As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on ATWT

Bob awoke from his coma. Casey returned from prison. While Barbara slept on the couch, Sofie sneaked in and took Hallie. Dusty's will left college tuition for Alison and the Intruder for Emily. Meg told Paul she did not want him in her life. Carly tried to fire Sam, but Kit forbade it. Parker thought Carly had lied when she promised to fire Sam. Brad proposed to Katie, who turned him down.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 31, 1969 on ATWT
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Emily and Susan met for breakfast at the Lakeview, and Emily began to frantically talk to her mother about Dusty's murder. She told her mother that she had learned that Holden had been charged with killing Dusty, but she believed Holden wasn't responsible. As she continued to expand on her regrets over the events surrounding Dusty's death, Susan told her to stop talking like she was guilty of killing him because Susan had made sure that no one suspected her. Emily was confused by Susan's confession and wanted to know what her mother meant when she said that she had taken suspicion away from Emily.

Susan explained that she had told Margo about seeing Holden in front of the drug cart at the hospital the night of Dusty's murder. Emily was shocked, but Susan made it clear that everything she had said had been true and that if Holden were innocent, he would be exonerated. She reminded Emily that if the police were focused on Holden, then they wouldn't be looking at Emily as a suspect. Emily told her mother that she didn't want Holden going to jail just to take suspicion off of her.

Susan reminded Emily that if Margo took her in for questioning, she would have to admit that she had been fighting with Chris about her past as a prostitute, which could lead to her losing visitation with her son, Daniel. As the two continued their talk, Tom arrived and asked to speak with Emily about something that would affect Daniel. Alison walked in, and Emily tried to use her to escape talking to Tom, but he revealed that he had called Alison because he needed to talk to both of them about Dusty's final wishes.

Tom sat with Emily and Alison in the Lakeview and explained that Dusty's will had a college fund set aside for Alison. He also handed Alison a letter from Dusty that heartened her to move on with her life and go to school. Emily encouraged her sister to return to college and reminded her that it would have made Dusty proud. Tom then focused his attention on Emily and told her that Dusty's will might drastically affect how much time she would be spending with her son.

Emily opened the envelope Dusty had left her and found ownership papers for the Intruder. Tom explained the paper was hers alone and that Dusty had wanted her to own it free and clear. Emily tearfully claimed she didn't want to benefit from Dusty's death. Tom left so Emily and Alison could discuss Dusty's gifts. Alison told her sister to appreciate Dusty's generosity, but Emily began to cry, saying she couldn't profit from his death. Alison asked her sister to say what was going on, but Emily rushed from the room.

Alison found Susan and told her the good news about Dusty offering to pay for her college and giving Emily the newspaper. Susan was grateful for Dusty's gifts and believed that he had to have felt he owed the girls something. Alison went on to tell her mom that Emily was freaking out over the will and Dusty's death. Susan explained that Emily was just grieving and advised Alison to let Emily deal with it on her own.

In Old Town, Emily had an ice cream cone and thought back on happy memories of sharing a cone with Dusty. She sadly threw the cone away and walked off.

At the farm, Holden sat at the kitchen table as Lily entered and asked how he had been doing since he had gotten bailed out of jail. He admitted that he wasn't sleeping well but didn't want Lily to worry because she was still recovering from her drug overdose. Lily told Holden she wanted to help in his defense and would go with him to see Bonnie. Holden explained to Lily that Bonnie was not his lawyer, and even though she had helped him get out on bail, she would not be representing him if his case went to trial.

Lily felt as if Holden wasn't being honest with her about the night of Dusty's death, and she wanted to know what he was hiding. Holden encouraged her to rest, and when Meg entered the kitchen, she also asked Lily to relax. Lily relented to Meg and Holden and headed to her room, while Meg grilled her brother about what had really happened the night Dusty had died. Holden angrily told Meg to back off, but she refused to relent and continued to ask what he knew. Holden refused to talk about it but asked his sister to help take care of Lily and his family.

