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Sophia and Kelly fought over Joey. Sam refused to represent Viki in a suit against Dorian. Jessica found out that Cristian had slept with Roseanne. Jessica forgave Dorian. Rae worked on her advice column at the diner. Asa and Skye plotted against Ben.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 9, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, August 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Tina Watts

In the diner, Jessica talks to Cristian about the trial and how she's glad that it's over. Now everything can go back to normal. She doesn't know how he feels about her, but she knows how she feels about him. He tells her that he loves her, but that they need to talk. Roseanne is listening on the other side of the counter.

In the police station, Sam is trying to calm Will down. He is mad that Nora knew and that she asked the judge to let Dorian go. Sam tells him that he would have asked the same thing if he had been representing Dorian. Will can't wait until Dorian gets her payback. Sam tells him to forget it, and to go on with his life. That sometimes bad things happen, but you learn to deal with it, or the hate will consume you. On the other side of the station, Asa is yelling at Sykes that he wants Ben arrested for practicing medicine without a license. Ben tries to defend his actions, and Asa starts yelling again, which causes Sam and Will to come over. Asa gets in Will's face, and Will tells him to go take care of Dorian, she killed his great granddaughter. Asa spats that Dorian is sitting in a cold dark jail cell. Sam tells them him that the judge let Dorian go free. Asa and Ben are shocked by the news. Téa walks in and Asa asks her if it true about Dorian. She tells him yes. He says he'll take care of Dorian later, right now he wants her to arrest Ben.

Dorian, at home, reads the headlines about her getting no jail time for her crime. The phone rings, the caller asks if she is alright, she wants to know who it is. He tells her he's with National Examiner and wants to know how it feels to go free for killing an innocent baby. She hangs up on him.

Viki, at her office, trying to deal with the judgment, starts to throw something, when Kevin walks in and stops her. They talk about Dorian. She tells Kevin that their family has been through so much, and she would never wish that much pain on anyone, until now.

At the station, Ben, talking with Sam, can't believe what happened at the hearing. Meanwhile Asa is still trying to get Ben arrested. Téa wants to know Ben's side of the story. He tells her. Sam defends that his brother had know idea that his license was revoked when he was working on Max, so there was no crime. Téa lets him go, to Asa's dismay.

Skye, in her office, calls home, but her dad is still in London. She tells the caller she will be staying in Llanview for awhile longer, as she looks at a picture of her and Ben.

Kelly shows up at Dorian's, worried, because she couldn't find her after the hearing. Feeling guilty, Dorian thinks she should have been punished. Kelly tells her that she knows how she feels, and she will get through it. Dorian asks how she did it. Kelly says, friends. Dorian scoffs, I don't have any friends, just then R.J. walks in, with a bottle of champagne.

Viki is still trying to deal with her anger, and she knocks over furniture. Kevin tries to comfort his mother. At the diner, a customer starts to flirt with Roseanne and asks her out. She declines, says she already has a boyfriend. Cristian is trying to explain how he feels about Jessica, and she tells him she is ready for them to get back together. Cristian is happy about that and hugs her, but first he has to tell her something, and she may not want to get back together after he tells her. He starts to tell her, but Roseanne interrupts them. Cristian then ask Jessica to meet him later, so that they can talk. Jessica tells him that no matter what he tells her, it won't change how she feels. She then leaves. Roseanne comes up to Cristian and asked if he and Jessica are back together. He begins to say something, but she tells him yes, and that he is letting go of her. Just one problem, she's not letting go of him.

Will is at Megan's grave site and he apologizes for not getting the justice he thought she deserved. He rants and raves about Dorian, and then promises to get Dorian back for what she did to her.

R.J. toasts Dorian's freedom. Feeling guilty, Dorian is hesitant about celebrating her freedom. Dorian wonders if Viki is as vengeful and she was when she blamed Viki for Mel's death. Viki, still raging, is not only mad at Dorian, but at the judge who let her go. Kevin promises to get to the bottom of it, if Viki will just calm down. Ben walks in the office, and agrees with Kevin that Viki will make peace with it. Kevin leaves to go get some answers. Ben wants to know what he can do to help. Viki wants good news and asks about his first day at the hospital.

