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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 5, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, July 5, 2010

Barbara awoke in a darkened warehouse and was horrified to see a creepy life-sized clown as her only companion. She found a switch that turned on a dim light, but the only door she found was locked. "How the hell did I get here?" Barbara mumbled, as she found the handkerchief with chloroform that had drugged her. She began looking around and discovered all sorts of party supplies and favors. She pounded on the door and screamed for help, and eventually blew on party horns and banged on the door with the heel of her shoe. Eventually she lit some big numbered birthday candles, and she said to the clown, "One crack about my age, Chuckles, and you're going down."

Barbara was thirsty, but she found some juice boxes, so she helped herself. She also began a one-sided conversation with the clown, and she asked him if he had seen who had dropped her off there. Barbara looked around for clues and finally picked up the lacy handkerchief that reeked of the chemical. "Definitely a woman," she said. Then she drank some flavored candy water that made her gag, so she turned to Chuckles and said, "Which one of those bitches left me here with you to rot?" Her first thought was that it was Vienna, since Barbara had called her bluff about the pregnancy.

Barbara visualized Vienna's grabbing her from behind and putting the chloroformed handkerchief over her face. Then she began eating some of the party candy, and she had second thoughts about Vienna's complicity in her kidnapping. Barbara reasoned that Vienna's sidekick, Katie, was even more likely to be the perpetrator, so he imagined that scene. She trash-talked about Katie to the clown for a while, and she held his hand. On a sugar high, Barbara confided to Chuckles that Katie was way too "white bread" to use chloroform. That was hard-core stuff, and whoever had put her in the warehouse really hated her.

"Of course!" shrieked Barbara; it was Emily! She imagined Emily's sneaking up on her and calling her "monster-in-law" as she held the handkerchief over Barbara's face. Barbara was most worried by the thought that perhaps Paul had helped his wife, and she called Emily "a cannibal" who ate people alive. She began to cry and wailed that she hoped she didn't end up in a padded cell with Meg.

In Al's Diner, the minister asked Henry to place the ring on Vienna's finger, but Henry had consumed quite a bit of champagne and had trouble saying the proper words. Then Vienna put her ring on Henry's finger, and it was time for their vows. After each had said, "I do," Vienna stopped the ceremony and said she had written something she wanted to share. She pulled out a piece of paper, and Paul took one look and moaned, "It's single spaced." He was just hoping to get Henry through the formalities before the groom passed out. Vienna began her speech about love and forgiveness, as she promised to be the best wife she could.

In the audience, Chris asked Katie how Henry could be okay with what Vienna had done by faking her pregnancy. Katie, who was also under the impression that Vienna had kept her promise and confessed everything to Henry, didn't understand either. Henry had nothing prepared to say, but Paul reminded him that it was "man up" time. Henry stumbled around with his words and finally got on track by mentioning the baby and all it meant to him. Katie suddenly realized that Vienna had not told Henry any of the truth, as the groom promised to spend his life making his little family proud. The minister pronounced the couple husband and wife.

Emily congratulated Henry, but the other men were wondering why Barbara had not shown up to stop the wedding. Emily said they should just be happy that Barbara was gone. Katie waited impatiently for Bob to stop hugging Vienna so that she could chew out the bride for not doing what she had promised. Finally Katie got her chance and asked for a private moment with the bride. Vienna resisted until Katie threatened to say her piece in front of everyone. The two of them went to the other side of the diner, where Katie challenged Vienna. Henry joined them unexpectedly, so Vienna improvised and told him a whopper about getting "cold feet" earlier in the day, and she said she had needed to share that with him.

Katie made some sarcastic remarks, so Vienna told Henry that she wanted to make sure that he had not married her just because she was pregnant with his child. She said that earlier in the day she had gone to church to pray to Santa Lucia, who had said that once she and Henry were married it wouldn't matter how they had gotten there. Vienna turned to Katie and gave her a nasty look and said, "Amen." Katie said Vienna should be ashamed of herself, and she began to lecture the bride until Chris jumped in and dragged Katie away. She discussed how angry she was that Vienna had "tricked" Henry into marriage, but Chris reminded her that the marriage was a done deal, and what was important was what happened next.

Kim was very concerned that no one had heard from Barbara, but Emily attempted to talk her out of trying to reach Barbara by phone. Kim said that wherever her niece was, she was miserable and humiliated.

Henry spotted Vienna drinking milk from a champagne flute, and he saw her pour in a powdered substance. They were the fertility herbs from Dr. Ming, but Vienna called them an "old Swedish anti-nausea powder for pregnant women." Paul declared that he was going to make a toast, and he saluted the bride and groom and wished them a long and happy life, together with their child. Katie couldn't stand it, so she stepped away, and Kim followed her. She suggested that Katie not let the bad things that had happened to her keep her from passing up some wonderful possibilities. Vienna threw her bouquet, and it was a foregone conclusion that Katie, the only single woman there, would catch it. The flowers only depressed Katie more, so she hugged Henry and left with Chris.