Up in her room, Lily dreamed about the night of Dusty's death and remembered seeing his lifeless body on the floor of Bob's office. She immediately ran downstairs, looking for Holden, and told her husband she thought she remembered seeing Dusty dead. Holden, trying to protect his wife, told her that it was impossible for her to have seen Dusty that night because she had been in a hospital bed, recovering from her overdose. Holden told Lily to get dressed so he could take her to the doctor to make sure she was all right, but before they left, he asked her to promise that she would try to forget about that night and move forward. Holden feared she might remember something awful about Dusty's murder.

Paul arrived at the Oakdale Police Station to give a statement against Rosanna, but he learned from Margo that Rosanna had confessed. Margo told Paul that Rosanna had admitted everything. Rosanna asked for time alone with Paul, and she told him that she had been honest about everything and hoped that Paul would accept what she had done and try to forgive her. Paul explained that he'd had the best of intentions when he had taken her back to Oakdale, but he couldn't move past what she had done. As Rosanna reacted by yelling at him for his affair with Meg, Margo returned and took Rosanna down to be booked for her crimes. Paul thanked Rosanna for helping him to see that he needed to get his priorities straight. He left to find Meg.

Paul went to the farm and banged on the front door, looking for Meg. She told him she didn't want to see him, but he refused to leave until she heard what he had to say. Paul said that the two could be happy since Rosanna had confessed everything, but Meg pointed out that what he really wanted was for Craig to pay for his crimes. Paul claimed he just wanted her, but Meg told him all she really wanted was her baby back. Paul said they could try again for another baby, but Meg said that wouldn't happen because he would always be looking for revenge against the people who had hurt him.

Meg went on to explain that she could have pressed charges against Rosanna and Craig but had only wanted everything to be over so she could move on -- something he refused to do. Paul tried to convince Meg to give their relationship another try, but Meg told him it was too late. Paul refused to give up and begged Meg to let him prove that he would do anything to make her love him again. Meg told Paul there was nothing he could do and that her family needed her. She pushed him out the farmhouse door.

At the hospital, Lily told her doctor she was feeling much better but was starting to recall events from the night of Dusty's murder. He told her to give it time, but she explained that she wanted to know what had happened, even though Holden didn't want her to remember. The doctor agreed to talk to Holden, and when they went into the hall, she excused herself while the doctor and Holden talked.

Holden told the doctor that he didn't think Lily needed to get her memory of that night back, but the doctor said that she might need to process the memories to get past them. He suggested that Lily return to rehab, but Holden refused, saying he wanted Lily home with him and his family. The doctor asked Holden if he could really watch her 24 hours a day and then emphasized his point by asking Holden where Lily was at that moment. Holden said he would find her and set off looking for Lily.

In the meantime, Lily had returned to the site of Dusty's murder to try to trigger her memories of that fateful night. Lily arrived at Bob's office and recalled seeing Dusty dead on the floor. She sat on the floor of the office and remembered finding the syringe by Dusty's body. Meg arrived at the hospital and asked Holden what the doctor had said. He told her everything the doctor had said and asked his sister to help him find Lily.

Holden found Lily in the stairwell and asked her if she was all right. Seeing Holden in the stairs reminded Lily of the night he had found her passed out, and she told him she remembered. Lily said that she knew what had happened the night of Dusty's death and that she understood why he hadn't told the police everything about that night -- because she would have been the suspect.

After his meeting with Meg, Paul returned to his room at the Lakeview and poured himself a drink. He fell asleep and dreamed that Rosanna was by his side. Paul questioned how she had gotten out of jail, but Rosanna said he would know soon enough. She explained she only wanted to say goodbye and explain herself. She told Paul that she loved him and that she had known he had loved Meg, but she had done everything she had been able to do to hold on to him. She told him she was sorry for causing him pain, but she had been desperate to keep him. She finished by telling Paul she would wait for him if he ever decided he could love her, and then she vanished as quickly as she had appeared.

Paul hurried to the station, demanding to know why Rosanna had been released. Margo took Paul into a private room and told him that when she had checked on Rosanna, she had found her passed out in her cell. She told him that Rosanna had suffered a relapse, and she was back in the hospital. Paul went to Memorial and talked to Rosanna's doctor about her condition. He learned from her doctor that she had slipped back into a coma that had most likely been caused by trauma or stress. The doctor went on to explain that she might never emerge from it.