Sam finds Will at the grave site and hears what he said about his revenge, and tries to talk him out of it. He tells Will, all that is needed is faith and the Lord will give Dorian her punishment. He grabs a flower, puts it on the headstone and tells Megan good-bye.

R.J., along with Kelly, tries to talk Dorian in going out for a drink. Kelly leaves the room to call Joey, after some pushing from Dorian. Dorian tells R.J. that he can keep the half of million dollars that she gave him (makes you wonder exactly how much money she really has), she just wants him to spend it wisely. He tells her did. She is shocked that is spent it already, and she wants to know on what. He tells he made a wise investment. (yeah right) Kelly comes in the room to say Joey wasn't home. The phone rings, Dorian thinking it might be Joey, answers to hear a man call her a baby killer.

Ben tells Viki what happened. Viki is upset by the news. She tells Ben that Max was lucky to have him there. Ben can't help wonder why Max and Asa were there when he found out about his license. And that Asa is not taking Max's illness to seriously. Viki tells Ben to fight back with Asa, not to let him get away with bullying him around.

At the station Kevin questions Téa about the hearing. Kevin wants to know if Téa thinks justice was served. Off the record, Téa tells Kevin that she wanted and needed payback for Megan's death, and she feels that she failed. Sykes comes over and tells Kevin that he has been notified that a serial rapist is around and maybe he should warn his readers, Kevin agrees. Kevin apologizes to Téa for pushing so hard.

Cristian tells Roseanne that he is sorry, but he loves Jessica. Roseanne, upset, leaves, with the flirting customer following her out. Jessica shows up at the grave site and sees Will. They just wanted to be with their daughter tonight. She is glad it's over and Will gets mad. She tells him that is was an accident, that Dorian didn't mean to do it. She asks him how Megan would like to see them, angry and sad, or happy. Will leans in and kisses Jessica.

Asa, in his office, gets a visit from Ben. Ben wants to how he got his license revoked, and he is not leaving until he gets some answers. Skye is listening at the door. Kelly wants to know who was on the phone. Wrong number, she says. She tells Kelly and R.J. that she is tired and doesn't want to go out tonight. R.J. leaves and tells Kelly to watch Dorian closely. Dorian wants Kelly to go and find Joey. She knows that they are fighting because of her, besides she just wants to be alone for awhile. Kelly leaves. Kevin shows up at Dorian's front door as Kelly is coming out. Kevin says he isn't sure why he is there, but he wants some answers. Kelly tells him she has none. In the house Dorian hears on the TV someone saying that Dorian should have been executed for what she did. Upset, she turns it off and throws the remote down.

Sam shows up at Viki office asking for her help with Will's idea of revenge. He is hoping that the grandparents can talk some sense into him, and to forget all of the revenge stuff. She then asks Sam for his help. She wants to put a civil suit again Dorian. She wants Dorian penniless and helpless, like she left Jessica. (We'll find out now how much money Dorian has.)

Tuesday, August 10, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla

Ben and Asa are arguing over the problem Ben is now having; supposedly practicing without a license. Ben knows the emergency with Max was staged so that he could get caught. Asa isn't buying the fact that Max is really seriously ill. Ben is sick and tired of Asa coming after his family. Asa accuses Ben of just being around to keep Viki happy and wonders how much he's being paid. Ben wonders if Asa has any real friends other than those who have been bought. Ben eventually storms out and Asa pulls his gun out of the desk drawer. Skye, who has been eavesdropping the entire time assures Asa she will do much worse to Ben than that.

Viki really wants to file a civil suit against Dorian and tries to convince Sam to take her case. She wants to take everything away from Dorian. She will make it her life's work to punish the woman who seduced Joey, ruined Kevin's marriage, locked her in a basement and hit Jessica with the car, killing her granddaughter. Sam really isn't interested and accused Viki of seeking vengeance. In the midst of their discussion, Ben walks in and wants to declare a real war on Asa. Sam is against both of these things and doesn't agree to anything. He heads for the diner. While Viki is talking about really hurting Dorian, Ben confesses to really hurting someone once and how he couldn't get over it. It was someone who loved him.

