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Passions Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on PS
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Monday, August 16, 1999

The town of Harmony was helping Pilar celebrate her birthday, with a variety of characters present. Miguel was having the time of his life with his new love interest, Charity. Unknown to her, the clock was unplugged, and she had no idea of the real time. She and Miguel shared some tender moments, much to the disgust of Kay, who looked on in despair. Jessica told Miguel and Charity the story of how if a person ate a bite of the love chili peppers after the person they loved ate one first, that they would have no choice but to make passionate love to one another. Kay heard that and, thinking that Miguel had already eaten one, couldn't wolf a plate of them down fast enough.

Reece evidently heard the same tale, and before long, both he and Kay became sick from their attempts to win the passion of the ones they loved. It was hard to tell if Kay's green glow was from her jealousy of Charity or from her choice of foods. Once Charity learned of the true time, she was anxious to get home. Kay and Simone quickly offered her cab fare and rushed her out of town.

Charity left a message for Miguel with Kay, who was only too happy to try to forget to deliver it to Miguel. Jessica, as usual, saved the day and told Miguel of Charity's message. He was brokenhearted to hear that she had left without saying goodbye. Kay quickly threw her arms around Miguel to comfort him in his time of need.

Little known to Charity or any of the Harmony residents, she was in for the ride of her life. The cab driver was none other than a very well-disguised Tabitha. Timmy was hidden down in the floorboard and was not happy at the thought of causing harm to Charity. Even the thought of never running, playing, or drinking his martimmies again didn't make his pursuit of causing her harm any more pleasant for him. Unlike his maker, Timmy did not enjoy his destiny in life of being evil.

Theresa again was lucky, as Ethan did not recognize her with cake on her face. She quickly got into her "nerd" clothing and getup. Even after walking in on Theresa and Whitney in her bedroom, Ethan could only recognize Whitney from the pier. Theresa's sense of self-confidence was built back up when she proved to herself and her best friend that her disguise had fooled Ethan. She was more determined than ever to keep her job at Crane mansion.

Faith and Grace continued their phone conversation. Neither of them ever offered their first name to the other. They discussed how comfortable they were talking to one another and shared stories of motherly concern over their daughters. They attempted to make a date to meet and get to know one another, but Faith replied that she and her daughter would be moving the next morning. Grace told Faith that Sam had seen Charity at the party and that she was fine. The twins felt a great closeness, even after hanging up. Faith attempted to call Grace back to find out her name and address, but Grace had already left for the party.

Upon Grace's arrival at the party, Sam told Grace that he had to leave to meet the mayor and Julian Crane at the Crane mansion. Grace asked Sam if he had ever been to the Crane mansion before. He told her no. He arrived at the mansion. However, in a flashback he was shown with hippie long hair, standing at the front entrance to the mansion. Pilar told him that Ivy had left and married Julian Crane. He screamed out, "No!" Just as he stopped thinking, he saw Ivy Crane drive up to the mansion. He appeared worried to see her again.

Luis was seen blindfolded and fondling Sheridan at the party. He thought at first he was kissing his mother. When he realized that it was not his mother, he continued to feel up the woman, commenting on how good each part of her body felt and how he could fall in love. However, after he had made a fool of himself in front of the whole town, Sheridan pulled off his blindfold and revealed that he was rubbing himself all over none other than a member of the Crane family. He was disturbed that she had allowed him to continue touching her for so long. She had obviously enjoyed him touching her, yet both denied any pleasure and pretended to be sickened by the thought of being so close together.

A fight nearly broke out between Luis and Ethan once Ethan realized that Luis had kissed his aunt. Sam broke up the fight, and Pilar convinced Ethan and Sheridan to stay at the party. Less than an hour had passed before Luis attempted to dance the tango with Eve. When she declined his offer, he turned to find another dance partner. He twirled around and was face-to-face with Sheridan again.

After each of them bragged of being the better of the tango dancers, Luis dared her to be his partner. She immediately threw off her jacket, and the two them danced what could be described the most erotic tango ever seen on daytime television. The electricity sparked between them, and everyone stood and watched in awe as the two so-called archenemies danced closely, taking every opportunity to touch as much as possible. It was obvious how much they were enjoying their little escapade.

At the end of the dance, they parted ways. Luis told his mother that Sheridan was a wonderful dancer, but not to tell her that he had said that, as she was conceited enough already. Ironically, Sheridan said the same of Luis to Ethan. As she and Ethan left Pilar's party, she looked back and reflected on the love of the Lopez-Fitzgerald family and wished that her and Ethan's family could be like that. Despite her and Luis' comments about staying away from each other, both could not deny the attraction that was becoming stronger and stronger.

