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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, July 16, 1999

Marlena tells John that he'll never guess what she found when she woke up, a yellow rose on the pillow next to her. John says it must have been the flower fairy, but Marlena says it was left by the most romantic man in the world. As they kiss, Belle walks in and asks if there isn't a time limit on honeymoons? John says this honeymoon will never end. Belle tells them that they are the most married parents she knows.

Marlena gets a call and has to go to the hospital for a staff meeting, and Belle says it must be from the hospital. After Marlena leaves, John gets a call from "Hope." After the call, John decides to go running, but Belle wants to know why he was so angry on the phone?

Mike tells Alice all about the plane and his being asked to resign. Alice tells him it is awful, but she told him he would have to pay the price. Mike says he loves Carrie and if this is the price he has to pay, so be it. What angers him is that this is all Ali's fault. Mike feels like he has let everyone down. He feels like he has dishonored the Horton name.

Lexie wonders why Winston and Lewis are here. Brandon shows up to talk to Lexie about the job he applied for. Lexie tells apologizes for not getting back to him sooner, a lot has been going on. Craig and Nancy show up and are beaming. Lexie asks why they look like they hit the jackpot? Craig says they just had a wonderful evening, and Nancy says today will be even better. Lexie tells Brandon that she will follow up on his application today, unless . . . . Lexie asks one of the nurses if she knows what is going on? The nurse says all she knows is that a staff meeting is scheduled for four o clock. Craig and Nancy talk with the board, and later Craig tells Nancy to go wild with the credit cards.

In her office, Carrie is packing up. A reporter wants a statement from Carrie about how it felt to see her illicit affair on display. Carrie asks him to leave, but he refuses. Sami walks in and tells the reporter to leave her alone! The reporter leaves, and Carrie thanks Sami. Sami says "your leaving your job?" and Carrie says "how I can stay?" Carrie thanks Sami for her help, but Sami says she is not on her side. Sami tells her that she made Austin's life miserable, and now she has to pay the price. Carrie asks if she came here to lecture her?

Sami says that she is just here to tell her how she felt, and how Austin felt last night when he saw that banner? Carrie says "what about what I felt?" Sami says she and Mike don't count, they deserve this! Sami yells at her to sign the divorce papers now! Carrie says she is leaving, and on the way out she runs into Mike. Mike helps her pick up the papers she dropped, and then leaves when he sees Marlena has shown up. Marlena, Carrie, and Sami go back into Carrie's old office. Marlena wants her to sit down, but Carrie tells Marlena that she is quitting, this isn't her office anymore. Marlena asks what is going on between her and Mike? Carrie asks why she is here, and Marlena says she got a memo about a staff meeting.

Marlena asks her if she knows what it is about? Carrie says she does, but can't discuss it. Carrie takes off, and Marlena looks at Sami. Out in the hall, Mike asks Lexie to gather up the staff, he has something he has to say.

In Salem place, Claire is eager to start spending the money on clothes. Ali jokes that they can pretend to be royalty. Claire says she wants to return to New York, but Ali refuses to leave until she has destroyed Carrie and Mike. Claire says she doesn't understand why they have to stay in this God awful city, and Ali tells her for the last time that she isn't leaving until her job is done.

Nancy goes to Salem place, shopping and then runs into Claire and Ali. Claire decides to go to the Java Cafe for a cappuccino and tells Ali to come get her when she is ready to leave. Ali then tells Mrs. Chief of Staff to be is looking pretty sharp. She says the money must be good considering how many shopping bags she has! Ali thinks that now that her and Craig's dream came true they are trying to brush her under the rug! Ali is furious that she and Craig got what she wanted, but she got nothing! Nancy tells Ali that she got a lot of money, but Ali says she wanted Mike, but she doesn't have him and it is all her and Craig's fault!

She then tells Nancy that Mike couldn't get away with abusing her, and neither can she or Craig! Ali stomps off and Nancy is visibly shaken. Nancy runs after Ali and tells her that she and Craig did not use her, they were there to help her to go up against Mike. Nancy tells her that she beat Mike, but Ali says she never wanted the money! Ali then threatens to tell the hospital board how she and Craig stalked Mike and Carrie to Las Vegas! Nancy says that is no way to treat friends! She tells her friend that she can blow the whistle on them anytime she wants, and don't think she won't do it! Ali leaves, and Nancy looks petrified.