Chris took Katie home, but she did not invite him in. She closed the door and took a long look at her wedding ring. She tired to take it off, but it stuck.

Emily and Paul went to Fairwinds and relaxed on the couch for a few minutes. Emily went upstairs to get ready for bed, and Paul called his mother and left her a message. He invited her to lunch the next day and said she had done the right thing by staying away. Paul said he was proud of Barbara and asked her to call him.

Henry and Vienna went up to their room, and Henry insisted on carrying his bride over the threshold. Vienna got into bed, but she was wearing her baby bump under her nightgown. Henry started to join her, but Vienna asked him to give her another minute. She untied the bump and stashed it under her side of the bed. She also turned out the lights, and then Henry joined her. Vienna snuggled up to him, as a very somber Henry stared into the darkness.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Liberty startled Janet in Emma's kitchen, as her mother cleaned the same spot over and over and was lost in her own thoughts. Janet sent Liberty outside to weed Emma's garden, but the girl's phone rang. Her caller was Gabriel, who was in Old Town hunting for a job. They talked until Liberty hung up, laughing. Inside the house, Jack startled Janet as well, so she made him pay by giving her a back massage. Jack said he thought Janet and her little family ought to have a house of their own on the Snyder property, and he showed her a photo of a cabin on the farm where Emma stored some of her things.

Janet told Jack that she didn't want him spending his time and money on a place she might not live in for long. Liberty walked back in and declared that the fixed-up cabin idea was great, and she knew the perfect person to help with the job: Gabriel. Janet was overwhelmed by the conversation, so she bailed on the discussion to do laundry. Jack was not enthralled with hiring Gabriel, but Liberty pleaded his case.

Janet finished her laundry and carried it into the kitchen to sort, as Dusty knocked at the door. Janet admitted that she had been thinking about him, and Dusty said he was miserable without her. He also was sad that Craig was not letting him see Johnny much, either. He spotted the photo of the cabin and asked about it, so Janet told him the truth. Dusty was worried that Janet's interval at the farm was turning into more than just a "stop along the way." Janet claimed she was just buying time until she could figure out where she wanted to live. Dusty feared that she and Jack would end up "playing house," and he wondered out loud if he mattered to Janet at all. He warned her that she was the only one who could change things.

Janet said that she and Liberty both had jobs and were taking care of themselves. She declared she was staying at the farm to include Jack in the baby's life and to save money. Dusty said he wanted to be part of Janet's future, but just then Liberty ran in and interrupted the discussion. Dusty told the girl to take good care of her mom, and he took off for Worldwide. Liberty apologized to her mother, and then she put in a pitch for Gabriel as a carpenter. Janet wasn't even sure she wanted to accept Jack's offer, but then she caved when Liberty promised that her mother could trust Gabriel implicitly.

Lucinda arrived at her office and caught Dusty looking at a calendar. She asked if he was planning the date of the next stockholders' meeting, but they both knew he was counting the days until Janet's due date. Dusty said he had approached Craig about buying into the company as the two of them had planned, but he had set the price too high, and Craig had walked. Dusty called Craig "desperate" to buy into Worldwide and said that the man was even using Johnny as a bargaining chip. He described some of Craig's latest tactics, as Craig himself walked in. Lucinda told Craig that all negotiations were over, but Craig asked only for a more reasonable price. "Not a chance," Lucinda said with a grin.

Craig turned to Dusty and referred to him as a "bottom line kind of guy," and handed him his final offer on a piece of paper. Dusty showed it to Lucinda, who asked Craig to show himself out. Just then, Lucinda's secretary joined them and told Lucinda that Mr. Anthony Blackthorn was on the phone for her, and that piqued Craig's interest. Lucinda declined the call and sent her secretary out. Craig grumbled and walked out, as Dusty questioned Lucinda about Blackthorn. She assured Dusty that she knew what she was doing.

Craig saw Gabriel in Old Town and told him that he had great things in mind for his son. He asked Gabriel to "tag along" on an impending business meeting, but the boy was caustic and bitter. "What is this," asked Gabriel, "take your bastard to work day?" He further stated that he didn't care about Craig or his business, and he kept walking. Liberty found him in Java and announced that she had gotten him a job. She explained about the cabin, but Gabriel claimed that he didn't want charity, nor did he want a cop watching his back all day. Gabriel was tired of being thought of as Craig Montgomery's son, but he promised he would think about the job. Liberty left, as Gabriel took out his phone and called the bank to announce that he was closing out his account.

Craig walked into the diner and found Anthony Blackthorn eating macaroni there. He started a one-sided conversation with the man, after he had introduced himself. Then Craig said he had a business proposition for him, but Blackthorn only looked at Craig and said, "Take a hike." Craig asked why Blackthorn was interested in Worldwide, and the stranger said he was always attracted to a business that turned a profit. Craig warned him about Lucinda, but as he stood to leave, Blackthorn said he hadn't gotten Craig's point. Craig said if Blackthorn was going head-to-head with Lucinda Walsh, he needed Craig. "Sit down," ordered Blackthorn. After their discussion, Blackthorn left Al's and took out his phone. He called his "boss" and announced, "I think we've got a live one."

