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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 7, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, June 7, 2004

Nick wakes up in a jail cell. He is furious what Ridge has done. Massimo tells Nick that Brooke will wait for him. Nick tells Massimo that he should have been more careful in his dealings. Nick, angered by the whole mess is vowing to take the gloves off when he gets out. Massimo is escorted by an officer to some other place. Nick is told he has a phone call. He thinks it is Brooke. When it turns out to be Jackie he is somewhat disappointed. Jackie tells him that Brooke is with Ridge. She explains that she tried to get Brooke out of there, but Ridge forced her to leave.

Ridge, Jackie and Brooke are trying to have a conversation. Harvey, the lawyer, calls Jackie. She gets off the phone looking pale. Harvey, has told her that Massimo and Nick have been charged with bribing foreign agents. They are told that because of their foreign connections, they pose a flight risk and therefore have been denied bail. Jackie is beyond herself and is blaming Ridge for everything. He set out to ruin her son and he is. He is responsible for it all. She asks Brooke, "how can you stand there and let Ridge make these accusations about the man you love"? Brooke tells her that Ridge did not try to destroy Nick. He was only trying to protect her. He knew nothing of all of these other things. Jackie starts to rant and rave at Ridge. Brooke tries to interrupt and tell him that Jackie is just concerned about her son. Ridge however, has had enough, and he escorts Jackie out the door. He returns and tries to calm Brooke. Brooke says that Nick has turned his whole life around.

Darla enters Thorne's office. She sees him talking and discussing company business on the phone. A smile comes across the face of a woman who is very proud of the man she is engaged to marry. Thorne hangs up and tells Darla that he is left with having to deal with things since Ridge has taken off again. Thorne tells Darla, that he has something for her. He tells her to close her eyes and three dresses are brought out. He tells her to try them on. She can't believe it. They are wedding dresses for her. They are getting married the day after tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

In the morning, Ridge surprised Brooke by revealing that he had slept over on her couch. He playfully told her that he stayed over in case she needed anything or if she changed her mind about him. Ridge advised Brooke that she should distance herself from the Marone family. Ridge made a play for Brooke. He tried to convince her that they should be together regardless of his not being the father of her child. Brooke was barely able to nix Ridge's advances.

At the prison, Jackie informed Nick that Ridge had spent the night at Brooke's house. Jackie assumed that Ridge slept on the couch. As she left, Nick commented that as soon as he is out of prison, he would make sure that Ridge is out of his way. Meanwhile, Oscar visited Massimo and volunteered to help Massimo minimize the damage, which the media is doing to Marone Industries. To help Massimo, Oscar took a leave of absence from Marone industries. Ridge later went to the prison and told Massimo that there is nothing he can do to prevent him and Brooke from getting back together.

Hector invited Samantha to move in with him and the children. Samantha accepted. They wondered how Caitlin and Jimmy would adjust to this big change in their lives.

Brooke visited Nick at the prison. Nick was furious that Ridge had slept over at Brooke's "to protect her." He was already furious that Ridge had stopped their wedding. Nick asked Brooke to be honest. He asked Brooke if she loves him. Brooke said yes.

Wednesday, June 9, 2004


Caitlin comes home, checks the answering machine and sees no messages. Hector comes downstairs, dressed only in shorts, surprised to see Caitlin home so early. Caitlin admits that she couldn't study at the library because she's been trying to call Samantha all day, but hasn't been able to reach her. Hector assures her that Samantha must have just left her cell phone at home, but Caitlin is worried that Samantha doesn't want to jump into motherhood so quickly. Samantha comes down the stairs, looking for Hector, wearing only a t-shirt. She is embarrassed to find Caitlin there. Caitlin realizes what has been happening there and tries to leave. Samantha apologizes, but Caitlin tells her that this is where she belongs if she wants to live there. Samantha admits that the house already feels like home to her. Caitlin and Samantha embrace.

Ridge visits Massimo in his jail cell. Ridge tells Massimo that he will get Brooke back. Massimo wants Ridge to call off the war with Nick and accept Brooke's decision. Ridge tells Massimo that he's glad he was raised by Eric instead of Massimo. Massimo tells Ridge that he's still a Marone, and what Ridge did was proof of the Marone blood in him because Eric would never have busted up a wedding like that.

Brooke visits Nick in his cell. She asks him if the accusations are true. He replies that it doesn't matter. He explains that there is a fine line between bribing and gifts, and it is all about the accounting. Brooke admits that she has talked to Ridge. Nick warns her not to let him get her confused. Brooke doesn't want their son to be born into a war zone. Nick promises not to fight with Ridge anymore. Brooke and Nick kiss and she admits that she believes in him. The guard escorts her out when their time is up.

