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Katherine learned that Mac had been in an accident. Callie advised Malcolm to try to save his marriage. Nick and Sharon considered acquiring Crimson Lights. Victoria resented having to work with Brad. Ryan had a change of heart about the baby.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 16, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, August 16, 1999

by Judy A. Hanna

Ashley was sitting by the Abbott pool, splashing the water, when Cole rejoined her. Ashley couldn't get Cole back in the mood again. Cole did not like Ashley being involved with Jack's deal to get Jabot. Cole got even nastier when Ashley said she was going to New York the next day. Cole finally offered to go to New York, too, but Ashley told him she'd be tied up all the time. Cole claimed it didn't matter; they kissed.

Kay was talking to someone on the phone, hoping that they knew where to locate Brock, but they hadn't heard from him since 1992. Birdie walked in and told Kay she couldn't believe that she was the grandmother Mac had been looking for. Birdie went on to tell Kay how much she missed her daughter. Esther trotted in to find out if Jill had called from the hospital yet. Meanwhile, Jill rushed into the emergency room and demanded to see Billy, immediately.

Back at the mansion, Kay tried to get details out of Esther and found out a concert was somehow involved. Kay dashed out to the hospital. Billy was okay, and Jill was relieved and thankful. Billy wanted to wait and see if the others were okay also. Raul was all right, too. Kay walked in and Jill wondered why she was there. Mac walked out, and she was okay too. Jill was shocked she had been with Billy.

Kay and Mac arrived back at the mansion, and Mac told Kay it hadn't been Billy's fault. Kay was getting a little too pushy, so Birdie changed the subject and asked Mac if she had enjoyed the concert. Birdie and Kay were both tired and turn in. Jill and Billy returned home, and Jill asked why Mac had been with Billy. Jill did not want Billy hanging out with Mac. Billy told Jill they didn't get along anyway, and never would, but Mac was not a bad person. Jill commented that Mac was not their kind of person. Jill went up to bed, still not knowing that the concert had been in Chicago.

Billy apologized to Mac about the accident. Billy asked if Mac had told Kay where the concert had been, and Mac said yes. Mac told Billy the next time they should just hitchhike, then she left. Billy thought to himself he would be hitchhiking everywhere if Jill found out.

Mamie was watching Nate when Olivia returned home. It was past Nate's bedtime and Olivia hustled him off to bed. Mamie could tell something was wrong with Olivia. Mamie couldn't believe Malcolm could think Dr. Olivia would ever think of cheating on him. Olivia told Mamie she still had deep feelings for Malcolm. Olivia claimed she had put her feelings for Neil behind her, but Mamie looked skeptical.

Callie was at the apartment when Malcolm arrived at home. Malcolm told her he had learned Olivia's version of the story. Malcolm didn't know what to believe. Callie pushed for an answer about where they stood. Callie and Malcolm argued. Callie asked Malcolm if the two of them as a couple was just about his trying to get back at Olivia. Callie asked what would become of her, since Malcolm didn't need her anymore.

Nick was telling Sharon he was thinking of buying Crimson Lights. Nick needed to check out if it was a sound business first. Nick was kind of excited at the idea of bringing something back to life. It would give him a sense of accomplishment. Nick told Sharon he'd need her help if he did buy the coffeehouse.

In the Newman living room Victor and Nikki were dancing when Nikki asked Victor what he would think of having another baby. Victor asked if she was serious. He pointed out that the children were grown, and he and Nikki had time to themselves. Nikki gushed about how it would be different this time around. Victor couldn't believe Nikki had forgotten the latest vasectomy -- after all it had been her idea.

Vicki returned home, and Nikki was the only one in the living room. Vicki told her mother about running into Cole. Vicki wondered how she could get over Cole. Nikki advised her daughter to no keep pining away after one man -- there were a million fish in the sea. Vicki wasn't so sure. She knew she needed to get over Cole, but she was not looking for a replacement. Victor returned and Vicki tried to escape upstairs. Victor got snotty about not needing their advice about running Newman Enterprises.

Nikki told Victor it was a crazy idea about having another baby. But wistfully added, "If only there were a chance."

At Roberts Reproductive Labs, the video Hot Hips was given to some man along with a plastic cup. The phone rang. The lab tech checked some of the specimens, and the camera panned down the stack of samples. Specimen number 4251 was labeled "Victor Newman."

