One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on OLTL

Jessica broke up with Cristian. Dorian found a crying doll by the front door. Roseanne was attacked by a rapist, and she accidentally shot Téa after Téa arrived to help her. Skye applied for a job at the Banner. Rachel was released from prison.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, August 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Tina Watts

Dorian finds a crying doll on her front porch. Viki is going through baby stuff in boxes, when Jessica walks down the stairs and sees her mom staring off in space. In the Palace, Ben comes face to face with Skye, and asks what she is doing there. Looking for you she says. At the diner, Sykes tells Téa about Roseanne being attacked, but that she got away. Téa wants to know if she is okay. She's a little shaken up, but she'll be okay he tells her. Téa wants to go to Roseanne, to see if she is okay. Sykes tells her that Roseanne doesn't want anyone to know. Sykes then warns Téa to be careful. Roseanne, at the penthouse checks the door, then goes upstairs. A masked man, using his knife enters the penthouse.

Skye is mad at Ben for leaving, and not telling him where he went. She tells him that his gangster friends came after her. She's just lucky that they believed her when she told them that she didn't know where Ben was. He tells her he's sorry, but he was trying to protect her from any harm. Skye doesn't believe him. She tells Ben that she tried to forget him and get on with her life, when she spots him in the Llanview paper as a hero. Skye goes on to say that he never loved her, and that's why he left. He explains that he told her never to get close, because of who he was mixed up with. That he did love her, but they had just killed his father, and he knew he was next, and that is why he left. He didn't want any harm to come to her. She believes him now. She tells him that now that he is out of danger, that they can get back together, that he stills loves her as much as much as she loves him.

Viki tells Jessica that she wished she didn't feel this way about Dorian, but she does, and that she needs to protect her from Dorian. Jessica tells her that she can fight her own battles. Viki tells her that it is not her fight. It is between Dorian and her, and that it goes back forever. That Jessica is just a victim of it and that she needs to find a way to end it once and for all. Jessica tells Viki that she already did. That she went to Dorian's, and told her that she forgave her for what she did. Viki is very upset that Jessica went to Dorian's alone, that she could've been in danger. Jessica tells her mom that she believes that Dorian is truly sorry. Viki says that she will never forgive or forget what Dorian did, and wants Jessica to promise never to go there again. Jessica refuses, she wants her mom to let it go. Viki tells her no, and that she wants to make sure Dorian never hurts them again. Jessica tells her mom that she wants to have nothing to do with it.

Dorian picks up the doll and brings it in her house. Kelly comes in and wants to know what's wrong. Dorian shows her the doll. Kelly, trying to keep Dorian calm, gives her an explanation that it is Starr's doll and that she probably threw it out the window. Dorian asks about the crying. Kelly shows her that the doll cries. Dorian, still skeptical, agrees with Kelly's explanations. Joey shows up wanting to make up with Kelly. Dorian comes into the foyer and wants to know why Joey would do such a cruel thing as to leave a crying doll on her doorstep. Joey tells Dorian that he didn't do it, but that there are lots of people in Llanview that have it in for her, and that she better just accept it, until things calm down. Dorian goes back into the living room. Kelly gets mad at Joey for what he said. They then start to fight over the article in the Banner about Dorian being thrown out of the Palace. He tries to explain, that's what the newspaper is about, and being editor of the Sun, she should know. He starts to leave and then apologizes. He just wants to be with Kelly and work things out. He trys to talk her into coming home with him, so that they can talk, and make up.

Viki tells Jessica that she is sorry, and offers to help her put the baby things away. Jessica tells her mom that she is just upset. Will is angry and wants his revenge and finding Cristian and Roseanne in bed together, she just a little confused right now. Jessica trys to explain to her mom that's why she went to Dorian's, to get some closure. She is tired of all the sadness, all she wants right now is for her mom to be happy, and to try to fix things with Ben.

Ben doesn't want Skye back. He explains that he put that part of his life behind him, but Skye will not listen to him. Ben tells Skye that he is in love with Viki. Skye asks him what she is supposed to do now.

In the diner, Téa, still talking with Sykes, tells him not to worry, she can take care of herself. He tells her that he knows that they aren't together anymore, but he can't seem to stop worrying about her. She goes to leave when R.J. comes in the door. She tells him about Roseanne being attacked and that she needs to go to her. He tells her he knows and gives her a gun to protect herself. She protests, but takes it as long as she can give it back later. She leaves the diner.

