The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 5, 2001 on B&B

Ridge trashed Massimo's office and an object fell on his head. While Ridge was in the hospital, Stephanie was stunned to learn that Eric wasn't Ridge's father. Brooke and Deacon continued their affair, and Brooke told Taylor that Brooke was seeing a non-Forrester man.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 5, 2001 on B&B
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Monday, November 5, 2001

Brooke awakened with Deacon by her side. She told him that it should have never happened. "No one will ever know," Deacon promised. He blamed himself, but Brooke told him not to. She said that she didn't want to hurt Bridget. He said she wouldn't; he would not be married to Bridget after that day. Brooke asked him to let her down gently.

Deacon promised Brooke again that the night before had never happened. She told him that it had happened, but she had to focus on her daughter right then. Deacon headed home, and a few minutes later, Bridget walked in and greeted him. She asked if he was mad about her not returning home the night before. He told her no; he wanted her to do much more of that and to experience life.

Deacon asked if he and Bridget could have the conversation they had been meaning to have. She asked if it could wait because she had some friends waiting in the car. Deacon asked them if they could please leave, but he decided against it and told Bridget to go and have a good time. Bridget told him that she promised to make it up to him.

Meanwhile, Megan was talking with Brooke. Meagan told her that she was going to give her a mental holiday. Brooke said that she didn't need it; she was over Ridge. Megan guessed that Brooke had had a man over and quizzed her who it was. Brooke avoided the question by telling Megan that Deacon was going to give Bridget a divorce. Megan said that Bridget would be crushed.

Thorne and Stephanie discussed what was going on between Rick and Amber. Stephanie told him that there was nothing to worry about; they would work it out. Thorne told her not to be so sure of herself because Rick was really angry with Amber. Stephanie told Thorne that Amber was committed to her marriage to Rick. Thorne told her that Amber and Brooke were a lot alike, and he felt for the situation that Rick was facing. Just a short time before, he had been in the same place Rick was. Stephanie said the two couldn't be compared because Amber truly loved Rick.

Meanwhile, Amber awakened on the couch and thought back to a conversation she and Rick had had. Rick walked out from the room and was angry. He told Amber that Eric hadn't slept well because he could sense the tension between them. She told him that she couldn't lose him and that she was not in love with Deacon. He said that it was not just about Deacon. It could be any man, and he still couldn't trust her to be faithful.

Rick told Amber that she had been toying with other men ever since they'd met. "C.J., Deacon, and Raymond, to name a few," he said. She asked him if he was going to leave her. He told her that he couldn't, not with his baby inside of her. He told her that it was her last chance. If she blew it, she would lose him forever.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Brooke, who was at home, was feeling very guilty about having slept with her daughter's husband, Deacon. Brooke tried to rationalize her behavior by telling herself that her daughter's marriage would be ending soon, anyway. Bridget, who was upset about a failing grade in school, went to Brooke's. Brooke assumed Bridget was depressed because Deacon had announced to her that he was going to divorce her. Brooke was surprised when she learned that he hadn't told her yet.

Amber told Stephanie that Rick was not going to leave her. Amber said the only reason Rick was staying with her was because she was pregnant with his child. Amber told Stephanie she had a plan to win Rick back. Stephanie warned her that Rick wouldn't be ready for romance or advances from Amber.

Meanwhile, Rick told Thorne that he'd chosen not to leave Amber, because she was pregnant with his child. Rick predicted that he would never view Amber the same way again.

Later, Bridget told Thorne that things between her and Deacon were going well. Thorne was very surprised by that. He told Bridget he had never trusted Deacon in the past and never would in the future.

When Rick arrived home, Amber had prepared dinner and had the house lighted only by candles. Rick was angry with Amber for trying to be romantic. He reminded her that the only reason he was still with her was because she was pregnant with his child.

Deacon went to Brooke's house. He told her that he hadn't gotten the chance to tell Bridget that their marriage was over. Brooke decided she would tell Bridget that Deacon was leaving her. Brooke felt it might be a more gentle way to tell Bridget.