Paul was upset by the diagnosis and the doctor's suggestion that Rosanna be sent back to Switzerland. Paul sat at Rosanna's side and marveled at the way she had appeared to him in a dream to say goodbye. He realized that he destroyed everyone he loved and feared that he might be destined to spend his life alone. He went into the hall and saw Meg there, but she turned and walked away.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sofie and Aaron walked together at Old Town and talked about baby Hallie, whom Sofie referred to as "my little girl." Aaron gently reminded her that Hallie was Gwen and Will's little girl. Gwen and Will, meanwhile, had agreed that they needed to set some boundaries for Sofie with regard to visiting Hallie, so Gwen called Sofie and asked if she could stop over to chat.

When Sofie and Aaron got to Will and Gwen's place, they heard the baby crying, and Sofie offered to get her. Will stopped her but let Aaron go instead. Sofie asked why he hadn't let her go to the baby, and Gwen explained that she and Will thought Sofie had been getting a little too attached to Hallie. Sofie asked what she had done wrong. Gwen said Sofie could still see Hallie but that there had to be some boundaries.

Sofie protested, "But she's my daughter!" and then said that hadn't been what she'd meant to say. Will told her they just wanted to put a little space between Sofie and the baby for the time being. Gwen said she hadn't realized how hard it would be on Sofie and that she had never meant to hurt her. Sofie responded, "It's too late."

Aaron took Hallie out into the living room, and Sofie asked if she could say goodbye to her. Sofie told Hallie she wouldn't be seeing her for a little while, "and you're not even gonna notice I'm not here." Crying, Sofie left. Aaron followed after Sofie. Gwen told Will, "That was hard," and said that she felt like she had betrayed Sofie.

At Old Town again, Sofie said she had thought she could do it, but she hadn't known that saying goodbye would be like giving up her little girl all over again. Aaron told Sofie he'd walk her back to the Lakeview, but Sofie said she was okay and told Aaron that his family needed him. She got up and left.

Tom went to the police station and told Margo to take the rest of the day off and go home with him. Once home, she was surprised and thrilled to see Casey, who had been released from prison early for good behavior. Margo hugged him and then playfully slapped him, telling him that was for having gotten into a fight with a prison guard. She asked Casey what had happened, and Casey said he was not ready for an interrogation already.

In Bob's hospital room, Chris told Kim there was no change in Bob's condition. Chris left, and Kim took Bob's hand and told him she was ready for him to wake up again because it was hard putting up such a brave front for the family. Just as she turned to leave, Bob reached out and grabbed her hand, startling her. She looked at him, and he opened his eyes and said haltingly, "Hello...beautiful." She whispered, "Hello, handsome!" and told him she had to go get Chris.

Chris bumped into Evan Walsh outside Bob's room. Evan pulled Chris into a private office and shoved the contract for Memo-21 in front of him, telling him to sign it. Chris was hesitant because of the whole situation with Dusty's death, but Evan told him to sign it anyway because Chris had promised Evan the deal would go through. Chris signed the contract.

Back in the hallway, Kim told Chris his dad was awake, and they went back into Bob's room, where Chris asked his dad how he was feeling. Bob replied, "I'm hungry!" Chris took a nurse into the room and ordered some tests for Bob. Kim asked if it was really necessary to run tests right away, but Chris said he just needed to see where they stood, and Bob added that he would order the same tests himself. Kim left to call the family and let them know Bob was awake, and Chris sat with Bob and said how glad he was that Bob was back with them. Bob asked, "Where's Dusty?" Chris, not sure what to say, replied, "He's gone."

Tom, Margo, and Casey finished eating, and then Margo asked Casey what he was going to do with his life. Casey was upset that Margo was already pushing him to make decisions like that when he had just gotten out of prison. Tom agreed and said they had plenty of time to figure things out. The phone rang. It was Kim, who said, "Tommy, I have the most wonderful news in the world! Your father is awake, and he's talking!"

Tom, Margo, and Casey all went to the hospital, where Bob jokingly pretended not to know who Tom was. Bob was happy to see Casey and welcomed him back.

