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Monday August 16, 1999

At his penthouse, a distracted Sonny prepares to have dinner with Hannah. Despite Hannah's repeated attempts to engage her lover in conversation, Sonny remains hesitant to talk.

At the hospital, Katherine confronts Laura. The two argue about Nikolas' welfare before Laura leaves in frustration.

In the boxcar, Nikolas asks Lucky for advice about Katherine's pregnancy.

In her room, Liz destroys a picture she had drawn of her with Lucky.

At the Quartermaine mansion, AJ surprises Carly with plans for a two-week honeymoon in Maui. When Carly expresses doubts about the trip, AJ assures her that he has taken care of all the details. After she tells her husband that she must say goodbye to her mother, Carly goes to see Sonny, which effectively ends his evening with Hannah. Carly requests that Sonny inform Jason of the pending vacation to Maui, but Sonny is less than receptive. When Carly reveals the secrets of her heart and some of her deepest intimacies regarding Jason, Sonny asks her to leave. Carly maintains that she knows Sonny better than he might think and again requests that he inform Jason of her plans. Sonny finally agrees to help Carly and tells her to take care of herself and her son.

At the hotel in Rome, Chloe sneaks away as Jax approaches a lurking and suspicious Gertrude. Chloe's aunt contends that Ned and Alexis are behind a closed hotel door and refuses to be swayed by Jax's invitation to dinner. When Gertrude enters Ned's suite, she is surprised to discover Ned and Chloe in bed together. Before leaving, she unveils her plans to accompany the foursome on a sightseeing trip the next day. When she thinks that Gertrude is safely out of the picture, Alexis crawls out from beneath the bed. It is then agreed that the honeymoon is over and the four pack their bags as they prepare for a midnight departure from Rome.

On the docks, Stefan sneaks up behind Laura. The two share several kisses and heartfelt sentiments before Stefan inquires as to the future of their relationship. He tells Laura that he would like her to be in his life permanently and then offers to take her home.

When Nikolas returns home, he finds Katherine waiting for him. Katherine reveals that Liz overheard Kat's call with her ob-gyn and presumably is aware of the pregnancy. Nikolas demands that Katherine leave and accuses her of continually manipulating Liz.

Liz, meanwhile, goes to the boxcar and cries for her lost love.

On the docks, Jason encounters Hannah, who recounts the events of her evening with Sonny.

In his penthouse, Sonny asks Johnny to send several dozen roses to Ms. Scott.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Juan and Emily
Juan gets in the Quartermaines' by way of Emily's window. He comes down the stairs and is talking to Emily in the hallway when Alan comes looking for her. Emily tells Alan she was just on her way out. Alan starts in on Juan and Emily defends him of course. She is told that if she disobeys this her grounding will be reinstated. Emily says that his idea of being a father is to control every move she makes. He apologizes for the fact and tells her that he knows it was stupid of them to expect not to see Jason anymore, but Juan is different and she is to stay away.
He asks her if she wants a drive to where she is going and she tells him no, she is just going to stay home to think about some things.
Juan and Emily talk about how to get her parents to like him or to give him a chance, he thinks that it will never happen and Emily says it will, they just have to figure out a way to do it. Emily tells Juan it is not him so much as them wanting to protect her from Sonny.
Emily asks Lila to invite Juan for dinner. She says she will but only on the condition that she tells Alan and Monica in advance. Juan says he will not come but Emily talks him into it.
Emily tells Monica about Lila inviting Juan to dinner, although she does not like it she will go along with it. After Monica leaves she goes back and talks to Juan and tells him this is going to work. They kiss and they he leaves.

