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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 23, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, August 23, 1999

Georgia is walking through the Walsh mansion talking to her stuffed animal that her mother gave her before she disappeared. She is saying that she wishes that she had someone to talk to, but Sam is gone and Aunt Lu is still in the rehab center. Then she hears someone from behind her and she turns around and Lucinda is there in her wheel chair. She runs over to her and wants to hug her. She asks Rolf if it would be OK and he says yes. She hugs Lucinda and tells her how much she has missed her. Rolf leaves and Georgia sits down to talk with Lucinda. She starts to tell her about Eddie. Lucinda makes a face. Georgia reminds her that she sent letters to Lucinda telling her about she and Eddie. Lucinda says, "When?" Georgia asks if she means when did they get together? Georgia tells her that they just woke up one day and realized that they were meant to be together. She tells Lucinda that she has a problem, she is holding back some information from Eddie about his father. She says that she knows who his father is and if he was doing that to her she would be very upset with him. She adds that Alec Wallace has other ideas. Lucinda says, "Alec Wallace?" Georgia tells her that Alec is Eddie's father. She looks at Lucinda and tells her thanks. Lucinda says, "What?" Georgia tells her that just talking to her she know now what she has to do.

Eddie is working on the books at the club. Alec walks in and makes a comment about Eddie looking rather peaked. Alec asks him if he is sleeping? Eddie says that he hasn't been sleeping much lately and the private investigator that Margo helped him find woke him up in the middle of the night to tell him that he is getting close to finding out who is his father. Alec tells Eddie that he has been working too hard lately and he needs to take some time off. Alec gives Eddie some keys and says that they are to his cabin in the woods. He wants Eddie to take some time off and go enjoy himself and unwind. Eddie says that he can't go because the P.I. is going to be calling him. Alec says that he will have all the calls forwarded to his cell phone and when he gets the call he will make sure Eddie is notified. Eddie agrees. Georgia comes in and she tells Eddie that her Aunt Lu is home again. Eddie says that is fantastic, but does that mean that she can't go away with him for a weekend getaway? Georgia says that she could probably work it out to go with him. Alec tells Eddie to go check out the stock room before he goes away for the weekend. Eddie leaves and Georgia tells Alec that he will tell Eddie that he is his father before they leave for the weekend or she will tell him while they are gone. Alec is not happy and when Eddie comes back in the room, Alec tells him that there is something that he needs to say to him. Alec is beating around the bush and then they hear a crash. Eddie says that the beer truck ran into the building again. Georgia says that she will take care of it and Eddie says that he has to go take a look. When he is gone, Alec tells Georgia that if he tells Eddie before they go, he will not relax during their weekend away. He says that he will tell him when they get back. Georgia says that he will come up with another excuse later. Alec tells her that he will make a bet with her. If he does not tell Eddie when they return, she can tell him and he won't stand in her way.

Lily and Holden are scurrying around the house trying to get Luc ready to go to day camp. The door bell rings and Denise is at the door when Lily answers it. Denise has brought some of Hope's things that she left at her house. She asks Lily if she can pick Hope up and Lily tells her that she can. Denise picks up Hope and Lily makes a comment that Denise has gotten herself around so early in the morning when she has worked so late. Denise says that she got used to getting up with Hope when she was staying with her. Denise says that she has to get going and she hands Hope back to Lily and runs out. Holden comes in and asks if Denise has left already and Lily said that she had to, the longer she stayed the harder it was to not take Hope with her.

Denise is at Java and Ben walks in. They start to talk and Denise tells Ben that she took all of Hope's things back to the Snyder's today. She says that since they have found their other daughter, she thought that they would need all the bibs and things. She makes a comment about the Snyders' being better parents than she could ever be. Ben tells her that she can be a good parent too. She says that the Snyders' can give Hope so much more than she can. She is a single mother and she couldn't give Hope very much. Ben gives her a lecture. He says that raising a child is not about material things, it is about giving that child love. Denise brings up again about being a single mother and Ben asks her whose engagement ring she is wearing? She smiles at him and he adds that all they have to do is set a date and say "I do." He takes out his cell phone and says that he is going to call Reverend Dansby right now. She stops him and says that she can't do that to him.