Nancy returns to the hospital and tells Craig that she has to talk to him. Craig says Mike is about to make his speech, so Nancy whispers what she has to say in his ear. Craig is shocked and says "damn Ali!" Mike then asks for everyone attention, he has something to say. Mike tells everyone that he has to resign as chief of staff. Everyone, but Nancy and Craig, is shocked. Mike apologizes for his actions and says he did not mean to hurt the hospital. Mike says he has no regrets about his work as COS, but he made a personal mistake by falling in love with a married woman. He also apologizes for the pain he has caused Carrie. Mike tells them all that he hopes they can find it in their hearts to forgive him one day.

Carrie runs into Ali, and Ali can't believe she isn't home popping tranquilizers. Carrie tells Ali that she knows she is responsible, and there is no "me and Mike" anymore. Carrie tells Ali that she realized she was right about him all along.

"Hope" is looking at John's wedding ring and remembering her role in the hay with him. Gina looks at the potion and remembers that she has to give Bo another dose of the potion tonight. Outside, Bo talks to Greta and Eric on his cell phone. Eric says they haven't found anything yet, but thinks they are on the right track. Eric also asks Bo to check out Kurt Shwengle, Eric thinks he knows more than he's letting on about Gina. As Bo is talking to Eric, he is hit with a dizzy spell. Eric asks if he is okay, and Bo says he just has a little hangover. Bo tells Eric that he has a special day planned for Gina tonight, hopefully he will convince her that DiMera is up to no good. Bo goes inside and tells Gina that he has a special day planned for them, and then takes off to make some plans. Gina continues to yearn for John, and says it is definitely time.

Gina calls John and tells him that she needs to talk to him, it is urgent. John asks what is so urgent? Gina says she heard about what happened on his honeymoon and was worried. When Gina asks him questions about what happened, John tells her he doesn't remember. John tells him that the past is dead and he doesn't want anything to do with Princess Gina or whoever the hell she thinks she is. John tells Gina to tell Stefano that he's lost, and then hangs up on her!

Gina talks to herself and says she has to get the demagnetizer back from Stefano. With it, Gina says she could turn John back into the man who ravaged her on the sub. Outside, some men arrive and set up Bo's surprise for Gina. Bo is then hit with another headache. Bo goes back inside and asks Gina what her brain is cooking up now?

Greta reads a letter from her mother. Eric returns and Greta tells Eric that she is determined to find out why her mother died. Eric suggests they check out the cemetery, so Greta leaves to put some shoes on. Eric sees Kurt walk by in the hallway and go around the corner, but when Eric follows, Kurt is gone and he comes to a dead end! Kurt went through a secret passage, and Eric wonders where he went. Eric finds Greta and tells her how Kurt disappeared on him. Greta doesn't understand how that is possible. Eric doesn't know either and says there are some strange things going on in this castle. Greta tells Eric that she is afraid to go to the cemetery because it will mean her mother is really gone, part of her is holding onto the hope that she is alive. Eric says they'll find out soon, and leave for the cemetery.

Up in her room, the real Princess Gina has a nightmare that she is being chased and people keep calling her a lunatic. When she tries to break free, Kurt refuses to let her go. Gina wakes up and says she is a prisoner and Kurt is her keeper. When she hears Kurt at the door, Gina covers the hole in the wall and pretends to be asleep. Kurt runs to her and asks why she is on the floor? Gina says she had some spasms and must have fallen asleep. However, she says since she is a prisoner, she might as well live like one.

Kurt leaves to make her some breakfast, and Gina goes back to prying out the bricks in the castle wall. Later, Kurt returns with breakfast and tea, but Gina says she is too distraught to eat. Gina tells him that now that John won't be coming, she has no hope left. Gina asks what will become of her? Kurt tells her many good things will come of her, she'll see. He tells her to eat, and then leaves. Gina quickly returns to her wall and continues digging. Kurt returns later with more food for her. Gina says she will eat it, if he brings Stefano here! Kurt says he can't do that, and quickly leaves. Gina looks out the window and wonders who those people who came were, and why is Kurt lying to her?