Faison and Crew
Mac talks to Laura about Faison. He tells her about Faison and to be careful. After showing her his picture, Laura recognizes him as Mr. Gardner and tells him that he came into the office and made a donation to the outreach program. Mac says that is the name he uses in Europe as a fence.
Again he warns her to be extra careful because he is a psychopath. This is the guy that murdered his brother and sister in law and he won't stop until he gets him. As soon as Mac leaves Laura calls information to get a listing for Mr. Gardner. Laura meets with Faison on the docks and gives him his donation back, he tells her that she does not have to approve everyone that makes a donation. She rips up the check. He starts to say something about her children and she screams at him not to say anything about her children and if he goes near them she promises him she willl take him down herself.
Faison is trying to calm Laura down when Felicia comes by and yells at him to leave Laura alone or she will call the police.
Taggert pours his drink on Faison's shoe. He tells Faison that every cop in town is watching him, that means 200 pairs of eyes are watching every move he makes. When Faison starts to bull Taggert, he is told that if he is trying to figure him out it is easy, he is the guy that hates crooks.
Taggert finds Hannah and asks to speak to her about Sonny. He tells her about Faison and that sooner or later he will have to deal with Sonny. If she can convince Sonny to help they will not do anything to him. She doesn't believe him but he convinces her. He tells her that at some point Sonny and Faison will work together and Sonny will do something that Faison does not like and then Faison will get rid of Sonny like yesterday's garbage.
Faison makes a call about Master Spencer and we see a framed picture of Felicia on his desk with him touching in gently with his hand.

Hannah and Sonny
Hannah comes into Kelly's after her run, Tammy notices that she took an extra long one so asks what is the matter. Hannah tells Tammy what happened the night before, that her and Sonny had not been together for a long time, she made dinner and he was just relaxing when Carly shown up. Sonny dismissed her in from of a women she cannot stand. She says she has a pattern of staying with men long after she should and she is not going to make that mistake with Sonny.
Sonny and Jason are talking business, Sonny asks if it is that easy for Jason to just pick up where he left off, the response is that is all he knows.
Jason says that he ran into Hannah on the docks last night. Sonny tells Jason that Carly shown up to give him a message to give to Jason. That her and AJ and Michael was going to Hawaii for 2 weeks and that she realizes that she has to let Jason go because she loves him. Jason said Hawaii would be good for Michael because he loves the ocean. Jason talks about what the three of them had together and that when you get that you should never let it go. Sonny asks if Jason needs him and is told no, he says good, I have something I have to take care of.
Sonny comes by to see Hannah and it told that he hurt her and that she will not let him treat her like an afterthought in his life. He tells her that she is not an afterthought, in fact a lot of times she is the only thought.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Junice Dominguez.

Thursday, August 19

Emily, Jason, and Crew
Jason is working when Emily comes to see him about talking to Monica and Alan for her about Juan. Emily tells Jason that the reason they don't like Juan is because Sonny took Jason away. The dinner was awful because he defended Sonny. She uses his relationship with Robin to get him to help her. How her and Juan feel about each other is real, even though they are young and it is no one's business but their own. He agrees to talk to Monica and Alan, Emily hugs him telling him he is the best.
Monica comes by to talk to Jason, she says she called the warehouse and they told her she could find him here. She asks Jason to talk to Emily about Juan. Monica says that since Emily has met Juan she has changed she is worried she is using drugs again. Jason reassures her that Emily is clean from drugs. He says he hates anyone telling him what to do so he is not going to do it to Emily. He tells her that he sees now that after his accident that she was just trying to help, but what she did was to push him away so that he had no other choice but to cut ties and that she better be careful or she may do the same with Emily. Monica says she could not bear to lose Emily like she has lost Jason, Jason says you have not lost me, I am right here.
Emily is telling Liz how much she cares for Juan and that she has never felt like this before. Juan comes by and him and Emily are sitting on the docks. She tells him that she talked to Jason and Jason is going to talk to Monica and Alan and that she thinks she has finally found a way for them both to be together and he says he is not sure it matters anymore. Emily asks him what he means and he tells her about running into Sonny and doing what she told him not to, going off on him. He says he doesn't know what his future is anymore...he came to Port Charles to get to know his Dad, Sonny, and his father hates him. Emily tries to comfort him. She tells him that she thinks he is a tough guy, except when it came to Sonny. He tells her she is pretty good at this girlfriend stuff.
Monica runs into Alan at the hospital and they talk the Emily situation over. Alan thinks that everything is OK because the dinner blew up in Emily's face. Monica tells Alan she is afraid of pushing Emily too hard and far on this, worried that they could lose her like they lost Jason. Alan thought that they agreed that Juan was a bad influence on Emily. That Juan picked a bad person to hero worshipped and what happens if Emily is with him if he goes off again. Monica asks what happens if she just drifts away.
She wants Emily to know they are trying to understand her.