Tuesday, August 17, 1999

Nick showed Sharon the papers that he had worked up on Crimson Lights. It was a very detailed account of the business' value, with a profit and loss statement, and his offer to buy the business. He said that it might not be very important in the normal scheme of business dealings, like Newman Enterprises, but he felt very proud to be doing it on his own. He also said that he liked the idea of saving the place where they had met and where they had spent so many happy hours. Sharon was proud of him and wanted to help in any way that she could. Nick laid the papers on the desk by the phone and went off to breakfast with his family.

Victoria had a talk with Victor about her plans for Brash and Sassy, telling him of Ryan's idea for her to be the spokesperson for the company. Victor thought it was an excellent idea; no one could represent the company like his smart, beautiful, and successful daughter. She wasn't so sure, saying that he was prejudiced, but he said when it involved business, he was never biased. He wondered what Brad would think of her being the spokesperson. She wondered why he would even ask that.

He informed her that Brad would be heavily involved with Brash and Sassy. "Over my dead body!" Victoria told her father. She tried to talk him out of it, but he was adamant that Brad would be involved. She wanted Brad to be involved from a distance, just someone to run the numbers by and such, but Victor thought Bradley should be more involved than that. However, he said that he would talk to Nick and Ryan before mentioning it to Bradley.

Callie woke from her sleep on the couch just as Malcolm walked down, dressed for work. She asked him if he had made a decision, and he said no. She wanted to know where she stood, and he told her that he didn't know that either. She reminded him that she had put her love for him on the line when she made him see the truth. He reminded her that he had told her in the beginning that he had been in no condition to make a permanent decision about her or his marriage. Later, when she went to work, she was surprised to see Gina there enjoying a cappuccino. She poured her heart out to Gina, who didn't have an answer for her.

Victor went to Nick's house to tell him the plans he and Vicki had for Brash and Sassy. He wanted to know if Nick would support his sister, and Nick said that he would do whatever he could to help. Victor noticed the papers on the desk and asked if that was business. Nick replied that it was a project he was working on, a company he was thinking of buying. He said that he was thinking of buying Crimson Lights.

Victor said that it wasn't the kind of business Newman Enterprises was interested in, but Nick said it would be a private business. Victor said that Nick would have no time for any side projects; he would be kept too busy with Brash and Sassy. Victor left, and Sharon said that it had been a nice dream while it lasted. Nick told her that his vision and his father's vision weren't the same. The buy was still on as far as he was concerned.

Grace went to Jack, telling him that she had been hearing some rumors around the company that he was leaving. Jack told her that he was planning on buying Jabot back from Newman Enterprises and resigning from his present job. She mentioned that it would leave her out in the cold again, but he told her that she was wrong. He was planning on taking her with him. She was surprised, but Jack said that she was an intelligent, hard worker and would be an asset to him. He said that he couldn't promise much right away, but he could promise her a ride that she would never forget. When she agreed to go along with him, he told her to keep it under her hat for the moment. As she was leaving, Michael walked in.

Malcolm went to the gym, where he saw Neil working out. Malcolm apologized to his brother for thinking the worst of Neil and Olivia. Neil was very cold and replied that it would take a lot of time for him to get over the insult. When Malcolm tried to justify his way of thinking, Neil accused him of listening to Callie, who had filled his head with poison.

Malcolm said not to talk about Callie; she had put her life with him on the line. Neil said that Callie had been lurking on the sidelines, just waiting for a chance to grab him. Neil insisted that if Malcolm had any sense at all, he would abandon Callie and run back to the best woman God had ever made. Malcolm said that his brother and his wife might not have lit a fire, but there sure was a lot of smoke.

Katherine went to Paul's office and asked him to search for her son, Brock. She told him the story of her granddaughter, a child that Brock didn't even know about. Paul promised to find her son for her.

Back at the estate, Jill was ready for work when a bruised Billy went down and prepared to leave. When she called him back, he accused her of taking his driving privileges away from him due to the accident of the night before. On the contrary, Jill informed him, she thought it was a good idea that he get back behind the wheel as soon as possible. It was the same as being thrown from a horse then getting right back on. However, she warned him that he should get more practice before he let anyone ride with him again. She also warned him about any friendship he might be cultivating with Mac. Billy told her not to worry; he and Mac could hardly stand each other.