Roseanne comes down the stairs at the penthouse, and we can see the attacker hiding off in the corner. She goes to the door to double check it again, when he comes up behind her and holds a knife to her neck, telling her that she's going to be a good girl and not scream.

Ben tries to comfort Skye, but she wants to know if he's going to tell Viki about them. Joey, at Dorian's, talks Kelly into going with. She goes to tell Dorian that she's leaving, and finds her looking into everything. Kelly asks what she is doing. Looking for the recorder, Dorian tells her. What recorder, she asks. The recorder with the baby crying. I know someone hid one in here, and I'll find it if it kills me, Dorian says. Kelly goes to tell Joey that she can't leave her aunt like this. He gets mad and accuses Dorian of manipulating Kelly. He leaves. Dorian tells Kelly that she is positive there is a recorder, that the doll cry is not what she heard.

The attacker drags Roseanne into the living room, when Téa shows up, but she can't get in because the chain is on the door. Kelly trys to convince Dorian that there is no recorder, that there is a logical explanation for the crying that she heard. Dorian is sure that she heard a baby crying. Unless..........she is losing her mind. Ben tells Skye that he can tell anything to Viki, he just hasn't told her yet. He doesn't want to hear about her past lovers, so he didn't tell her about his, but he will now that Skye is here. Ben wants to know how long she will be staying. She's not sure, now that she can't have him. Skye leaves, just as Viki is walking in. Ben greets her. She thanks him, and wants to know if he can forgive her for pushing him away. He does, but there is something he wants to tell her.

The attacker tells Roseanne to get rid of Téa, or he will kill them both. She goes to the door and tells Téa that Cristian is there and that she wants to be alone. (You can see on her face that she is scared to death.) Téa wants to talk to her, and know if she is okay. Roseanne tells her that they can talk later, that they can have one of their usual long talks (hint hint), but not right now. Téa says okay and leaves. The attacker drags her back into the living room.

Kelly tells says that Dorian is just stressed, that she's not going insane. Kelly promises to take care of everything. Dorian starts to hear the baby crying again. Viki apologizes to Ben. He tells her that he fully understands. Viki explains that she is just so upset over this Dorian thing, but that she loves him and doesn't want to do anything to mess things up between them. She asks him what he was going to say to her. Ben doesn't tell her. Viki then suggests that they go some place where they can be alone. As they leave Skye is spying on them. Jessica goes to the diner looking for Cristian, but he's not there. She decides to wait. R.J. taunts Sykes about his relationship with Téa. Sykes doesn't care as long as Téa is happy, but if he hurts her in any way, he'll kill him.

The attacker throws Roseanne on the couch and starts to rape her, when Téa walks in pointing the gun, that R.J. gave her, and yells Miguel NO. She shoots him, and then yells, you like that. You happy now. You finally happy now.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixona

The show opened at The Palace Lounge, where Nora and Sam ran into Asa, then Blair. Asa went off on one of his usual tirades and reminded Blair to stay away from Max. Blair was nasty to both men. When another man entered, Blair informed them that he was her date and went into the restaurant with him. Nora and Sam sat down at the bar to wait for Will. Sam said that he had left a message on Will's answering machine to meet them there. Will misunderstood and was waiting for Sam in the restaurant, with Lindsay. He suggested that they check the lounge and found Sam and Nora in there. Will yelled at Nora for betraying him and told Sam that he can't have both of them in his life. Will stormed out and Sam followed him, only for Will to end up leaving again. Back in the bar, Lindsay and Nora fought over whether or not Lindsay was using Will as a weapon against her. When Sam returned, he was upset that he was losing Will and cannot stop it.

Max and Skye were also dining at The Palace. When Blair walked in with her date, they had a little spat and introduced their friends to one another. Blair's friend was Peter Brewster. Then they went to their separate tables. Blair thanked the man for coming to Llanview with her. She needs his medical skills. She explained to him the medical situation with Max, and that they are secretly married. Max also told Skye that Blair was his wife, but Asa overheard him and wanted to know who his wife was. Max covered it by saying that he was telling Skye about Luna. Skye backed him up. Max dragged Blair into the hall, where they agreed to stay apart a little while longer.