Will breaks away from Jessica after kissing her. She wants to know why he's kissed her and he says he doesn't know. After prodding from Jess, Will admits that he's begun falling in love with her. Jess says she loves Cristian, but Will says he doesn't deserve her. He refuses to tell her why, insisting she speak with Cris. Will just doesn't want Jess to be hurt. He runs from the cemetery where they have been visiting Megan's grave. Jess asks Megan to be the guardian angel of the children she will have with Cris.

Téa and Cristian are at the diner where Cris confides that he and Roseanne were arguing about Jess. He feels that it's his fault, but Téa tell him not to blame himself. Rosie has a lot going on right now. She even blames Téa for Annarosa's death. Cris already knows, but Téa tells him he only knows one side of the story. John comes in, but Téa gives him the cold shoulder. She tells him she's not right for him and that he should just deal with it.

Rae has been sitting in the diner, typing her column and observing the other diners. She wonders how everyone will deal with Dorian and how she hurt so many people. She spots, John who wanders over and sits down with her. She tells him she will be staying in Llanview for awhile. She mentions that the town has a lot of impossible women living there like Dorian and Grace. There's no news on her husband the detective advises her, but it sounds like she misses him. The columnist answers that one should know when to cut their losses, when they keep being hurt. They joke about her column and she agrees not to write about him. John asks her advice and Rae tells him that normally she would advise a person to be patient and that their love needs help. Since she knows Téa, she will advise him that it's not worth all the hassle.

Sam spots Will who has just sat down in a booth. He pleads with his son to forget about going after Dorian because too many people will be hurt further. They must abide by the judge's ruling. Will cannot forgive. Sam is worried; Will will be poisoned by hatred.

Roseanne wanders onto the pier and has a flashback to the day of her mother's death. She hears a noise behind her and is unaware that she is being watched by a man with a mask. He has a tattoo on his arm. Suddenly he grabs her from behind. She bites the man's hand and he throws her to the ground. Cristian, who has been looking for Rosie runs up and pulls the man away. He checks on Rosie and then runs after the man, but he gets away. Cris feels responsible about what happened. He takes her home with him and cleans her up. He wants to call the police, but Rosie refuses. She can't identify this person except to say that he smelled like cloves. She can't get over it without Cris, who takes her in his arms. He wants to do the right thing; he never meant to hurt anyone. She cries that she can't go on and Cris says he's not going anywhere. Just then, Jessica appears in the doorway. She spies the two together.

Wednesday, August 11, 1999

Jessica Gets the Truth

Jessica shows up at Cristian's just in time to see him and Roseanne hugging. When she tries to leave, Cris tops her and explains about the attempted rape on Roseanne. Jess is too upset to listen to excuses and asks Roseanne to leave, then asks them, "What's going on between you two?" Roseanne makes a quick exit, which increases Jessica's suspicion and anger and Cristian's guilt. Then she hides behind the bathroom door and listens. Jessica reminds Cris that he said he had something to tell her that might change her mind about him and asks him if that's it, that he slept with Roseanne. Cris admits he did, and more than once. Cris then tries to justify his affair with Roseanne by putting the blame on Jessica because she didn't remember his and then left town. He tells Jess he cares about Roseanne, but he loves her. When Jess asks if caring for Roseanne is a reason to sleep with her, he bursts out with "it's better than being drunk". Jess accuses him of waiting to say that from the start and he denies it. He grabs her to explain himself but she turns to ice and asks him to let her go... "Don't call me. Don't come after me. Don't even think about me. I don't ever want to see you again." She leaves and he runs after her, but soon returns in anger and frustration.

