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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, August 16, 1999

Carly is once again counting her money to try to pay for her food at Java. She doesn't have enough and she asks the waitress if they will take a check. The waitress tells her that it is against their policy. Carly informs the girl that she used to own the place and the girl says, "Oh yeah, they warned me about you." She walks off and Carly calls her a name under her breath. Molly comes in and Carly is grateful to see her. She asks Molly if she will pay for her food. Molly looks at Carly and can't believe that she is always worried about herself. Molly tells her that she has problems too and she is looking for Andy to try to explain to him the events of the last few days. Carly informs her that when he finds out that she has slept with Reid, that will be it for her. Molly can't believe that her cousin won't be more supportive. Carly is going on about her situation and Molly gets a gleam in her eye and she says that she knows what she has to do. She gets up to leave and Carly yells to her that she needs some money. Molly throws some money down and says that is all that she has. Molly goes running out and Carly yells at her that it is Canadian money, but Molly is gone.

Holden and Lily are standing outside their house with Melinda. Lily can't believe that she is finally getting to bring her daughter home. They start to go in but Holden stops her and says that he has to warn her about something. Lily looks at him and says that the Snyders' are inside ready to give them a welcome home. As they walk inside, nobody is there. By the door, on a table their is a basket of goodies and a note from Emma. The note says that they are going to give them some time to get used to having their daughter home with them and then they will be by later to welcome her home. Lily asks Holden if he had planned this. He says that it was hard to convince his mama, but she finally went for it. Lily tells Holden that there is something missing and he knows what she is talking about. He picks up the phone and calls Ben. Holden asks Ben if he knows where Denise is and Ben says that she is right there with him. Denise gets on the phone and Holden tells her that they have their daughter at home with them. Denise congratulates them on finding her. Holden tells her that they would like to have Hope back so they can have the family together. Denise asks Holden if they would need some time to get Melinda settled in. Holden says that Lily wants her back with them. Denise says that she will bring her right home. When they hang up, she tells Ben that she has to take Hope back now. Ben knows that she had some plans for the afternoon and she says that it doesn't matter.

Lily and Holden are enjoying Hope and the doorbell rings. Holden goes to the door and Molly is standing there. She tells them that she has the chance of a lifetime for them. A cameraman comes in with a camera and Molly tells them that she wants to do a story on them and finding their daughter. At first, Lily and Holden don't want to do it and then they give in and tell her that she can do the story.

Lucinda is at the nursing home in Florida and she is packing. She is saying that it is time for her to go home and see what kind of things she needs to get straightened out. Her doctor steps into her room and comments that she is rather chipper today. She tells him that she is going home. He says that they really want her to stay a couple more days just for observation. Lucinda will not hear of it. He starts to check her out. As he is finishing taking Lucinda's blood pressure, she is telling him about her daughter and she turns on the TV. As the TV comes on, Lily's picture is on it. Lucinda screams at the doctor that that is her daughter on the TV. The doctor tells her to settle down. Lucinda turns up the volume and hears Molly telling about the baby swapping. Lucinda can't believe that Lily didn't tell her anything about this. Reid Hamilton's picture comes up on the screen and Lucinda walks over to it and puts her hand on his face. Molly is saying that Dr. Hamilton had the child the whole time. As Lucinda is touching Reid's face, she has a flashback of Reid standing by her bed and snapping his fingers and saying that she is really out of it. Lucinda drops to the floor and her doctor runs over to her to see if she is OK.

Molly is getting ready to wrap up and she looks out the front window and sees Denise walking up with Hope. She tells the cameraman to start rolling. Denise rings the bell and Holden and Lily go to answer the door. Molly is there with the camera and intruding. Lily takes Hope and goes into the living room. Holden explains to Ben and Denise about Molly. Holden goes to the living room also. Ben asks Denise if she would like to stay and she says that she has to give her up and it might as well be today.

Molly starts to wrap up the interview and she is signing off when the door bell rings again. This time it is the police. She thinks that they are there to exonerate her and she tells the cameraman to keep the camera rolling. The police are there to arrest Molly and as they start reading her rights, she tells the cameraman to cut. He doesn't and he get on tape as the policemen take Molly out the door.

Back in Florida, Lucinda has hired herself an assistant. She is giving him all kinds of orders and things to take care of. She tells him that her family does not know her condition and she is going to be faking so she can get some answers. She looks at her wheel chair and says that they will be taking it with them.