At the diner, we found Jessica holding the cup that Cristian had given to Megan. He joined her at the table and tried to get her to understand about Roseanne. Jess was still angry at him for sleeping with her. R.J. and John were also there, fighting about Téa. John threatened to kill him if he ever hurt Téa. When Téa called him, R.J. rushed out of the diner and John followed soon after. Cris overheard the phone call and wanted to follow them. Jess didn't understand why he had to go after Roseanne, so she went for a walk down by the docks.

At the penthouse, Téa called the man "Miguel" and then shot him. Roseanne pushed him onto the floor and asked Téa why she had called him the same name as her father. Téa wanted Roseanne to call the police, but she refused until Téa answered her question. Téa said that Roseanne's father seduced her and many other young girls in their neighborhood. She gave Rosey some names and she said that she would call them to verify the story. She also said theat Miguel left when he found out that he had gotten Téa pregnant. Just as Téa was calling John, the man got up and attacked her. Roseanne grabbed the gun and aimed it at them. She fired and they both fell to the ground. The man got up, but Téa did not. He ran out of the penthouse. Roseanne tried to wake Téa, but she wouldn't respond. When R.J. and John arrived, they found Roseanne on the floor next to Téa, with blood on her and holding a gun. John took the gun away from her and called an ambulance for Téa. The dispatcher told him that it was stuck in traffic, so R.J. picked Téa up and took her to the hospital himself. Cristian came in and tried to comfort Roseanne. She admited to shooting Téa.

The show ended with Jessica on the docks, throwing Megan's cup into the water. We saw the man who had just attacked Roseanne and Téa, but Jess did not see him.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

In the emergency room, R.J. begged an unconscious Téa not to die right before she was wheeled into surgery. Meanwhile, Cristian prevented Sykes from questioning an incoherent Roseanne about the shooting. R.J. evaded Sykes' questions about where Téa got the gun. R.J. then poured out his feelings to an unconscious Téa. Téa awoke and told R.J. the details of the shooting and that Roseanne had been aiming at the rapist. An emotional Roseanne begged Cristian not to leave her. On the docks, the rapist was about to approach Jessica, but Will's arrival scared him off. Will and Jessica commiserated over their problems and wound up sharing a tender kiss. Rae advised Joey not to give up on Kelly and Joey turned around to give Kevin the same advice - not to give up on Grace. Joey went to see Kelly at The Sun and they shared a romantic dance. Joey left when he and Kelly couldn't come to terms with their problems. Joey was unaware that the maintenance man that he asked to keep an eye on Kelly was the rapist!

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla

Viki and Rae are working late at the Banner office. They discuss Téa's shooting. Viki also mentions how impressed she is with the response that Rae's been receiving to her column. They start reading the letters sent in by readers and having a lot of fun with them. Viki hints that she needs help with her relationship from Ms.Cummings, but it's only because it's too's scary.

Ben and Nora are sitting at the bar. Skye, who has started into the room, backs off. The two chat about Will and his hatred for Nora and Dorian. Nora thinks she's getting in the middle of the relationship between Sam and Will. Sam, who has been out looking for Will, is unsuccessful and finally shows up at the bar.

By this time Skye is sitting alone at a table, waves to Ben and he decides he'd better see what she's up to.The doctor has the distinct feeling that she's been following him. Skye says she only came to town to look for him and he advises her it's a wasted trip. She kisses him goodbye on the cheek and leaves. Sam and Nora want to know what's going on. The lawyers look on in horror as Ben fabricates a story about Skye being a mob collector looking for money that he may have. No, he lets on finally, they used to date.

The three banter for awhile as Nora and Sam try to convince Ben that he should let Viki know about Skye. She has enough on her mind, thinks the doc. Nora leaves the group to check on Matthew and the brothers talk about Will; Sam can only remember when he walked out on his own dad and thinks it's the same thing. Ben tells him it's not the same, their dad was really doing something wrong. Will is only acting out of anger. Nora returns and after Sam tells her he couldn't get any more info on Skye, Ben decides to head for the Banner.

Will and Jessica share a kiss at the pier. Jess assures him that she didn't just do it to get back at Cristian. They talk about the kiss. Jess says she just can't forget Cristian, but the two agree that they understand each other and their feelings perfectly. They wonder what's next.