Craig next talked to Lily on the phone and asked if she was going to take his money for her fragrance business with Carly. Lily said Carly was still gung-ho about the project, but Lily wasn't comfortable keeping Craig's involvement a secret. Craig said he was amazed that Lily was Lucinda's daughter, and he advised her to lose the guilt and keep her mouth shut. There was no way, Craig said, that he would allow her to tell Carly that Craig was financing their project. Lily hung up as Carly walked in and asked what Craig was trying to talk Lily into.

Lily made them lemonade and fibbed to her friend. She told Carly that Craig had called about Gabriel, but Carly couldn't believe that Lily was allowing the boy to stay with her family. She advised her friend to "cut Craig off at the knees." Lily changed the subject to business, and the two of them began to think about possible names for their fragrance company. They finally settled on a combination of their two names, "Carlisle."

After her conference with Carly, Lily went to Worldwide and asked her mother what was going on. Lucinda was not talking, so Lily announced that she and Carly were starting a business together. Lucinda approved, much to Lily's surprise, and then Lucinda reminded her daughter that she had suggested weeks earlier that Lily get over the pain of Holden's engagement to Molly by throwing herself into a business venture. Then Lucinda remarked that Carly carried some "strange baggage," and by that she meant Craig. Lily assured her mother that she and Carly were doing everything on their own. Lucinda offered to cover Lily's investment, but her daughter refused. Then she kissed her mother on both cheeks and took off.

Dusty returned to Lucinda's office and poured himself a stiff drink. "I take it Janet remains out of reach," quipped Lucinda. Her phone rang, and Lucinda had a short but meaningful conversation with Craig. After she finished it, she turned to Dusty and said that Craig had somehow managed to meet their price for an interest in Worldwide. Dusty could not think of how Craig had gotten that kind of money, but Lucinda said she had an idea.

After her meeting with Lily, Carly went home and talked at length with her webmaster about the design for Carlisle's web page. Jack rang her doorbell, so Carly motioned him inside. She said goodbye on the phone and showed Jack the logo she had designed for the business. Jack made a crack about her spending Craig's money quickly, so Carly countered with a remark about Jack's moving Janet back to the farm. They talked about the problem between Janet and Dusty and also about the "inheritance" scheme that had caused the most recent breakup between those two. The conversation deteriorated into a loud discussion about a summer college prep program in New York City for Parker.

Carly said that Lily had put in a good word for Parker with the program's director, and Parker had gotten in and been awarded a scholarship. Jack was worried about how Parker would feel about being separated from Liberty for the summer, but that irritated Carly. Jack said he really wanted things to be how they used to be, but Carly said that couldn't happen because Jack disapproved of everything Carly said and did. Her phone rang, so she answered it and dismissed Jack by saying it was business.

Gabriel knocked on a door in the Lakeview and walked into a poker game with three men. The guys made fun of "the kid," until Gabriel mentioned that his money was as good as theirs, and, besides, it wasn't his; it was his dad's, and he told them who "dad "was. "Come on in, kid," said one player. "We'll be glad to take your daddy's money." Gabriel sat at the table, and they began playing. After a while, Gabriel won a huge pot, but just as he was raking in the chips, the door burst open, and a cop, with gun drawn, announced that they were all under arrest. The cops escorted the poker players to the station, where Jack asked Gabriel what he had done. "Just a stupid poker game," the boy said. Jack told the arresting officer to book the other three, but to leave Gabriel with him.

Craig walked in unannounced at Lily's and declared, "This was a glorious day!" He was looking for Gabriel and wondering how the boy's job hunt had gone. Lily only knew that his son wasn't back yet. Craig was pumped that he had "snagged" a major investor who resented Lucinda almost as much as he did. Lily asked what he was doing, but Craig answered that he was buying into Worldwide. He also declined to name his investor, and then the conversation switched to Carlisle Fragrances. Craig said he liked the name, and he really hoped that the company succeeded. "That's because you are still in love with Carly," observed Lily.

Craig called Lily wrong and said he owed Carly because he had sold her a bill of goods. He had also taken her and Parker's money, a devious thing to do. He said he needed to feel "clean" again, and respectable. He invited Lily to go to dinner with him to celebrate a successful day's work. She accepted, but then Craig's phone rang, and Jack asked him to go directly to the station because Gabriel was under arrest -- again.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carly went over a list of things that Parker would need for his summer program in New York City. She rattled on about a surge protector for his computer and a fan in case the air conditioning went out in the dorm. Finally Parker reminded his mother that he had originally wanted to do the summer program because Liberty was also going to be in New York on an internship, but he had ruined that for her. He asked if Carly could talk to Lily or anyone else she knew who might give Liberty another shot at an internship. Carly said she would be happy to help.