Jennifer is fixing brunch for her parents. Barbara comes in and Jennifer tells her that she has invited Hal since the dinner did not work out. Barbara is starting to buck when the door bell rings. Jennifer answers the door and Hal is standing there. He walks in and over to Barbara and hands her a huge bunch of flowers. He takes one of the flowers out and gives it to Jennifer and apologizes to her for the mess he made of her dinner that she had planned. She accepts the apology and then remembers that she has something to do upstairs. Barbara knows that she is just trying to leave she and Hal alone and she gives her a sideways glance. After she is gone, Hal apologizes to Barbara and then tells her that he has a new idea about Carly and she will be out of their hair for good. Barbara reminds him that Carly is Parker's mother and she will be in their hair for the rest of their lives. The door bell rings and Barbara answers the door and there stands Carly. Carly comes in and Hal tells her that Parker is not there and she wore out her welcome before she even rang the bell. Barbara leaves the two alone and after she is gone, Carly asks Hal for some help. Hal says that she can't come and stay in his home. Carly asks him to help her find a job. Hal offers Carly some money and just as she is going to take it, Barbara sticks her head back into the kitchen. Carly declines the money and leaves. Hal tells Barbara that he has to go do something and he leaves. Hal goes to see Lisa and he asks her if she will give Carly a job. At first, Lisa laughs in his face and then Hal tells Lisa that if Carly has a job and is on her own two feet, then Barbara will go down the aisle with him sooner. Lisa agrees and Hal calls Carly and asks her to meet him at he Mona Lisa. When Carly arrives, Hal tells her that Lisa is going to give her a job. She thanks him for helping her out. Lisa walks up and Hal leaves. Lisa tells Carly that she has something to say to Lisa. Carly says, "Thank you." Lisa says that she is not going to make Carly grovel and she has made arrangements for room and board for Carly. Carly tells Lisa how much she appreciates everything that she is doing for her. Lisa informs her that she will be taking her room and board out in her paycheck. Carly asks her if she has made arrangements at the Lakeview for her. Lisa laughs and says that she will be staying at the restaurant, downstairs, in the basement. Carly is not happy. Then Carly asks Lisa to show her the hostess job. Lisa says that the hostess job is not available. Carly wants to know what she is going to be doing. Lisa tells her that she will be the new bathroom attendant and hands her an apron to keep her tips in.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Georgia meets Eddie at Java. Eddie tells her that he has e-mailed everyone that he could that had attended his mother's class reunion to see if he could get some more information on his dad. Georgia says that she thought that Eddie had given up on finding his father. Eddie says that he has enlisted the help of someone who knows something about tracking people down. Margo comes up to Eddie and Georgia. Eddie fills Margo in about trying to find his father and that he needs her help. She questions him about finding his father and he says that he needs to put an end to this chapter in his book so that he can stop the sleepwalking. Margo says that she understands and she says that she knows this guy that used to be a cop and is opening his own office. Alec walks up and says that they are looking way to serious. Margo tells him that Eddie is interested in finding his father and she knows this private investigator named Phil Schmidt that she can hook him up with. Alec tells Margo that maybe she should stay out of it. Margo flashes him a look. He says that in his experience, these type of guys like to exploit people and take their money. Margo tells him that this guy is the best and he reunites families and if that is exploiting then bring it on. Alec asks Margo if they can talk in private. Margo is mad and she walks away from the table. She can't understand why Alec wouldn't want Eddie to find his father. He says that she is encouraging a dream that won't come true. Margo says that he doesn't know that for a fact. She says that he needs to respect Eddie's dreams. Alec says that he is sorry that he is upsetting her. She says that he is not and since they are two headstrong adults, it is better that she is not working for him. She goes over to the table and gives Eddie the number of the PI.

Jake McKinnon comes into the cop shop and is looking for Hal. He tells Hal that he went to question Gary Raidey about Alec Wallace and Gary was not there. Hal tells Jake that is impossible, Raidey is locked up until his trial. Jake tells him that Mrs. Raidey's baby boy got an early Christmas present. Someone paid his bail and he is out of jail. Hal says that he can guess who it was that paid his bail, Alec Wallace. Hal tells Jake that he should try to find Gary as soon as possible, before Alec can get to him. He adds that Gary may not be answering questions or breathing much longer. Margo comes into the cop shop and she is ranting about Alec. Hal and Jake fill her in on Alec letting Gary out of jail. She can't believe that he has let Gary back out on the street. She says that all the red flags went up for her today and she is so glad that she is not going to work for him. She adds that she is going to stay far away from him. Hal says that he would like her to do the opposite. Margo asks Hal if the department is investigating Alec. Hal says that they are not, they just want to get some information on his dealings with Raidey. Margo says that there is a problem because she pulled way back from Alec today and she doesn't think that he would believe another 180. Jake starts to needle her and she gets mad and says that she will take the case and walks out.