After Billy left for the coffeehouse, Kay returned home from Paul's office. Jill told Kay of her conversation with Billy, and Kay thought Jill had given him some good advice. Jill said that she had told him not to be friends with Mac. Kay wondered how Jill could blame Mac for the accident, and insisted that accidents happened. Jill made some remark about Billy and Mac being just across town, and Kay informed her that they had been at a concert in Chicago, not Genoa City.

Michael also told Jack that he had heard rumors of a split between Jack and Brad. He wanted to know what was going on, as his future was riding on what happened at Newman Enterprises. Jack replied that what he did was none of Michael's business. He said that no matter what happened, Michael would land on his feet. However, Michael threatened Jack, saying that only three people knew how the takeover had been accomplished, and he was one of those three. He warned Jack not to screw with him because he knew where the bodies were buried.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Nikki was at home when the phone rang. It was Brad. He wanted to see her. Before hanging up on him, she told him that she didn't want to see him and that he was not a part of her life. "Think again, Nikki," Brad said, smiling.

Nick was on the phone, trying to get a deal together to buy Crimson Lights, when Vicki walked into his office. She was glad that he was joining her at Brash and Sassy. Brad was to be involved, too, per Victor, and both Vicki and Nick were unhappy about it. Nick assured her that he wouldn't let her down. They headed off to Vicki's office for a meeting with Neil and Ryan to discuss their new strategy.

Neil and Ryan arrived early for the meeting, and Neil wanted to know how things were going at home for Ryan. When Ryan still didn't act too excited about the baby that was on its way, Neil reminded him that it should be a great time in his life. "You're gonna be a papa, big guy," Neil gushed. Ryan wanted to hear about the "life and loves of Neil Winters." Neil dodged the question and was saved from answering when Vicki and Nick arrived for their meeting. They discussed Nick joining their team and said he was the perfect liaison.

Vicki announced that her father had approved of the idea for her to be the spokesperson for Brash and Sassy. Ryan added that no one was "brasher or sassier than Vicki." They needed to call Malcolm to get some test shots set up. They were all surprised when Neil said that he didn't think that Malcolm was the man for the job. Neil explained that they needed to get an ad agency first, then do some marketing. He added that Malcolm worked primarily for Jabot, and it would be a conflict of interest for him to work for them too.

Nick wondered why Neil would cut out his brother on the "huge" deal. As the meeting broke up, Vicki asked Neil to stay. She told him that she still cared about him and wondered if everything as all right with him. Neil claimed he was okay. Vicki let him know that she was there for him if he needed a shoulder. She also wanted to know the real reason why he didn't want Malcolm to be their photographer, He told her that Malcolm's personal life was a shambles at that time.

At Crimson Lights, Mac was working when Raul walked in and began working on the computer. She thanked him again for the ticket to the concert. They were both thankful that everyone had been wearing their seat belts when the accident happened so that no one had been seriously hurt. Mac couldn't believe that Billy hadn't told Jill that they had been going to Chicago. Raul was about to ask Mac for a date when she cut him off so she could wait on a customer.

When Kay informed Jill that the concert Billy had driven to had been in Chicago, Jill accused Kay of trying to start trouble between her and Billy. "Believe it," Kay said after giving Jill the details of Mac's call on the night of the concert. Jill had assumed that the concert had been in Genoa City. Kay viewed Billy being caught in a lie as an opportunity to teach him a "life lesson." She hoped Jill did the right thing. Jill was irritated with Kay's "parenting lessons." Kay left the room, telling Jill, "Don't say I never warned you." Jill wondered aloud how Billy could do that to her.

Callie learned from Mac that Crimson Lights would be closing soon. She figured it was just "one more reason not to stick around." She left the coffeehouse, telling Mac that she had something important to do.

Malcolm went to see Olivia at her office. "Hi. Got a minute?" he asked meekly. He explained to Liv that he had been doing a lot of thinking and knew that he had jumped to conclusions about her and Neil. He wasn't sure where things stood between him and Liv, and neither was she. Both admitted responsibility for their problems. Malcolm told her that he had never forgotten what a good thing they'd had going before it happened. He had overreacted because it was Neil that he had thought she had slept with, which had made it all the more shocking to him.

