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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on GL
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Monday, August 16, 1999

In San Cristobel:
Reva is still upset about the alleged grave of Jonathan. She can't leave until she finds out where her son is and what happened to him. She expresses to Richard that she believes Jonathan is still alive. Richard tells her not to do this to herself that they have to accept the fact that he is gone. She wants to talk to Olivia again because Richard thinks that they she could have been mistaken about the local of the grave. They search the entire palace and can not locate her. Richard suggests that they go to Olivia's home and speak with her. Reva agrees as long as he lets her do the talking so Olivia wouldn't be on the offensive. Richard say's that will be fine as long as she knew that he will get to the bottom of this.
Meanwhile we see Olivia and her sister, Marissa packing their bags. Olivia insists that they have to get out of SC ASAP, before Richard and Reva start looking for her. Marissa questions her but they keep packing. As Richard and Reva arrive at the door they go in and cannot find Olivia. They notice that Olivia's clothing is missing. Richard calls someone and issues an order for Olivia to be found. Reva goes around to where Jonathan was supposed to be buried and breaks down. While trying to pick herself off of the ground, She grabs hold of a rope, the rope pulls down and it reveals a child's swing hanging in the tree. Reva exclaims, "What's this, Olivia has no children!!"
At Marissa's house, Olivia is seen with a little blond boy. She tells him they have to leave. At the end she calls him "Jonathan."

At Harley's:
Phillip, Harley, Susan and baby Alan are spending quality family time together. A knock at the door brings India and Beth in to talk business with Phillip. They get things straight and are about to leave when they see Vicky at the door. Vicky wants to know why she wasn't told about the meeting. Phillip takes her outside and tells her that the confrontation she is wanting to have will not happen in his house. He tells her that she will have to prove herself to be promoted. Phillip goes inside and Vicky vows to get even. She calls and leaves a message for Ben Warren to call her back, saying that maybe another company will value her contributions.
India is playing with baby Alan as Harley is talking to Blake on the phone, she tells Blake to come home. Meanwhile, Beth is talking to Susan about Jim's birthday party. She says after the party she (Beth) wants to spend time alone with Jim, this upsets Susan.

At Company:
Pilar comes in and sees the police. She talks Bill into going to his room. (She wants to get away from the police since she has the barer bonds in her backpack.) They go up and are half dressed and kissing when Danny comes banging on the door. He tells Pilar there is a family emergency and they need to get home. Outside of Company, Danny berates his sister and asks her if she is trying to ruin her life. He wants to know if she was willing to sleep with Bill in order to hide the bonds. And he tells her that she doesn't want to live with the lies that he and Carmen have to live with. Bill comes out and asks Pilar to see him again tomorrow.

In Chicago:
Blake continues spying on Holly and Ross. She is tearing herself up inside and knows that she can never tell Ross that she is pregnant because she doesn't want to hurt her mother again, especially because she doesn't know if she could handle it now that Holly has just gotten her life together again.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Michelle & Danny argue about his involvement in his mothers business dealings. Danny packs the bearer bonds in a secret compartment of his suitcase as per Carmen's orders, when Dietz picks up the luggage, he secretely switches the bonds to Michelle's suitcase.

Josh and Cassie panic when Reva doesn't get off the plane. Josh plans to leave for San Cristobel , telling Cassie to stay behind. Cassie is furious and makes her own plans to stowaway on the Santos yacht.

Reva discovers a child's swing and the name "Jon" carved into a tree behind Olivia's residence. Reva is convinced that Jonathan is alive. When she confronts Edmund about what happened on the night she left, Edmund skillfully lies. He tells her that because she had started to remember her past life, Reva became afraid of Richard. Edmund then realizes he must kill Reva immediately as she is on the verge of remembering his desire to kill Jonathan. Meanwhile Olivia meets Marissa, Jonathan's adoptive mother, and plans to leave the island. When Olivia asks Edmund for the use of the royal yacht he agrees only if she helps with the plan to get rid of Reva.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

At the Santos Estate:
David comes in for a meeting with Carmen. Carmen thanks him for the information on the police raid. She talks to him for a while and offers him a deal. Ben questions David about his motives. Carmen suggests that he stay on the police force and work for them.
Vicky comes in and asks Ben to hire her on at SanCorps. She wants to bury Spaulding. Ben doesn't believe her, questions her sincerity. She offers to supply Ben with the private bid Spaulding intends on submitting for Cyberlink so that SanCorp can outbid them.