Liz is sitting on the docks painting, she stops and thinks about Lucky and cries. Nikolas comes by and is not sure weather to stop or not, decides to leave her be. Emily comes by and sees Liz, she tells her that the dinner with Juan was a disaster but she has a back up plan. Then Juan comes by and Liz goes to Kelly's for work.

Bobbie, Lucas & Tony
Bobbie asks Tony if he would take Lucas to the game alone. Tony thanks Bobbie, telling her he knows how much this means for her to do, and that he doesn't mind the supervised visits at all, he knows that he has a lot more ground to earn back her trust. She tells him that she never wanted Lucas to be deprived of his father. Lucas is very happy about spending some time alone with his dad.
Bobbie phones Jason and asks him to come down and talk to her about Juan and Sonny. Bobbie tells Jason what happened at Kelly's between Juan and Sonny, then she asks him if Juan is mixed up in Sonny's business, he tells her no.
She says that when she first heard of Lucky's death the first thought was if him or Sonny had anything to do with it, she knows that they didn't, but she just does not want it to happen to anyone else.
The conversation goes to Lucas and Tony, being a bit late. She is saying how much he misses his father so she let them go alone. Jason wonders if Michael misses him, Bobbie tells him that of course he does, for a year and half Jason rearranged his life for that little boy. Tony arrives back and Jason watches the three of them, the pain of losing Michael is written all over his face.

Hannah & Sonny
Hannah tells Sonny that she has seen him more in the last 24 hours than she had in the last two weeks. Hannah wants to take a ride on the boat and wants to drive this time. She starts to tell him about the visit she had from Taggert and instantly he gets upset. He tells her to tell him exactly what Taggert said and then he would make sure that she was never bothered again. Sonny tells Hannah to stay away from Taggert and to disregard anything he says. Juan walks by and gives Sonny a hard time for not coming to see him. He says he never told the cops anything, maybe that proves something to him, Sonny says all it proves is he is a stupid kid that shouldn't have anything to do with him. Sonny tells him that he has better things to do other than to clean up after a stupid kid, he is not part of his life and he never will be. He ask Hannah to take a raincheck on the boat ride and leaves.
Sonny is back home on the phone trying to talk to Juan's father when Hannah comes in, he tells her he cannot do this right now and she tells him yes you can and she is not leaving. He tells her that he does not what her to see him lose his temper, she doesn't need that. She tells that she loves him and would go anywhere with him. They kiss

Friday, August 20, 1999

Chloe and Jax have managed to sneak away from their spouses to spend the day together. They arrive at a clearing outdoors with Chloe teasing Jax about how fast he rode his horse. Jax says that he was in a hurry. When Chloe asks why, Jax pulls her in for a kiss.

Liz is sitting in the backyard of her house finishing the sketch of the painting she gave Lucky for Christmas.

Stefan is happy to tell Helena that he has been named her legal guardian. He goes on to explain that he is now in control once again. He waves a document in front of her face and explains that it is her power of attorney. He not only controls the Cassadine fortune again, but can access anything of hers. He leans in closer and tells Helena that all of her secrets are about to be laid open for his perusal (Does this mean we are going to find out that Lucky is alive? Please, please, please?) He is interrupted by a knock on the door. Laura pops her head in and asks for a private word. She has come to say goodbye.