Liv asked Malcolm what he was going to do with all his "enormous anger." He admitted that it wouldn't go away overnight, but he pointed out that at least he and Liv were talking. He asked her if there was any hope for their marriage. Before she could answer, her pager went off. She apologized and promised to catch up to him later to continue the conversation.

Billy saw his friend J.T. at Crimson Lights and told him that the concert had had "great music and tons of chicks!" J.T. invited Billy to "the party of the summer" at his house on Labor Day weekend. Billy eagerly accepted. He then walked over to where Raul and Mac were talking and interrupted their conversation. A disgusted Mac left.

Raul asked Billy what his mom had had to say about their trip to Chicago. Billy admitted that he hadn't told her the truth about where the concert had been held. Raul advised him that it would be better if she found out from Billy himself. Billy thought Raul might be right; he should tell his mom the truth, but he didn't want to lose what little freedom he had. He encouraged Raul to "get a social life and a chick" and go to J.T.'s party.

Malcolm went home to the apartment and found Callie waiting there. He asked her about her day. She told him that she had no good days lately. She guessed that he had talked to Olivia. Malcolm questioned why Callie had ever told him the truth about Liv and Neil. She wished she hadn't, and said, "That's what I get for doing the right thing."

She claimed that she "doesn't deserve a halo," as she had almost not told him. She felt like she was losing him again, and she couldn't go through it again. He couldn't stand causing her pain, but he and Liv were married. Callie encouraged him to save his marriage if he could. She turned to leave the apartment; she "has to get out of here." She told him not to try to stop her, as that would be cruel.

Billy returned home and started to leave Jill a note when she walked into the room. She wanted to hear about the concert. He explained that there had been a "misunderstanding" and admitted that the concert had been in Chicago. "Are you mad?" he asked. "Yes," Jill said, adding that there was no "misunderstanding." He claimed that he had been planning to tell her.

Jill wasn't buying it and told him that she couldn't trust him anymore. He was grounded until further notice. Billy mumbled that he should never have gone there for the summer. Jill heard him and asked him if he deceived his father the same way -- if that was the case, she should call him at once to discuss Billy's behavior. Billy backed down immediately and begged his mother to "leave Dad out of this."

At the ranch, Brad barged in the door over Nikki's protests. "What are you trying to prove?" she demanded. "That I can make you happier than any other man," Brad answered. He pointed out to Nikki that Victor disregarded her feelings and opinions, and that she would always be second place in his life to his work and anything else. She ordered him to shut up.

When she turned her back to him, Brad walked up behind her, put his hands on her, and whispered in her ear, "I'm under your skin Nikki!" "Don't touch me!" she shouted then slapped his face. He looked slightly amused at her reaction. She informed him that she had only been using him to get information for Victor. Brad smiled and claimed that he had known that all along. He kept coming on to her and added that she was playing a very risky game, that "old feelings are alive and well." She denied all of it and insisted that Victor was the only man for her. Brad told her, "You'll never get me out of your life any more than you can get me out of your system."

Thursday, August 19, 1999

Jack was in touch with Ashley in New York. She told him that she was having problems raising the money to buy Jabot. It seemed that the word was out that Jabot was unstable. Jack wondered if Victor was spreading the word, trying to make things difficult for him. He told her to keep trying because if anyone could do it, she could.

When he hung up, Mamie surprised him by saying that it looked like he was having a hard time. He admitted that they had problems. She told him that when she had left town, it had been because Jill had given her a small fortune to leave. While she had enjoyed the money and the good times she'd had, she had invested wisely and had become a wealthy woman. Jack was floored when she made him an offer.

Jill burst in on Victoria and demanded to know what was going on around Jabot. Victoria played dumb, but she didn't fool Jill. Jill said that there were a lot of closed doors lately -- doors that were closed to Jill. She said that there were meetings going on, but she wasn't invited to any of them. Victoria said that Jill wasn't invited to the meetings because she was in Jack's camp.

Jill was offended by that and said that it wasn't true. She reminded Victoria that she had fought Jack and Brad from the beginning. Victoria reminded Jill that because of her, Jack and Brad had the "golden umbrella." In the end, Victoria refused to tell Jill what was going on and was so insulting that Jill told her that she had just made a huge mistake. Victoria wasn't worried as Jill stormed out of the office.