Parker went out to the farm where Liberty and Faith were painting chairs on the kitchen table. He told the girls that he had gotten into the summer chemistry program in New York, but the best news was that he wanted to make up for screwing up Liberty's earlier chance in New York. He said Carly was working on getting the girl back in, perhaps with Lily's help. Liberty was speechless, but her answer to Parker was definitely "no." He attempted to convince her about the great connections she could make for her fashion career, but Liberty protested that she already had a job at Fashions, and besides, living in New York would cost a fortune.

Parker said that he and his mother would cover all of Liberty's expenses in New York, but the girl said her mother was having a baby and also needed her help with the cabin. Faith interjected that Gabriel couldn't do all the work himself. Parker was furious that everything about Liberty lately had to do with Gabriel, and he stormed out. Liberty was upset with Faith, but the younger girl declared that Parker had a right to know, and she ran after him.

At the police station, Craig whispered to Lily that he thought Jack had found out that he was financing the fragrance company and was taking it out on Gabriel. Lily didn't believe that, and soon Jack arrived and told them that Gabriel had been busted with three other guys in an illegal poker game. He ordered the boy to the interrogation room so that Craig could talk to him. Then Jack said quietly to Lily that he trusted her to keep Craig away from her perfume business with Carly.

Gabriel went into the interrogation room, but he was not pleased to see his father there. Craig said he was willing to spring the boy from jail if Gabriel would give him a chance. Gabriel insisted that he didn't need a father anymore, but when it appeared that Craig was walking out, the boy called him back. He asked what his father wanted, and Craig responded that, for starters, Gabriel could tell him where he got the money he was gambling with. Gabriel remained silent, but Craig figured out it was Lucinda's payoff money. Gabriel complained that he was holding three aces and was about to win all his money back when the cop busted them.

Craig finally pulled it out of Gabriel that his son had gambled in order to help Liberty pay for college. Craig walked out, as Gabriel called a sarcastic "Thank you" after him. Craig learned from Jack that his son's hearing with a judge was in half an hour, and he reminded Jack that Gabriel was a repeat offender, as was Craig. He assumed that it would sit better with the judge if Gabriel had a bona fide job. Craig asked about the job that Jack had offered the boy renovating the cabin for Janet, and he hoped that the job was still open to Gabriel. "Hell no," said Jack.

Craig claimed his son had a good reason for gambling because he was trying to make money to give Liberty for her college tuition. He reminded Jack that in the courtroom, Jack was the only one who could help Gabriel. They argued until Jack gave in and said Gabriel could have the carpentry job at the farm. Craig was thankful, as his son listened to the entire conversation by the open door.

Gabriel got lucky and got out of jail after his hearing, so he and Craig went to the farm for the boy to start his job. Liberty opened the door, and Gabriel said that Craig had just paid his bail. Craig left the teens alone, and Gabriel explained that he had gotten busted for gambling because he wanted to get Liberty a cache of college tuition money. Liberty accused him of going "macho" on her, and she got very angry. She yelled at Gabriel and then rhetorically asked what was wrong with the men in Oakdale.

Liberty opened the door and yelled for Gabriel to get out. She shouted that she would not have taken a penny from him, and all she wanted was to do her job at Fashions and earn her own way. Gabriel stopped Liberty's rant by saying that "Jack the Cop" had hired him anyway, and Liberty grinned and gave the boy a hug.

At Worldwide, Lucinda greeted a former business partner, Francoise Pacaud. Lucinda had been in the perfume business with the woman in France but had pulled out of the deal at the last minute. The factory had been abandoned and, according to Francoise, torn down several years before. Lucinda asked her to sell Lily the non-existent factory, because, she confided, some lessons were painful but necessary.

Lily went to Carly's house and learned that a woman who had a perfume factory in France for sale had contacted Carly that morning. Lily looked at Carly's notes but could not believe the reasonable asking price. Lily assumed the price was in euros, but Carly said no, it was even better; the quoted price was in US dollars. They did some math and figured out that owning their own manufacturing facility would cut their expenses in half. They congratulated themselves that fate had done them a good turn. Someone knocked on the door, and Carly opened it to find Francoise Pacaud herself. Lily looked at the woman and realized that "Fate" had nothing to do with their good fortune. She turned to Francoise and said, "My mother put you up to this, didn't she?"

Lily explained to Carly that Francoise used to be in business with Lucinda until they had a falling out. She took her partner aside and said that Lucinda had wanted to be part of their Carlisle Fragrance line, but Lily had turned her down. Francoise was obviously Lucinda's way of getting her finger into their business. The French woman turned to leave, but Carly stopped her. She asked Francoise to wait, and she invited Lily to join her in the kitchen for a private chat.

Carly wanted the factory badly, but Lily could not stomach any more of her mother's interference in her business. Carly understood because, she said, she would feel the same way if Craig was trying to wrangle his way into their deal. They agreed to turn down the factory offer, but Carly still talked about the time and money their own plant would save.