Back at the Snyder house, Lucinda is out front telling Rolf to hurry with her wheel chair. She sits in the chair and they ring the bell. Holden lets them in and Lily is so happy to see her mother, but she is worried about her being out. Rolf tells Lily that Lucinda wanted to see her grandchildren. Lucinda points at Faith and says, "Play, hold." Lily says that she is not sure that Lucinda is strong enough to hold the baby, but maybe they could hold her on her lap. Lily tells Lucinda that Luc made her a card and she goes to find it. Lucinda sends Holden out of the room to get her something to drink. When they are both gone, Lucinda says, "Clear?" Rolf replies, "Clear." Lucinda gets out of her wheelchair and goes over and picks up Faith. She is telling her how much she looks like her mommy and then Lucinda hears Lily coming back. She runs to her wheelchair with the baby still in her arms. Lily walks back into the room and sees Lucinda holding Faith. Rolf tells Lily that he handed the baby to Lucinda, he didn't think it would hurt if he was standing right there.

Eddie and Georgia arrive at Alec's cabin in the woods. They are amazed at how nice it is. Eddie says that as nice as the cabin is, if Georgia wasn't there with him, it would be zero. Eddie remembers that Alec was going to tell him something. Georgia says that whatever it was, she is sure that Alec will tell him when they return. Georgia says to Eddie that they haven't been alone like this since they won the hotel suite at the class reunion. They start to kiss.

Tuesday, August 24, 1999

Georgia and Eddie are on the bed, kissing. Eddie pushes Georgia's bag off the bed onto the floor. He jumps up and says that he hopes that he didn't break anything. He picks up her stuff and puts them on the bed. He picks up her stuffed animal that Sam had given her and hands it to her. They talk about Sam and how Georgia misses her and then they discuss Eddie's father. Georgia thinks back about telling Lucinda that she is hiding the truth from Eddie about his father. As she snaps out of her flashback, Eddie is asking her what she wants to do now. She isn't sure and he says, "Worms." She doesn't know what he is talking about. He tells her that they need to look for worms so they can go fishing and catch something for their dinner. They head out the door to go fishing. When Eddie and Georgia return, Georgia is all wet. She tried to save the fish when Eddie caught it and ended up in the lake. She tells Eddie that she hopes that he is not mad that she ruined dinner and he says that he isn't mad and she is beautiful. She goes into the other room to get out of her wet clothes. Eddie says that he will make a fire for them and he looks for something to eat. She comes back out in nothing but a towel wrapped around her body. He turns and looks at her and says, "Wow, you are gorgeous." They start to kiss and Georgia pushes Eddie away again. Eddie wants to know if he has done something wrong and Georgia tells him no. Then he wants to know if she is going to break up with him and she says of course not. She tries to explain to him that she wants them to know each other completely before they take the step of sleeping with each other. He says that he already knows her completely, but he is willing to wait until she feels it is right. She turns to him and says that she loves him and that is never going to change. Later, Georgia is standing at the door looking at the moon and she tells Eddie to come over and look at it, too. He comes over to the door and she asks him if he ever looked at the moon and wandered that someone he loved was looking at that exact same moon. He asks her if she is thinking about Sam. Georgia tells him that everyday she goes to the mailbox in hopes of getting a letter. She even checks the very back of the box thinking that a letter got stuck back there. He tells her about the time after his mother was gone, he would go to the park where she died and try to conjure her up. He goes on to say that once, he thought that he felt her presents and she said to him to go forward and stop looking back, she would always be right by his side. Georgia says, "Thank you, Eddie." Eddie asks her for what? She says that he can always make her feel better by what he says or just holding her. Eddie is getting into his sleeping bag and he says, "That's it!" and he hops in his sleeping bag over to Georgia who is in the bed. He tells her that he will lay beside her all night and hold her, to comfort her.

Hal and Margo are looking at the picture of Alec and some men. Hal tells Margo that all the men are dead in the picture except for Alec and two other men. He tells her not to let her guard down around Alec. Alec has come in the room and says that Hal doesn't need to give Margo advice any longer, because she does not work for Hal, she is working for him now. Margo and Hal gets their wits about them and change their gears and pretend that they are arguing over Margo quitting the police force and going to work for Alec. Margo grabs a box and goes out and starts to clean out her desk. She puts her gun in the box and Alec picks it up and says that she will no longer need that because if anyone gives her trouble, all she has to do is tell him and he will take care of them. Hal is listening to them talk. He gives her a kiss and says that he will buy her lunch. She says that she has to clean out her locker yet and she will meet him at the Lakeview. After Alec leaves, Hal walks up to Margo and says that he has a lot of nerve walking into the police station acting like an upstanding citizen. Margo gives Hal a look. She reminds Hal that she has no feelings for Alec and Hal comments on how real her kiss looked. She says that she is very good at what she does.