Emily stopped by the room where Dusty had been murdered. Ignoring the crime scene tape, she went in and knelt down by the spot where Dusty's body had been found. Talking to herself, Emily said, "I need to make peace with what happened, with what I did that night," and then crying softly, she said, "I'm so sorry!"

In the hospital stairwell, Lily realized that Holden thought she had killed Dusty and that he had been trying to cover for her. She told Holden he couldn't try to protect her that way, but Holden said he owed it to her. He told her that before Dusty had died, he had told Holden some truths about the way Holden had been treating Lily, and Holden felt like he had driven Lily into Dusty's arms.

Holden asked Lily if she remembered where she had found the syringe the night Dusty had died. Lily had a flashback of having seen Dusty lying on the floor, with the syringe next to his body. She told Holden and said she had picked up the syringe then, but she hadn't killed Dusty.

Lily took Holden to the crime scene, to see if that would jog her memory further, and when they got there, they saw Emily rushing out the door. Lily asked what Emily was doing there, but Emily told Lily it was none of her business. Emily asked Holden if he had really been arrested and if he'd actually had the murder weapon at his house. Lily said it was all a mistake and that Holden hadn't killed Dusty. Holden told Emily that he was sorry about what had happened to Dusty because he knew Emily and Dusty had been close. Emily said Dusty had hurt a lot of people, "and I'm sorry you were one of them." Emily left, and Holden wondered why she had been acting so strangely.

Lily and Holden ducked under the crime scene tape, and Lily remembered having seen Emily leave the room just before she had gotten there the night Dusty had been killed. Lily told Holden that Emily had most likely killed Dusty. Holden asked why, and Lily said it had been because of her. She told Holden about Dusty breaking things off with her because he had still been in love with Emily. Lily told Holden that she had gone to a bar and met one of Cheri Love's "girls," who had told her that Emily had once been a prostitute.

Holden didn't believe it, but Lily said when she had gone to tell Dusty about it, he had said he had already known. Lily said she had been so upset that she had decided to write an anonymous note to Chris Hughes and tell him about Emily's past. When Chris and Emily had read the note, Emily had assumed it had been Dusty who had written it and had blamed him for it, and Lily had let Emily and Chris go on believing that. Lily said Dusty's death was her fault, because she had "set things in motion."

Holden said he should have known Lily couldn't have killed Dusty, because he knew Lily better than that. Lily said they needed to call Jack, because he'd believe her about having seen Emily leaving the crime scene the night Dusty had been murdered. She offered her hand to Holden, and he took it. They left together, and Holden put his arm around Lily as they walked out.

Emily ran into Chris and told him she had heard that Bob was awake, and she wanted to know how he was doing. Chris took Emily into an empty office and told her it was not her business anymore, but she reminded him that Bob was Daniel's grandfather, so she had a right to know. She told Chris he didn't seem too happy, and he told her one of the first things Bob had asked was where Dusty was; Emily asked what he had told Bob, and Chris said he had just said that Dusty was gone. He walked out of the office, and Emily saw Tom and told him she'd call Daniel at school and let him know his grandfather was doing better. Tom thanked her, and she left.

Emily again ran into Chris, and she said they needed to get their stories straight. Chris said he didn't have a story, but Emily said, "Dusty died believing you poisoned your father and caused his stroke; that sounds like a story to me." Chris couldn't believe that Emily would believe he could poison his own father, and Emily couldn't believe Chris would think she could kill Dusty, so Chris said they were at a stalemate. Chris told Emily, "Keep your mouth shut, and nobody else will get hurt."

Tom found Kim and told her he had reached both Lisa and Nancy, and they would both be there soon to see Bob. Margo suggested to Casey that he go and visit Will and Gwen. Casey said his friends probably wouldn't want to see him, but Margo reminded him that if anyone could relate to Casey's situation, it was Will. After Casey left, Tom told Margo that maybe she should give Casey a break and let him adjust at his own pace to being out of prison. Casey went to Will and Gwen's house. When he got there, he glanced in the window and saw them with the baby.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

At Carly's house, Parker asked his parents why they were forcing him to go back to therapy. Jack explained that Parker's recent actions with Sam and Sam's puppet, and the theft at Metro, had persuaded them that Parker needed more help than they could offer. The therapist arrived at the house and asked to speak to Parker alone. She asked him to tell her what was going on, and the two discussed his recent problems.