Malcolm went to Olivia's office and, instead of finding his wife, he found his brother. Neil was very hostile and said that he and Olivia were just friends. Malcolm said that he didn't like the fact that his brother and his wife had been sharing problems. Neil said that Olivia was at the end of her rope; she was desperate and needed a friend. Malcolm wondered how it was that Neil knew so much about Olivia's marriage. Friend or not, those were details that should be shared by the parties involved, not the brother-in-law.

Malcolm wanted to know just how far the friendship went. Neil taunted his brother by saying that he really didn't want to know the answer to that. The two got into a tussle, and Neil angrily said that he would tell Malcolm what he wanted to know. He said that he had slept on the couch that night, but only because he had insisted on it. He said that it was Olivia who had wanted to take the friendship to the next level. "Now how does it feel to know the truth?" Neil asked as he sneered at his brother.

Malcolm was still in Olivia's office when she returned. He told her that when he had gotten there, Neil had been in the office. He said that he had finally learned the truth from his brother about what had really happened that night.

Brad continued to tell Nikki that he wanted her, and Victor didn't. He said that Victor only wanted to prove that he could do something -- like divorce a wife overnight and get a special dispensation to marry his dying former wife. Nikki said that that act had been what had given her the will to live. Brad answered that since Victor had accomplished what he had set out to do, he was back at business as usual and leaving Nikki at home alone.

Brad took Nikki to the mirror and forced her to look at herself. He said that she was still a desirable woman, not the grandmotherly type. He said that Victor would never give her another child, but all that Brad wanted was to share a child with her. He told her to think about it, and he left the ranch. Nikki was alone, stunned by Brad's words.

Jill burst into Jack's office and was shocked to see Mamie there. She hadn't even known that Mamie was back in town. She declared that she had paid Mamie to leave and never return. Mamie said that Jill had paid her to leave town; nothing had been said about never returning. Jack told Jill that Mamie had spent all the money that Jill had given her, and that was why she was living with him in his house. Jill was speechless.

Mamie excused herself and left. Once they were alone, Jill demanded to know what was going on. Jack wouldn't tell her, saying that she had "loose lips" and had already sunk the ship once. She told him of her conversation with Victoria and said that she deserved more respect than she was getting. She wondered if they were trying to push her out of Jabot.

Jack said that she was so well entrenched that there was no way they could get her out even if they wanted to -- which he didn't. He said that she was a very important part of Jabot, and they couldn't get along without her. He finally broke down and told her what was going on. She asked if he had the money to purchase Jabot, and Jack lied and said that he did. As she was leaving, Jill said that she would keep everything just between them. She also told him that he should remember that she could be very loyal.

When Tricia learned that Ryan had a meeting during her prenatal appointment, she called her doctor and rearranged the appointment so Ryan would be free. She learned that she was going to have an ultrasound at the appointment, and she was very excited. When Ryan entered the office, she told him about the appointment and asked him to go with her. He hedged, saying that he had a lot of work to do. She told him about the ultrasound and begged him to be there for her. She told him that it was a very exciting time for new parents and could never be recaptured. He agreed to meet her at the doctor's office.

Victoria had been listening outside Ryan's office. Later, she went to Ryan and told him that he needed to take care of some special business. He told her that he was going to be at the hospital with Tricia at that time, and she said that he needed to pay more attention to business. He learned that Victoria had been outside the door earlier and had overheard Tricia telling him about the ultrasound. She intimated that the ultrasound was nothing compared to what they would be doing at Newman Enterprises. He reminded her that that hadn't been her attitude when she had been expecting.

In Malcolm's apartment, Callie had an emotional goodbye to the apartment. She packed her bags and called the bus station. She learned that the next bus out would be going to Nashville. She said that it would be close, but she could be there to catch it. She took her bags out into the hallway and returned to the apartment. With tears in her eyes, she slowly took the key to the apartment and left it on the table.

Friday, August 20, 1999

Victor, Victoria, and Brad were in a meeting. Victor wanted their opinions on how to handle Jack. Victoria immediately suggested burning him at the stake. Seriously though, she thought they should put personal feelings aside and get down to business. Victor and Brad took that to mean that she thought Victor was letting his personal feelings cloud his judgment where Jack was involved. Brad said as much and reminded Victoria that Victor was a good businessman, and she shouldn't question his abilities.

