As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on ATWT

Lucinda went into the hospital to have a mastectomy. Gwen and Will left Oakdale with Rory, but Iris, Carly, and Jack were not too far behind them. Emily paid Nurse Thompson to leave the country because Dusty and Jen were about to question her for switching the babies. Gwen and Will, and Dusty and Jen kissed. Maddie tried to warn Mike of BJ after Mike had an accident, but Mike did not want to listen to her. Lily told Keith to move out of her house.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 10, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, October 10, 2005

Lily and Sierra check Lucinda in to Oakdale Memorial Hospital for her mastectomy, but Lucinda insists that they both go home so that she will be wheeled into surgery alone. Sierra watches from around the corner, but Lily goes home. At Lily's house, Keith visits Luke to explain that he had also been kidnapped by Blanca and her thugs, who left him for dead in a Mexican desert. He explains to Luke that he was flying black market body parts back to the United States to repay the debt he owed Lily. When Luke hears Keith's straightforward explanation that he loved Lily and was desperate to pay her back, Luke is no longer angry with Keith, even though he still hopes for his parents to get back together. Lily returns home and is angry to see Keith.

When Hal comes up to Casey and Maddie at the coffee shop and tells them that Will has run away with Gwen, Casey confides in Maddie. He tells Maddie the entire story of his relationship with Gwen and the paternity charges.

Iris breaks into Gwen's apartment to try to find out where Gwen has gone. She is drunk and desperate, feeling that Rory's trust fund money is slipping away from her grasp. She finds a post card that Gwen received from Ms. Clemens, her teacher at The Quaker School in New York City.

Gwen and Will leave for New York City, and decide that they will rename the baby "Billy," after Will. They arrive at The Quaker School, and Will approaches Ms. Clemens to ask her if she remembers Gwen.

Carly takes Parker out for hot chocolate and tries to get Parker to help find Rory by using his unusual abilities that had helped him find Jack.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

In Florida, Emily finds out what Dusty and Jennifer are up to and beats them to the punch by tracking down and speaking with Nurse Thompson. Unaware, Dusty and Jennifer set out to find the nurse, while Dusty continues to reassure Jennifer that everything will work out in the end. Carly and Jack stay on the case to find Gwen and Will. Carly gets Cass to meet with her and tells him what his clients are up to but Cass knows nothing and warns that there's more to Iris than meets the eye. Later, Jack gets a lead that Iris went to New York and he and Carly head for the airport. Meanwhile, Gwen and Will meet up with her beloved teacher who invites them to stay awhile in the basement of the school. There, while Gwen and Will bond more, Iris finds the teacher in the park and demands to know where Gwen is. An angry Lily orders Keith to move out and is unmoved when Keith gives a heartfelt pitch to Lily about their love and what they've meant to each other. Later, a shaken Lily believes Keith is out of her life for good just as Keith is telling JJ that he's staying in Oakdale.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Henry told Maddie about his job with BJ but Maddie was not happy with his decision. Maddie thought BJ was creepy and obsessed with Katie. Henry told Maddie about all the money he would be making and that she would be able to move out of Margo's soon. Henry warned Maddie to keep the secret that BJ is actually Bryon.

Carly and Jack were on their way to New York to find Rory when Jack told Carly he was worried about her and wanted her to see a psychiatrist to help her deal with what happened to her when she was a child; she agreed to go after they found Rory.

Will and Gwen leaned in for a kiss when Rory started to cry. Will left to go to the store and unknowingly lead Iris right to Gwen. Iris lied and told Gwen that the judge opened Carly's record and found that she was an unfit parent and gave custody back to Gwen as long as she lived with Iris and that Cass was on his way to New York with the custody papers. While trying to convince Gwen that she was telling the truth Will came back and recognized Iris from the courthouse. Will told Gwen that Iris was being a spy for Carly. Iris said she was at the courthouse with Carly because she was trying to help Gwen. After Iris left Gwen told Will that she did not trust Iris and that they needed to disappear again. Meanwhile Iris called Jack and Carly and told them to meet her at a park. Once they showed up Iris told them she wanted to make a deal with them.

Emily and Kristen Thompson overheard Jen talking about Kristen switching the babies. Jen was very upset that the secretary for Dusty's private investigator called and said that Kristen was going to be late. Dusty convinced Jen to relax and took her back up to their room. Kristen felt awful and wanted to tell Jen the truth about what happened. Emily told her that Jen was better off not knowing because of Craig and that if she told Jen about the baby Kristen would go to jail for kidnapping. Emily convinced Kristen not to tell Jen the truth in fear of going to jail and paid her to leave the country. Emily called Paul and told him to come right home because their plan was about to backfire. Meanwhile Dusty's Private Investigator called and told him that he did not have a secretary. Dusty and Jen realized someone set them up and left to try to find Kristen.

