Sheila is mad as hell -- will her fury create Steam?

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Steffy lit a fire on the dark side of Sheila. Steffy deserves to get singed by the flames, but will it be the rise of Steam? Hope billowed about Sheila, but she's blowing the same smoke Brooke does about Thomas. The show minces words about the mints, blaming everyone but the one who ate them. Next, Zende had to be on something to think Luna would choose him. Plus, can people please get a room! Forrester is not for sex and conversation! Let's scoop!

"Uh...about that marriage proposal..."

Sheila had a bad day. She tried to soothe herself with a pedicure but wound up lurking outside the cliff house in stalker gear. It all started when Hope crossed her own Deacon picket line to complain because her manipulation stunt against him wasn't working. Full of tears, Hope wondered if Deacon didn't miss her or the kids and why he chose Sheila over his family.

It was typical Hope. When Liam wanted a divorce, she hurried to a lawyer, drew up some papers, and tossed them in his face, hoping to scare him into reneging. She did it to Brooke when she threatened to move if Brooke didn't let her see Deacon at the house against Ridge's wishes. She did it to Steffy when she refused to let Beth spend time at the cliff house if Taylor lived there. Sadly, it actually worked on weaksauce Deacon.

Deacon put his and Sheila's marriage plans on hold and asked Sheila to understand because she wanted a relationship with Finn and his kids, too. Sheila claimed to get it, but I don't.

Deacon is the one who pressed for Sheila to accept his proposal when she was prepared to walk away. She'd told him that she hadn't wanted him to lose his family or business due to her. She specifically asked about his relationship with Hope, but Deacon replied that he couldn't spend his life without Sheila. Then, after months of Sheila doing her best to fit in, Deacon caves under pressure from a woman who flaunts her relationship with her own sociopath.

When Sheila asked Hope for a chance, Hope claimed she'd heard the "changed speeches" for years. Yeah, like from Thomas, and she finally accepted that he had changed. For her dad's sake, why can't Hope do that with Sheila? It's what Hope begs Brooke to do, isn't it?

Ironically, Thomas said to Hope that people believed others changed because they wanted to believe. That's a big hint to Hope, who insists that Brooke acknowledge Thomas' change. Whether Thomas has changed remains to be seen. Maybe people should be in his face all day long, pushing his buttons. We'll see how he reacts when one of them successfully gets Hope to back away from him. My guess is that Thomas would be black-hoody-wearing, veil-stalking mad, just like Sheila.

Sheila's bad day with Hope took a turn for the "Steffy"

The bright spot in Sheila's bad day was glimpsing Kelly at Il Giardino, but little did Sheila know, she was an hour away from a claw-down with Steffy over being in the background of Kelly's selfie. According to Steffy, Sheila can't be on her own turf, at her own job, minding her own business if Steffy's family chooses to show up there. Steffy probably even expected Sheila to leave Deacon's loft after Steffy had barged in.

Of course, it led to the obligatory punch fest, broken up by Deacon and Finn. Madder than a pipe full of bees outside Lance's apartment at midnight, Sheila decided she wasn't going to take this wishing her dead business lying down. If anyone was gonna be dead, it would be Steffy.

Come on now. Who doesn't think Sheila has the slightest point that she should be able to paint her nine toes in peace without Steffy punching her down over being at work while Kelly was eating pizza? Couldn't Steffy, who claims to be paranoid without her kids, at least have found out where Lucy had planned to take the kids? Liam and Steffy had no idea that going to get pizza meant going to the best pizza joint in town, not Chuck E. Cheese?

I get that Steffy doesn't want her kids around Sheila, but Sheila has not been pursuing Steffy or her family. Doesn't Steffy have a responsibility to keep her family out of Sheila's domain? And while I'm at it, doesn't Steffy bear some responsibility for Sheila roaming free? Steffy chose her mother over sending Sheila to prison, so Steffy needs to own that and live with the consequences before Sheila has to choke a witch. Oh, too late. She just did.

I have a feeling that Steffy won't die, and neither will Sheila. Maybe the Rescue Ranger is pruning Steffy's bushes and will scare Sheila off, or maybe Deacon will show up. The best a Sheila fan can hope for is that she regains control and walks away herself, but whatever happens, it's opened the door for Steffy and Liam -- a.k.a. Steam.

The Ranger with no one to rescue

For months, Liam Spencer has been a hero with no heroine and a rescuer with no victim. Some fans have pondered whether he'd go the way of Wyatt, and so far, he has been reduced to the role of Bill's sounding board. What could possibly be next for the character that has been a leading man for a decade or more now that he's without a leading lady?

It looks as if a return of his romance with Steffy might be on the horizon. All the signs are there. Liam's flashing back to everything but the real reason he and Steffy could never work -- her affair with his father. Liam's marginalizing Finn as if he's a rug to step on in Liam's path to grabbing the girl, and Liam is looking out for Kelly -- as if Hope isn't, on the very same day, crying all over the place because Sheila might get near Beth!

A return of Steam can only mean one thing -- the return of the triangle. Yes, Hope's in love with the idea that Thomas is in love with her, but she hasn't reciprocated. She claims that happy times have gotten her to "thinking" about the ring, but so far, she is no closer to putting it on her finger. Her excuse? She's still "processing" her divorce.

Well, according to the couch, the table, the desk, and the drafting board at Forrester, Hope doth "process" too much, and I think she's just waiting for Liam to remember to fight for her. The moment she sees Liam with Steffy, though, Hope will rush to him, complaining about whether she meant anything to him, the same way she rushed to Deacon to find out why she didn't mean more to him than Sheila.