Tom and Bob walk into the Lakeview. Tom is pouring his heart out to his father about how his life has been. Bob tries to give him some advice, but before he can finish what he is saying, Emily comes waltzing into the dining room. She comes over to the table and Tom reminds her that they had said that if they saw one another, it would be about Daniel specifically. She says that it is about Daniel and having family. Tom tells her that it is not a good time to talk about this. She looks at Bob and asks if he would like for her to bring Daniel over to the house sometime so he and Kim could see him. Bob tries to tell her that it is not the time and she interrupts him and says that she has pictures of the baby. While she is showing Bob the pictures, Tom looks up and sees Margo enter the dining room. Right away she sees Tom and Emily. Bob turns and sees Margo is there. He tells Tom that it would be a good time to go talk with Margo about what they had discussed earlier. Emily is not happy about this. Tom starts to go over to her table and Alec walks in and kisses Margo and sits down at her table. Emily gets a big smile on her face and Tom goes back to his seat. Emily starts talking again and Tom tells her that it is time for her to leave. She goes, reluctantly. Tom looks at Bob and says that his life is a mess. Bob says that if he doesn't keep the lines of communications open with Margo, it is going to become even more of a mess. Tom says that he just doesn't know how to do that. Bob says that he does know how and he jumps up and walks over to where Margo is sitting and asks her to join them. (Alec is not at the table) She gets up and walks over with Bob and as they get to the table, Bob takes out his pager and says that he is getting a page. Tom says that he didn't hear it and Bob says that it is one of those vibrating ones and he leaves them alone. Margo sits down. Tom asks her about her new job. He adds that he thought that she would never give up being a cop. She says that just like him, she got bored with the same thing and she has found out that she like salmon instead of burnt chili at Al's and she likes to get dressed up and going to parties. Alec walks up and says that he has a party he wants to take her to, if Tom can spare her? Tom says, "Sure, you kids have a great time." As they are walking away, Margo asks Alec what party are they going to. He says there isn't a party, it was a ploy to get her away from Tom. She asks him about where they are going? He says that they are going up to his suite. She says, "Oh, OK." And they leave.

Molly walks into Carly's and announces that they are hitting the road. Carly doesn't understand what she is talking about. Molly says that they are skipping out of Oakdale. Carly reminds her that they have fraud charges against them and they can leave. Molly tells her that they are going to be like Thelma and Louise. Carly says that she has a child and she can's just leave. Molly says that they can bring Parker with them and show him the country. Carly says that Hal will get her for kidnapping. Carly asks Molly if she saw the ending to Thelma and Louise? Molly said that they made some mistakes, they will be smarter than that. Carly says that she can't just run out on Jack. Molly says that he only dropped a couple bucks on bail for her, no more than if he would be getting a mutt out of the pound. Carly looks at Molly and Molly says, "No offense." Carly just isn't sure and she wants to know why Molly is so eager to take off? Molly tells her that Lucinda is putting pressure on her to spy on Reid again. Carly questions her, "Again?" Molly realizes that she made a mistake and she covers up by saying, "You know, like she wanted me to do with David." Carly just isn't sure and Molly says that she can let her know and she leaves. Carly thinks for a second and then runs to the door and opens it saying that she will go. Molly is standing outside the door and she is all excited. Carly says that she wants to be Thelma.

Up in Alec's suite, he pours some champagne for them. He tells Margo that he saw that she was in pain seeing Tom and Emily together. Margo tries to talk about work, but Alec wants to talk about the two of them. A beeper goes off and Margo apologizes to Alec. She goes to her purse and turns the beeper off. She tells him that her sitter has to be home by nine. She picks up her stuff and says goodbye to Alec. They say that they will see each other tomorrow. Margo opens the door and Alec slams it shut. He turns her around and kisses her passionately. He says that he will see her tomorrow. She says, "Yeah, tomorrow." She walks out into the hall and Alec closes the door. She leans up against the wall.

Wednesday, August 25, 1999

Eddie turns away when Georgia says she dreamt he met his father. At the docks Alec snarls at Gary that they have nothing to talk about and shoves him away when he hears Margo approaching. Carly calls Hal and persuades him to let her have Parker for the night. Molly, who compares herself to Thelma and Carly to Louise, picks up on Carly's reluctance to leave town. Both cousins admit no one will miss them. In Bay City Lucinda and Rolf arrive at the same restaurant as Jake and Vicky.

