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Jessica remembered that Dorian had been the one to hit her, and Dorian confessed. Dorian did not receive jail time, and Viki and Will vowed to make Dorian pay. Max was introduced to Skye Chandler. Skye was upset to see Ben with Viki.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 2, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, August 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Tina Watts

R.J. is walking around the area where Bo was knocked out and spots his badge. Bo comes up behind him and grabs him, wanting to know what he is doing there. Inside the diner, Roseanne tells Téa that it is her fault that her mother committed suicide. At Lindsay's trial, Jessica is on the stand and Hank asks her to identify the driver that hit her and if she is in the court room, but Jessica can't remember. Lindsay starts to worry. Nora walks out of the court room, and looks at Dorian.

R.J. tells Bo that he is there waiting for Téa and is avoiding Sykes. Sam asks Jessica if it is possible that it wasn't Lindsay that hit her, she agrees. The Judge orders a recess. Sam and Will try to convince Lindsay to take the stand, but she doesn't want to. She keeps hoping that Bo will find something to clear her. Meanwhile, Dorian is at the airport getting ready to get on a plane for Switzerland when Nora comes up behind her and asks if she is going somewhere.

Jessica is in the restroom splashing water on her face, when she starts to have a flashback about the night of the accident. She remembers that is was Dorian her hit her. Just then Viki walks in, asking if she is okay. She tells her mom that she remembers. In the diner Téa, crying, is trying to explain to Roseanne what happened. Roseanne will hear nothing of it. She tells Téa that she took everyone away from her, all she has is Cristian, and now she doesn't even have him. Sykes shows up and find Bo and R.J. arguing. He asks Bo if he is alright. R.J. says he is looking for Téa and leaves. Sykes asks Bo if he thinks he is the one that hit him. Bo doesn't think so, but thinks he is doing Dorian's dirty work.

Jessica starts to tell her mom who hit her, when Ben and Cristian show up. Cristian wants to help Jessica, but she only wants to be alone right now. She tells him that as soon as this is over though, things will go back to normal for them. Hurting, Cristian leaves. Dorian tells Nora that she is going to tell her daughter goodbye and then disappear. Nora tries to talk her into staying. That her family will understand that is was an accident and that if she leaves now she will be alone forever. Back at the diner, Roseanne says her father was a good man, that Téa seduced him, and she will never forgive her for what she did, and walks away. R.J., hearing what Roseanne said, tries to comfort Téa.

Sam puts Lindsay on the stand. Sam questions her. She states that she didn't do it. She would never hurt a child, that the baby was her granddaughter. She would never caused harm to her. And if she had she would have confessed it all to everyone, especially to her son. In the bathroom, Jessica explains that Lindsay wasn't the driver, and Viki is now sorry she was so hard on her. Jessica just is trying to make sense on why this person hit her. She realized that Viki was always blamed for this persons troubles, and that they were always fighting, but Jessica thought that she (Dorian) always liked her (Jessica). Viki gets a strange look on her face, and Jessica says, that's right mom, Dorian was the driver. Dorian is still trying to talk her way out with Nora. Nora gets mad at chews Dorian out. Dorian turns and leaves for the plane. At the diner, Sykes comes in and sees Téa and R.J. sitting and talking together, and you can see he is not very happy about it.

Hank starts to question Lindsay and wants to know where she was that night if she didn't do it. He keeps badgering her until Sam gets mad and objects. He then asks her himself where she was. After some prodding Lindsay starts to confess and asks Bo to please forgive her. Just then, Nora and Dorian enter the court room. Viki comes up behind her and Dorian can tell by the look on Viki's face that she knows the truth. Nora approaches the bench and asks for permission to put Dorian back on the stand. The judge agrees. Nora asks Dorian to tell what happened the night Jessica was hit. Dorian confesses and tells everyone what happened that night. She tells Jessica that she is so sorry about what happened. That she tried to call 911 but the operator couldn't hear her, and that she had Lindsay phone. So she just went home.

