The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on B&B

Amber turned to Lauren to help make over Becky. Eric became impressed by Becky and hired her. Rick and Kimberly spent a night together, and Kimberly urged him to get a divorce. Doctors informed Ridge that Taylor had contracted an aggressive strain of tuberculosis and could die within two years.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on B&B
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Monday August 16, 1999

Rick is shocked at Kimberly's suggestion that he divorce Amber. You're son won't benefit from having a liar for a mother and a father who's miserable, Kimberly says. Rick promised his son that his mother and father would be a family. Kimberly advises Rick if he wants to be a father to his son, he better love Amber, because if he doesn't, Eric will pick up on that. Rick trusts Amber isn't hiding more secrets but Kimberly reminds Rick that Amber tricked him into marriage. Having Eric grow up with a single parent would break Rick's heart and he can't do that to his son.

Amber catches Lauren up on Becky's disastrous interview at Forrester. Lauren notices how sharp Becky looks and wonders what went wrong until Becky opens her mouth. Lauren advises Becky if she wants to work for Eric Forrester, she will have to make some adjustments. Becky admits the new clothes make her feel better. Lauren says Becky would fit right in at Beverly Hills until she opens her mouth. Lauren plans to teach Becky how to carry herself.

Rick asks Kimberly to accept the fact that it won't happen for them. Kimberly mentions Rick doesn't have to be home tonight and who knows when the two of them will get another chance to spend another evening by themselves. Rick puts on some music and they crawl into bed. Rick holds Kimberly as if to never let her go.

Eric and Stephanie share a martini while Eric expresses his concern that Rick will miss out on the full college experience. Eric wonders why Amber is so hot to have Becky land the job in Paris. Stephanie says if there is something going on under her roof, she will find out.

Becky practices her poise and speech with Lauren while Tawny assures a worried Amber that Becky will get the job and be gone from here in a few days. Amber says she loves the baby so much and she couldn't bear to lose him now.

Rick and Kimberly hold each other in bed and realize the it's almost too good to be true. Kimberly says this could last forever, but is happy they at least have this one night. Rick says lying next to Kimberly feels like they are making love, although Kimberly has on a night shirt and Rick keeps his shorts on. Kimberly only needs Rick to be happy and tells Rick she loves him. They bid each other good night and go to sleep.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Amber admits to Tawny she never thought she would bond with this baby, but Amber loves him as if he were her own. It's still hard for Amber to think about losing her own child. Part of Amber died the night her child died, but Little Eric has given her something to live for. Amber remembers burying her child in the desert and promises she will never forget him.

Stephanie notices Becky's new look and asks her if she won't miss her family if she moves to Paris. Becky says she would miss baby Eric the most. The first time Becky saw that baby her heart swelled. It's like Becky and the baby have a connection. Stephanie is surprised to learn Becky had a child and gave him up for adoption. Becky still thinks about him and that's why she wishes Amber would quit being so territorial with Eric. Becky's been living in LA for a month and has never given the baby a bath or changed him. When Eric smiles at her, Becky's heart jumps, and she wants to remember her own baby through Eric. Stephanie mentions she has to babysit tonight and asks Becky to help her.

Kimberly awakens with Rick and wonders what it would be like if she could hold him close forever. Rick says last night was perfect and with Kimberly's faith and belief in him, he feels he can still achieve his goals. Rick just has to do the right thing. Kimberly realizes she is being more selfish than Rick, but she has to stay true to her own heart. Spending the night in each other's arms changed Kimberly. She realizes she doesn't have to give up on the two of them. Rick and Kimberly kiss and later when Kimberly comes by to go with Rick to the student union, he has left. Rick returned home where Amber runs into his arms. Kimberly vows never to forget what she and Rick shared last night.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

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Becky is preparing for her second interview with Eric Forrester. She wants so badly to make Amber proud of her, and get the chance to join Forrester International.

Amber is in the kitchen preparing formula for the baby when Stephanie comes in. Stephanie makes reference to the baby being just like his father, and Amber looks very sad for a moment. Stephanie then comments on the changes in Becky, and Amber mentions that she had help. Stephanie asks Amber if she'll miss her cousin, and Amber agrees, then asks Stephanie to put in a good word with Eric. After Stephanie leaves, Amber is left alone, where, almost in tears, she says she has to get Becky as far away from the baby as possible.

