asks Ricardo why he talks with Maria but not her, she asks him if he hates her. Antonio comes in and Gabi stands up and says you do hate me. Antonio says what are you doing, She says I know that he hates me, Antonio says it's just stress they go outside to talk. Antonio says it's just stress that Ricardo doesn't know about them making love. Gabi wants Antonio to ask him why he doesn't talk to either of them. He says ok. Gabi went inside to get dressed and Antonio asks him why he doesn't talk to Gabi or him. Gabi comes back and Ricardo says hate you both, for seeing me like this, he says hate for being a burden. Gabi told him that they both love him and that he isn't a burden. Gabi walks Antonio out, and he told her see Ricardo doesn't know and he never will, Gabi is relieved. Ricardo thinks that Antonio and Gabi are saying, I am glad Ricardo doesn't know the truth about us, Gabi tells him I thought Maria and Carmen told him, Antonio says I told you Carmen and Maria are on our side. Gabi says I will meet you tonight if I can get away from Ricardo, and they laugh. Back to reality, Ricardo says they all turned against me even my sister and my mother they will all pay for what they have done to me.

Sean says Amy what are you doing, she told him she is leaving, that she wants Sean to be happy, and that she doesn't want to be the reason that Emily and Sean breakup. Sean says where are you going, she says to her aunt kitty's. Amy asks Sean to finish helping her pack, he agrees. She put love potion in his iced tea. Sean says what are you trying to pull, she says what do you mean, he sees that her address book is empty, she confesses that there in no aunt kitty. he says no kidding. He offers to get her some wine, she says she would rather have her iced tea, he gets it for her, she says are you going to drink yours, he says in a minute, she comes on to him and he went to get his drink and drinks it, he gets dizzy and she asks him if he is all right, he says yeah i think i drank my iced tea too fast, or something, I got a head freeze. Amy says she has to leave that she has gotten real close with Emily and that Sean is her best friend and she just wants him to be happy. He tells her Cole knows, she says now I am definitely leaving. Sean says that Cole won't say anything, Sean says is there anything I can do, she says I want one last kiss, they kiss and they end up making love. Sean says oh my god I did it again.

Sara knocks on the door and Ben lets her in and Sara says before you throw me out listen to what I have to say. Ben says is it about Meg, she says no, she looks around and says it's about Tess.

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Tim warns an aggravated Tess that Sara's interrogations are growing dangerous. Casey told Meg about his unpleasant encounter with Ben on the beach. Meanwhile, Sara suggests to Ben that his son's nanny has been conspiring with Tim to ruin the romances of both Cummings sisters. When she theorizes that Maria has been pulling the strings behind the scenes, Ben angrily denies that the mother of his child could be so devious. A mortified Sean told Amy he's no better than his philandering father now that he's betrayed his girlfriend yet again. Casey and Meg discuss their predicament and agree that it would be silly for such good friends to avoid all contact with one another. Tess reassures a disgruntled Tim that her feelings for him are genuine. Brad's admiration for Emily grows stronger. A lonely Annie begins to feel like she doesn't have a friend in the world. Ben wonders if Sara's accusations might be not credible after all when he learns that Tess has been making inquiries about his will. Amy brags to an irked Brad about bedding Sean a second time.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Caitlin has a dream that Cole and Olivia come in her room, and that Olivia has something to tell her, she says that she may be his birth mom but that Caitlin is her real mom. Caitlin is overjoyed, she thanks her mom, and told Trey how much she loves him. Then Cole yells Caitlin's name and she wakes up. Cole asks if she is okay, she says yes I was just having a day dream. He asks if it was about their trip to Santa Barbara. She says yeah that was a wonderful trip, he says just wonderful, she says I can't find the words to describe it. Cole told her that Olivia is going to watch Trey so they can go out.