Sam moves to have the charges dropped against Lindsay, and the court agrees. Bo then goes and arrests Dorian, but before he leaves, he asks Lindsay what she was going to say, and where was she that night.

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Marti Dixon

Today, we found Max at Asa's, swearing off women... Blair at the top of the list. He was surprised to find a woman in Asa's chair. He introduced himself to her and Asa came in. Asa told Max that this was Skye Chandler, who was there to get rid of Ben Davidson. Asa asked Max to leave them alone, so he did. He returned later to tell Asa what had happened at the courthouse.

At the police station, Will came in and started yelling at Dorian. Her arraignment is tomorrow. Lindsay is free to go. She asked Bo to take her home, but he said he wouldn't until she explained her connection with the DNA lab. Sam and Nora were in Bo's office, talking about Nora and Dorian. Sam was angry to find out that Nora had kept the truth from him, but he finally understood why Nora had done what she had. Lindsay and Bo entered the office, in time to hear that Nora had known of Lindsay's innocence the whole time Lindsay told Nora she was going to pay for what she had done. Viki and Ben came and Will and Ben left for Llanfair. Viki went down to see Dorian.

At Dorian's, Sophia entered to tell Blair and Kelly about Dorian. They didn't believe her, so Kelly called Briggs to confirm. Blair got very upset, calling Dorian selfish and stupid. Kelly tried to convince her that they need to stick together. The two of them went to see Dorian in jail. Kelly told her that she will stand by her, but Blair was very distant and cold. When they returned to Dorian's, Kelly told Sophia that she knows she's been blackmailing her Aunt with information about the accident. R.J. had also been there, threatening to kill Sophia if she mentions his involvement. Back at the jail, Lindsay met up with Dorian in the holding cell. Dorian apologized, but Lindsay didn't care.

Wednesday, August 4, 1999

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Susan Richmond

At Dorian's house, Kelly told Sophia that now that she could no longer blackmail Dorian, it was time for her to go. Sophia tried to argue that Dorian was her friend and needed her, but Kelly was in no mood to listen. She picked up the phone and actually got John Sykes on the phone and reported that she had an intruder. Never mind, Kelly told Sykes when Sophia finally backed down. Sophia packed her bag and started to leave, but Kelly stopped her and took some of her and Blair's clothes out of the bag before she allowed her to leave. Later, Sophia showed up at Joey's door and begged him to help her, she has nowhere else to go.

Will is at Llanfair to see how Jessica is doing. She's OK, but feels partially responsible for the accident. After all, she was the one standing in the road where she shouldn't have been. Will gives her a hug and tells her not to blame herself, Dorian is the only one to blame. Jess wants him to stay there with her, but he says he has something he has to do. He heads over to Sam's house and blasts Nora for defending Dorian. Nora replies that she's only doing her job and she was following the rules when she didn't tell them that Dorian was guilty. Will doesn't care about the rules and if that is what their "ethics" are, he's glad he decided not to become a lawyer. Will wants Nora to drop the case and when she refuses, he storms out of the house.

At Llanfair, Ben tried to get some background on the Dorian/Viki feud from Kevin and Joey. Rather than get into the very long story, Kevin handed Ben a copy of Sloan Carptenter's book, "Lord of the Banner" and suggested he read it. After they left, Ben started reading with interest the chapter about Dorian. Later, Viki came back from visiting Dorian (see below) and gave Ben a big hug and kiss. They discussed Ben starting work the following day and decided to head upstairs. Viki told Ben to go ahead, she has something she wants to give to him. While she was getting whatever it is, she noticed the book lying on the table and opens it to the chapter titled, "Dorian Cramer." She pulls the page out of the book and rips it into tiny pieces.