At Drew's:
Drew and Max are getting all dressed up for the adoption procedure. Max talks to Drew about Jesse but Drew doesn't want to talk about it. The phone rings, it's Jesse, Drew doesn't want to talk to him. She picks up the phone and tells him never to call her again. Max wants to know if she will dump him too because he isn't Jewish, she tries to explain the difference. Max tells Drew that he loves her and wants to be a family with her and Jesse. Selena and Buzz come and they are off to the adoption thing.

At Company:
Selena and Buzz are talking. Selena asks why her car was missing and wanted to know what was up. Buzz was going to surprise her by having her car painted. She said she appreciates it but she was hoping for a more personal gesture. Buzz finally gives Selena a post card that he wrote to her in England. It tells her that he loves her. She accepts it and they kiss. They leave to meet Drew and Max.
Cassie and Harley are talking. Harley is missing Baby Alan, but Phillip has made her go out to get some breathing room. They talk about Blake seeing Holly and Ross at the hotel in Chicago. Blake tells Harley and Cassie that she can't tell her mom or Ross about the baby. Then she says maybe she should say that Ross isn't the father. Then she says she doesn't know what to do. Ross walks in behind Blake while she is talking.

At the Carriage House:
Blake and Holly are talking. Holly says that she isn't dating anyone and hasn't thought about it. Holly says that her trip made her feel hopeful for the future. Blake tries to bait Holly into saying something about Ross. But she doesn't take the hint. Blake leaves to meet Cassie and Harley.
Ross comes in and Blake tells him that Holly is inside and that she has to go. Ross grabs her arms and tells her that he is there to see her. She said she has to go, she's late. Ross takes that as Blake not wanting him around.
Sam brings in Blake's sunglasses and thinks that Holly had been snooping in his stuff to write her story. Holly recognizes the glasses as Blake's.

Holly tells Sam that Ross is only a friend and that she is really interested in going out with him (Sam). Sam says he doesn't know if that is possible. He tells Holly that Blake might have been on the right track when she said Sam was dangerous. He then admits to Holly that he killed a man.

Thursday, August 19, 1999

On the Santos Yacht:
Michelle, Danny, Jim, Josh, and Matt are on the yacht heading for San Cristobel. Michelle is trying to keep everyone away from "down below" because that is where Cassie is hiding. Josh and pals go over the plans to free Reva. Josh finds Cassie and is upset that she had stowed away with Michelle's help.

In San Cristobel:
Richard hasn't had any luck finding Olivia but he isn't giving up. Edmund comes with some reason for Richard to leave. He succeeds and Richard leaves to tend to "official business" and shortly thereafter Reva gets a call from Olivia and asks her about Jonathan. She says that if she comes to her house she will tell her what she needs to know. Olivia asks that Reva not say anything to Richard but Reva leaves him a note anyway. Richard goes to find Reva. When he gets to O's house he goes in to where Reva is and is shot by Edmund, who is hiding outside, although the original target was Reva. Edmund then turns the gun down towards Reva.
Olivia and Jonathan make it a safe house.

At Company:
Harley is talking to Blake when Ross comes up behind her. Ross wants to talk Blake doesn't.
Blake and Ross argue about who was responsible for the night they made love and about why Blake was snooping in her mothers private life. Blake tells Harley that she's going to get an abortion.
Susan comes in to talk with Harley. Beth comes in and Susan tells her that her father has been getting a lot of phone calls lately. Susan makes Beth worry that Jim left town with Cassie.