Tuesday, July 17, 1999

Belle tells her dad not to feel bad about what he said to Hope, she totally understands that he was trying to help. John asks her what she totally understands? Belle says that she knows that Hope thinks she is this Princess Gina person and he is worried about her. John tells her that he is a smart girl. Belle informs her dad that Mimi is coming over and they are going to the mall. John gives her his credit card, and Belle thanks him. As Belle is leaving, Abe shows up to see John. Abe tells John that he and Lexie are planning to have the millennium baby, and perhaps Belle can be there sitter. Abe tells John that he came here to tell him about the Hawaiian disaster, no body has washed up yet. Abe has also learned that Stefano is in Paris, and John knows he is with Hope. John fills Abe in on his and Gina's plans to run away from Stefano, and that Hope is under Stefano's control now.

Belle and Mimi go to Salem Place, and two friends of Mimi's, Dylan and Todd show up. They invite Belle and Mimi to a party tonight, its down by the lake and they will have a couple of kegs. Belle yanks Mimi aside and says going out and getting trashed is not her idea of a good time, and she is not going with those guys and doesn't think she should go either. The guys tell Belle to grow up, but she says she'd rather spend the afternoon with school supplies than them. Belle and Mimi walk off, but Todd chases after them and says that he does not into drinking and partying, and asks Belle out. Belle says maybe next year. Mimi wants to know why she is doing this? Belle says those guys are losers and they can find guys to date anywhere.

Almost everyone is shook up by Mike's resignation. Lexie tells Brandon that Mike was a mentor to everyone at this hospital. Mike sees Alice and says she didn't have to be here, but Alice says she did. She tells him that Tom is here too, and is happy because he (Mike) is a good doctor. The board members then decide to introduce the new chief of staff, Dr. Craig Wesely. Lexie is appalled, and Mike tells her that he is sorry. Lexie asks Mike what he is going to do? Mike says he is going to take a leave of absence. Marlena tells Mike that he doesn't leave right away, but Mike says he wants to. Marlena asks if Carrie knows, and he says yes. Mike decides to go clean out his office because someone will want to move in stat. Marlena tells Alice that Mike leaving is breaking her heart.

Mike goes into his office and begins packing. Marlena comes in to see Mike to make sure he is all right. Mike says he would like to say he is, but he would be lying. Marlena asks if he wants to talk? Mike says he doesn't know why she'd want to talk to him because she thinks he deserves this. Marlena tells him that she does not think that. She tells him that she came in here to talk to his grandfather many times when she needed someone to talk to. Marlena tells Mike the advice Tom gave her when she and Roman broke up, he told her not to make any long term plans and take things one day at a time. Marlena knows Mike loves Carrie, but she doesn't thing he is what is best for Carrie. Marlena tells him that he thinks he can protect Carrie, and Mike agrees. Marlena says that Carrie needs the same time and space to heal just like he does. She knows he wants to protect Carrie, but it is too late.

Nancy talks with Craig and fears that Nancy might blow the whistle on them. Craig says that this is all Mike's doing, Ali can't do anything to them. Mike finishes packing and turns his keys into Judy. Lexie gives Mike a hug and tells him to take care. Craig shakes Mike's hand, and Mike wishes him luck.

Carrie tells Ali that she was right about Mike, he hurt her (Carrie) the way he hurt her (Ali). Ali tells her that twenty watt bulb in her head is finally turning on, even though it is a little slow. Carrie tells Ali that she now knows she was wrong and is sorry she ever got involved with Mike. Carrie says that Mike told her so many lies about their future, and Ali says that is what Mike did to her! Carrie apologizes to Ali and says that it is over between Mike and her. Ali tells her "who are you kidding Carrie, she and Mike can't keep their hands off of one another." Carrie assures Ali that it is over and she won't be trying to get Mike back. Carrie says she still loves her husband and has things to work out with him, but he'll probably never forgive her. Carrie intends to start over and hopes Ali can too. Ali thanks Carrie, and then Carrie leaves. Ali whips out her Carrie doll and says "You lose Blondie, and I win!"

Mike goes to the Cheatin Heart and watches Craig on the TV gloating. Carrie shows up and is questioned by the reporters, but Craig says that Carrie no longer works here. After the reporters leave, Nancy tells Carrie that they need her help before she leaves. Nancy asks for PR tips to help Craig? Carrie says she will leave her files. Later, Nancy tells Craig that a reporter wants to talk to interview him. Back at the Cheatin Heart, Ali finds Mike and sits down beside him.