Viki goes to see Dorian in her jail cell. Dorian tries to explain that she was going to Crossroads to bury their feud and that hitting Jessica was an accident. Viki doesn't believe her at all, and accuses Dorian of hitting Jessica on purpose to get revenge on Viki for Mel's death. Dorian says she didn't mean all the things she said to Viki at Mel's memorial service...well, maybe she meant them at the time, but she doesn't now. Viki doesn't believe her and before leaving, tells Dorian she hopes she gets what she deserves at her sentencing the next day. Later, R.J. visits Dorian and she suggests that he keep his distance from her, he's been a good friend and she doesn't want to see him get into trouble. What should I do with the $500,000 I was supposed to give to Barnes, R.J. asks. Dorian tells him to keep it and do what he wants with it. R.J. considers opening up a new club.

In Bo's office, he insisted that Lindsay tell him what she was about to say on the witness stand at the trial. She can tell that he's pretty much figured it out for himself, but he wants to hear her say the words. She admits that she paid Barnes $500,000 to change the test results to say that Matthew is Sam's child. So Matthew could be mine, Bo asks. No, she replies, saying that she changed her mind and told him not to switch the results. She does not tell him that she doesn't know whether Barnes switched the results or not. Bo seems to take this all pretty well, although he's not quite sure whether she's telling him the whole truth this time. She suggests that they go out to dinner, but Bo, obviously pulling back from her, asks for a raincheck and suggests she call him tomorrow. Lindsay leaves and goes back to the gallery, where she finds Barnes waiting for her. Give me the additional $500,000, or you'll never know whether I switched the test results or not, he tells her.

Thursday, August 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Cheryl Paster-Di Pilla

Ben gets welcomed to the hospital; first by Larry, who shows him where his office will be and next by a nurse on staff who complains that "all the good ones are taken." Blair shows up and they talk about a doctor who may be able to help Max.

Meanwhile, Max is at Asa's house, attempting to focus on the Banner headline about Dorian. Asa walks into the room and starts ranting and raving about Ben now being #1 on his hit list, now that Lindsay has been released. Asa warns Max to watch his back as all of the Buchanan's have been hurt by the Rappoport/Davidson clan. Skye listens in, looking sadly at a picture of herself standing with Ben! She enters the room, hoping to speak with Asa alone, but he insists that Max stay. She arranged for someone in Nevada to remove the "Dr." from Ben's name; he is now a "Mr." Max suggests that he get caught practicing on someone before it's discovered he has "no license" and Asa pretends that he's having a heart attack to prove he'll be able to set him up. The talk turns to Viki and Ben as a couple and Skye is visibly upset.

Kevin is at the Banner office, setting up the front page for the next edition. It will show a picture of Dorian with a headline reading 'I'M GUILTY'. Rae comes in, looking for Viki. She mentions that Dorian is really the only one who hasn't changed and that she won't change her opinion of Grace. Kevin offers to help her since Viki isn't there and he's the editor. Rae is looking for a job as a columnist. She will call it "Cummings and Goings." Kevin turns her down. A copy of the Sun turns up and Kevin spies their headline which reads "MY NIGHTMARE MISTAKE." He becomes angry since he doesn't think of the whole accident as a mistake. He storms over to the Sun office. When he gets there, Grace is in Kelly's office and she admits to writing the headline and accompanying article. They argue over Dorian and their articles and their individual writing methods. Grace accuses Kevin of unobjective writing, branding Dorian guilty before the trial and of only having principles when it suits him. HER article is balanced! He accuses her of living among smoke and mirrors-he never knows where she stands or what exactly she means. Suddenly, Grace grabs Kevin and kisses him, but he pushes her away. Rae walks in, now looking for a job at the Sun but now Kevin agrees to hire her at the Banner. He says she was right about Grace. He storms off and the two women criticize each other. Rae is full of bitterness, but Grace is cold and calloused. She says that Kevin only hired Rae because it's to get back at her.