Ridge comes to see Nick. He tells him that he is done watching from the sidelines as Nick steals his family. When Nick tells him that Brooke was just there, Ridge taunts him by telling him it is the last time she'll come to see him. Ridge informs Nick that he will stop at nothing to get Brooke back.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

At Spectra, Sally walked through the factory yelling out encouragement to all the workers, then went into her office where Clarke was designing a new line. Sally informed a skeptical Clarke that they were returning to what Spectra was famous for -- knockoffs. Sally told everyone to keep thinking of all the money they were going to be making again real soon. When she finished on the intercom, she checked out the designs that Clarke was working on and told him they were trash. Clarke was not happy and asked if she had better things in the work. When she showed him pictures of Versace and Armani, he realized she was talking about doing rip-off's again. Sally told him that is what she does best, to make women on a budget look 'hot'. When she realized that Clarke wasn't thrilled about the idea, she asked him if he was above that. Clarke admitted that he was and suggested that Sally should be also. He didn't like the idea of working on 'second-rate copies'. Clarke realized he better either go along with her, or he would be in the unemployment line and agreed to go along with it. Darla came in asked a surprisingly pleased Sally to go with her to the wedding rehearsal.

Stephanie asked Eric if Ridge would be joining them for the rehearsal. Eric informed her that Ridge would not be there, but he would be bringing a date to the wedding. When Stephanie realized that he was talking about Brooke, she got very upset. Stephanie said that Brooke coming to her ex-husband's wedding, with her other ex-husband, and carrying another man's child was just indecent and that she would not allow it. Eric informed her that it wasn't her decision to make, and also told her how proud he was of Ridge. The minister gathered them all around and explained how things would work. He told them all where the best man and groom would be standing, and then where Darla would be and Stephanie. Sally was disturbed by how far away Stephanie would be standing from Darla. Darla explained to her that Stephanie would be standing that far away to make room for the Matron of Honor. Sally was very surprised and touched when Darla asked her to be the Matron of Honor.

At the jail, Nick listened to Ridge ramble on and on about how he was taking Brooke back and that they belonged together. Nick stayed pretty calm and confident at first. He told Ridge that Brooke must not have gotten the memo because she was just there and told him how much she loved Nick. He told Ridge that all his efforts were wasted. "I guess it's back to that sketchpad, huh, dressmaker?" he taunted. Ridge reminded Nick that he was in jail and facing federal charges. Nick continued to stay calm as he asked Ridge about raising the boy as a Marone. Ridge proclaimed that the child would be raised as a Forrester. Nick told Ridge that he didn't have permission to adopt his son, just like he didn't have permission to break into his computer. An arrogant Ridge told Nick that he was just doing what he had to do. Nick told Ridge that was the way it has always been for Ridge. He had always been king of his own little world with no one there to wipe that smug smirk off his face. Nick told him that the king was dead. They continued to banter back and forth. Ridge pulled out the guilt card and claimed that Brooke had to be brainwashed to marry him. Nick told Ridge how Brooke was crying and begged him to take her away from Ridge the night she accepted his proposal. Nick tried to reason with Ridge that Brooke finally had a chance at happiness. Ridge wouldn't back down at all. When the guard came in to tell them that their visiting time was up, Ridge told Nick that he would take very good care of Brooke. Nick finally lost his cool and tried to go after Ridge. As the guards carried Nick off, he yelled over and over at Ridge to leave Brooke alone but Ridge continued to yell after him that Brooke would be in very good hands, ALL NIGHT LONG!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Darla and Sally are talking about the wedding. Darla is about to become Mrs. Thorne Forrester. Sally thinks that Darla deserves something brand new and all her own. She deserves all that is happening to her. Darla tells Sally that she and Macy were the only ones who ever really believed in her. Sally presents a gift to Darla. A pair of Macy's earrings that were a symbol of Macy and Mom conquering the world.. The thing about these earrings, you don't have to bring them back because they are for my daughter. A knock on the door brings a blindfolded Thorne, just in time to give the bride a kiss.

Stephanie calls Ridge. She wants to know if it's true that Brooke is coming to Thorne's wedding with him. He doesn't know yet, but, he is "damn well gonna try to attend." Stephanie hopes she just won't come at all. At Brooke's home, Ridge arrives as Hope informs her they are going to a wedding. The twins arrive along with Thomas to help Brooke decide. Ridge has made matching dresses for Hope and Brooke. Brooke is somewhat stunned. Ridge says, "You wouldn't want to disappoint Hope, would you?"

Thorne's parents have a moment to speak to their son. They are very proud of him, as he is finally coming into his own. He says, "here I am, getting married, a Father and President of the Company, and I owe it all to two remarkable parents. Eric sees Brooke and tells her he is glad she's there. Darla and Thorne wanted her there on their wedding day.

Brooke and Ridge arrive with the children. Stephanie feels compelled to say something to Brooke, but, Ridge escorts her off to another room. Ridge tells Stephanie, he has found his mind, and. now she is going to get a piece of it. Ridge and Stephanie argue over Brooke continuously. Stephanie asks him if he plans to marry her again. He will start the whole cycle over. She asks, "How many people are you going to cut out of your life for this woman? This woman who couldn't wait one night."

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