"Toe and tell" day at Forrester, plus when did Thomas become a deadbeat dad?

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It was "toe and tell" day at the office. Sanchez brought in a rotten toe -- which only proves that Sheila's flip-flop-wearing days are over. Steffy blabbed about the Monaco kiss, but would she be impressed if she knew Ridge had kissed Brooke in front of Taylor? Plus, when did Thomas go back to being a heel?

So, Steffy is mad at Li but not Prince Omar?

When I first heard that Steffy and Li would have it out about Li keeping Finn's recovery a secret, I thought it was an overblown spoiler. But, no. Li and Steffy really had it out about Li keeping Finn's recovery a secret. Steffy told Taylor that a part of her had wanted to scream at Li. Umm, I have news for Steffy; she did.

Steffy was full of wide-eyed surprise when Li snapped back like a lioness, asserting that she wasn't sorry, and she didn't like Steffy's family, either! In Li's view, the Forresters had done nothing but complicate Finn's life. Steffy told Taylor that it was the craziest thing Steffy had ever heard. Well, it made perfect sense to me, and here's why:

Finn was a doctor minding his own business when his patient abused prescription medication with the help of a family friend. Finn got the hots for the patient and sank eyeballs deep into baby-daddy drama. Steffy claimed to love Finn but hopped on her baby-daddy when he couldn't tell a mannequin from his wife. This resulted in "who's the daddy" drama, complicated by her brother's friend who tampered with the paternity test. So, yeah, Steffy and her family complicated Finn's life, all right.

Before lighting into Li, it would have been nice if Steffy had bothered to ask how Li was doing after almost drowning. Look, I get why Steffy is upset with Li. I get why Li is unapologetic. After all, this was during the time when Taylor fell in "BFF" with Sheila, and Steffy was calling Liam her "sweet husband."

Here's what I don't get. Steffy is disturbed by Li's actions, but I don't recall Steffy expressing anger toward Prince Omar for letting the Forresters mourn Taylor for years. Steffy's kids weren't hurt by Li's actions the way Steffy, Phoebe, and Thomas had been by Omar's. For one, Hayes is too young to get it. For another, Kelly never knew that Finn "D-I-E-D" (as Liam spelled it out in front of a SORASed Beth), only that he'd been "gone." Steffy should thank Li because Steffy never had to tell Kelly.

It goes back to what I always say about Steffy and Thomas. They have mental problems because they repress their abandonment issues, which result from Taylor being "dead" during their childhoods. They need to talk about it as a family, and the "world-renowned psychiatrist" needs to heal her kids before Thomas goes back off the deep end.

Speaking of Taytot issues, when did Thomas fall off the co-parenting wagon?

I was taken aback when Thomas admitted to Douglas that he hadn't been around much and that he'd been "trying" to communicate with Hope about how Douglas was doing. I thought Thomas was solid, in his right mind, and looking for a house for him and Douglas. When did Thomas fall off the co-parenting wagon and become a lousy dad?

It doesn't jibe with me that Thomas and Douglas aren't seeing enough of each other. Taylor said the other week that Thomas and Douglas would be at the cliff house for a barbeque, and Thomas picked up the slack with the kids while Steffy was hospitalized. As far as Thomas saying that he was "trying" to talk to Hope about Douglas, how hard is it to talk to Hope? Thomas and Hope see each other daily at work.

In Hope's view, Thomas can see Douglas whenever he wants. If Thomas has liberal visitation rights, then it sounds like his absence in Douglas' life is Thomas' own fault. Where has Thomas been? We know that he surfed at Steffy's, babysat Taylor because of Sheila's escape, and cavorted with Sheila regarding her secret.

Thomas had all the time in the world to parent-trap scheme on his parents because he wants them together, but while Thomas basked in the joy of being with his own parents, it didn't occur to him that Douglas might want to be with his father? Methinks Thomas needs to get his priorities straight and stop worrying about uprooting the child.

Deacon wants to take Thomas out back and talk to him about it, but as satisfying as jellyfish Liam thinks it is that Deacon is willing to fight the battles Liam should fight, Liam believes Thomas might not be serious about this. Oh, Thomas is serious. He's got a new transient spot at Eric's house all picked out and everything.

I question how Thomas can be a full-time father to Douglas if Thomas can't find the time to be a part-time dad while Douglas lives with Hope. What is uprooting Douglas going to change? I predict Douglas might get dumped right in the middle of Eric and Donna's "Pickleball" matches and wind up with honey stuck to his shoes. Either that, or Thomas will hire Amelia or a new babysitter to stick the child with.

It seems that life has been one letdown after another for Douglas where Thomas is concerned. Thomas promised the boy a family under one roof with Hope. It didn't happen. He promised it with Zoe. It didn't happen. And what happened to the house and pool Thomas promised Douglas? I guess that didn't happen, either. Oh, wait. Eric's house. I guess the pool is a promise Thomas can keep -- temporarily.

Now Thomas wants to take Douglas from the only stable home he's known since his mother's death instead of just stepping up as a father and showing up. It's not like Hope is preventing it. If Thomas is falling off the co-parenting wagon, it's his own fault. Do you think uprooting Douglas will solve Thomas' parenting failures?

Mama bear meets her grizzly end? Oh, my big toe -- I mean middle toe

Instead of giving them the middle finger, the clever Sheila gave them all the middle toe. I thought she was a cold-hearted snake as she painted her toenails black after injecting her son and knocking him out. Well, she is a cold-hearted snake, but at least the toe-painting served its purpose. It helped us identify that it was indeed Sheila's toe that Sanchez was waving around in the CEO's office last week.