Margo walks into the Mona Lisa, dressed in a black dress. She walks over to Alec and says that his office said that she could find him there. Alec asks, "What is up?" She says that she has a white flag and she wants to start over, from the beginning.

Carly is trying to talk Lisa into giving her another job instead of restroom attendant. Lisa tells her that there is only one job open to her. As they are bickering, Jack walks in, but doesn't see Carly and Carly doesn't see him. He sits at a table. Lisa tells Carly that she has a uniform for her to wear and a book of rules. Lisa and Carly leave to go to the restroom and Julia walks in and sees Carly leaving with Lisa, but Carly doesn't see her either. Julia goes over and meets Jack. Jack holds her chair while she sits. They are making small talk and Julia asks Jack if he knows that Carly is there? He says that he didn't but they have decided not to get back together. They discuss Jack and Carly breaking up and Holden and Lily getting the baby back. Julia talks about how much of a fool she was in trusting Reid. Jack says that his father always told him that you learn from your mistakes. Julia picks up her wine glass and says, "Here is to mistakes." Jack picks up his wine glass and says, "Here is to new beginnings." They clink glasses and take a sip of wine. Jack says that it has been a long time since they have had an in-depth talk and tonight they will talk. Julia says that before they get into anything, she needs to excuse herself. Jack says that is fine, he has to use the pay phone. They get up and walk out together.

In the ladies room, Lisa is giving Carly instructions on how she will perform her duties as restroom attendant. Lisa puts a dollar bill in the tip bowl and Carly reaches for it. Lisa smacks her hand and says that the money isn't for her, it is an incentive for the patrons to leave her a tip. A lady comes in and Lisa tells Carly to go take care of her. Carly goes over to the lady and says that if she needs any assistance while in the ladies room to please let her know. The lady goes into a stall and Lisa leaves. Carly sits down on the couch and puts her feet up. When the lady is finished, she comes out and says to Carly that she needs some hand cream. Carly gets up and finds the hand cream. The lady looks at Carly and asks if she knows her. Carly says that she doesn't think so. The lady says that maybe she saw her in there before and Carly says, "No, this is the first day of my illustrious career." The lady says that it isn't important and she leaves. Carly says, "Isn't important, thanks Lisa." She looks at herself in the mirror and she says that she is out of there. She goes to the door and as she opens it, she sees Julia coming down the hall. She slams the door shut and runs over and hides in a stall. Julia walks into the restroom and looks at herself in the mirror and is fixing her hair. She hears a noise and turns around in time to see two feet moving to stand on the toilet. She doesn't know what is going on, so she goes out in the hall and gets Jack to come into the ladies room and investigate. Julia tells him that she thinks that someone is hiding in there. Jack walks up to the stall and knocks on the door and asks if she needs help. Carly is behind the door, making a face hoping that they will just go away. She does not want Jack and Julia seeing her as the restroom attendant. Lisa comes running in and asks Jack what is going on, is something wrong. Jack knocks on the stall door again and the door comes open and Carly is stooping on the toilet. Lisa asks her what she is doing and she comes out of the stall, explaining that the toilet doesn't work. Jack asks her if she is working there. Carly can't take it any more and she says that she is out of there. She goes over to the tip bowl and Lisa tries to stop her. Carly says that one of the dollars is hers. Carly looks at Jack with humiliation and walks out of the restroom.

Molly is in jail and Andy comes in to visit her. She asks him to bail her out and they can go home and discuss everything that has been happening. Andy says that before he bails her out they are going to talk about Reid Hamilton. Andy wants her to tell him why she ran off with Dr. Hamilton. She tries to explain that he had Lily and Holden's baby and she knew it and she didn't want him to get away. Andy says that Reid was after her long before she knew of any baby. He comes right out and asks her if she slept with Reid. She drops her head and starts to cry. He tells her that he appreciates her not lying to him again. He walks out and she is yelling after him that she loves him. She goes over to the cot and lays down. She is crying and Carly comes waltzing in. Molly jumps up and she is glad to see Carly. She asks Carly if she is there to bail her out. Carly takes the dollar bill out of her bra and says that this is all the money that she has. Molly says that she has to get out so she can go find Andy and make him understand about Reid. Carly gets an idea. One of the cops come walking through and Carly stops him. She asks him if he could work it out that Molly could go to the emergency room. He asks if something is wrong with her. Carly says not really but she needs to spend some time with her honey and explain something and if he could work this out, they would sure appreciate it. He says that he couldn't do that, the department would have his head for that. Carly says that he doesn't know her, but she is wealthy and if he could arrange this, she would take care of him, if he knows what she means. He says OK and starts to open the cell door. Carly is saying how they appreciate this and as the door opens, he pushes Carly into the cell with Molly. Carly starts yelling at him and he says that she is under arrest for bribing an officer of the law. He reads her rights to her and then asks if she understands. She tells him to shut up. He says that he will take that for a "yes." He leaves and Carly says to Molly, "I hope you are satisfied, look where I am now."