Jake thinks he knows Lucinda. Vicky is dismayed when Jake is forced to admit he doesn't know how long he'll be in Oakdale, since Lucinda might never come back. Lucinda phones Molly and commands her to come to Bay City for a meeting. Eddie informs Georgia he's decided to abandon the search for his father because of the happiness he's found with her. Margo asks Alec to stop playing games with her.

Alec admits he doesn't trust people easily. Margo launches herself into his arms and begs him to tell her about himself, like why he was alone on the docks. Carly fingers the compass Jack gave her and fantasizes about a luxurious life (garbed in 1920's clothes) with "Nigel," who complains that in every fantasy of hers he's a clone of Jack. The fantasy quickly turns into one of living in a trailer with another Jack clone who loves to watch wrestling and drink beer.

Vicky discerns that Jake is wining and dining her to try to persuade her to move to Oakdale. Alec fibs to Margo that he's there because he's looking for a place to park his yacht. Margo pretends to leave, but hides in the bushes. When Gary makes a snide reference to the detective, Alec grabs him and growls that Margo is off limits. Jake is stunned when Vicky stops his apologies long enough to reveal to him she intends to move to Oakdale.

Lucinda commands Molly to do a show that's favorable to Reid, in order to lure him back to town. Eddie recreates the mood in his dream by putting on music and coaxing Georgia to dance with him.

Gary apprises Alec he doesn't intend to do the "vanishing act" that Alec's other associates did. Carly spoon-feeds Parker while Molly rants about "Cruella de Vil." When Molly determines to leave Oakdale before Lucinda can have her bail revoked, Carly first asks her to reconsider, then gently discloses she won't be going with her.

As they are leaving the restaurant, Jake smacks into Lucinda, who admonishes him to watch where he's going. Alec declares to Gary that he's leaving the country tonight or else.

When Jake apprises Vicky that they just ran into his supposedly-incapacitated boss, Vicky recognizes the devilish gleam in his eye and Jake says that there are a goldmine of stories in Oakdale, including one about his boss.

Carly acknowledges that she has to stay and correct some of her mistakes, as well as be a good mother to Parker. The cousins then share an emotional goodbye, with Carly wishing Molly luck. Eddie is relieved when Georgia comes to a decision to forget about her mother and Eddie's father and simply revel in their relationship. Gary demands Alec meet him back at the docks at 9pm with $50,000.

Thursday, August 26, 1999

Jennifer complains to Hal and Barbara that the wedding plans seem to be stalled. Impulsively, Hal suggests to Barbara that they just "do it." Barbara agrees, and suddenly the wedding is on again....for today!

Carly runs into Jack at Al's Diner. She wants to repay her bail money but Jack tells her to forget it. Al unexpectedly fires an incompetent waitress, and Carly jumps up and asks for the job, beginning immediately. Al agrees to give her a chance.

Margo finds Jake at the police station, rummaging through her desk. She tries to call Hal to tell him about the meeting between Alec Wallace and Gary Rady, but Hal does not answer.

Eddie and Georgia return from Alec's cabin, and Alec tries to make good on his promise to Georgia to tell Eddie that he is his father. Georgia stops him, and when Eddie goes in the back room, she tells Alec that Eddie has abandoned his search for his father and that they must consider what is best for Eddie. Alec promises himself to tell Eddie when the time is right.

Jennifer answers the phone at the Munson house and tells Margo that Hal has gone to fetch the minister. Margo gives Jennifer an urgent message for Hal about the meeting between Alec and Gary Rady. Jennifer writes it down and puts it on the desk. Margo then writes the message herself and gives it to a policeman to give to Hal...his eyes only. Jake sneaks a look at the message and takes off.

Jake arrives at Al's Diner and introduces himself to Jack. He wants information on Gary Rady and Jack steers him to Rady's attorney.

Julia comes into "Fashions" and Lisa begins helping her look for job-hunting clothes. Julia's mother, Charlotte, calls her from Europe and tells her she is coming to Oakdale for a visit. When she learns Julia is job hunting, she calls Lisa on another line and asks Lisa to help Julia. Lisa offers Julia a chance to "audition" for a reporting job at the Argos. Tom arrives and Lisa tells him to give Julia the scoop on journalism. Tom has come to ask Lisa to arrange a special menu of all of Margo's favorites for an intimate dinner tonight at Mona Lisa with Margo. He also suggests to Julia that she hang out at Al's Diner for good news leads.