Does it mean Sheila is dead? Let me be clear. No one -- and I mean no one -- but the people written in that script believes that Sheila really got mauled to death by a bear. Come on. Sheila is the bear. The mama bear to be exact. I have a feeling that if the luxury-hotel-loving villain ever encountered a bear, that bear better start running.

I really don't know how anyone in the script can believe Sheila is dead. Hair, torn and bloody clothes, a broken phone, a car with fingerprints, an ID, and a freaking middle toe -- as if the bear nibbled on all the toes and spit one out. The bear ate the whole body but spit out the clothes and the one toe? Nuh-uh, folks. Sheila's alive somewhere, laughing and hobbling on down the Yellow Brick Road.

What's this nonsense about Sanchez finding Sheila's driver's license? As if Sheila would escape prison and carry around a card that identified her as America's Most Wanted. Sanchez and Baker need to get it together. I suggest Sanchez search Sheila's prison belongings, and he'll probably find her real ID.

What gets me is that Sanchez was carrying around that vampire toe. The thing looked long enough to hang upside down from. Shouldn't he have called the family to the morgue to view something like that? Charlie fell down on the job, letting a biohazard like that into the building. I can't imagine the smell of that thing.

I wonder who helped Sheila do this. Deacon said he wouldn't go to jail for anybody, but didn't he help Diane Jenkins fake her death in The Young and the Restless' Genoa City? He was mighty quiet and unreactive at Il Giardino when Brooke announced Sheila's demise. If it wasn't Deacon, I vote for Keith.

What do you think? Did Sheila really meet her grizzly end? Or did she whack off a toe, let the blood spurt everywhere, and rip up her clothes? Unless that bear starts coughing up Sheila's knees and elbows, I pick theory number two. I believe Sheila is a step ahead of everyone else, even if she did have to leave a toe behind.

Never kiss and tell

Ridge kisses and doesn't tell. He doesn't own up to it with his wife, and he doesn't explain it to his mistress. Taylor ran her mouth off about it to Steffy, and Steffy broadcast it at the office to Thomas. It's only a matter of time before the news goes as "viral" as Hope's family picture, so I suggest Ridge go on and tell his wife.

Brooke said she knows her husband. So, she ought to know that the man's nose is wide open for Taylor the same way it was for Katie, for Quinn, and for Shauna. Ever since Thorsten Kaye took over the role, Ridge has been a regular kissing bandit. Ridge never feels guilty, not even when he holds Brooke's stray kisses against her, and he rails on her for keeping those kisses a secret -- without revealing that he committed the same transgressions.

Ridge took it to a whole other level last week when he brought his mistress straight into Brooke's house and then had the gall to kiss Brooke in front of Taylor's face -- twice! Steffy's glowing because Ridge kissed Taylor in Monaco, but Ridge kissed Brooke twice in front of Taylor, and then he kept on kissing Brooke after Taylor left.

What does this mean? How does Ridge feel? The hell if we know. Taylor keeps asking, but Ridge ain't talking. I do wonder what makes this kiss so damned significant when he had kissed her a few times after he moved into the cliff house. In fact, this kiss seems to have eclipsed Finn's homecoming. He's already relegated to off-screen so Steffy can rush back into the Parent Trap storyline. In my view, the SINN reunion got trampled upon by the Tridge/Bridge nonsense. Anyone else feel that Steffy and Finn were upstaged by a contrived kiss?

In other news around town:

Last week, Hope asked Liam, "Do you really have to be wearing a shirt right now?" Can I get an "amen," scoopers? Thank you, Hope, for reminding us of what is really most important in life -- bomb-ass abs.

Hope and Liam weren't the only couple getting sexy. Steffy and Finn reconnected in a physical way, but some viewers wondered where their bullet wounds were in the sex scene. I didn't even think about that. I was too busy wondering how Finn, who'd suffered spinal injuries, was able to horizontal mambo with Steffy at all.

Li visited Bill to remind him of something important, too. She'd heard that Bill can be ruthless, but she wanted him to know that she'd seen his sensitive side. If Li keeps gazing at him the way she was, she just might trigger him to show her his passionate side, as well. Is it a "yea" or a "nay" on Li and Bill? I say "neigh, baby, neigh" like a strong stallion should!

In a look ahead: The situation with Douglas escalates

Thomas and Hope resume the discussion about Douglas' living arrangements, and Eric grants his grandson's request. Let me guess, Eric is fine with Thomas freeloading. I guess the house still feels empty to Eric, and he wants to fill it with family. The situation with Douglas becomes wrought with emotion.

Ridge and honesty finally meet when he tells Brooke about the Monaco kiss. Please let this be the scene where Brooke inserts a boot where Ridge's sun don't shine and kicks him hard enough for him to land on Steffy's tennis court.

Deacon wakes up in bed with a total stranger. That might be an improvement over waking up in Ridge's bed with Brooke -- unless that stranger is really Sheila in disguise. If it is, I want him to demand to see her new "camel toe." Wait. That didn't come out right. I mean....oh, hell, why not? Deacon deserves to get him some, but I am interested in what her foot looks like without a middle toe.

Okay, that's it. That's all the scoops I have this week. Let me know what you think in the Comments section below. Is Sheila dead? Is Ridge a cad? And is Thomas really a side of rice and beans too short to make a combo platter?

Until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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