Carly reminded Lily that they were both shrewd businesswomen, and perhaps there was a way to take something Lucinda had thrown away and make it pay off. They agreed to ask some more questions and get the necessary answers. Lily and Carly returned to the living room, and Lily questioned why Francoise was not selling her factory to a French firm. Francoise said that several French conglomerates had expressed interest in it, but none of them would allow her to stay involved. She was hoping to stay on at the factory and supervise the daily operations. She also promised them all the financial statements and other documents they would need. Madame Pacaud talked as if the sale was a done deal, and she congratulated both Lily and Carly.

After leaving Carly's, Lily met Craig in the Lakeview lobby, and he reported that Gabriel was bailed out and gainfully employed at the Snyder farm. Lily said she and Carly had already found a customized perfume factory in France, so Craig wanted to break out the champagne. Lily put the brakes on, however, and explained that the owner had approached Carly directly on orders from Lucinda. Craig told Lily not to worry because he would "take care of Lucinda." Lily was skeptical, but Craig assured her that he would not hurt her mother physically. He was more concerned with helping Lily declare her independence from the world's worst micromanager. Craig suggested that Lily take a break and think about whether Craig was on her side or not, and he cancelled his dinner with her.

Craig picked up Johnny and the two of them headed through Old Town on their way to Chicago. Craig was taking his boy to his first Cubs game at Wrigley Field, and Johnny asked if Gabriel was going with them. Craig promised that perhaps Gabriel could go the next time, and then he bragged that he would buy their family a luxury box at the ballpark. Johnny had no idea what his father meant, but Craig said it was something they could keep in their family so his boys could use it.

Faith caught up with Parker in Old Town, but he told her to "get lost." He hurried on by and went to see his dad at the police station. Parker blurted out that he didn't want to do the summer program in New York, after all, and Jack said that was okay until he realized that Carly did not know about the change in plans. Parker fibbed about not wanting to spend the summer in boring classes, but Jack asked for the real reason. Parker then mentioned Liberty's involvement with Gabriel and with great sarcasm, he thanked his father for giving the boy a job. Jack advised Parker not to get hung up on one girl and pin all his hopes on her, and the boy said, "Look who's talking, Dad."

The pair went to talk with Carly, and Parker said he wasn't going to New York. Carly immediately blamed the change in plans on Jack, and an argument ensued. Parker interrupted them and declared that they were both right. Jack was right because it was irresponsible of Parker to make plans for Liberty without consulting her. Carly was also right to give Parker the freedom to make a mistake and learn from it. He said he had an apology to make, so he left. Carly and Jack sat on the bench on Carly's porch and talked until Jack had to get back to the farm. Carly went inside with a smile on her face.

Faith, who was crushed by Parker's brush-off in Old Town, went to see her grandmother at her office. She asked the same question Liberty had asked earlier: what was wrong with the men in Oakdale? The girl said she wanted to hang out with Lucinda for the summer, and she suggested they travel somewhere on the Worldwide jet. Lucinda said travel would not answer Faith's question, because men were the same everywhere. Faith complained that the local men were all "babies," and Lucinda asked if her granddaughter was suffering from unrequited love. Faith denied that, but Lucinda said the girl needed to practice her "man techniques" on someone she didn't care about.

Faith hadn't given up on the travel scheme, however, so she asked if she could take the plane around the world if Lucinda couldn't go. Lucinda laughed uproariously at that, and she told her granddaughter to go "jump in the pond." Faith was afraid she would run into Gabriel there, and she explained that he was working at the farm, courtesy of Jack. "Push them away, then pull them back," was Lucinda's final suggestion about handling men.

After Faith left, Lily paid another visit to her mother. She thanked her for the referral of Francoise Pacaud. Lily was pleased with herself that she had remembered the woman and flaunted the fact that she and Carly were going to "take the deal." She warned her mother, however, that from that time on, she would tolerate no more interference from Lucinda. Lily left, and Francoise joined Lucinda in her office. She complimented Lucinda on Lily, and Lucinda said that her main goal was to "break Craig Montgomery into bits."

Faith took her grandmother's advice, after all, and she swam in the Snyder pond. She heard Parker calling to her, but she turned her back and chanted Lucinda's mantra of "Push him away, pull him in." She walked out of the water in her bikini, handed Parker her towel, and asked him coyly to dry her back.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

In bed in their room, an exhausted Henry loudly declared, "No mas! No mas!" He asked Vienna if it was normal for pregnant women to be "insatiable." She credited "the hormones," and Henry groaned and turned on the light. He was horrified to see his new wife covered with itchy red spots. "Maybe we're doing it too much," groaned Henry, as he grabbed his phone to look for a solution on the Internet. He asked Vienna if the powder she had been drinking at their wedding that smelled like "wet elk" could have damaged her. He wanted to examine her stomach, but Vienna wouldn't let him see her because she wasn't wearing her "baby bump."