Margo goes to see Alec and is surprised to see him shaken. He tells her he hates to lose control like that but does not tell her it is about Eddie.

Barbara comes home with the wedding flowers and the urgent message from Hal gets knocked to the floor.

Emily arrives at "Fashions" and picks out a hot little red dress. Lisa disapproves but gets very excited when she receives a call from Barbara inviting her to the impromptu wedding. Tom also calls Margo to invite her to dinner and does not give her a chance to refuse. He says he will pick her up at 7.

At the Club Oasis, Alec also invites Margo to the Mona Lisa for dinner that night. Margo says she thought he had other plans (the meeting with Rady), but Alec denies that. Margo accepts.

At Al's Diner, Carly spills hot coffee on a customer. Julia comes in and tells Jack about her new job possibility. Jack realizes how late it is and has to leave. Jake calls his wife, Vicky, and tells her he is on to something and won't be home tonight. When he leaves in a hurry, Julia notices and decides to follow the seasoned reporter.

People arrive for the Ryan-Munson wedding. The minister shows up and the ceremony gets underway. Barbara and Hal exchange vows and rings, and they are married....again!

Jennifer discovers the message for Hal from Margo on the floor, but she decides not to interrupt the newlyweds and hides it under some flowers.

Alec makes a cell call setting up the 9 pm meeting that will put an end to the threat of Gary Rady.

Friday, August 27, 1999

Ben and Denise arrive at Holden and Lily's and Ben announces that after the wedding, he and Denise want Hope to live with them. Tom picks up on the romantic tableau Emily has set up and asks her if it's for him. Alec tells Gary over the phone he's going to give him $100, 000 and later assures himself he won't ever see Gary again.

Julia spies on Jake as he waits by the docks for the meeting between Alec and Gary. Lucinda corners Molly at WOAK and commands her to put on the "performance of a lifetime" tonight. Reid reads a newspaper article detailing Molly's legal troubles.

Emily tells Tom she's not up to her old schemes, that she's going out with friends, and offers him a glass of wine. Tom doesn't believer her, however, and hurries to leave to make his surprise dinner with Margo. Margo quizzes Lisa about the star treatment she's getting at her restaurant while waiting for her date, and Lisa can't understand why Margo would be surprised. When Alec arrives and announces he's Margo's date, Lisa realizes they were talking about different people.

Holden finally breaks the stunned silence that greeted Ben's announcement and quizzes the doctor about why he would "ambush" them in their home. Lily asks the couple to leave when Denise admits she wants to be Hope's mother.

When Julia is discovered by Jake, she reveals herself to be a reporter for the Argus and refuses Jake's demand that she scram. After listening to Lucinda threaten to call the police, Molly cajoles her producer to let her do a live show updating the Snyder case. Denise tries to get Lily to understand, comparing what Lily felt before she got Faith back to being what Denise feels every day. Ben is forced to admit they will seek legal custody if they have to. Holden then orders them to leave their house.

Molly fantasizes about reuniting with Reid. Reid tunes in to see the opening of "In Your Face." Lisa calls Susan's house but Emily reports that Tom has already come and gone. Lily worries to Holden about the fact that courts usually side with the birth mother. Holden charges out the door and Lily calls Denise and asks to meet her--alone.

As Lucinda watches from the sidelines, Molly paints a sympathetic portrait of Reid, saying he'll always have people in Oakdale that care about him. Holden catches up to Ben and accuses him of doing the same thing as David and Reid--taking Lily's baby away. Ben retorts that he loves Holden and Lily and that Denise is just as much a victim.

When Tom finally arrives, Lisa has to tell him that Margo is there with her date--Alec. Susan finds Emily drowning her sorrows in the bottle of wine she tried to share with Tom earlier. Susan urges her daughter to turn over a new leaf and gently tells Emily she's deluding herself if she thinks to get Tom back.

When Julia hears a noise, Jake pushes her into hiding. Jake castigates her and when she goes to leave, she finds Gary's body. Jake quickly checks it for a pulse. Lily greets Denise at the door and tells her she doesn't want a fight, pleading for the two of them to work it out themselves.

After the show ends, Lucinda mockingly congratulates Molly, telling her she's no longer the little girl. I haven't seen you this involved since the Valetta and David, Lucinda notes. Reid makes a reservation for a one-way ticket to Oakdale.


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