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Monday, March 9, 2009

Rick narrowly escaped the blast when his car exploded. As Brooke watched from the Sky Lounge, she noticed the angry glares exchanged between Ridge and Rick. Steffy brought Rick back inside and wanted to call an ambulance, but Rick said he was fine. Brooke arrived and the two ladies were falling all over themselves to take care of Rick. Ridge watched in disgust.

Rick told Ridge he missed, and Ridge said if he wanted Rick dead, Rick would be dead. Rick reminded Ridge that Ridge specifically demanded that Rick go to his car and leave the premises right away. Rick said it was obvious Ridge tried to kill him again. Steffy gasped when she heard Rick's accusation against her father. Rick believed that when Ridge found out that Rick and Steffy had made love, Ridge would rather see Rick dead than with his daughter. Brooke and Steffy both said Ridge would never do that. Ridge said Rick probably blew up his own car. Brooke and Steffy said Rick would never do that.

Marcus heard the blast from the mailroom and Lieutenant Baker ran to see what the ruckus was and asked Marcus to stay put. When Lt. Baker heard it was Rick's car that blew up, he noted that Rick was having a very bad week.

Lt. Baker and Charlie went to the office where Ridge, Brooke, Steffy, and Rick were arguing. Rick accused Ridge, and Ridge accused Rick. The officers said they would get to the bottom of it. Brooke said that someone was trying to kill her son and she wanted the perpetrator found and put in jail.

Owen and Bridget ended up at the same bar and Bridget pulled up a stool next to him. Bridget mentioned the Owen looked like he'd had a bad day, and he said Rick had fired him from Forrester and it was his last day. Bridget said she was sorry and understood why he felt so blue. She said she knew how fashion could get under someone's skin and how satisfying it was to create something no one else had ever seen. He pointed out that was an odd point of view from a doctor. She said she guessed it was in her genes.

Owen said he had done well at Forrester until Rick got in the way. Bridget said Rick had some issues, but was good at heart. She mentioned that she might be able to help Owen get hired by another fashion house. Aunt Pam called and informed Bridget about Rick's car exploding. Bridget excused herself from drinks with Owen and left to check on Rick

Pam, Thorne, Donna, and Marcus discussed the explosion. Pam noted the police showed up quickly, and Donna said they were already in the building at the time. Marcus said at least he would have an airtight alibi for the car exploding, because he was with the detectives when it happened. Aunt Pam said maybe not-the bomb could have been on a timer. Donna pointed out that no one said it was a bomb, and suspicious eyes turned in Pam's direction. Donna said after everything Pam had done to her, Pam had better not make accusations against Marcus.

Marcus said he bet Lt. Baker felt foolish that he had tried to pin the fire on Marcus. Lt. Baker said there was no way to know if the two crimes were related, so Marcus wasn't off the hook just yet. Donna pointed out that there was a known psycho in the house, namely Aunt Pam, and Donna thought Pam should be the first person questioned.

After everyone else had gone, Steffy and Rick made a list of Rick's enemies and realized Ridge wasn't the only one who wanted him dead. Steffy said she was afraid, and Rick said the only thing he feared was not being able to build a life with Steffy. The two kissed. Rick informed Steffy that he had asked Ridge for permission to marry her.

Rick said they would have to put their plans on hold. Someone was trying to kill him and he didn't want Steffy anywhere near him, because he could not keep her safe. Steffy said she needed Rick. When they had made love, Steffy felt a connection like she had never felt with another man. Rick was touched, but was worried about her safety. Rick asked if she has seen his PDA, because he wanted to call the insurance company.

Ridge said Brooke had nothing to worry about because Rick barely had a scratch on him. Brooke asked Ridge what he and Rick had been talking about before the blast. Ridge said Steffy, but barely squeezed her name out of his clenched jaw. Ridge said Rick had announced he wanted to marry Steffy. Brooke said that proved Rick really loved Steffy. Ridge said it only proved Rick was scared, because he knew Ridge found out that Rick and Steffy made love. Brooke said Rick talked to her about it earlier in the day and she told Rick it was unacceptable. Ridge was furious that Brooke knew and hadn't come to him about it.