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Ivy was startled to find Sam at her front door. On the ride home to Castleton, Charity had a heart-to-heart chat with her grizzled cabdriver, unaware that the crusty old fellow was actually Tabitha in disguise. T.C. invited Miguel to join him in a game of one-on-one but was quickly sidelined by an old knee injury. Grace explained to Eve that she recognized one of the statues in church as the little girl who'd been "visiting" her. As Julian looked over the police chief's annual budget, Ivy pretended she was meeting Sam for the very first time.

Sensing that someone nearby was in trouble, Father Lonigan dropped by the Bennetts' to check out a hunch. Fearing that the girl the priest had spoken of might be Charity, Miguel roared off on his motorcycle to effect another rescue. Julian smelled a rat when Ivy suddenly showed interest in attending the police department's picnic. After Miguel arrived on the scene and offered Charity a ride home, a seething Tabitha realized her archenemy has been meddling in her affairs yet again. T.C. shrugged off Eve's concern about his aching knee. An old Billy Joel tune held special memories for Sam and Ivy.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

At the beach, Sheridan and Luis ran into each other and shared a few pleasant words. They discovered a mutual love for tango and other Spanish music. Luis thanked Sheridan for going to Pilar's party. He told her it had meant a lot to his mother. Sheridan told Luis that Pilar had gotten her through her childhood.

After their encounter, Sheridan was convinced that Luis would go easy on her at court, and told Ethan so. She was relieved that fear of publicity had caused Julian to order Ethan not to use a sexual harassment charge against Luis in open court. After telling Ethan not to use sexual harassment in court, Julian went behind his son's back and called the mayor to accuse Luis of sexually harassing Sheridan. When Luis returned to the station and heard about the charges from Sam, he was convinced -- with good reason -- that Sheridan had filed them. Luis confessed to Sam that he had been planning to go easy on Sheridan, but he would instead be playing hardball. At court, Sheridan offered Luis a CD, which he coldly turned down. He repeated to Sam that he was out for blood.

Theresa, sans costume, was at the club to meet Whitney. When she spied Frank walking around with her picture in tow, she quickly donned her wig. Eventually Frank approached her, showing the picture and asking if she had seen the girl. Theresa threw him off course by telling him that she did recognize the girl in the picture, and she was long gone, off to South America. Theresa left convinced that Frank was ready to close the case. Frank was about to throw in the towel when a gardener commented that he had seen the girl earlier in the day. Frank realized that Theresa had lied to him.

After her tennis lesson was over, Whitney met Theresa and told her friend that her student had been none other than Ivy Crane. Ivy had complimented Whitney on her tennis and had asked her if she had a corporate sponsor. The girls speculated that Ivy might look into Crane Industries sponsoring Whitney's career, the answer to Whitney's dreams. This caused good old down-to-earth Theresa to dream about the perks and luxuries that accompanied all that money, while wild and crazy Whitney thought the money would be a godsend because it would take the financial burden for her training costs off of her parents.

Later, Ivy mentioned Whitney to Julian, who felt that sponsoring a local player -- a local minority player -- might be just the image boost Crane Industries needed. When Whitney stopped by, Julian made her an offer. TC arrived at the club and was briefly haunted by memories of what it felt like to have to watch his father serving the rich, white patrons. When Whitney told him about the sponsorship, he was initially elated -- until he was face-to-face with Julian and realized who was offering the money. He immediately turned it down, later making excuses to Whitney about how she just wasn't ready for that phase yet. Ivy questioned Julian as to why there had been so much tension when he had seen who Whitney's father and coach was.

Eve attempted to get the key to the shed off of TC's key ring. When that failed, she tried to pick the lock, but was unable to gain access. She wanted to know what drew TC to the shed.

Thursday, August 19, 1999

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Friday, August 20, 1999

On her way to the Youth Center to report for her community service requirement, Sheridan was forced to abruptly swerve off the road to avoid a pedestrian. Timmy and Tabitha popped the cork on a bottle of champagne to celebrate their apparent victory over the powers of good. Excited to see her mother's identical twin through the bus window, Charity pounded on the glass in a frantic effort to attract Grace's attention. After her car stalled, Sheridan gratefully accepted the assistance of the handsome stranger who had inadvertently forced her off the road.

A gloomy Miguel confided to Luis that he'd probably lost the girl of his dreams forever. Faith was frazzled to find that her daughter had flown the coop once again. Tabitha hissed a warning to Timmy to stay away from the basement at all costs. Hank told Luis that he was only making a brief pit stop in Harmony but had already managed to meet a major babe on his way into town. Timmy panicked upon discovering that Charity had turned up again like the proverbial bad penny.

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