Dorian vs. Llanview

The doorbell rings at Llanfair and when Kevin answers, Will storms in telling him that the judge just threw someone in jail for protesting against his decision at Dorian's trial, and that Dorian is free, presumably celebrating. Ben approaches and tries to get both Will and Kevin to calm down and use their heads instead of getting wrapped up in vengeance schemes.

Meanwhile, Dorian turns on her radio at home and hears a scathing report about herself. When she leaves the room, she finds her maid standing at the front door with a pitcher of iced tea explaining that she was just giving it to the thirsty reporters outside. When Dorian berates her for this, the maid quits, telling her that she doesn't want to work for a murderer. Kelly then comes down the stairs and tells Dorian to stand up to the reporters. She goes outside to greet the press, posing for their pictures and showing them "my better side". Kelly yanks her back in and says that's not what she meant but goes back to encouraging her to get past the harassment and walk out of the house with her head held high. They make plans to go to the Palace Restaurant.

The Palace

Sophia walks into the Palace and is ignored by the Maitre'D. When she loudly voices her anger at him, Renee shows up to break up the tantrum and ushers her to a table to meet with Joey. Joey comes in and explains to Renee that it's business. He tells Sophia that he was concerned about her after getting her letter with tearstains all over it. He asks her if she is really staying at a women's shelter and she gets up and walks out because she doesn't like to be grilled. Joey watches her leave with an expression of confusion on his face.

Sophia then approaches Renee and tries to get Renee to replace the Maitre'D with her. She attacks Renee for thinking she isn't good enough and then makes it worse for herself by using Dorian's name as a reference because she was just recently "her social secretary". She resorts to begging but Renee doesn't budget. She turns in tears for Joey's benefit, who is suckered into giving her sympathy and revealing Renee is a Buchanan. He takes her back to the table to get her dinner. She orders caviar puffs and filet mignon. Joey looks up in shock to see Kelly walking in with Dorian. Renee sees Dorian and Dorian asks her for a table for two. When Renee tries to turn Dorian away, Dorian insists loudly that she wants to be seated and she knows everyone in the restaurant also has a skeleton in their closet. Kelly tries to get her to leave but Dorian just seats herself. Joey asks Kelly what Dorian is doing there, and Kelly asks him what he is doing there with Sophia. Sophia smirks and looks away. A patron at the restaurant walks up to Dorian and says "murderer", to which Dorian responds, "If I were you, I'd get a refund on that facelift". Joey launches an attack on her and confirms that he and everyone else believes she hit Jessica on purpose.

In the meantime, Kelly asks Sophia what she did to get Joey and take advantage of him in a family tragedy. Sophia tells her that Joey came after her. Sophia then looks on in glee as Kelly and Joey fight about her and Dorian.

Moments later, Dorian finds herself faced with bouncers.

Will Looks for Jessica

Will goes to the diner and finds it locked with Roseanne inside. She lets him in and tells him that Jessica now knows the truth. He is upset and Roseanne tells him to stop pretending to be unhappy about it because they are both about to get what they want. Will storms out and heads to Cristian's. When he arrives he tells Cris to stay the hell away from Jessica and that Roseanne couldn't wait to tell Will about it.

In the meantime, Jessica goes to the Crossroads and walks in remembering the night of her engagement party. Will finds her there and she kisses him, begging him to make love to her.

Thursday, August 12, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Nancy Fox

The Palace

Picking up where yesterday left off, Renee and her "security" are in the process of throwing Dorian out of the restaurant. Dorian threatens to sue but when she looks around for witnesses, everyone except Joey, Kelly and Sophia have left. Kelly asks Joey if he considers her a murderer, too, but he doesn't answer her before Kelly sticks up for Dorian and tells Renee she won't come back either if she insists on throwing Dorian out. Dorian decides to leave the "tacky dump" on her own and she and Kelly both leave. Later, Kelly comes back in as Sophia is begging Joey to intervene with Renee to get her a job at the Palace. Joey tells Sophia she "wouldn't fit in here" and abruptly leaves to talk to Kelly. Kelly accuses Joey of being "a little too compassionate" where Sophia is concerned, but not about Dorian. Joey angrily explains that in the past he has "bent over backwards" trying to understand Dorian and he "can't anymore." Meanwhile, Rae Cummings has come in and taken Sophia to another table to exchange information. Rae asks Sophia about Dorian - how close are they? Rae explains to Sophia that she and Dorian fought over a man a long time ago and that Dorian won because she had money and power. Sophia tells Rae that she and Kelly are fighting over Joey but since Kelly has "everything" she might as well give up. Rae corrects Sophia: "You always have hope."