Bette is cleaning up the house all nervous and excited about her date with AJ. There is a knock at the door she is so happy that she is going go out with AJ. She opens the door and says oh Olivia. Olivia says thanks Bette. Bette asks what she is doing here. She says I just came to pick something up that you keep hounding me about. There is a knock at the door it's AJ, he asks Bette if she is ready for their date. Olivia doesn't look happy. AJ went to check on his messages. Bette says what Olivia we have been friends for a long time, it's just two friends going out. Olivia says then why wasn't I invited. when AJ comes back, Bette asks if she is ready, she just has to go upstairs and get her purse. Olivia told AJ that she was mad that she was a prisoner in her own home by him. He says well your the one who tried to run off with Trey. She thanks him for saving her from herself, he says someone had to. Olivia told AJ how much she likes him and told him that she will cook dinner for him. Bette comes back, and AJ says I am going out with Bette. Olivia says Bette is invited too. Olivia asks Bette if that is okay. She says if it is okay with AJ. Olivia says that's a given. Bette doesn't look to happy about it though.

Annie is looking at herself in the mirror saying how hot she is, when Cole comes downstairs. Annie told him that they make a good team and they should be friends, he says after she tried to take Trey's inheritance, the only thing he wants from her is to put a wall up between them. Annie decides he isn't worth begging and it's a guy's turn to beg so she leaves. Caitlin comes down and he thinks she looks beautiful. AJ, Bette, and Olivia come in. Cole and Olivia discuss parental things, like he has watched enough of the movie he is watching and his blanket is finally in the washer. Cole and Caitlin are about to leave when rose comes in and says Cole good your still here Trey is upset he needs you. Both Cole and Olivia go to see what is wrong, they think he was his seal, so they look in a book and show him a picture of a seal. AJ says he is sorry to Bette, she says for what for agreeing to come here he says lets go out on our date and give Olivia a rain check, this makes Bette very happy and they leave. Caitlin says that's not what he wants. She gives Trey his wheels, a toy. Caitlin gives it to him and he is happy. Caitlin is holding him when Olivia says you guys should get going I can take it from here, but Caitlin doesn't budge. Cole says come on Caitlin lets go. Olivia says give me back my son, but Caitlin doesn't move.

Ben and Maria tell Tess they need to talk to her. Tess says she is sorry she is late, Maria says this is a serious talk we need to have. Ben says that since Benjy is starting school that she can leave since he won't need her around. Tess says when, Ben says by Christmas by the earliest. She says okay and went to leave to go look on Benjy. Maria says what is going on you changed the subject I thought you were going to yell at her for asking us about the will. He says she would just deny anything so I just want to find what she is up to. He told her he is going to Seattle. Ben went upstairs and see Tess, he startles her and she drops a box she is holding he went to pick it up and she yells leave it alone it's mine. He asks if she is okay she says yes and that she just overreacted. He leaves and she says that was close. Ben goes downstairs Maria says the next flight to Seattle isn't until tomorrow morning, he says he wanted to leave sooner, he told her that Tess is definitely up to something. He asks her to book a flight for him, she says okay, he says he has something he has to take care of. Maria is booking the flight when Tess comes downstairs and Asks oh I didn't know Ben was going anywhere, where is he going.

Casey has two movies for them to watch the wedding singer and waterboy they end up watching the wedding singer. Meg told Casey that he makes the best popcorn he says it's just microwave, she says that she always burns it, he goes on about having the right microwave and timing it just right. Casey thinks to himself great I am talking about popcorn what I really want to talk about is us. Meg says this is the best movie, she thinks to herself, who am I kidding. Casey says are you sure, he thinks of course she is not the movie reminds her of losing Ben. They say that the movie is about different characters going from friends to more than friends they both think to themselves great I'm trying to hit on him/her. Meg says she is going to get some more popcorn and Casey says no I will get it and knocks over the popcorn. Meg says we cant' do it we can't be friends like we use to, Casey says yes we can it will work, he gets a call and says he has to take it. Meg says they have to talk he says he will be back. There is a knock on the door and she thinks it's Casey but it's Ben.