Megan goes into the office to ask Eric why he has included Becky's name on the list of recall applicants for the job, and Eric says it's for a family favor, but he doesn't have high hopes.

Amber is talking to herself again -- she wants Becky to be happy in Paris. She admits aloud to herself that she is far more worried about losing Little Eric than even her marriage. Rick comes in with the baby, and Amber begins to cuddle and coo to the little baby. She makes a joke about never wanting to lose him, and Rick laughs off her concerns. Of course they'll never lose him!

Stephanie comes in to talk to Eric. She talks to Eric about her doubts about Becky, and mentions to him that she put a baby up for adoption recently. She encourages Eric to give her a second chance, and Eric realizes that Stephanie admires the young woman, because she gave up her baby because she thought it would be better for him. Stephanie comments on how strange it seems that Amber doesn't want Becky near the baby. Amber is cooing to the baby as she changes him, and Rick admits how much it blows him away that they have a child. Amber tells Rick that she's going with Becky to an interview at Forrester, and Rick says that Becky has no place in Forrester, and no fashion sense. He tells her that all she's doing is getting Becky's hopes up for a job she can't get, then Rick takes his words back when he sees the new and improved Becky come in with Tawny. Amber looks at her mother (angry and terrified), and uses her left hand to cover the birthmark on the baby's bottom. Eric says maybe it's a good idea that Amber keeps Becky away from the baby, so that Becky won't use Eric, III, to replace her own baby. Stephanie admits to inviting Becky to play with the baby when she babysits tonight, then reminds Eric to keep an open mind during the interview.

Rick compliments Becky on her clothes, then she goes over to see the baby before leaving, but Tawny refuses to even let Becky hold the baby. Becky pleads with Amber, while the baby looks at Becky and grins, but Amber holds the baby close to her, terrified, while Becky jokes about seeing the baby's bottom. Amber backs away, terrified, while Tawny continues to tell Becky that she shouldn't be allowed to hold the baby. Becky confronts Amber about keeping the baby from her, and Rick supports Becky, but Tawny steps in and tells Becky to get ready for her interview. After they leave, Amber sits down on the bed and looks at the baby's birthmark, with a sad, scared look on her face.

Stephanie comes in to see Rick, who's in the bedroom changing a diaper. They talk about Becky's interview with Eric, and how much the make-over changed her. Rick comments on how strange it is that Amber doesn't want Becky anywhere near the baby. Looking at the birthmark, they say it must come from Amber's side of the family. Then they speculate why Amber seems to be so afraid of Becky, yet is going out of her way to help her out. At Forrester, Amber introduces Tawny to Megan, and reintroduces Becky and Megan, who thinks that Becky looks fabulous. Tawny and Amber hold a whispered conversation about how nervous Becky is, and Amber again reiterates just how much she has to get Becky away from the baby, before Becky finds out the truth. Eric calls Becky in, and Tawny and Amber give her some last minute words of encouragement. Megan leads her into his office, and Amber looks worried.

Eric is astonished at the changes in Becky, and compliments her on her appearance. Outside, Amber worries more and more about losing her baby if Becky finds out the truth. She says that no matter what, she can't let that happen. She can't lose her son.

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Amber and Tawny nervously wait outside the office while Eric interviews Becky. Amber says that Becky just HAS to get this job. When the secretary is away, Amber goes so far as to put her ear to the door to try to listen in. It worries her when she cannot hear a sound.

Meanwhile, Eric is impressed with the change in Becky. He tells her that Amber is mistaken about this being an "entry level" position; whomever gets the job has to be able to hit the floor running. Becky tells him that she has learned how to comport herself and she is studying French. Also, she has been taking classes in typing and filing. She assures him that she is not afraid of hard work and she is a responsible person. He mentions that he knows she is; he says that Stephanie told him about giving her baby up for adoption and he considers that a very responsible act. She tells him that she wanted the baby but she knew that she could never give him what he deserved. She says that giving up her son was the hardest thing she ever had to do so working hard and meeting all the challenges of this job would be nothing for her. She says that she wants to prove that she is not a failure and promises to give one hundred percent to Forrester. Eric sends her out saying that he has to make up his mind about which of the candidates he will give the job to.