Brooke told Deacon she was worried about what hurting Bridget would do to him. She told him she knew what it was like to tell a person that one no longer had feelings for him or her. Deacon declined Brooke's offer to help. Deacon revealed that he had feelings for Brooke. They both wondered why they had feelings for one another, and they shared a kiss.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

After making love to Deacon again, Brooke admitted she didn't feel bad about their affair. Deacon pointed out how similar they were in going after the person they loved in spite of the treacherous obstacles in the way.

Though Heidi tried to keep her out, Sally burst into Massimo's new office. After Heidi left, Sally complimented him on his taste in decorating. She noticed the Samurai sword, and he explained that it had been a gift from the Japanese prime minister after making a multimillion-dollar deal. Massimo questioned Sally about the feelings he sensed she was hiding from him, but she asked him about his infatuation with Stephanie, a woman who was happily married.

Ridge returned from his vacation with Taylor and the kids and shared a cup of coffee with his parents. Ridge told his mother that he wanted her to apologize to Brooke one day, but she refused. He asked her what had happened to the integrity that she was always touting to her children and others. When he started complaining about Massimo, she claimed that he'd saved Ridge's marriage, but Ridge insisted that he had almost ruined Stephanie's and his with what he'd done. Eric agreed with Ridge, who vowed to confront Massimo himself if Stephanie wouldn't do it.

Angry, Stephanie stormed out. Ridge announced to his father that he was going to teach Massimo a lesson, one that he richly deserved. Ridge then confronted Massimo in his office and vowed to stop him from interfering with his family, no matter what it took.

Thursday, November 8, 2001

At Massimo's office, Ridge forbade Massimo to have any further involvement with Stephanie and the rest of his family. He also told him to stay away from Brooke. Massimo revealed that he was in love with Stephanie. Massimo explained to Ridge that it was why he'd tried to get Brooke out of Los Angeles. Stephanie had revealed to him that the idea of Brooke ruining Ridge's marriage had her so stressed, she thought she was going to become ill again. Because he loved Stephanie, Massimo had thought of getting Brooke out of L.A. to prevent Stephanie from taking ill.

Eric wined and dined Stephanie at Café Russe. Stephanie wondered if Eric would be treating her so romantically if it weren't for Massimo's interest in her. Eric told Stephanie that they had both missed many opportunities to appreciate each other. He apologized for any time he'd made Stephanie feel unappreciated. They both agreed that the good times overshadowed any problems they had. They reminisced about their happiness when Ridge had been born.

Taylor confronted Brooke to ask her how she was doing, since she realized that Ridge had never planned to end his marriage. Taylor encouraged Brooke to forgive her father. Brooke bitterly told her she had no one to turn to. Brooke did indicate that she had a new relationship. She wouldn't reveal who her new beau was. She did tell Taylor that it was not a Forrester. Taylor encouraged Brooke's new relationship.

Back at Massimo's office, Ridge became angry with Massimo when he informed Ridge that Stephanie had been in love with him when she'd married Eric. He accused Stephanie of having married Eric only because she'd been pregnant with his child. Ridge became angry to the point of hysteria when Massimo suggested that Stephanie still had feelings for him. Ridge began smashing Massimo's model of a yacht then everything in sight. Suddenly, a wooden cornice fell and hit Ridge in the head, knocking him to the floor.

Friday, November 9, 2001

Eric proposed that he and Stephanie take a vacation, but Stephanie thought they should wait until the situation with Massimo and Ridge resolved itself. While they were talking about how well things were going for Ridge and Taylor, Massimo called Stephanie and instructed her to go to the hospital immediately. The nurse explained to everyone that Ridge had suffered a very serious neck wound but was under good care.

Eric went to give blood and ran into Massimo. He accused Massimo of trying to kill Ridge. Massimo said he'd saved Ridge's life by calling the ambulance.

Taylor thanked Thorne for getting her to be honest with Ridge and trusting his love. Taylor was glad to be at that new place in her life and was looking forward to the wonderful future ahead of them. Just then, Taylor got a call from Stephanie about Ridge's accident. Taylor rushed to Ridge's side and willed him to keep fighting.

When Stephanie gave blood, she learned that Eric's blood was not a match for Ridge. Stephanie wasn't worried, since she was type O. Dr. Fetter informed Stephanie that if she was type O, then Eric couldn't be Ridge's father. A stunned Stephanie stared at the doctor, not believing the words that had just come out of his mouth.

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