Nora visits Bo at the police station to tell him that she's glad Lindsay was cleared. She did what she had to do, but Bo states that the lawyer/client privilege got in their way before too. She could have been cleared sooner. Nora wonders what Lindsay confessed to and Bo tells her that she just admitted her innocence. Lindsay appears and Nora takes her leave. Did Bo tell Nora what Lindsay confided in him, she wonders. Bo tells her that everyone has suffered enough so he didn't say anything. As they are speaking, Téa wanders in and apologizes to Lindsay for her previous behavior. Bo tells Lindsay that she can't blame anyone for the way they acted; it's her own fault. He wonders why she let people believe she committed the crime by not telling the truth. She believed a miracle would happen. He states that a lot of people got hurt. She wonders if Bo still loves her. He says she couldn't believe anyone would love her and had to keep testing. Lindsay says they'll talk after the hearing, but Bo is going away.

Kelly shows up at Joey's place and who should come walking down the stairs in a nightshirt type outfit but Sophia! She insinuates that something went on as she spent the night, but Joey says she had no where to go and he put her up in the guest room. Kelly informs him that Sophia was blackmailing Dorian as she knew all about the accident and she threw her out. The couple begins to argue about "poor Dorian" and definitely don't see eye to eye. Kelly storms out. Joey wants Sophia to look for a place of her own.

Back at the police station, Sykes brings Dorian out in handcuffs. She's a flight risk. Nora tells Dorian that she will be given a psychiatric evaluation because she's also been charged with murder. She will want to look for a plea of "diminished capacity." Dorian says, No way, she's not insane!! At the same time, Hank is commending Téa for apologizing to Lindsay. He would like her to take Dorian's case if she can stay professional.

Dorian is being interviewed by the doctor. She is not insane; she has fought to remain sane her entire life. Other family members have had the problem. She is a medical Dr., has had no hallucinations or voices and she was aware of what she was doing the entire time. She'd rather chance a jury.

Kelly and Joey run around attempting to find each other at the Banner and Sun offices. Sophia is at the Banner office looking for the real estate section. She and Kelly have it out. Sophia states that nothing would interfere with Joey if he were hers. Kelly also runs into Grace, who admits she's been sending Kevin mixed signals; she really wants it on. Eventually, Joey and Kelly meet up, they kiss and make up and agree not to let Dorian or Sophia come between them.

Kevin sets up a desk for Rae at the Banner. She already received a letter! An anonymous writer is asking for advice; she turns and looks at Kevin. It's obviously from him.

Sophia is at Joey's place, writing a letter. Andrew will let her stay at the women's shelter. She's sorry to have messed things up. She dampens the letter with some drops of water.

At the hospital, Skye passes an envelope to a nurse with interesting info about Ben. Asa and Max are coincidentally there. Just as Asa begins to feign a heart attack, Max keels over instead. That's his boy, brags Asa. Ben rushes over to Max.

Friday, August 6, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Diane Hopkins


Asa and Skye are talking about Max faking sick, when in all actuality he is sick, unbeknownst to Asa and Skye. Ben is upset and mad at Max during the examination. Ben is trying to find out what is wrong with Max while Asa is talking outside to Skye about their little plan to put Ben out of the hospital. Meanwhile Larry is reading a document, perhaps it's about Ben. Asa is appreciative of Skye's evil deeds but wants her to get out of town, but she wants to stay and see Ben, she won't leave. Inside the exam room, Ben is saying that his blood pressure is high and gives him pills and asks that he takes one now. "You can't beat it on your own" Ben tells Max as Asa bursts in and Max says its high blood pressure. Asa throws his weight around with Ben as Larry walks in and says, we have to talk. The Nevada Board has revoked Ben's license, says Larry. "You broke the law", Asa rants, happy that his scam has worked.


Will is at the grave site of his baby talking about Dorian being punished for what she did to Megan. He is very upset as he has lost his first baby. Jessica joins Will at the grave site and he wants to know what happens with them. Although he doesn't tell her, Will has fallen in love with Jessica, he wants things to be the way they were.


Jessica is knocking on Viki's door, Viki's gazing out of the window and she did not even hear the knocking at first. Viki explains she has not been sleeping, she said she should have stopped Dorian, she could have changed things somehow. Jessica wants everything to be over, back to the way is was before.