I know many hate the sound of it, but look at the state of things. Sheila is actually garnering sympathy from viewers. Finn will feel bad for her, too, and that means Steffy will lean on Liam.

Mintgate ignites the blame game

Poppy blames Zende for taking advantage of Luna. Zende blames Poppy for being careless with her drugs. Luna blames her mother for "accidently" drugging her daughter. When are these people going to put the blame where it belongs? On Eric for throwing the damn wedding!

Everybody knows that if Eric didn't want to throw a party, Luna never would have had to put on makeup, and Poppy never would have had to dump her purse out to retrieve blush. Luna never would have needed a new purse, and therefore, dumped out her purse, too. All that dumping made Luna late, which made her pick up Poppy's mints -- Eric's fault entirely.

Or maybe we should blame R.J. for not walking Luna out that night and making sure she got into her Uber. It could be the fault of the Logan women for serving Champagne. Had they not done that, the effects of the mints wouldn't have hit Luna that way. Or maybe we should blame Luna's purse because it was so damn cute, she just had to switch bags.

Or maybe, just maybe, we can blame Luna for eating things that don't belong to her.

I'm not saying it's Luna's fault she hallucinated. The sex is just as unfortunate as Brooke and Oliver's sex when they thought they were with different people. I just want to know why Luna hasn't accepted some responsibility for what she put in her mouth. Some will say that she thought her mother's mints were fine, but to that, I respond that she didn't know those were Poppy's mints. All she knew was that she had a round container of unlabeled food in her purse, not the square tin with her mints' brand name on the front.

Luna picked that round container up at Forrester, not at home, and it could have belonged to a model or other Forrester employee. Luna had no idea, but she ate out of it, anyway. I would just like her to acknowledge that and say she will be more careful about it in the future. Or is she the type that will eat other people's stuff in the breakroom fridge and get mad when she learns they laced it with a laxative to teach whoever was stealing breakroom food a lesson?

I know my opinion is not a popular one, but Luna's a grown woman. She's not a child. She needs to look at what she's eating and at least question where it came from. As I just said, what if it had belonged to a model at Forrester? Who would she have blamed then?

No doubt, all three of them have culpability. I'm just noting that this storyline made Luna look naïve and stupid in order for it to work, and it STILL didn't work!

Zende, No. Just stop, please. It's embarrassing at this point

It must not have hurt Zende's pride enough that he had the best sex since he'd been back to Los Angeles only to learn that the woman he'd been with had been hallucinating that he was his lame, furry-sweater-wearing, goofy-smiling, anti-Ridge-acting cousin named R.J. No, Zende had to take it upon himself to make it even worse by asking Luna to leave R.J. and be with him.

Zende was even foolish enough to ask in the middle of Luna's sobbing session about loving R.J. Zende believed that their night had happened for a reason. Yeah, it happened for a reason, and the reason was that Luna had been unintentionally high out of her mind!

Zende feels that Poppy robbed him and Luna of a chance to see where their relationship could have gone, but no. This is where I have to cast some blame on Zende. He knew that Luna was infatuated with R.J. before any of this happened. I understand he was under a different impression when she showed up after he'd invited her; however, her reaction the next day was enough to quell any confusion. Zende told Luna that he was crazy about her, but I say he was just plain crazy to even approach her about a future together.

With one call from R.J., Luna left Zende standing there and went straight to have sex with R.J., followed by creepy pillow talk about being with other people. Unless Zende's protection failed or someone saw Luna leave Zende's place, this will hopefully be the end of this twisted story.

Other happenings around town:

Below are some quick takes on other things that happened last week:

Sheila's after the kids. Steffy and Liam can't stop worrying that Sheila wants to stare at Kelly through an open window. What do they think Sheila will do to Kelly? Save her to death? Besides, like Sheila said for the first time in a long time, she has other kids to worry about. Liam thinks divorcing Finn will rid Steffy of Sheila, but Steffy would have to divorce Hayes, too.

Blast from Sheila's past. Who could be this mysterious person from Sheila's past who paid her a visit? Is Sugar still in jail?

Is Forrester renting rooms or what? The phrase "get a room" should be changed to "get an office." Thomas and Hope had sex all day from breakfast to dinner, from one office to the other. And when Thope wasn't in the design office, Poppy and Bill turned the place into their personal talk space. Poppy closed the door to confront Zende, and later, Bill locked the office to talk to Liam. Really, Bill? Your stock comes with door-locking privileges?

Thomas and Hope don't pry in other adults' relationships. R.J. asked if his brother and sister were prying into his relationship, and Hope and Thomas readily said they don't pry into adults' private lives. Well, except to parent-trap them, or blackmail them out of their relationships, or manipulate gramps into convincing Brooke to accept them. That was a great idea Thomas had to enlist Eric to convince Brooke to be Team Thope, but maybe Eric should work on Hope first. You think?

Siblings having sex. R.J. walked in on his sister and brother making out and said he now knows how it feels to be on the other side of things. I'm curious to know how it feels to talk to your brother and sister, who are having sex with each other, about your own sex life.

In a look ahead: "Runa"-free looks great to me!

The spoilers for this week appear to be R.J and Luna free, which is just fine with me. Instead, Hope and Finn discuss Hope's conflicted feelings about Sheila and Steffy's encounter. Liam discusses Sheila with Deacon, and Steffy and Finn receive unexpected news. The police become involved, and I suspect that either Sheila faked her death again, or Steffy is about to get slapped with charges for brawling with Sheila.

Let us know what you think in the comments section below, and until we scoop again, stay bold and beautiful, baby!

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