Lindsay's Gallery

Lindsay is seen polishing the new sign on the gallery: Lindsay Rappaport Fine Arts Gallery. She telephones Bo and leaves a message on his answering machine telling him (among other things) that she just wants to hear his voice and that she is getting on with her life. Asa comes in and tells Lindsay to "get on with your life - without my son." Lindsay tells Asa that she always thought underneath he was a decent man with a conscience who would admit a mistake and "apologize that he was totally wrong" about her. Asa retorts, "You are a Rappaport. Enough said." As Asa is explaining to Lindsay that he actually came to see her "partner," Dorian walks in and asks if she "should have worn my bulletproof vest?" Later, Asa threatened Dorian with his "Buchanan justice": he vowed to simplify her "lousy life" by getting her thrown off the hospital board and the arts council, etc. and making her unable to show her face within 100 miles of Llanview. After Asa left, Dorian tried to apologize to Lindsay but she refused to accept Dorian's apology and instead told her that she was "trespassing" at her gallery.


Sam comes in while Ben is on the telephone to Nevada trying to find out what happened with his medical license reinstatement. Sam wants to ask for Viki's help with a "unified strategy" for Will's anger, but Ben tells him that Kevin is helping to "stoke the fire." The brothers agree that there is a "need to calm these people down", and Sam explains that he doesn't see any satisfaction for Viki if she sues Dorian. He tells Ben that Viki has always been the "emotional backbone" of Llanview, the person you look to when checking your own behavior, and the "most compassionate human being" he has ever met. Sam allows that the "anger in his gut" says to sue Dorian, but that the lawyer in him tells him to be "extra careful." So Ben has a brainstorm: instead, let's sue Asa!

Crossroads Bar

Also continued from yesterday, Jessica is begging Will to sleep with her. Will stops her and wants to know "where is this coming from?" Jessica realized that Will knew about Cristian and Roseanne and had been trying to tell her. She pushes ahead anyway, "I thought you loved me. You don't want me either?" Will comforts her and says that his feelings have grown even stronger but that she doesn't want him, she just wants to punish Cristian. Jessica tells him, "I need you to make the pain go away." Later, Will assures Jessica that she "hasn't lost everything" because he is "here for you." As they agree that she should go home to her family, she promises Will that if Cristian tries to talk to her she will "slam the door in his face."

The Diner

Rae has brought Sophia here for coffee and "advice" - she tells Sophia that she reminds her of herself. But she also tells Sophia that "you can't be me; look inside yourself - look at your own heart. Do you want to be a needy, pitiful little girl or a self confident woman?" When Sophia tells her that she doesn't need her help, Rae begs to differ. She advises Sophia to think more of herself, learn from her mistakes, adjust her attitude, and, as for style, "never wear a feather boa." Later, Rae is amazed at how Dorian continues to "polarize an entire community;" that people who were "friends" are now fighting and Dorian incited it. Rae tells Sophia that if anything can break Kelly and Joey up, it just may be this "major" thing with Dorian.

The Palace

Kelly and Joey continue to argue about Dorian. Kelly says she can't abandon her "family" and that Dorian is punishing herself. Asa interrupts them and Kelly tries to explain to Asa about "family sticking together" and how he should understand that. Kelly says that she "won't abandon her because it's the popular thing to do." Later, when Joey told Kelly that he wanted to see Dorian pay for her crime and that he was going to do all he could to make sure she did, Kelly told him he had "made it really clear" and she walked out on him.


