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Passions Recaps: The week of August 23, 1999 on PS
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Monday, August 23, 1999

After a long weekend of suspense, we find Sheridan and Luis still at each other's throats. Luis continues to run into Sheridan at every turn despite his attempts to avoid her altogether. At the coffee shop, Luis reunites with Beth, a new character that is revealed to us as his old girlfriend from high school. Beth has the misfortune of witnessing a confrontation between the rich lady the law man as they play Chip N Dale over the last blueberry muffin in the shop. When the two of them have more harsh words, they are sure they have seen the last of one another for the day. NOT! Before she can leave the youth center, she is introduced to the director, whom is none other than Officer Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald.

This comes as a shock to her as up to this point she is being led to believe that the man she is speaking with is the director. Hank Bennett, the younger brother of police chief Sam Bennett has blown back into town and crossed the path of Ms. Crane. The conversation is laced with hints that little brother Hank has led a less than perfect life. He had been referred to as the "prodigal brother" by Sam and been welcomed back to Harmony after what has apparently been a long absence. Sam seems less than delighted at his brother's arrival in town. Hank claims that he has changed, for the better. Meanwhile, he has managed to charm Sheridan almost as much as Luis. After fixing her car, Hank manages to run into Sheridan several more times that day. At the youth center where he practically has her donating money in lieu of her community service before she is surprised by Luis. Sheridan's day has become almost comical as she takes turns running into both of these men back and forth. Little does she know that Hank Bennett is making plans for the two of them. Nor does she realize that the two of them are old friends, both falling for her.

Miguel is happy to see Charity another time before she is forced to move. She offers him her lucky charm necklace to remember her by. Her mother, Faith, calls the Bennett home and speaks again to Grace. Concerned for her daughter, Faith takes comfort in the stranger's words again regarding her daughter's safety. Grace sends Jessica over to Miguel's to let her know her mother is looking for her. Jessica is delighted to see Charity and Miguel together again as she knows how much her sister Kay wants him to herself. She offers to take them back to her house to speak to Grace. She knows of course that her mother is not home, but at the shop. Miguel is in for a surprise.

Meanwhile, at the Bennett home, Kay and Simone are busy making Kay over with a new hair color and a facial. Kay is happy because she has gotten even with her sister for bringing Miguel and Charity back together. She sent an e-mail to Mrs. Crump, a hateful old teacher that Jessica doesn't care for. The e-mail is a message to Mrs. Crump begging her to put Jessica into her class. She returns the message to Jessica confirming her enrollment. Jessica is furious at her sister's actions. When she sees the two love birds together, she brings them home to say hello to Kay. Kay is now covered in a mud mask; her hair is curled up in aluminum foil as she dreams of Miguel confessing his feelings for her, now that she is blonde, like Charity. As she awakens from her daydream, Kay is ready to see her new look. Unfortunately, Simone is no hair stylist, and her hair is falling out in large clumps. She begins screaming in fright. Enter Charity and Miguel!

Faith is about to log on to the computer to look for her sister. Grace has a flashback of childhood with her and a twin playing a game. She passes out on the floor of the shop until Sam comes in and finds her. Together they log on and enter the chat room. He sees that "SEEKER" is in and they begin to ask questions. Grace is told that she has family and it is 'SEEKER"

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Frank tried to convince both Ethan and his mother, Ivy, that Theresa and Whitney were hiding information and protecting the stalker. Theresa and Whitney both were scared that he would expose them to the Cranes. Theresa managed to fake passing out and Whitney took her to put cold water on her face. While they were out of the room they agreed that they would continue to tell the same story of how the girl that Frank was looking for had moved with her family to South America. Finally Ethan and Ivy told Frank to leave the girls alone that neither of them would complicate the investigation. The girls drew a sigh of relief, but Frank obviously was not convinced that they were lying about the stalker.

Luis and Sheridan continued to argue at the youth center and Luis tried to change her community service to anywhere but there. The judge refused to change Sheridan's location and they are now stuck working together throughout her 100 hours. Hank did ask her out to eat at the Lobster Shack and she accepted. He attempted to make peace between the feuding duo, but was unable to succeed. Hank suggested that Sheridan be allowed to make the donation to the center, but Luis blew up at the idea and Sheridan tore up the check she had written out. Despite their protest, it is obvious that they are drawn to one another.

Grace went online again and was connected with Seeker. Upon asking more questions, Grace discovered that Seeker was actually her long lost twin sister, Faith. They exchanged information and realized that they were in adjoining towns and near to one another. Faith realized that Grace was really her sister and advised her of the evil forces that had separated them and that were near her in Harmony.

Miguel and Charity were at the Bennett home where they were all brainstorming ways of finding Charity's aunt. Kay was doing everything she could to create trouble and offer negative comments on the chances that she would ever find her long lost aunt. It was Simone who finally realized that Grace was Charity's aunt, even though Charity has never mentioned her aunt's name outloud. Simone told Kay of her suspicions that her mother was the sister, but Kay thought it was ridiculous. Simone also pointed out that Grace and Charity had never looked at one another face to face and that during every one of Charity's visits that the two of them kept missing one another. Kay became upset at the thought that Charity might actually be her own cousin and became even more convinced that Charity and her mother must not meet, just in case. Jessica attempts to tell her mother about Charity, but Sam tells her she is too busy and to bring Miguel and Charity by at a later time. Jessica leaves as her mother is communicating online to her sister.