In the kitchen, Carly and Jack discussed Carly's sister, Rosanna, slipping back into her coma. Jack encouraged Carly to hang in there, and she remarked that she might be losing Rosanna, but she would not lose Parker. Jack sensed that Carly was upset because of both Rosanna and Parker. He gave her a reassuring hug and remarked that they would get through it.

Just as it looked as if Carly and Jack might kiss, the therapist called from the other room and asked to talk to them. She told them that she and Parker had talked, and she believed that they could work out Parker's problems in family therapy. She asked Parker to leave the room so she could talk to Jack and Carly. The therapist told Jack and Carly that Parker was worried about Carly's friend Sam, and Jack and Carly added that he'd had a tough year that had included losing his biological father and sister, and Carly's recent brain tumor and lie.

The therapist then explained that Parker might be reacting to Jack's anger at Carly. She insisted that Jack's anger was feeding Parker's anger at his mother. Jack was upset at the notion that Parker's behavior was his fault, and both Carly and Jack took responsibility for their son's acting out. The therapist left after setting appointments and encouraging Jack and Carly to seek therapy as well. With their meeting over, Jack, Carly, and Parker set out on their day.

In Katie's room at the Lakeview, Brad continued healing from his broken leg, but his constant demands with their sexual undertones were driving Katie insane. When Brad asked Katie for a sponge bath, she believed Brad's only intention was to get her in bed, but she gave in when he reminded her that he had broken his leg while looking for her. Katie left the room to get water for the bath and returned to find Brad had dimmed the lights and lit candles in an attempt to set a romantic mood. Brad denied that he was trying to seduce Katie, but she refused to believe him and instead of a nice warm sponge bath, washed him with cold water.

When the sponge bath turned slightly romantic, Katie rushed out of the room. She returned and told Brad that his recovery time was at an end, and he could head home. She handed him crutches, but Brad floundered on them, and he fell to the bed, taking Katie with him. Katie jumped up and told Brad to stop playing games. She got set to leave and told Brad to be gone by the time she was back.

Vienna arrived to encourage Brad and Katie's romance, but Katie stormed out, leaving Vienna and Brad to plan a new way to get Katie back in Brad's arms. Vienna told Brad to use Katie's emotions to get her back and persuaded him to make Katie believe they could have a future and family together. Vienna set a romantic mood in the room and told Brad to give Katie a call. Brad was reluctant but called Katie to get her back to the room.

Katie walked through Old Town and saw Jack talking to Parker. She tried to avoid Jack, but he saw her when he went into Java. He told Katie he could really use a friend and then he told her about his trouble with Parker. The two were interrupted when Katie received Brad's phone call. Brad told her that he had fallen down and needed her to get there right away to help him up. Jack offered to go with Katie to help her with Brad. Before going, Vienna laid Brad out on the floor and left so he could try to romance Katie.

Brad was relieved when Katie arrived but not thrilled to see his brother. When Jack looked around the room and saw the romantic setting, he realized what was happening. Jack was reluctant to go but left. Back alone in the room, Katie told Brad not to push his recovery, and Brad took her kind words as a sign she cared for him. Brad opened a bottle of champagne, and when he tried to share his feelings with Katie, she ran from the room. Vienna saw Katie bolting from the room and returned to tell Brad that she knew Katie loved him and that he couldn't give up.

At the hospital, Barbara walked out of an exam room, looking exhausted, and got the good news from Lisa that Bob had emerged from his coma. Lisa realized something was wrong with Barbara and pressed her friend to reveal what it was. Barbara finally admitted to Lisa that she had cancer. She explained her diagnosis of oral cancer, and her dear friend was shocked and saddened. She was even more surprised when she learned that Barbara hadn't even told her children about the diagnosis. Lisa encouraged her to tell the kids right away.

Casey looked in as Will and Gwen held baby Hallie. Alison found him on their front porch and encouraged him to go inside and say hello to his friends and their new baby girl. Gwen and Will were surprised to see Casey back from prison and happily welcomed him home and introduced him to Hallie. Casey was reluctant to hold Hallie because of how he had treated Gwen when she'd had his baby, but Will and Gwen told Casey to forget the past and move forward. Gwen left the room with Alison to feed Hallie, leaving Will and Casey to discuss his return to Oakdale.