Over beer and pizza, Sam and Ben exchange ideas on how to find the "guy" who helped Asa get Ben's license revoked. Sam does an impression of Asa on the witness stand: "I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth - as long as it suits me and makes me a lot of money and puts the screws to the Rappaports." Later, when Ben asked Sam what his "plan" was for Dorian, Sam admitted that he doesn't know what to do because he doesn't "relish the idea of being on the other side of a protracted court battle with Nora." Will overheard Sam and went ballistic: "I thought you cared about us...I know where your loyalties lie...You can go to Hell and take Nora with you." While Ben tried to get Will to chill out, Sam excused Will's outburst by saying that he hadn't really meant it; but Will begged to differ and questioned why he should respect his father: "Nora is more important to you than I am...fine, go kiss up to Nora. I'm going to make sure Dorian pays."

Lindsay's Gallery

Dorian tells Lindsay that she is still half owner of the gallery and she isn't interested in selling her share. Lindsay says that Dorian "gave up that right" when she let Lindsay take the blame for hitting Jessica. Dorian reminds Lindsay that she had a "real alibi" all along and it was her choice not to use it, that she shouldn't blame someone else for the "troubles you created." Dorian threatened Lindsay, "I just might find it necessary to tell somebody how you were trying to change little Matthew's DNA results." Lindsay told Dorian that she had already told Bo and that at first he was angry but he had calmed down and become understanding. Dorian assured Lindsay that she wasn't "that stupid" and she knew Lindsay hadn't told the "whole story." Lindsay lied and said that Barnes told her that Sam was the real father, but Dorian asked Lindsay just how confident she was of that --- would she mind if Dorian called Sam to tell him about Lindsay's "alibi?" Lindsay backed down and wouldn't let Dorian call Sam, but vowed "You can pretend everything is the same but, sooner or later, I'll get you for what you've done." Lindsay then walked out of the gallery leaving Dorian standing alone listening to voices in her head - Asa: "You'll know what hit you and it's gonna hurt;" Joey: "How does it feel to get away with murder?" Will: "I hope that you rot in jail for the rest of your life;" and Lindsay: "Sooner or later, one way or another, I am going to get you for what you have done."

Friday, August 13, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Diane Hopkins

Palace Hotel

Asa and Skye are plotting the demise of Dr. Ben. Asa is warning Skye to stay away from him, but Skye says she needs to see Ben. Skye says Ben disappeared on her and made a fool out of her. Renee is jealous about Asa and Skye's relationship, she introduces herself to Skye and says "Skye Chandler, as in Adam Chandler." If she's Adam Chandler's daughter she is half as bad as Adam is. Ben and Sam arrive at at the Palace and Asa walks over and taunts Ben, telling Ben he will need a new career. Asa leaves. Sam tries to cheer Ben up and says they will make Asa pay, then leaves to go see Viki. Ben sits down again, when someone behind him drops a picture of himself and Skye onto his plate. He looks, and there stands Skye.

The Banner

Jessica and Kevin discuss Viki being a rock and how she will be okay. Will walks up and asks how Jessica is, she is sorry for asking Will to sleep with her. Jessica might be willing to forgive Cristian, she can't see him right now. Will is on a vendetta against Dorian. Rae walks in and goes to Kevin's desk saying Viki signed off on the article. She discusses the article and the game of chase. Kevin is discussing the article and telling Rae his version of it.

Carlotta's Diner

Ben and Grace are talking about their families bad luck, Ben is ready for a duel with Asa. Grace shows Ben the newspaper and Rae's article. It's about me, she explains, and my relationship with Kevin. Ben reads the article and Grace says she is the "elusive butterfly" as Grace tells him she had an affair with Rae's husband. Ben encourages her to go after Kevin. After Ben leaves, Grace decides to do some digging into Rae's background and hires a private detective.