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Alec questions Margo's change of heart. A dressed-to-the-nines Emily cajoles Tom into going out to dinner so they can discuss Daniel. Carly and Molly bond over a shared stick of gum and plot their next move. When Holden and Lily arrive at the Walsh estate to retrieve Lily's childhood toys, Holden finds a stranger and corners him. He introduces himself as Rolf, Lucinda's assistant. Lily is overjoyed to see Lucinda, who feigns a struggle to speak.

Lucinda cradles her new granddaughter. Molly plots to use their last card--Hal. Margo cozies up to Alec, deferring to his superior judgment about Eddie. When she spots Jake watching them from the bar, Margo takes him to task for spying on her. Lucinda questions Holden about Reid and listens as he disagrees with her daughter about Reid's intentions.

The guard doesn't buy Carly's story about being Hal's babysitter and refuses to disturb the lieutenant's romantic evening--he's safer with her beyond bars, the guard declares. Margo and Jake have a war of words before Jake stalks off in response to her command.

Emily suggests Tom sleep in her spare bedroom at spend a few nights every week at her house, in order to see Daniel more. Tom, however, is distracted by Alec and Margo sitting nearby. Emily waylays him when he attempts to confront the couple.

Jake introduces himself to Lisa as her competition. Margo demands she be given full access to the ins and outs of Alec's business if she's going to head his public relations. Alec reluctantly agrees. Tom corners Margo and insists he won't let her make such a mistake. Molly and Carly trade sob stories before the mood turns serious. Holden confides to his mother-in-law that they never should've let Reid go, recalling that the look in Reid's eyes reminded him of David at the ransom drop.

John arrives in response to Lily's summons and praises Lucinda for "taking a licking and keep on ticking." Lucinda is leery of being examined by her ex. Tom is dogged as he begs Margo to think about what she's doing. Margo pleads with Tom to let her explain later. Back at his table Tom declares to Emily that if Alec thinks to steal his wife, he's going to have to go through Tom first.

Alec urges Margo to show Tom's she's over him by going home with Alec. Molly silences Carly by recalling what life in prison was like. Carly promises her cousin they'll be together at least, but Molly admits to being tired to it being the two of them against the world--she likes the world. Carly is elated when the guard comes to release him, but he informs her it's Molly who's posted bail.

Lucinda, caught up in watching Holden comfort her daughter about Lucinda's state, flinches when John tests her leg. Tom makes clear to Emily that his heart has always belonged to Margo. Margo fends off an amorous Alec, then sees Jake still at the bar and pulls Alec into an embrace in front of the whole restaurant.

Molly reads the note from her anonymous benefactor asking to meet by the docks and concludes it must be Reid--Andy was too angry with her. John fibs to Lily that Lucinda has a long road to recovery. Alone, he brands Lucy a faker and demands she get out of her wheelchair.

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Kim drops in on Andy who is busy taking down all the photos of Molly in his condo. Kim tells him that someone put up the money for Molly's bail and that she is out of jail. Did Andy do it?

Andy denies paying the bail but admits he did visit her in jail. He tells Kim that he felt nothing for Molly when he saw her and assures his mother he is not drinking.

Molly goes to Hal and Barbara's home to plead for bail money for Carly. She pounds on the door but Hal and Barbara are sharing a romantic moment and do not want to be interrupted. Thinking the late visitor is Carly is another reason for not opening the door, says Hal. But Molly persists, and Hal finally relents. Molly asks Hal for his help for Carly but he declines. One bail-out is enough, he claims, and he has already done that for her. Molly begs, and Hal asks for the name of the arresting officer.

At Lucinda's mansion, John confronts her with the news that he knows she is faking her condition. She denies it until John dumps her out of her wheelchair and she is forced to stand. Her cover is blown, but she won't tell John why she is playing games.