Felicia arrives at Kelly's, unknowingly followed by Faison who slinks away when she goes inside. Felicia sits down and the counter to chat with Bobbie. She asks Bobbie if she knows how she can get in touch with Luke.

Hannah arrives at Kelly's and presents Mike with a travel size tube of toothpaste. Mike is confused, but Hannah explains that she is going on a trip. She asks Mike if he has ever been to Sonny's island. When he says that he has, Hannah says that maybe he can help. She explains that Sonny is taking her to the island and she doesn't know what to pack.

Jason and Sonny are talking business when Sonny breaks the news that he is taking Hannah to the island. Jason tells Sonny that that is a terrible idea.

Liz has completed her sketch. She looks at it and then picks up a red pencil and starts to draw flames lapping at the edges of the boxcar.

Jax and Chloe reluctantly break away from their kiss. Chloe walks around the clearing and smiles. She says that they could be a hundred miles from anyone. She gleefully jumps in a surprised Jax's arms. He swings her around and sets her down. Chloe says that this place he has brought her to is beautiful and she thanks him for bringing her there. She comments that it would be the perfect spot for a picnic. She teasingly starts searching through Jax's saddle bags looking for some sign of food. As she searches, Jax retrieves a picnic basket and blanket from behind a rock. Pleased with the surprised, Chloe settles down on the blanket and peruses the contents of the basket. She is delighted to find brie and champagne among the contents. She asks why Jax went to all this trouble. Jax says that he has missed her. Chloe stares into his eyes and says the she has missed him too.

At Kelly's, Mike gives Hannah suggestions as to what to pack. He is happy that Sonny seems to be coming out of his funk, but is just surprised that he is taking Hannah to the island. Hannah jumps up when she notices Sonny's driver and rushes off to pack.

Sonny tells Jason that it is none of his business where he and Hannah go. Jason agrees, but thinks it's too risky. Sonny says that it is the only way that he and Hannah have a chance. He knows what he is and how crazy he gets. He sees how Hannah sees him. He can't lock himself away and tell Hannah to wait by the phone. He can't push her away again of she will be gone. He knows it. Jason agrees to cover for Sonny while he is gone. He tells Sonny to take Hannah and go, but don't take her to the island. Sonny asks Jason if he is trying to say that he doesn't trust Hannah.

Jason just thinks it is a bad idea for Hannah to know where Sonny's safe place is. It's too much of a burden for her. Sonny disagrees. He needs to show Hannah that he trusts her. He made that mistake with Brenda and he doesn't want to make it again. He needs to do something different and this is that something. Hannah arrives as Sonny and Jason are arguing. She is excited about the trip and can't wait to leave. Jason watches skeptically as Hannah and Sonny leave for the island.

Chloe and Jax have finished their picnic and are relaxing together on the blanket. Jax ix leaning against a rock and Chloe is lying with her head in his lap. Chloe is talking about how hard it is to duplicate the beauty of nature in design. The sky for example. No matter how hard you try, you can never duplicate the color. Jax says that it is a noble pursuit, and it also explains why she always wears blue. She is trying to capture the sky. Chloe is smiles in surprise at the comment and says that she never really pays attention to what she wears. She looks up at Jax with a smile as he starts to caress her hand. Jax agrees that she doesn't always wear blue, but whenever there is a special occasion or she wants to make a certain impression, she does. Chloe stops to ponder that for a moment and agrees that Jax is right. She compliments him on his powers of observation. Jax smiles back and says that he likes observing her. Chloe confesses that sometimes she dreams in blue. Like an old black and white movie. They are always the best dreams of all. Like this. A long, blue, beautiful afternoon. She sighs contentedly as she continues to rest her head on Jax's legs as he smiles down at her.