Roseanne told John about her attack, and explains what happened. John plies her with questions until she remembers he had a tattoo on his wrist. A man comes to the door of the diner with a tattoo, looks in, and walks away. Téa comes in and asks Roseanne about Cristian, but Roseanne walks away from her. John tells Téa the rapist makes another attempt. He tries to talk with her about her sister, Annarosa. Téa looks stunned. You never talked about your sister, John says. Téa tells John part of the story, how her sister committed suicide. She wants to know what the police is doing to find the rapist, John starts to give her all the details, but his beeper goes off and he runs to the phone. Roseanne heads toward the door as Téa tries to stop her. Roseanne says, you're not my mother and you can't make up for anything ever. (boy is she mean) Roseanne leaves and the rapist is hot on her trail following her. John runs over and asks Téa about Roseanne, she says Roseanne left and discovers Roseanne was attacked.


Rev. Carpenter is at Dorian's talking about Cassie and the baby they had who died. He says Dorian is responsible for the death of his son. She thinks he's there to harass her like everyone else in town. Andrew has spoken to Cassie, he wants Cassie to know what's going on in Llanview. Dorian shows him a stack of letters, every Club and organization wants Dorian to cancel her membership. The baby killer is angry, and blaming Asa for some of her problems. Also, the Banner is making things worse as well. She comments on her picture in the paper as Andrew shows her the paper. Andrew wants to know if Dorian believes she has been punished enough. The night of the accident Dorian came to Andrew and wanted to confess, she was frightened to tell. Andrew believes Dorian, he wants her to learn and change, she says she will, but we know better, he leaves. Jessica comes through the garden door and Dorian thinks she is a ghost at first and freaks out. Then she realizes it really is Jessica and she invites her in. I came to set things straight, Jessica says. Jessica is telling Dorian that she is to blame as well as Dorian. Jessica can't blame Dorian, she tells Dorian that it is an accident and she is forgiven if she will stop blaming Viki for anything that goes wrong in her life. Dorian wants to hug her, as Jessica tells her we are not friends. Now, Dorian wants forgiveness from Viki. Jessica says that Dorian will have to talk to Viki about that herself. As Jessica leaves by the front door, Will walks up to Dorian's door, but apparently doesn't knock or go in. Later, Dorian is hearing baby cries and goes out the front door, but she sees nothing there and is tormented by it.


Viki and Sam discuss Dorian's civil suit, which Sam won't take. Viki is on a revenge vendetta, she has forgotten it is not her baby, it is Jessica's, Sam says he is not going to take the case. Viki is outraged that Sam won't take the case, she wants justice. Sam has a bad feeling about this case, Viki says yeah bad, she wants Dorian to pay. Sam tries to reason with her. Viki won't see it, Sam wants to recommend another lawyer. Viki says no thank you, she will deal with it on her own for Jessica's sake. He says, stop fighting for Jessica's sake. Viki explains that Jessica wants closure. Sam says he has to go and that's the end of it. He runs into Ben with flowers in his hands for Viki, Sam mentions the civil suit as he leaves. Viki is tearing up the article about Dorian and she is enraged as she looks up and sees Ben. Viki takes the flowers from Ben and tells Ben he does not understand what is really going on. Viki is beset with anger and rage as Ben tells her she will become Dorian Lord Hayes. Ben tries to convince her, but Viki won't hear of it, he cannot understand her, she needs time to make it right. Ben tells her he can love her and distract her. Viki says, I am sorry, love won't help this time. Ben pleads with her. She needs time to think. Ben says he will go and not far, she will lean on him when the time is right. Andrew is at Llanfair to pick up some clothes of Megan that Jessica wants to donate to the Shelter. Viki compliments Jessica on her new hairstyle and asks where she's been, Jessica does not tell her. Jessica tells her she and Cristian are not doing well. Jessica tells Viki about the civil suit papers she saw. Jessica says I can fight my own battles, Jessica says she can handle this situation. Jessica has matured, Jessica tells Viki, this is about you.


Roseanne gets off the elevator and she drops everything from her purse on the floor as she looks for her keys. The rapist looks out from the stairway door. Roseanne seems to be frightened, but doesn't realize he's there. She finds her key and lets herself into the Penthouse and locks the door. The rapist is at the door with his hand on the doorknob.

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