Vienna pretended that she was too embarrassed, and she asked Henry to fetch her a glass of water. As soon as he disappeared, Vienna strapped on her "baby bump" and put on her robe. She tried to contact someone at Dr. Ming's office quickly on her phone, but whoever answered spoke no English. Vienna stood up, and when Henry returned, he took one look at her and dropped the glass of water, shrieking, "The baby! It's lopsided!"

Vienna looked down and her "bump" was way off center. Henry was frightened that "too much sex" had moved the baby, and Vienna tried to reassure him, but she was overcome by violent itching. Henry wanted to take her to the emergency room at Memorial, but Vienna sent him to a homeopathic store in Old Town for a certain cream. She claimed she had severe hives before, and the cream worked well. Henry left for the store.

At Al's, Katie was finishing a meal and looked out the window and saw Chris in an animated conversation with someone she couldn't see. She quickly paid her tab and ran outside just in time to see a beautiful woman give him a kiss on the cheek. Chris turned and spotted Katie, so he took the woman to her and introduced her as Monique, whom he had met in the refugee camp in Rwanda. He explained that Monique was leaving that day to go with a relief effort to Haiti. The woman reminded Chris that their plane left in four hours, and she kissed him on both cheeks and promised to save him a seat.

Katie was shocked that Chris was considering joining the relief effort, but he said he was still uncertain. Katie reminded him that he was unattached and had no definite plans, so she wondered what was holding him back. Chris asked if Katie wanted to be with him, because otherwise, he had a chance to make a real difference in people's lives. He asked Katie what she really wanted, but she couldn't say. Katie's phone rang, and it was Vienna, begging to meet her at the hospital right away. Chris didn't want her to leave, but Katie told him to do what he wanted, which was what he always did.

Vienna took herself to the hospital, and a doctor handed her a prescription for the rash. He urged her to stop scratching, but she was determined to get home before Henry returned. Katie walked in and saw the spots, so Vienna explained the whole scenario. Katie said that Vienna was out of control and had to stop what she was doing and tell Henry the truth. She lectured her friend and threatened her to tell Henry about the baby, or Katie would tell him, and Vienna would lose her husband forever.

Emily held up a heavy woolen sweater for Paul to wear, but he reminded her that it was 85 degrees outside. She explained that they were taking their Christmas card picture that day in Old Town, so a grumbling Paul went upstairs to get dressed. Kim showed up, and she was anxious about Barbara. She asked if Paul had heard from his mother, but Emily said he had not, despite the fact that he had left two messages for her. Kim said that things just didn't feel right to her, and it was beginning to "spook" her.

Emily's theory was that no news was good because if something were seriously wrong with Barbara, they would know. Kim was worried, but she left, and then Paul returned in his sweater. Emily remarked how much she enjoyed having just their little family at Fairwinds. They kissed and then took off for Old Town.

They found the photographer in Old Town who had set up a Christmas tree outside for background. He took the picture, as Kim approached. She mentioned that she had stopped by Fairwinds earlier, but Paul gave Emily a look and said that his wife had neglected to tell him that. Henry ran up to them while looking for the health food store. He stopped a minute to inquire if anyone had heard from Barbara recently, but Paul and Kim both had the same complaint.

Henry wanted to begin looking for her, but Emily jumped in and urged him not to do that. She gave a soliloquy about how a grown woman should be able to make her own decisions and lick her own wounds in private. Henry got directions to the homeopathic store and took off. Kim left for WOAK, and Emily griped that even though Barbara wasn't present, she had still managed to ruin their Christmas card picture.

Back at Fairwinds, Emily apologized for snapping at Paul about his mother. She said she would try to do better and would find a way to make Barbara matter to her. She looked through the mail and found a postcard from Barbara, who said she was on a cruise around Bermuda. Paul was noncommittal, but Emily was convinced that her mother-in-law was fine.

Chris went to the television studio to talk with his mother. He explained about his chance to go to Haiti, but Kim questioned whether the time was right for her son to leave again. Chris said Haiti could be the experience of a lifetime, and besides, Frannie and Sabrina were there as part of the relief effort. Kim said she wanted him to stay because he was "touching lives" in Oakdale, too. Then his mother zeroed in on Chris's feelings for Katie. When he described how Katie had urged him to get on the plane and then stomped away, Kim threw up her hands and went ballistic. She yelled that her son knew absolutely nothing about women.

Kim explained that Katie was terrified to open herself up again to love, because then she also made herself vulnerable to loss, similar to what had happened with Brad. Kim lectured Chris, who had to admit that his mother made sense. She gave him the bottom line: the only way he had a chance with Katie was to let her know that he wasn't going anywhere. She ended by saying, "What the hell are you waiting for?" Chris ran out and found Katie leaving Vienna's hospital room at Memorial. She asked, with sarcasm, why he wasn't home loading up his backpack. Chris said he needed to know something first. He asked Katie if she could give him a reason to stay in Oakdale.