Cristian is at the hospital with Roseanne. He doesn't want to leave her; he doesn't want her to wake up alone.

Grace and Kevin are at the hospital. They discuss the facts of the case involving Téa and Roseanne. They're disappointed not to be able to get any interviews. Kevin insists on walking Grace to her car; he doesn't want anything to happen to her. Grace feels the same about Kevin. They both leave for the Sun.

Kelly is in her office alone when the rapist spots her. She looks up startled as he walks into her office. She bids Brian hello; he's wearing a janitor's overalls labeled SUN! As he begins to clean up, he spots the picture of Kelly and Joey together; she mentions what a difficult time they are having at the present time and Brian says Joey must be a fool. She questions Brian on his status, does he have a girlfriend? He's holding out for the right girl he says, the last one was high maintenance. Maybe Kelly would be the right one, he wonders, but she retorts that SHE'S high maintenance too. Kevin and Grace show up and Brian makes himself scarce, cleaning up out of view. He listens to their conversation revolving around the rapist who has gotten away but they know he's wounded and has a tatoo of a heart on his wrist.

Nora spots Will as he's going into his house. She told Sam she was out to get some milk. She tells him that Sam is unable to accept his anger towards him. Will retorts that he let Lindsay stay in jail and that he believed in what Nora was doing. Nora tries to convince him that Sam loves him more than anything, but Will refuses to believe that. Sam was in the dark the whole time, Nora tries to explain."Yeah, he is" retorts Will. He refuses to accept anything Nora tries to explain to him.

Back at the Banner, Rae and Viki are still reading and laughing over some of the letters sent in by readers of Ms. Cummings' column. Skye appears with a resume; she's applying for the job of Styles editor. She mentions that she knows about Ben (after Viki mentions Grace Davidson,the previous editor) but covers up by saying only what she's read about him. She's out so late because she heard of the opening and wants the job before anyone else grabs it. Viki will check out her resume and be in touch. After she leaves, Ben shows up. He missed Viki. As they go off, Rae reads another letter. It's from someone named "Lonely Heart" and he's looking for a girlfriend. It sounds like it's from Brian.

Friday, August 20, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Diane Hopkins

Llanview Hospital

Blair is with the doctor she hired for Max. He is explaining the procedure for Max's surgery, there are risks he says, but it's not acceptable to Blair. He is just giving her all the facts, he tells her. Blair is tired and sleepy, she is so worried about Max she can't sleep. The doctor gives her sleeping pills, she accepts. The doctor wants to explain everything to Max and Blair together, but she has not told Max yet. The doctor is adamant with Blair, he said, the time is now and I need to take some tests or I am is going back home. Max will be here, she says, frightened.

Hotel Bar

Asa and Max are talking about Sam again, and their revenge against him. Asa says Max is the one son he can count on, Max agrees. They are going to take Sam down, where it hurts. Asa knows that Sam has a weak spot and he has found it, Will. Max guesses, his family. Asa is going to use Will and then toss him aside. After Asa leaves, Skye is questioning Max about his wife Blair and the fact that he doesn't want Asa to know. In walks Blair and she wants to talk to Max. Skye leaves.

Blair is upset about him talking to Skye. She fesses up when Max asks her about her "coworker", he is a doctor and he is there to perform surgery on him, she tells him. Blair is trying to convince Max to have the surgery and how great the doctor is. He is not listening, just drop it, he says. Cancel the doctor Max says and hands her the phone, she says no. Blair told Max if he won't have the surgery she will tell Asa and Renee he is not their golden boy and that he needs the surgery. So there. You would tell them? He says, go ahead, that's how much he is against the surgery. Max does not want the surgery, call the doctor he says, and cancel the surgery. She wants what's best for Max. She calls the doctor at Max's insistence and tells him the surgery is off. She tells Max she is going to join him for a drink as he looks around to see if the coast is clear. She asks for 2 orange juices, and calls the doctor back from the bar. She tells him we will be in today and then spikes Max's orange juice with the sleeping pills the doctor gave her earlier. Blair brings the drinks to the table and he says no vodka. Max drinks his orange juice and complains that there is no alcohol in the drink, but drinks it anyway. He appreciates her concern and she watches as he drinks the loaded drink. Please remember Max, I love you, she says. He asks her if she... and stops in she looks at him and says, I'm sorry.

