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Port Charles Recaps: The week of August 2, 1999 on PC
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Monday, August 2, 1999

Frank and Courtney
Courtney admits to Frank that he is Neil's real father. At first, he believes her to be lying, however he realizes that if it weren't for Neil's health, she would never have told him. Frank is furious that he has been denied his son for all of these years. He told Courtney that he is going to tell Neil and Joe. Courtney tries to buy his silence with the remaining money that she has from Julie's inheritance. Frank informs her that no amount of money can keep him away from his son. Courtney told him that it will devastate Neil to learn the truth.
Neil enters the kitchen with a model airplane that he has been working on with Joe. He shows Frank and asks him to keep it a secret. He wants to surprise his father. Franks promises Neil that he will. He also promises Courtney that he will not tell Neil, but Joe is a different story. He told her that when it comes to Neil, he will do anything for him.

Lucy and Scotty
Lucy finds out that Mr.. Blackston will be at Amanda Herrington's fashion show. Mr.. Blackston creates the best and worst dress list. He can make or break a fashion company. Lucy is certain that if he sees her Serena line in that Fashion show, it will give her company a boost that it needs, as well as throw a dagger in DV's carefully schemed plan to ruin her company. Lucy very excitedly told Scotty her plans. However, she finds out that Kathy Bell will be modeling DV's line of clothes. Knowing that DV copied some of her designs, she thought that she did not stand a chance. Scotty tried to help her solve this dilemma. Lucy made a comment that problems used to be so easy to solve. She reminisced about a time in high school, There was one girl who was extremely wealthy and had the best of everything and she knew it. One day she convinced her that everyone was going to come to school the next day dressed like a witch. The next day the girl arrived wearing a witches costume authenticated with the green skin and warty nose. Lucy went up to the girl and informed her that she now looked on the outside the way she does on the inside. Lucy was thrilled about finally putting that girl in her place. After hearing the story, Scotty told her that it would be very hard to get Kathy Bell to dress up like a witch. However, Lucy had a different plan. She placed a phone call to an anonymous person to plant a phony tip that would make Catherine become the worst dressed woman at the fashion show.
All of this devious planning reminded Scotty and Lucy why they fell in love with one another. One thing led to the other, and the two were heading upstairs to reconfirm their love the first time since the DV affair.

Rachel and Chris
Chris and Rachel go to see Greg Cooper. Greg Cooper was not willing to admit and accept the blame for the General Homicide killings. He would not help Julie get her freedom. Rachel let it be known that their were things that she could do to make his life a little more better. However Cooper was not biting. Outside, Chris openly admitted defeat, however Rachel makes an elusive comment that they may have hit a home run. Chris realizes the deviousness of this woman. He asks her if it is very lonely at the top. She replies no because she always gets what she wants.

Tuesday, August 3, 1999

Lucy and Scott impressed Mr. Blackwell with the Serena line at a charity fashion show. Scott and Lucy were delighted when DV and his model, Katherine Bell, fell into their trap and completely embarrassed themselves in front of Mr. Blackwell. Lucy met Rachel and immediately became suspicious of her. Meanwhile, Ellen recognized Rachel, but was unable to recall how she knew her. Kevin began to experience mysterious flashbacks to the time surrounding Victor's death. Kevin and Eve decided to leave Italy as soon as possible. Meanwhile, DV was revealed as the person controlling the events in Italy that had befallen Kevin, Eve and Victor.

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Wednesday, August 4, 1999

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On the way back to Port Charles, Eve became concerned when disturbing thoughts about Victor haunted Kevin. Kevin envisioned that Victor appeared to him and told him to forget everything that happened in Rome. Meanwhile, Frank was infuriated when he learned that Courtney decided to enlist Chris' help in switching the test results. Courtney panicked when Joe told her that the tests were scheduled for tomorrow. After a tense confrontation with Joe, Frank nearly revealed the truth about Neil's paternity.

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Thursday, August 5, 1999

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A grieving Eve and Kevin returned to Port Charles and had to break the sad news about Victor's death to Mary. In an effort to conceal Victor's spy dealings, Mary and Kevin agreed on a story to tell Victor's friends. Later, Eve was worried when Kevin saw a vision of a young boy who had also appeared in his dreams. Chris encouraged Karen to pay a visit to Julie and assured her that the old Julie would be returning soon. Courtney was forced to take Chris into her confidence in exchange for his help, but a firm Courtney refused to admit whose blood Chris was substituting for Joe's.

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Friday, August 6, 1999

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Lucy was thrilled to read that Mr. Blackwell had named Katherine the worst dressed in Port Charles. When Lucy learned that Rachel had made a play for Scott, she warned Rachel to stay away from her fiancée. Karen paid a visit to Julie, but the former friends were unable to connect because Julie got angry with her. Rachel witnessed Julie and Karen's encounter and urged Julie to make amends with those she had hurt. Karen was later surprised when Julie reached out to her and invited her back to Ferncliff for a visit.

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