Brooke explained that she had only found out herself. She didn't go to Ridge right away, she explained, because she didn't want to upset Ridge. Brooke thought she might have been able to stop Rick and Steffy from doing it again. Brooke said all she could focus on was that someone was trying to murder her son. Ridge looked doubtful, but Brooke implored Ridge to believe Rick had not blown up his own car. Ridge said if Brooke believed it, that was good enough for him. Ridge said he would be there for her. He said he lost a child and it was the worst pain a parent could endure, so he understood Brooke's fear. He said he didn't want Brooke to lose a child, so he would help her find out who was trying to kill Rick. She fell into his arms sobbing.

Rick called Lt. Baker to inform him about a death threat note he found in his office drawer that read, "The end is near."

A montage of guilty-looking possible suspects danced across the screen including Owen, Thorne, Pam, Marcus, Donna, and Ridge.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At Forrester Creations, Brooke told Carlos that, because of the attempts on Rick's life, the security at the company was heightened. She made sure that Carlos checked all of the IDs at the company's parking lot entrance and building entrance, and that he escorted delivery people from the lobby through the building.

Donna, who was present in the office with Brooke, was surprised that Pam had been allowed back into the building after Rick had fired her. Pam informed Donna that Stephanie had re-hired her. Pam sarcastically asked Donna if Marcus had been arrested for his attempt to kill Rick. She commented that the bomb that blew up Rick's car had a timer, so that Marcus could have planted the bomb even though he was speaking with Lieutenant Baker at the time the bomb exploded.

Pam and Dona's discussion escalated into another argument. Stephanie arrived and told Donna to end the argument. Donna complained to Stephanie that she didn't trust Pam even though Pam had recuperated from her mental illness. Pam boldly inserted her comments into Donna and Stephanie's conversation. She bragged that she didn't kill Phoebe or manipulate Eric for the president's position, and she didn't sell out the company to its competition. She then reminded them that Rick had done all of those things.

Donna sarcastically asked Pam who she thought would have attempted to kill Rick. She asked if it was possibly the woman who tried to kill her mother, Marcus, and Eric. Pam's response to Donna's sarcastic remark was an explanation that she had a mental illness when she committed those acts.

In his office, Rick viewed security video. As he did that, Brooke noticed he viewed the footage in front of Ridge's office. Brooke became angry and tried to make Rick understand that it had not been Ridge who had attempted to kill him. Brooke became adamant with Rick that his killer was still out there and could make another attempt on his life.

Meanwhile, Taylor and Ridge met with Steffy, who voiced her concerns about Ridge's belief that Rick staged the attempts on his own life. Steffy told her parents that she wouldn't allow them to control her life and she hoped they respected her as an adult, even if they didn't agree with her decisions. Steffy reminded her parents that she loved Rick and was committed to him. She reiterated that she wouldn't walk away from Rick.

Ridge explained to his daughter that he was trying to protect her because if she had been in Rick's car when it exploded, she would have died. Ridge asked her what she would tell her own daughter about someone like Rick. Steffy told her dad that she would allow her daughter to make her own mistakes and accept her daughter's decisions. Ridge then told his daughter that they were there for her always and that, if her decisions did not work out, Steffy should trust in her parents to confide in them.

Ridge expressed his hope that Rick would not hurt her, but was worried that he would. Ridge told Steffy that he wanted her to be happy, even if he didn't agree with her and Rick. Later Steffy announced to Brooke and Rick that Ridge wouldn't stand in the way of their relationship any longer. Brooke questioned Ridge if he intended to leave Rick and Steffy alone.

At the police station, Lt. Baker and his son received evidence from the lab that made them suspicious of Owen. However, after intensive questioning of Owen, they believed that he was not a suspect. Lt. Baker asked Owen who else had been involved with the Surf line of clothing at Forrester Creations. Owen informed him that Donna and Pam had also worked on the Surf Line. Later, Lt. Baker received evidence that the fiber on Rick's desk was the same on the glue and a special kind of yarn used in crocheting.

Lt. Baker and his son paid Pam a visit at Forrester Creations. They both observed the yarn that Pam was using, and realized it was the same yarn as in the lab report. Stephanie, who was present, was horrified when she realized that Lt. Baker believed that Pam was a suspect in the two attempts on Rick's life.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lieutenant Baker and Charlie stopped by to visit Pam. Stephanie was outraged that they considered Pam a suspect in Rick's car explosion. Pam said she had nothing to hide. Lt. Baker noticed Pam crocheting and asked her what she was making. She said she was making purses and asked if his wife might like one. Lt. Baker buttered her up and said she just might like one.