Brad added that Jabot was worth fighting for and not just letting go of to get rid of Jack. Victor agreed. Brad then told them that he had found out that Jack and Ashley were trying to get funds together for the purchase of Jabot. Basically, they didn't have it, and they were trying to raise the money. Victor was happy about the news and thanked Brad. After Victor left, Brad and Victoria exchanged some words, and Victoria let him know that she was not happy about working with him and that she would never trust him.

Michael was in his office, talking on the phone, when Alice walked in. He quickly hung up and asked her to sit down. They started talking, and she told him she'd gotten a job doing data entry. She was doing okay, but didn't like returning home to an empty house at night. It hadn't bothered her before, but since she had lost Cassie, it was not the same anymore. Michael told her that he had found out that they were about to win the case when she had lost her nerve and backed out. He told her that the Newmans had looked down on her and had made her question herself. They had undermined her, and she should never forgive them for that.

Meg and Marni were talking at the coffeehouse. Marni asked Meg why she wouldn't leave Tony alone. Meg said she was in love with him. She had it bad, but she couldn't help it. Tony walked in and sat down at a table, so Meg went over to join him. They were talking when a song started playing. They remembered that it was the first song they had ever danced to. They got up and started dancing just as Grace walked in.

Suddenly Meg remembered that she had an appointment with her advisor at school. She kissed Tony goodbye before she walked out. Tony stood there smiling for a moment. Grace walked over to talk to him and tried to subtly ask why she hadn't seen him much lately. He told her that what was going on between him and Megan was none of her business. He left. She said to herself that it was her business.

At Tricia's doctor's office, she was disappointed that Ryan hadn't shown up for the ultrasound. The doctor asked if she wanted to go ahead with it, and she said yes. Just as they were about to begin, Ryan rushed in, apologizing for being late. Tricia was very relieved that he had made it. As they saw the heartbeat on the monitor, they experienced a special feeling between the two of them. Afterwards, Ryan was amazed and, for the first time, excited about the baby. He talked to Tricia's stomach and told the baby it had been great meeting it that day.

Jack was in his office, hoping that Ashley was having more luck in New York than he was having from his end of it all. Victor walked in, and Jack was surprised to see him. Jack tried to act confident and asked Victor if he was tired of waiting already. Victor said not at all, and told Jack to take his time. He wouldn't withdraw his offer -- yet. Jack couldn't believe Victor was thinking of withdrawing the offer, and Victor said he was assessing all of his options. Then Victor proceeded to tell Jack that as CEO, he had been neglecting his duties. He was focusing on their negotiations instead of on business. Not only that, but Victor also knew that Jack didn't have the money to buy Jabot.

Jack tried to deny it, but Victor knew how desperate Jack was. Victor said that, number one, there would be no counter offers. The offer stood as it was, or there would be no agreement. Number two, Jack had one week and not a minute longer to answer him. If he didn't, they would go into litigation over the whole business, and Victor would win. Jack would have nothing. Time was running out.

Nikki was walking up to Sharon's door when she paused and remembered a conversation she'd had with Brad. She wondered why she couldn't get him out of her mind. She knocked, and Sharon let her in. They talked about the kids, and as Nikki was holding Noah, Sharon commented that Nikki was much too young to be a grandma. After a while, Millie and Cassie walked down, and Nikki invited them to go for a walk. Cassie wanted to stay and finish a collage she was working on, so the three women left and promised to be right back.

At the studio, Malcolm told Olivia that he knew she had feelings for Neil. The fact that they hadn't actually slept together was just a technicality. She was speechless for a moment and then she admitted it. However, she was married to Malcolm and when she had said her vows, she had agreed to forsake all others. She hadn't given in to temptation, but Malcolm had.

Really the difference was that Neil wouldn't let her make that mistake, but Callie was more than willing to let Malcolm do it. Olivia hoped that Malcolm was just using Callie, but he admitted he had feelings for Callie. He still had feelings for Olivia, too, and he didn't know what to do. It was all such a mess. Malcolm knew he couldn't just go back like nothing had ever happened though.

While Cassie was still home alone, Alice arrived at the door. Cassie was nervous about her being there but let her in. Alice found out Cassie was alone and said that it was perfect -- just perfect.

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