Felicia and Bobbie settle down at a table outside of Kelly's. Felicia tells Bobbie that she is afraid of what Mac might do with Faison still around. She knows that for Mac, this thing with Faison is personal. As the women continue to talk, Faison walks up and hides to eavesdrop on their conversation. Bobbie understands Felicia's concern, but doesn't understand how Luke could help. Felicia says that Luke is the only person who can help. He is the only person she can think of who can make Faison go away. And she also thinks she needs to warn him. Faison has been making a subtle connection with Laura. She thinks that Faison is using Laura to get to Luke just like he used Anna to get to Robert. She tried to talk to Laura, but it didn't help so she really needs to talk to Luke. Mac arrives and is furious when he finds Faison lurking in the bushes near Felicia. Bobbie and Felicia are horrified when Mac grabs Faison and slams him against the wall of Kelly's with an angry shout.

He tells Faison that he will see him in hell before he lets him harm Felicia. Felicia is the voice of reason and tells Mac that choking Faison to death will not hurt anything. Mac reluctantly releases Faison who is outraged at the rough treatment. He asks Mac if the citizens of Port Charles are aware that their Police Commissioner attempts murder on a regular basis. He tells Mac that this is the second time he has interfered in his law abiding activities. Should there be a third, he will have to call in his lawyers. Mac says that Faison can use his phone because there are laws against stalking. Faison tells Mac to do what he has to do. He has faith in his own innocence. He politely says goodbye to Felicia and Bobbie and saunters off. Mac is furious as he has to watch Faison leave. Felicia tries to calm him down, but he is outraged. Felicia insists that Mac has to stay cool. Faison will use it against them if they don't. Mac says that the only thing he can promise is that he will do anything he can to make sure that Faison stays out of their lives permanently.

Jason explains to Benny that Sonny is out of town and that he will be handling things while Sonny is gone. As they conclude their business, Mike arrives. He explains that he was hoping to catch Sonny. Sorry that he has missed him, he picks up the phone to try to catch Sonny at the airport. Jason tells Mike to put the phone down. Mike looks confused and continues to place the call. When Jason takes the phone from him, Mike asks what the problem is. He wonders if Jason didn't know that Sonny was taking Hannah to the island. Jason is shocked when Mike admits that Hannah told him straight out where Sonny was taking her.

As Laura and Stefan walk in the garden, Laura teases Stefan about thinking that she was actually leaving for good. Stefan says that he has a propensity to think the worst, which ensures that he is often pleasantly surprised. Laura explains that he will be with her mother for about a month (how nice to have a brand new job that lets you have a month's vacation J ). She is sorry that she has to leave Nikolas right now because he has been sort of preoccupied lately. Stefan tells Laura about Katherine showing up at Nikolas' house yesterday. He thinks that that may be why Nikolas seems out of sorts. That and he thinks that Nikolas misses Lucky. Laura is surprised that Nikolas told Stefan this. Stefan explains that Nikolas moving out has actually brought them closer in a different way. He assures Laura that he will be there if Nikolas needs him. Laura is somewhat relieved to hear this. She tells Stefan that when she comes back from this trip, she knows that she will be ready to move on in her life, with him.

Stefan is delighted at Laura's comment. Laura says that her old life is gone and she is ready for a new one. When she imagines the future, she imagines it with Stefan at her side. Stefan takes Laura's hand and asks if she has any idea the joy he takes in hearing that. She is simply all he has ever wanted. Finally the day has come when all the secrets have been told. Helena is no longer a threat. He is finally free to pursue the life he has always wanted. He tells Laura that he will miss her desperately and pulls her if for a kiss.

Mike understands Jason's concern. The island is supposed to be a secret. Hannah probably just assumed that Mike already knew. Sonny is allowing Hannah to be in his life. Jason should be happy for him. And besides, Hannah is aware of the risks of being with Sonny. Jason is still angry so Mike leaves saying that he isn't going to let Jason ruin his day. He deserves one day to be happy for his son.