He asked if she was the only person who crocheted those bags and Pam said she was. He delved a little further and asked if she always used the same yarn. Pam said Forrester only used that particular blend with cashmere, the finest yarn around. Stephanie smelled a rat and asked Lt. Baker what all the yarn questions had to do with his investigation. He cryptically remarked that time would tell. Charlie whispered to his father that he would bet money the yarn fibers they found at the crime scenes were the same as Pam's purse yarn.

As the detective searched Pam's office, she gave them various reasons why she could not be the suspect. She said she hated loud noises, so she would never set a bomb, and she was meticulous, so if she had pasted together a threat note, the letters would have been straight. The detectives noticed Pam had a surf magazine, every issue but one month was missing. They also found a towel that smelled like lighter fluid and remnants of some explosive materials. Pam said she had never seen those items before. Stephanie suggested that they question Owen, since it was his office before he was fired. The detectives said they had questioned Owen, but the evidence pointed towards Pam.

Donna, Marcus, and Katie saw the police heading to Pam's office. Donna said it would make sense for Pam to try to kill Rick. Not only did Rick fire Pam, but Stephanie blamed Rick for Phoebe's death. Donna said Pam knew it and had appointed herself as Stephanie's personal attack dog. Donna said it would make sense if Pam were the failed killer.

Lt. Baker and Charlie informed Pam she was under arrested and handcuffed her. Pam shrieked "No! No! No" at the top of her lungs, but the police didn't stop. Stephanie tried to calm Pam down, to no avail. Pam said they had the wrong person and insisted she was not guilty. As they lead Pam out of the building, the ruckus she made drew the attention of the rest of the family.

Rick, Brooke, Ridge, Steffy, Donna, Marcus, and Katie watched as Pam was dragged down the hallway. When Rick heard Pam was being arrested for making two attempts on his life, he was shocked. Pam looked him in the eye and swore she had nothing to do with it. Rick paused for a moment as if he considered believing her.

After she was out of the building, the family expressed shock to find out she was behind the crimes. Donna said after everything Pam had done in the past, she had no trouble believing Pam was behind it. Ridge said Pam deserved her day in court. Rick laughed and said it was typical of Ridge; he defended the woman who tried to kill Rick. Ridge said he had no sympathy for Pam after what she had done to Eric, but he felt she deserved a trial before she was condemned.

At the police station, Lt. Baker asked Charlie to put a rush on the lab tests so he could book Pam. In about four seconds, Charlie came back and announced that all four lab tests were a match - yarn fibers, lighter fluid, plastic explosive residue, and oil from Rick's car. Lt. Baker booked Pam while she sobbed. Stephanie promised Pam she would get her out of it and that nothing bad would happen.

Steffy joyfully disclosed to Brooke that Ridge would no longer stand in the way of Steffy's relationship with Rick. Brooke asked Ridge if it was true; she wanted to know if he had actually given Rick and Steffy his blessing. Ridge said once Steffy made it clear she intended to be with Rick, he decided he would rather let them be together than alienate his daughter. Steffy beamed about her victory.

Brooke was also smiling and said just when she thought she couldn't love Ridge any more than she already did, he gave her another reason to love him. Steffy asked Rick if he was happy, too. Rick expressed doubt about Ridge's change of heart. Rick said he found it odd that Ridge suddenly decided to help Brooke find out who was trying to kill him, and suddenly decided to accept Rick's relationship with Steffy. He just didn't buy that Ridge could come around so quickly.

After Pam's arrest, Ridge and Rick halfheartedly apologized to one another for accusing the each other of trying to set Rick's house ablaze. Rick mentioned that Marcus didn't seem very happy that Rick hadn't died. Rick said it was clear Marcus still hated him.

Down the hall in Donna's office, Marcus admitted just that. He told his mother that he hated Rick and if Pam hadn't tried to kill him, Marcus would have. Donna said Marcus should not talk that way. Marcus said he couldn't help it; he hated Rick and always would.

Steffy and Rick went to dinner. Brooke pointed out how happy they looked when they left. Ridge said he noticed, but wondered how long that happiness would last.