Gina/Hope tells Bo that she has already seen Paris. She tells him that if he would like to see Paris, he can go right ahead. Bo tells Gina that he recognizes the look on her face, it is hurt. Bo asks if she called John, but already knows the answer. Bo tells her that John is married and doesn't want to remember a woman he doesn't love. Bo says John didn't love Princess Gina and he never will. He says that John was a machine made by DiMera, does she think that he really wants to remember killing hundreds of men? Gina remembers John killing people on their missions. Bo says that even if John and Gina escaped from DiMera, John could have turned on her. Gina says that John would never have hurt Gina, but Bo says DiMera can brainwash anyone into doing anything.

Gina remembers Bo-Mime crossing the street, and tells Bo "even you!" Bo says he is not under Stefano's control, but Gina says he was still manipulated by Stefano when he took her away from him. Bo says if she has Gina's memories than she knows the pain of Stefano taking a loved one away. Bo tells Gina that she is still the woman he loves and he won't lose her again, and that is how John feels about Marlena. Gina says she is happy for John and Marlena, but she feels nothing but contempt for him! Bo tells Gina that somewhere deep inside her is Hope Williams Brady, the woman he loves and the woman who loves him and Shawn D. Bo says a love like that doesn't go away, all she has to do is look deep enough. Gina says he is not the man she loves. Bo tells her to forget about John, he has forgotten about her. He urges her not to slip too far into this Princess Gina thing, otherwise she will share the fate of the real Gina.

The real Gina wonders what Stefano has done to John. Gina realizes that all she has is Greta and she has to find her. She looks out the window and begins shouting for help. Kurt returns and Gina asks why is he holding her captive, why won't he take her to Paris, why won't he let her see her guests, what is he doing to her? Kurt says "Your highness. . " and Gina interrupts and says he is to remember that she is a princess. Gina demands Kurt tell her the truth, who are those people and what do they want from her? Kurt says that the people in the garden want to buy the castle, but he told them it was not for sale. Gina wants to be taken to Paris to see John and Greta, and then she throws a fit and starts trashing the place. John comes out of his painting and Gina thanks god he is here. Kurt watches her as she talks to an imaginary John. As he fades away, Gina cries and Kurt holds her to keep her from collapsing. Kurt tells her to rest, and then leaves. Gina screams "Damn you Stefano!" She says once she is free, Stefano will regret taking John and her daughter from her! As she screams she is going to kill Stefano, Gina collapses.

Greta and Eric go out to the graveyard to find her mother's grave. She wonders if she had a funeral, and if anyone takes care of her mom's grave. Greta looks among the tombstones and finally finds her mother's. The stone indicates that Gina died in 1990, but part of her born date is rubbed off, only 19 remains. Greta realizes she has lost her mother, but Eric says they don't know that for sure. Greta asks what he means? Eric says that Stefano convinced him that his parents were dead when they were not. Eric says Gina may not be buried here. Greta asks how they will know for sure? Eric says they have to open up the grave!

Wednesday, July 18, 1999

Mimi is still bugging Belle about blowing those guys off. Mimi thinks the guys are okay and there is nothing wrong with having a few beers. Dylan and Todd show up again, and Belle tells them to get lost. Dylan tells Belle that he knew she was that kind of chick, her way or no way. Dylan tells Mimi that if she doesn't stop listening to her friend, she will be very lonely. Dylan and Todd take off, and Mimi tells Belle that she doesn't know what it is like to be her. Belle tells her that they have to work on her self-esteem, and if she sticks with her she will be a whole new person by time school starts.

Marlena and Sami are talking at the Java Cafe. Sami tells her mom that she has come so far because of Austin, he makes her believe in herself. Marlena asks Sami what her life would be like without Austin? Sami says "But Austin is in my life." Marlena tells her that she deserves a man who will love her with all her heart. Sami tells her mom that she once told her that she would find a man who would love her for who she was, but she didn't believe it because of Carrie. Marlena tells her that every person comes into their own at different times, and it was never a competition between her and Carrie. Marlena says she and Carrie have always competed for Austin's attention. Sami says things are different now because Carrie is not perfect anymore, at least not to Austin.