Ridge is at Taylor's bedside as she grows worse and worse. He mentions to her that he has been told that as long as he takes the antibiotics, he is safe without a mask. He wonders when she is going to begin getting better. The nurse comes in to administer to Taylor. The doctor watches from the observation window. When she comes out, he asks if she is any better. The nurse says that she is growing worse; her temp continues to go up. He tells her to call the morgue and tell them that he needs that autopsy report NOW.

The nurse returns a little later and tells him that the morgue technician says that he will fax up the report later today. Dr. Wilson gets on the phone and calls the morgue. He insists that the doctor there go directly to the report and tell him what strain of bacteria the dead man was infected with. With a sigh the doctor does go to the report and when he looks at the lab report, he is shocked. He returns to the phone and tells the doctor that he has some bad news for him.

Dr. Wilson calls Ridge out of the room. Ridge wants to know when the drugs are going to start improving Taylor's condition. Sadly, the doctor tells him that they won't. He explains that she was infected by a drug resistant strain of TB. Ridge says that they will begin giving her the stronger antibiotics now, won't they? The doctor says that they can't, as the drugs will be harmful to the babies. Ridge wants them to deliver the twins now, but Dr. Wilson tells him that the babies would have a slim chance of surviving. Usually, he says, they would be able to give Taylor the steroids to mature the girl's lungs, but they can't give Taylor steroids with the TB; to do so would kill her. He says that they will just have to wait a while and give the babies lungs a better chance. He wants to wait at least another month. Ridge wants to know what the life expectancy is for Taylor if she is not medicated and Dr. Wilson says that it is no longer than twenty-four months.

Becky goes back in the reception area and tells Amber and Tawny that Eric hasn't made up his mind who will get the job. She thinks that he has made up his mind and just doesn't want to tell her that she doesn't have a chance. When she mentions that Eric was very kind to her and allowed her to talk about her baby, Amber nearly goes wild. Before she can go off too much, Eric comes out and tells Becky to come back into the office. He then tells Amber and Tawny that they can come in also. He says that Becky has told him how they have been helping her so they deserve to hear that he has chosen the person who will get the job.

Friday, August 20, 1999

Rick is at the coffeehouse working on a new song when Kimberly arrives and joins him. He tells her that Amber is helping her cousin Becky get a job with Forrester working in Paris. Kimberly is suspicious of Amber's motives. While Rick sings his new song to her, Kimberly fantasizes about the two of them being together.

Eric gives a long explanation about what he was looking for in the person that he will be sending to Paris. It appears that Becky is out of luck, especially when he talks of how much this job requires education, experience and good intuition. He says that all the candidates had all of that except Becky. He then says that all the candidates promised to give him a hundred percent in the job but only one person guaranteed him success and that was Becky. He says that Becky will need a lot of help and guidance in the job and he will see that she gets all the help she needs because he is hiring her!

Ridge visits his mother and tells her the bad news about Taylor. He says that not only could he lose his two babies, he could lose his wife. Stephanie tells him that he must have faith that all of them will be okay.

Stephanie is feeling really low due to the bad news that Ridge has given her when Becky, Amber and Tawny return to the mansion with their good news. Becky is thrilled that she will be in Paris by this time tomorrow. Stephanie is pleased for her. Before leaving, Becky reminds Stephanie that she is helping babysit with Eric tonight.

Back in the cottage, Tawny says that Amber's problems are finally behind her but Amber says that she won't be safe until Becky gets on that plane for Paris tomorrow. She mentions that Stephanie is keeping Eric tonight and she is worried because Becky is living at the house. Tawny says that Becky is probably so tired after all the excitement of the day that she is already in bed.

When Ridge returns to the hospital, he finds Taylor on her knees at the side of the bed with her Bible open. She completely breaks down when Ridge comes in and he realizes that the doctor has told her the bad news. As the talk about her illness, he realizes that she will not be delivering the babies early. He reminds her that she has to take the stronger antibiotics if she is to recover but she tells him that she will not put the babies at risk.

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