Stephanie went to see Pam in jail. She asked her very tenderly, sister to sister, if Pam had taken her medication. Pam assured Stephanie she had taken it and had been very careful not to miss any doses. Stephanie asked Pam to be honest and tell her if she had done anything to try to hurt Rick. In desperate whimpers, Pam said she hadn't. She pled with Stephanie to believe her. Pam said she had done bad things in the past due to scar tissue on her brain, and since her surgery she had not done anything bad. Pam begged Stephanie to believe in her innocence and the two sisters hugged tightly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

by Pam

Wearing prison garb, and her normally perfect hair a total mess, Pam begged Stephanie to believe she was innocent. She told Stephanie she had no reason to want to kill Rick. She realized that she had done some terrible things to people before her brain surgery, but she promised Stephanie she did not try to hurt Rick.

Stephanie didn't look convinced, but relented and then wondered aloud who did try to kill Rick. The two sisters eventually figured it could be Marcus, because he was so hurt that Steffy dumped him for Rick. They also figured Donna helped Marcus and the pair framed Pam. Stephanie promised to get Pam out of jail.

Brooke and Ridge got romantic at home. Brooke said she was glad to see Ridge finally smile again. She thanked him for supporting Steffy and Rick's relationship. Ridge told her she always made him smile, because she was so soft and so sweet.

Marcus interrupted Rick and Steffy's make-out session in Rick's office. Rick told Marcus he appreciated that Marcus had been cool about losing Steffy. Marcus seethed as he called Rick an ass. Marcus added that he knew he could never have Steffy because she never looked at him the same way she looked at Rick. Marcus said he hoped Steffy realized what a jerk Rick was before Rick hurt Steffy. And, Marcus said he was sure that Rick would hurt Steffy. It was just a matter of time.

In Eric's office, Donna left Eric a note and honey bear jar. The note asked him to meet her in the steam room. Stephanie returned to Forrester and saw Donna's note. She made a beeline for the steam room and made Donna think Eric had come in. Stephanie poured a bucket of cold water on her and told her to get upstairs for a meeting.

Donna and Stephanie met in Eric's office, and Stephanie accused Donna and Marcus of trying to kill Rick and frame Pam. Donna said Stephanie was nuts. Stephanie said Pam was innocent. Donna disagreed, and left. Outside the office, Jake was chatting on the phone and telling Rick to have a good time with Steffy at the beach as Stephanie was eavesdropping.

Rocco Carner returned to Forrester from Forrester International in Paris where he had worked with Rick. Rocco visited with Thorne and Felicia. Thorne said Rocco had just arrived, but Rocco said he had arrived a few days earlier. Felicia wondered if Rocco had worked closely with Rick in Paris, but Rocco said he didn't want to talk about or to Rick at all. Felicia wondered if Rocco disliked Rick. Thorne chimed in that Rocco had wanted to return to Los Angeles, but Rick refused to allow it. Thorne told Felicia he brought Rocco back and they were working on a dynamite project together.

Rick saw Rocco in the hall and introduced him to Steffy. Rick wondered what Rocco was doing in Los Angeles and Rocco said he finally got the transfer he wanted. Rick said he never approved a transfer, but Rocco said Thorne approved his transfer. Rocco added that he and Thorne were working on a top-secret project that would be the bomb. After Rocco left, Rick told Steffy he should have fired "that loser" years ago.

Rick and Steffy showed up at the beach house where Rick had a candlelit dinner all set and he offered Steffy wine, but warned that she would have to spend the night if she drank. They started making out on the couch as Stephanie unlocked the door, barged in, and insisted that Steffy had to leave with her.

Rick was furious. Stephanie tried to reason with the lovebirds that someone was trying to kill Rick, and Steffy could end up getting killed in the crossfire. Rick said Pam was safely put away in jail so he was safe. Stephanie argued that Pam wasn't guilty so the real killer was still out there.

Stephanie would not give up. She started pulling at Steffy and physically trying to force her to leave. Steffy shouted at her grandmother to stop. Rick told Stephanie to get out. He added that she was just as crazy as her sister. Stephanie slapped Rick twice and angrily tried to force Steffy to leave with her again, but Steffy refused.

Stephanie told Rick that if he really loved Steffy he would want to keep her away from him so she would be safe. Rick and Steffy claimed that Steffy was safe with Rick. Stephanie warned that if anything happened to Steffy, she would kill Rick herself. Stephanie left and Steffy cried.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stephanie filled Taylor and Thomas in on Pam's arrest. Stephanie was firm in her conviction that Pam was truly innocent of the crimes she was accused of committing. Stephanie said she was especially concerned that the real culprit was still on the loose and would try to kill Rick again. Stephanie urged Taylor and Thomas to get Steffy away from Rick's house because he was still in danger.