Will, who had spent years in a mental hospital for killing Rose, told Casey that it just took time, and things would return to normal. When Gwen returned to the room, she asked Casey if he had talked to Maddie. Casey admitted he hadn't had any contact with his ex-girlfriend, and Gwen encouraged him to at least call her to let her know he was back in town. Casey seemed unenthusiastic about talking to Maddie and said he had to leave to start looking for a job.

As Will, Gwen, and Alison cleaned up around the house, they received a visit from Barbara, who asked to enter so she could tell Will and Gwen something. Barbara's arrival sent Alison on her way. Once alone, Barbara learned from Will and Gwen that Casey was back.

When Barbara began to talk about forgiveness and life, Will, sensing something was wrong, asked his mother if she was all right. Tears formed in her eyes, and she told him she wasn't all right but stopped when Gwen carried the baby into the room. Will introduced his mother to her granddaughter for the first time. Barbara was overjoyed to hold Hallie and thanked the two for the opportunity to spend time with her. Will and Gwen asked what Barbara had wanted to tell them, but she commented that she didn't want to ruin the perfect moment.

Casey walked through town and realized that he had burned a lot of bridges before he went to prison. He ran into his grandmother, Lisa, who was happy to see him and welcomed him back home. She learned he was looking for work, and she immediately hired him. Lisa took Casey to the Lakeview, and he thanked his grandmother for trusting him again, especially after how he had stolen from her before going to prison. Casey started his work as a waiter, but when he saw a large jar of tips, he looked tempted to take the money.

Sam sat alone at Metro with his puppet, Cowboy Jack, and the two discussed his relationship problems with Carly. He was upset that Carly and Jack were spending so much time together, and the dummy ominously commented that Sam needed to get rid of Parker if he wanted to be with Carly. Carly arrived at Metro and told Sam that she had just left the hospital, where she had learned Rosanna was on her way back to a clinic in Switzerland to recover from her coma.

Carly admitted to Sam that there was a good chance Rosanna might never wake up, and Sam comforted Carly with a hug. Carly explained that she felt bad she hadn't been there for her sister when Rosanna had needed her, but Sam told her there was no way she could have known that Rosanna would slip back into her coma. Since Metro was still shut down because of the broken heater, Carly invited Sam to go to her house to get out of the frigid club.

Sam and Carly went to her house. Sam immediately handed her a beer, and the two drank their sorrows away. The two discussed their recent heartbreak and Sam leaned in to kiss Carly.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sam and Carly were sitting on her couch when they were surprised by Kit, who had been released from jail. Carly was confused because Sam had told her that Kit had sent him a "Dear John" letter, but Kit acted as if everything was the same. Sam told Carly in private to just ignore Kit's behavior. Kit wanted to know why Sam was no longer living at Carly's, and they explained that Parker's attitude had necessitated a change. Kit said she would stay with Sam at Metro, and they left.

Paul found Emily and told her that he was moving on beyond Rosanna, and she was going to help him. Paul was determined to find Dusty's killer and hand him or her to the cops. He asked Emily why she had been observed standing over Dusty's body in the lab. Emily grew upset and tried to shift the blame to Craig. She received a call from Jack, who asked her to go to the station, and Paul decided to go with her.

Lucinda and Luke were having a meal, and Lucinda remarked how difficult it was for Luke with his father's arrest for Dusty's murder. Luke thought Holden was protecting Lily and had to think she had killed Dusty. Luke did not believe either of his parents was the murderer, however, and wished he could help more. Luke saw a silver lining in that his parents were getting closer again.

Holden and Lily asked Jack to meet them at the farm and told him they could explain their actions on the night of the murder. Lily confessed that she'd first had the syringe, and then Holden filled in that he had taken it from her and hidden it at the farm. Lily suddenly remembered Emily sneaking out of the lab that night, and Holden explained that Susan had seen him looking in the meds cart, trying to figure out if Lily had taken anything. Jack thought the explanations were plausible and made a call asking Emily to go to the police station. Lily and Holden accompanied Jack to the station, where Lucinda showed up as well. Emily arrived with Paul, who offered to buy Lucinda a drink and compare stories.