The Carriage house

Will is lying down when the phone rings and lets the answering machine get it, it is Sam saying he is not giving up on him. Jessica arrives and is apologetic about the other night. She could care less about Cristian, she says, which is a lie. She thinks Cristian was being phony about Roseanne needing his help, until Will shows her the newspaper. Jessica can't believe that Roseanne was telling the truth this time. She wants to go to the hospital. Will says this is about Cris, isn't it. You're confused, she says, and I am too. She leaves and goes to the hospital. After she leaves, in walks Asa. We won't be disturbed, Asa says. Will wants to know what Asa wants. Asa says we have someone in common, a woman with no soul. Will walks away, and Asa stops him. Asa is trying to convince Will to take Dorian to the cleaners. You want me to sue Dorian, Will says. How come you can't do it, what about Jessica, he asks. Asa doesn't want Jessie involved. What's in it for you, Will asks. Here's my private number and think everything over and keep mum about our plan, Asa says and then leaves.

Sam's Office

Nora walks in and says she is leaving town and does not know when she will return. Sam is stunned. Rachel is getting out of prison she and Hank are going to pick her up, she explains. Nora is taking her away for a couple of weeks. You're taking Matthew, he asks. She says, yes, and we need some time apart. She tried to smooth things over with Will, it did not work. Sam does not agree with her, it feels like she won't come back. I will be back, she promises. If things are the same when you come back, Sam says, are you going to leave again? Nora feels she is in the way between him and Will. Make things right between the two of you right now, she says, Will needs you more. Sam is upset because Nora is leaving town. Something kept you from me 20 years ago, it is doing the same thing now, Sam says. It is a possibility, she says. Call me, he says, don't stay away another 20 years.


Roseanne and Cristian are talking about Téa and how she tried to help her. Roseanne is a bundle of nerves at the thought of facing Téa. In another room, Téa is being comforted by R.J., who is pleased as punch that he is nursing poor Téa back to health. She is pleased with his nursely duties, they chuckle together, she wants some coffee. R.J. laughs. In comes John, asking Téa how she is. Téa asks, did you catch the attacker. John replies no. She knows he will catch him and she will prosecute him. How is Roseanne doing? She is doing fine, he tells her. She wants no charges filed against Roseanne. Roseanne said that the gun was Téa's, but this gun was reported stolen a year ago. Where did you get it, John asks. Téa says it was in a drawer, probably Todd's. Téa says she is sorry for the trouble. He says, get well and leaves. R.J. says you had the chance to pay me back, but instead she caught hell for him. Why, R.J. asks. Just for the heck of it, she replies, the way you fluff my pillow and the things he said last night. He didn't know she was awake. Did you mean what you said, she asks? In walks Roseanne, looking guilty.

Outside in the hall, Jessica sees Cristian and tells him she is sorry about Roseanne and about getting angry. Now you know why I left, Cristian says, and tells her he spent the night at the hospital with Roseanne. I kissed Will while you were with Roseanne, she informs him in return. Why did she tell him that, he asks, are you trying to punish me? She admits she was trying to hurt Cristian. She can't forgive Cristian and tells him that they have to break up. Inside the room, Téa and Roseanne are talking about Carlotta and the fact that she is away visiting Antonio. How are you, Roseanne asks her. Roseanne begins to cry and Téa informs her she will be okay. I did not do it on purpose Roseanne says. Roseanne reflects on how horrible her father is and she is sorry. Téa forgives her. Outside, Cris is asking Jess if this is what she really wants. Jessica says, I don't know. The problem is what we have put each other through. Our relationship is hurtful, it has nothing to do with Will, just us, she says to him. Maybe someday, but not today, she says. Kiss me goodbye she says, and he does it as Roseanne watches. Later, R.J. and Téa talk about R.J.'s confession to her, but he says they'll have to continue the situation when he gets back. He is going to Statesville because Rachel is getting out today, so he is going to pick her up as well. Cristian asks Roseanne if everything alright between her and Téa. Roseanne is more interested if he and Jessica are getting back together. I saw the kiss, she said. That was a goodbye kiss, Cristian says.

The Carriage house

Jessica runs back to Will and he hugs her as she tells him she broke up with Cristian.

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