In the warehouse, Barbara cuddled with Chuckles the clown. She imagined that he had begun a conversation with her using Henry's voice. When she commented on that, Chuckles said, "Who's Henry?" Barbara offended Chuckles by saying he was just a giant toy, so the clown clammed up. She began to worry about her hallucinations and said that she had to figure out a way to get free.

Barbara began moving around the warehouse looking for anything that might help her, and she discovered a large carton of fireworks. There were several different types of pyrotechnics inside, but she finally decided on some three or four inch firecrackers. She managed to light a couple of them, but they fizzled out.

In frustration, Barbara dumped out the box and found a large Roman candle at the bottom. She placed it in a bucket and lit the fuse. Then she grabbed Chuckles and ran with him behind some shelves. The candle exploded, and Barbara clutched the clown and shrieked with joy. As most of the smoke cleared, Barbara's hope of a rescue dimmed when no one arrived to help. Then she noticed that Chuckles appeared to have taken a hit and was emitting smoke. She ran to the clown and called him "Henry," and she put out his blaze. Barbara began to weep that she had brought all of her sadness upon herself by being an all-around terrible person.

She went over the litany of her sins, including stealing other women's men, framing people, drugging police officers and her own daughter-in-law, blackmailing, and lying, lying, lying. Henry's voice told her that she had been a good mother, however, so Barbara began talking about how good she always felt when she was with Henry. Suddenly she heard sirens in the distance, so she ran to the door and began pounding on it and screaming.

Henry raced back to the Lakeview with Vienna's cream, but she was gone. He decided she must have admitted herself to the hospital, so he went to Memorial and found her. Vienna looked terrified, so Henry hugged her. Vienna was obviously replaying Katie's warning about telling Henry the truth about the baby, so she looked at him and told him that she was very sorry, but she had lost their baby.

Friday, July 9, 2010

At the hospital, Katie asked why she should give Chris a reason to stay when she'd already told him to go. He explained that he'd spent his life running from commitments. He felt that he could start a life with her in Oakdale, but he needed her to say that she wanted him to stay.

Katie admitted to wanting him to stay, but she wasn't ready to give herself to him. Expressing concern over her singlehood, she doubted that she'd ever be ready. Her singleness had hit her hard when she'd caught the wedding bouquet. She'd tried to remove her wedding ring, but when it wouldn't budge, she'd seen it as a sign that she wasn't ready to move on.

Chris accepted that sex was off the table, but he wondered about kissing. She deemed that negotiable. He kissed her hand and asked if that were okay. She said it was and advised him to keep being himself. She felt that he'd been really sweet to stand by her through the Vienna and Henry matter. Chris almost kissed Katie, but backed off upon receiving a hospital page.

In Vienna's hospital room, Henry was devastated that he and Vienna had lost another baby. He blamed himself for stressing her out about Barbara, but Vienna didn't want to talk about Barbara or the ill-fated pregnancy. Alison entered with ointment for Vienna, and Henry raged that the last thing they cared about was a rash. Alison backed out of the room and encountering Casey, she remarked that she needed to get far away from "those two nut jobs."

Vienna wanted to go home, but Henry reminded her that she needed to have the procedure that she'd had after her last miscarriage. She insisted that she didn't need it, but Henry wanted to consult her doctor. As Vienna begged him just to take her home, Katie entered and became concerned about her distraught friends. She was floored when Henry explained that Vienna had miscarried again. "You did not have a miscarriage!" an angry Katie asserted.

Katie looked miserably disappointed as Henry left to get the car. Katie lit into Vienna for piling a horrible lie onto an already terrible situation. Katie tearfully wondered how Vienna could put Henry through another "miscarriage." Vienna whined that she hadn't been showing, and she couldn't wear the baby pad during the incessant sex. She hysterically sobbed that it had been a matter of time before Henry had figured out the truth.

Vienna felt that their problems were solved, because she and Henry could have a great life and create a real baby without all the pressure. Katie countered that Henry would be mourning a baby that never existed. "But that will be only for a little while," Vienna desperately assured Katie. Vienna said she'd be pregnant soon, and he'd be happy again. Katie glared at Vienna, who said that Katie was the best friend anyone could have.

Later, Chris saw Katie storming down the corridor. She was furious at Vienna for faking a miscarriage. Katie explained how mortified she'd been to see Henry grieve for nothing. Chris asked if Katie had told Henry truth, but she said she couldn't, because she'd been deceiving him, too. Chris wondered if she'd be okay, but a flustered Katie just marched off.

At the Lakeview, Vienna assured Henry that the miscarriage wasn't like the last one, and they'd have more babies. He awkwardly nodded and put her to bed. He wanted to figure out what had happened, so she wouldn't go through it again. She asked if he loved her, or if he was sorry that he'd married her, since there was no baby. He said he loved her and asked her to rest, but the moment he stepped out, she hopped up, grabbed her shoes, and left, too.