When Sami mentions the picture and the plane, Marlena asks her not to talk about it because it breaks her heart. Marlena realizes that Sami is still in love with Austin. Sami admits that she still loves Austin, and she probably always will. Marlena says that Austin and Carrie still have a strong bond, and she may be hoping for a future that will never come. Sami says it is not like she has china patterns picked out yet. Belle and Mimi show up, and they talk about spending John's money. Marlena admits she loves spending money on John. Belle tells Mimi that it is just like she told him, the perfect guy is worth waiting for. Belle then uses Sami as an example, she has been waiting eons for her perfect guy, and now she's got him! Marlena and Sami exchange looks.

Austin is teaching Will how to swim and Brandon complains to Austin how he couldn't get a job at the hospital yet. Austin asks what is wrong at the hospital, and Brandon tells him that the Chief of Staff resigned. Austin asks if Carrie was standing next to Mike? Brandon says no, she was in the hall carrying boxes, she looked bummed. Brandon says that Mike said that because his affair was made public, he was stepping down. Austin becomes upset that Mike did this to Carrie. Brandon asks why he cares, he's moved on with Carrie's sister Sami. Austin says that he and Sami are only friends, and he is not Carrie's ex yet. Brandon tells Austin that Carrie has seen this Horton guy in a whole new light, so he shouldn't give up on his wife yet.

Craig is in ecstasy as he tells all the reporters that today marks a new era for University Hospital. Nancy consoles Carrie, who turns around and says if she didn't know any better she'd say Craig was expecting to become Chief of Staff. Craig shows up and reminds Carrie that for the past few weeks this hospital has been through the ringer, and the board hired him because they can trust him, unlike Mike. Nancy tells Carrie that Craig is the man for the job. Craig says that he did not ruin Mike's career, she did when she slept with Mike in Vegas. Nancy says that this is none of their faults, it is Ali's doing. Carrie apologizes to Craig and says she is just upset about losing everything. Carrie admits that she and Mike are done, and Nancy feels bad. Carrie wishes them luck and then leaves. After she is gone, Craig and Nancy laugh and kiss, and Carrie realizes that they seem a little too happy. Carrie goes back to her office to continue packing, and she looks at her wedding photo. As she puts it away, Austin shows up.

Ali sits down next to Mike and orders a drink. Ali says it is just awful that he had to resign. Mike tells her that she got everything she wanted. Ali tells Mike that she isn't the one who did this to him. Ali says she did not force Mike to have an affair with a staff member, but Mike says someone made his private life very public last night. Ali tells Mike that she was behind the plane stunt, she was in Vegas while he and Carrie were there. Mike asks her what she was doing in Vegas? Ali says she went there to play the slots and get away from her mom, and that is when she saw him with Carrie. Ali admits that she took the pictures and sent them to Austin, he deserved to know what his wife was doing.

Mike accuses her of doing it only to hurt her. Ali says he hurt him, all she wanted was for him to love her. Mike tells Ali not to cry too hard, she has a pile of money and he lost his job and . . . Ali finishes the sentence and says "you lost Carrie!" Mike asks how she knew that? Ali says she ran into the bitch earlier. Ali asks Mike what his plans are now? Mike says he just wants to try to make it through the morning. Ali tells him that he is one of the finest doctors she knows and there are people out there who need him. Mike just keeps drinking and talking about his broken dreams, but Ali thinks there may be hope. Ali says she can use the money to build a clinic for him, and "we" can hire a top notch staff. Mike says "we?" ALi says she got carried away, it will never work because he hates her. As Ali is about to walk away, Mike tells her to stop, maybe her idea can work.

Bo tells Gina/Hope that the real Gina went into a deep depression after losing John and probably killed herself! Gina asks why he is telling her this? Bo says that he doesn't want the same thing to happen to her. Gina says she will not end like Princess Gina, but Bo says DiMera is sending her down the same path he sent the real Gina down. He says that the only thing that will save her is if he gets away from DiMera. Bo asks her to put herself in touch with someone who loves the real you, Hope. Gina tells him that he has this insane idea the she is a robot. Bo tells her that she is so programmed that she can't even hear the truth, she only know what Stefano has told her. Bo says he'd be angry with her if it wasn't so sad. He goes on and says even if her beloved John was here it wouldn't be anymore real than when she played dress-up as a little girl. Bo says that Gina wasn't real during those four years, and neither was John! Gina squirms as Bo tells her that John has his life back, and DiMera is the one she must get away from before she goes insane or dies! Gina tells him to leave her alone, but Bo says he will do that when Hope asks him to. However, Bo doesn't think Hope will say that because she loves him. Bo begs her to help him bring Hope back. Bo informs her that DiMera is losing his grip on her. Gina says she is not his prisoner! Bo says that she thinks she wants to be Gina, but deep down inside her soul she is a loving person who has a life back in Salem with people who love her and want her to come home. Bo asks her to trust him to bring her back. Gina gets a call on her cellphone and asks "Steffie" what he wants under her breath.