At the Carriage House:
Sam tells Holly the reasons behind his conviction for voluntary manslaughter. Apparently, he was defending a woman from an abusive husband. He explains that because of his parole requirements, they can't spend any time together. Holly asks Sam to stay and listen to her story.

Friday, August 20, 1999

At the courthouse:
Drew , Max, Selena and Buzz are outside the courtroom waiting. Drew tells Max not to be afraid and to be honest to the Judge. Drew is visibly nervous and Max is trying to comfort her. Ben comes in and tells Selena that there is a possibility of a postponement. Ben sees Ross and asks him to help out. Ross says he will talk to the Judge. Ross is officially named Max's lawyer and takes Max aside to speak with him. Max tells Ross about his mother and father. He loved his mother and he loves Drew but his father ran out on them and he never knew him.
Carmen comes in to see Ben and asks If she can view the proceedings so that she can see Ben in action. Carmen was lonely and wanted to see him. She wants a more open relationship with Ben trusting her more and being more open about his feeling with her. Ben talks to her about his adoptive mother. He tells her about the scalding and his burns when he was a child. That is why he wanted to take this case with Max and locate him a good home.
Drew tries to call Jesse but talks to a machine instead. She ended up leaving a mean message anyway, not being able to tell him that she misses him.
Buzz and Ross talk about Blake and Ross starts to think about things with her and how he was hoping their lives would be.
Ross comes out and says that the judge rescheduled. Drew start thinking about everything and decides that she wants to locate her dad. Selena says she will help her.

At Company:
Harley is trying to talk Blake out of getting an abortion. She thinks that Ross will think that she got pregnant on purpose. Harley talked to Blake about her pregnancy with Susan and her battle with the abortion issues. Blake insists that this is the only way. She feels so guilty about breaking Holly and Ross up years ago and with Holly losing Meg, Blake knows she can't hurt her again. Harley asks Blake what she wants buts Blake says it doesn't matter what she wants.

At the Clinic:
Blake fills out the paperwork and reads over the booklets that the nurse gave her. Harley tells Blake to read over the books first. She starts to look them over and gets emotional. They call her name and Harley stops her and tells her to make sure this is what she is wanting to do. Blake goes back with the nurse. Harley is out in the waiting room on the phone when Blake comes out upset, she couldn't go through with it.

On the Santos Yacht:
Josh finds Cassie and yells at her. Cassie tells him that she wants to help. Michelle asks Danny if he is mad at her for sneaking Cassie aboard. He questioned her honesty to him and they go back and forth a bit with that. Matt and Jim say that Cassie could be of some help but Josh wants no part of it. Cassie is seasick and Jim helps her to the upper deck. They joke around a bit and seem to be having a good time even though she is sick.
Jim gets Cassie some saltines to calm her stomach. Jim leaves, Josh apologizes to Cassie for yelling at her and tells her that he just wants to protect her and Reva. Jim comes back and tells them that they have just spotted San Cristobel dead ahead. A police boat comes up on the yacht with the sirens blaring.

In San Cristobel:
Richard gets shot and then Edmund turns the gun to shoot at Reva. Olivia knocks Edmund out by hitting him with a stick. Richard gets up to find out what is going on and sees Olivia with the gun and misunderstands thinking that Olivia shot Richard and then attacked Edmund. Olivia ran off and then Richard and Reva carried Edmund into the house. They asked him what happened and he blamed Olivia for everything. Edmund gets all this sympathy and appreciation from Reva and Richard because he "saved" their lives. He leaves and Richard hits the floor. Reva pulls back his jacket and sees the bullet wound. Richard doesn't want to call a doctor and asks Reva to remove the bullet for him so that the natives wont get in a panic about an assassination attempt. Reva gets some tweezers and begins to remove it. Richard gives her the title of "Royal Bullet Remover." She removes the bullet and they go back to the palace. Edmund tells him that he has to go to court to take care of some business. Edmund says that he will take care of Reva. Reva apologizes to him for misjudging him.
Reva tries to call Josh again but there is no answer. Someone is watching Reva and comes into the room through a secret passage.

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