Vienna returned to the hospital, and Casey and Alison watched her drag Chris into an exam room. Noting that Vienna had done the same thing to him, Casey set out to warn Chris, but Alison said Chris could handle Vienna on his own.

In the exam room, Vienna was a nervous wreck, and she begged Chris to tell Henry that she was fine, and she didn't need any procedures. Chris declared that he wouldn't have any part of it, and she should have told Henry the truth. She reasoned that Chris was already involved, and so was Katie. Vienna asked if he wanted Katie to lose her best friend, and he grimaced.

Later, Henry sat at the bar drinking. He gasped in relief when he saw Katie. Throwing his arms around her, he thanked her for meeting him. Henry berated himself for telling Vienna about Barbara, and he blamed himself for the loss of the baby. He conveyed that Vienna feared he'd leave her, and she'd questioned his love for her. "She's trying to get me to prove it day and night, night and day, in various positions," Henry said.

Henry felt that he was to blame, because Vienna had been fragile. He asserted that he should have loved his wife the way that she'd deserved. Henry prattled on until a guilt-ridden Katie finally confessed that Vienna had never been pregnant to begin with.

In Old Town, Paul left Barbara another message and beamed when he saw Will, Hallie, and Gwen walk up. Gwen looked uncomfortable to be around Paul, who showed them the postcard from Barbara's impromptu cruise. They said it was odd, because Barbara was supposed to meet them in Carbondale the previous day. They'd planned to let her babysit Hallie for a few days, and they couldn't believe that Barbara would stand them up.

Paul offered to keep Hallie, so she and Eliza could get to know each other, but Gwen didn't feel comfortable with it. She changed the subject back to Barbara, and Paul briefly explained what had happened between Barbara and Henry.

Alison and Casey interrupted and took Hallie for ice cream at Al's. Before Gwen followed them, Will told her to find out why Casey and Alison were together when Casey had sworn that he'd have nothing to with Alison after the botched wedding.

Gwen left for Al's, and Will told Paul that Barbara hated cruises. She'd sworn off them when a boatload of people got sick on her first excursion. Will stated that Barbara would never cancel on uninterrupted time with her grandchild, either. Paul saw Will's point, but reasoned that the postcard was in her handwriting. Paul also explained how despondent she'd felt over Henry. Finding Paul unusually calm about things, Will asked if his brother were on "meds."

Paul deemed himself "pharmaceutically free." Happy with his wonderful wife and child, Paul proclaimed that he was done creating drama. "Mom's still around," Will said, and they laughed. Paul assured Will that Barbara was somewhere lying on a beach.

At Al's, Alison and Casey caught up on Gwen's life, and Gwen asked if Casey and Alison had gotten back together. "We're just friends," they answered in unison. Gwen assumed that all had been forgiven, then. Looking at Alison, Casey decided that it was. Alison took Hallie to the bathroom, and Gwen plied Casey for the full story. He claimed that he wasn't perfect, and he couldn't expect Alison to be, either.

The topic turned to the baby that Gwen and Casey had lost, and they conveyed that they thought about "Billy" all the time. Casey confided that he'd thought he'd fathered Vienna's baby, and Gwen was shocked that Barbara, if she'd known about it, hadn't used the information to stop the wedding. Gwen remarked that every woman in Oakdale had it in for Barbara.

Will and Paul arrived, and Alison and Casey took off. Paul offered to let his brother and sister-in-law stay at Fairwinds, but Gwen quickly declined. The Munsons opted to stay at Barbara's, and Paul offered to walk them over there. Gwen didn't want that, either, but Paul beseeched her to let him be nice. Paul left to call Emily, and Gwen admitted that she hadn't gotten over the things that Paul had done. Will asked her to look at the good things he was trying to do. She agreed to do so and noted that Will was still worried about Barbara.

Later, Paul let Will and Gwen into Barbara's room at the Lakeview and hoped they'd visit his family before they left. After Paul departed, Hallie played on the floor and discovered Barbara's passport under the sofa. "Grandma!" she exclaimed, looking at the picture. Neither Gwen nor Will saw what the child was holding, because they were busily discussing how great it felt to return to the town in which they'd met. They hugged, and Hallie dropped the passport back under the sofa as she scampered over to join them.

At the warehouse, Barbara pounded on the door, but no one heard her. She threw lit firecrackers to attract attention, but the emergency vehicle she'd heard drove away. Chuckles convinced Barbara that she was tough enough to get out of there. She decided that even though he sounded like Henry and said nice things, she couldn't speak to him anymore. She put him in a crate and pushed it against some curtains. Behind the curtains, she discovered a door.

From the crate, Chuckles suggested that Barbara pry open the door. She found a tool and warned that someone was going to get it when she was finally free. She worked on the door until the lock popped off, and she exclaimed in relief. She whipped open the door and despaired upon seeing a brick wall on the other side.

Panic-stricken, Barbara pulled Chuckles from the crate and begged him for help. Someone in red gloves grabbed her from behind and chloroformed her again. She groggily awakened later to find herself tied up beside Chuckles.



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