Kurt finds the real Gina unconscious on the floor. He shakes her and asks her to speak to him. Gina comes to and tells Kurt to get away from her, she does not want his help. Kurt tells her that he can't let her out. Gina wants to know how long she has been kept here, and he says for awhile. Gina asks if Stefano is doing this to her? Kurt tries to answer, but Gina tells him not to even bother denying it. Gina thinks he hates her, but Kurt says he cares deeply for her. Gina says if that is true than he will let her go. Kurt apologizes but says he can't. Gina says she knows Stefano has John prisoner, and he might also have her daughter because she hasn't heard from her in so long. She says each day her heart will break a little more unit she no longer has the will to live. She begs Kurt to let her out. Kurt tells her that she has to stay here because it is the only place she will be safe. Kurt tells her that she belongs here with him, her friend, forever. Gina says that he is her only friend. Kurt leaves and Gina continues to dig at the wall.

In the grave yard, Greta is shocked that Eric wants to dig up her mother. Suddenly, Greta sees a light in the fog. Eric shouts "Who's there?" A man approaches them carrying a lantern, he says he is the grounds keeper. Greta introduces herself and says she came to visit her mother's grave site. The grounds keeper tells her that the princess is not in the ground there! Greta asks if her mother is still alive? The man says no, the body is there, but her spirit is free and she looks for someone. The groundskeeper says he hears her voice crying out for John. Eric asks if he knows how Gina died, but he says he doesn't. He says that his father said that Gina was crazy. Eric tells the man that they have come here searching for answers, but the man says it is better that they not know. Greta begins to think about the night her mother died, she was probably alone. Eric doesn't believe the story and says Gina might not even be in that grave. He tells her that they came a long way, so they might as well find the truth. Greta says it is upsetting, but she agrees. Greta thinks they can just dig her old bones up, but Eric says there are rules. Greta suggests they call Bo because he is good at getting around rules.

Greta and Eric return to the castle and Kurt tries to get rid of them by making hotel arrangements. Eric says they aren't ready to leave yet. Eric asks Kurt if he knows if Gina is buried in her grave? Kurt says he didn't know Gina. Eric informs him of his plans to exhume Gina's grave, and Kurt says that is impossible.

Thursday, July 19, 1999

Princess Gina continues to try to dig her way out of the locked room. She's cursing Stefano the whole time. Success! A large chunk of the wall gives way, and Gina sees John on the other side of the wall, begging her to hurry up. Gina begins to scrape away more wall, then the vision of John vanishes. Gina figures that her time as a thief and spy will help her to get away.

Kurt approaches Eric and Greta and tries to convince them that the French authorities will never allow Gina's body to be exhumed. When Eric is not persuaded, Kurt switches tactics and says that the local folklore says that disturbing the dead will result in a curse on you forever. Eric says that he's just trying to scare them. Kurt takes off, but Eric is undaunted. Deciding Kurt is not going to help, Eric puts a call into Bo. But, when Bo answers, he is under the influence of Stefano's potion and tells Eric in a robotic voice that this was not part of his mission and that he's too busy. Eric is perplexed at Bo's attitude, then puts a call into John for help. Joh promises to use his influence to get the exhumation order. Meanwhile, Kurt secretly listens to the phone conversation. Kurt vows to get rid of Eric and Greta, because no one can ever learn what is in that gravesite. As Greta and Eric stand in the living room, the lights suddenly go out and Greta rushes into Eric's arms.