J.J. and Parker finished hockey practice, and the group went to the diner. J.J. reminded Parker that he was grounded and could not join his friends, but Parker ignored his brother. While inside, Parker saw Sam and Kit kissing outside, and he followed them.

Later, Carly called the farm and talked to J.J., who brushed her off. He did not want his mother to know that Parker had disobeyed his grounding. Parker had followed Sam and Kit to Metro and, finding Kit alone, he told her to dump Sam and that Sam had been hanging around his mother while Kit had been in jail. Parker ran out before Sam returned, and he got back to the farm in time to talk to Carly when she called again.

Kit told Sam she believed Parker's story. Kit called Carly and demanded she go to the club and tell Kit the truth. Kit told Carly that Parker had been there and explained his accusations against Sam. Carly denied it all and apologized to Kit for Parker's behavior. Parker and J.J. listened to the conversation through an open door, and then Parker took off.

Paul and Lucinda were having a drink at the Lakeview and trying to figure out suspects for Dusty's murder other than Lily and Holden. Emily's name arose, as well as that of Chris Hughes. Lucinda remembered Dusty saying that Chris had been guilty of "foul play."

Emily walked in, and Lucinda left quickly. Paul suggested that Emily accused Chris, and Emily told him that Chris had hated Dusty because of Dusty's suggestion that Chris had poisoned Bob. They realized that no one had actually seen the toxicology report that Dusty had supposedly been getting.

Emily returned to the station, and an obnoxious lawyer showed up to represent her. Jack asked Emily if she had left the lab earlier and then returned, because Jack had a witness who might have seen her do just that. The lawyer shut down the questioning and took her out. Holden and Lily were convinced that Emily would slip up somehow, and Emily was irritated that Holden and Lily were appearing to gang up on her. Lily and Holden went to the diner, where an irate Bonnie joined them. She scolded Holden for speaking to the police without her being present as his attorney and took herself off the case. They went back to the farm, where they realized that Parker and his backpack had gone missing.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Carly and Jack found Parker in Old Town and took him back to the farm. Carly asked Parker what she could do to show him that he was first for her. Parker replied, "Get rid of Sam." Even though Carly and Jack agreed that giving in to Parker wasn't a good idea, Carly was afraid Parker wouldn't be reasonable as long as Sam was still around. She told Jack that she'd fire Sam, and she left.

Jack told Parker to give his mom a break and try to see how much she was sacrificing for him. When Parker heard that Carly was going to fire Sam, he was thrilled. Jack told him that in return, they expected him to do his homework, go to therapy, help out around the house, and "stop being such a bonehead to your mother." Parker agreed and told Jack that things would be better.

Carly went to Metro, where she found Kit and Sam together. She told them that she was sorry, but Sam couldn't work there anymore because of how Parker felt about him. Sam said he understood, but Kit didn't. Kit told Carly that "if Sam goes," she would go, too, and she'd take her money with her. Carly returned to the farm, where she told Jack she couldn't fire Sam without losing her business partner, too, which she couldn't afford to do.

Carly tried to think of some way to get the money to buy Kit's share of Metro, but she was out of options. Jack said if Carly didn't fire Sam, Parker would think Jack had lied to him, and Parker wouldn't trust either of them anymore. Carly wanted to know if she had to give up her chance to build a new life just to please Parker. Jack suggested that she tell Parker the truth, and Carly said she would as long as Jack would be there with her when she talked to Parker, to back her up.

Carly and Jack told Parker what would happen to Metro if Carly fired Sam. Carly told Parker that she had tried to do what he had asked, but Parker called her a liar. Jack told Parker to back off, but Parker just became more upset, saying, "When you find out how much of a creep Sam is, you'll be sorry you didn't listen to me!" He ran upstairs.

Carly called Sam at Metro and told him that she and Jack had decided he could stay. Sam thanked her, hung up, and gave Kit the good news. Kit settled back in, and Sam pulled out Cowboy Jack to "rehearse." Cowboy Jack told Sam that with Kit breathing down his shoulder, Sam would just have to take Carly someplace "private" if he wanted to be alone with her.