Timmy was in mourning at finding Tabitha lifeless on the floor. He attempted to awaken her with no luck. Convinced that his maker was dead, he sat and remembered their most bonding times together as the music played. Scenes flashed back as Timmy recalled being thrown from the bike onto the payment, being put in the dryer going round and round, attacking the girl in the park, being rescued from the water, the objects in the tent and he and Tabby floating in the air, the celebration dance of Timmy and Tabby upon realizing Charity was gone, and other times he spent with Tabitha. It was comical that most of Timmy's memories were of him being mistreated by the witch, but after all, she's all Timmy has, she was his reason for living. He jumps out of his daydream and tries to perform CPR on Tabby with no results. The pulls out a Timmy sized baby grand piano and plays Auld Lang Syne. Finally he snaps and realized that without Tabitha to protect him and with Charity next door, he must make tracks. He packs and says his final good-byes to Tabby. Just as he is ready to leave, Tabitha wakes up and he screams outload, "She's alive, alive!" They discuss Charity's return to Harmony and Tabitha sets out to keep her from running into her Aunt Grace.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

As they chat on the Internet, Grace is puzzled by Faith's insistence that the forces of darkness are closing in on her. A persistent Frank presses Theresa and Whitney for the truth about the stalker. At the Youth Center, Hank attempts to mediate the verbal sparring match raging on between Luis and Sheridan. With Tabitha out of the house, Timmy decides the time is right to permanently settle his dispute with Fluffy. Kay hides the picture of her mother to keep Charity from claiming that Grace is related to her. Tabitha barges into Grace's shop just in time to prevent her from recognizing a 300-year-old portrait of a certain witch. Sheridan defiantly informs Luis that she can handle the tough kids who frequent the Youth Center despite the fact that they come from opposite sides of the track. Theresa breathes a sigh of relief when Ethan orders Frank to stop pestering Ivy's personal assistant. On the run from a vengeful Fluffy, Timmy seeks refuge in the forbidden basement but soon realizes he's gone from the frying pan straight into the fire. Whitney worries that Frank will never stop digging until he's unearthed the "stalker's" identity. Faith is terrified when flames suddenly shoot out of her laptop along with Tabitha's demonic threats against Charity.

Thursday, August 26, 1999

Timmy shudders to hear Tabitha declare that she has a new plan for eliminating Charity. Meanwhile, Faith tells her disappointed daughter they must leave the area immediately to evade the evil which shadows them. Frank is irked to learn that the girl at the country club lied to him. As her hearing convenes, a confident Sheridan assures Ethan that the chief witness for the prosecution will go easy on her. Luis, however, assumes that Sheridan lodged the sexual harassment charge and bitterly insists that the scofflaw pay for her crimes. Desperate to keep Charity in his life, Miguel appeals to Grace for help convincing Mrs. Standish not to move away. Later, Grace is pleased when Tabitha volunteers to help out at the Harmony Youth Center. Ivy decides to dig for the dirt on why her husband seemed so rattled by his encounter with T.C. Sheridan is fined $1000 and sentenced to 100 hours of community service. Charity decides to go back to Harmony to drop off her teddy bear magic charm with Miguel. Frank corners Theresa and Whitney. Aboard the bus, Charity is excited to catch a glimpse of her mother's identical twin.

Friday, August 27, 1999

Harmony's own Inspector Colombo, Frank Lomax secretly follows Whitney and Theresa to the docks. He has to leave to respond to a beep from Ethan before he can see Theresa sans disguise, but his lookout informs him that neither of the girls was frumpy. At some point it's going to occur to Frank that either the lookout has bad taste in women or Theresa isn't quite what she seems to be. Theresa teases Whitney about her attraction to Frank. At the same time Theresa is also still harboring hopes that she has a chance with Ethan. Whitney tells Theresa to forget Ethan and look for someone who will appreciate her. Now that Ethan is free of the stalker situation Gwen, still smacking herself over having rejected him once, puts the screws on him to get another shot at a marriage proposal. Ethan promises her that he will marry her when it is right for both of them.

Faith tells Charity to leave Harmony before the powers of darkness get her. Sam moves to investigate talking Timmy, but Tabitha stops him before he can look too close. Tabitha then fakes chest pains to keep Grace from meeting Charity. (So near and yet so far) When Eve arrives Grace tells her friend that she has found her sister and is learning about her past. Once again the spirit board begins to move. Timmy warns Tabitha that Grace's powers caused the spirit board to move again. Simone tries to show Charity the photo of Grace, but Kay steps in and stops her. Charity and Miguel return to the Lopez-Fitzgerald house and prepare for him to take her home. Theresa and Whitney encourage Miguel to find a way to keep Charity in Harmony.

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