Gina is on the phone with Stefano, but with Bo listening, she pretends its the maitre d' at the restaurant. Stefano orders Gina to give Bo the potion or she will be sorry. And, she'd better do it now, because he and Rolf are coming over. Gina spikes Bo's beer, and he quickly passes out. Ding-dong. Stefano and Rolf arrive and they begin training Bo for his mission. Tonight, Gina will have her new partner. While Bo and Rolf are occupied, Gina presses Stefano again for the details of the real Gina's demise. Stefano warns her again never to mention it. Gina recalls the bits of conversation that she and Bo had regarding Stefano's ability to create new people when the old ones fail him, and that Stefano can brainwash anyone. "Done." says Rolf. Stefano commands Bo to stand at attention, which he does. Steffie is pleased with his new pawn, but Gina is worried about what is happening to Bo.

At the penthouse, John is trying to remember what happened in Hawaii. He remembers right before the wedding, when he met with Hope. Hope was saying things like they'll see each other soon. Back in reality, John surmises that Hope's plans got ruined because he never saw her.

Belle and Mimi joins Sami and Marlena at the Java Cafe. Belle is continuing to gossip and Carrie and Austin's failed marriage and how cool it is that Sami is living with Austin now and how proud of Sami she is for turning her life around. Marlena is shocked that her daughter would gossip and tells her to stop it right now. But Belle continues, even after Marlena tells her a few times to stop speculating on whether Carrie will sign the divorce papers and whether Sami and Austin will get together. Mimi gets a call and has to leave. Just then, John walks up and surprises Marlena. Belle and Sami want to go shopping, so they leave.

Sami admits to Belle that she loves Austin and advises her younger sister not to give up on the man of her dreams once she has found him. To that end, Sami wants to buy Austin a present for being so wonderful to her. Belle hopes that her big sister and Austin do get together.

At the Blue Note, Ali and Mike are still sharing drinks. Mike says he would love to use the $3 million Ali got as the settlement to fund free clinics in New Mexico and Arizona. Ali lets it slip that she's seen Mike in action there. When Mike calls her on the statement, she covers saying that she saw Mike's work at Salem and that she was impressed with his Las Vegas itinerary. Mike buys it, and they agree to a partnership. Mike is careful to include that they are working together as colleagues and friends, not anything else. Ali is so happy, and Mike says that they should meet later to iron out a couple more details. Mike suggests Ali's place, and her eyes widen. Again, Mike says that he's only there as a friend. Ali bounces off, telling him not to be late. Alone at the bar, Mike says to himself, "Don't worry sparky, I won't be late!"

Meanwhile, Austin offers his sympathy to Carrie for all that she has gone through. He realizes that Ali was responsible for the banner and that she was being spiteful and low. Austin says he feels bad that Carrie got caught up in the Mike/Ali war. Carrie is touched by Austin's concern. He continues saying that now she can return to Titan and be head of PR there. But Carrie says that it's not what she wants to do right now; she not sure what she wants. Austin sees a change in Carrie's behavior, especially when she talks about Mike. He asks her if her attitude towards him has changed. Carrie just says that even though Mike never meant any of the bad stuff to happen, but Austin cuts her off and says that he came to her office hoping to get things back on track between them.

Uh oh, bad timing. The phone rings and it's Mike calling Carrie. She whispers that she'll meet him right away at her apartment. Austin becomes sarcastic and says he knows who it was and that he won't stop her from seeing her lover. Carrie says that once this is over, she hopes he'll understand, but Austin is too mad. Carrie opens the door and leaves. Alone, Austin sees his wedding picture and remembers the vows that he and Carrie took. He sighs and wishes she would sign the divorce papers.

At Ali's place, she takes out her Carrie doll and taunts it that Ali will have her future with Mike and Carrie has nothing.

At Carrie's place, Mike says that Ali bought the whole story and that he's going to meet her tonight. Carrie happily tells him that once they get Ali, they can finally be together! With that, she gives Mike a big hug.

Friday, July 20, 1999

At Salem Place, the Brady girls have finished their shopping, and Sami is pleased with the gift she got for Austin. They run into Brandon, and Belle is smitten with him. But, Brandon is flirting with Sami. He warns Sami that Austin is still thinking about Carrie, and is still hung up on his ex. The conversation turns to Brandon's pursuit of a job and the fact that with things so crazy at the hospital, he hasn't had a chance to talk to Dr. Carver. Belle suggests that he take Lexie out for coffee so that he can have her undivided attention. He agrees that it is a good strategy and leaves for the hospital.