Henry arrived at the diner and discovered a "private party" sign in the window. Inside, he found Brad setting up for a romantic dinner with Katie. Henry told Brad that Katie didn't want to be with him, but Brad said Katie was in denial. When Henry asked what made Brad think that, Brad said it was what Vienna had told him.

Vienna, meanwhile, went to Katie's suite at the Lakeview and reported that she and Henry had had a huge fight. She begged Katie to go back to the diner with her to help her patch things up with Henry. When they got there, Vienna grabbed Henry and left with him quickly. Katie saw Brad and realized it had been a setup. She wanted to leave, but Brad convinced her to at least sit down and enjoy the meal that Vienna had helped him prepare for Katie.

As Brad and Katie began to eat, he tried to talk to her about his feelings for her, but Katie kept interrupting him. Katie heard Pepper, Henry and Vienna's dog, whimpering, and she rescued him from the kitchen, where Brad had exiled him. Katie snuggled with the dog, who took a bite out of her dinner. Brad called Henry and asked him to return and get his dog because the dog was ruining his date. Henry and Vienna arrived to get Pepper, and Katie told them, "That was a dirty trick!" Henry and Vienna left, with Henry protesting his innocence.

Katie told Brad she thought she'd go home, too, but when she tried to leave, she discovered that Vienna had locked them in. Brad told Katie they might as well eat dessert, saying he had Katie's favorite cheesecake. He took two plates of cheesecake to the table, first putting a diamond ring next to Katie's slice. Katie ate, but when she got to the bite where the ring was, she didn't see the ring and put it into her mouth, too.

Kate began choking, and Brad had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on her. The ring popped out, and Katie asked Brad if he had been trying to kill her. He told her he had been trying to propose to her. Brad told Katie that he had never felt that way about another woman, and he said he had changed because of her. He told her he couldn't help it that his last name was Snyder, but he would never hurt her the way Jack had. Brad pleaded, "Give us a chance. I love you." Katie shook her head sadly, saying, "It's not gonna happen, Brad; it's not gonna happen."

Katie turned to leave just as Vienna and Henry returned. Katie rushed out. Henry caught up with her, and Katie told him to get Vienna under control, because Katie never wanted to be put in that position again. Vienna stayed at the diner with Brad and apologized for having returned at the wrong moment. Brad told her it didn't matter because Katie was gun-shy because of what had happened with Jack.

At Will and Gwen's house, Gwen suggested that she and Will go out for hot chocolate and let Barbara babysit. Will agreed but was worried because he sensed something was troubling his mom. Sofie walked into Java but walked back out after spotting Will and Gwen. However, she seemed to realize they had left Hallie with a babysitter, so she headed over to their house to try to see the baby.

Sofie was surprised to find that Barbara was the babysitter. Sofie asked to see the baby, but Barbara said that Hallie was sleeping. Sofie said she just wanted to have a peek at her and told Barbara that she had a right to see her own baby. Barbara told her to call Will and Gwen and work something out, and she closed the door.

Barbara called Bonnie and told her that Sofie had stopped by unexpectedly, trying to see the baby. She asked Bonnie to please remind Sofie of the protocol for visiting the baby. Bonnie, who was at the Lakeview already, agreed, and when she saw Sofie walk by, she stopped her and said they needed to talk. Bonnie told Sofie that Sofie had upset Barbara when she had stopped by Will and Gwen's place, unannounced. Bonnie reminded Sofie that she was supposed to set up a time to visit the baby. Sofie was upset that she had to make an appointment to see her own baby, but Bonnie reminded her that Hallie had become Gwen and Will's baby, not Sofie's.

Barbara rocked Hallie in her arms and then put her back down to bed, telling her that "Nana is tired, too." She told the baby that she'd been sick, which was making her tired, but she knew she'd be all right because she had a grandbaby in her life again. Barbara went back to the living room, lay down on the sofa, and fell asleep. Sofie appeared outside, and glancing in the window, she saw Barbara sleeping. Sofie opened the unlocked door, tiptoed past Barbara, picked up Hallie, and carried the baby out of the house without waking Barbara.

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