Out in the city room, Rae has been hired and has written her first piece. She tells Kevin a little about the piece, which is in response to a letter that Kevin wrote to her. Kevin wants to know her advice, she says read about it in the paper and walks away.

Viki talks about forgiveness with Jessica. Jessica doesn't know how she feels, she will see after the trial. One day at a time, she says. They decide to meet later. "Can you forgive Dorian?", Jessica asks Viki. Viki says, "yes" as Jessica leaves and Joey walks in and asks if Viki is OK. Viki says, I just told a lie. To whom, he asks. She says, Jessica. He does not agree with her that it is a lie.

Rae and Kevin walk in and Kevin introduces her to Viki. Viki knows her from a long time ago. Kevin and Joey leave while Rae and Viki talk about the baby and Ben as well as the woman who broke up her marriage. Viki asks, are you a relationship counselor, she replies yes. Rae is very informed on everyone's relationship. Rae asks Viki about the rage and what do you do with it. Rae is still speaking with Viki about her problems as Viki asks what do you do with the anger. Rae says you get over it or it will control it. Later, Rae is writing in her journal and says that she has found a new job and fascinating people, but she is lonely. Then she starts writing the introduction to her new column in the paper.


Nora and Sam are talking about Will. Nora says Will won't forgive her for representing Dorian. Sam wants her to rethink her whole defense of Dorian. R.J. is lurking around the courthouse with Dorian as he sees Nora and Sam talking, Sam says it is very difficult dealing with Dorian. He finally agrees with Nora as Téa walks up to R.J. and Dorian, she wants to know if he knew what Dorian had done. He says he didn't know and stops speaking as he turns to Dorian and asks if she is alright. Dorian asks Nora if Sam likes her, only the judge's opinion counts, says Nora and they enter the courtroom. Nora tells Dorian, I will do all of the talking. She speaks with the judge just as Téa rushes up to speak with the judge. Dorian and Kelly notice that Téa and the judge are very friendly. Kelly is grateful to R.J. for his support to Dorian and she lets him know as Will stands by listening. Inside the closed courtroom, Jessica gives her testimony as Téa glares over at Dorian. Dorian is crying because it was an accident. Viki goes in to testify as Jessica comes out. Will says she did a good job, Dorian will be punished. Bo walks up and looks at R.J. warningly. On the stand, Viki is explaining that Dorian would make her pay and take away the thing she loved the most. Viki is painting a very evil demonic picture of a monster, Dorian, she should be locked up, then she leaves the stand and looks glaringly at Dorian. Time for closing remarks the judge says. He lets everyone into the courtroom. Everybody comes in and watches Dorian. Nora gives her closing. The judge gives Dorian her sentence, 10 years in prison, but relents giving her 6 months of psychiatric care, no jail time. Everyone is upset with the verdict and voices their anger and concern. Then everyone proceed to threaten Dorian. Case dismissed. She's free. She thanks Nora. IT'S NOT OVER, Will is screaming and trying to attack Dorian. You will pay, says Viki.

Bo's Office

Bo is leaving for a conference and he is telling Lindsay that he's going away for a while. She thinks he is breaking up with her, he says he needs to get away and think about things. She pleads with him not to go, but he says he has to go. Lindsay has told Bo everything about the secrets she has been keeping, she claims. Lindsay wants to know what to expect when Bo gets back in town. He says he thinks it's over. She tries to hide her tears as she asks him to leave the office, she is devastated because she told him everything and he still does not want her. He reaches for her and she says, please just go. When Sam comes into the office, she breaks down in his arms and cries. Is Bo breaking off the relationship, Sam says to Lindsay. Just because Bo is going away for a while doesn't mean he is breaking up with her, he tries to reassure her that Bo will stay with her. Bo brings out the good in her, he makes her honest (ho hum), Lindsay says, he is so great and patient. Don't do anything foolish, Sam warns her.

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