Still on their picnic, Jax is telling Chloe how Jerry taught him survival skills by taking him hiking and ditching him in the wilderness with nothing but a field guide on edible plants. Chloe can't believe that Jerry ever did that, but Jax says that it wasn't so bad. Although one would think he would have learned his lesson after it happened the first couple of times. Chloe laughs and asks it the field guide taught him about flowers as well. Jax picks up a flower and pretends to study it like he is trying to figure out what kind it is. Chloe teases him saying that he doesn't really know, but Jax tells her to give him a chance. He studies the flower again and says that it is blue, and beautiful and... wait, that is Chloe. With a smile he pulls Chloe up into a passionate embrace.

In her backyard, Liz has just completed coloring in the flames on her sketch when Nikolas arrives. She greets him coolly as she quickly closes the sketch book. Nikolas says that he wasn't sure he should interrupt. He would feel guilty if he interfered with the creative process. Liz sarcastically says that she is sure he would get over. Nikolas sits down and says that it has been a long time since she has treated him like some mildly annoying stranger. He starts to leave apologizing for interrupting, but Liz assures him that it's ok. He says that she must be annoyed with him then. When Liz asks why she would be annoyed, Nikolas says because she knows that Katherine is pregnant with his child.

Liz admits that she does know. She starts to explain that Katherine planned for her to "accidentally" overhear, but Nikolas stops her saying that he knows that Katherine set her up. Katherine claims it was accidental, but that is just another lie. Liz says that he might want to question whether or not Katherine is lying about the pregnancy as well. Nikolas says that Katherine assures him that it is the truth. Liz asks if it could be true. Nikolas asks if she thinks less of him. Liz says that she doesn't but says that she does think it could have been prevented. Nikolas apologizes for Liz finding out the way she did. He should have told her himself, but he was too ashamed. Liz says that she isn't quite sure what to say. She knows it isn't congratulations. And I'm sorry doesn't feel right either. Although she is sorry for what this is obviously doing to him. Nikolas says that he brought this on himself. Everyone tried to warn him, but he was to concerned with trying to be independent. He isn't ready to be a father. He liked his life. He didn't plan on this complication and he doesn't want it. He asks if that makes him a bad person. Liz says that it only makes him human. And then teasingly asks if that is just as bad to a Cassadine. Nikolas says that he is doing exactly what he didn't want to do. Forcing some innocent bystander to listen to his tale of woe. Liz is glad she could help and invites Nikolas to stay for dinner. He politely declines saying that there is something he has to do. He thanks her for listening and says that he is glad that it is finally out. He tells Liz that even went to the boxcar to talk to Lucky. Liz asks if it helped. Nikolas says that he doesn't know, but he did end up there.

In her suite, Katherine is on the phone making an appointment at a clinic. She tells the person on the phone that she would like to be pregnant as soon as possible. (OK, was I the only one screaming "I knew it" at the TV?)

Bobbie finds Felicia still sitting outside of Kelly's and asks if she is all right. Felicia is understandably concerned about Mac. She really wants to see Luke. Luke always has a plan. Bobbie wishes she could help, but when Luke doesn't want to be found...Felicia agrees, but hopes that Luke will keep in touch like he promised. All she can do is wait.

Faison is paying a visit to Helena. He tells her about his run in with Mac. He thinks that they need to expedite their little plan because Mac isn't going away. However, he doesn't want Helena to miss out on all the fun. He tells Helena that he overheard Stefan speaking to someone about an antidote. He is going to find it and get Helena back on her feet.

Sonny and Hannah are on the island enjoying the sunset. Hannah thinks it is so beautiful She thanks Sonny for bringing her.

Jax and Chloe are getting caught up in the moment when sounds from the horses break the mood. Chloe reluctantly pull away saying that she has to get back for a business dinner with Ned. Jax good-naturedly tries to stop her, but she insists that they have to go. She rushes off to get the horses. Jax calls after her to wait up as he hurriedly gathers up the picnic things. He drops everything and runs when he hears Chloe scream. He is horrified when finds her lying motionless on the ground.

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