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To prevent Massimo from pushing Ridge and Bridget together, Stephanie teamed up with Bill Spencer Sr. to get Bridget an internship far away from Ridge. Macy was stunned to hear that she was legally married to Thorne, not Lorenzo, and Thorne beamed that it was a new start for him and Macy.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 17, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, February 17, 2003

The paramedics took Thomas to the hospital. As he held Thomas' hand, Ridge was upset to see his son unconscious and in such distress. Ridge thanked Massimo for staying with him but insisted that he was not obligated to do so. Massimo ordered Brooke to stay away from Ridge.

Brooke went to the chapel and prayed for Thomas. Massimo dragged Brooke into the corridor and told her that if Thomas died, it would be her fault. When Thomas murmured Bridget's name, Ridge promised him that Bridget would be a big part of their lives again. Massimo promised that after that day, Ridge would never let Brooke near his family again.

Stephanie assured Bridget that she was grateful to Deacon for getting Ridge away from Brooke. Bridget had to agree that Ridge was probably better off without Brooke. She admitted that Massimo thought he had found the perfect woman for Ridge -- Bridget.

Stephanie was stunned that Massimo wanted to start something between Ridge and Bridget, knowing the truth would have to be exposed for that to happen. She couldn't believe he was filling Bridget's head with such sick, perverted ideas and forbade a relationship between Bridget and Ridge. C.J. wanted Bridget to start concentrating on herself.

Massimo rushed in and assured Bridget that Ridge and Thomas needed her, but Stephanie insisted that Bridget was not going anywhere with Massimo.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Bridget rushed to the hospital when Massimo informed her that Thomas had been hospitalized due to alcohol poisoning. Thomas was thrilled when Bridget arrived in his room. Bridget promised Ridge and Thomas that she would be there for them always.

Trisha asked Thorne if she had a chance for a relationship with him. Thorne truthfully told Tricia that he was hoping to reconcile with Macy. Trisha was crushed by Thorne's words. Jonathan informed Thorne that Macy's marriage to Lorenzo was not legal, hence she and Thorne were still legally married.

At the hospital, Brooke advised Ridge that she understood that Thomas was his first priority. Ridge was skeptical at Brooke's revelation. Brooke also advised that she was willing to wait until Ridge and his children were through with that tough period in their lives to resume her relationship with Ridge.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Massimo argued over Massimo's idea that Ridge should have a relationship with Bridget. Stephanie predicted that Ridge could never have sexual feelings for Bridget because he had always known her as his sister. Stephanie assessed that it would be Massimo's way of getting what he wanted -- telling Ridge that Massimo was his father.

Stephanie implored Massimo not to tell Ridge that Massimo was his father. Stephanie insisted that she would prefer to see Ridge with Brooke, rather than have Ridge's world destroyed by knowledge that Massimo was his father.

Massimo took Stephanie outside Thomas' hospital room and showed Stephanie that Ridge and Bridget already had a connection. Stephanie was disgusted with what Massimo was trying to show her. Stephanie would not accept the idea of Ridge in a relationship with Bridget.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

by Anna

While Sally was daydreaming about being romanced by Fabio, Darla interrupted to give her flowers that Stephanie had sent. Sally mentioned to Darla that maybe Macy and Thorne reuniting wouldn't be so bad. Just then, Tricia arrived. She offered to counsel Sally's family and help them deal with Macy's reappearance. Sally was sure that she could handle whatever problems might arrive on her own.

Before Tricia left, she casually mentioned that she was living with Thorne. After Tricia left, an angry Sally told Darla that she was glad Macy hadn't been taken in by Thorne.

Thorne presented Macy with papers that he had filed to overturn her death certificate and cause their marriage certificate to be valid once more. Macy said it was just a piece of paper, but Thorne told her that it was their second chance. Macy told Thorne that she was indebted to Lorenzo for all he had done for her father in Italy. Thorne was sure that Macy still loved him, but if she could tell him that she didn't, he would leave for good. Macy asked him to leave so that she could think. Before he left, Thorne kissed Macy passionately.