Lexie sees Austin, who is rushing out of the hospital. She stops him and Austin tells her that it's over between him and Carrie. Lexie tries to persuade him to give it another chance, but Austin asks Lex what if she caught Abe in bed with another woman that he said to love. After admitting that she would break all the wedding china, Lexie sees where Austin is coming from, and Austin leaves to meet Sami. Lexie checks out early to have dinner with Abe at Tuscany. As she steps onto the elevator, a disappointed Brandon learns that she just left. Oops, but not so fast. Lexie returns to get her beeper and Brandon learns she's dining at Tuscany.

At the Java Cafe, Austin meets Sami and Belle. Belle excuses herself and whispers to Sami to give him the gift. As Belle looks on, Sami gives Austin the present and their hand touch. It turns out to be a gold cross on a gold chain and he thanks her with a hug.

Mike reveals the things that Ali confessed...about following them to Vegas, emailing the pictures to Austin and doing the banner. Carrie is pleased, and is convinced that Ali's confession will lead to Mike getting the respect of his peers and his job back. Also, it will expose the co-conspirators....Craig and Nancy. Carrie is sure that they were involved, but Mike thinks differently. Anyway, the main goal is to get Ali to confess, Carrie says. Mike is getting concerned about this different side of her and he considers ending their scheme to reveal Ali's lies. Carrie claims that they have to play the game the way Ali does if they want to win. Mike is stunned, and wonders if they should even be together!

At Titan, Kate tells Billie that Nicholas was the one who got the acquisition of the internet company. While Kate is coolly approving of the handsome man, Billie voices her reservations, especially since he is Vivian's nephew. In the board room, Nicholas tells Vivian about his plan to break up Kate and Victor by distracting Kate. This will allow Vivian to work her way back into Victor's life. But, the crucial part is for Vivian to not infuriate Kate. If Vivian does anything to upset Kate, it will close her off to Victor forever. Reluctantly, Vivian agrees, and even forces herself to call a truce with her enemy. Kate is shocked at the proposal, but agrees and the two shake hands. Nicholas gets his hand in there too, and when Vivian pulls hers away, Kate and Nicholas are left holding hands.

Nancy is waiting for Craig in their bedroom, when he enters looked dejected. Nancy fears the worst...that Ali spilled the beans to the board members. Worse, answers's a letter from Nancy's father, the one that offered him a boat load of money NOT to marry his daughter. Well, Nancy thinks, perhaps it's not that bad...maybe someone died! Craig reads the letter and groans because the board members contacted Nancy's father for a character reference on Craig. Oh, no they think. It's over. Honk, honk, Nancy goes to the window and sees a silver Jaguar. She thinks that Ali wasted no time spending that settlement money. But, Craig suddenly is happy. He reads the rest of the letter and learns the car was a gift from Nancy's dad to them. Nancy is happy because her father has finally accepted Craig. As they celebrate, Nancy begins to worry that Ali will still cause problems, especially after her earlier threats to expose their relationship. Craig tells his wife not to worry. They get ready for the party and leave for Tuscany.

Meanwhile, Claire arrives at Ali's place with new clothes. Ali learns that there is a party at Tuscany for Craig and Nancy, but she was not invited. Claire tries to smooth things over, but Ali is furious. Alone, she vows to make Nancy pay for using then discarding her. She recalls previous times when Nancy was mean to her, calling her crazy and stupid and slapping her. Ali places a call to her henchman, Tony. She tells him to get something from the hospital. Tony assumes it is Phase 2 of the Mike and Carrie plan, but Ali says it is Phase 1 of the humiliation of Nancy Wesley.

Tony arrives at Ali's place (Claire has already left for the party), but doesn't recognize Ali in her disguise. He's got the's a pill that will free Nancy of her inhibitions. They arrive at Tuscany, where they spot Nancy alone at the bar with a glass of champagne. Tony sits next to Nancy and orders the same drink. He spikes the new drink with the pill and places the glass next to Nancy's. Craig comes up, orders another glass of champagne and begins kissing Nancy. As she is distracted, Tony switches her glass with his spiked one and leaves. Nancy and Craig toast to the COS job, and Nancy begins drinking, as Ali looks on, quite pleased with herself.

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