Mike told BJ that Katie does not trust him and that he also was beginning not to trust him. BJ swore that the only thing on his mind was business. BJ took Mike to Fairwinds and told him that he just bought it and wanted to hire Mike to renovate it, Mike accepted. Before BJ left he asked Mike to take a look at the ceiling because the realtor said something might be wrong with it. After BJ left Mike climbed a ladder to check on the ceiling when part of the ceiling fell and knocked Mike unconscious.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Frustrated that they haven't met with nurse Thompson, Dusty guesses to Jennifer that this adds more support to the idea that her baby is still alive. Emily approaches Meg for help in keeping Dusty away from Jennifer but when she sees her meet later with genetics doctor Eli, Emily guesses Meg's "figured it out." Eli advises Meg that the hair matched the DNA sample. Dusty cheers Jennifer by engaging her in some karaoke in Tampa. In New York City Will and Gwen are forced to delay leaving their hiding place when the baby won't stop crying. Finally quiet, Gwen tells Will to take the carriage and fill it up with their stuff, promising to meet him in twenty minutes. Though Jack threatens to throw her in jail, Iris won't tell him or Carly where Gwen and the baby are unless they promise her half of Rory's trust fund. Iris finally takes them to the room where they find it's empty. Mrs. Clemons learns what Gwen has done and agrees to call if she sees them again. Walking in the park, Will and Gwen decide to change names while on their "adventure" and call themselves the Freemans, Mark and Amanda. "Mark" and "Amanda" then kiss. As Henry hints to Maddie that they might be able to get a wing of B.J.'s new place for themselves, Maddie literally stumbles over Mike who is out cold on the floor. After he comes to and guesses the loose ceiling beam fell on him, Maddie worries to Henry that B.J. is trying to kill him so he can have Katie to himself. Though he calls the notion ridiculous, Henry tries to get B.J. to let him know if the falling beam was an accident but B.J. reminds him he's the boss. Maddie tries to warn Mike about B.J. but he's not interested.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The private investigator in Tampa told Dusty and Jennifer that Nurse Thompson's brother had gotten in bad legal trouble in Alabama, taken a construction job under a different name, and then disappeared from his job the same day that Nurse Thompson quit her job and left Oakdale, and he said he thought the 2 things were related. After he left, Dusty found someone who worked at the hotel who recalled having seen Nurse Thompson talking with a blond woman. Jennifer and Dusty found out that Nurse Thompson's brother had a common-law wife who was blond, but they didn't know if that was who had been talking to her or not. Jennifer told Dusty maybe they should give up and he should go back to Oakdale, but he said he wasn't leaving without her. He said things had changed when they kissed, and when Jennifer tried to say it was just a "moment," Dusty said it was more than that for him. Jennifer said she wasn't ready to go there yet, and Dusty said he would wait. Dusty asked Jennifer if she still believed Rory was her baby, and she said yes, so Dusty said they should keep looking.

At Java, Meg left Dusty an urgent message on his cell phone. Emily came in and talked with Meg, telling her that Dusty and Jennifer had gone to Philadelphia to see a designer.

Lily and Holden were at Lucinda's bedside after her mastectomy, which the doctor said had gone well. Emma came by with flowers. When Lily left to go get some coffee from Java, Emma talked with Holden about his presumed reconciliation with Lily. Meg came up and remarked on how supportive Emma was being of Holden. Holden left, and Emma said she was trying to protect Meg from Dusty, which is why she wasn't as supportive of her. Meg said she needed less protection and more support. Meg then told Emma she had to cancel their dinner plans because she had to find Dusty, although not for the reasons Emma was thinking. She told Emma that she had important news that would change Jennifer's life for the better and would reap benefits for everyone involved.

At the police station, Hal questioned Cass Winthrop about where Gwen might have gone, and after Cass insisted he didn't know, Hal asked him who was paying his legal fees. Cass admitted that Paul had been paying him. Hal ran into Emily and asked her how involved she was in Paul's recent doings, which he now knew included paying for Gwen's attorney. He told her he thought that Paul knew that Gwen had planned to kidnap the baby, that he had encouraged Will to go along with it, and that he probably knew where they were right now. Emily denied that, but Hal still believed Paul was involved in the kidnapping somehow. Emily said that Paul was on his way back from Italy, where he'd been looking for a place for them to live with Jennifer. Hal asked Emily why Paul was so interested in Gwen and her baby.

While his plane circled while waiting to land, Paul took a quick nap and dreamed that Jennifer had found out about the baby and tried to kill him for his role in covering it up. Meg called Street Jeans to get the name of Dusty's hotel in Philadelphia but was told he was actually in Tampa. She then booked a flight to Tampa. When she sat down on the plane, Paul walked up and sat down next to her.

Jack caught up with Will and asked him where Gwen was, but Will lied and said he didn't know. Meanwhile, Carly found Gwen by accident and pleaded with her to bring Rory back to Oakdale with her so that they could work things out. While they were talking, Will ran up, shouting that they needed to leave right now. Carly and Gwen both grabbed the handle of the baby carriage, and it went tumbling down the steps. Fortunately, Jack came running up just in time to catch the baby at the bottom of the steps. When Carly tried to run down to see the baby, Gwen grabbed her, and they fought with each other until Gwen fell down the stairs, too. Iris came running up, and she and Will knelt down by Gwen while Jack called for an ambulance. Iris called Gwen "my angel girl," which triggered a memory for Carly of overhearing Iris holding a baby girl and calling her "angel girl" and saying she had a perfect plan to get her away from there (Oakdale). Carly realized then that Iris's baby was a girl, not a boy.

At Java, Lily overheard Keith trying to rent a place to live in Oakdale. She told him she had thought he was leaving town, but he said he planned to stick around. He told Lily he was staying both for JJ's sake and for Lily's, because he didn't believe that what they had could be dismissed and forgotten so easily. Lily told him he was wasting his time, but he grabbed her hand and pleaded with her to stay for a minute to talk. Holden walked in just in time to see Keith holding onto Lily.

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