Thomas awoke, happy to see Bridget, who had stayed all night at the hospital with him. Massimo walked in, happy to see Bridget with Thomas, and assured Thomas that Bridget would always be there for him. Eric and Stephanie stopped by, and while Eric visited with Thomas, Stephanie talked to Massimo in another room. Eric presented Thomas with Lakers tickets, showing his concern and love for his grandson.

Massimo felt that it was time for Ridge to know the truth, since Ridge's life was in such chaos at that moment. Stephanie accused Massimo of only thinking about himself, but Massimo said he only wanted Ridge to be happy. Stephanie felt it was ludicrous for Massimo to think that Ridge and Bridget could ever love each other in a sexual way. Massimo accused Stephanie of only wanting to protect her perfect world. After Massimo left, Stephanie called Bill and asked for his help.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

At Stephanie's request, Bill Spencer made sure that Bridget was accepted into an elite pre-medical school program in Copenhagen in which he was a board member. Stephanie informed Eric that she had been accepted into the program and would have to leave that night. Eric did not approve of Bridget leaving at that time, considering the help she was providing to Ridge and the children.

When he arrived home from the hospital, Thomas asked Bridget if she would be there when he woke up. Ridge thanked Bridget for being there for him and Thomas during the crisis. Bridget almost slipped and told Ridge that she loved him. She covered by saying that she loved the children. Ridge pointed out to Bridget that she had many traits similar to Taylor. Ridge commented that he had never thought he would see those traits in anyone.

At Spectra Fashions, Macy informed Sally that she and Lorenzo were not legally married. Sally informed Macy that Thorne had been dishonest to her by not telling Macy that he had an attractive female roommate. Macy told Sally that she felt betrayed by Thorne's dishonesty. Meanwhile, Tricia was outside of Sally's office, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Stephanie informed Bridget that she had been accepted into the pre-medical school in Copenhagen. Bridget questioned who had recommended her for the program. Stephanie admitted that her friend on the board of the program had advised that she be admitted, on her own credentials. Bridget realized that Stephanie had arranged for her to attend school in Copenhagen in an effort to keep her away from Ridge.

Friday, February 21, 2003

Bridget and Stephanie argued when Bridget saw through Stephanie's plan to get her to leave town for the pre-med internship in Copenhagen. Stephanie attempted to convince Bridget that Massimo was only using her to advance his own agenda in revealing that he was Ridge's biological father. She also told Bridget that it was important for her to start thinking about her own needs and interests. Bridget was unsure about leaving after telling Thomas that she would be there for him.

Stephanie reminded Bridget that she was not Thomas' mother, and it should not be her responsibility to turn her life upside down to take care of a grown man and his family. Stephanie offered to help Bridget finish packing and send her things in a trunk while Bridget complained she couldn't possibly get herself together in such a short time to be gone for a year.

Massimo arrived at Ridge's home to check on Thomas and heard Ridge talk about his changing feelings for Bridget. Massimo was hopeful that Ridge's feelings had deepened into something more for his "sister." Ridge indicated that having the chance to spend more time with Bridget over the past few months had given him a deeper appreciation and respect for her.

Eric had planned a going away party for Bridget that included family, Megan, C.J., and Mark. Before everyone arrived, Brooke and Eric discussed Bridget's decision to leave so suddenly without letting anyone in the family know she had been thinking about leaving. Eric reassured Brooke that it was a wonderful opportunity, and Bridget probably hadn't said anything to anyone before because she hadn't wanted anyone to be disappointed if things hadn't turned out the way she had hoped. Brooke said, "Maybe," but was still unsure. She didn't mind Bridget leaving as long as she was going for the right reasons and not running away from her troubles.

Amber tried to make a dent in Rick's distance from her over the pornographic videotape. Amber told Rick that she wanted him to understand that she had been a different person at that time, and he should think about who she really was.

Bridget arrived at Forrester, but before she could join the party, Massimo arrived, anxious to share Ridge's thoughts about Bridget with her. When he learned she was on her way into a bon voyage party, he quickly understood that Stephanie was behind getting Bridget out of town. Bridget told Massimo that Stephanie was right about him -- he was only interested in getting what he wanted and didn't care who he hurt. Massimo angrily said that Stephanie was also looking out for her own interests. He told Bridget that if she left Ridge and the kids, it would be the biggest mistake in her life.

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