Brooke and Ridge shared a romantic moment and Brooke said she couldn't remember when she had felt so free. The two lovebirds cuddled in bed, smiling and content. But then the phone rang and it was Taylor, who was in the idle of a meltdown. Taylor insisted Ridge come to see her immediately because Steffy was in danger. Ridge dutifully got up, got dressed, and headed off to see Taylor, much to Brooke's chagrin.

Katie stopped by to visit Brooke and they discussed Pam's arrest. Katie asked where Ridge was, and Brooke explained that he had gone to see Taylor. Katie asked if Taylor was telling the truth about Steffy being in trouble. Brooke said no, Taylor just wanted attention, as usual.

Katie asked if Ridge knew what Taylor was up to. Brooke said no, Ridge was still vulnerable when it came to Steffy, so Taylor played that card every chance she got. Brooke suggested Taylor probably felt guilty for her involvement with Rick and how much that relationship hurt Phoebe, and was overcompensating with Steffy.

Ridge walked into Taylor's office and found Thomas, Stephanie, and Taylor all waiting for him. They told him their theory about Pam being innocent and the real killer still being on the loose. Stephanie said she thought Taylor and Ridge should go to the beach house together and force Steffy to leave. Ridge asked if his mother wanted him to drag Steffy out by her hair. Stephanie said yes, if that was what it took to protect Steffy from danger.

Ridge said maybe they were all just overreacting. Stephanie said that was Brooke talking. Ridge said Steffy wanted to be with Rick, and if Ridge continued to push her, he would alienate her. Taylor said Rick had made a lot of enemies, and one of them was intent on killing him. With that in mind, she did not want her last remaining daughter near Rick as long as his life was being threatened. Taylor begged Ridge to go to the beach house to get Steffy away from Rick.

Rick and Steffy kissed and had a conversation, which was filled with double entendres, about how she wanted her steak. Steffy said she did not want to leave the beach house, and Rick said since Ridge agreed to accept their relationship, Steffy could stay as long as she wanted.

Stephanie barged into Brooke's bedroom and walked in on Brooke dressed in lingerie. Stephanie commented that all the Logan girls must sit around in their underwear all day waiting for a man to appear. Brooke was not amused and asked Stephanie why she was there. Stephanie pitched her notion that Pam was falsely accused and the real killer was still on the loose. Brooke didn't believe it for a minute and said the police had enough evidence to lock Pam up for life. Stephanie said Pam would be released as soon as Rick's would-be killer made another attempt on his life. Brooke said she was certain the true culprit was already behind bars - Pam.

Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas burst through the door at Rick's house and insisted that Steffy go home with them. She refused and told them to get out. Ridge said he had to protect her. Steffy said she already heard her grandmother's theory that Pam was framed and Steffy didn't believe it. Steffy asked them to leave and refused to go with them. Rick asked Ridge if that was his way of "not getting involved," and Ridge said he would do anything to protect Steffy.

Rick screamed at Ridge and insisted they all get out of his house. As Rick walked toward Ridge, Thomas punched Rick in the face and knocked him down. Thomas and Ridge dragged Steffy, kicking and screaming, out of Rick's house. Rick pulled himself up and watched in absolute disbelief as they left.

Brooke reminisced about the beach wedding between her and Ridge, and about the vows he made to her. Rick rushed in and interrupted her daydream to explain that Ridge, Taylor, and "their freaky son Thomas" had broken into his house and abducted Steffy. Rick said Ridge's whole family was insane, and vowed that he would find out where they had taken Steffy.

Ridge, Taylor, and Thomas took Steffy to the family cabin in Big Bear. They were trying to soother Steffy's anger with a roaring fire and hot cocoa, but she was not in the mood. Steffy said they could not hold her captive forever. Taylor said it would only be until they caught the person who was trying to kill Rick. Steffy said she needed some air and went outside; Ridge joined her.

Taylor and Thomas stayed inside and talked. Thomas said he was getting tired and headed off to bed. Taylor picked up a sweater Thomas forgot to put away, and noticed it had a "Made with Love by Pam" label in it. When Taylor folded the sweater, clumps of yarn fiber came off in her hand, just like the ones left at the crime scene, the ones that got Pam arrested.

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