Thursday, August 26, 1999

The Deep:
The guy from the bar attacks Annie and a stranger comes out of no where. He grabs Annie and the fights the guy. The guy runs off and Annie is trying to talk to the guy. The guy just turns to her and says that he gonna get a drink. Annie went into the deep with him and asks many question about the guy such as where he came from and how did he know that she needed help?. Anyway the guy told Annie that with a stupid stunt like the one she had just pulled he just knew that something was going to happen. The guy ask the bartender to send a couple of drinks to the corner table for himself and his lady (meaning Annie). The sat and talked and then Annie wanted to know his name. He refuse to tell her then she decided to go and order the best whine they had just when she got up to the counter she asked the bartender for the best whine hey had for her and her friend. The bartender said 'what friend" Anne turned around to realize the guy was gone. By the time she turned back to the bartender he had already opened the bottle and told her $300.00. So she called Maria to come and help her out. Maria came down to the deep and let Annie off the hook. she asked Annie what the guy was like and she told her that he was the leather jacket tight t shirt wearing type that shows the muscles and jeans type of guy. Maria told her that she thought she was not the jean type kind and Annie told her that she isn't

Surf Central:
Maria was sitting in front the television all alone when the door bell rang. She answered and it was Ben telling her that he was leaving the country and that he hear that she was resigning from work. Meg told he that it was bull, that they both know that he didn't come over to tell her that so come clean. So Ben told her that he was going to Seattle to find out about Tess because she got information from her sister (Sara). Meg invited him in and asked what Sara had to do with it. he told her and then Meg told him that next time he should call before coming over because its so hard for her to see him. Then she told him that Casey and her and not in anything because she could not start another relationship Ben left thinking about how maybe its not over afterwards.

Evans Residents:
Tess was trying to find out from Maria where Ben was off to. Then Benjy came down stairs. So Maria went over to Benjy and he told her that he had a bad dream about his daddy not being there. Tess took him upstairs and then Ben walk through the door. He asked Maria if she had booked his flight. She did. she told be the he should go up and see Benjy before he leave because of his dream. Just then the phone rang and Maria said that it was late and that it could be Gabi and that she hoped Ricardo was ok. but it was Annie calling form the deep. Maria left and Tess came down the stairs and to ask Ben where he was going and Ben wanted to know why she wanted to know, why she cared? and Tess told him that Benjy is going to ask and so he told her San Francisco she did not believe it.

  • The Richards Residence:
    Caitlin, Cole and Olivia were in Trey's room and Olivia told Caitlin that it was time for her to put Trey to bed. Caitlin gave Trey to her mother and told Cole that she was tired and no longer wanted to go out. Cole was about go after her but Olivia stopped him and told him that she was gonna be ok. She told him that taking Caitlin away was good because it made her feel loved but he didn't take her away for long enough to make her realized that they had a child together. Then she offered them a get away trip and Cole refused because he thinks that she might try to run off with Trey again. They both left his room. Cole went to his room and Caitlin was there and he noticed that she was crying. they went to bed and she later got up and went to Trey's room and held him

    AJ and Bette:
    AJ and Bette are sitting having the most lovely dinner when they started thinking about how Olivia will hit the roof when she realized that they had gone. Bette acts like the love of her life is AJ. AJ's phone rings and on the other end of the line was Olivia softly talking and wishing AJ was there. AJ answer her with short answers because he really does not care, and quickly speeds her off the phone. They continue there dinner. And later left.

    AJ's Residence:
    The strange guy at the deep that was talking to Annie showed up at AJ's door. AJ said that he was late.

  • Friday, August 27, 1999

    Olivia is holding Trey when Rose comes in and told Olivia that Caitlin wanted me to ask you if Trey's clothes were brought up from the laundry. Olivia says yes they were, but I would have taken care of it anyway I am his mother not Caitlin. Caitlin comes in and Olivia says good morning. Caitlin asks Olivia if she can pick up Trey. Olivia says yes, you don't have to ask. Caitlin said I just didn't want you to think I was going to run of with Trey. Olivia suggest that Caitlin and Cole go on a vacation, so Caitlin can adjust to Trey not being hers. Caitlin says you just want me not here. Olivia says you are my child I don't want you not here. Caitlin apologizes for overreacting. Olivia asks Caitlin if she would like to go shopping for clothes with Trey. She says of course she would, and thanks her mom for inviting her. They get something to eat at Shockwave. Joan told them that Trey is a handsome boy. They both say thank you. Olivia realizes that she is supposed to be at a meeting, and that she has to get Trey home. Caitlin says she will do it. Caitlin went I am sorry if I am over stepping the boundaries. Olivia says no it's not that. of course you can take Trey. A woman comes by and says to Caitlin I remember you, Caitlin says what. The woman says I saw you yesterday at the beach with your son. When the woman is gone Caitlin tells her mom that it was a mistake. Olivia says it's okay. Caitlin says I am just going to get a refill for Trey's milk. The woman returned and asks if Olivia is the grandmother. She says no I am his mother. She says but the other girl said she was his mother. Olivia says well you misunderstood. Caitlin returned and the woman says no she told me she was his mother.