John fills Lucinda in on Parker's parentage, and Lucinda tells him that what she is doing concerns her family. She is fearful of risk to baby Faith and she has a plan. She confesses that she got her idea after seeing Molly's TV show about Reid Hamilton. Reid is a dangerous man, she concludes.

Lucy is faking weakness to protect her family and she guarantees retribution to Molly, too. She thinks Molly can be manipulated to lead her to Reid, but no one must know that Lucinda has fully recovered. She asks John to respect her ideas and reminds him that getting rid of Molly Conlan fits right in with John's plans for Andy. John agrees to keep quiet and he leaves. Lucinda says she is late for an important date and calls for her assistant, Rolf.

Hal asks Molly about the charges against Carly and then again refuses to help. Molly leaves in a waiting cab. Barbara is ecstatic that Hal has turned down Carly and she and Hal share a late-night snack. Jennifer comes in and is delighted to hear that the wedding is "on" again.

Molly appears at Andy's and he is not there. She does not know that he has just walked his mother to her car. Molly is in a rush to meet the mysterious someone who bailed her out because she is sure it is Reid/David. She jumps into Andy's shower and comes out in only a towel. Andy returns and is stunned to find her there. Molly pleads for one last chance with him and tells him he means more to her than he will ever know. She crumples up the note from her mysterious benefactor and seems ready to forget the whole thing if only Andy will take her back. "Get out," shouts Andy. Molly leaves in tears.

Jennifer and Adam argue over music and life in general. Adam is starving but Jennifer won't let him go into the kitchen and disturb Hal and Barbara. Finally she goes in and brings Adam back a sandwich. Adam is bummed that his mother is dating Alec Wallace. Jennifer joins her parents in the kitchen and they all hug.

Andy finds a few more pictures of Molly and takes them out on his patio and burns them in a wastebasket. He is finished with her.

Down on the docks, Molly arrives in the fog for her rendezvous. She keeps talking to Reid and imploring him to show himself. Out of the mist rolls Lucinda in her wheelchair.

Friday, August 20, 1999

When Jack arrives for his graveyard shift, Officer Shanks advises him not to go into the holding area. He does anyway and finds Carly is the one locked up. Hal worries about Margo when he learns she hasn't returned to the station yet. Alec brings Margo to his darkened office and suggests they have "dessert." A bitter Molly recalls that the last time she saw Lucinda on the docks was when she was wearing a life vest over her wedding dress. Molly protests when Rolf runs off and leaves Lucinda in her care.

Believing Lucy incapable of responding, Molly goes on a tirade against La Walsh and reveals that her love for David has been rekindled. As she's about to leave Lucinda whispers "loser." Carly initially blames Molly & "Officer Shawshanks" for her imprisonment, but then admits to Jack she brought on her troubles herself. Martyred, she tells Jack she'll deal with her own karma.

Tom calls home and learns from Casey that Margo planned to be gone all night. Margo and Alec's intimate moment is interrupted by a knock on the office door. Margo recognizes Gary's voice as Alec quickly orders him away. Margo readily complies when Alec asks for a rain check.

Lucinda ferrets out the fact that Reid hates Lily. Just as Carly is wishing she had a harmonica, Jack tells her he's paid her bail--they need the cell for real criminals. Carly then goes over to Hal's and watches through the window as Barbara and Hal sing Parker to sleep.

When Molly taunts Lucinda with her inability to stop Reid from hurting Lily, Lucinda grabs Molly by the arm. Lucinda then informs Molly she's going to help La Walsh with Reid--after all, betrayal is her strong suit, Lucinda purrs. Molly, still believing Reid is nearby, calls to him to flee.

Margo goes to the station and phones Hal to check in, informing him about Gary having arrived. He's no good to us dead, Hal growls, and decides to put out an APB on Gary. When Tom arrives with a peace offering of doughnuts and insists he only wants Margo's happiness, Margo is unable to resist.

At Java, Carly laments to Jack about how happy Parker looked. Molly can't believe it when Lucinda insists she was the one who wrote the note and paid her bail. Lucinda then springs from her wheelchair and demands to know what Molly has to be "forgiven" for by Reid.

When Carly hears Sting's "Field of Gold" on the radio, she longs for the old days. There are no "do-overs," Jack reminds her, and suggests she find a place at a shelter, since Java is about to close. When Jack returns to work, Carly vows to herself to get Jack back.

Alec calls someone and tells them to pick up Gary before he starts talking--he knows too much. Lucinda informs Molly she WILL help La Walsh with Reid--and keep mum about her improved health--if she wants to keep from returning to jail. It's good to be home, Lucinda sighs to Rolf as Molly seethes in the background.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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