    Maria loans Annie a million dollars. Maria says make sure it lasts longer than a day. Annie told Maria that she should push getting together with Ben. Maria says no when the time is right he will want to be with me. Maria told Annie that Ben is going on a trip. Annie says where to. Tess is listening in, Maria says you can't tell anyone where it is. Annie sees Tess and Tess comes out and says I didn't want to interrupt you I was just going upstairs. Maria says don't let us keep you. Annie says is it just me or is she one weird chick. Maria says it's not just you. Maria says Ben is just going on a business trip. They talk about the guy at the club and Annie says that she would like to find a sweet guy. Maria says that Money and power isn't going to make up for love. Maria told Annie that she loves her. Annie says I am glad you came back. Bette knocks on the door and Annie isn't too happy to see her. Bette asks for Ben. Maria says that he isn't here, he is down at work. Annie runs out. Bette went after her and Annie says that she is mad that Bette always takes Olivia's side. Bette told Annie that she loves her. Annie says she has to go to a meeting, she was down here cause she thought she might run into AJ. Bette is AJ where. Annie can tell by the way that Bette was looking for AJ that she has feelings for him.

    Ben told someone that he is going away and that someone should look after something, Jude says he will do it. Ben says good and who the hell are you. AJ says he is Jude. Ben says oh your the guy that AJ has been talking to me about. Ben says he can't go to the meeting and that he has something he has to take care of. Jude says too bad he really wanted him at the meeting. AJ says I hope you take care of what you need to. Ben says thanks and they leave. AJ/Bette/Annie/Jude:
    Bette sees AJ and Jude, and likes what she sees, AJ says Bette is shy when she first gets to know you. Jude is like sure. Jude leaves to go. AJ says yeah he is a perfect guy. Bette says that AJ is the perfect guy and tries to explain what she just said when Annie comes by and Bette excuses herself so Annie can talk with AJ. Annie wants to have more stock, she is trying to make a deal with AJ when Jude shows up and says that isn't going to happen. Annie says oh it's you. Sean/Emily:
    Sean told Emily he wants to talk to her alone. When they are alone he gives her an expensive black pearl necklace and says thank you but it's so expensive why did you get it for me, he says I just wanted you to know how much I love you. He then shows her tickets to Hawaii, and all she has to say is yes. She asks him what this is about, she says are you trying to propose to me. He says no that they are too young, but he would like to someday, Emily is happy to hear that, she thought that she was loosing him, he says the same thing. Brad/Amy:
    Amy asks Brad if he told Emily about Sean and her making love, he says no, Amy says good, but I don't lie when I say I am going to do something. Brad says I don't want to see Emily hurt, Amy says me either, But I belong with Sean. Amy thinks that Brad still wants her. Brad says no way, Brad says it is time that Emily knew the truth like now. They see Emily and Sean together and he went to them and Amy says no. Ben/Maria/Benjy/Tess:
    Ben comes home and Maria asks if he took care of everything he says yes. Benjy says your not leaving are you. Maria says she will give them time to talk. Ben says that yes he is and he pulls out a blue crayon that Benjy gave him cause blue is Ben's favorite color. Ben says that whenever he is missing Benjy he will put out the crayon, and look at it. Ben gives Benjy a coin, and Benjy says and when I am missing you I will pull out the coin and look at it. Tess asks Maria to come in her room that she has something to ask her about Ben's trip. Tess says it's time you told me what was going on. Maria says it's just a trip. Tess says yeah Ben told me that he was going to Sacramento it really is nice this time of year, Maria says yeah it is and leaves. Tess now knows that they are lying to her. Benjy and Maria walk Ben out, and Tess says if you are going to Seattle be afraid be very afraid.

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